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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 19, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> i will say this, probably circumstance an early 1980s. >> right? >> think so? for nerve, cold as ice? >> poster up in the bedroom wall. >> oh, yes, with black lights. >> no, not that part. but people did. >> oh, ya. >> i have a black light. >> did you? disco ball? >> yes, i still have the disco ball. >> a party. >> okay, it is official. you can say you were alive. well, ya, i guess after you're dead you wouldn't be -- >> no, you wouldn't, but it is okay. >> 2014, on this date, which i don't remember the date. >> november 19th. >> november 19th. 20 degrees. >> oh, broke a record. >> from 1936. that's 6:02, three hours ago, right now, it was 20 degrees at philadelphia international airport. >> so, 2014 now on the record books. >> we tied the record.
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>> eighty year old record, too. >> here we go, in celebration of that, roll that bean footage. no, roll that christmas footage. >> ♪ ♪ >> good stuff. >> you know what we missed, because we weren't rolling at the time, he was standing up there getting ready to tape a specialment and all the sudden he breaks out into song, and the guys in the control room oh, we got to tape this, we got to tape. >> this well, prior to taping it, as as the music was playing, he ripped off his jacket and he twirled it around his head and he threw it across the room. >> hold on a second. i think we were rolling on that. >> you saw that? >> i think we were. because we secretly videotaped
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him while getting ready to shoot a special yesterday afternoon around noon, i swear that's on tape where he pulls his coat off and throws it on the floor. >> we were egging him on, oh, ya, go ahead, weaver plenty of time. go ahead. >> so i called his august during the commercial, he is too long do a live performance before 10:00 o'clock. now, he's asked us to join him. >> okay? >> up on the stage. >> all right. >> so we'll do that, ya. >> stretch my arms out little bit. >> sure. >> really doing that little, what is it, the windmill? >> windmill, ya. >> ya. so watch for live performance from chris murphy coming up. 9:03. how much do you think you spend on dating each year? we found this dude, and he told us how much he spends over a 12 month period dating. okay? >> all right. >> plus, the sexiest manna life, has been revealed. we'll tell you who people magazine picked for this annual award. >> oh, ya. and, let's talk turkey, ladies
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and gentlemen. you might notice labels like free range, or maybe even cage freon your thanksgiving turkey this year. but a lot of those words don't mean a thing. >> really? >> yes, we're going to have the truth behind the labels. you try and dot right thing, buy a ticket humanely raised, cage free, organic, whatever, other catch phrases are out there. but we'll tell you what those words actually mean. >> it makes me feel good that i buy a turkey that i thought was just running free, out in the field, instead of being cooped up in the cage. >> doesn't make a difference? >> we'll finds out about it, we'll learn the truth. >> all right. so if you're about to turn 29, 39, even 49, then you could be close to making a huge decision in your life. >> explain this? >> new study says the end after decade is when people most likely to just shake things up in their lives. researchers from ucl a and nyu say rather than having one mid life crisis, we go through series of moments where we
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stop, take time to just reflect on our lives. at the ends of the decade we're particularly focused on aging and meaningful lists -- meaningful necessary hadness. >> haven't we all known that? >> specially what over-the-hill? right? >> yes, whatever that is these days. >> yes. forty, 50, that could be anything you want to make it, the whole over-the-hill party, i lover them. >> hit in a new number in your age, 20, 30's, 40, 50's, 60s, ya, you take stock in where you are, where you should be, where you think you should be. >> death staring down over you. >> seinfeld episode, great one. but i was listening to some preacher the other day, no kidding, tv evangelist, before i started watching fox 29 weekends. >> of course. >> preacher, no, not joel olsteen, gosh, tighter on my
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face -- >> staring death right in the face. >> i was here for the old record in 1956. >> no, he was saying because oh, i should have done that, made the wrong decisions throughout life, just trust in god you're doing what he wanted you to do. >> look at you preaching now. >> let it go. >> let it go. >> oh, i should have done. >> this i should have done that. just eat yourself up inside. >> i like that. >> ya. >> nice message. >> that's deep, mikey. >> good for any age, not just turning a new decade. >> so it made pea feel better for about a minute, then i went back to self loathing. >> then the fox 29 weekends came on, felt pretty good. >> hey, single guys out, there how much do you think you spend on your dating life over 12 month period? >> how about $20,000? calculations cost dinner
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dates, cost $200 on after ram, this is a guy in new york sit. >> i year worth of date anything. >> year. >> $200 on average? i don't think anyone spent that much on me on a date. geez, that's a lot of monday. >> i what, 200 bucks? >> oh, you have got to be kidding. some man in your life has spent $200 on an evening with you. >> no. no. >> common. >> no way. >> birth display. >> maybe like 50, 60. i don't think. >> my gosh. >> $200? no. >> fifty or 60? where did you go, mcdonald's? >> apple bee's, out back? blooming onioning is casino of expensive. look at. that will oh, my gosh. >> really? >> i would be very surprised, very surprised. >> tell me the mossee lab rat date you've ever been on, someone fly you somewhere? >> are you kidding me? >> ya, i don't think anyone is flying me anywhere. >> fifty bucks. >> elaborate date. >> tell me mossee lab rate date. >> you know, maybe 80.
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(laughing). >> what? when i was in school, in college, they had guy, my birthday, and he took me to this fancy place in columbia, missouri, you know, i would say probably like $80. >> oh, two mutually exclusive fancy place. >> (laughing). >> what was the name of the place in columbia. >> dc city boiler. >> what? why are you laughing? >> oh, it is great. >> and not cici pizza. >> cici? >> sit broiler? >> yes. >> considered the fancy place? >> yes. that was the place to go, hon. >> i small town columbia miss your. >> i yes, college town. college town. >> and since then, big time anchor woman -- dim ' not big town. this clearly means i'm not big time. and it is fine with me. i don't need the fancy things. you know, one of the nicest dates i've been on is nice picnic in the park. >> when was that.
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>> ya, we went to whole foods, got some tuna salad, cracker. >> what was weird, it was yesterday. >> no. >> oh! >> but the average guy across america spends about $7,000 a year on dating. >> oh, my gosh. >> but the dude up in new york because of the expensive cabs and all of that, car service, that, $20,000. >> what's the most you spent on a date? i'm just slumming it. >> i would say, 90. >> whatever. >> i don't know. >> please. >> for somebody really really special. >> like special occasion or something? >> i did fly somebody, we went to dinner and then took a helicopter tour of manhattan. >> oh, that's so nice. >> look at you. >> now, listen to. >> this they have certain amounts of time, you want the half hour tour, no, no. >> what did you do? >> do you want the 15 minute, no, no, no. about six minutes. ya. >> really?
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>> that was about 250 bucks. >> it was? >> ridiculous. >> so you need to go to myrtle beach. myrtle beach has 20-dollar helicopter rides. not even kidding. >> where have you been sniffing living? >> you don't need 200 dates, you need 20-dollar helicopter rides. >> that's great. >> you know, someone takes me to a nice place, i still want to go, let's not get that twisted. >> hey, i won't turn it down. >> okay. >> but i'm fine with 90-dollar dates. >> there is this r2 l on top of the city, really good food. >> okay? >> oh, there is new restaurant. >> ya? >> in the kimmel center, supposed to be the most expensive meal in the city right now. >> vetri. >> that's good. >> you guys are all talking place iselle ' probably never go on a dale to -- date to. >> come on, guys, somebody out there. >> here you go, pimp me out. >> step it out.
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let's try to break $100. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, man. >> it is hard to do at apple bee's. >> ya? well, throw a few drinks in there? well, still kind of hard. >> i'm sure you probably already heard this. let's put up this guy's picture, people magazine, could make us buy their magazine, sexiest manna life. >> like the sexiest woman alive, same deal, right? >> that's him? >> chris hemsworth. >> tell me what he does? >> was in tore, right, and what else was he in the avengers. >> okay. >> he is pretty hot. >> he is a married dude, right? >> he is married. the good ones always go. >> uh-huh. >> but you know his whole family, like liam, they're all hot. >> nice looking family. >> i -- liam lived in my building for about three, four months, couple of years ago, when he was making a movie, and he was dating miami cyrus. >> really? >> yes, they had to fume gate that apartment. >> ya? >> she said something, south
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street -- >> always at my starbucks every day eighth and without nut. >> always a crowd of people out there. >> oh, the paparazzi and bunch of girls. >> real shenanagans, though, blow up dolls, fake prosthetic boot. >> i she is normal. >> i saw her in the lobby one day, the era, cut off all her hair, yes. it was cute. >> did you say anything to her? >> i said i really like it, it is really cute. >> this hemsworth dude is three; he's married, and he skyping with jimmy kimmel last night when they revealed he's sexiest manna life. >> is there anyone would you like to thank for this honor? >> my parent, i guess, for putting this together. >> ya. i think we're all very greatful. >> that was pretty good line. he had a mirror sitting there. he's handsome. i wish i had that kind of hair. >> he does have nice hair, in the tore, he had that big hammer that he weilded.
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>> oh, crashes heist a big hammer? >> he had a big hammer in her to. >> dirty filthy tore. >> wasn't adam levin last year? >> i think it was adam levin last year. >> bradley cooper from philly was in, there george clooney, brad pitt. >> obviously he's been on it. >> but wouldn't you be kind of cool, he's married now. >> he's got one, two kids, too. >> really? >> hot dad. >> kids and the wife want him to do something like trim the hedges. he goes, hey, i'm the sexiest manna life. he shouldn't have to do anything for about a year. >> i don't have to touch shrubbery. >> no. >> i'm too good. >> shrubs. >> all right, sue, get us out of this, please. >> all right. in case you missed it, our breaking weather news, huge, we did manage to hit 20 degrees at 6:02 this morning, at philadelphia international airport.
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that ties the record back in 1936. so we have a tie, ladies and gentlemen, we were hoping for 19. but we'll take the 20. now we got to work on the record low maximum temperature, the record right now, 35. we're only forecasting 33. so we may get two records in one day. well, we'll see what happens. and light later on this afternoonment tomorrow up to 43, but the winds picks up again, on friday, we get arctic air blasting in again, it is still around on saturday, with some sunshine, then, we get to 55 degrees, on sunday. yeah, except there is rain coming, in the afternoon, on sunday, possibly lasting into monday. but monday's high is in the upper 60s. so we go from 33 today, to 68 degrees on monday. what a roller coaster ride this autumn has been. >> sixty-eight on monday. >> i know. >> i'll be so ready for that. >> me too. >> i don't care if it is raining, i'll just be outside yes, yes!
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really. >> that could be why -- >> i can't wait. >> what? >> no expensive dates? >> really? is really, that's rude. you know my parent, we've gone on date together. >> no, that doesn't count. your parent taking you out. >> well, it is a nice date sort of. >> it is time to pick our thanksgiving turkey. man, i'm running out of time. so you hear these terms. >> cage free -- >> steve, tell us, what's the turkey truth? >> good morning, you never see labels like, you know, heavy smoker, heavy drinker, right? >> none of those end up on the thanksgiving table. look, here is the bottom line, cage free, hormone free, a the love these labels on your turkey don't really mean whole lot. here's y starting with this one, cage free. we see it all the time. there is a distinction here,
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though, for example, between cage free and free range. take a look at the label. you will understand. it is actually meaningless. all turkeys raised in the u.s. are never raised in cages. so to put the label cage freon a bird to make it more appealing to a consumer is actually kind of ridiculous, because the option for cage was never thereto begin with. >> steve? >> same thing with this, hormone free. >> okay, the iron in the cage, but they might be in a little barn area, where ' touching each other, their whole lives? >> ya, we will get into the confinement in a moment. and we'll also get into exactly how long they have to stay like that, okay? the hormone free casino of interesting one, while we see it sometimes, this is hormone free bird, that's the equivalent of us putting label across mike jerrick's chest that says no tail. the usda dot not allow the hormones to be used when
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raising a turkey, so to tell me it is hormone free is meaningless, because it is prohibited to begin w let's talk about some of the conditions you are talking about this morning, humanely raised or humanely handled. a lot of folks want to make sure that's the case. here is the bottom line. usda does not clearly define what those terms are nor do they have anybody to independently verify. so what outwent do instead is look for this label which is certified humane, because that actually means that people go and make site visits and make sure that these birds are living in a environment that's not too terrible. yep, we often times there will be many of them put together in the same barn, but they'll make sure things like the bedding in that barn is appropriate, or that the number of hours they spend in the dark is limited, or that they have extra things like maybe perch perhaps, to hang out on. they also make sure that those more humane conditions also follow them not only for breeding and raising, but also through transport and
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slaughter as well. and finally, for you, the idea after young turkey for a loft folks is very important. but here is the interesting thing, going from store to store to make sure you find a young turkey understand. >> this just because the label says it is, is not the only reason, oh, the only way to indicate t every single turk that i you see on the store shelves, is going to be young. the average life span for turkey before it is slaughter, can you guess? >> fourteen to 18 weeks? >> yes, four months. four month. so every single turkey you see is a young turk. >> i so we're eating babies in. >> do you want an older bird? >> i mean, i want a mature bird. >> you do? no under age birds? >> no. >> not babe. >> i at least some form of 18. >> when was the last time were you humanely handled, steve? >> wow. >> i think my ear piece is cutting out. i didn't quite hear that.
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>> i bet you cook your own bird, don't you, on thanksgiving? >> back to you. >> that would be for steve. >> steve is just being quiet now. >> he is ignoring you. >> maybe his ear piece real did i go out. >> being humanely handed? >> i think he's done. he said forget that. >> peace out. >> all of the sophistication was a little bit too much for him. >> okay. what are you doing? >> making a turkey. >> oh, look at that. >> like back to kinder garth glenn that's the heavy drinker and smoker turkey. >> the mature bird. >> he has issues with his jeans. >> that's the mature bird right there? okay. gobble gobble gobble. you know, week from tomorrow? >> i cannot believe that. >> oh, can i bring up something speaking from week from tomorrow? i'll do it later. american made products, a lot of people, they make sure, i'm not giving gift this year unless it was made in america?
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>> right. >> all of the things on this table a myriad of propped action okay, shirt, pant, all made in america. we'll tell but which website you can go to make sure it is only made in the u.s.a. deciding between bread and health care
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is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, visit to learn more.
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a lot of people it is important to them that gift they buy, made in america. >> some call it american made matters, non-profit to educate consumers on importance every buying american made products. they want everyone to buy at least 1us product today, and also, for the holidays. >> look who is here, jim hammer, it is "hammer time". >> did we explain american made matters. >> thank you so much for having us.
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>> today is actually made made matters day, urging people to buy something american today. go to american made matters. com. there is a lit of companies who are offering great deals. >> there would be some american made matters, actually, founded by done, ceo of the company, which is based in the town. if you want to pop down to sixth street, south street, they are doing a really great sale on all of the amazing usa products. >> i love that store. >> i love that store too. these are from bailey, one of the bowman brands, i'm wearing bailey, this is from bestmark, what you are wearing, another brands out of adams town, pennsylvania. >> and the pink one, that's a brand out of freedom, california. that's steam punk hatter. go to their website today they're offering 25% off leather hats. >> that's leather. >> nice. >> american hat making is very historically important manufacturing segment. this is actually from built more, they're if garland,
9:25 am
texas. >> avenue giant head. sorry. >> you look like you belong in alice in wonderland. >> so a loft options, looking for american made hat. will last longer than something not make domestically. >> this is american trends, made in reading. and these are available at p's and q's, cashmere. so looking for something casual, they're a great gift. >> slow down so we can got some shots. what's this? >> athermal. >> where is it made? >> the brand called american trend right in redding. >> the socks? >> and the socks are cashmere. >> oh,. >> also from american trench. >> oh, yes. >> this is a brand, out of new jersey, and he's got really genius idea. he is obsessed with fit. they do really beautifully tailored men's wear. but a loft guys graver tate toward the same pair every pants they've always worn, just out of habit. what he has done, he created fit kit. so it is free. he will send you nine pairs of pants, in various cuts.
9:26 am
>> look, they have red, green, blue. >> this is just the color of the actual fit kit, different cuts, straight, lean, relaxed, and so you can figure out what cut works for your body, and then you can order -- they send you three different ways sizes, and then three different cuts. >> could i wear red pants like, that alex, blue? >> uhh -- >> they come in khaki and gray. >> yes, everyone is wearing colors now. >> it is always fun. >> that bag from carol s miller out of new jersey, males all of her bags in the state. she hand picks all of the hardware, all of the fabric, all of the leather, i think they're absolutely amazing. so doing 20% off her bags today. >> what's the website. >> go to american made matters. com. you can get all of the codes to use on all of the different companies participating. >> i'm going. jill hammer. >> thank you so much. >> you're cool. >> yes, made in america. >> i like. >> buy american. >> we'll style in here.
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let's go to quince. >> i having fun with his own son. >> we're in it. this is like a touch tank. you can actually too much the actual fish here. having a loft fun. you gooey having fun? >> ya. >> kids having fun. jordan, having fun? >> kids having fun. jordan, having fun? >> all having womaand the way it made me chronic feel,ipation, the discomfort, the bloating, the straining.
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i'd just felt this way for too long. so i finally talked to my doctor about my symptoms. i'd tried laxatives before. he prescribed amitiza (lubiprostone) for my chronic constipation. it works differently than laxatives. man: amitiza is clinically shown to help relieve common symptoms like bloating, abdominal discomfort, hard stools, and straining and help people with chronic constipation go more often. don't take amitiza, if you have a bowel blockage or severe diarrhea. tell your doctor, if your nausea or diarrhea, becomes severe, or if you experience chest tightness or shortness of breath. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you.
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! okay. >> all right. it is 9:30. we are taking another look the at the pocono mountains. >> yeah, they are really gone this morning. we are breaking records. it is cold out there. >> wait let's check back with quincy who is checking out new touch tank aquarium inside the
9:31 am
delaware children's museum. >> very cool, q. >> i have a child with me, my son. he is acting crazy. he just had a episode. enough about them. they are cold. you guys are opening up this big touch tank new people exhibiting on this saturday. i know you guys have some events going on this saturday. >> we always have something new going on at delaware's children museum. we are so excited for this to open, we will have fun aquarium activities and craft. take your own yard aquarium. live caribbean music here, under the sea, mermaid like, and then we will do fun things with the fish including a fish feeding time with the story time, we will have a marine biologist here from armco aquatic who will meet and grease our animals and explain what we have to offer in our tanks. >> what time does everything kick off, this the saturday. >> it starts at 10:00 a.m. and museum is opened until 8:00 o'clock. tank will open up at 12:00. >> rich. >> yes. >> okay. now you have created this
9:32 am
creation, this touch tank for the kids. >> we built this exhibit. it took us, all told it took us about a year to put this whole thing together. we're really excited about the way it came out. the the kids are loving it. really neat exhibit where they are able to interest ago, touch animals and see the sharks. >> new rich, you can really just go ahead and touch. >> yes, you go to the aquarium they are like don't touch anything. >> what he built this with the proper filtration that you can get in there and touch the animals. >> this is a star fish right here. and there is a little stingray right there. what he can pet him. >> i can pet the the ray. >> we have clipped the bars on the ray. they have venom barbs. but we have clipped them. we have clipped all of the barbs off owe they are safe to touch. >> yes good go ahead, quincy, you can do it. >> yeah, i'm petting him. pretty cool. >> he moves a little bit. >> then we have these star fish that what he can pull out of the tank and let the kids actually touch them who wants to touch the star fish.
9:33 am
>> anybody want to touch the star fish. >> touch it. >> it is usually, you know, take your kids to the museum, take your kids to the aquarium. no, you cannot touch anything. this is completely safe for all of the kid. >> safe for the kids and it inspires them to see what is going on in the ocean. they can get up close and personal. this is the actual star fish that lives in the ocean. >> nice, nice. >> how long does it take for you guys to build this is tell here. >> it took us two weeks of construction time once we had designs put together. is there a big filtration component, and we made the crates look like crates from a dock. we have this dock, you know, built by a company in florida that does amazing work for us. we really put it together just how we design and we are excited about the way it came out. >> bring your kids out here. these are things that you have so much fun. yes, sir. >> my sonnies saying something, what are you saying? you can see the fish right there. say hello to everyone.
9:34 am
>> hello. >> kids are amazed here at delaware children's museum. are you having fun. >> yes, i want to have fun. >> everybody is having fun. mike, alex, i have a feeling you will have a kid really soon. bring your kid down. >> no, i'm ready but cute to see the kids. >> a real star fish. >> everyone notice whatever he is doing, any type of live shot with kids they take over the the mike. >> everybody wants the job you just captain compete with the cute kid. >> till to come are you tired of pumpkin pie for desserts and thanksgiving? well, we have a cake that you are just going to want to add tour table, you have to see this, next.
9:35 am
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
♪ >> okay. >> adam san letter. >> was that adam. >> yes. >> a week from tomorrow is thanksgiving. >> that is right. >> so we have been looking over the last couple weeks different ways to prepare our turkey unusual ways so we broad in manny, how do you say your last name. >> beniyo. >> but i know where you are from but i will not say yet. the chevies standing by. that is the the voice you are hearing. he has prepared a unique turkey. this looks fantastic. was it roasted, deep fried, let's get a tight shot of it before you reveal. that is a good looking turkey. >> yummy, yummy. >> it looks so different. >> unique.
9:39 am
>> i heard you used sugar in the recipe, what? >> that is different. >> for turkey. >> it is not deep fried or roasted. >> what is it. >> baked. >> bake. >> that is a cake and not a turkey. >> yes. >> that is a turkey cake. >> we love turkey cake. >> wow. >> can you spin it, look the at it. >> so is what greenery underneath normally vegetables of some sort. >> that is garnish, kail or anything like that for presentation around your table. >> that is a cake. >> that is a cake. >> that is frosting. >> look at the stuffing right here. >> what is the stuffing. >> granulated peanuts. >> those are peanuts in there. >> let me see if i can spin this around. >> is this at your table on thanksgiving it is a conversation piece. >> i'm sure. for sure. >> the name of your place is a bakery. >> three locationness philadelphia and one at jersey shore. >> where are they. >> our main location, we have been there for three years 1614 ritner street in south philadelphia. we have one in juniper and walnut in center city,
9:40 am
philadelphia. >> wasn't your dad. >> yes, this one right here. >> yes. >> another one at 547 north 20th street in fairmount. >> look at this. >> how long does it take to make a turkey cake. >> that turkey cake in the oven when cake gets bake it takes an hour an a half. pound cake. it takes an hour an a half. to decorate it takes 30 minutes. >> how many of these will you pennsylvania make this time of the year. >> we make a little bit over a hundred. >> you must be worth a hundred bucks. >> actually, no. >> very cost effective, 18.95. >> less than 20 bucks. >> less than 20 bucks. >> that sound like a date with alex holley. >> wow. >> really. >> do you mind if we cut it opened. >> absolutely not. >> i think they call it carving. >> yes. >> you have to carve the the turkey. >> i want to cut tonight half. what are the little legs. >> that is actually frosting too. >> a lot of frosting.
9:41 am
>> yes. >> do you dye the frosting. >> we air brush it. >> that is air brush on. >> yes. >> i don't want to screw this up. how do i open it to see what is inside. >> yeah, you do it. >> he is a positional, let the professional do it. >> it is pound cake. >> yes. >> how much frosting is on this thing. >> about a pound and a half. >> do you have a plate, bob. >> it is on a napkin it is okay. >> we're family. >> wow. >> look at how thick that icing is. >> less than 20 bucks. >> try it, mike. >> i love. >> is that butter creek. >> can you get any garnish that you want on turkey cake. >> absolutely. >> how is it. >> that is fantastic. >> thank you. >> what a way to end the meal, surprise the guests.
9:42 am
>> more turkey. >> everybody has a prototypical pumpkin pie, we have those too. we do a take already cake, different things like that, six layer cakes but be in has a turkey. >> i love that you have so much pumpkin, pumpkin products, pumpkin pie and everything. >> yes. >> canolis. >> is it too late to order this year. >> no, we will take order for turkey cake or any specialty cakes up until machine before thanksgiving. >> monday before thanksgiving. >> that is fantastic. >> i will have two turkies this year. >> could you bring within for our thanksgiving feast that we will have live here on the air. >> absolutely. >> you love it. >> thank you so much. >> jen, you missed it. >> um-hmm. >> look at all of the stuff he brought in today. >> jen, i will be there on thanksgiving. here's the the thing we have talk about this. we are talking to the woman behind the brushing bride but look at this she has real eye unique costume pictures. we will talk about what she does and how special
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
jen might have an idea because i'm having a hard time thinking of gifts for my three and a half year-old granddaughters. so jen, what do you got? >> okay. so here is the thing we're here with christine on of the brushing bride, good morning.
9:46 am
>> good morning. we have talk with these things. you basically can draw women's wedding dresses, that is bulk of your business. >> correct. >> do you custom stuff, what is this right here. >> so this was my nieces christening gown and i just recreated it in a drawing much like i do for bridal gowns. i have done a few commune yan dresses and prom dresses as well. i do take those costume order but primarily i focus on the bridal gowns. what i need, obviously this is my niece so i have the dress in person. >> yes good but when people do order i needy tailed photos of the dress and if there is bead work i do close-up of those images and if you can get me the designer web site and give me the name and the collection of the designer, that is what works best because then i can see it on the silhouette and recreate it. >> i love it. i love that your work is timeless, you know this but black and white it is in the the really white or black but the look of it is just so timeless and owe what i was
9:47 am
thinking like maybe for mike, he has a three and a half year-old granddaughter even if you did a halloween costumes those are the kind of custom order you don't take all the time. >> right. >> people are throwing ideas at you, right. >> mess of the orders i have taken so far that is something i could take i just did a gown with a tuxedo and a pair of running hughes for a couple big into running, so there are things that are, adding that personal touch besides integrating invitation or doing, color. >> yes. >> bouquet, shoes, extra little touch. >> so why did you decide not to do so much of the color. >> well, in most women don't have color in their bridal gowns. >> true. >> i did do one with color for a girl that had a pink sash around her waist. >> cool. >> that was really press any terms of the accent piece but i don't do color because many bridal gowns wear white. >> thing that i love, we can kiss and tell, you have been
9:48 am
in 19 weddings. >> i have been a lot. >> you have seen these women, myself included, we go go get the dress, treat it, it is in some box and for $500 on up italy rally withly like because steve my husband won't let me dance while drink nothing my wedding dress anymore, with pizza, i am not, i don't know where my dress is. a lot of people say it is at their mother's house or mother-in-law's house. you infer see it again. >> they put it in the box and in the a particular. you can get it preserve. i a this is a modern way of preserving your dress. >> it is really cool. >> the pricing, or toy get all pricey pricey but it is all about the money. where does it begin. where do you start. >> so for a front view only i start at 165 and for front and back it is, 245. with the bead work, i add a little will more because that takes a little more time in terms of drawing. you can pick to do a standard
9:49 am
frame, i offer black, white, silver and goal. that starts at 45, or a piece like this, the bride asked that the madding match the bridesmaid dresses so that is custom and that is a little will more expensive as well. >> you say men have come to you, christmastime, does that surprise you. >> at first, i was excited about it because i was like oh, guys are in to this too. i really thought of it how i approached it which was as a bridesmaid giving it as a gift but do i a lot of anniversary gifts, lot of christmas presents coming up. >> so one got something to you today this week next week you could have it back for the local holidays. >> i usually say four to six week turnaround, if you want it expedited i do offer that option for an additional fee you are like amazon of art. >> it looks like real art but okay, this is what you get. >> it is real art though. >> it is what i love about it.
9:50 am
>> isn't this cool guys. >> so mike, your daughter that just got married you could hook her up. >> boom. >> your favorite daughter, you could hook her up. >> i could get both my daughters drawing of their wedding gowns. >> perfect. >> and i have plenty of pictures front and back. >> thanks a lot. oh, look at this breaking news here, a tractor trailer accident, my goodness. >> 222, right here near route 37 in reading,. >> 222 and 73. >> four to five vehicles are involved in this crash. >> it looks like the tractor trailer just by judging from what we see here plowed into one and then continued to move from one car after another after another. >> yes good and then into that dunkin' donuts. >> it is where are it started. car went upside down. >> two cars upside dunn right
9:51 am
here and then that other car, on the left, the back is missing. >> and then tractor trailer slides across the highway into the park cars, people inside, in dunkin' donuts. >> i don't know if those are tire tracks we are looking at right thering ago cross the double yellow line are from the tractor. >> fuel too. >> my gosh, reading, pennsylvania. four or five vehicles involved here, slammed into parked cars at a dunkin' donuts. little mini mall there. my goodness. hopefully everybody was out of those park cars. >> we will get details. sky fox will stay over it. >> ones that are flipped over. >> more information on that. >> yes. we have
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
hey, check this out, somebody tweeted this a little while ago. look at what the weather and atmosphere in all that has
9:55 am
done, tracks unearthed on cape may beach, there were railroad tracks down there a apparently they built in the early 1900's. where is this. >> i'm looking at a report by the television station down at the shore, channel 40. >> yes. >> and they say, that these 100 feet of rusted weathered but surprisingly preserved train tracks have appeared in the sand at sunset beach in lower township cape may county. >> i know there used to be a big san factory down there. >> in the 1900's these tracks went to the cape may sand plant but shifting sand from storms cover them up decades ago and they have just reappeared. last time these railroad tracks were exposed according to historians was 1930's. >> now, they have reappeared. >> yes, that is kind of cool. >> yes. >> they must have rolled in railroad cars, loaded and into it. >> and truck it on out. >> so, joan rivers, died what a few months ago, and i loved
9:56 am
watching that fashion police show. >> hilarious on e entertainment television. so they had to make a decision. we had to find a replacement or put the whole thing together. they asked her daughter melissa to do it now and i think ozzie osborne's kid. >> kelly. >> yeah, she didn't want to do it. kathy griffin will do it. they will not dot it every week. she's a great choice because she loved joan. >> joan gave her her blessing, i don't do this show any longer you are to be my replacement. >> they will in the do it every week. only at big fashion events like oscars and emmys. >> yes, awards show and stuff. >> that is when everybody tunes into that show, big events go from the stars pulling out fancy dresses the following show. >> it will be once a week. we have been having fun with chris murphy. we have secretly rid yes taped him yesterday. let's roll a little bit of that because we have a treat for you now. >> ♪
9:57 am
>> okay. >> we talk to his agent and he has agreed to do a little treat for us, a live performance by chris murphy. >> here we go, chris. >> go up to the stage, chris murphy. yes. >> we are like your fans. >> we don't have that much time. >> let's do it. >> we can't not hear the music. >> we just dance. >> ♪ ♪
9:58 am
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