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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 5, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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year-old has been missing now for over a week, what is his plans for later today that officials hope will lead to some answers. >> ♪ this years flu vaccine is lessee effective then hoped so what does that mean? did you not worry about getting the shot if you have it already? doctor mike is here. the legion of boom is making a stop in philadelphia, this weekend. will mark sanchez and rest of the birds offense have to do to beat the defending champs. and then, there is this, a big light. hi everybody it is friday. we will do this. i feel it. we are four and a half minutes from launching this orion spacecraft and people in newtown, bucks county are on pins and needles again. hi, good morning to you both. >> sue could not take it. she left but it looks like it
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is poised ready to go. we will take you live in cape canaveral in four minutes. >> lets do quick weather and traffic. >> and then to the big show. real quick stepping outside this morning we are giving today a six. it is dry most of the day despite the fact that we are waiting on the rain. we will have rain later but we have chilly temperatures right now. bus stop buddy waiting at the bus, eagles hat on today, time to switch gears, good m o.j. o, carry over to the home team on sunday. closed umbrella in hand because we have rain later today. winter weather advisory for poconos later this afternoon, tonight could see freezing rain there otherwise 36 degrees right after sunrise here in philadelphia cold dry morning. the clouds around today, 46 is the high with afternoon showers, and expect pretty steady rain tonight, especially north of the city. we will all see rain saturday. we will show thaw in the fox future cast and seven day forecast all still ahead. >> first good morning to you, bob kelly. >> 7:01. tgif. it has been a rough go on the
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schuylkill expressway, earlier near girard avenue. here's inbound side of the schuylkill expressway, otherwise, we're heavy from city line on in, your normal volume between conshohocken and downtown. south on i-95 heavy from cottman avenue in through the betsy ross bridge. northeast philadelphia, boulevard at bustleton avenue crash on the inner drive and then an accident on girard avenue between 37th and 38th the problem is right on top of the trolley tracks. route 15 is using shuttle buses from innings third over to richmond and west more land. crash in horsham 611 and county line and an accident eastbound on the bypass near route 82. otherwise, bridges look fine. ready mike to infinity and beyond, let's do this. >> are we go to go blast off. orion getting ready to take off. we have lucy noland, derrick pets, best astronomer in the country. let's do this. >> okay lucy, what are they saying, we're ready to go. >> we are so excited. >> let it go. >> we've got a clear from the
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engineering and weather folks. we have a clear. look at that count down clock, two minutes and six seconds, 52nd, best we have seen so far. sue, the engineer for orion can you feel it. >> very much so, weather is good. vehicle looks good. we are ready to go get our test and date. >> 1200 sensors all sparking gathering critical data so one day we can do what. >> we will take this vehicle to deep space, human toss deep space, eventually to mars, asteroids, moon, any of those. >> this vehicle is flexible enough, tell me where you wanting to. >> you have been working on this for years. thinks culmination what we are seeing of years of work. how does this feel. >> i'm excited. i feel like i'm ready to kick off the game and let's get playing. >> this is your kick off. >> that is right. >> yesterday there was a bit of disappointment because we had a boat in the way, weather
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issues. valves. >> the team worked through that and resolve that. they believe they have resolved it. modified procedures. everything is, holding track and we are looking good. >> fantastic. >> great day for orion. i know, it is not a good day for hair. >> your hair looks fine. >> here we go, derrick pits, one of the best astronomers in america. >> thanks mike, appreciate that. >> ready to do that. >> less than a minute, 45 seconds to go good we're all, wow, we're at 372nd. >> lets get back to cape canaveral, here we go. this is the first little bit trip on the way to mars. >> first step to getting people back into space and this capsule will be able to carry people to the moon and hopefully honor ryan. >> let's list men we hear nasa talking. >> flight lock in. >> fifteen seconds a away. >> t minus 20 seconds.
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>> it is exciting. >> ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. >> lift off, the dawn of orion the new era of american space explore racial. >> we have center core booster and two sides, to take it up, and then, all the way up to 3600 miles but two side boosters will drop off first in about three minutes, and then we should be able to see that actually. >> hopefully, we will.
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>> it reaches m ach1 speed in 30 seconds and pressure coming up as expect, as we are coming up on the one minute mark. >> these are beautiful shots. there are cameras all over the vehicle. >> that is a live shot. >> this is a live shot. they have cameras all over so they will be able to watch all of the booster right through launch and bring us images of the capsule itself in space. >> better shot then i have in my own home. >> you see the center engine burning. >> that is a at 124, mach won. >> they will do 20 orbits around the earth. >> this will all be done by 11:30 this morning. >> that is a live shot. >> that is a live shot do youe clouds in the background. you see had owe of the launch vehicle in the upper right
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hand corner there. so that is shadow of the exhaust plume. >> technology, all this is being tracked and all of the data is being recorded by a company out of newtown bucks county. >> yes, they have great sensors on board. >> two minutes into the flight. >> everything a has gone great so far. >> they are testing the heat shield and they. >> they are testing inn telling grit to see fit will hold atmosphere well, they are testing heat shield for reentry because temperature will be 4,000 degrees. >> that is four and a half hours. >> look at the beautiful curve in the earth in the upper right hand corner of the picture good what is that blue haze. >> that is a at months fear, very thin atmosphere that protect is here on the planet. pennsylvania spacecraft is doing very, very well so far. >> that is remarkable technology to have a live shot. >> two minutes and 35 seconds. >> this is reason why we will be able to see side booster when they are taken off because we have cameras right on the launch vehicle.
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>> that is the just to the right and center of the screen, side boosters they will jettison that and that will be released in about 50 seconds. >> okay good beautiful shot of the earth curvature there. >> this is what richard branson wants to do take a flight up this high. >> he want as many people as possible to see this view of earth from space because he knows how it will change peoples attitude about how we think of our planet. >> and how we treat each other. >> and how we treat each other. >> what was the -- >> and, blue and green. >> 202nd until boosters drop off. >> thirty seconds in. >> where are the boosters expect to land. >> they will come back down to the atlantic ocean. >> that is why they keep all of the boats out of the way. >> yes. >> it would be a great view from the cruise ship not too
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close though. >> there is two boosters. >> yes, two side boosters and one center core booster. >> they should go in a few seconds. >> partial thrust mode. >> will navy go pick them up. >> there they go. >> separation a good separation in the port and starboard boosters. >> good accept racial. >> it is up to full power mode, four minutes and ten seconds in the flight. >> full power mode. >> it still has pour because center booster is pouring the whole spacecraft, two side boosters gave additional power but center one can now power up to full speed because it has dropped off. the other ones will drop back and they will continue on up. >> how long will center booster be there. >> no, center booster drops off in just about, stage one separation is in 50 seconds. >> fifty seconds. >> so that main big booster will drop off in 502nd and
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upper stage left that has capsule on top. >> and then that will go orbit the earth two times. it is like four years ago when they had a little booster on the gem minute my any and a polo. >> that is why this is so much reminisce event of the apollo program because the the shape is very much the same. it has a aero dynamic shape. everything else is totally different, totally brand new good lucy, how was it, did you feel it. >> we're sitting here talking about it right now. you are so excited you might cry. >> yes. >> this is your thing. it is absolutely amazing. tell me about what kind of going through you right now. >> well, on one hand it is another day in the office. we do this. but, this is a reek will we have been working on, and it is an exciting time.
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>> you guys should have have heard the crowd here's rupert in applause there. it is so big. a amazing to watch. trying to come around and making sure, and this is culmination of years and years and years of effort by thousands of people across the united states. >> we can see it coming off right there. >> the the booster. >> look at that. >> it is unreal this technology. >> there it goes, it breaks away. >> there is the separation from the engine of the up are stage. >> that is a live shot. >> that is a live shot. >> jettison has occurred. >> i got to get new cable. >> you don't see this at the home. >> you need better cable. >> i can't get over this view of the earth. >> we can't get a shot from.
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>> and, we are now processing, it. >> the spacecraft through. >> it might not happen until 2030 or so, it is a a long journey, difficult one to do but that is what we want to do. >> six months to get there. >> imagine being trapped in your station wagon with your family. what a beautiful shot that is. >> wow. it is upper stage of the capsule on top. >> little capsule will go around the earth twice, it will splash down. >> it reaches max muscle altitude of 3600 miles and then comes back down and splashes down in the a pacific ocean. >> that is as high as we have gone in 40 years. >> yes, it is 15 times higher then the international space station. >> is that really live. >> yes. >> look at the earth.
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>> spectacular view. >> do you know where we will be flying over the capsule. >> orion. >> it is out of have florida, out over the plant i can ocean first and then over, for sure but then boosting out into space 3600 miles. so it is over the whole planet if you will. >> and, orion is functioning perfectly at this point. >> functioning perfectly. >> could not ask for a better start. >> is there six astronauts on board the international space station, launching this. >> yes. >> oh, man. >> yes. >> so it ace above them. >> watching it on tr just like we did. >> derek, thank you. >> thank for having me. >> it has happened now and we do have camera crew in newtown bucks county because there was
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such a big party for their reaction. >> 15,000 miles an hour. >> lets check back with lucy, she's live there in florida. >> did you video tape the launch from your perspective. >> well, i did, but about 20,000, 30,000 other people are trying to dot same thing right now. but i'm still amazed about this. one of the things we were talking about was launch system that guy just down i-95 were 37 percent of the delaware valley work force is here and it is a amazing but they got that amount of people that work on tonight our area we just saw the launch a abort system come off of orion and launch aboard system will keep astronauts safe if something went wrong. >> it is why we have it on the vehicle to protect astronauts from a bad event on the launch pad and then hopefully, today
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we have great tips. normally we were go uphill, jettison off the vehicle and get off the way. >> everything is going perfectly they said. >> we have got that, and separation is happening and we have had good video shot of the video, and it is key here. we're gathering data coming up, pretty soon we will do that heat shield test, which is a thousand degrees, the temperatures and son, pretty big deal. back to you alex and mike good that will happen four and a half hours around after a couple loops around the earth, we are stunned by this view. >> alex, how great is this. we are moving in, freezing rain too, that is mainly well
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off towards our west. showers are on their way, storm system and that will bring even more rain for saturday. it will not rain all weekend but when it does saturday afternoon and, heaviest and in the the ideal time. fox future cast showing clouds around all will day to day, we have had sunshine yesterday, such a nice break but quick break but here we go by mid afternoon hours, showers push in and we could see sprinkles out ahead of this but more organize rain around 5:00 o'clock this afternoon. and that could fall as some rain but freeze as it hits ground in carbon and monroe counties possibly in the lehigh valley. and it could still be cold enough for elevations of this to be freezing rain. otherwise it is just rain in new jersey and delaware we will not see much until saturday. a lot of this staying north of philadelphia. saturday morning we have a dry break if you want to get that dry christmas tree break up, and do it early on saturday, and waiting until sunday. pretty windy too.
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here at 5:00 o'clock, rain heavy at times, it is saturday afternoon and saturday evening with the rain. by sunday morning it is off shore, we will clear out your seven day forecast showing 55 with the rain tomorrow, clearing out sunday watching chance for rain and snow that comes next week monday into tuesday and possibly wednesday. that is your seven day forecast, time for traffic now, bob. >> god bless you, are you okay over there. >> it is schuylkill
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expressway, running slow, she's leaving. there she goes. >> bye, alex. >> good bye. >> westbound on the schuylkill heavy from city up the hill toward belmont. southbound on i-95, and, into girard avenue. accident on the boulevard at bustleton avenue on the inner drive, and, then an accident on girard avenue between 37th and 38th on top of the trolley tracks and using shuttle buses from 63rd and girard over to richmond and west more land. problems on the rails this morning. septa says minor delays on both manayunk norristown regional rail line as well as paoli thorndale regional rail line, and 15 minutes from 101 and 102 trolleys. crash in horsham 611 at county line who is ready for christmas parade. >> let's do it. >> santa claus is coming to town. >> park avenue, route 30, mike drive the sleigh later tonight. >> i'm into that. >> we have on breaking news,
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we have been following this story for a couple days now out of delaware county. >> lets get to steve keeley live with the very latest, steve. >> this is a good follow up to dave schratwieser's story in upper darby. police tell us that mike chitwood, september of the police out there that terrell gateling, surrendered last night. not long after dave's story aired on fox 29, the story also in the delaware county times, and here is the story this little 12 year-old girl ran away from her house that day on november 19th and comes across gateling around 69th street where big septa terminal is. he takes her to his basement apartment and rapes her, and then walks her to school the next morning, november 28th, the mother find out her daughter is a at school, find out what happened and takes her to the hospital and they go to the police with that. that is good news to get this guy off the street. mike chitwood called him an animal in dave's story, they said this guy had long arrest record just released from prison in march and the little
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girl now doing okay at least, physically, psychologically, he called her just a little baby that an animal took obviously into his place and monster according to mike chitwood. good news is according to mike chitwood this guy seen himself on tv surrendered last night. >> i'll be darned, all right. horrible story. 7:20. >> did you see this? the royals are coming to the united states this weekend and i cannot be more excited. what will and kate have plan for their visit, will they come to philly do you think. >> but first amazon is releasing a new line of every day essentials starting with diapers, will this hurt.
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breaking news we are looking live from sky fox, underneath this railroad overpass, here. it looks like a cement truck, that is wedged underneath there. it is a live look from phoenixville, main street just off of vaned are slice.
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main street the in phoenixville we will bring it up to date. >> it looks like a inch too fall. way under there. >> a a lot of times that is all that is. we have to drop his truck down, to pull him out. imagine that, missed it by an inch. >> what a day he is having. >> yes, as you know a week ago yesterday, my daughter jill gave birth to a boy, jack, and there is one of the latest picture of jack. i think he will be sent home
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today. >> yes. >> we said earlier, yes, yes. >> he goes he is in the in a good mood. he was circumstance sized last night. >> ouch. >> yeah. >> but now where do i get diapers, this baby has come five weeks early, i needed diaper service. amazon was selling diapers. >> the company will start producing its own diapers and baby wipes. >> yes, amazon has a few tricks up its sleeve and down its pants apparently. they are making diapers. lauren, they are making them themselves or just selling them. >> wait, had hang on mike, is jack the first grand child. >> no, i have a granddaughter named teddy. >> teddy. >> yes, teddy. >> very cute. >> well, congratulations to jill and jack. so yeah amazon selling diapers. they have always sold diapers. these are their own diapers private label, it is amazon elements. this is why you should care about this.
7:26 am
amazon has done research they are not selling them for too much money. they are inexpensive. they are telling parents what is in the diapers where materials come from, parents care about that. natural stuff for our babies. but and this is where you have to listen, you have to be a prime member in order to buy the diapers. amazon element diapers and baby wipes. it is $99 a year subscription service. amazon wants, you you always need diapers. if you can attract people to be prime members and spend that much money a year they have got you hooked, because they will by you diapers and all sorts of other stuff on amazon. >> okay. >> $99, just to be a prime member and on top of that, you wait for these diapers. >> that they are making. >> true. >> you can get anything else you need on amazon and in the pay a shipping because you are a prime member. >> amazon is competing with regular companies that sell their own diapers on their site, so they are competing with their own vendors. >> i'll be darned. >> can you answer something in
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52nd. >> i'll try. >> star bucks is going to have wine and beer. >> oh, yeah, happy hour and star bucks, baby, my goodness. >> and fancy food items too i'm toll. >> yes, but they will be microwaving the the truffle mack and cheese. >> yes, lauren, you have a great weekend. >> you too, see you monday. >> wine and beer, star bucks. >> now you have everything. >> everything you could ever want there. >> yes. >> immediately coffee afterward. >> coming up, a new warning about this years flu vaccine. alex and i had the flu shot, we both been sick over last ten days. >> i'm still sick. >> is this a different strain of the flu, doctor mike? how about a definitive answer. >> yes.
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♪ it's only for a couple nights ok, yep. ♪ baby. uhhh ... (sarcastically) for me? ♪ she'll love it. thanks.
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a flu warning this years vaccine, may not be good, a good match for the current, strain of the virus, that is going around, what do you do. and what is the high risk, and, recipient. plus eagles are back home taking on the seattle seahawks. a lot is a at stake here. can sanchez lead the team to victory again. >> they are super bowl champions you know.
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>> yes. >> you know that one right there, that is edina mansell, she's responsible for the song let it go, is that the name of the song, frozen. >> yes. >> we have asked her to come on and see if she can get this stuck, this song is played over and over and over. can she do anything bit. she's helping military families during the the holiday season but that is boring. that is not boring but a good thing but just not as interesting as talking about stopping frozen. >> i'm sure she had no idea how big the song would be, let it go, we just all can't let it go. >> she's now a millionaire over and over, from frozen. let it go. >> she wants to keep that going on as long as she can. >> there may be a frozen two. >> oh, no. >> what will the theme song again. >> run for your livesy can only imagine same thing over and over again. bus stop buddy is how we are starting with weather, he has his eagles hat on, and once we get to sunday weather
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different then it will be the the first half of the weekend because we are awaiting on some rain that will arrive later. it will fall as freezing rain later this afternoon and early tonight, monroe, carbon counties, winter weather advisory a as that rain comes in. cold enough freeze on the ground, you will want to use caution up there. otherwise just plane rain. it is 36 at the airport. camera shaking a bit as we have a nice breeze out of the north east, we will hit 46 degrees today, mainly dry and chilly but we will see those showers arrive later this evening. that rain on and off into tonight, will fall back to the low of 42 degrees, temperatures warming up on saturday, into the 50's with steady rain all day. we will have the forecast still ahead but in the meantime, let's check traffic. bob kelly we have had a couple issues, big problem with the cement truck, what else are we dealing with. >> we are dealing with disable tractor trailer. live look at 95 southbound disable tractor trailer in the construction zone here, coming southbound, we're heavy from
7:33 am
academy on down in through cottman avenue. there is your speed meter reading. put 35 minute on the clock, heavy on the schuylkill between city and conshohocken. north on 55, gang coming from south jersey, watch for delays heading in towards that 42 freeway in bellmawr and that delay just continued into the bridges. northeast philadelphia, boulevard at bustleton avenue an accident in the inner drive and here's the scene of that cement truck that is wedged underneath that railroad overpass, it is main and bridge street in the heart of phoenixville and a crash on girard avenue between 37 and 38th street there. there is a live look from skies fox exactly what we said a cement truck, this is main street just off of bridge street in phoenixville the only good news that is not septa but a cement truck. you think you are having a bad start to the day.
7:34 am
you can see that, wedged underneath there and get called in by the end of the day. and and, people switching over, last couple of days, but you are a trooper, you are not so hot. >> my clean innings is here. indeed, i got the flu vaccine like a month ago. it could not be that. it could be. >> doctor mike, is what going on, we have all had our flu shot. >> first of all, the flu season, thus far, at least in my neck of the woods is extremely mild. >> good,. >> i haven't had one case yet of the flu. >> now, let's get this straight. even in a good year, the flu vaccine is not a hundred per sent. this year the current flu that is going around has mutated,
7:35 am
viruses like everybody else in the planet just trying to eke out a living, so they changed. so this flu shot is now being given, is not that effective. >> right. >> it is but i want to reiterate it still gives you benefits by getting the viruses going around, and they are being covered by the flu shot. if you have to decide if you haven't gotten it yet, still get it. even though it is not the a hundred percent, it is not zero. >> they created a updated one, now that it mutated and now that we have. >> not this year. the key is three things, one if you are sick, you stay home. two, you you wash your hands, and number three, those people who are at risk, getting very, very ill, can then get
7:36 am
something like tami flu. >> make me go home. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> thank you. >> all right. >> if you have the fever. >> go away. >> if you are sick and cough and a don't want to come into work and affect everybody else. if you are at work and we have something there who is sick, you want to wash your hand and make sure they care of business. >> speaking of taking care of business, what is this? >> i'm coming back. >> she's back. >> a case of hepatitis. >> yes. >> i want to prove that i'm not afraid. >> thank you you. >> thank you. >> i thought hepp tight was eradicated. >> hepatitis a, there is about 20,000 cases a year. whole bunch of different kinds of hepatitis. can you bring bob here. he has in the been on tv for quite a while. >> there was a reason for that. >> but this is the liver.
7:37 am
let's look right here. that is the liver. that is what gets affected by hepatitis a. what happened here is that there was a worker in new jersey a rose tar rant that has been tested for hepatitis a, now the good news is that hepatitis a normally is a self limited mild thing, i have patients that have hepatitis a, they go home, they are a's okay, you don't have to worry too much, it is not like hepatitis c or b which is very serious. >> very popular restaurant. >> lining up to get the vaccine, because they do at that restaurant and pay $35 come get this hepatitis a vaccine. >> a lot of people are trying to do that. >> there is a lot of reasons to get hepatitis a vaccine. >> hepatitis a is spread by getting it usually in your mouth, and through the fecal oral we talk about this before, the fecal oral route, poop. >> yeah. >> i got that. >> they get in your mouth, you
7:38 am
eat the food and then you get sick. the key here is many people should consider getting the hepatitis a vaccination, even if they didn't eat it at that restaurant but it is something to happens, 20,000 people every year, bob's all right, look his liver is going to be just fine. get him ready for new years eve. >> you mentioned liver because there was another possible case but they just found out he had a liver infection. >> lots of things cause current liver infections but by the way, this thing can percolate in you and you don't have symptoms for up to 30 days. some people may develop it later, but we will watch them very carefully, not to panic. >> thank you. >> all right, doctor mike have a great weekend. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> coming up major milestone at birth center of bryn mawr did you hear about this. >> they just had their 10,000 baby, we will meet their new born and have of course talk with their parents.
7:39 am
>> yes. >> but first the royals are coming, are you ready for will and kate's trip to u.s. this weekend. when and where you you can get a glimpse of the royal couple.
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>> yes,. >> kate in the yellow dress. >> yes, hopefully, i can see the baby to match. >> yes. >> he is like hold on. >> tomorrow he shows up in new york. brooklyn. and world bank conference in washington to discuss fighting illegal wild life, but kate
7:43 am
will tour new york child development center. >> they will go from new york to d.c., do you think they will take amtrak through philly. >> i hope so. >> but we take him down. >> you think so. >> we have a private jet, i wouldn't be surprised. >> i know tom hanks will be a black tie scholarship fundraiser, from the university of of saint andrews, it is across the pond and will and kate, and tom hanks met them over there. >> kate and will. >> that is where they met, that went to school together. >> yes. >> they were college sweethearts. >> tom hanks didn't meet them. >> yes, i wouldn't be surprised. >> tom hanks has nothing to do with that relationship. >> good afternoon. >> still ahead, can we beat, the super bowl champs. >> eagles handled their business on the road against dallas but now it is time to take care of the seahawks at the link, we have to do this,
7:44 am
we have to do this again. plus, jen, what are we up to today. >> even better when we can hear you. >> i think she says macy's. >> yes. >> hi, santa. >> that dude gets around.
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7:46 a.m. welcome back. been a long week. first weekend in december. we a had rain earlier in the week. new we have some rain to start off the weekend. ultimate doppler showing some showers moving into parts of the pennsylvania right now. they are of the frozen variety if the mountains where we see pink and purple, that is freezing rain and sleet, just rain south of there. you hud see just rain. in the poconos, winter weather advisory in effect there. twenty-five in the poconos, it is cold enough for frozen stuff but by the time it arrives, probably just rain, temperatures warm up, 36 in philly and 38 in dover. let's check that seven day forecast. rain a arrives, steady showers north philadelphia tonight, 46 is the high temperature. new saturday we will see rain, it could be heavy at times. afternoon and evening looks like a wash out, 55 degrees, we are just talking about plane old rain are. we will see nice looking sunday but it will be gusty and chilly, high of just 44. quick break on monday before our chance for more rain
7:48 am
possibly this time a mix of snow, that is tuesday and wednesday, stay tuned for that. >> 7:47. live look at i-95. jammo. a disable tractor trailer in the center lane, from the actual construction zone at cottman avenue. we have a live look at the yam from academy heading south toward the city, again, center lane block with that disable tractor trailer. as we go southbound i-95 use roosevelt boulevard to get your self around it. old school through tacony street and down through neighborhoods. roosevelt boulevard at bustleton avenue an accident, inner drive is impacting, traffic, we have showed you a chopper last time around that cement truck wedged underneath that railroad overpass, phoenixville at main and bridge, traffic divertedded on to gay street. that is not impacting any septa lines. that is good news. north on 55, slow go working your way in to that 42 freeway and 42 heavy as well in towards philadelphia. normal delays, between
7:49 am
conshohocken and city avenue and accident on girard, between 37th and 38th and that has route 15 trolley using shuttle buses. >> i'll tell what you those chicago bears stink. they didn't have a good game last night. >> dallas cowboys took care of business last night in chicago to keep the pressure on the eagles. dimarco murray ran for 179 yards and a touchdown in the cowboys 41-28 win. birds need to win this week against sat toll keep their one game lead in the division. this is a very important game. >> g. cobb, i have to tell you this just because we are eagles game, if you are a football fan, this is the best game of the weekend, the eagles high powered offense begins a very good defense of the world champ seahawks coming in the link. >> well, you can win this game, you are a super bowl contender. you really will start to be the the favorite if eagles can find a way to win this game.
7:50 am
key is being able to run the football. lesean mccoy and that big offensive line, they have to do that thing. take pressure off sanchez. we don't want sanchez throwing the ball 40 or 50 times. >> karen sproles and shady that is right. >> when it comes to throwing richard sherman, should we even bother to throw at his side. >> maybe deep a couple times but make sure tell that wide receiver knock that ball down. do not let him pick it off. interceptions, turnovers are key. >> this dick sherman dude like to talk. >> yes. >> who will they put him on, jeremy. >> he will be on that side. lines up on their left side and jeremy is on our right side. they will go against each other quite a bit. he is a a great player. i don't think you want to totally avoid him. would i like to see him run on screens over there. let the tackle a chance to hit him in his -- >> face. >> that is right.
7:51 am
>> we are worried about the the seahawks is for past couple games they have only given up three points. >> they have an outstanding defense, the defense really sets up the offense. offence is not really that great. if the eagles will just take care of the football, i don't want sanchez throwing the ball a lot and don't want him throwing it over to sherman that much, and such a good corn are back, you have to pick it up. they take care of the football, shady mccoy, darren sproles, sanchez a little will bit, that is how you win the game. seventeen points will do it. >> their offense isn't had good. you don't give them any points they will not score a lot. >> lets give a shout out to our defense too, connor barwin defensive player of the month, right. >> outstanding. he has had a great year. he is very versatile. he is fast. he is able to, run down the quarterback and everything. he a has great skills. he is skilled in a lot of things. he is versatile.
7:52 am
he is able to do things and he is smart. plus he takes septa. >> we do love that about him. >> he is very green this guy. speaking of green, it will be all green at the link with the seahawks verse eagles. >> noise. >> you have to score. >> i think 17-14 eagles. low scoring game. >> my stomach can't take a game like that. >> it will go down to the last seconds. >> field goal. >> that is right. >> it will be tight. >> because 14-13, something like. that it will be really tight. >> g, seriously. >> that is how you can enjoy it good do you like the movie frozen, have you seen it. >> it is a kids movie. i heard it is really good. >> you know the song, let it go. just say yes. >> yes. >> that woman sing is it. >> does she. >> she is responsible for us having to listen to this dang thing. we have book her on our show today. >> yes. >> i know i have heard it.
7:53 am
>> that is right we love you, g. edina is on our show today. >> that is a big get. >> reese whither spoon's new movie wild hit theaters this weekend sit worth your box office bucks. we will talk to our movie critics next. >> she will get an academy award for this. >> true story. men sell.
7:54 am
and the winner of this year's superstar... (coughs)
7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> can we get a shot of that dude out there. happy first birthday to amelia may, love, nana and pop pop. >> how sweet. >> he is a proud man, isn't he. >> a pop 30 pop wishing her a happy birthday. >> they are great, aren't
7:57 am
they. >> yeah, they are. >> it is part of the annual christmas tradition. you go over to macy's in center city and lay on the floor there in the shoe department works man's shoe department and watch the christmas spectacular. >> i have been hearing a lot about this. i can't wait to try it for the first time. jen is there this morning. >> hi, jen. >> yes, he is talking about you, we're here, good morning. >> good morning good thank you for having us here this morning. >> good morning good here's the thing, thanks for coming on yesterday. we are happy to see yor in your space today. i wanted to ask you some question because coming here is intimidating. >> yes, it can good for moms, dads, grand moms, you have advice so kid aren't so in my language, so freaked out when they come to see you. >> well, first off, children do what parents do. so, if mom comes in and and runs away from santa, what does the kid thing. so mom, dad, talking to you
7:58 am
give santa a hug, shake his hand, show some affection, i haven't even you in a year, some this is your best friend, this is your uncle, someone like dad, who ace next nate who is comforting and comfortable and then the children will follow suit. that is what we always find. >> last year we know brody, my son brought in a little net for landry. you guys talk bit. landry and borrowed write totally taken care of. brody doesn't know what to to with the extra note or letter because you like these letters. is there a special place when they come to santa land thaw want them to put the letters. >> yes, downstairs in the center of the atrium we have the belief mailbox. you can put all of your letters in the believe mailbox. that does for each letter that we get a dollar to make a wish foundation, up to a million-dollar we send out to make a wish. >> on our list, an hour kids are allowed to ask for three things. will ella is a with the cape,
7:59 am
i know you call it something but you also want parent to maybe only talk about within special thing. >> usually kids will have a special favorite thing and we will get in the conversation about that. i always have the list. they always know i have it in our back pocket, so to speak or in the mailbox but it is always not like we're going to forget. a a lot of kids worry that if he doesn't, we don't talk about each and every thing we might forget. >> they have the list. >> certainly have the list, and remind them a hundred times to have the list. >> very briefly up until like christmas eve at 10:00 p.m., we can still get off naughty list. >> yes, come in, talk to me. >> make it happen. >> all right. >> thank you so much. >> you don't mind later we will walk around the christmas village. are you okay with that. >> so mike here's good news for you my friend up until 10:00 p.m. christmas eve you can get off the naughty list.
8:00 am
>> he is work varying hard, i'm very proud of him. >> hopefully you will be. you can only go up from there. >> is that santa like an accountant or something. straight up 8:00 o'clock on friday, december the fifth, already, ladies and gentlemen, 20 days until christmas 2014. here we go. >> reporter: when we do report a rape of a child we report a arrest. we have one to tell but right now, which just happened. five, four, three, two, one... >> lift off. >> holding our breath, with the rocket took off about an hour ago, 7:05 to be exact.
8:01 am
it is one hour into its four and a half hour flight, orion the people in newtown bucks county are jumping up and down their rocket took off successfully. caitlin i'm guessing. >> yeah, that is me and good to see that, but back here on earth, less than wonderful weather heading our way. we will talk about the rain coming in, and it will clear up, but then caught for that eagles game on sunday afternoon. your full forecast is coming up guess ahead. >> note. >> ♪ >> will queen b still be on the top, this grammy season, there are big prediction this is morning for beyonce, taylor swift and many more favorite performers. stay tuned nominations will be announced in a half an hour. >> i think taylor swift has a new boyfriend. >> he is a lead singer of a group called 1976 or something. jessica, could you look into that. there is a rock band of all
8:02 am
boys, i think 1976. >> i think i did see something along them lines. i saw it somewhere. >> bob has his finger on the pulse of take already swift. >> maybe inspiration for her album of 1989. >> maybe there is something with that. >> all right. caitlin. >> so young and already so successful. >> yes. >> help us please, someone. we are looking at water heading our way, that is for sure. this forecast for friday is not bad yet, dry, chilly and very least it is friday, we will see rain off until the evening. bus stop buddy, with his eagles hat on, no umbrella needed now but, we have a walk home and some of those showers could walk in. 37 degrees at the airport right now. it is gray and chilly look into south philadelphia, wind north's at 12 miles an hour,
8:03 am
camera shaking we have a bit of the breeze. 47 degrees today. those showers moving in later on tonight we will have on and off ran. more on the weekend still ahead but lets check with bob kelly we have had a busy morning so far. >> 8:03. i-95 southbound disable tractor trailer in the construction zone at cottman avenue leaving us with the delay from the gang northeast philadelphia woodhaven road into center city, an accident south on 295 is jammed up from warwick all the way down into the 42 freeway and again a gas leak here a construction crew smacked into an underground pipes in bensalem. bristol pipe is block near mapel avenue, just delays on the manny yuck norristown paoli thorndale and 101 and 102 trolleys this morning. mike and alex, back over to you. >> at 8:03. breaking news, search foreman wanted by upper darby police for sexual assault of the 12 year-old girl is over. >> police tell thaws 20
8:04 am
year-old, terrell gateling, turned himself in after his picture was plastered all across the media outlets yesterday. # a heinous crime, steve bring us up to date. >> reporter: thinks a follow up to dave schratwieser's good story five and 6:00. mike chitwood credited the media blitz, and nobody blitzes better than dave hat wiser when it comes to this business. lets go to this video. this is some video from dave's story last night 59:00 and 6:00. hard story to watch. twenty-one year-old guy with an arrest record that rivals a 50 year-old career criminals. originally from germantown section of philadelphia, gateling's basement will seem like a paradise compared to where he will spend the next few years as the new item on his arrest warrant the worst thing yet, raping a 12 user old girl. the girl ran away, november 19th, came across gateling on 69th street where he told her she could stay with him in his richfield road
8:05 am
basement a pad with no windows. the that is where he raped her and then walk her to school the next morning november 20th, where her mother found her at the school. she was told what happened and took her 12 year-old daughter to children's hospital he said she's 12 years old. but i consider the guy, a career criminal, he's got arrests for burglary, firearms violations, assault. >> he took total advantage have of the 12 year-old kid. she's a baby. >> no word from mike chitwood just yet on whether it was his conscious, that got to him or just the fact that he was scared because even in prison, even a among thieves, they don't like people that do this to kids. >> 8:05. >> we have lift off.
8:06 am
>> yes. five, four, three, two, one. >> lift off. >> yes, finally happened, 7:05, right on time, win gusts and sluggish fuel valves scrapped this year all morning long as they tried to get this thing off the ground. it took off. bucks county company, in newtown they built sensors, big time sensors that are on that spacecraft. the listen. >> it all went off without a hitch. we had folks in here during the launch. so exited to see our equipment on the spacecraft that went up in space and hopefully does its mission correctly. >> their equipment made right there in bucks county, inn term continuing and sending back vital information like temperature, pressure. that is easy stuff. this is nasa's first test of
8:07 am
the spacecraft that astronauts hope one day will take them to mars, maybe around 20, 25, 30, somewhere in there. >> this is a first step. >> it is only a four and a half hour flight. well, they have been looping the earth now in orbit about an hour. got three more hours to go. we will see how it goes. >> and for the second night in the row demonstrators take to the streets across the country protesting the grand jury decision to not indict a white police officer in the death of eric garner, an unarmed black man in new york. protesters chanted i can't breathe and called for reforms in the justice system and better police training. young mind locally are young in the nationwide moment. the students in philadelphia want to show their solidarity with their die in movement scheduled for today a at masterman high school. >> that is where they lay on the ground and chante can't breathe. well, how about this, new jersey lawmakers, investigating the george washington bridge scandal have
8:08 am
cleared governor chris christie of any involvement. according to a report by a legislative panel investigators found no conclusive evidence, that the governor was aware of the closure. they say two former aids bridget ann kelly and david wild stein acted with little regard for public safety. panel will release the report to the public, monday. and on the completely different topic actor mark wahlberg wants a pardon in an assault case dating back 25 years. >> wahlberg was a guest on good day last year and served time after his 1988 conviction toran attack that left another man blind in one eye. it happened when wahlberg was a teenager and he tried to steel two cases of alcohol from a man outside a convenient store. wahlberg around here is known for being in the movie invincible. >> sure, he played vince palale, one of our friend. a philadelphia mother, has
8:09 am
just been named, listen to this, 2014 women of the worth, by laurel paris. this is a huge word. >> phyillis, he came on the show, received the a word for simon's fund a non-profit she co founded after losing her three month-old on to a heart condition. we talk to her when she was just a finalist but she beat out more than 3400 nominee that is will receive 34,000 you dollars for simon's fund. >> our jen fred has been over this simon's fund story for years. you know how big this award is. >> very big. >> woman of the year. >> of course, i talk with her and she said this will go toward setting up screenings in different schools, that way kids can find out if they have a heart condition. >> congratulations. >> fantastic. >> whole world knows about her. >> holiday tipping, i still in my advanced age don't know what to give the baby-sitter, the hair stylist, mail guy or
8:10 am
women, letter carrier is what i'm trying to say. how much do you tip. new rules this year. but first reese weatherspoon goes wild, her new movie hits theaters today and she's getting oscar buzz this morning. our movie critic sketch mccarthey will fill news next. >> it is a true story that she's port trailing here.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:13 a.m., first friday of december, we have first friday in olde city later on this evening. the lots of holiday activities planned for this weekend and you will be dodging rain drops. more specifically on saturday but here are some showers streaming from the southwest right now, even some frozen stuff and snow flakes. this is in the higher elevations, mountains there, alleghenies, around state college, and even some showers making their way in the philadelphia area on radar. we are seeing tiny green and sprinkles not out of the question before the main rain event moves n we will show that to you as we go through
8:14 am
time, included around all day, we lost sunshine, here's showers coming in around friday or this evening at 5:00 o'clock, continue overnight, and this is mainly just rain. winter weather advisory, they can see freezing rain, otherwise showers tonight, a break saturday morning and rain really fills back in for everyone tomorrow afternoon and evening. that is steady time frame with the rain and it could be heavy at times too. we will clear out sunday but turns winnie and chilly. your seven day forecast 46 with the late showers today, steady rain tomorrow but only 55 degrees, all rain for everybody. gusty wind or a bright, but chilly sunday out at the link, that forecast will be cold, 44 is the high temperature. sun to clouds on monday and we are watching for chance of rain or snow to come right back on through, that is tuesday and wednesday. that is your seven day forecast, hi there bob. >> wear my long johns on sunday fox 29 long beyonds at the eagles game. hello delco. live look at i-95 near commodore bear bridge. we are seeing delays in both
8:15 am
directions up and down i-95 heading towards 476. good morning to chadds ford live look at creek road off of route 1i problem on i-95 disable tractor trailer in the construction zone at cottman avenue. we will string one long line of brake lights from woodhaven road down into center city, 45 minute trip all together. same deal south on 295 heavy from wood crest all the way down into 42 freeway, an accident right before you get to the 42 freeway in bellmawr. construction crew smacked in the gas line here in bensalem bristol pike near haines road. the septa having a rough go, some switch problems they are telling me manayunk norristown line, paoli thorndale line, both running with delays. they had delays on the 101, 102, i just got an update that they are getting back to normal on the trolleys. slow go on the schuylkill between city avenue and conshohocken. same deal working your way through havertown and big christmas parade in lindenwald
8:16 am
will hut down streets for santa claus and reindeer and sleigh beginning at 7:00 o'clock mainly along route 30 and white horse pike. mike and alex, back to you. you ever have your life so messed up you feel lick you want to take a long walk and discuss it with yourself. that is what this movie wild that opens today is about. it is a new you movie, wild starring reese whither spoon who is getting some oscar buzz, look at her. >> oh, my god. what have i done. >> i'm sorry, you have to walk a thousand miles. >> i might to have walk a thousand more miles. >> happy trails. >> ♪ >> you talk about real life,
8:17 am
this is a store story. >> lets bring in our movie guy kevin mccarthey. >> hi kevin is what up, brother. >> wow. >> what a suit. >> this is a new trenton these ugly suits. >> yes. >> i think it looks good. i like the the way the suit looks. >> you know what, this is true, this here because the ugly sweater idea has jumped the shark. this is now ugly suits. >> honestly it fits really nice mike and what he need to get one and we need to have a suit off. >> let's do it, you and a i, boom. >> tell us about wild. >> let's transition from a crazy suit to wild a serious movie about cheryl straight, true story, she hiked over 1100 miles by herself on the pacific crest trail and reese whither spoon plays her in the movie. it is very raw, dark look into her life. i will say the the director jean mark ballet, it vice
8:18 am
similar in the sense it feels raw, gritty and matthew mcconaughey and, jared led-o won the oscars. reese whither spoon is front runed to be nominated and win. she will be autopsy begins julianne moore for still alice and gone girl but it is an a nation performance. he won earlier in walk the line. this is best thing she has done since then. a is mag film from the performance standpoint. are dark, very hard to watch at times. i will say she elevates the film. i did peak to her about this film. we were in the wood doing this interview. i had bugs flying in my face. i canned her about, you know, car thinking 45-pound pack around and how that was for her and this is what she had to say. >> chill straight was on the set every day and said that pack looks light and come over and pack it full of more things if it looked too light. >> on the scene when you first put the pack on, it is incredible. we see you you struggling to get it on. how many takes. >> that is interesting because that is how jean mark works he
8:19 am
didn't want me to see any of the props. i walk in the hotel room set. everything was laid out. he said okay i want you to car that i bag. he said i want to you figure it out while we film you do it. you are seeing me struggle and figure me it out. >> so the movie opens up to day. i gave it four out of five. wider release opening this week in theatersy can't believe you survived five days in paris with jennaphr fredrick. >> yes, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life, mike. i'm a big jen fred fan. we were there for the movie exodus gods and kings. we were there from friday through sunday. we were talking about some pictures here that we have them where we were in front of the eiffel tour. we climb up a fence to go. here's one of the greatest people ever. we interviewed cast of exodus god and kings. her interest loose will be running on your hoe in the next coming weeks when the
8:20 am
movie opens up next friday. i have to mention this. i go there, when i go to paris, i think of pulp fiction. i have only been there twice in my entire life. i wanted to go to a mcdonald's and get a royale with cheese. because remember this clip from pulp fiction. >> let's watch. >> do you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese, in paris. >> what do they call it good they call it a royale with cheese. >> royale with cheese. >> do you have a royale. >> i went to mcdonald's, i had had to go to a second one because they were sold out at one. fans were all over paris that day apparently. i find the royale with cheese. i ate it while waiting in line for eiffel tower. that was my biggest thing i wanted to do on the trip. >> can you stand up. >> we want to see the full suit here. >> yes. >> my gosh. >> look at the the pants. >> look at that. >> well, hold on now. >> look back now.
8:21 am
>> isn't this awesome. it looks great, right. >> yes. >> it is a talker. >> we will have an ugly suit off. >> you tell me would you not give me your number. >> i would be all over you. >> of course. >> give me those dishes. >> have a great weekend, kevin. >> yes. >> all right. okay. having kids more expensive then ever. another list has come out. before you decide to get pregnant do you know how much it cost to get a kid to 18 years of age? there are new numbers. >> parents are spending more on child care then they are on college. >> oh, yeah.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
so we found the the web site where kevin was talking about, >> found the exact suit,. >> yes. >> get one by next friday. >> this next story won't come as any surprise to you, how much it cost to raise a kid. >> study by child care aware found parents are paying more in child care each year then
8:25 am
in college tuition. >> dang. >> parents in new york pay 16 percent of their combined yearly income on child care, pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware parents reportedly pay between ten to 12 percent of their income. the study's authors say average cost of raising a child from birth all the way to graduation is up to more than $245,000. >> quarter of a million-dollar to raise a kid. >> y'all better get ready. >> yes. >> that is why jackies here. >> he better not call me for money. >> she's the voice. >> plug your ears. >> let it go. >> i mean i don't blame her for this song, that is just repeated over and over. >> no. >> she has got some coin. >> she's edina manziel. >> will there be a sequel to this famous flick. >> good god no. >> all right. >> edina that is a good get for us.
8:26 am
she's a big star. >> do you know who else is a big get. >> jen fred. >> in the christmas village. >> yes. >> for many families it is not christmas without a visit here to the lovely, dickens village inside macy's. we will tell you when to come here, times you might want to avoid but how amazing is it.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
would you look at that all that snow in the poconos, manmade, and natural earliest start to the season for blue money taun for almost 40 years. thank all that cold weather in november for. that guess what hitting the sleeps this weekend you will be dealing with the rain. tomorrow does not look like a good ski day. sunday looks better. today is six on a scale of one to ten.
8:30 am
not bad in the poconos at least during the day. it stays dry but rain moves in later on. buddy has umbrella in hand closed though. he doesn't need it right now he might later on today. he needs mittens out there, it is very chilly. 37 degrees at the airport right now that camera shaking, breeze from the northeast making it feel cooler. your fox cast, 46 degrees is the high, mainly overcast. in the evening we will see showers moving in. you can get a sprinkle or two out ahead of that but otherwise rain tonight, mainly north of philadelphia 42 degrees is the low temperature. we will be warmer tonight and with that warmer air, we should get in the 50's on saturday but bringing a good soaking rain, we will clear out and show that ahead in the seven day forecast. 8:30 on the dot. here's bob kelly. >> good morning. tgif. live look at an accident on route 309 northbound right here near the pennsylvania turnpike, interchange. it looks like everybody pulled off on the shoulder here
8:31 am
waiting for police to arrive. we will go to the next cameras, it shows i-95, rough go for the gang leaving northeast philadelphia we have morning volume, we have disable tractor trail their was sitting in that construction zone and one of the lanes well over a half an hour. we are bumper to bum per from academy road on down in towards cottman avenue. then once you make it through cottman avenue it picks up, slows again, put it all together and we have a 40 minute trip out of northeast philadelphia, into downtown for this evening. otherwise not bad on 202 this morning, rolling up to west chester. normal delays on 422, coming out of the collegeville. for the gang in south jersey, 295 south jammed up from wood crest down to the 42 freeway with an accident. gas main break as a result of a construction crew here in when bensalem on bristol pike route 13 right at haines road. updating mass transit, septa a still running with delays on the manayunk, paoli lines but back to normal on the 101 and 102. alex, back to you.
8:32 am
you know i'm learning about christmas traditions here in philadelphia but here's one for philadelphia families. a stop in the center city macy's store. lets get to jen, she's there now live telling bus the dickens village. >> yeah, alex, you have to bring your parents here. good morning to you. >> good morning, welcome. >> so first of all i think a lot of people don't know change it up every year. generally the same but you add touches here and there. >> we do, we have a grade parade studio and parade studio tried to keep it fresh but more importantly exciting for those families that come as a tradition on a annual basis. as we walk through we want to you look for those special touches added year after year in order to make it exciting. >> i shared with you last year i came a waited in line. it was as magical as it could have been but you have advice on from sometimes you you want to focus in on. >> we absolutely do. obviously earlier the better,.
8:33 am
>> earlier the better. early morgue is good, when our lights hoe is going on, we usually will have about 500 to a thousand people waiting at a times. coming up during that time window is a great opportunity for everyone. >> you said sometimes schools come and you love that and you like to be prepared when they are coming. >> we think it is so important to honor the schools but tolls respect their time lines so we encourage them to call and make sure that we have the time ready for them. >> yes good so we can have a full body experience. reading is are important to macy's. as you walk through dickens you will notice we have reading and writing of the books as people get through. so they can get the full experience. >> i shared with my step mom fridays england. she just lost her mind when she saw this. you have this. obviously the light show. >> it is amazing good light show has over 38,000led lights. it was assemble by our parade studio. when we took on the building. you can only imagine how
8:34 am
bright and cheerful. it is narrated by julie andrews. we are exited to bring that to the city. >> build a bear you have add that had there. >> we added bill a bear this year to add some excitement as part of the dickens village experience and it has been a wonderful partnership with build a bear. we have obviously the great organ and the organ having 28,000 pipes we wonder where they are behind these walls but we have the great organ and peter canty to help us out there and he dozen the light show every single light show presentation as well, he plays 5:30 and at 12:30 every day. >> thank you for having us here. >> so excited to have you. >> welcome to magic of macy's. >> thanks very much. >> we are not done yet. we have feature gifts. you will see light show and organ at 9:30. >> absolutely. >> i love the organ at macy's. >> happy holidays. >> thanks, jen. >> there is an ak for a
8:35 am
british grocery store getting some attention this morning. we will show you why. >> sweater jumpers, the dad all in their ugly christmas sweaters just right and sugar plum fairy. this years ugly suit, christmas suit. >> hundred dollars suit good which we will be donning next week. >> major milestone at a birth center in bryn mawr, look at this baby, the 10,000 baby born at this birth center, the
8:36 am
oldest birth center in america, you want to meet that baby. >> yes i do. >> you will after the break. >> and this picture is one of the most liked instagrams of the year. it is in the top three but it is not number one, one photo millions of us were double tapping the most. >> that is selena and the tool beiber. >> yes. beiber. >> yesa remote that lives on your phone.
8:37 am
more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities
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for more people every day. comcast nbcuniversal. bringing media and technology together for you. skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!!
8:39 am
it is 8:39. president obama is set to announce his pick to be the next secretary of defense. it is former pentagon official, aston kutcher. no, ashton carter. chris wallace, ashton carter is from our area, went to abington high school. >> difficult not know that. >> you see, you have learned already. went to abington high school. studied at oxford.
8:40 am
he was a physics major. but a lot of people around here very proud of this guy. >> yes. >> he is certainly brilliant. road scholar. you say what does that have to do were being the secretary of defense? he was the chief executive of the secretary of defense under leon paneta a, highly respected in capitol hill where they cannot agree where today is friday. generally thought his many in nation will sail through. having said that as we have seen with hagel's firing, the the current secretary of defense, pretty hard to be the second of defense under this president who has real doubts about u.s. military action and role of the u.s. military. >> would you consider him a dove or a hawk. >> i would consider him up to this point a bureaucratic. i don't mean that in a negative way but somebody who makes trains run on time which is important in one of the biggest agencies in the federal government. it is interesting because he was, you know, he was there as somebody who was very involve
8:41 am
with the budgets and trying to shrink size of the military. now he will be the secretary as we launch, gear up, in our fight against isis. so it is a different role to play and it is interesting to see if he can help pentagon lead the charge against islamic terrorist. >> republicans say because of this executive order on immigration we will not confirm anybody. does he get confirmed. absolutely. look, i mean you cannot shut down the government and, you know, it is interesting and i canned ted cruz this a couple weeks ago saying let's not confirm anybody. one of the people he he doesn't want to confirm is replacement for eric holder. i said so what are you saying would you like eric holder who the hardliners really don't like and i say you want to keep him in office and not get his replacement? he kind of, he didn't answer the question. >> good point. >> i will tell you this i got to be watching on sunday because you have rush limbaugh
8:42 am
on. you have so many meaty topics to discuss, we will be watching sunday chris. >> real quickly we will talk about funding of the government. we will talk about obviously the fury over the decision not to indict this police officer in new york. you can agree or disagree but i cannot think of anybody more interesting to talk to then rush limbaugh live, exclusive sunday morning. >> even glenn beck very conservative guy was somewhat shock by that decision by the grand jury in new york. chris, we will see you sunday. >> thanks, mike. >> 8:42. it is a huge morning in the music world, grammy many in nations are about to be announced, beyonce, you know it, they have been announced, and beyonce is on the list she got nomination so did ariana grande here december 10th in well a reason why a lot of people come from
8:43 am
8:44 am
philadelphia to atlantic city is because it's so close, it's like a quick getaway. the ocean is a big draw. you can come and get some exercise, get some ice cream. love to come to the casinos, get some good food, put your feet in the water, and of course fishing. i love to fish off the pier. i'm a great fisherman. flounder, sea bass, striped bass, you name it, i'll eat it.
8:45 am
and you can, like i say, be home within an hour. done it many times. we have some nominations already. >> who do you have. >> nominees for record have the year are taylor swift, shake it off, iggy azalea for
8:46 am
fancy, sam smith for stay with me, cya for the the song chandelier and megan trainer for all about that base. >> that chandelier girl where she was dressed up as she's naked. it is such an inappropriate video. >> i will go look it up. >> maybe i will do a dance to it. >> grande was nominated for best pop vocal album with miley cyrus. queen b had a nomination. beyonce was nominated for best urban contemporary album. these nominations are coming down all day so we will keep you updated throughout the show. >> next wednesday night, i think i will go to this even though i'm in the a kid, couple of those nominees will be in philadelphia next wednesday night. >> that is right. >> for what is it called. >> jingle ball. >> q102. >> yes. >> iggy. >> sam smith will be there. >> iggy azalea.
8:47 am
>> jesse j. >> it will be a whole bunch of people. >> bang, bang there goes my heart. >> 8:47. >> bill cosby is firing back at woman who claims he sexually assaulted her at playboy mansion in 1974. >> this story goes on and a on, hi dax holt of, tmz fame, look at that t-shirt, what is going on there. >> i have lettering on it. it looks weird. >> i thought it was like jewels or something. >> but they are saying they might press charges or something with this. >> here's the deal. this was the the woman, judy huth, 56 now, she said back in 1974 bill cosby sexually assaultedded her at playboy mansion when she was 15 years old and she claims that it was a whole drinking game that led them to them going to the playboy mansion. he has fired back, very upset about this. he says this woman actually
8:48 am
sent her lawyer to marty singer, who is bill cosby's lawyer about a month ago and tried to ex-extort them out of a hundred thousand dollars. then, once more people were coming forward they upped that number to $250,000 to keep their silence. and so they are saying, you know, you are trying to extort money out of us. on top of that he started to layout all these things that put holes in her story ten years ago that she tried to take a story to the tabloids but none of them were biting. she said this repressed memory that you supposedly just now remember that ace lie because you remember ten years ago and tried to sell this story. >> interesting. >> on top of it the drinking game as a life long non-drinker that doesn't make aniens were bill cosby would be playing a drinking game. they are trying to get this whole lawsuit thrown out good we are following it closely because bill is from philadelphia and still has a home here.
8:49 am
he had to resign as board of trustees at temple university and u.s. navy a has taken a title with him. lets get to this other story. miley cyrus has been dating arnold schwartsenager's son. >> yes. >> she has been very conservative dressing. >> until recently. >> how about the outfit she haddon other night, just wearing pasties out in public. >> that went downhill. >> she was at art basil in miami and she comes walking up with this performance and she's wearing pasties like disco ball, and glitter silver wig and he is trailing behind her but not only that we have photos of them out and on their balcony and they are just smoking some interesting items. >> yes. >> listen, i was than the there to smell it so i'm in the sure good for some reason we blurred it, it must be a blunt. >> it looks to be his and her blunts on the balcony. >> isn't that sweep the couple
8:50 am
that smokes together. the kennedy's are now calling a family meeting. >> yes. >> what is patrick doing. >> of course, kennedy's dad really disappointed with his son's behavior. >> absolutely not. >> have a good one. >> ten minutes before 9:00 o'clock. kids for george clooney. >> does george clooney want children. >> apparently. >> i know his new bride wants children, is this something you should discuss before you children, is this something you should discuss before you get married. ♪ ah, push it. children, is this something you should discuss before you get married. ♪
8:51 am
♪ push it. ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ oooh baby baby. if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. i'm pushing. i'm pushing it real good!
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let's get a final check of weather and traffic before we leave you this morning, outside, cloudy, chilly, we have showers on the way and even a little bit of snow in central pennsylvania. that is where it is cold enough for it. in the mountains we are seeing snow and sleet mixing in,
8:54 am
otherwise, it will be just some showers moving in the philadelphia area, but not until later today, most of the day, it is all right. temperatures 26 in the poconos, 30 in allentown, and 32 in pottstown. we will have enough time for temperatures to rise above freezing before wet weather comes in, which is key to making it up before tomorrow too unfortunately. thirty-nine in dover. lets check that eagles game forecast, kick off, 42 degrees but with the gusty north wind, over 30 miles an hour at times, not only is it going to feel like low 30's, it could a fix kicking game too but sunshine by sunday. forty-six with the late rain today, 55 is all for tomorrow but heavy rain at times, especially in the afternoon and at night. clearing out for sunday we have a break there on monday before we turn our eye to the next chance of rain and mix of some snow, that is tuesday, and wednesday, and that is it for friday forecast within last check here with been kelly. >> good morning, tgif right
8:55 am
before 9:00 live look roads of dry at 202 and route one, no problems or delays at all. friday mornings are lighter than the other four workdays and an accident out bound on the northeast extension between lansdale and mid county, just south of that lansdale interchange and also going for a fly here north on 295 a crash right here near wood crest station again, on the north bound side causing a backup down there toward 42. we have had a couple issues on i-95. southbound heavy from cottman avenue real tight around betsy ross bridge and that delays continues into downtown philly. we have a disable tractor trail their got out of there. slow go on 422 out of collegeville, 202 low coming up from west chester and mass transit 15 minute delays on the paoli and lansdale line, alex, back over to you. well, getting over a break up can be tough we know how it is, how long does it take for your broken heart to mend a lot shorter then you think.
8:56 am
why this new research may surprise you.
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8:59 am
look at that. >> taking a look at the bus stop. who is that? >> well, i know that is, and get the kids around the tv there. >> is that elf on the sidewalk. >> at the bus stop. >> we have a christmas elf. >> is the kids keeping an eye over you. >> checking in on mike jerrick good somebody needs to check on him. >> well, that was fun. >> good day, it is friday, december 5th, 2014.
9:00 am
we're listening to taylor swift there. she has got grammy nomination ladies and gentlemen. >> good morning, guys. >> what up ladies and gentlemen. all right. i can never figure this out every year. how much do you tip, certain people, you know, for the holidays. holiday tipping, it is always a head scratcher. there are new rules out there. what do you give baby-sitter, hair stylist, doorman, the letter carrier in your neighborhood. we have new guidelines to help you through the holidays. >> plus we all know getting over a break up can be tough but how you long does it take for your broken heart to mend. it turns out it is shorter then you think why this new research may surprise you. >> listen to this. >> ♪ don't let them know >> it is, the real, elsa, the voice of elsa, edina manziel on good day this morning. we will ask her all of the question because


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