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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 18, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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coming up on 7:00. >> how am i supposed to follow that? >> i don't know. >> well, i can just gave you a seven. maybe it is a lucky seven for you. we have sunshine in store eventually today. still waiting for sunrise, at least the shortest days of the year, much colder today, though. you will notice it the minute you walk out the door, gusty breezes, make it colder than the actual temperature, 10 degrees colder than yesterday. so, 30's, feel like the 20's, and we've got bus stop buddy back in the winter coat, winter hat today. we have nothing to show in you precipitation on ultimate doppler radar there. satellite picture has few clouds, and there you see the clouds, in advance of our seven/17 sunrise time. 35 degrees, right now, but it feels like 27 out there. thanks to the wind. the foxcast for today, a high of 43. mix of sun, clouds, breezes making it feel like it is in the 30's today.
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in the two's in the suburbs tonight, so even colder night tonight in store. we will tell you what's up for the weekend, and counting down to christmas, week from today. all in the seven day forecast. bob? >> hey, sue, morning, everybody, 7:01, good thursday morning, looking live at the ben franklin bridge coming into downtown, starting to see volume pop here, rush hour starts to build, up and over the benny in through center city philadelphia. same deal 95 southbound, out of northeast philly, heavy from approaching cottman, in to girard, time to make the donuts on the morning rush hour. and a dent on the pennsylvania turnpike, it is westbound, right at the mid-county interchange, look at the censors changing to red instantly where jammo from ft. washington headed west in toward that mid-county interchange. then ya a crash in willow grove there is along route 611 at summit avenue. police are on the scene there. crash out in hatfield, cow path road and/or villa road. then new traffic pattern so heads up if you are headed south on 202 this morning. penndot worked on the
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overnight, and they moved the southbound lanes over to the right side of the roadway, onto that nowly constructed pavement as you head down toward the bypass, otherwise, if you are using mass transit, bundle up. it is cold throughout standing and waiting for trains, broad street subway looking good, and the no problems up and over the bridges. alex, mike, back over to you. >> thank you, 7:02. >> bensalem high school mourning the loss of student who was struck and killed at a crosswalk. >> boy, a lot of folks we were talking to yesterday afternoon say this accident scene known for being quite a dangerous intersection, and our lauren johnson is in bensalem. lauren? >> good morning to you, mike. yes, it will be tough day at school today here at bensalem. see student already arriving as well as buses and everyone trying to be extremely careful. district superintendant tells us there is never been a history of of crossing guards for high school student. now they will be considering this, and talking to police, and the move probably coming after anger and outrage erupted over the death every
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16 year old student. people who live in the area, not the first student don't lose their life trying to get to school. friends, family members, gathered for vigil last night to remember that young girl, people of course had heavy hearts over the tragedy, it happened early wednesday morning, police say she was simply trying to cross bensalem boulevard at bridgewater road to catch the bus. before she could make it across the street, she was hit and killed by another teen driver who police say ignored school bus safety rules. >> impossible for me to think that i'm not going to see her ever again. it is not fair. >> she grabbed me couple of weeks ago to keep from getting hit from a car, and wasn't even there for her today. >> i'm mad at the school district because they think that high schoolers don't need crossing guards. >> 63:00 in the morning, it is darkment and i under stands that they are high school kids, but still kids. they till need someone to look out for them. >> dis regard dollars the
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school bus activate lights, proceeded through the inch section, striking and dragging the child. >> i know she is looking done on us, telling us not to be mad at the driver, because he didn't do it on purpose. >> and that 18 year old driver has not been identified. he hasn't been charged either at this time. counselors, social workers and mental health teams are expected to be here on campus for the rest of the week, mike, alex, to help teachers and student of course deal with the tragedy. >> my god, 7:04, a man now charged with letting a unlicensed teen driver, again 15 year old, of an s.u.v., that crashed in the poconos last summer killing three teenagers. fifty-three year old michael wear faces several charges including endangering the welfare of children and involuntary manslaughter. three council rock high school sophomores died in that crash, officials say, a 15 year old girl was hine the wheel. she survived. >> and we do have new details this morning surrounding the death of the man investigators
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say murdered his ex-wife and five of her family members. >> an autopsy rules out the initial their that i bradley stone died from self inflicted stab wounds. more toxicology reports have to be done to determine the exact cause of death. but yesterday the montgomery county district attorney released more details about the environment stone's body was found in. a michetti, a axe, prescription pills, and energy drink bottle with white powder on it, were found at the scene. the d.a. says any of these could have contributed to stone's death, meanwhile, spokesperson for stone's family had this to say about the tragedy. >> this is not the brad that we know, and we are struggling to come to terms with what caused our son, husband and brother, to act in this manner. we are cooperating with the investigation in every way possible. we appreciate the support that we've received. and ask for your respect of our privacy during this extremely difficult time for the sake of the children. >> the other side of the story. >> that's for sure.
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stone axe toxicology report due back next week. >> massive penndot crick back scheme uncovered. ten people facing charges. here we go. they are accused of pocketing over $1 million from taxpayers. the conspiracy allegedly involves two former penndot managers, investigators say they took kickbacks from highway inspectors in exchange for turning a blind eye to inflated time sheets and mileage reports. the charges stem from a lengthy state-wide grand jury investigation. that is not over yet. >> in this case every door we open has led to at least two other, two, three other doors, and we are no where close to being done. >> and the investigation into this scheme began back in march of 2013. most of the defendants turned themselves in yesterday. and were arraigned in montgomery county. >> a new deal will reportedly keep the trump taj mahal in
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atlantic city open. according to the new york post, the man set to take over the casino has agreed nearly all of the demands of the union, both sides are expected to formalize a deal today. without an agreement, the taj mahal scheduled to close saturday. it would become the fifth atlantic city casino to close this year. >> certainly icahn is an icon. >> die-in protest in front of school district headquarters before tonight src meeting. protest similar to this one from earlier this month, after the eagles game. die already in protests staged across country to protest the killing of unarmed black men by police. all right, it is clock 07. on this thursday. >> in delaware, the governor will attends an event to mark patches of delaware's first national park. this is video of vice president joe biden visiting the site in new cast ill last year. >> i remember when that day that he was there. the 2016 presidential race is starting to take shape. you know jeb bush is casino of hinted he's going to be a
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candidate. >> hasment one of the names that keeps popping up new jersey governor chris christie. >> yep. >> and you know what the governor says he's going do for the holiday? >> what? >> discuss the very top wick his family limit co-finds himself going against someone he recently stomped for. pennsylvania governor tom corbett says he's also considering a 2016 presidential campaign. >> what? >> yes. >> corbett sits down in january after his unsuccessful re-election bid. >> and 7:08. police have man in custody this morning as a person of interest. after meteorologists at texas tv station was shot multiple times. the wako station says police are not saying whether the man in custody is the shooter. the station went into lockdown after the man shot the morning show meteorologist, as he walked through the parking lot. it took several hours of surgery but crawford in stable condition this morning. >> my goodness. >> boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar will show his face in court today for the first time in more than a year. the 21 year old will take part
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in a hearing, security in and around the courthouse expected to be tight. dzhokhar pleaded not guilty to caring out the bombings, if convicted, he faces the death penalty. his trial begins next month. 7:09. well, new york's governor, moves to ban fracking in his state. new york governor, and due cuomo, made the announcement yesterday, siting health corns, uncertain economic benefits, as the reason for this ban. the gas drilling boom, in the sale area, possible, possible by fracking, as you know. the rock formation runs through four states, including new york, of course pennsylvania, fracking has long been a controversial issue in many pennsylvania communities, especially, in the western part of the state. >> 7:09. wu know have more details when it comes to sony hack. investigators say they have enough evidence to connect north korea with cyber attack against sony pictures. >> so the feds are pink it on north korea formal announcement from the justice department is expected in a
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now hours. this comes as sony canceled its christmas day release of that film called the interview in light of the recent threats. executives at sony made the decision after five of the biggest theater chains in our country decided not to screen the movie because of the safety concerns. so, sony says it has no further plans it release this film. coming up at clock 30, how president obama is responding to what some people are calling a terrorist attack. >> yes, and this morning's the first full day where it is a new era in the u.s. cuban relations, with a bombshell announcement that came from the white house yesterday. >> it began as a prisoner swap, and ended up being so much more than that. i mean, look at these headlines. would you have an extra camera here? look at the headline. man, cuban crisis ended after 56 years. also, new york post, they go tike lighter side here, america smokes a cuban. get cuban cigars again, that's
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the lighter side of the deal. doug, good deal, bad deal, after 56 years? >> yes, look, it is the only reality that really most of us have known. >> yes. >> really have to be of a certain age to remember a time when cuba was a playgrounds at one point. yes, so, kind after surprising move, the fact that this happened so quickly, it was all part of a big deal. the white house argues that the release of alan gross was completely separate from this, which nobody buys into. people see this as big comprehensive package. it is going to mean a loft things. you have lot of business that is will be really anxious to deal with what they can to try to set up shop in cuba. it won't be so easy in the near term, because the embargo remains in placement congress has that. but around the edge we see the administration making a lot of changes here, opening up the possibility of stronger economic ties. >> how come we didn't know anything about this? the president didn't seem like he informed congress at all. >> he didn't.
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we know negotiations going on for some time to make the release, three cubans that we sent back to cuba. that's been real emotional issue, casino every under the radar here. but for cubans, that's been a big deal. those guys were send rated there, really kind of being martyrs of the cause. they're now home so yes, no idea this was happening, all the sudden heard alan gross being released, then all the sudden the president would make an announcement, not just about, that but new state of relations between the us and cuba. we will be looking here in washington, bill for cube, a also in havana. >> well, congress would have to okay the money to okay an em bass. >> i things could change. i mean, from january, it will be republican controlled? >> the white house argue they have the money they need to do this as far as building a embassy concerned. but remember, you still have to confirm an ambassador. that's going to be touch. >> that would be tough. doug, thanks a lot. is this a big issue in new
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jersey? new jersey state police hope that plans to normalize relations with cuba lead to the capture after woman they've been looking for for decades. woman convicted in the death after state trooper. her name joanne chestmark, convicted of murdering state trooper on the new jersey turnpike there is was all the way back in 1973. she later escaped from prison, granted asylum in cube, a where we think she still s several attempts to extradite her have failed in the past. see how that plays out. >> boston bombing suspect dzhokhar, in court today. >> just reminder this is the first time we'll see this guy in over two years, how will he look physically? and he still says that he pleads not guilty in the bombings. >> his trial begins next month. >> back here at home, local mummers brigade needs your help. >> the james car club on two street in south philadelphia says someone stole some of their costumes. according to the club's
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facebook page, a burglar broke in, and swiped their suit tuesday night. >> yes, but winch suits. >> the building damaged, as well, and the suits worth about $2,000. >> i had nothing to do with it >> this happens every now and then. we have to stop doing this. >> we have good news about the mummers, i guess, did you agree with the moves they made yesterday? adding second parade in the mix for 2015. >> ♪ >> so the second parade, on main street, in manayunk. we'll call it the manayunk mardi gras on sunday, february the 22nd. in addition to the new years day parade. the parade, coordinated from bob brady and the manayunk development corporation, will hopefully raise tens of thousands of dollars for the mummers association. by the way, the mum remembers
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going to be on our show today, somewhere around 45 minute from now or so. >> and i'm so excited for. >> this my first time meeting some of the mummer. >> is that right. >> never seen it before, sue. >> you need to learn thousand do the strut. >> okay. >> right, flew. >> exactly, back and forth, hands up. this sunday, aim going to be at the how many ers museum on two street. they are having an interesting event. it is a soup competition. >> really? >> that's just souper. >> sunday afternoon i'll be there. far from soupy outside today. no fog to report for a change. we still have that deck of clouds there, but the sunshine burning through. so countdown to christmas, one week from today. some of the weather issues we have on the way, rest of this week, looks pretty good, although so much colder, chillier temperatures, but will be dry anacine, over the weekends, this is improving. this coastal storm we've been telling but all week t looks like a light wintery mixon saturday night. and then, the sun comes back
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out sunday, looks like now just glancing blow from the coastal storm, so that's an improvement. next week, rain moves in, it looks like it could be wet, windy christmas eve. so let's look at it. oh, the train set under the christmas tree. >> it could be a rainy christmas eve for saint a so i have to make sure he has the waterproof santa suit on. but the daytime high will be 52 degrees looks like, that's the early call anyway. stay tuned. we'll probably see few changes, but nothing to show you on ultimate dopplerment talk about the wind, 10 miles out of the west in philadelphia right now, 17 miles an hour in wilmington, delaware, wind gusts in some places, 25 miles an hour in lancaster. and 22-mile per hour gust down there in wildwood this morning. so that makes it feel like it is in the 20's this morning even with the sunshine, it will be cold out, there have the extra layer on. temperature trends going up nicely over the past five days, we got to # 3 degrees,
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last two days. today we lose 10 degrees. and high of 43 today. sunny, chilly tomorrow. high in the lower 40's. that nighttime mix we talked about on saturday night, sun coming out on sunday, first day of winter, and then the rain rolls in on monday. chance of showers on tuesday. and even on wednesday of next week, which is indeed christmas eve, wouldn't you be surprised if we got even little thunderstorm? on wednesday? far from white christmas, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. thursday, starting to see some volume pop here. eastbound, 422, i always say you got to be passed it spot by about 6:45, otherwise, you hit the slow downs, as you head inbound, in toward king of prussia live look at the roosevelt boulevard. not bad coming out of northeast philadelphia headed south across the river in toward the schuylkill expressway. good morning curbside from the 42 freeway, working your way in toward the city. the headlights, passing our camera there at i-295.
7:18 am
now, we got crash in atco, new jersey this morning, along jackson road, right near cooper road. some local detours in play there. and a big accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, actually, not big crash, it is causing big delay. this is all westbound between willow grove, and mid-county as you approach mid-county that's where the crash scene comes into play. pretty much bumper to bumper willow grove over n willow grove itself an accident along route 611 and summit avenue. for the gang up in hatfield, crash at cow path road and r villa road. new traffic pattern for everyone headed south this morning on 202, look out penndot, working all night long, lionel richie on you there, as you heads southbound in towards the 30 bypass, riding on the new stretch of roadway. we've been looking for your pictures of holiday light. keep them coming. here's one we're popping up from the folks in blackwood, new jersey, take a look at this, this is nice. they went multi colors, and they got the neon, they got the white lights, the trees,
7:19 am
the whole 9 yards, thanks for sending it in from blackwood. before you leave the house, snap the picture when the front of your house or inside of your house. snap a picture of the tree and tweet it to us, make sure to use the hashtag fox 29 lights. we'll show your house on tv this morning. mike, alex, back over to you. >> 7:19 now. some early holiday cheer in south philadelphia. >> philadelphia fanatic was there hoping to usher in holidays with kids in south philly last night. santa was even there. but that's not all. philly's charity, thousand dollars checks to the police athletic center. had some sweets. >> boy, look at all of the philly figurines there, wow, nice job. what if i told you, you could watch as many movies at the theater as you want? a flat rate each month. would you do that? it is a subscription service
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that the these remembers testing. would you do that? >> and you have your one cup brewer for your morning coffee. how about a machine for your beer? how you can brew your next pint in your own home. how you can brew your next pint in your own home.
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>> a lot of people before this year loved to go to movies on christmas afternoon and evening, flight. >> apply god family, like a tradition. if you love going to the movies you'll love. >> this amc theatres trying to get more people in front of the big screen. >> because a lot of people just like to lay around in their underwear and watch films at home, right? testing kind of netflix style subscription, so you pay a monthly fee, $45, go back to the theater over and over again see as many movies is for the 45 bucks. lauren, do you think this will work? >> yes, i'm just snot sure how many people will sign up. great deal. could be as cheap as $35, as expensive as $45 a month. and essentially you can see
7:24 am
one move a day. >> it is limit today one a day. >> one mover a day. >> that's pretty good. >> yes, because you figure, it pace for itself after you go two, three times a month. but the question is who goes to the movies two, three times a month? >> i don't any more. >> who has the time? >> this is where this idea from amc movie theater, those two companies linking up, i think could be good. often times i want to see a movie, but don't really want to see it, movies so expensive. i said forget t i'll wait until i can get it on netflix. now you might have a lot of people specially young people saying, well, forget about netflix. we will do this for 35, 45 bucks, and go to the movies. >> you can just watch without getting up from the couch. >> true, i say they have to throw popcorn, peanut m and m's in with this subscription
7:25 am
service, testing it next year, in boston, and it denver, and if it goes well, we could see it nationwide. >> i just, well, i don't -- i'm not sure why i don't go to the theater any more. i would rather see a move nay theater, in about the seventh row. >> probably because it is pain in the butt? >> probably because we are cable builder tremendous, so why do you have to go to the movies when eventually you can see it in so many other formats? i used to go to the movies more, but if our family there is would be very expensive. >> yes. >> for one person, no big deal. >> at home, and it is just going there, and dealing with people, and people talking. >> welshing my parent love going to the movies but love to do matinee's, that way -- >> yes. >> it is cheaper but also not as many people. if you go early afternoon, might and way to do it, too. >> okay. >> oses car season, could be great. >> that's true.
7:26 am
>> and not to even -- plus we got to talk about the sony whole thing. lauren, thank you very much. >> okay. >> i don't know. should sony have caved in? it philadelphia many you probably won't ever see at least for long time, unless you get pirated copy, this movie called the interview. so sony not going release it at all. did they make the right decision? or did they cave in? >> if you're not done with your christmas gifts, mike, don't worry. jenn fred has your last minute gift ideas. >> thank god. >> mike, you're going to people's houses, showing up empty-handed, it is embarrassing. we'll help you out with these flowers. these two, need their own reality show, you will fall in love with these two. i just know it.
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>> sony pulled the plug on film called the interview. now, some are calling it a victory for the darn hackers, how one these is her fighting back, though, interesting take by this theater chain. >> latest film, have you seen it? everyone says it is hilarious,
7:30 am
we'll bring in chris rock him stove talk about it. >> did i just hear you right? chris rock is on our show if. >> he'll be on our show, un our hot light? high. >> in a way. >> high, good to see you. >> and hello to you, it is he can actually 7:30 this thursday morning. >> all right, sue. >> cute. in a way. >> in a way. >> casino of. >> all right, way, this is where i'll be sunday, third annual mummers museum, sue day, different mummers organizations will be making their favorite soups, it will be competition, i get to be one of the judges, looks like that we may see some sunshine coming out, by the time this is through, sunday, mummers museum, noon to 4:11:00 south two street, about 43 degrees, then bus stop buddy, he's going to be little cold at the bus stop. even with the sunshine, so put the shades and the warm coat and the mittens and the hat because temps in the 30's, feel like they're in the 20's, seven out every ten today. plenty of sunshine, but a lot
7:31 am
chillier than it was and the win makes it feel even colder. so to precipitation to show you satellite and radar. see the mix every sunday, clouds, there, sun trying to take over for the clouds, 35 degrees, cupped temperature, 35 feels like 27. we get to new high of 43, but windchills in the 30's with ten to 15-mile per hour breezes then tonight down to 30 degrees in the city. twenty's in the suburbs, stowe will be an even colder night tonight than it was last night which just passed. seven day forecast coming upment bob kelly, what you got? >> morning, everybody, on a thursday, looking live the schuylkill expressway, inbound, in toward philadelphia, starting to to go see slow downs headed in, curve check, conshohocken curve check in the back gown, back up from pretty much 476 in through the curve headed in toward downtown philly. rush hour underway, same deal here, along i59 southbound, stacked up from academy through cottman avenue.
7:32 am
down into the construction zone. and the ben franklin bridge, coming into philadelphia, starting to see some pog it of volume, as well, up and over the span in through downtown, at eighth and vine. accident, westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike right at the mid-county interchange, off to the shoulder, but we are bumper to bumper from way over here, willow grove, all the way into mid-county then another accident, at the onramp from philly bensalem to also head westbound, so, we're not behaving there, and then a crash out in limerick along the westbound side of 422, right at the limerick interchange, a crash in atco, new jersey, along jackson road, right near cooper road. otherwise, mass transit the buses trains and trolleys all looking good. mike, alex, back to you. >> you got it, 7:33. even though it is not quite there. federal investigators believe they have figured out who was behind that massive sony attack. >> threat against any theatres
7:33 am
that show the movie the interview, now it has been pulled altogether. to chris murphy in the news room, ties a lot of people. >> that's right. i think the rational until, better safe than sorry. justice department to that end expected to make formal announcement today that north korea is behind the hack. investigators have strong evidence pointing to north korea. now there is comes as sony canceled it christmas day release of the movie the interview n light of these recent threats. executives made the decision after support for the movie just collapsed. five of the biggest theater chains decided not to screen the movie because of safety concerns for their customers. how much, some believe stoney cared to the terrorist threats. >> first time that the threat of danger to audience goers, or anyone involved with this movie, has caused studio specially major studio like zone toy pull the movie completely.
7:34 am
>> censorship, unsubstantiated threats. >> i think it goes against everything that america stands for. >> we can be afraid of silly terrorist threats like that. >> when you get threats like, that already hack, take it a bit seriously. >> the homelands security department says the threats were not credible. north korea has publicly denied it was involved in the hack. though, earlier this month, described the hack as a quote righteous deed. sony says no future plans to release the film at this point. can you imagine, the film itself will just be selfed. the company could lose a reported $100 million as a result. so the us government no involvement, in sony's decision to cancel the movie release, also the us is considering arrange of options and response to the hack. meanwhile, president obama says, the threat should not deter people from just going to the move ills. he says, his administration is
7:35 am
taking the breach seriously, movie-goers should feel safe. >> one movie theatre in texas planning to show the movie team america, world police, in its place. >> the manager of the theater says they're just trying to make the best of an unfortunate situation, the movie features an all puppet cast with puppet version of former dictator, kim june il as the main village. kim june i am l the late father, of king june aoun, released ten years ago. say that sony has to protect its other movies. so if the interview that movie is in a theater, maybe nobody goes. >> so they ends up losing money on all of their
7:36 am
pictures, one way of looking. >> there could be another way of looking at it, however, mike. all publicity, good or bad; actually good publicity, right? think of if this movie, the interview, somehow comes out, there will be so much interest in it because it caused so far controversy. >> i saw review by the name of sarah stewart, new york post, she said the movie stinks. >> well -- >> either way. >> i think people will still want to find out for themselves though. >> i guess. do you agree with this headline right here? sony surround ends nerves korean war? >> ya. >> you flow. >> because they're saying now with future move fist someone has a problem with it, they hack it, could we see this with other movies? a whole trend? >> people doing the hacking, physical hacking don't even live in north korea because in north korea do you know they don't have the internet? >> what?
7:37 am
>> 7:36. what if you can brew beer in your own home. sort of the same way that you brew a cup of coffee in the morning. >> well, now you can. and it sound like pretty awesome government for the holidays. >> i think i might take that. >> and speaking of holidays, want to know what's your favorite holiday movie? >> i know mine. >> okay? >> well, tweet us with the #fox29goodday. we opportunity know yours, and read your comment on air, we'll share some of our favorites, too, mike. >> favorite christmas
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> hi, thanks for coming out. they're standing here for families in need. >> that's lovely. >> high to "good day" philadelphia. >> oh, look at the little santa there. so cute. >> how do you say this. >> keurig. >> the way many of us get our coffee. finds it in all kind of office places.
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>> i orders heard one from qvc a few weeks ago, never owned t in fact i gave it away to a friend. please help me, avenue problem. >> that's the first step. >> okay? >> never beer with this stinking machine. not just coffee. you can make beer in a keirig. >> you going to order this, too? >> peco brew created the zy mattick, they should change that, the first high-tech beer making machine that lets you make your own beer at home. not as fast as brewing a cup of cough obama. takes roughly few hours to get your beer. oh, isn't that just no good? >> that's not all. >> no? >> takes a week for it to be completely done. >> so if you're a new brewer, brew great beer the first time f your a experienced brewer allows us to focus on the art of the craft. >> so what, am i getting one stinking beer a week? look at it, it is ugly.
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brewing your own beer with this machine comes at a steep price, too. the base model costs close to $1,700 plebe more for restaurants? >> i'll take a beer. meet me in a week. >> do you have plan in advance for. >> this sometimes planning is good. >> what i actually might do, go to my frig, open up a can of beer. >> how long will that take? >> thirty-second. close to three days. all right, 7:42, president obama and the first lady, her name is michelle, say no strangers to racism. the first couple did ain't view with people magazine, quite interesting, and some of the things they admitting hearing, the racial profiling they say they personally have seen even the first lady says, she's been profiled since she's been first lady. >> and hanukkah is here. >> certainly is. >> christmas is exactly one week away. are you still looking for a
7:43 am
gift? then, oh -- >> plus jen, i'm going to holiday party. and i don't know what to take. do i take wine? do i take flowers? what? >> you'll a never offer end anyone with flowersment look at the amazing stuff. mike, you can do some of it yourself. i'm serious, we'll show you ♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪ i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara®. it helps keep my skin clearer.
7:44 am
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7:45 am
♪ ♪
7:46 am
>> wind like flocking me in the face. >> you really need some anchors, some weights in your help, like the royals way, they'll keep you gown dollars. on windy days like today. >> it happens sunday, no matter what the weather, at 03:00 p.m., the winner solsus, that will be the shortest day of the year, so, each day after sunday, it will start to get a little more daylight every day. so that's something to look forward to. >> winnie, between the exiting system, high pressure building in here. not expected to see anything from this system to the southwest, quick look at the future cast, dry weather today, it is dry weather on friday. then, when we get into saturday, saturday's actually looking pretty good. we'll have some sunshine, for
7:47 am
most of the day. it is not until saturday night, into sunday morning, we see some clouds spreading in, from that previously advertised coastal storm, it looks like, we might just get a glancing blow, or it could miss us altogether. so, winds speeds right now, back to right now, 10 miles an hour out of the west in the city, 17 miles an hour wilmington, wind gusts higher in a lot of places that will blow you over one of the big wind gusts, so wind chills in the 20, a sunshine, that's been up for about half hour or so. temperatures trend over the past five days, getting warmer, every day, 53 degrees, the past two days, tuesday and wednesday, today, not so much. it is going to be about 43 for high temperature, so, we'll take the sunshine 42 tomorrow, maybe wintery mix at night, but looking like less and less of big deal. as time goes on, so, sunday, looks like we will see some
7:48 am
sun in the afternoon, rain, on monday, get little bit of break on tuesday afternoon, rain could come back for christmas eve count it down. >> going to be yucky weekend out shopping in the rain there. good morning, everybody, live look at i59 roads dry, we leave northeast philly live look near academy road, camera reset. we go to the next one, 42 freeway, headlights head in the toward philadelphia. >> right lane here on the eastbound side, headed into new jersey, construction crews, getting an early startment pennsylvania turnpike westbound, jammo from willow grove, in toward mid-county, because after crash. and then an accident along northbound lanes of 295, this is northbound, working your way in toward route 70 in cherry hill, new jersey.
7:49 am
>> national answer the phone day. >> how did he answer? >> buddy the elf, what's your favorite color? >> what's your favorite color? >> south on 202, we got new traffic pattern working your way from 401, down into the 30 bypass, getting in the christmas spirit, asking everybody to send us pictures of your holiday lights display, here's one for you, live look, mike, you will love this one. all of frozen characters on the front line, these are cards boards cut outs of the frozen characters, looks like they painted them, even put some sparkle on there. >> so thanks to doug, and the gang from willow grove being sending us their holiday picks. send us your lights, front lawn, inside of the house, be sure to use the hashtag fox 29 lights so we can put put it on
7:50 am
tv. back to you. >> so if you're going to holiday party, what do you take the host and host necessary. >> that's like the biggest debate that i have. so what i usually do, i go to the store, the liquor store, and i get a bolt of wine and i put in a nice bag or candle. every time. >> that's everybody. >> but it is safe. >> no kidding. i like, clock 50, there is jen, give us some ideas. >> good morning, chris, heather. first off, your mom has a saying whether it comes to like if you're going someone's house. what does she say? >> whether usual ' going to somebody's house, put something on the table besides your he will bowls. that's why i got in the business. what's better to go on the table than flowers if. >> hanukkah is here, teacher gift, these are the types of things where if you don't know the person real well, flowers are great idea. >> that's correct. is just yesterday i took to my
7:51 am
daughter's school a bun of of potted amarillo's it the teachers, it is great, they last up until christmas and beyond. >> the first thing you say, keep it simple. >> simple, absolutely. >> real quick idea. you are on the way, from work, you still have to get in the hair, make up, so you have five minutes to stop, get a gift. you're like what the heck am i going to do? it is a liquor store. >> this is stem every winter berry, and one stem of beautiful -- >> green thing? >> apple green, okay? >> already it is fears, put one, two -- >> we tie it up with a big bo? >> couple of leaves, well, he can roll some in the front.
7:52 am
now there is isn't -- >> by the way, in the ardmore farmers market. called area kyle bouquet. , beautiful, something that looks like it was a million dollars. nice thing about this, takes up minutes to do. in, out, on your way, then really simple for the host to drop it in one of their great vases. and boom. really stands out. >> we'll wrap it up. also something, you say get creative, use two, things, repeat it in the vase? >> yes, a lot of people have cubes, that's what the hot, these fun little glass cubes, things like that. so, do something real simple. you can you can do it yourselfment super easy. pardon me. >> we ran out of time. so people know what they need to do. >> totally. >> or kids? >> isn't that pretty, mike? so much great stuff here. >> that's pretty awesome. >> put few things together. >> it is a way to stand out.
7:53 am
>> really fun. >> that will be better than your boring wine and candles. >> oh, don't talk down on what i give. it is all about the thought, right if. >> make sure your flowers are already in a vase or something, because the host doesn't want to take time to find the vase, because they're very busy. the dupre family, who watches the show every morning, sent me this from my m and m. com. i thought it was jewelry until i noticed, well, the logo. >> yes? >> fancy box, though. >> fancy box of m and m's, so i'm starting -- i've been eating them at home. brought it in to show alex. did you notice that your face is on the m and m? >> tiny little face. >> just sends in picture of who you want on the m and m. eat my face. >> you can lick your own face, how about that? >> no thank you.
7:54 am
>> it is cute. very cute. >> we will talk about the new route, for the new years day parade. and new parade, mardi gras parade in february. >> and he's directing, writing and starring in his own film top five. but we'll bring in chris rock on the show.
7:55 am
7:56 am
♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ oooh baby baby. if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. i'm pushing. i'm pushing it real good!
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>> i guess could you call this a christmas movie, right? they took a christmas vacation, left him home alone? >> every kid was doing, that my god. >> oh, yes. that's a funny scene. okay, so do you still have to use that hashtag fox 29? >> we want to know your favorite holiday movie. so use that hashtag. tweet us or tweet mike, mike
7:58 am
at fox 29, or me, alex holley fox 29. we want to know what your favorite is. >> in the future your favorite pairs of jeans might do more than just give you, a good looking rearend. >> what kills they do? >> protect from getting hacked. >> north on the company that makes anti-virus software is developing jeans that block wireless signals. so specifically designed to prevent electronic passports and contact less payment cards. security experts say this type is really growing. north on teamed up with clothing company beta brand. the jeans are set to hit store shelves in february, and will cost about $150. >> 150-dollar pair of jeans. okay, so would that block my cell phone signal? >> yes arc loft times they say people can just stand by, if they get a signal, get all of your information from your phone just by walking past you. >> will it make my impotent. >> oh, god. >> i ministery? you know, they say don't put your cell phone by your
7:59 am
crotch. >> but people still put it in their pock. >> the oh, mine's in there right now. >> maybe they'll create a jean to make sure that stay in order. >> i have it on vibrate, so if somebody call me, that would be great. two local chefs were on the finale of hell's kitchen. had them on our show yesterday. out of the four i figured one of the two that were in the studio yesterday would win the darn thing. but oh, no. >> let's try it, sent packing before the final competition. >> they didn't even make it out of the top two, did they? >> so proud of them. the winner was latasia of florida, will become chef at gordon ramsey public, opening in february, at ceasar's in atlantic city. i tuned n i was watching. i stood up just so coy see it. but at least they were the final four. so-so proud of them. they represented philly. >> and really great chefs. no question about it, maybe i'll go over cuba libre after the show and give her a hug. >> you knock. >> yes, i'm emotional.
8:00 am
>> ya? >> all right, we're ten seconds away from straight up 8:00. so let's do there is good day to you, it is thursday, december the 18th, 2014. >> live from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. >> welshing we start on the beach in atlantic city where you can see that the casino workers union here really did draw a line in the sand and call the bluff of the trump entertainment ceo and the union comes out here a winner, huge, and maybe helps all of atlantic city finally win a hand. al next. >> trending this morning, president obama and the first lady speak out about racism in america. what they say happened to each of them that has everyone really talking this morning. mike? >> what? oh, and vial a davis has been called a lot of things, what a great actress. tony award winner, and but she was also called recently less classically beautiful than other black women in hollywood. are you kidding me? >> what?
8:01 am
>> the movement now that one woman has started. she's in our studio to prove all women are beautiful. hype, jen. >> guys, you mess it up every year, the christmas hanukkah holiday present. you get the wrong thing. you spends too much. we're going to help you make sure that that woman in your life is super happy, for once, and you don't have to break the bank. >> that is good. because we want to make the woman in our lives happen. >> i we thank you, jen, we real dow. >> you know what? we'll make chris rock fans happy today. because chris himself on good day philadelphia, he'll be here in just a bit. hang in there. he'll be here eventually. 8:01. hi, sue? >> bob? >> good morning. >> alex? >> ed? >> mike? >> gang? >> debbie? >> hey, by the way, i met a police officer last night in south philadelphia. officer homes, beautiful woman, she and her mom, shirley, don't call me shirley, in this case i will call you shirley because that's your name, her mom shirley, they watch the show
8:02 am
every morning, probably watching right now. >> hello. >> hi, officer homes. >> thank you for your service. >> did they pull you over? >> i don't want to get into it, bob. >> are you doing this to get out of a continued right snow. >> oh, okay. >> the cuffs were very tight. >> i doubt it. two minute after 8:00. but a seven, is our number of the day. sunshine, it is just colder than it was yesterday. and we got the winds, making it feel even colder than that. so, bus stop buddy back in the winter coat. got the shades on today. mom said wear a hat. so he had to. temperatures are in the 30's, windchills are in the 20's right now, and ultimate doppler shows that there is no precipitation in the area, plenty of sun glare for bob kelly this morning. 34 degrees, feels like 26, and 43 will be our high today sunny skies, breezy, chilly all afternoon, at least see the sunshine which in morning rush hour bob kelly isn't
8:03 am
always a good thing. >> not good thing. but we haven't had the sun in a couple of days here, actually starting to see little sun, right here, in king of prussia one of the busiest areas we'll see over the next couple every days here with one week until christmas. today live look the schuylkill expressway, some westbound delays, heading out in toward the king of prussia interchange. then, 42, coming in toward philadelphia, starting to see some volume pop between the black horse pike and 295. northeast philly, we had the quick rush early wise open here, between academy and cottman, still dealing with the delay on the pennsylvania turnpike, accident near mid-county. now the back up pretty much stretches from willow grove in through ft. washington, and then it opens up little bit as you head in toward that mid-county interchange. north on 295, for the gang headed into new jersey, crash right at the route 70 interchange, in cherry hill, otherwise, the bridges look fine. and mass transit no delays. mike, alex, back over to you. >> bob, nice job. you should not have to pay taxes for the next five years.
8:04 am
>> that's good. traffic abatement. >> is that what is happening in atlantic city? decent news out of ac now. deal reportedly been reached to save the trump taj mahal. >> let's get to steve keeley live in atlantic city. hey, steve? >> just a week before christmas, and only two days before it was scheduled to shut down for good, well, we get early christmas gift to the 3,000 taj mahal workers hears, and all of the other local businesses and employees who supply this big place, and playing the part of santa claus, billionaire, carl icon, who has always been playing the part of scrooge, more potter in the past, when it comes to saving jobs, in this country, the head of local 54 says announcement will come before noon this morning, at the new york post reports a new deal with the casino workers union, will be put in writing, the union stood firm, did not give in to the trump entertainment ceo demands to drop their appeal of the bankruptcy court ruling, that took away all of the workers pension and healthcare
8:05 am
benefit. after that 5:00 p.m. monday deadline passed entertainment ceo asked icon to step in and save the taj. icon holds 292 million, and loans to trump entertainment, and the post says he concede today all of the unions demands, restoring the workers benefits. the post also reports that icon got on the huge winning, too, report that state senate president, steve sweeney today, going to propose legislation, to give the taj 150 million in tax breaks hoping it is instantly approved. post also said it will pass the assembly and senate today because the whole deal was brokered by governor christie's gaming staff yesterday. all of the unemployment people lost their jobs, all of the tax breaks, proposed reports should help icon re purpose the closed trump plaza so in addition to that is correct mike, you also get personal benefit out of this, you are saying how so? because the taj is going to stay open. that means, all of the clubs and restaurant inside the taj stays open. and that means, maybe four
8:06 am
days after big announcement on the show about your engagement, scores the gentleman's club here will be open so mike the baffler party, is back on, man. >> you two at a bachelor party? i love it. >> steve organized it. >> 8:06. >> oh, god this is horrible yesterday morning. >> counselors will be at bensalem high school today one day after student killed in a crosswalk. student turned out for vigil last night to honor her, struck and kill, as she crossed bensalem boulevard at bridgewater road, to catch the school bus yesterday morning. police say a 18 year old driver, from a different high school, ignored bus safety rules. no charges have been announced against the driver. >> toxicology reports will have to determine the cause of death of that guy, bradley stone, an up autopsy reportedly revealed stone did not die
8:07 am
from stab wounds, and initial theory in the case. stone is suspected killer as you know on the rampage, took the lives of his ex-wife and five family members in montgomery county. >> federal investigators now say they have enough evidence to connect north korea to that cyber attack against sony pictures. a formal announcement from the justice department is expected today. this comes as sony canceled its christmas day release of the interview, and in light of the recent threat. executives made the decision after five of the biggest theater chains decided not to screen the movie, because of those safety concerns. >> the company could lose reported $100 million as a result that far decision. 8:07. the obama's are opening up about racism in america. and their own personal experiences, it is the interview that has everyone talking this morning. >> in a exclusive upped view, president owe bamm and the first lady share stories
8:08 am
involving racial prestige. first lady told people magazine they aren't as far removed as some people might think. she added her husband was black man, who lived on the south side of chicago. had his share of troubles catching cams. >> no black male my age professional who hasn't come out after restaurant, waiting for their car, and somebody didn't hand them their car keys. >> he said yes, this has happened to him too. >> he added the small irritations or indignity that we experience are nothing compared to what a previous generation experienced. >> one thing for me to be mistaken for waiter, but another thing for my son to be mistaken for robber and to be handcuffed or worse, if he happens to be walking down the street and is dressed the way teenagers dress. >> first lady said. >> this i tell this story, i mean, even as the first lady, during that wonderfully
8:09 am
publicized trip i took to target, you know the target stores not highly disguised. only person who came to up me in the store was a woman who asked me to help take something off of a chef. she thought the first lady was an employee at target because she didn't see me as the first lady, she saw me as someone who could help her. those kind of things happen in life. so it isn't anything new. >> exclusive interview will appear in the new issue of people tomorrow. >> absolutely. is this the most controversial gift of the year? a severe stick. eye laws us to take better selfies. why everyone wants one. i don't know about everyone. and the people who think this gift is just too much. >> but first, some folks excited to say this, the mummers are here. two huge changes, where you will see them perform live
8:10 am
after new years day. >> the fun continues.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> zoo, your favorite? >> oh, we used to grow up, singing this song. my sister beverly, me, our friend tim did that photo sopping for us. >> that's good photo shop job. that's what i love about the holidays. get the family together, watch the traditional movies. we want to know your favorite christmas move think morning. so make sure to tweet us, using the #fox29goodday. >> vermont must be beautiful this time of year, all of that snow. another line from that movie. and yes, well, there is some snow in vermont this morning. as it happens. and, new hampshire, and mostly in the state of maine but nothing for us to worry about here. it will be dry today,
8:14 am
tomorrow, and saturday. as we look ahead to the fox future cast, maybe even a glancing blow or nothing from that coastal storm we were worried b it looks like, as we get into the early morning hours of sunday, we don't see any precipitation showing up on this future cast. so, maybe we'll stay dry all weekend. we'll see. we'll have better handle on that tomorrow. 34 degrees if philadelphia right now, 36 allentown, 33 in lancaster, 34 in millville, 37 degrees in wildwood. but that's not the whole story. you have to factor in the wind, which are mostly coming out of the northwest, 18 miles an hour in reading, 12 miles an hour in wilmington. wind gusts as high as 29 miles an hour, up in the mountains, so, that makes it feel colder than it actually is, that's what the windchill s it is a measure of how cold it feels outside. 26 degrees, is our windchill, in philadelphia, even with all of that sunshine. our temperature trend was getting warmer, warmer, warmer at 534 degrees -- 53 degrees the past two days, today only
8:15 am
43 degrees for a high. plenty of sunshine, and sunshine tomorrow, as well. it looks like we still have that possibility of a light wintery mixon saturday night into sunday. but, again, that forecast is improving for the first day of winter. so, old-man-winter may or may not be happy about t we do have rain coming just in time for christmas eve. more on that coming up, as well. so there is your seven day forecast, bob, sun glare on the roads. >> yes, sun glare out there. good morning, everybody, live look at route 202, coming up from malvern, got the new traffic pattern in the far -- the back side of your screen there, you can see, that's the southbound lanes onto newly paved stretch of roadway, between 29 and route 401. we go to our next camera, which will show us i think the schuylkill expressway, now we lock at 42, 42 freeway coming in toward philly, the school buses hitting the brakes there as you ooh work your way into 29a delays, northbound, accident right near route 70. if you're stepping out in cherry hill, the schuylkill
8:16 am
westbound, heavy from belmont out toward city line. and south on 95, heavy from cottman, into girard avenue. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> nicely done. good to see you. >> pleasure to be here, thank you. >> wow, cha changes for the mummers yesterday? >> a the love changes coming down it year. >> let's talk first every all the parade on new years day. >> the sugarhouse, yes. >> turn the parade, going reverse. >> we will get the show out of the way, props out of the way, bring everybody down south on
8:17 am
broad street to get with the people. >> so you start at city hall? >> start at city hall. >> intend of ending at city hall? >> correct. >> and little shorter? >> little shorter. the reason it is shorter is because we wanted to compact the crowd. we want to get energy built back in. >> yes? >> get the entheusiasm new years day back on the street. >> so that's true. the crowd would be deeper then at every location. >> exactly. >> what time? >> first at city hall at 10:00 o'clock, we hope to have the parade completed at washington by 5:00 so in the sunlight before the sun goes down and it gets cold. >> getting later and later. >> every year. >> but then why add another one in february? >> any time we have this chance to keep this great tradition of mummery until the people's minds, it is always a good thing. >> okay. >> number one. two, the manayunk development corporation is helping us raise monday. >> i which is what we desperately fleeted are needs. >> that's the purpose. >> only money we see normally new years day from sugarhouse sponsorship, phl17, other than that, everything else we raise
8:18 am
ourselves. >> even though this is mardi gras parade, family friendly? >> the whole idea, we want to get out, engage with the families. most organizations are built on family and mummery. >> my own club has 23 father- son combinations. >> yours? >> woodland. >> we're family, that's what we do. >> also, no drinking in manayunk. >> no certainly not near city hall, no. >> so nice i guess we will be doing it twice. i'm excited, my first time, seeing the mummers parade. >> what's the route? you start at green strewn manayunk? >> strewn street up to manayunk by the brewery, matter of fact. >> right there at main street. >> and then afterward, there will be bands appearing in different areas, different venues, be able to get up close, personal, visit. we'll have some places where kids can try on mummer costumes, get pictures taken, and get to know more about us. >> by the way, today is a big moment. december the 18th, 1914, what
8:19 am
happened? >> i was born -- oh, no. the fralinger string band came into existence, many here from fralinger. today celebrating their 100 birthday. huge huge reception at city hall, congressman bob brady will be there, huge milestone. most companies don't last 100 years. >> certainly not. bob, can you throw me that? alex here, first mummers parade. she does not know how to strut. who would like to teach her? >> mike is our best strutter. >> all right. >> i'll hole your base. >> okay. >> and teach her thousand do it. >> so you guys play littling? >> first, you just take this umbrella. >> okay. >> do little fancy step, like that's it. liking horses go down the street? >> okay. >> side to side? i can do that. >> okay, mike? >> you come back to your base. then you start strutting. we'll see how this works. >> there go.
8:20 am
>> ♪ >> that's it. >> ♪ >> oh, goodness! >> ♪ ♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> okay, every time we play there is i cry. new study in the journal plus one, or maybe plus one, i don't know, find that the part of your brain that stores memories, and controls emotions, actually lights up when a familiar song is played. isn't that interesting? researchers also notice that sad tunes can make us happy, though, because they can evoke a feeling of nostalgia. and this song certainly does for me. >> bridges back memories. >> sure does. well, on the fifth day of christmas my true love gave to me ♪ a wreath cake ♪ made up by chef matti.
8:25 am
good to see you, so three locations snow. >> three locations in philadelphia. >> so we have seven days left until christmas. can you get in seven desserts this morning? >> absolutely. >> this up? >> signature wreath cake. >> but individual cupcakes? >> they are. >> you just pull it off. >> so hole any there, too. >> there is some holly. ribbon. >> there will be some holly on it, in a matter of second. okay, this is our first one. >> yes. >> alex, why don't you -- that's a good looking -- >> beautiful. look at that. >> i could just lick it. >> please don't. i would like to try one, thank you. how many cupcakes does it take? >> actually 22 cupcakes. >> all right. >> vanilla, or chocolate. >> we start lining them up. one out of seven. >> bob, can you put it maybe at the front of the table here? >> if you go over to any locations they have 12 different holiday desserts. >> for to you choose from.
8:26 am
>> how many gift are you getting that children this year? you are just going to pile them up under the tree? don't go overboard. how many too presents for the kids this year can harm your children later in life. we'll slain this new stud. >> i first, viola davis has been called a loft things, tony award winner and less classically beautiful than other black women in hollywood. >> the movement one woman is starting to proof that all women are beaut
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> blue mountain, pocono mountains, still autumn at least until sunday. since the numbers just here, we wanted to reminds you about the third annual mummers museum, soup day, it is this sunday, from noon to 4:00 at 1100 south two street. that of course is location of the mummers museum.
8:30 am
it will be about 43 degrees, we will be inside, though, i'm be one of the judges, different clubs will be making their favorite homemade soups. that will will be fun. it will be fun event, a loft other things going on at the museum that day, as well. windchills in the 20's, bus stop buddy pretty bundled up. he also needs the shades, so bright out there today. seven out of ten, with the sunshine, but gusty breezes, make it feel a lot chillier than it has, the past couple of days, no precipitation to show you, 34 degrees, some clouds, sunshine out there, 34, though, feels like 26. dress for 26. because that's what's going to hit when you you walk outside, how cold it is, so 43 degrees for high today. sunny skies, breezy, chilly, then tonight, it will be an even colder night. thirty in the city. twenty's in the suburbs. that takes care of thursday. seven day forecast coming up. bob kelly? >> morning shall everybody. 8:30, live look at the ben franklin bridge, not bad right now, getting ready to leave the house in south jersey, come on down. no problems at all, coming into philadelphia. we had early push, into center
8:31 am
city, but right now good shape. even the patco high-speed line getting ready to come across the span. good morning to the boulevard. live look here southbound heavy from the kelly drive ramps trying to get on to the schuylkill and the schuylkill expressway typical delays, between conshohocken and city line. a live look at i95, this is 95 southbound, bumper to bumper from pretty much cottman through the betsy ross bridge in toward that girard avenue construction zone. and an accident, in willow grove. about the third one with this stretch here there is morning. it is on the ramps from the willow grove interchange, to head west on the turnpike, and that's also causing a big delay, look at this, 11 miles per hour, jam interesting philly bensalem pretty much all the way over toward mid-county. and then an accident north along 295, for the gang in cherry hill, right at the route 70 interchange. mass transit, though, looking good. mike, alex, back to you. >> one of my favorite actresses, we see around town, she shoots a tv show here in philadelphia, viola davis respect has been called a loft
8:32 am
things for sure, great actress, tone a i ward winner, fantastic mother, and as crazy as it sounds, somebody calls her less classically beautiful than other black women in hollywood. this was the comment after new york times columnist, her name alexandra stanley. her insensitive comment caused quite uproar few weeks ago on social media and beyond. >> while the article and columnist received all types of backlash, next guest decided to do something about it, so take a lock at this. >> i believe we should celebrate that. >> so i decided to team up with my husband, who is an amazing photographer, and i had t-shirts designed to illustrate our point. then, i called on several women, who i believe help tell the story of beauty beyond the classic label. >> so hello to multimedia journalist who designed the
8:33 am
shirts. >> good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> the backlash started on twitter, this hashtag that was going around? >> yes, hashtag less classically beautiful. brown women everywhere posting in solidarity with viola dave us. >> what's ample did she give as classically beautiful black woman? >> she gave halle barre and kerry washington. >> because of the shade of their skin. >> absolutely. >> that's what it is. >> absolutely. and it is a steriotype that's been, you know -- >> there is kerry right there from the hit show scandal. it is steriotype, light err the skin, the more close to white skin. >> absolutely. >> what what she talking about? >> softer features. >> that's it, too, with viola davis, stronger more bold futures. >> i can totally identify with viola davis, and i -- hearing the less classically beautiful comment, felt like direct
8:34 am
attack against women who look like me. >> less beautiful hashtag, for some reason it didn't feel right. so i decided to come up with my own label. >> you made it positive. you turned it around. >> yes, absolutely. >> and we can see it right here. >> on your shirt. let me look at the shirt. okay? >> tell us, how did you come up with this. i lover the way it is designed, too, the shirt? >> i guess i started thinking about how can we get past this word less? >> the word beyond was the first thing that popped into my head. >> we come in so many different hughes. >> and celebrate that, not break us apart and say this one is beautiful there is one is not. >> also so great. because i think in our community, a divide. >> exactly. >> a big discussion, between
8:35 am
whether you're lighter skinned, darker skinned, so hey we're all beautiful. doesn't matter the shade. >> and it trickles down no hollywood where the women we see on the screen look a certain way. and women that look like me are feeling more and more erased. it seems more and more erased. >> but starting to turn a little built you saw celebrated as beautiful woman. >> she is gorgeous, and she is a great representation of why we should embrace all kind of beauty. >> but this is going back for years and years, hundreds of the years, this discussion, even among black people, you know, used against other black people. >> i went to your website. i mean thousands of women posted pictures many am i beautiful? >> well, the response has been amazing, been beyond what i ever expected you will say that. got pick up by el. com. handcuff inning ton post, i mean it's been all over, and i've been getting emails from women saying thank you.
8:36 am
>> have heards from viola davis at all. >> have she is in filet lot. >> really? >> doing her tv show, yes. >> maybe she is watching. >> and also a daughter, too. >> yes, dow. >> so when she gross up, are you talking to her about this? >> absolutely. i think for children, we also should encourage them to, you know, get into sports, or encourage them in terms of academics, not just outward beauty. outward beauty only one us a picket of what who we are. >> so many element, your minds, your body. >> guess who is on the show today? >> chris rock, on good day philadelphia. beautiful woman in his film. true, gabrielle. >> yes. >> we got to ask but this sony pictures hack, though.
8:37 am
>> he says he's terrified of getting his e-mail hacked. >> first, big changes are coming to restaurant menus next year. coming up, why you will never be able to think that far coming up, why you will never be able to think that far martini the same way aga
8:38 am
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>> ♪ on the sixth day of christmas, chef matty ♪ >> oh, he brought in a dose that's right looks like a bowl of soupo. >> with beer us. >> good one. what is that? >> this is or signature soupe english. we only make it the week before christmas. >> looks like mud slide. >> it is huge. >> look at that layers of goo. >> rick could the a filling, vanilla -- vanilla jobbing hat
8:41 am
cream, three different liquors. >> oh, my board. >> had a looks good. >> look at all of that whip cream on it. >> so over at the location, they have the 12 dessert of christmas. so we have seven days left. we will do seven of them today. so bob, could you line that one up next to the cup kay wreath? >> there go. >> so you have five more to go? >> five more in me. >> all right. it is 8:41 right now on this thursday. >> oh, hello, bob. >> knocking back few drink at your favorite eatery won't be guilt free in the future. >> no, new rules from the fda, here comes the government again, will require restaurants to put calories on the menu, for booze. >> so feeling guilt bye it. >> the rule applies to chain restaurant with at least 20 outlet, but the rules won't apply to wine lists, drinks ordered at the bar or any drinks that aren't listed on the main menu. >> okay. >> health advocates say this is good. because alcohol can be major contributor to your calorie intake without you realizing
8:42 am
it. but critics in the spirit industry say the fda is not the government body that is supposed to regulate them. >> i'm telling you this, i know this time of year, because, you know, go to bun of of holiday parties, consume some alcohol, probably who are than i should. it puts weight on my belly. and my coats are not fitting. >> it is not just holidays whether it comes to you, mike, that's all year around. >> i don't think that was a needed comment. >> sorry, said with love. >> thank you, a lot of calories in alcohol. even the clear vodka, and the sketches, stuff, loaded when sugar and calories. >> yes. >> so careful out there. hey, looking for last minute gift? of course you are, because this is last minute. hi, jen. >> goes guy crazy, don't know what they're doing, some guy lines, to make sure you have a happy wife girlfriend teacher booty call whatever you got. >> wow, you covered us so well
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> orgies, why do you wait to the last minute? >> i don't know what they want. >> my dad does it every year, christmas eve. so jen, tell them what we want, jen. >> good morning to you,. >> good morning. >> guys don't know where this place s we are across from trader joe's, look like dental office, red brick building. >> it is a medical office, but we're here, surprise. >> mike, on the other side of the camera, said he likes coming here because can he get a lot for the money, everything looks -- >> easy access. >> he is park, easy access. >> lot of attention. >> usually lots of women here. >> very important aspect. >> so when we're buying, when man buying for us, you have great tips. we start you hine you. you say make it certainly, but stunning. >> i think also this is casino of look the look of rioment beautiful because it is sterling. this is a statement neck lag, this whole group here all sterling. so, you know, you feel like you're buying something little more precious rather than just
8:47 am
metal. which is nice. so, it is the look of real. >> everything is under $100. >> men, you're afraid to buy us cz, don't be, we like nice cubic cubic zirconia ate. >> i am the truth in today's worlds i don't care who you are, what you wear, people are mixing it up. >> yes. >> not all wearing, even if you are a diamond girl, and only, not really. >> yes. >> it is a secret. people often say people told me, you know, they love -- i didn't tell them where i got t i think that everybody is wearing the look of real. because many people also are wearing layers for look of real, they'll wear three necklaces together. great way. there is beautiful copies, never know they're not diamond. >> and when your husband, first, does your husband ever buy you jewelry? >> not a piece. >> but this is something, too, holiday party, there is christmas eve, there is new years eve, there is hanukkah. >> yes. >> this is also something that could you wear, you know, in the spring to a formal. >> it is, and statement next
8:48 am
lasts do continue. i'm very happy that obviously the look is changing little bit. more variety in today's world, but statement necklaces do continue to be very strong. >> yes. >> now we're focusing on some vintage reproductions also a beautiful focus, these are real vintage that i put into whole group of pieces, deck owe from the 40's, interesting hardware that i've incorporated into necklaces, brace. >> the what advice do you have foremen when it comes to these pieces? >> often try to figure out the coloring of somebody, are they dark, fair, figure out gold or silver. but often pretty on target. i try do it with the stores, too. we try to figure out who the customers is. they are really truly is like a look for everyone. >> do you mind telling everyone how inch expense sniff. >> go ahead. >> all less than $100. man sometimes wife might have the list, you know, i want my
8:49 am
this, i want my that. this is just a nice also an additional thing that says i did this all by myself. >> right. >> because if you could tell me that you found a present for me all by myself, and it looks this good, we're so overwelmed, right? >> you're so good for it, all set. >> all set many brownie point. >> yes so i love it. >> jen? >> people don't know you sell this to other stores? >> avenue couple questions. >> mike has some questions. >> i don't listen. what is the name of this show? >> marilyn shift. i don't know, where is your name? do you have any name? >> no name anywhere. on the door. >> what is the name on the store? >> there you go. >> literally it looks like an office billing. >> it is really -- how wild. look at this? >> hidden secret!
8:50 am
>> you would never know this little clause set in there! >> this is great! okay. >> just so you know, it is unique. >> but everything is under $100, how about that? >> jess, what's her name? her name jen, jenn fred, she likes trend setters, that's what the seg s all about. how do you think was the number one trend set when he it comes to women in this country over the last 12 months? >> now, kate middleton, she is in the top five. but not number one. >> so there will be someone else? >> that's exactly what i'm trying to say. >> yes, be little surprising. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned...
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imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> one week to go until christmas. the rest of this week looks pretty good, mix of sun and clouds, but dry, mostly sunny today, tomorrow, by saturday, we have a chance of light
8:54 am
wintery mix at night. but there is storm is becoming less and less of an issue, as we get closer and closer to the weaken. so we may just have cloudy skies, on saturday, and sunday, and we may miss the storm altogether. next week, though, rain moves in on monday. we could have a wet and windy christmas eve. so, let's just show you the trains under the christmas tree and get in the spirit. 52 degrees christmas eve, with possible rain, and winds, let's look at the rest of the seven day forecast, chilly one today. sunny, breezy, high of 43, 42 tomorrow, those are your nice dry days. looks like saturday will be dry, as well. perhaps a rainy christmas eve. but doesn't look good for a white christmas, bob kelly. sore bye that. >> have to work on saint's reindeer there. maybe santa umbrella hat. live look at i95, earlier accident, on the southbound side of 95, right near route 420, traffic still little back up headed southbound toward that commodore barry bridge,
8:55 am
little bit of back up here on the roosevelt boulevard. pretty much that right lane, heavy from the kelly drive, headed down toward the ramps, for the schuylkill expressway. but otherwise, you're in good shape headed northbound this morning. new traffic pattern if you are headed through chester county, last night, penndot did the shuffle. they moved all of the southbound lanes over to the newly constructed stretch of the roadway between route 29 and the 30 bypass, so that will catch you by surprise this morning. and through the rest of the day. and then, slow go going on the pennsylvania turnpike, philly bensalem, all the way over to willow grove from couple of earlier accidents, and mass transit looking good. alex, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. so talking about some of the best holiday movies. what about this one? do you know this one, bob? >> yes. >> miracle on 34th street. oh, this is a good one, it is listed as one of the best holiday moviesment and it happens to be our chris murphy's favorite. oh, that's a good pick, chris. so what is yours? we'll reveal our favorite holiday movies next.
8:56 am
before woe do, be sure tweet us using #fox29goodday.
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>> i love there, drexel, turkey addition buying, more than 57 volunteers, distributing 1200 frozen turkeys, to 33 community organizations, this is happening right now, paul peck, alum my center right there at 32nd and market streets. that's what all of the hubbub is. isn't that great. >> all of those boxes filled
9:00 am
with the frozen turkeys, it is great. >> love seeing people come together for good cause. >> way to be, drexel dragons. >> morning, how are you guys. >> morning, everybody. >> 9:00. >> okay, it is thursday, december the 17th. if you include today, what, seven days until christmas, right? >> this is it. >> so our good friends, chef mattie, is here, and be here in just satisfaction first we have to announce this. chris rock is on good day philadelphia, in this hour. few minutes away, top five. now, our quincy harris said one of the funniest movies he's ever seen. our movie critic said he laughed so hard he missed some of the lines in the movie. so great to have chris on the show today. listen to this. >> this is not the dmv. all right? move it along. >> what's your name. >> you can tell me. >> i know. how about santa? if you don't tell him you won't get a


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