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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 30, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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indonesia. >> flu reaches epidemic levels in the u.s. how bad is it going to be this year and is it too late to get a flu shot. our doctor mike has all of the answers you need. >> hey hey, hey lets talk to ppa, don't pay that ticket. a warning for anyone who got an e-mail that looks like it is from the philadelphia parking authority if not it is a scam, don't pay it. a boy find out hard way ending up on the naughty list has some serious consequences what his parents made him do that will have him thinking twice about being a bad boy. >> i have always wanted to do that to my kid but never had a any of to do it but some parents finally dit. >> put them on the naughty list. >> after you have that gift take that gift away from them. >> they think they are in the clear. >> really. >> straight up 7:00 o'clock on what is this tuesday. >> it is tuesday. >> december 30th. >> tomorrow will be last day of the year. >> that is right. >> we have an announcement to make before next machine we
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will tell but that, some big news. >> yes. >> big news. >> which will be the next year. >> that would be the fifth of january. >> how about some more numbers. >> i think it will be an eight today. >> we're close. >> i'm an eternal pessimist. it is going to be cold. is that okay. >> that is okay. >> it works. >> okay, thanks. >> bus stop buddy is bunled up in the heavy down coat hat and gloves because we are seeing temperatures in the 20's and 30's which has not been this cold in a few days. we have snow showers in event rally with delaware. our radar has been picking up sprinkles and flurries all morning long but it looks like decent snow showers coming down in central kent county. 33 degrees in philadelphia at the airport. winds north east at 6:00. wind chill of 28. we should hit 38 today. 10 degrees colder then
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yesterday. cloud, sun and then later tonight we will see mostly cloudy skies. maybe a flurry or two as we fall back down to 20 degrees. you will full forecast is still, a head but let's check traffic with bob. >> 7:02 on this tuesday. we have light volume, route 100 right here near pennsylvania turnpike in major delays a at all. we will see same deal as yesterday, lighter than normal morning volume, after 9:00 o'clock once folks are out and about, kid are out and up and doing stuff. we will see volume. ben franklin bridge looking good in downtown philadelphia lets role rid ohio of the news van, that occurred early this morning, and it involved a car fire, accident took down the telephone pole there, which has left a wires, all across the roadway, as we go to the maps along route 309 just south of quakertown here at toll gate road. both directions of 309 closed use the old bethlehem pike as the alternate. market street in philadelphia here watch for a house fire
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getting word blockage along market between 40th and forty-first but otherwise we're in good shape along schuylkill expressway and i-95. no problems coming in the city. mass transit looking good as well. mike and alex accounts back over to you. it looks like we have got some answers to breaking news grim and painful end for family members of the passengers and crew, for air air asia flight, 8501. >> rescuers have been founding floating bodies and sea from the java sea where flight crash more than two days ago. fox 29's jennifer gist has been following this morning all long and joins us live from the news room. >> reporter: according to routers, 40 bodies have been recovered from the waters off indonesia. this comes as hundreds of search crews have been even leslie scouring waters for any iron of wreckage. several pieces of debris have been spotted in the sea, the debris still need to be examined and to confirm fit is related to the missing air
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asia plane as news spread bodies have been spotted in the water. family members of the 162 passengers on board 8501 sat together at a local airport and they watch graphic details unfold on television. many screamed, broke down in tears. the plane disappeared sunday morning on its way from inn near a to singapore after it encountered bad weather. pilot requested to alter his route. he was denied because of air traffic in the area. moments later radar contact was lost. no distress call was made. >> it tells me a couple things. it tells me that within either something catastrophic happened in the air that the pilots had had in knowledge of or could have done anything about or secondly they could have had something where pilots were focusing on trying to fly that aircraft and just never got a hold of it again and crash in the ocean. >> reporter: this is latest in the series of tragic air travel incidents in south east asia malaysia airlines flight 370 went missing in march with 239 people on board and in
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july flight 17 was shot down over ukraine killing all 298 passengers, and crew. so again latest in the search for air asia flight 8501 routers reporting as many as 40 bodies have been recovered from indonesia waters. we are waiting to get more tea tails from officials there mike and alex. >> families has some answers now. >> close another. >> yes. >> more breaking news this morning, police say alcohol and speed may have played a role in the deadly accident in nicetown. >> it looks like. what is going on out there what are the details. >> reporter: it happened in the shadow of new years eve. one young with man is in the living to see the new year. it happened on roberts avenue just off the boulevard north bound, investigators say a 2013 ford car came flying off ramp that was going so fast driver didn't make the curve there in the road and flew into that tell even if pole cutting it cleanly in half. we have video for you from this scene. you can see just a state that
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the carries in the the the roof of the car completely sheared off. windshield totally shattered and caved in. the driver a 23 year-old woman passed away she was decapitated. the front seat passenger a 24 year-old man is fighting for his life in critical condition at einstein, he has broken limbs, severe trauma to his face, two back seat passengers a man and woman are very lucky both are stable at temple. within of them is pregnant, she and her baby are expected to be okay. police say this came as a result of some terrible decisions. they found alcohol in the car and they say speeding is a factor as well. we expect to investigators at the scene and let's listen to what they told us. >> accident investigation officers are on location but investigating the crime scene and they did find some alcohol in the vehicle. so, they do believe that speed and alcohol possibly
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contributed to this accident. >> reporter: you can hear the car horn blasting on that car, the the alarm going off, back here live again, to this scene, the car flew down a 20-foot embankment into a ditch where first responders found victims and car, right new investigators looking into whether any of the passengers or driver was wearing a seat wealth. mike and alex, back to you. 7:07. a 42 year-old pottstown woman charge with corruption of the minor will be in court this morning. there she is, iris giveany has a hearing today, police say she admitted to having sex with a 17 year-old boy she met at a pottsgrove high school football game. more on that to come. 7:07. detective are working streets of north philadelphia trying to figure out shot an eight year-old boy riding his bike monday afternoon. >> yeah. >> it happened on the 2500 block have of oriano street
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and that is what this boy's family says. didn't say they could not find any evident of the shooting, in shell casings or blood. detectives say they are sure that the boy was shot but they don't necessity where or who pulled the trigger. >> we're getting some conflicting stories from family members which are making detectives suspicious about what actually occurred. >> that is not the only challenge. police say they didn't learn of the shooting until a few hours after it happen. that call did in the come from the family, it came from st. christopher's hospital for children, where the boy is resting in stable condition. bullet lodged in the shoulder police say the boy will be okay. toddler's south jersey is in critical condition at chop and mother's fiance is behind bars. twenty-three year-old giovanni of sewell, new jersey is facing charges of attempted murder and endangering the welfare of the child and aggravated assault. twenty-nine year-old boy went to the hospital on saturday serious injuries including,
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kidney failure. bail is set a at $350,000. all right. almost 7:09 on this tuesday. growing memorial now marks the place where a ten year-old boy lost his life after being hit and killed by a franklin township police patrol car. family says matthew mccloskey was crossing delsea drive, sunday night with two friend on his way to a sleep over at a friend's house when the patrol car hit him. the other boy escaped uninjured but fifth grader matthew was killed. his three siblings and single mother now devastated and grieving, the the family friend and other members of the community letting everybody know how they want you to help. >> it is you and it is matthew mccloskey memorial fund. so if the the community would like to show their support that is the the way we could use their support right now. >> of course, gloucester
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county prosecutor's office continuing to investigate the accident. some philadelphia parents are scrambling to find a place for their kid to go to school. they found out a few days ago that the walter palmer middle school is shutting down tomorrow and a vocal group of parents held a curb side meeting outside northern liberties school last night. they are angry palmer administrators decided to abruptly close the school over the the holiday break. these parents plan to send a message to the department of education, some students joined in as well. >> because i learn a lot here and i'm going to miss my teachers and my friend. >> when she first came here she was below average. now she's performing on a proficient level. so that speaks for itself no matter how you say it is being mismanaged, these kid are learning, these kid are our future and that is the point of them going to this school. >> the school district of philadelphia says they will find a place for palmer students in area public schools. the philadelphia school
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district has several enrollment sessions for former palmer students the first is tomorrow, at school district headquarters. for a list of all session dates and times go to my fox ape look under seen on tv section. 7:11 now. someone sending out bogus notices claiming to be with the philadelphia parking authority trying to get money from you. be careful. ppa issued this alert about the e-mails. here's one of them a woman in pittsburgh got this notice yesterday. you can see there is no identifying fur about the vehicle involve. i know it is hard to see very small print and it wasn't sent from the parking authority at all. parking authority e-mail address is not on there. officials say if you get one of these things to not pay it. >> direct people to another web site to make a payment. we want to make sure if they receive a e-mail solicitation of payment for philadelphia parking authority ticket it is not legitimate and they should
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certainly not make any payment to an unknown web site. >> the parking authority says that they never ask for money in an e-mail okay. 7:12. a man trying to allude police is killed when his car crashes on chester pike in delaware county. >> man was driving a white nissan and sped off when police officer tried to pull him over. he lost control hit a driver in the red pontiac and force that had car in the park car. innocent man is in critical condition. suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. witnesses her the impact and even saw the crash. >> cars every where, police came out with the guns drawn and from there it was a chase. >> i feel bad for families of the people that got hurt. it is just terrible. >> police say suspect was being pulled over regarding inspection stickers. investigators are still trying to determine if the car was stolen or purchased. >> okay. you have heard about this one haven't you a lewd act a
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stolen dog, and a shooting. a bensalem man is facing charges stemming from some bizarre behavior sunday night. police say they is, 21 year-old angel suarez, was caught naked from the waist down engaged in the lewd act on the second floor balcony of a woman's apartment. he was master bathing. it happened at franklin commons apartment on the the street. police say the man chased the woman inside her apartment. she was able to escape but then police say he stole her dog, before jumping through a window to the ground. he wasn't done yet. investigators say from there he got into another apartment where he struggled with the tenant who had a gun. they shot him twice. >> who knows what was going through this guys head why he would do all those crazy things. >> police are awaiting the result of the drug test on suarez, no kidding and he is
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in a -- he is at aria torresdale hospital in critical condition from the gunshots. and woman's doggies still missing. we will stay on this story and try to find that dog for her. well crews are trying to keep up and keep roads safe after snowing and cold temperatures, this was a mess yesterday afternoon and last night. i'm glad i got out of there sunday. >> just in time. >> more than 6,000 miles have of streets to clear and temperatures in the single digits denver public works plow drivers are working 12 hour shifts to keep up with all of the work. more than 150 flights in and out of the airport were canceled yesterday and more snow is expect today which is sure to cause more of a mess. meanwhile in the state of indiana is there an unusual crime spree going down in the middle of the night. thieves are stealing plows right off of the big trucks. victims think plows are hot
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items because of the heavy see in fell last year and the plows could mean some quick cash this snow season if they can attach these big plow toss their own vehicles, that is if they can getaway with surveillance camera have caught a couple of these thieves already. police are now using those camera and video to try to catch all of the guys mostly men, stealing plows off the front of these trucks in indiana. >> my gosh. >> that is not the easy to do. >> caitlin, come on. >> i know inn yan a had a winter just like we did last winter. >> second snowy on record. >> very good. >> congratulations. >> were you listening. so proud of you mike. we did learn that earlier yes, i am. here's the snow that was in denver which is moving through areas of kansas namely, wichita, starting to see that snow moving through. it is are cold in denver. very cold on the front range of the northern plains. this is an big arctic inn racial that will make
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temperatures unbearable for parts of the midwest. for us it will get colder but not as cold though. we have a front bringing light rain and snow showers across the del marva. as we zoom in this is snow on the radar looking heavier then it has earlier this morning. the that is making it to the ground there. in between dover and milford seeing snow. we have flurries and rain sprinkles mixing in sussex county delaware. we are coming off very unseasonably mild weather. chris mass take last thursday 65. fifty last friday. beautiful weekend. hopefully you enjoyed it because yesterday was first drop off from 50's to 40's and today we will fall from 40's to 30's when it comes to high temperature. twenty-seven in pots town. thirty-three in philadelphia 34 in dover delaware. your holiday forecast new users eve for little ones out seeing fire works early around 6:00 they will do them at penns landing, we have temperatures in the 30's but falling quickly in the 20's. for these midnight fire works 20's and wind chills in the
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teens. new years day not much better. it will be sunny, breezy but only a high of 37 degrees that is for new years day with wind chills in the 20's. new year another new year day, also pretty breezy, we will moderate maryland rating through rest of the licensing holiday weekend. forty-two on saturday. that looks to change to rain. temperatures sunday in the 50's. despite all this cold weather, bob kelly not looking at any snow not yet. >> they will be changing ward to those golden slippers, oh them fuzzy warm golden slippers. live look at the blue route 476 come out of the mid county. so far so good this morning. off to another great start. in problems getting where you are going. live look at boulevard from the northeast philadelphia down to the schuylkill we are in good shape. we have a fire location along market street with local detours between 40th and first street, blair mill road, looks like it fell out of the back of the trash truck near county
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line road so look out for that one there. coming from the suburbs, 422 202 looking good, again light volume this morning. even coming out of the north i-95 southbound looking good into the city and somebody sent me a tweet earlier and said in the a bad ride in today the right hoed will be the the same. i think yesterday we had those afternoon jams up and down i-95 for evening rush hour. >> it is a great day positive person. >> yes put tonight existence. >> i will leave it right here good touch it. >> rub it. >> okay good. >> that was weird. >> just a little bit. >> how do you describe the u uber car service. >> yes alternative to taxi is it is amazing. i love using it. >> try to hail a cab today good uber users, really. you know, i switch it up. >> yes. >> so all you uber users out
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there, prepare, it will be busy new years eve an company expects record breaking profits. that means you to come down to us. >> that within tomorrow night young lady, last new years eve, uber made 10.7 million-dollar, well that is nationally. that was a 369 percent increase from 2012. that is a good increase. tomorrow night and thursday morning the company expansion to be responsible for 2 million rides, if they are right, uber could rake in american 100 million-dollar wow. that is partly due to surging prices which is in effect when tea manned for service is high. if there is a lot of demand, the old who is the the economist alan smith, adam smith, that is who it was, supply and demand, darn it. >> that is true. they warn you before it takes uber, price surges.
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>> speaking have of money alex holley, do you have at&t service, they are paying money back to us. how about that. there is another phone company that mayo you money that you don't even know about how you can if you go another out if they owe you money wouldn't that be nice gift at the end of the year. >> great gift. >> was about this on santa's naughty list already you won't believe what his parents made him do do you think this was the right move, or do you think it went too far we will let you know if it went too far. >> how can i decide. >> i'll tell you coming back from the break. >> i get it thank you.
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okay. look at the little white boat going to the right. that is an odd looking vessel isn't it. >> it is. >> what do you suppose that is used for is that spencer tracie in the back of it old man in the sea. what kind of boat would that be. >> maybe a twitter follower will tweet us. >> you know they will alex holley. it is an odd looking craft, very long, would it be picking up buoys. >> just so you know we have been staring at it all commercial break. >> it is an odd looking thing. what is the thick in the back. >> do you think it is a fishing boat bob kelly. >> yes. >> yes. >> what boat. >> a long liner is that what you say, camille, long liner. >> a long liner. >> wonder what kind of fish they are picking up are they picking up, we don't have lobster around here do we,
7:25 am
scallops. >> i love scallops. >> with bacon. >> they are bottom feeders. >> i'm hungry. >> but they eat poo of other fish. >> they taste good. >> okay. >> yes. >> lets see if she's here from the fox business network. we do want to know this. i think we have over paid our phone company and can we get money back from the phone companies. >> wouldn't that be a great post christmas gift if you could. t mobile, and at&t do owe a lot of customers money. check this out, they have settled with the fcc about a hundred million-dollar each, because of cramming, these small little charges on your cell phone bill that you may not notice. what you should do if you have been a subscriber anytime in the last five years is go to their respective web sites and they are t mobil and fcc federal go there before april 30th to
7:26 am
see if you are eligible for any refund because catch here is even though government has settled with the company, the the refund are not automatic. you have to go look for them. >> give us web sites again and we feed them our information. >> reporter: yes exactly. two web sites are t mobile for t mobile subscribers, of course, and then ftc settlement deadline for t mobile is april 30th. a continue and t is may 1st. when you get a moment, log in check to see if you are eligible for a refund. it may not be that much after legal fees and all of the distribution but maybe you'll get a couple bucks back. it is worth it it is the principal, you know what i'm saying. isn't that how life works. you have to do all this work to get your money back. even though they got in trouble for this. >> reporter: they never make it easy. in problem. >> joline. i like to sing her name. isn't she lovely. >> i love her. >> i'll tell you what is not good, it seems like the flu
7:27 am
season is coming back for a second round, right doctor mike. >> yes it seems like another weird strain so my flu shot that we got i don't think it is even good anymore. >> it doesn't feel like it is. >> cdc says we have a flu epidemic in our country including the delaware valley doctor mike will come in here and say we need another flu shot is the one still good. quincy is getting ready to party tomorrow. so he is showing us where hot spots are for nye, the link. >> the link lincoln financial field, we will be partying here, inn and i'll tell but this big party here going on tomorrow. can't wait a lot of stuff going on guys and i'll cover
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are we doing weather. >> after the round up. >> yes well, the flu reaches epidemic levels. did you see this from the cdc? we're in an epidemic in this country including the delaware valley. is it too late to get the flu shot? doctor mike is here with the answer. >> and just dethroned oprah's no longest the world's richest black woman who is now taking that title. >> is it you, alex. >> definitely in the me. >> and a lot of people are getting dressed up for new years eve tomorrow night, right. but these people have a
7:31 am
different kind of party in mind and this will happen in philadelphia we will get all dressed up and then sweat into your formal wear. it is a midnight run alex. >> that is a a neat way to spend a new year. >> i did it one time in man hat on what sit call the big part. >> central park. >> one of our biggest urban parks in the world. at midnight we ran a 10k caitlin ross in the tuxedo. >> on new years eve. >> yes. >> was it cold. >> not wasn't that bad. >> not that i remember. it was fun. >> tuxedo, that is fine fuzz are running. girl in your formal wear strap less short, not so good object new year eve. >> strap less and short is that what you are wearing. >> busted. >> you never know, i will not be running in it, i'll tell thaw much. if you are, it will be very cold. put some layers on top of. that bus stop buddy outside this plenty of layers. temperatures in the 20's and
7:32 am
30's mostly cloudy skies. as we go through coming days it will feel chillier by the hour. it is still a seven for our tuesday scale of one to ten. afternoon sunshine makes it look prettier. morning cloud and cold temperatures not helping. even seeing some snow showers outs there. satellite and radar stalled front to the south, just like yesterday morning bringing some sprinkles and what looks to be a decent snow shower south of dover in kent county, delaware. down in southern delaware we are seeing light snow that can continue through the morning. otherwise bass home here in fail with the city behind us, 33 degrees after sunrise. wind northeast wind chill at 28 degrees. we will see some more sun this afternoon but only 38 for the high temperatures after days above average we are now 25 the low temperature tonight. partly cloudy. chilly weather lasting through new years day. we will have that a ahead in your seven day forecast. bob? >> good morning everybody. we are in good shape on i-95, this is a live look at i-95 woodhaven road northeast
7:33 am
philadelphia a on the north bound side, blinking lights there, disabled off to the shoulder but just an example of the light volume we are deal with this morning. no problems at all working our way to the next camera. we will go to the next one, ben franklin bridge in problems at all a coming into downtown philadelphia an example light volume again today but route 34 trolley is running with delays. we have a disable paratransit vehicle along the track there so between 61st and market in center city a ten minute delay. university city an apartment fire on market street with local detours between 40th and forty-first but otherwise the schuylkill i-95 come on down, no problems this morning and mass transit looking good as well. mike and alex, back over to you. >> bob, are you still sick. >> alex sick. everybody i know is sick. the whole world is sick. sick sick, sick. the cdc says we have a flu epidemic new in this country. >> really kicking in. >> we had our flu shots two months ago.
7:34 am
>> yes, we did right here. it was painful. >> doctor mike does that still work for us. >> you bet, and a the the reason why everybody needs to get a flu shot still if you didn't get one is that having the flu shot although you have heard that it is not as effective as it was last year, it still helps. it diminishes the flu like symptoms and the flu can kill. >> i will tell you this i don't believe any of us here at fox have the flu, i think we have some kind of upper respiratory thing that isn't the flu. >> have year has a flavor this year i have seen toms of post viral tracheal bronchitis. people get a cold. then they start with the cough that doesn't go away. >> two weeks. >> i have seen tons of. that i have seen relatively few cases of the flu. but the the flu my friend is copping. i have a map to show you. it is widespread throughout the country. >> what does yellow mean. >> yellow means it is every
7:35 am
where, the brownish color is one that means it is widespread. all of those states have widespread flu. the the next map i will show you is an activity map. the readies where there is high activity levels. >> new jersey, new jersey and delaware. >> it is coming. >> i have heard delaware is ten times more cases then they did last year at this point. >> the bottom line is that people have to remember is that there are three ways for us to protect ourselves. number one you get the the flu shot. number two if you you get sick, it is critical if you feel like you have the flu. we will talk about the symptoms very quickly. you see your health care provider because there are medicine available. tamiflu, these are anti viral medicine that reduce risk of you getting severe complications and ending up in the hospital and dying. >> tamiflu is that something you have to prescribe. >> yes yes. >> and then you mentioned some people talking about minnesota there are three children who
7:36 am
died and there is a particular strain that is affecting children. >> the strain, this is why the flu shot is not as effective, viruses like everything else on this beautiful planet wants to eke out a living. i have said this before. viruses mutate, they change. so they just want to stay on the planet. they cheat. with you we're smarter then viruses. we have ways to tiehl with it. >> okay a woman just tweeted me and says i want to get the flu shot, and she wants me to hold her hand. >> that is nice. >> did it the hurt to get a flu shot. >> no, not at all. >> you cannot the get the flu from the flu shoty will do this. she will go to north delsea drive-in glassboro hi, if i'll come and hold her hand. >> i'll do it tomorrow. >> bring her into the studio and i'll do it. >> really. >> why not. >> let's do it. >> we better go to glassboro
7:37 am
she lives there noon tomorrow. >> do we have a second because we have to know symptoms of the flu are. very, very important. high fever in many cases. number two, muscle aches, you just feel like you got hit by a truck. number three, sore throat, running nose these are things that are different then if you have a cold or a sinus infection. if you have those symptoms you might have the flu. it is critical to get treatment early especially if you're older younger or have asthma or heart problems. those are people that need to be treated. >> you don't mind us calling the the there's office. >> never. >> if you think you have it, just call your doctor. >> listen, as a health care provider i would prefer to know and to communicate with my patients. >> sound good. >> it is all about love. you know what, congratulations on your prenuptialty. >> what a way to see that.
7:38 am
>> yes, i will see you at the wedding. >> i'm good at the heimlich. >> it is just like the flu. >> thanks doctor mike. >> infect with love. >> there is something hitch y. a boy end up on santa's naughty list and boy did his parents teach him a lesson after he got the christmas gift d they go too far? we will explain
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
kid know, it is especially important to be well behaved as this time of the year especially just before christmas. what about if you get naughty right after christmas. >> one child learned the hard way that the naughty list is real. let's get to chris murphy. the punishment a the lot of people have issues witt. what is the punishment chris. >> this is kind of weighing both ways. so, most parents make empty threats when kid active like i will lock you in your room until you are 18 or i will just throw your phone away. >> yes. >> i seem pretty tough as a parent.
7:42 am
>> yes. >> yep. >> a lot of parents they don't follow through but one parent decided to teach his son a lesson. naughty doesn't pay so you won't play. a ready user posted this photo of a return receipt for wii you console bundle pack. so check out the story at the the bottom. it reads initial problem description from point of sale, son was put on naughty list had to watch it being returned. >> i love this. >> so like any parenting style some applaud this punishment, some say it is out of line. photo was posted under parenting done right. it got hundreds of comment. some say too harsh while others say sometimes this kind of a lesson is necessary to send the right message. it is no the clear who posted the receipt but it appears to be that the store cashier not the parent put this on red it. parenting experts are new
7:43 am
saying it may be a better idea to only take a waste something temporarily and have your child earn it back. >> i agree with them. >> take ate way. >> if the kiddies acting up that severely take ate way. what is wrong with that. >> why can't they earn it back, they can change. >> or order it back. >> only thing i didn't like is parents posting it on this web site but apparently they dit the person at the store posted it. >> yeah, the the store posted it which i think is perhaps out of lane but they don't show which kid this is but i'm with mike on this the old tough love works with kids. >> why don't you take it away, put tonight a different room. >> it is like 400 bucks. the these are not cheap. >> that is right. >> behave yourself and you get the wie back you wean i. >> exactly good thank you chris. >> love you. >> we're the the best. >> it is hard to say i'm ore for you it is, yes.
7:44 am
>> but i say it almost every take. >> i'm sorry, i love you. >> do you remember donald sterling he had to say i'm sorry. lets go back to the big's polling of the year, jog your memory a bit. lets get back to quincy because he is getting ready to part think new years eve. >> big one at link tomorrow night. >> lie silly right now right. but guess what, big party at the link. look at how many space is at the link i will be dancing and partying and tell you all the information coming up next. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature,
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it is 7:47. i have a little bit of an announcement to make... m is for mucus. no, it is for mike of course. so when you think of alex and mike, think of, mornings. the the a.m., get it. >> the a.m. team. >> yes. >> do you get it. >> yes good alex, mike a.m. >> i think they get it, mike. >> on twitter people have been asking on a few months why don't you get back to the old
7:48 am
days, you know, so we have an announcement to make about monday morning. >> in the a.m. good talking about the a.m. >> you get the point there caitlin. >> it is alex and mike. >> in the a.m. >> so when you think of a.m. >> we will just save it for at nuns. >> maybe you can only have a name that begins with an a and m meaning i should president dot a.m. >> or, upside down with the w. >> what in. >> what? >> weather. >> time for the promo. we will wait for that announcement with baited breath. >> what is baited breath. >> it wasn't that though. outside right now we have a couple of snow showers coming through on delaware. nothing here in the city and no where else just some cloud but it is causing a few flurries and sprinkles. if this is making it to the
7:49 am
ground you have to tell us in southern delaware. let us know. otherwise cold every where. twenty-eight allentown. twenty-seven in reading. thirty-three in philadelphia. thirty-two ac. thirty in wrightstown, new jersey. cold temperatures here to stay. we are getting colder getting a look at the seven day forecast. thirty-eight today. included an sin. new years eve and new year date bright and sunny high temperatures in the 30's. lows in the 20's. ringing in the new year wind chills in the teens. we will moderate through rest of the weekend. rain looks likely on sunday a brief wintry mix on saturday night. that is your seven day forecast bob, i don't know if we belong on the a.m. show. >> we have to check the letters. 7:49. it looks like disable somebody pulled up, and we have penndot arrow truck on the scene, 309 northbound right here near sus question hand a live look at bennie, come on down, no problems coming into philadelphia this morning lighter than normal. it is an upside down kind of the week. kid are off from school. south on 295 a disable tractor
7:50 am
trailer right here near centre square. bridges look fine. mass transit, in delays mike and alex back over to you. >> bob, i would suggest that people set their alarm for thursday morning if you want to see a train reckon television because i'm going to four parties tomorrow night and then work the next day. >> the mummers and all that. >> i want to know what the hottest parties are in town. >> one is at the link. i went to this a couple years ago. it is a huge party, a lot of sports guys and girls there. quincy? >> yes, it is going to be crazy. i want to run with you can we roll. >> we can roll you know mike is a partyer. >> um-hmm. >> i will be late for work. >> this is amazing. how are you guys going to pack this place. >> this is our second go around with this. we made history. i said how can we improve
7:51 am
that. we threw the biggest diverse party city of philadelphia ever seen. i took a step back, how can i improve it. brought on new components to this party. again we went to a bigger side of lincoln financial field. >> how many times do you have an opportunity to party at lincoln financial feel. >> not many. >> not many. >> wants to go to a club on new years eve when you can party at the link. >> yes. >> so, you are a dj. you have been killing music for years in the tri-state. >> yep. >> we're going to be having dj's who is performing here. >> i will be here garyo corry dft playing old school, veto g from atlantic city playing top 40. marty g's and dj hollywood. >> we can walk through. elaine, you have some females that will be here just like greeting everybody as well. >> all of the ladies from model mixers will be here ready to go, hyped, excited. >> ape this is really big. >> you said you have
7:52 am
performances, local performances going on. >> we have some of the best up and coming talent from philadelphia, local tri-state area. we have got some right here on stage right now. >> this is patrick donovan, check him out, he is really good. >> ♪ >> i can't not wait for this party. >> so, can i come and pay for tickets at the door. >> you can pay for tickets at the door visit our web site at www nye, we are also on twitter nye if you purchased your tics today as long as eagles box office is opened you can pick up your tickets. also this is last perfect ray. i know eagles didn't go as far as we wanted them to go but we have plenty players, who confirmed, one being all pro jason peters will be celebrating with us on new years eve. it is biggest party on the east coast.
7:53 am
let's go. >> well, they are excited. i'm excited. patrick is singing. come down to the lincoln financial field. >> come on down. >> it is on a couple different levels. last time i went it was year before shady mccoy, i ran into shady mccoy there players come out to that one. >> all kind of cool lighting. >> different kind of music not just that accoustic stuff. >> i like choices when you can go room to room. >> i have to stop by there sound like a fun time. every bride knows stress of planning a wedding new imagine all these plans falling apart 24 hours before the big day. >> my gosh. >> how the the president of the united states got involved
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
wasn't he here with ariana grande. >> i got a selfie with him at jingle ball. >> we are counting down the top billboard magazine songs of the year 2014. and fans came in at number ten with stay with me. end of each year is perfect time to look back and remember, the good, bad and sorry. 2014 had a lot of big apology. >> we have to look at them able we will show you the biggest. lets get to this one former l.a. clippers owner donald sterling he apologized, after he was heard making racist remarks to his girl friend in an audio recording back in april. he said he didn't know why he said what he did. the nba banned him for life and find him 2.5 million-dollar. then he lost his team which microsoft ceo steve baumer jumped in to buy. that was huge when it came
7:58 am
out. >> it went on for weeks. >> he made $2 billion off the sale of the team. >> my gosh. >> 2 billion. >> is that a punishment. >> i don't think so, maybe his ex-wife. >> i just remember it just came coming out. >> and then v steviano. >> what about this. >> in june video surfaced of justin beiber telling racist jokes and using the n word. beiber said he did not understand the pur of certain word when he was younger and call it a mistake. he said he takes his friendships with people of all culture seriously. >> okay. >> that was probably your favorite apology. >> you love him so much. >> what a tool. >> did you see him yesterday. he stopped in the middle of midtown manhattan and skateboarded by madison square garden. >> still a kid. >> some athletes were making big apologies biggest ray rice. >> he said he was sorry after videos of him hitting his then
7:59 am
fiance in the elevator were released in july. rice apologized for his reactions without saying what he had done to his now wife janet. now rice was inn definitely suspended for instance dent but an arbitrator threw it out ape rice is still waiting to get back in the game. >> we will see what happens next season. >> and in november, adrian peterson expressed remorse after pick talk of his four year-old son beaten legs bloody legs appeared on line. adrian said he regrets the incident and takes full responsibility for his actions. the texas judge accepted the plea deal, but the child a abuse case. which means probation, for adrian peterson. he was denied reinstatement to the nfl this year. he plans to file a federal lawsuit. and, in june. >> joan a hill publicly apology guyed on the tonight she for hurling a gay slur at paparazzi the weekend before he says that the word he chose was grotesque and in one deserves to say or hear word like that. after saying he was sorry he added he didn't deserve or expect anyone's forgiveness. >> how about that. >> and then finally this
8:00 am
month, two sony executives had to apologize for comments they made in private e-mails, tied to the sony hacking scandal. producer scott ruden and sony co-chairman amy pascal said their words were insensitive and inappropriate n1 e-mail, scott ruden called angelina jolie a spoiled brat and called her talentless there were e-mails about president obama and kevin hart and a little bit racist comments they said they were just joking about the the president and kevin, but little off color good we did have big apologies. >> we want to know what you thought were big apologies too. we want to know your opinion. >> good day, it is tuesday december 30th, 2013, here we go. >> reporter: several bodies have been recovered in the area where missing air asia flight 8501 was last seen. we will tell you where the
8:01 am
search effort stand, next dawn. >> reporter: president obama in the hot seat his love for golf interrupts the couple's love for each other, why the president is apologizing to a pair of newlyweds this morning, alex. >> and a oprah, dethroned. the media goddess is no longester the world's richest african-american women. we will tell you who is taking her place this morning. >> she's no longer the world's richest black woman because woman who replaced her is not african-american. we will tell but her in just a second. >> the biggest drinking night of the year is tonight. no it is not tonight. >> for you it was last night. >> with you before you pop that champagne listen to this we have some new cocktails you can try to usher in the new year. it doesn't have to be champagne, caitlin. you don't have to have that. >> i love champagne. >> but next morning, my gosh. >> yes. >> my head. >> it does give you headache because of all of the sugar in it. >> i love it. >> best thing is we will have have samples.
8:02 am
>> yes, that is true. >> it will be a great next two hours. >> yes. >> we do this for you for your entertainment purposes. >> please. >> okay, here we go. >> so, today colder then yesterday which was colder than day before. >> let's call it day before. do you notice trend. >> yes. >> getting colder. >> as we round out year, coldest temperatures in a while. bus stop buddy out not at the bus stop but dressed and ready to give you a forecast this morning. temperatures in the 20's and 30's. it is still a seven. not a bad day out there it is dry. we will see afternoon sunshine but the morning cloud and the cold temperatures making it feel like winter, has return. the and in fact it has, even a few snow showers showing up on satellite and radar right now mainly moving through southern delaware. if you are there there are some flurries and make on rain sprinkled further south. forty-three at the airport. you can see overcast skies. camera shaking a little bit as we have a decent breeze out of the north. thirty-eight is the high today
8:03 am
with afternoon sunshine even colder into tonight we will see a low of 25 degrees. we will have your seven day forecast in about ten minutes, bob. >> hey, caitlin good morning. 8:03 on this tuesday morning. light volume, again, this morning. everybody has the week off. i think kids still off from school. live look at i-95 near philly international. heading down to the airport to get a flight out of the town for the holidays today we're in good shape, no problems getting there and no problems once you get there near the airport looking g live look at the benjamin franklin bridge as the patco high speed line comes across. we have campbell's field there in the back gun. no problems at all up and over the the bridges. route 34 trolley running with some delays between 61st and market and downtown, all because of a disable paratransit vehicle that is on the track and if you are heading up to catch the ball drop in new york, the extra services today on new jersey transit's a trains, a and into new york city between 10:00 and noon for the folks heading up to new york mike and alex back to you.
8:04 am
it is almost 8:04 on this tuesday. the it looks like they have found the plane alex. >> rescuer continuing to pull bodies and debris from the scene this morning where flight 8501, disappeared, with 162 passengers and crew on game. fox 29's jennifer joyce joins us from the news room with the the very latest on this, jenny. >> reporter: alex, 40 bodies have been recovered from the waters off a of indonesia according to latest routers report this advertise coverry comes as hundreds of search crews have been even leslie scouring the waters for any sign of wreckage. several pieces of debris have been spotted in the sea. the debris still need to be examined to confirm its related to the missing air asia plane. bodies have been spotted in the batter family members of the 162 passengers on board flight 8501, watched the graphic details unfold on television at the airport. many screamed and broke down in tears. the plane disappeared sunday morning on its way from indonesia to singapore after
8:05 am
it encountered bad weather. the pilot requested to alter his route. he was denied because of air traffic in the area moments later radar contact was lost, no distress call was made. >> it tells me a couple things. it tells me that one, either something catastrophic happened in the air that the pilots had no knowledge orr could have done anything about or secondly it could have have been something where bite lots were focusing on trying to fly that aircraft and just never got a hold of it again and crash in the ocean. >> reporter: thinks latest in the series of air travel incidents in, million layer a airlines flight 370 went missing in march with 239 people on board. and in july malaysia airlines flight 17 was shot down over ukraine killing all 298 passengers, and crew members. so again, the the latest in the search for air asia flight 8501 is reporting that 40 bodies have been ready to recover. >> had hey, jenny there were
8:06 am
reports that the plane thought they saw the the outline error the shadow of the plane itself in somewhat shallow water, have you heard about that. >> reporter: we have been hearing that have have been reports of that. but it hasn't been positively identified to be that plane just yet. >> we will keep watching for that. almost 1200 people have died in plane crashes, the most in ten years. >> wow, that was third jet line are to be lost like that. >> one of them shut down over ukraine. >> thanks, jenny. lets get top stories back here at home. police say alcohol and speed may have contributed to a deadly crash in nicetown. it happened around 10:30 race night at wissohickon avenue and roberts avenue. police say that a three-year old victim was fun dead on arrival. three passengers were transported to area hospital. one is said to be fighting for his life right now. >> of course, scott small was on the scene reporting to us about that. a memorial continues to grow for ten year-old matthew mccloskey. he was hit and killed by a franklin township police
8:07 am
patrol car sunday night. matthew was crossing delsea drive with two friend on his way to a sleep over when he was struck. the other boys with him escaped, uninjured, family, friend are asking the community to donate to you search the the matthew mccloskey fund. it is pretty easy to fine. i looked it up. >> some philadelphia parents are scrambling to find a place for their kids to go to school. they found out a few days ago that the walter palmer middle school is shutting down tomorrow. so, a small but vocal group of parents held a curb side meeting outside the northern liberties school last night. the school advertise trick says they will find a place for all pal in more students in area public schools e. what would you do, what would you do if you had to make changes tour wedding plans at the last second to accommodate the leader of the free world. >> that would be something. dawn timmeney joins with us a story about how one couple
8:08 am
handled it. >> reporter: best made plans. army captain inadequacies lee and edward blue were looking forward to getting married a at connie hill clifford golf course in hawaii, but during their dress re hersal the couple who met at west point learned that they will have to alter their plans. that is because president obama was scheduled to play golf on the course on the the very same day. the the couple reportedly did not let this move stress them out too much. the ceremony was moved to another part of the course and it turned out to be even better inemer prettyier. >> the location is beautiful. it overlooked the golf course. before the the ceremony began everybody was looking out trying to see if we could find the president somewhere golfing. >> the wedding party was able to see the president. when the president learned about this disruption that he caused he reached out to the couple to make amend. he called them up, the whole wedding party gathered around
8:09 am
to listen to that presidential call. the couple says that the president obama was really funny, very nice on the phone, he was joking about his golf game and asking them question, and the the president also said that he had no idea mike and alex they were getting married on the course good that is secret service at work right there. >> yes. >> interestingly they had invited president obama to their wedding and he has politely regretted. then it turns out he messed up their plans but they still end up talking to him on the telephone making it very memorable. >> a lot of reasons. >> i love that picture of them on the phone. >> oh, my god. >> freaking out. >> first lady lands on the list of the most admired living woman but she's not number one. coming up why the winner may not surprise you too much. this is put together by the gallup poll people. >> okay. >> most admired people right now. >> but first all dressed up
8:10 am
and in are with go to go tomorrow. why not go for a run. coming up why formal a tire is best for one local new years eve race. >> that is a live shot. >> look at them.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
welcome back just after 8:15 a.m. on a tuesday where maybe you are watching from the comfort of your own home. we are about to head out. either way it is cold, feels so chilly out there because we have had a series of very mild days. right now we have the clouds and snow showers further south, mainly in central delaware, all very light not all making it to the ground but flurries certainly possible there. for the rest of us it will be clouds we will overcome today. overcast right now, probably will be through the rest of the morning but just like yesterday, once we get in the afternoon we should start to see more sunshine especially the further north that you go. so ending the day with a little bit of sun. >> i saw you on the air at 4:00. >> yes. >> i was at home. >> you are laying there in bed, thinking of you.
8:14 am
>> yes. >> what is this. >> i thought how about a little cup cake a little cup cake with chocolate a shavings on it. >> yes. >> do you follow me. >> do you think it looks like that. >> yes, it does. >> yes,. >> a little bit. >> you little cup cake you. >> i kind of thought of it as a party dress. >> yes. >> but chocolate savings, and toasted coconut or whatever else is on there, thanks mike >> clear skies and cold temperatures right now, 28 in allentown, 28 pottstown. thirty-three in philadelphia. thirty-four, in dover. we don't get much warmer than to today. it will be just as cold tomorrow chillier for new years eve. fire works at 6:00 p.m. temperatures in the 30's and 20's. wind chills in the teens pretty much the whole night as
8:15 am
we head toward midnight. the 34 tomorrow, chill in new years eve. cold 2015. thirty-seven on thursday. gets better on friday. we will see moderation over the weekend before we turn cold again. that is your seven day forecast. bob, have you had your outfit compared to anything. >> no, i was checking out my outfit. i don't know if i match a cup cake. >> just wait. >> he is outside i'm safe for another couple minutes. >> live look at 422 no problems or delays at all as you work your way in toward that king of prussia interchange. light volume, roads are dry. northeast philadelphia, good morning to you. a live look right here near the cottman avenue interchange, looking good north and south along i-95. again, we have had light volume with the holiday week here schuylkill expressway only a 15 minute trip coming into downtown and 14 minutes, south on i-95 out of the great northeast. disney on ice in town all week. the frozen shows, down there at the wells fargo center. so you will see a lot of change over and jammos on
8:16 am
i-95 exiting at broad street, around the show times otherwise, mass transit looking good alex, back to you. >> you know, lot of people will be dressing up for new years eve and hitting all of those fancy parties. but one group is donning their formal will a tire at midnight the for a different reason and that is the run of a race. mike is outside with some of them right new to find out what it is all about, hi, mining what are you doing. >> you have to be a little crazy to run at midnight. >> hi pat, good to see you again good to see you race director of course what time should we gather for the run. >> the race starts at midnight but open bar, outside the ballpark starts at # p.m. good what you you will see are people dressed in formal wear doing what. >> running. >> go for it. we meet at the ballpark. >> mcfadens and registration and party starts at 9:00 p.m. >> not too late to register. >> no, you can register today on line until 10:00 a.m. or we
8:17 am
have, in store registration at philly run are store at 15th and samson and you can register tomorrow night at the race. >> most people will have some kind almost party wear on. >> that is right. >> a lot of racers gave prize money to the top people that finish. we give our first man and woman wearing evening wear. >> now, i you have a tuxedo look, with shorts. >> it is what is available to run in and it works that way. >> my goodness. >> most people at last years event, that is a little will light stick. >> yes. >> what is the course. >> it will run majority of the parking lot that use to be the vet. we don't have to close any street. you need to start and finish at mike schmidt statue. the it is spectator friendly too, partying at another place down through can watch and see people good i told them go down to third, make the right turn and come back but we have lost them. >> they are fast runners. i'm in the sure where they are. >> do you have to be a good runner. >> no, we have people that
8:18 am
come out and it is every other race is for competition. this is more about having fun and the party for the most part unless you are in evening wear. >> i see them. we have people blocking the view. >> everything goes back in the party. this is all about having fun for this one. >> how many years have you been doing this. >> thinks fifth annual. >> it is so much fun. it will be chilly. >> yes, but runners, they are used to that. it will be chilly whether or not you are running on your own or at a party there is a big party at the link i'm going to. i will swing by to. >> looking forward to seeing through. >> mcfadens basically at phillies ballpark citizens bank pack. >> nicely done. >> we will see you tomorrow night. >> thanks you. >> i'll see you inside. well, you know mike great way to start new year off on a right foot who but that. a little girls christmas request for a frozen dollies the the brunt of the cruel joke, lets take a look at this
8:19 am
>> this is not what you want. >> no. >> the swing set. >> it is a frozen doll. it is frozen. >> that is hilarious. wearing her princess dress little girl anxiously opens up her gift to find a doll in the block of ice. no dad that is not the the right frozen doll. her father a's idea didn't seem to amuse the young girl obviously. you can't do something like that. if you do that you have to do that and give her the real frozen doll. that is so difficulties a appointing. that is something my dad would do to me. that is hilarious okay. are you are having trouble waking up this morning. in 2015 forget that alarm clock, you can have a strange tore call to you get up every morning. would you do something like this. yeah, a stranger. they will call you and tell to you get out of bed. but first oprah is no longer the queen the media goddess is no longer the the world's richest black woman. we will tell you who is taking her place this morning.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
♪ ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
8:23 am
it is 8:23. you were telling me oprah winfrey has been dethrown. >> she has she is no longer richest black woman in the world. >> who is it. >> that distinction belongs to a nigeria oil magnate. the six two-year old started as a secretary but later studied fashion design and started her own label called supreme stitches. most of her wealth comes from an oil exploration license grant todd her company, and it is worth at least $3.3 billion. >> oh, no. >> oprah is about 300 million short of that. >> oprah is over 2 billion.
8:24 am
>> oh, yeah. >> 2.2 billion, something like that. >> they should go and just have lunch together. >> and in third place is mo'ne davis. but another big honor for our little league superstar. philadelphia's own mo'ne davis is now on the associated press, female athlete of year. she is number one. >> back in august she became that instant celebrity in the little league world series with her team taney dragons. american editors and news directors select davis for this new honor. she's the youngest winner in history. >> you know, i have a picture with her. >> really. >> so do i. >> with a young woman on the list, i think she was number three on the list. >> were, malala. >> i got the picture the same night. >> look at you. >> i'm kind of a big deal. >> or they are, you are just around woman that are big deals. >> that is probably more true. biggest drinking night of the year is tomorrow night. i want you to be careful,
8:25 am
please. but before you pop the champagne, listen up how about something different. does it have to be champagne. i say no. plus this. >> i have to admit this is one of my favorite songs of 2014 this got me moving, for sure. for sure. grande's problem is number one on the list of the top songs, of 2014. what was your favorite song this year. tweet us back using hash tag fox 29 good day. what really got you moving. >> you know my favorite. >> we know your favorite. >> oh, yeah. >> i love songs.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
some worn just wrote on twitter do you remember the the boat above the atlantic city coast. >> long liner. >> they think it is a clam boat. >> oh. >> they are clammers. >> they are clamming. >> i guess. >> is it really this time of the year. >> i thought you clammed on shore? i guess not. >> i don't know. >> we have so much to learn so little time too. someone help us please. i guess we don't know much about fishing. or clamming. scalloping or any of the above but feel free to help us out. >> we should ask scott. >> maybe we should. >> i'll text him. >> thanks, mike. >> while he is doing that bus stop buddy always our friend in the morning is, dressed for the weather. he is on christmas break. but he has fox 29 jacket and hot on. he feels very cold out there this morning. it is a seven. we should have sunshine later on. but because it feels so cold, and it will stay that cold, that makes it in the so great.
8:30 am
yes, mikey thought of something else with your outfit. >> instead of the cup cake, i was thinking, it is kind of blur eyes and think of a satellite photo at night when you see different cities. >> yes. >> from space and space. >> or even when you are coming in on an airplane. >> i see conshohocken. >> yes, right there. >> conshohocken. >> what are you pointing too. >> it looks like a constellation, mike. something like that. >> you are a star. >> you are the real star thinking of all this thank you. a couple of showers down south. 33 degrees at the airport. light wind out of the northeast. we will hit 38 later today. cloud giving way to sunshine. tonight 25 degrees. partly cloudy. definitely colder. mike, what about bob's outfit. i don't think you have compared anything he has worn to anything ever. >> it is his turny get dressed
8:31 am
in a safe zone every morning. >> your day is coming. >> kind of like a candy cain. >> yes, you little candy cain. >> ho, ho, ho, good morning, a live lot the schuylkill expressway right here near city avenue. no problems or delays working your way in toward downtown philadelphia we're looking good here. ninety-five as well. looking good working your way through construction zone. light volume, we have had, you know light volume yesterday and today, with everybody, off, for the vacation kid are off from school. look at travel times, 14 minutes on that schuylkill expressway, only 14 in minutes coming south on i-95. my favorite disney on ice show frozen down at the stadium area we will see these backups around all of the show times when they do that change over in the parking lot there all day. route 309, closed a at toll gate road from that early morning crash. mike and alex, back over to you. >> i'll tell what you bob kelly, lot of people like to drink tomorrow night on new years eve but you have have to be very careful.
8:32 am
we have found a new list out that ranks the most drunk cities in america. philly is on the list. >> yes. >> philly actually ranks as the 19th most drunk city in the country. >> oh, gosh. >> boston came in at number one. >> sure, they did. >> red wine was listed as the the most popular drink. >> is that right red wine now. >> yes. >> most of us reach for champagne i would think on new years eve. >> true. >> but come on let's shake it up a little bit. >> i agree. >> so sarah justice is a i think head bartender over at the franklin mortgage company is that right? what is it called. >> the franklin for short, the franklin mortgage and investment company. >> yes. >> it is on 18th street, near samson as if you didn't know because you go to work there every day. >> sometimes i forget i had a little bit too much the night before. >> good to see you. >> what else is she. >> she's voted the top mixology expert of 2014. >> listen to you young laidy where are you from. >> i'm from lancaster county.
8:33 am
my family lives outside of harrisburg pennsylvania. >> listen to you. >> yeah. >> so she has three drinks here. she's made two of them. let's start with this little thing right here what is that. >> so, these are some drinks that we're going to be offering on our tasting menu on new years eve. the thinks called birch beer. it is kind of a little play on birch beer. >> cute. >> what is in it. >> jin birch seer up tapped from the tree like mapel syrup, some lime, a little bit of absence just a tiny dash. >> on the other even in the cocktail glass what is this. >> that one is kind of a take on if you had chestnuts you just roasted over an opened fire in the middle of the winter. that has a little bit of of bourbon. it has been infused with chestnut bacon and brown butter. >> thank you. >> it has a smokey flavor. >> it is perfect because today is national bacon day did you know that. >> yes. >> right on time girl.
8:34 am
>> you learned something. >> in the middle is an empty glass, what are you going to make. >> i'm going to make a cocktail kind of like a manhattan. i why rye whiskey, a little bit of vermouth and some pine liquor and a little bit of menthol. >> get to it woman. >> let me move some of the stuff out of the way so we can see do you your thing. >> sound great. >> so what is that. >> this is a little bit of saline. sometimes a little bit of salt opens up the flavors a little bit. we will start with a little bit of that. >> what does that brown too. >> this is men toll. >> with all of this do you look like a mixology expert. >> freaky. >> this will be a little bit of the pine. right there. >> pine, what do you mean juice out of the pine tree. >> it is called bourbon is it is a pine liquor.
8:35 am
>> is what second thing you put in there. >> that is a little bit of vermouth. >> what is that. >> aged rum, one of my favorites. >> a lot in here. >> how long does it take to make this. >> you know, a good couple minutes for every drink. you kind of get use to it. >> a little bit of ice in here. >> give it a stir. >> it is your take on a manhattan. >> it is one of my favorite style of drinks. >> what time are you opened tomorrow. >> 5:00 o'clock. >> you're opened until after midnight, of course. >> we open up at 9:00, tomorrow is new years eve. >> wait a minute. >> so when do you open. >> the party starts at 9:00. >> but you open at five. >> normally we open up at 5:00. >> chance to get ready. >> people can get this whole tasting menu, right. >> yes. >> all the way through. >> yes. >> just be there at 7:00 get done gradually as you go
8:36 am
through. >> how long do you have to stir. the ball will be drop by the time you finished stirring. >> are you a married woman. >> i am married. >> just too bad. >> no, that is good. >> just celebrated my fourth anniversary. >> congratulations. >> let me get a sip of that action. >> such a pretty glass you do that one i'll dot bacon one. >> of course you will. >> happy new years. >> cheers, sarah thank you. >> well, that is just lovely. >> it is lighter then i thought it would be. that is great. >> you need something light. >> i may see you tomorrow night. >> happy new years. >> happy new year. >> what are the top illegally down loaded movies of the year. alex, this is up your alley. >> yes, it is surprising some of the answers. frozen is number two. there is a drama a that is stealing the spotlight. >> kid are illegally down loading the movie frozen. >> they sure. >> that is pathetic. >> what about this song.
8:37 am
>> ♪ >> of course, you know he all about that base had to make that list of top songs of the year. so we will continue, to talk about that. >> the count down, stop drinking. >> yes, that came close to an fcc violation right there. >> okay. why don't you use the hash tag fox 29 good day, tweet us your favorite song of 2014. >> what did you put in this drink.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
tweeting with a friend of mine sharrie castallo. >> after five years i'm
8:41 am
spending my last morning with you in philly and fox 29. she's moving. >> so sad to see you go. >> you can watch us on line. >> we stream at my fox >> exactly. >> you don't to have let us go, don't let us go. >> okay. while you are doing that i will move ahead with this. >> we all love to watch television. >> we do. >> when some of us do it illegally though by down loading. so what were the top bootlegged shows and movies of 2014. winners revealed by pirate tracking storm. >> they track pirated movies and tv shows. >> of course, that is what i just said. >> hey, plus our show gotham came in fifth. >> there is your friend victoria. >> she tweeted me last night. >> she did. >> i love her. >> what did she say. >> you know, 3.2 million people down load that had
8:42 am
sucker. >> 12 million viewers. lets get to the next one. game of thrones. it is number one illegally down loaded show of 2014. american fantasy hbo drama a racked up more than 8 million down loads and they have more than 7 million viewers. >> well, the the top spot for illegally down loaded movies belongs to wolf of wall street. leo dicaprio. 30 million people ripped that thing off a. >> i just saw that movie like two weeks ago. >> it is dirty. >> it is so good. >> i started googling the real guy. >> oh, yeah. >> i was looking up his story, so fascinating. it was really good. >> you didn't watch witt your parents. >> no. >> it is dirty. >> it is weird. >> there are some weird parts in there. >> yes. >> they were naughty on wall street. >> you know who will be naughty on new years eve. >> quincy harris. >> won't you, conviction i just admit it. >> yes, i admit it. it will be very naughty.
8:43 am
they are having a big party at piazza. these young ladies will be here. i cannot tell but these
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
this subject too. >> it was addictive. i kept hearing it over and over again. >> this is number seven on billboard magazines. >> marry you anyway. >> top ten. >> yes. >> i tried to make my photographer getting married. he said it is a bad song. it is catchy. you will marry her anyway. >> eventually they will get married. >> yes. >> it all works out. >> okay. as i said try to tune in, thursday morning because i will go to four new years eve parties. i have to make sure i make this one. the this is a new one this year. these are people that put dinner on blank, the the best parties of the year dinner on blank. >> you have to dress in all white. i love it. >> so they have inspired this party, new years eve at the downtown club. that is at 16th chestnut. it is a cool place. we went to a part there i two weeks ago. 10:00 p.m. to 2:00m morning.
8:47 am
it is all a french theme. french food, french cocktails, french music. now general admission from the the four hour period, it is 145 bucks. if you want to go up to $200 vip tickets party will start at 9:00 o'clock for you that sound like fun. >> i'm going to the link. >> what time will you start at 12:00 p.m. >> right after the show. >> and then i will get to that one downtown at sixth and chestnut. >> and spend an hour there. >> then go over to the piazza a in northern liberties because they have tents set up, right there in the courtyard. >> i would ask to ride but i don't think i can hang. >> i will be cabbing i won't be driving. >> right quincy. we won't be driving tomorrow night. >> yes. >> they got tents already up. >> they are ready. >> so tents are already up. piazza this big party going on 15 at piazza, you guys are throwing this bigaparty. >> thanks for having us, quincy.
8:48 am
we are at piazza and we are hosting a new users eve party. it is a four or five hour, open bar, five or six hours. they are available for tickets. we have a 25,000 square foot tents set up. capacity is 3500 people. so tickets are a railable at the the door. we also are selling them than line at hey our goal was to try to convert this tent and make tonight to a tonight club experience. we have set up, bottle service here and we also booked international dj mark up son. great event. >> lets go inside. because this will be opened up as well. >> yes, it will run as well. so we also, partnered with a lot of people. we have ub eras a partnership. >> yes. >> don't want you to drink and drive. >> we also have, tina's vodka and most important partner is ms society. >> so, kevin how do you feel these guys are partying but
8:49 am
they are giving back. >> we are just glad they are giving back to the ms society. every year at this time. research are make a resolution to find better treatments and care for m. is. the the the dollars they are donating will help them do just that. >> that is great. >> guys, i got to tell you, we have ladies in the background. where is the music. can we get music. this is a party. i have jorge here. and i have jay. now you guys are making drinks. what kind of drinks will you make for us. >> this will be the the the hay nye drink. this will be made of vodka blue carousal topped with sour mix. >> that is right. >> so let me see. it is pretty good. >> no, it is good, good. it is pretty early in the morning. >> and then we will have these ladies giving you bottle service what is your name. >> is what your name. >> remi. >> right. >> we have to come by here, mike, just for research for the show we cannot the lie to
8:50 am
the people. >> they will be here. >> piazza. i cannot wait. i'm just saying mike. >> i know what you are saying. >> we will be having fun tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night inside the tent at pea as a i love that place at northern liberties. >> hey jesse kline, you don't have it yet. i was talking about the one where the downtown club, the people that put on dinner on blank. you and i went to that when we first got to town. >> yes good it was a great time. >> you have to wear all white. >> no, no, no but you dress up in french. see i am laying down on broad street. >> only you could do that. >> yes. >> that was fun. >> same people putting on that party are putting on the french party at downtown club. >> okay, thanks. >> she's a former months death tear so would you think she would have respect for mickey mouse but no, cristina aguilara in a beef with mickey. that is ridiculous.
8:51 am
plus this... >> ♪ >> alex, i refuse. >> that is the name of the song,. >> jason. >> he came in at number six on billboard's list break out your dance shoes that is a good dancing one. >> it is. >> you could dance to this one. >> what is that supposed to mean. >> even i could dance to this. >> white man's overbite. >> ready to dot count down.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
let's check that seven day forecast, cold and colder has been the theme of this week, just in time to start off the new year. thirty-eight today, clouds to sunshine. it is sunny, and nice looking both new years eve and new years day but very cold and windy.
8:55 am
so 34 wednesday, it feels like the 20's at midnight feeling like the teens. thirty-seven on thursday feeling like the the 20's. little bit better as we get less harsh weather moving in by friday, high temperatures in the 40's and our next system could bring wintry mix late saturday night but transitioning to the rain event. just rain on sun take with temperatures there in the 50's. that is your seven day forecast and new lets check traffic with one last time with bob. >> good morning, on this tuesday morning at 8:55. not bad at all. we have had light volume all morning long like here on 476 working your way down toward the the schuylkill expressway. getting ready for burlington bristol bridge opening any minute now. we will hold off there. otherwise schuylkill and i-95 looking good coming into town town and mass transit thumbs up in delays alex back to you. new study says happiest days in life are days you are married and day you have your first child. are you listening bob. >> i'm paying attention. >> what are the happiest ages like different for men and
8:56 am
women, we will tell you that next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
look at that project on to one of the walls in olde city. that is cool. >> pretty cool. >> that is on the billboard magazine list of the top ten songs of 2014. one republic this were at jingle ball too in philadelphia. hi bob. >> good morning. >> good to see you my man. >> good to see you. >> a lot going on here. >> we have a. m is for mike. and there is no b. >> well, hold on. so when you think of alex and mike think of a.m. >> yes. >> your morning team right. >> that is right, and so, hi.
9:00 am
>> hi. >> how are you. >> this is a nice screen shot. >> put your face in the hole. >> get in there. >> you need to make a bigger a announcement then that. so bob, we have brought in some smaller letters. bigger m. look at the the size of this. >> is there a big a. >> thank you. >> and you are a girl and you are a boy. >> yes, make a.m. bigger. >> you get the the idea. >> here's the big announcement, for over a year now people on twitter have been saying we like the show better when waits four hours, six to ten because we have to go to work. so we miss part of the show. so starting monday "good day philadelphia" goes back to six to 10:00 a.m. >> how about that. >> boom, boom, boom. >> we want to get you started in 2015. >> we got your message. >> so that starts monday. we will go back


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