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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 29, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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coffee but we realized all interns are gone holiday break. >> you are sitting at home watching the the tv. but if you would swing by with a couple of, vanilla lattes. >> we will take that. >> we don't need a large grand will be nice. >> if you do that we will put you on tv. >> come on by. >> probably broke some fcc violation there. >> yes. >> it is monday december 29th, 2014. bob kelly sitting in. >> welcome back. >> yeah. >> boom. >> hey ladies, are you looking for a man in this copping year. >> nope. >> but alex, for everybody else i have found a new survey that list top qualities every man wants in his partner. why some of you may be upset with this particular list but we will tell you anyway. pennsylvania madonna's
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fighting word. >> who is she fighting w she rants about her stolen music. what she says plus is she fighting with lady gaga. we will get to the bottom of the rumors. >> that is her hero in life, isn't it, lady gaga used to go to madonna concerts and said i want to do that for a living. >> but now is there a girl fight. >> by the way, i saw a woman in the hallway, we passed on our way to the bathroom. >> yes. >> she is from south jersey and she's one of the stars of this got ham big hit show, on fox. >> we will talk to this south philadelphia night any of a few mens. >> by the way she's very attractive. >> we run into on our way to the bathroom. >> yes, i ran into a couple of other people not so attractive. >> they are fine. >> okay. so i flew in from denver a few
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hours ago and boy, i went out there to be with my family, right. so jessica comes in, with her with my granddaughter teddy. but i specifically go tout see jill, my other daughter, who is married to brandon because they had a baby on thanksgiving who they name jack as you probably know. we go out christmas eve to do all of the christmas shopping. >> of course. >> i'm horribly ill the entire time i'm gone. at the end of the shopping is there a reindeer trying to help me out at the the mall. >> i like your caption though, oh deer. >> yes, shopping good but then it snowed on christmas day. >> that is cool. >> yes. >> we got all of the presents there under the little skinny tree. then next day it snowed heavily in the denver area. so it was just beautiful. >> were you surprised to spend time with your family. >> we could not go out much. >> so here are some of the first picture of the little
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baby jack sleeping in his oxygen, his due date was yesterday. and is there jill. >> he is home. >> that is all that mathers. >> for the holidays. >> he latched right on, breast-feeding easily. so jill was busy doing that, pumping machine was going constantly 24 hours a day. >> is that what it sound like. >> pretty much. >> and teddy, by the end of christmas night, she was wired, look at her bug eyes. >> a lot of candy. >> a a lot of candy. aloft cool presents. she's obsessed with frozen and being elsa. so constantly has elsa turquoise there then she bonded with jack. >> is this her first time meeting jack. >> yes, because he was in the hospital. >> wow. >> then she was helping to feed him. >> all this little kid does is eat, and eat and eat a lot of hair too. >> isn't that how it is
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supposed to do. >> eat and sleep. >> wouldn't ir be nice to do that. >> i would love to do that. >> i would say i'm about five years away from that. >> don't say that. >> it is funny how you go out the the way you came in. >> full circle. >> eating, pooping, wearing diapers. >> everybody is doing it for you. >> it is nice to be back. >> alex, how was the christmas, first christmas in philly. >> it was great. my parents were in town. >> yes. >> we had a great time. >> more family came in on friday. that is my gad father and his wife, and his sister and her husband and then their child and then they have two kids. we did have a lot of people in town. >> yes. >> we win the to winter fest, i love it so much. they have these fire pits. and cousin frank, he put together this video while we were making smores. he was taking video the the whole time.
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you see my dad there all bundled up. it wasn't even that cold. that is where they have by skating lynnk. >> is this spruce street. >> yes yes. >> the skating ring they have there. >> does he want a job. >> really. >> we had a great time. can you imagine this. so when they came. >> wow. >> we went to reading terminal. it was packed. we had to fight just to get a table there. >> low half that place. >> we did all of the philadelphia traditionness one day. we went to macy's, then dickins village then we went to have love park for christmas village. then we saw liberty bell. we did that all in one day. let me tell you, i did it all with a 101 fever, the whole time. >> i got sick here on friday. >> yes, then was like my gosh, i have to do something. >> who are they. >> so this is my friend evan and her cousin. they came in, for the
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holidays. we spent time. we are very close. they live in orlande. the guy on the right is evan he works for a station in orlando as a reporter. on the lefties his husband he works for disney dancer for disney. >> you showed them too much of a good time i think. >> yes. >> that is the plan. >> you show family members a great time when they are in town, they will just come back. >> wait a minute is he frozen, does he do skating. >> not at frozen but he dances. >> at disney world. >> yes. >> and also universal he does beetle juice. >> almost. my gosh. >> teddy wants to go to disney world. >> you can work something out. you may have to go with her. >> i love disney. >> do you. >> all right. >> i'll take her. >> we all left here on friday. >> everybody was sick. >> everybody was sick. we were all sick. i spent saturday pretty much
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laying low taking medication that doctor mike describe. yesterday i took down christmas decorations but i made a major fail. the big wreath over the fireplace, i got everything done put away and realized i forgot to take wreath off the fireplace. i did the same thing last year and i took so much grief from it because i left it up, left it up i decorated it for easter last year. >> yes. >> your wreath was up through easter. >> it was up through july because i remember putting, flags in there for fourth of july, most people started teasing me bit. i will just leave it up. >> i'll show you. >> yes. put some flags in there. >> that is a long time. >> what is so hard about taking down a wreath. >> the problem was i put ladder and everything all away, i sat down there with a beverage and all finished and i looked up and there was the wreath. >> laziness. >> exactly. >> every year we post pictures of march and april with people
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who still have that are tree up especially the fake ones. we will do it again this year. >> for sure. >> my parents don't for me to do it before they leave it will still be up. >> my mom and dad would take it down on the feast of the epiphany which is january the ninth. >> sit the ninth or 15th or something like that. >> growing up. >> caitlin, feast of the epiphany please. >> catholics that is what you did. you never could take your christmas decorations down. >> i'll leave it up. around valentines day i'll start to feel bad. >> starting to die off. >> i have a fake one. >> yes. >> but it all looks the same. >> january 6th. >> sixth. >> okay. >> the three kings come cruising through with the girlfriend and mother. >> yes, when i was in college we went to spain. they celebrated a big parade for three kings. >> yes. >> that is a big day when their three kings come not actually on christmas day.
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>> that is when baby jesus got his gifts. you had your goal. your franken sense and your mur. >> yes. >> there is no silver involved >> caitlin can you get her a bible. >> i know the story. >> you are thinking of christmas songs. >> silver and gold. >> ♪ >> that was beautiful. >> merry christmas everybody. belated. >> here's a down side of christmas and the holidays. people get on each others nerves, right. >> yes. >> i mean you have already said you want your parents to leave. >> i didn't say that. no, i didn't. >> how dare you. >> she loves you yes, very much. >> but in a relationship the strain thanksgiving christmas, new years. >> yes. >> do you know that 50 percent
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of divorces are filed this time of the year. >> experts from the counseling service, say money worries and a hollywood idea of how relationship should be start to wear on you this time of the year. they also say christmas creates high expectations and puts pressure on relationships. calls and appointments for counseling service spike 83 percent, yeah i guess today on monday after christmas. >> i'minging this afternoon. i have my meeting this afternoon. >> how cyst your marriage. >> it is okay. >> now that the holidays are over, it is much better. >> if you take down that wreath you'll get some points. >> for us it is stress between parents and i trying to figure out did you get this gift, will you wrap this one, have we thought about what we will get this person, are you paying for that one or my paying for that one. >> stressful, you go get gift card good there is no thought in that. >> you are done in one minute. >> they have the big kiosk. there is nothing like give i
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have gift that everybody likes. >> that is why your father is so depressed because how many gifts did he get for your mom. >> he got her four or five gifts. >> how many did she like out of the 50 i was telling mike, so we had a thing, okay we had one pile of our gifts. other pile is return that we can all go in once. we can all do it. i'm looking in the pile. i see it is every inning is is will one of the gifts my dad gave my mother. i said oh, know. >> she's returning them all. >> he waited until the last minute and so he got some gifts that were off. >> he was desperate. >> he grabbed whatever he culled get. because he said i will give you gifts throughout the year. this is just that one day. >> how did that go over. >> that was a pile as well.
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he is going to hate me. >> if you are looking for love in the new year we have a break down of what guys really want. this that is web site that a lot of people know, ask is reavailing traits all guys are looking for in a girl friend. they have put together ten items. let's go through the top five what do you say. >> yes. >> he seems thrilled by it. >> he doesn't care maybe. >> number five, she lets you you be a man. well, there is three of them, right there she lets you be a man. number four she doesn't nag without a good reason. number three she gets along with your friend and family, are those things that your wife loves but. >> we're looking for that in women. >> yes. >> quincy, this will be a much better if you actually talk. >> look, then again, maybe not. >> i can't hear you guys.
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>> go quincy. >> you know what, no, mike one thing is, the one thing about my wife liking my friend or my family. it depend if that is the right person okay. sometimes i have had wrong people in my life my friend or family my wife didn't get along with them. you have to be throughout full about the the people. >> your wife. >> yes, i am's just saying. >> your wife does she make you feel like a real man? does she let you be a man. >> she lets me be a man because i'm a imagine. the one thing is about me mike as you can see in this masculine executive on i'm a man. but, here's another thing women only let you be a man if you are actually a man. if you cannot lead and be confident, then they are not going to follow you. >> it is not attractive. >> yes. >> this is one i have an issue w it says she doesn't nag without a good reason. i thought y'all just hate
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nagging period. >> no, men hate nagging but yeah, it has to be for a good reason. you cannot just nag me. why are you going out with my friend. you have to give good reasons. if you bring a complaint. women, if you bring a complaint tour man you almost have have to be like a lawyer. you have to be like marcia clark. you have to state the reasons why your man shouldn't do x y and z. >> mid 90's reference. >> you need those examples. >> you liked that. >> my dad said men don't respond well to emotions. >> i freak out if you start crying on me. >> yes. >> does your wife like your friends. >> yes, she does she does. i have had friend in the past that my wife she didn't understand why i was hanging with them rainy didn't see why she was knacking but she had to leave good do you believe that she loves you. do you believe that she actually loves you. >> deathly totally.
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she has to. >> she has to love me. >> she has to. >> does she make you want to be a better man. >> she does. my wife, she does. she pushes me. she gives me brutal honest truth without tears. i can deal witt, without tears. if you can tell me truth without tears that is how you break through to my heart, mike. >> also at the top ten we want to have a lot of sex. there is no question about that. easily in the top ten. i'm shocked it is not in the top five. >> no, i disagree. you do that a lot, you have kids. and kids are hard work and they cost a lot of money. they cost a lot of money. mike, my early 20's it was like yeah let's do that now, that leads to babies and baby bottles. my youngest was at the 1:30 in the morning. we can do that here and there. let's do it occasionally.
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>> happy anniversary. >> apparently his friend over that the the clothing store and they put him in the closet. >> he is giving marriage counseling advice. >> time to come out of the closet, well, so to speak. lets get a quick weather report to caitlin roth and come back to the show because victoria is here star of the got ham. >> very attractive star too we have heard. >> oh, yes. >> quick check of the weather before we leave you showers toward the south, 47 is the high temperature. so we're slowly turning colder as we go through the rest of the week. we spent the weekend in the 50's it felt great. winter comes back roaring in. thirty-nine tomorrow. thirty-five on wednesday, we have some flurries possible. that is new years eve. temperatures probably in the 20's by midnight. that is what you are dealing with overnight into the new year itself cold mummers or thursday, 37 degrees is the high temperature, so chilly through friday, into the weekend we will warm up enough that the rain is bringing not rain and not snow. it makes me nervous how cold
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it is leading up to that storm. we will watch that one closely. but it looks like just showers in the weekend. the big story is cold air for the rest of the week and a very chilly start to 2015 guys. >> you know i love that show got ham right here on fox. did you know several stars of that show are from the philadelphia area. >> yes, south the philadelphia's own victoria cartnanga. >> i know you think i do terrible thing you i know you care about the truth. >> you should the be here. >> i'll work with you. i will tell you whatever i know and whatever i can find out. i need to you keep a opened mind. >> too late for that. >> but it isn't what you think. you won't tell me hoist out there, who to be afraid of. >> he is right to. >> very concerned, renee. very concerned. she does smile. she's smiling right now.
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>> yes, i do, welcome. >> nice to meet you. >> welcome home. >> good to be home good are you home for the holidays. >> i am, quite the home coming good tell us everything where did you grow up. >> got your pen ready, i was born at pennsylvania avenue not too far from here. >> great hospital. >> it is a great hospital and. my parents still live here. i can probably walk home. >> close to oregon avenue. >> yes, i will say. that i used to pass by here, 57 or 47. >> yes. >> from school. >> i feel like i'm home. >> yes. >> what school was that. >> long time. >> bodine high school which i loved, it was a great experience. >> how often do you get to come home. >> now not as often as i like but i try to come out a couple times a year catch a phillies game but everybody knows i'm a huge phillies fan good are you a huge phillies fans, do you like other sports too or no.
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>> well, baseball in my family add one television. my brother and father played during the summer. it is either fight them or join them. i learned all of the rules. i fell in love with the phillies. >> the phillies might be the worst team in baseball next year. >> i'm still going to wear my gear and go to city field's lawyer, so that takes. i have seen you up there. >> you have to move to new york to do the show. >> i lived in new york. i have been there for 14 years now. so i spent most of my life there. >> you don't look that old. lou good. >> do you look good. >> hello. >> so tell us about the show. everybody is loving it. >> oh , thank you. it is amazing who is the character. >> i play renee montoya who is a detective for the the department. >> tough girl. >> very tough i love it. i'm opposite. i get to say whatever i want. >> are you kind of a wnews real life.
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>> yes you are from south philadelphia. >> but i stayed in the house and watched tv. i was very sheltered. but i get good look that is a all that matter,. >> so you kind of made it. >> well, it is my dream. pinch me. >> a lot of folks don't make it. >> i'm one of the fortunate ones you are talented. >> thank you. >> it takes a team to make us look talented. you have seen the the cast. they are pretty brilliant. >> jada. >> yes phenomenal. >> yes. >> i got to do one scene with her. i said keep it cool, vick. you are suppose to be tough and cool but on the inside i'm dying. she is so sweet and pry. >> i try to pry in peoples personal lives on the show. do you have kid. we just met. >> just buy you a drink. >> maybe next time.
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let's keep it generic for now. >> keep it generic. >> see i was right, mike. >> i'll get the deeds and tweet them out. >> people around here called you vick. >> it is victoria and it end up vicky and vick. >> can we call you vick now. >> yes. >> we even up together. >> i just heard you got engaged. >> call him out. >> it will be michael. >> there he goes. >> thank you so much. >> coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> happy new years. >> we love got ham. thank you for watching. >> okay. >> michael vick you are terrible. >> did you see this wheel of fortune win the other day. i was watching this. i cannot get over this insane guess how he won so much money record breaking amount of money, he gets it with one letter.
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at perdue, we pride ourselves on the freshness of our chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires...
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with extra inspections in american family owned farms, refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between. that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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it will clear out. >> aim looking forward to that. >> in a few minutes. >> okay. so watching the wheel of fortune. they turn letters around. you have to guess the phrase. >> yes good well this within dude turns around 1e, even letter the board and he guesses this. >> another toss up this one is worth $2,000. and the category is character. >> wow matt. >> the lone ranger. >> yes. >> yes. >> all right. >> i think there is still a connection with you and vanna. >> apparently.
9:26 am
>> how did he do it. >> just a guess. then it got better for this guy, mark desanta, he broke a wheel of fortune record winning nearly $92,000 in the main game round, sweeping every puts will. >> my gosh. >> man. >> that is just luck. >> yes. >> pure, pure luck. >> e pops up, lone ranger. >> of all of the things to guess. >> i'm starting to block up we didn't get to this. it is national pep are pot day. this is a very spicy hot soup, with historical ties and is there the man hi walter staib, good to he sigh from city tavern, we will make this pepper pot soup and clear you up too at home, right after the the break.
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. this one is for $2,000 the category character. the lone ranger. >> okay, brought this back up, forgot, very important detail to tell you about. matt is from our area, lives in malvern. >> wow. >> yes, yes. we should get him on the show. >> we should v him guess some stuff. maybe -- no, we don't have any monday. >> i we could give him our love. >> and we give him our cold, because we've been spread throughout the station here, fox 29. >> so, we thought we would bring in walter stay, an icon in the sit of philadelphia, to make something to clear up our heads, and our lungs and it is called pepper pot soup. i know you can get it at city tavern thereon second street. walter welcome thanks for
9:31 am
bringing your friends. >> i got mia cyst at any time. >> hi, million. >> i this is my right hand, antonio. but my left hand, mike. >> from a special event you plan mike, i need a birthday party, rehearsal dinner, he is the man. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> just got engaged. >> what is pepper pot soup? >> this particular soup is the pepper pot soup. i got this recipe 25 years ago from a lady, 400 years old recipe. >> what? >> yes. >> philly connection? >> and basically when i've did the research i found out that george washington, after crossing the delaware, would serve this identical soup to his troops and is easy to understanded because all the people from the weasands i's. >> in the tube over there, those are peepers. >> what's this is pepper corn.
9:32 am
>> oh,. >> how spicy is this soup then? >> pretty spicy. you agree? ask my people. i see a cold coming down, i never have a cold. >> ask them. >> avenue couple of bowls and it cures the cold. >> what do you start with? >> to make the newspaper. >> yes. >> basically make a stock. now, initially it is beef. >> what is it. >> pork, we took the pork out. >> pork. >> basically the only thing that's not in this entire soup, can i not get a type of a root we use in the islands but collard greens is the best. >> i love collard greens. >> then old spice in it, this unique flavor from the islands, and then the other thing, very important. >> what kind of stock is it? >> just beef stock. >> beef stock. >> yes. >> and old spice made right over there. >> where are you going milliony? >> all spite. >> oh, all spice. >> and all spice in it. basically the only way that
9:33 am
you can analyze the thing you got to taste it. >> well, because once you taste it, you can see all of the different flavors. let me tell you mike, talking about how many gallons? if i would change up the menu i'm sure i would be shot. >> everybody lovers it. >> not used to spicy foods so scale of one to ten how spicey? >> six. >> six, okay. >> little stock here. >> you read along with it, sweet potato biscuit. finish it up. >> oh, my gosh. oh, are you okay? >> fancy bowl she brought? >> really good. >> oh, man. >> opening up? >> and we go through this all the time.
9:34 am
when say also helps along with that is happens to be george washington's actual recipe, the only lays that has -- >> george washington made his own beer. >> made his own beer. >> what's it called? >> calvin porter. >> okay. >> we can get that at city tavern. >> yes. >> i went to city tavern this past weekends. >> can you feel the thing? i brought a bunch. what you do when you go home, warm it up, once you get off the air. >> sure, safer us some. >> we need tissues thank you. >> know it is good and spice when your nose starts to run a little git. >> oh, ya. >> terra root. >> i knew a tear a root in high school. >> it has scallions onions most important thing obviously to help -- if you make this recipe recipe in my book, by
9:35 am
the way. >> how is the tv show going? >> excellent. >> andand later on, the station get excited. >> thank you so much. >> okay, so, next, west chester is in the spotlight this morning. i went there and found out some great things, about this area, and just have to see it. >> you know what, it is a cute town. >> it is. >> quaint, i would say. >> has a lots to offer.
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>> mike wag watching the show, he stopped by and got us a starbucks. thank you my man. wrote all our names on them. >> thank you very much. >> sure. >> i love our viewers. >> yes, so wonderful. >> he is kind of buff, too. but, actually, i'm bigger fan every dunkin' donuts coffee. if you go down to eighth and market. >> oh, see, more requests. you get one thing you got to ask for me. >> wait. real quickly. again, it is black monday, nfl coaches, got to jim harbaugh, no longer with the 49ers then recommendation ryan got fired about an hour ago by the jets, now mike schmidt, new this was coming fired by the atlanta falcons. they needed to win that game yesterday. and they didn't get it done. so yes alex, tell us your store. >> i okay. >> to cure up this black monday getting more comfortable in the air finding my way around, so found my way over to west chester, great area. and visit took me on this tour. as you can see had a great
9:40 am
time, a lot to offer. >> they give great tours. >> they do. >> ♪ ♪ >> were you think of west chester pennsylvania what comes to minds? west chester university, qvc lots to do in this borough of nearly 20,000 people. pretty of great restaurants, also galleries and also things that you might not know about, but you can find right here. >> the museum located here because of all of the intine ovations. >> break through in the aviation industry that just might surprise some folks especially, considering many people aren't even aware the american helicopter museum calls west chester home. >> the delaware valley is the cradle of liberty for aviation because of all of the developments that happen here, starting with harold pitcairn in bryn athyn president sister helicopter. >> museum has been around
9:41 am
since 1996. it grew out of the 50th anniversary of the first helicopter con fronts trade show, which took place at the franklin institute. >> 1993 was the 50th anniversary, and so a group of helicopter industry, you know, entheusiasts, and businessmen, decide we need to do something to pre is her of this history. >> and preserve they did. the american helicopter museum and education center has more than 35 civilian and military helicopters on display. the collection includes auto gyros, convert a planes, even the v22 osprey, which is super important, to our country's defense. >> this is v22 osprey, which is an aircraft that flies both as helicopter and a plane. those go down, after up get the speed the payload after plane, but when they -- but it can land on a pinpoint spot just like a helicopter. >> finds housed inside the
9:42 am
chester county historical society located in downtown west chester. >> from the very beginning straight through to today through artifacts and having collections, that are accessible, in our library on display in our museum. >> memorabilia that runs the gamut in we are in our decorative arts gallery. everything that you see in the chester county historical society was either made, or used in chester county. ranking from the early 1700s right up through into the 19th century. >> says the artifacts show an early sense of craftsmanship. that many of the settlers who came to the county brought with them from their home country. >> we have an incredible collection of decorative arts, items, related to clocks, some clocks which -- considered rare where the faces and the works and the actual cabinet were made by the same person. so that's something that makes us unique, as well. >> also, what sets the museum apart, space dedicated to
9:43 am
visiting artist. >> we're in one of the exhibitions right now called profiles, chester county closing of the 1800s so this is an exploration of clothing throughout the 19 century, and it really spans from the days of custom clothing, which you find in that part of the exhibition, and homemade clothing right through the sewing machine and then gets into things like mass production and specific kind of items that you can buy in a catalogue or buy at a department store. >> there is plenty to see and do in west chester and lots of fascinating things to learn as well. >> that's great. >> yes, and we want to thank our sponsor for faking me on the tour, i'm learning so much on the area. >> how about bob and i we need to go on some tours. >> you went on one. >> to doylestown, had a great time. >> bob's turn next. >> i'll take you with. >> let's do that. maybe quincely want to go, too. >> we'll get all dressed up
9:44 am
with quincy and go on a tour. >> okay? >> i would love to do that, guys, commonwealth proper, so amazing, 19th and chestnut. getting ready for new years eve fashion. >> right now just looking at two different options in case going the formal route. here we have the contrast, here perforated forward, got you covered. >> got you. more stuff, more looks for now years eve
9:45 am
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9:47 am
this is monday? >> this is monday. >> then there is tuesday. and then wednesday. >> new years eve. >> new years eve. >> i already have my dress. >> i might want to go fancy. maybe some black tie stuff? >> yes, wove a lot of looks down here, at commonwealth proper, we have aaron peers aaron, we will go through a cup of looks. first every all, you put a different tie and a suit jacket on me. >> yes, so we did you up here with a silk, look four of these ever made, so that's always good, so silk tie there, and we wrinkle free travel blazer on you, in a midnight blue. so in the evening it can work, and then in the daytime it is nice and blue. yes, very transitional piece. >> got you. we have additional looks right here. what's the first look that we have? >> so the first look over here, first look over here there is one little bit more adventurous, more outgoing, so
9:48 am
light wait italian wool with a brushed grow grain piping along with peak lapel. the dude that wants to go out and mike sure everyone knows he's at the party. next we have the complete opposite. >> this dude is very low key dressed down, nice midnight blue black fair with black slack midnight blue. this guy the stealth guy. he comes in, everyone pays attention to him for all of the right reasons. >> like a mike jerrick look? >> i think that; yes yes, i can see him rocking that. >> okay. then last we have more classic look this is your midnight blue tux, black rowgrain, only thing nontraditional, paired it with black charcoal shirt rubberized buttonsment doesn't get any more proper than. >> i love commonwealth proper. spacious room you guys have here, i feel like james bond. >> that's what we want to evoke, we want people to feel hyper confident about themselves leaving this place. we always have a thing here, we're never open but always here, please if you're in the neighborhood, ring the bell,
9:49 am
we're glad to host you. >> i'll walk through show you guys how spacious it is. you can come through here, right, then they have another look, look at this look right here mike, what are you thinking? i'm thinking this could be you? >> we're getting ready for new years eve, commonwealth proper. >> and we do things custom. so -- >> do you need an appointment? >> everything appointment based. book us on line, typically with custom it takes six to eight weeks for garments, but ready made garments here. >> ready made. >> let's just ache way way about to leave. we'll see you guys later. >> 9:47. now, make it 9:49.
9:50 am
madonna's fighting words goes on rant against lady gaga. >> ya, we'll get to the bottom of all of these rumors whether we get back. >> to the bottom of something. >> ♪ ♪
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>> does this every year, to the pope owes.
9:54 am
>> pick one from good day. this is before i got here. >> where is it? >> it is right there. >> oh, ya. >> remember, they had the barber on, and he was -- he put my face in the back of the boy's head. >> yes. >> as a welcome gift. pretty cool. >> that made the top 20? >> and on instagram clipper edu. >> is this today's paper? >> he has skills. >> that's what i don't know. i am late looking at instagram. >> maybe doing something on line with it? >> maybe in the paper tomorrowy? don't see it. >> oh, sports section, oh god. >> we made it. >> did you even invest watching the game yesterday? >> i watched the fourth quarter. >> ya? >> hard to get excited when you know it won't mean anything. >> no. >> at least we ended with a win. >> since 1990 teams that start nine and three 97% of them make it to the playoffs. >> 97%? >> we're the 3 percenters. >> we defied the odds. >> number one in that. madonna is not happy and leash
9:55 am
g on social media. started started when another one of her fun finished demos was stolen then leak on line. >> yes, the queen of pop two sets behind, stirring up some controversy. rumors swirling that the line's your a cope cat i'm always on your mind, are directed at lady gaga. however, her manager says, it is not about gaga or anyone in particular. mad donna describes the festive music as artist i can rape. >> oh, my gosh. >> even lashed out, there are those who want to show me up but they cannot. we still live in a world that discriminates against women. there are people so hateful they want to create fueds between strong women that do not exist, i do not wish ill toward any other female artist and i never have. the worlds is big enough for both of us. >> the way to shut her up, pat metal ball in her mouth. >> one way. >> is that yule? >> not sure. >> so a loft people take off for the islands of course, over the winter break here christmas, well, look at beyonce and jay-z.
9:56 am
>> ya. >> ya, they're hanging out in thailand. >> they also have the coolest vacations. can i just say that? they bring their daughter blue ivy along. she'll have a loft memories. >> some winter island last week. >> in iceland. >> iceland. >> and she got her face painted, enjoyed ride on baby elephant. >> now, i saw them in some lounge chairs in their bick keen i's and their swimsuits. i believe this was puket islands, where all of the celebrities go. >> oh? >> and this is iceland. >> we saw that, yes big old hat, big jacket. >> hello. >> yes from the cool to warm. >> can warm things up, can't she? >> wow. i want their lives. >> must be nice. >> by the way, did you hear that the house they wanted to buy for $75 million in beverly hills? >> yes so 35 year old dude, he created mind craft. >> oh, minds craft. my god, my kids love minds
9:57 am
craft. >> thirty-five, worth about $3 billion. he snatched the house right out from under them. >> wow. screach. >> must be nice. >> was on the loose. dustin diamonds from saved by the bell fame, he got into a bar fight and ended up stabbing a guy. >> seems he is reporting, yes, stabbed the man in wisconsin bar christmas night. and yes pulled out switch blade, used, and laughed at his girlfriend like nothing happened. >> you look at that, trying to picture screach back in the day? >> his bail set for $10,000. at least the victim will be okay. not life threatening injuries, thank goodness. >> saved by the bell. >> ya. >> in that case, yes. >> all right let me get back to the soup. >> are you happy to be back? >> great to be back. >> why yes. >> that soup definately helps. >> little kick to it. >> soup over at city tavern. >> we are loving it. >> yes thanks. >> like you're surprised?
9:58 am
>> that's terrible. >>
9:59 am
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today beyonce has been dethroned. who booted her from the top? wendy has the answer. and kendall jenner bashed again, this time from a fellow model. we've got the inside scoop. plus, from the new chris rock movie "top five," cedric the entertainer is here. now, here's wendy! >> warren: yes! >> yes! i love that. welcome to


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