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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 16, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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pennsburg where the body was found but let's begin with dawn timmeney live in eagleville where authorities just wrapped up a news conference. dawn? >> reporter: iain, good evening. the district attorney revealing some disturbing details about how she says bradley stone methodically killed four generations of one family over a 90 minute period starting early yesterday morning. the victims either suffering gunshot wounds or being slashed to death or both. but definitely a very gruesome and revealing news conference. >> certainly when you look at the three different locations, the number of people killed, clearly we are looking at a premeditated killing. a planned killing and inn tin angst al deliberate killing. >> reporter: the da holding a new conference late this afternoon. announcing that the manhunt for 35-year-old bradley stone was over. that stone had been found dead of self inflicted cutting wounds, a half mile from his pennsburg home. the da detailing the grizzly
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details of how stone killed his ex-wife nicole hill at her harleysville townhouse and five other family members who live nearby. the lone survivor a 17-year-old nephew. fighting for his live tonight. >> from the injuries that anthony suffered, they were significant cutting injuries. and so it certainly appears to us that they were defensive in nature and that he was fighting off his attacker report roar da not speculating on a motive but says a bitter custody battle between his ex-wife nicole cole over their two young girls may have set him off. >> there's no excuse. there's no valid explanation. there's no justification for snuffing out these six innocent lives and injuring another child. this is just a horrific tragedy that our community has had to endure. >> reporter: now stone' twos young girls according to neighbors are ages five and eight years old. police tell us that stone had snatched those two young girls after killing his ex-wife but he then releas released them unhard
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we're told they are safe and sound tonight. they are in protective custody. the souderton telford rotary is starting a fund for these two girls. it's just 10 days before christmas to try to somehow ensure that they may be have possibly some glimmer of hope this christmas. the 17-year-old nephew we're told is in a philadelphia hospital in very critical condition. everyone hoping and praying that he will be able to recover from these horrific injuries. lucy and iain. >> all so tragic. all right, dawn. win this past hour the medical examiner's office has removed bradley stone's body from the woods near his pennsburg home. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at that scene for us right now. dave? >> reporter: iain, medical examiner left here with bradley stone's body about a half an hour ago on west fourth street. the body was discovered about 200 yards we're told from his home here. this has been a tough 36 hours for the folks who live in this area and tonight they're glad this ordeal is over.
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>> it's really scary. >> reporter: as ashley and her son james went for a walk through pennsburg tuesday, heavily armed swat teams went door to door, street to street, and alley to alley. >> searching every dumpster, house, apartment and they don't know whether he killed himself or. no it's just scary we don't really know anything. >> reporter: just after 2:00 o'clock police located the body in wooded area. neighbors were relieved. >> i'm glad it's over. it's a shame that it had to end the way it did. >> reporter: police say the 35-year-old ex marine killed his ex-wife nicole and five of her family members in a 90 minute early morning wave of violence across three montgomery county towns on monday. >> we know these particular attacks were targeted towards individuals close with him. >> reporter: senior old anthony flick who was wounded in one of the attack social security in serious but stable condition. all other family members were under guard during this search. >> they are secure and they are safe.
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>> nothing happened while we were over seas. >> we spoke by phone with a former marine who served in iraq with stone. he didn't want to be identified but says stone left iraq after 90 days to head home. >> even though there was no combat on this tour, he was talking about how there was combat stress and stuff like that and like really? there's nothing even going on. >> reporter: stone who had definitely dui arrests was also a member at a lansdale american legion hall much his picture is still on the wall there. >> i was totally shocked to hear that. didn't seem like the person -- the type of person to do something like that. >> reporter: now the district attorney did confirm that a knife was found near stone's body. again, located about 200 yards from his home. an autopsy will be performed on his body overnight. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. of course this is a complicated story with plenty of twists and turns. so to recap, the killing spree started early monday morning. police say around 3:30.
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bradley stone killed his ex sister-in-law, her husband and teen daughter. he seriously hurt a teenaged boy. an hour later they believe he killed his ex mother-in-law and her mom. finally just before 5:00 they say he killed his ex-wife and this afternoon he was found dead near his pennsburg home. we'll of course continue to follow this breaking story on our website just head to we'll post the latest information for you there on the home page along with pictures of the sump search. >> we are tracking rain in your fox 29 weather authority. you can see the trouble making system right there on our ultimate doppler radar. but today it hasn't been all that bad. temperatures pretty nice. a little warmer than normal. meteorologist caitlin roth what do you have on tap? not too bad is right, lucy. we saw some showers, but certainly not a washout most of the day was just mild and kind of gray although there were a few peeks of sunshine earlier today. ultimate doppler showing some pretty widely scattered showers around the philadelphia area. here's some steadier rain moving from central montgomery county into buck county. and then a little bit more as you head further south of philadelphia from washington
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township down through pitts grove towards bridgeton and millville, new jersey. you guys are seeing light rain, too. we had steady rain down the shore but that is starting to clear off as well. temperatures right now around 50 degrees in philadelphia. mid to upper 40s elsewhere. fox future cast shows those scattered showers around through the bulk of the evening but then by 11:00 o'clock this should be the last of it it moves offshore. it will still be cloudy maybe kind of foggy overnight tonight. but by early wednesday morning it look like we're okay. we should start to see some more sunshine. happy hanukkah to those celebrating it begins tonight. showers around. temperature in the fours. we'll see improving weather through the rest of the week ahead in your seven day foreca forecast. >> keep tracking the weather on click the weather tab at the top of the home page for live radar images and your latest forecast. a former police officer now stands charged in the death of his ex-girlfriend. tonight he also faces charges for injuring her daughter in a shooting. police believe steven razz could you ski was angry at his ex-girlfriend after she served
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him with protection from abuse papers yesterday. da says he went to valerie morrow's home on the 600 block of glenn field avenue, shot and killed her. and shot her 15-year-old daughter in the arm. now morrow ended the relationship last summer. her husband a part-time lorton police officer shot the gunman. he now faces first degree murder charges. >> we did believe when you go in to a facility armed the way you were with a bullet proof vest, with a gun, with a police radio that he had an alternates motive other than killing the family and he would have killed anyone who chase in proximity if he had the opportunity including police officers responding to the sce scene. >> morrow's 15-year-old daughter is expected to be released from the hospital. doctors treated her husband for his injuries released him. razz could you ski is in critical but stable condition. >> bill cosby will not be charged in a decades old molestation claim the los angeles prosecutor announc annog today the charges will not be
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brought against cosby. cosby of course come under fire in the past few weeks from more than a dozen women who accused of him of sexually assaulting them over the past 40 years. cosby has mostly stayed quiet about the accusations. >> police in camden trying to find a missing 16-year-old tonight. cops say tamya johnson stewart has not been seen since last night. she went missing from the 1100 block of lake shore drive. police say she was last seen wearing a light blue freedom charter school uniform shirt. gray pants, black jacket and black boots. police say she's been reported missing two times in the past. >> a judge is ordered three suspects at the center of an attack and gay couple in center city held for trial. 24-year-old philip williams. 24-year-old catherine knot and 26-year-old kevin harrigan face charges of aggravated assault and conspiracy. now that attack happened in september at 16th and chancellor streets in center city philadelphia. the victims say the three shouted gay slurs before attacking them. defense lawyers and sift that
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both sides played a roll and that sexual orientation was not an issue. catherine knot is the daughter of a suburban police chief. two more area state representatives will face corruption charges growing out of a probe being run by the philly da. jeff cole tells us this is the third public official to be charged in this case and he joins us tonight from the newsroom. jeff. >> reporter: iain this is the corruption case which almost died untimely death the sitting attorney general passed on it. arguing it was possibly racially tainted. but charged with corruption tonight state representative ron waters and vanessa lowry brown both of the philadelphia area. wee relying on audio and video taped recorded by a confidential informant city diss da seth williams took the case to a grand jury and got the charges. they're alleged to have taken cash for favors. williams said they admitted it. >> both officials personally appeared before our grand jury, and fully, i repeat, fully
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admitted that they knowingly took illegal cash payments. >> reporter: now ex traffic court tomasine tynes already charged in this case is expected to plead guilty wednesday. attorney general kane some will argue this is a black eye for her. in a statement says she supports the efforts of all das to get equal justice unthe law in the newsroom, i'm jeff cole. back to you. >> jeff, thank you. it will be a happier holiday for several pennsylvania families. >> yes, it will. a man calling himself santa walked into a wal*mart, did something amazing. we'll explain. and it may sound like a hollywood movie spot but this is real life incredible video as the coast guard rescues a man from a desert island. howard? >> the eagles play the washington redskins that's saturday in a game they absolutely need to win. hear from the quarterback who has to get better and new information on eagles quarterback nick foles injury. that's coming up in sports. >> and coming up in weather we'll talk about this rain that
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is expected to clear out. here it is, big storm system cycling in some showers. not bringing big impacts into the weekend we may have some more impacts in the form of wintry weather. we'll have your seven day forecast straight ahead.
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>> police found the murder of murder suspect bradley stonily investigators say he died from what they're calling self up flicked cutting wounds. they found his body early this morning in the woods near his pennsburg home. police say stone went on just a horrific killing spree across montgomery county yesterday. they say he murdered his ex-wife and five of her family members. 17-year-old nephew is also critically hurt. listen to this. u.s. coast gauderies could you say a man stranded on a desert island. look at the guy. 39-year-old larry sutter field rescued monday night after spending six days on the bahamas
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island. sutter field told the crew he was stranded after his bingo was disabled and drifted for several days to the island coast guard aircraft conducting a routine patrol spotted a fire and a man waving his arms. sutter field is okay with no major injuries or medical issu issues. >> that is amazing. astounding. >> so santa comes early for people shopping at a central pennsylvania wal*mart. a guy comes forward and pays off 50,000 bucks worth every lay away items. joyce evans is here now with the heart warming story. joyce. >> heart worming indeed. talk about the holiday spirit. this is proof that human kindness is on display at any time anywhere. this mysterious man dashed in and out meeting the payoff deadline that many families probably couldn't. brittany kooiman had most of their children's christmas on lay away. she had $280 left to pay. >> we were scraping together the last few minutes to pay for it. we were actually going to have to return a couple things.
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>> just before noon a man walked into the wal*mart and said he wanted to pay all of the remaining balances. >> we figured out we had roughly 100 lay away balances left. >> got up to the register and she actually handed me $20. because the price adjustment on stuff i paid for. >> the man wrote a check for $50,000. >> wow! >> like, you know, we look at these lay aways. you hear about it. this is so generous. unbelievable. that somebody would do that. >> it was unexpected. it was really nice. >> thank you! >> from tv's to of kind of toy this anonymous stan made christmas even brighter for many kids. >> transformer. do you think you'll get it? >> yeah. i think so. >> like the real santa, this guy is keeping out of site. while they may never meet him in person, those he helped know what they want to say. >> just thank you so much. it's a miracle for not just us but for so many people and
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there's nothing else i could ask for for christmas. >> guess what? this really generous anonymous person told wal*mart managers that he only wanted to be known as santa b. no publicity, please. >> joyce, amazing. >> can you believe that. >> i love it. the one woman that actually got money back. >> she got money back. >> needed to have something on lay iowa. >> that's right. >> that is a great story, though. this type of year it just warms your heart when so many things can go wrong. >> thanks for bringing that. >> sure. >> plenty of toys on hand for some children in philadelphia. today the salvation army handed out toys at its roxborough locate. here's how it work. santa's helpers were there. the big guy is is very busy in the north pole. they assisted parents picking out stockings and just the right gifts for their children. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. it was mild out l even though we got a little rain. >> i loved it. >> i did, too. i was looking at the calendar saying are we real until mid december.
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>> keep it on, caitlin. >> it will feel more like december by the time we get to christmas. i think that cold air coming along with santa's sleigh as we get towards the ted are, 24th, 25th we are looking at that to be the time frame for the return of some polar air. buttis the season north pole coming down south we'll watch for that. right now though a storm system just spinning some showers in. it has been very mild. we've been seeing just rain. a lot of these rain showers not too heavy. heavier stuff already moved offshore right now just got very widely scattered rain showers. everything very light but we'll have the showers basically through the rest of this evening. so still needing those wipers until 10, 11:00 o'clock. 53 in philadelphia. 44 is the normal. we were above normal. this and mild, even kind of humid out there earlier today with the clouds, the fog and the showers. 68 the record high set back in 1971. right now we're mainly in the 40s. 45 pottstown. 46 wilmington and 49 in millvilleville new jersey. the cold air at leave in the continental us locked up into the northern plains and the teens for international falls.
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20 twin cities. 20 in desmoines. 36 in chicago feeling more wintry there. widespread 50'ss for the mid atlantic basically from pittsburgh down to norfolk, virginia, roanoke and charlotte at 57 degrees. fox future cast showing these showers around through the rest of this evening. very light rain on and off but kind of drizzly and damp through at least the overnight hours. by 7am tomorrow morning, probably starting out with some clouds on the drive in maybe a little bit of fog other than that, we should see the clouds thin out more sunshine expected tomorrow. and this will set up the stage for a string of some pretty nice and sunny days which we do deserve. we got a little bit of sunshine yesterday but we've hard pressed to see much over the past couple of weeks. by 5:00 o'clock thursday you can see closing out another nice day. scattered showers this evening 41 in the city. 35 in the suburbs. it is just rain. at least not dealing with snowflakes yet. 50 degrees the high temperature still nice and mild tomorrow. probably a mick of sun and clouds. it will be breezy though gusts to 25 miles an hour at times. 50 tomorrow and back into the mid 40s pretty seasonal as we head into the weekend after a string of some really nice days.
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saturday itself looks good. 44 degrees and sunshine. watching the chance for what looks like a mixed bag now on sunday. also looks to be fairly light it had seemed maybe there would be an east coast storm and it look like still be a storm but more taking out to sea route so that we should just see some rain and snow showers. with that being said it won't ab nice day but it doesn't look like it will be anything too heavy at least right now. we clear out as we head into next week. very important travel days monday and tuesday. >> yeah. exactly. we'll flirt with 50 tuesday. >> tomorrow still looks great. >> all right. thank you. >> i'd like to flirt with success when it comes to the eagles. come on, howard let's do this. >> can you play quarterback? >> no. >> you got mark -- no, you've got johnny free fall. >> johnny manziel reference. >> i know. that was quite a debut. >> eagles need a win. she loves manziel. >> i never said that. mark sanchez has to play better. he responds to his poor play and update on nick foles and trent cole injuries and what would
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eagles redskins game be without in desean jackson trash talk and eagles redskins game be without in desean jackson trash talk and lesean mccoy takes a
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♪ >> the eagles know they need help from other teams to make the playoffs but they know they need to win on saturday against washington before anything else can happen. and for those that were hoping for nick foles before the end of
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at least the regular season, forget it. i was told nick foles is only 70% healed and not close to being ready from that broken collarbone. as far as trent cole and his broken hand, i hear he will have surgery but he still may play on saturday. so the quarterback that needs to get it done is mark sanchez. not good games the last two weeks. quarterback get too much credit when they win and a ton of blame when they lose. >> it comes with the territory. i mean that's just part of the deal when you sign up for this position, and, you know, if you can't handle it, then don't pl play. go do something else but i love it. win, lose are draw. >> desean jackson stirring things up again according to jackson other than jeremy maclin the eagles don't have any good wide receivers. but jackson's coach took a shot at d jack today. >> what have you done for mow lately and lately we haven't seen desean we need to see so hopefully this motivation
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playing philadelphia and hopefully he's more healthy. i think that has a lot to do with it. >> desean is about desean. redskins head coach gruden says jackson has not given him everything he has. today eagles wide receiver jeremy maclin was also asked about jackson's comments but took the high road. >> we're teammates. we're cool. like i said i don't really, um, know what, you know, people think that that was any type of bad blood or anything. just both competitive guys and both guys capable of being talented guys in this league. >> today another eagle chimed in that would be lesean mccoy on instagram. take listen to this. >> mr. jack i knew five years ago. come on, jackpot. throw me the ball. mccoy, i'm open. >> nicely done. (laughter). >> throw me the ball. (laughter). >> fantastic that.
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does it us for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you at 10:00 if i can stop laughing. >> that was fantastic
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the shocking threat to show up-blow up a movie theater showing the interview. >> this is a threat that we have to take seriously. >> new bill cosby allegation. what kathie lee gifford said he did to her. >> he did try to kiss me. i said no. >> then, tracy morgan outrage. can you believe a popular web site said he is faking it. and i have chickenpox. >> she missed her big premier. >> >> i can't believe it. >> look who took her place. >> then, tv breakdown. family is suffering this morning. >> the news anchor who lost it when she found out who was killed during the terror


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