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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 10, 2015 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ bill: ronica you are standing in front of the courthouse the driver of the truck allegedly doing donuts on the frozen river fell through with the dog trapped inside. his owner was arraigned in court today. >> reporter: -- >> yes in yes in the courtroom today when andrew meyer walked in. the judge confirmed the charges possibly being brought forth. he confirmed that they have been filed,
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criminal mischief, careless driving, and animal cruelty. >> the charges against you are indictable. >> he did not plead guilty or not guilty. however he did tell the judge he points to suspend himself and what -- defend himself and we will not be seeking legal counsel. i followed him out of the courthouse. >> are you feeling right now. >> am not going to say. >> i wanted to give him a chance to defend himself and talk about how much he might care about and mrs. dog. >> would you say what do you say to people who don't care about your dog? do you miss them? >> i have no comment. >> i have my own things to deal with the said, and then he got into a yellow dodge neon and drove away. bill: looking at that i cannot help but feel for the guy on some level that he made an unbelievably stupid decision so reckless and
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irresponsible, now his dog is dead. i understand he had his license suspended a dozen times over the past ten years. ten years. it seems like you should not have been on the road in the 1st place. >> the judge noted, saying, you have a criminal history, pressing him to seek legal counsel or go with the public defender. >> looking at substantial crimes and a possible jail sentence. >> the judge did not detail the criminal history but admitted he had it. >> a considerable amount of time. >> the judge, judge you are facing third-degree charges. he said what does that entail. >> as i understand you have third-degree charges with substantial penalties. >> he was asking the judge questions like he would ask an attorney or legal counsel. bill: looking at his demeanor address he looks
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like a guy that is just crashed. i'm not trying to excuse what he did but i feel for the guy making it that decision that ended so tragically. >> a feel for the guy, the dog. there are reports are reports that he did attempt to get the dog out. bill: it's just a mess. were done. >> by, guys. bill: "high speed chase" start us off. >> seen in two separate synagogues in flatbush. asking everyone to remain calm. >> this photograph of a woman shoplifting from the huntington station in long island. the heels are valued at $975. ♪ >> union city. started as facing controversy.
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facing a federal indictment. this building behind me was once owned my menendez. had a law practice downstairs with his family upstairs. then it was rented out to an entity that got permits. people still don't know to this day how the zoning was changed from residential to commercial until menendez was mayor allowing them to charge more rent. the group sold the house in 2,003. chris christie's us atty.'s office investigated and sent a letter saying menendez was cleared of wrongdoing. we would love to find out more about the zoning but
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wouldn't you believe all the paperwork out lost in the flood according to the county. county. this is all -- this is all old news. if you want if you want to be informed about the present you have got to be knowledgeable of the past. >> every school girls dream. commissioned to create an original piece set to debut this sunday. a sunday. a huge honor. one of three composers to win the prestigious competition. a controversial nazi march in it for 45 seconds. and so it was yanked from the concert. ♪ >> the thing now is the censorship. restricting censorship. restricting the right to musical expression or is it
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considering participants in this orchestra or as young as 12 years old. i spoke to him about his peace. he told me he was basically about war and totalitarianism containing references to soviet era. but he told me he did not feel like he needed to talk about the meaning to his piece. if you wanted to say it with words you would not bother writing music to it. that put it into context. i context. i spoke with the professor of music. >> as far as i knew there was a long tradition of quoting material from various context. certainly there is the position of whether you support it but the stronger instinct to make a critical stance toward quoting material. >> he does think it is setting a bad precedent. it
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is like any other artwork, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, except it was music. bill: it was a discussion on a discussion on totalitarianism and bad government and work. it sounds like they overreacted. >> in february it was previewed and had an audience member say it was offensive. this part where the composer takes a personal note to it. bill: confess. >> i don't agree that has anything to do with it. people, if you don't want to go don't go. go don't go. if you find it offensive don't go. that is what should censor it, not the production company. bill: there is censorship and a lot of music, and sometimes there is a negative message. to me this is a positive message. the wrong path. >> somebody else that is exceeding. see if i can learn anything from him. fifty-one years old. guess what i am a success
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story. i got the response of thousands of women. bill: this is one of the women. >> he alleges he had relations with 118 different women. >> i don't. >> i don't really care. it's my personal life. ♪ >> this is one of his flyers. i spoke to him about the inspiration for this. he is an artist. bill: women, this guy. >> that is where he got the idea from. bill: it looks like a mug shot. >> a little bit. >> if i i post 500 flyers 250 we will stay up. bill: fascinating. >> i asked him what type of
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women he is looking for, someone in the 20s or 30s. 20s or 30s. he has got a reason behind that. i know. the reason behind the age difference is he would like to have children. fair enough i thought. his type was a petite woman heavier up top whatever that might mean. [laughter] he likes blondes the creative type. >> what kind do you think i should be. >> possibly a guy like me. >> he spent up to 25 thousand dollars over six months. >> one time i checked this girl off, beautiful. you would never know that she is a guy. we did not go that far. >> outed you found out. >> she told me -- he told me
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>> i'm not putting up my own flyers yet, but i yet, but i have been working on them. keep an eye out in new york city. an accomplished painter. bill: is that his painting? >> that is. bill: a religious thing? >> there is a religious theme. a religious theme. all right. nice contrast with the one night stand. only in new york. >> do you want to go for a drink? just one. >> i would call but i am working. ♪ plus i don't drink. much. >> a couple of little boys appear. >> i love you. i miss you.
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>> police have issued a warrant for their dad who ran off with them about a month ago. ♪ >> yes. >> be careful. manholes are blowing their lives all over town. >> yes. >> be careful. manholes are blowing their lives all over town. a computer program can predict which will pop next. plus, does p longhorn's
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>> took to twitter to find the owner of two dogs that were found with no identification. deputy inspector james francis rescued a dark come out in the cold last night. if you no these guys contact. tweeted out found two dogs on rogers avenue in brooklyn today. ♪ bill: very special guests with us today. a k-9 officer who passed away in december. we are joined by his former handler and the somerset county sheriff. welcome. >> thank you. bill: you are a champion of all things new jersey. >> i serve. bill: there you go. here to honor not only the sheriff department but the dog. >> a joint senate and
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assembly resolution honoring he and his partner. animals are great. this one in particular was great for one person a family. teesix a lot of loose dogs, what was special about him? >> had a drug dealer threatened to kill him and it became something that separated him. after we get threatened to give us permission to seek legislation that led me to the assembly and senate taking five and a half years bill: how important is this? >> very important to have one in any county in the state of new jersey or the entire country.
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crime fighting dogs explosive detector dogs trackers, something that we can do as police officers. bill: going in the new jersey hall of fame. >> that's right. bill: is he the 1st dog? >> i don't know much but i know there is another one. bill: so important to honor a dog why? >> it is the service out there putting their lives on the line these dogs included. these animals these animals are just so loyal. it is amazing to see especially to their handlers as well as the people they serve. we appreciate the service. >> the politicians are support us. thank you for having us, us, and "chasing", too. prior to "chasing" getting involved in my life, i always say it was funny. within three or four months a lot of public support. it is a team effort. you
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guys are are family to us. bill: thank you. >> a couple of different boys from up in sussex county that should have been an elementary school earlier today the or not. police have issued a warrant for their dad. they say he ran off with them about a month ago. >> that action in short all law-enforcement agencies around the country were aware that we were seeking this man and their assistance in his safe and speedy return. >> the prosecutor added the last time his car was spotted it was going through the fort mchenry tunnel in baltimore with stolen license plates mounted. the boy's mother issued this tearful plea. >> jackson, jackson i want you to know that i love you i miss you and i will never stop looking for you. >> and health concerns are
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also a a factor. one of the boys has asthma. one has diabetes requiring daily insulin shots. on the run prosecutors wonder whether he can take care of himself let alone the boys. >> definitely insulin-dependent. >> prosecutors at he must've been planning to run off. no one no one says they expected him to do so. he has no known criminal history end up until now has been a good -- has been in get can hearings with the divorce agreement. i came here to try to get a better idea of who he is. neighbors did not have a lot to say. they have seen the kids play out front but now spoken much to christopher. about perfect size for a seven or eight -year-old. handlebars.
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a little go kart. exactly the kind of thing a little boy might like to write and play on. in descriptions they say he has a tattoo on a tattoo on his lower left in the tribal tattoo on his upper arm. they add that they may now all be bold. you can help spread the word on twitter. if you see something say something. ♪ everyone loves the way dark clothes make them feel... and no one wants that feeling to fade. that's why there's woolite
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♪ >> online dating is fraught with peril. i asked the lady went on a date with a guy. took her to a bar and stole her car. a vile internet sensation.
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he was arrested and justice has been served. bill: a story in new york city where a mortuary school is lacking bodies. >> the american academy. a funeral service in mortuary. they claim he is violating city law. so he told me. >> there is a specific a specific law in new york state public health law that requires the office of the medical examiner of the city of new york to transfer to medical schools and mortuary schools unclaimed dead bodies.
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that is that is a process that has been going on for a long time. all of a sudden a few months ago the city for know explicable reason just cut off the supply of dead bodies. >> they use it to embalm there curriculum. they need to practice involving. >> hands-on clinical embalming. hands-on, clinical embalming. if you're not able to do that, what happens? if they don't, they cannot graduate. >> what is what is special is what they practice on involving. they are petitioning the city to enforce this law.
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bill: who is down on the job? the medical examiner, a new person who was put in place? what changed? >> they say nothing's changed that they know of. bill: where are the bodies? >> there are claims that they were sent to the wrong location. bill: are they getting these bodies for free? some transaction taking place? we will give you all the unclaimed bodies? >> the lawyer said that it is city law. >> we will take any other medical school dependent upon cadavers and donations from different organizations. that is our students learn. ♪ >> be careful. careful. manholes blowing lives all over town.
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plus, does your family have what it takes? see the open auditions. ♪ >> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi, everyone, i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams. it was beautiful monday but get ready for the clouds. and yes look at all this rainfall headed right for our area. after a mild day, the high temperature on monday was 57. it will be a chilly overnight. lows in the 30's. clouds overnight and rain arrives late morning into early afternoon tuesday. details on how much on the
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