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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 12, 2015 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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c now on chasing nays. >> her husband and father is working as a substitute teacher. >> i left the train station at 5 this morning. >> unusual? sure. affect it? may be more than anything. >> check out this video. it's a fight between a man and a woman using a cane and a shopping cart as their weapons. only in new york city. >> forget about finding a job on the internet. forget about the job fairs. what have you got? >> areas bill. meet rob from iowa rob is a good-looking guy in a suit at the dunkin' donuts at
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the 30th street station. you might have seen him. he may have even spoken to this morning. rob is a husband and father working as a substitute teacher pay the way he puts it that the job and not a career. he's thinking outside the box. that's why he does the platform. >> a busy public location so i picked the train station. >> it's not like he's got no credit. certified school counselor in pennsylvania and new jersey a masters in counseling psychology from holy family university. rob sales endeavor is getting play on local and national news and he is seeking people's interest. >> has anyone asked you hey rob i work for such and such marketing firm. i don't have a job as an educator for you but i have a couple of spots open for dudes
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with initiative who have a knack for selling themselves. >> i have those conversations but i have to be careful for my employer and for myself. i have to be careful with where it goes. >> one woman called it a sign of the tame -- times. it's sad said that a guy with good qualifications has to be in the train station selling himself. desperate circumstances require desperate. >> i love it. in this culture where so many people hide behind phones and they hide behind the internet. here's a guy with the guts to get out there to and make the public and you never know. i think it's great. i have been in the job market before and i can remember not being able to write an e-mail because i was afraid everything i was writing was wrong. i was thinking about it too much. >> isn't a bit embarrassing for holy family university to say this guy is out there looking for a job after graduating from
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their school that he has to go to this level to get a job. >> they say it's not what you know but who you know. >> how can we help them? go to the web site. >> come on and hired this guy. >> a high-speed chase. sibile start us off. >> if you want to plead not guilty to gun position position maybe shouldn't selfie yourself with a gun. that is what nicolas dally 24 years old it. the fbi obviously didn't believe him. >> the saddlebrook police say beware of the web site banded especially if you shop en route 26. she has struck at t.j. maxx grabbing people's purses. she is apparently good at it. >> we are not idling around about idling cars anymore. two city councilmembers are introducing a bill that would allow citizens and residents to
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get paid for reporting idol thing vehicles. >> what this bill does is it says look responsible citizens who can sign up and get properly trained and then go out and videotape of violation posted onto the web site and at the ticket is issued that citizen can get up to. >> what this bill would allow its citizens to take a class and get registered to report these vehicles. >> i'm guilty when i'm doing stories here in the cold. i sit in my car waiting so that's a violation? >> yes it is. >> that's really good to know for chasers. >> i met with one of the number one advocates of this and brought it to her attention. george pac and ham. >> in 2012 there were approximately 400 homicides in new york city but over 3000
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deaths associated with air pollution and that juxtaposition has been worse emphasis? >> we met in downtown manhattan and start walking around and he pointed just what a big problem it is. >> to my right here it looks like he is talking and he's oblivious to the fact that it's a law. >> are you aware that the city of new york doesn't allow idling for more than three minutes? the law has been here since 1971. what's your feeling on back? >> the bigger problem in new york seems to be the gridlock traffic that these cars are sitting on. are they going to take it to the next level and say you have to turn your karoff when you are sitting in traffic? >> white knight and uglier car for three minutes if you are parked in one minute in front of the city school. in front of the schoolkids have
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a lot of breathing problems so that's why it was created. >> i think your question about idling cars in gridlock traffic is a good but the citizens enforcement is a slippery slope. >> new york city already has enough routes. we don't want to turn cities into snitches. >> do you know that law? you are a limo driver so you have been tested so you need to know that law. >> you will never know you get the ticket until the ticket comes. >> i would not have a problem writing 20 tickets a day. it's so prevalent in the city of new york. >> imagine stepping into a subway station being greeted by a station agent. they are there to help you swipe your ticket and get started on your journey. some are saying at the direction of -- eliminating those dirty
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information booths and creating a subway concierge. >> subway system have tech solutions to improve sufficiency but this is a human solution to bring people down there to direct traffic. >> i called them to confirm the rumors and they dismissed it saying these are proposals and nothing is set in stone but if you look at the mta history the rumors aren't far off. two years ago a pilot program came under consideration. eliminating all booth positions and 25 stations and instead the workers would combine their jobs. some would provide information and managing crowd so it would eliminate jobs which is something we see happening now especially since we are facing a 15 billion-dollar deficit funding the mta.
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>> i am 65 and i get lost. >> you can see the lines outside the destination booth. seniors depend on it with their discounted tickets and tourists. i spoke with station manager himself to see if he has any idea of what's next for the new and improved subway station. he didn't want to be on camera but you can hear his voice as he speaks. >> we really don't have any say in it. >> does it scare you about your job? >> yes my job security is definitely threatened, yes. we are more expendable. >> i feel bad for anyone who might lose their job and have to adapt but i think the signs with the mta are horrible. the transit as monitors on the platform and you can see the monitors. you don't need to talk to somebody.
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>> since i haven't updated the trains with the routes that have the wrong route saying where my next stop was. if you don't hear what they are saying it's hard to figure out where you are going. >> you have to rely on instinct. keep us posted. >> check out this video. a former member of the chasing team as well as a friend is on a new york city bus when he ended up catching this fight between a man and woman using a cane and a shopping cart as their weapons. a lot of folk are words are said said. i know we are in new york city but -- >> a couple of years ago the state of new jersey ordered trenton to evaluate its own parking system. guess what? the results are in and the verdict the parking system is one big fatal.
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this is half on the red and half on the green. what does that mean? on this side it says lol j.. you might think the city would have its parking system functioning at least in its most high-profile places in trenton. it's probably the statehouse. you would be wrong. state street in front of trenton city hall eight or 10 cars parked along here. no money in the meters. a car and a space no money in the meter. a car and a space no money in the meters. not a parking ticket anywhere to be seen. car and space no money in the meter. car and space no money in the meter, no ticket on the windshield. there's a dude sitting in the car. inside of this one it says free. at least he's honest. a car and a space no money in the meter. the meter is broken.
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here's the meter with no signs whatsoever. let's drop a quarter in and see what happens in and see the number pops up. nothing. this is the third, fourth, fifth broken meter i found in 10 minutes of searching. kara expired no money in the meter not just an arbitrary street but in front of the state library in front of the state state museum right in front of the state state capitol. if you know no one is going to write a ticket i'm not blaming you. or you can pay the meter. you are parked illegally. fair enough. i wouldn't worry too much about it. how much money is trenton passing up on? it's ridiculous. he's not paying it in his logic is pretty good. [inaudible] >> that's what i'm saying.
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>> thanks guys. what are you going to say? how is anybody supposed to get -- former mayor doug palmer told is trenton the capital city is reeling from state funding cuts. >> i do know that a few years ago the city lost $42 million in the state which cause them to lay off 109 officers. i know the mayor is looking at every way possible for revenue to pass through city council and that would make sense. >> $1500 worth of tickets an hour or so that i was out looking for violations so it's at $70 a ticket may be more ticket writers? tweet us your solutions that chasing hank or @chasing the news. feed that meter.
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>> united states senator bob menendez as you know is facing criminal corruption charges. >> even if he's found guilty they will drag him out of his office kicking and screaming. >> what you mixed -- missed on interpike. getting too real about mexican food. and we will explain what this hair-raising situation is all about. more coming up in today's search engine on "chasing news." ♪
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>> high-speed chase. alison. >> check out this video for men at the jersey shore. they surfed through the whole winter cold snow everything. they went for it. >> guys united states senator bob menendez as you know is going to be facing criminal corruption charges coming down from the department of justice in and we have been talking about it because these charges
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that have been developing at least from what we hear from reports over several years. we wanted to bring in someone that can weigh in on the issue specifically on the political impact not only on new jersey's on senator bob menendez but also the democratic leadership, their relationship with senator harry reid. we have kellyanne conway a nationally known and successful pollster and of course a jersey girl. thanks for joining us. what is your take on this? >> i don't want anyone to think this is about -- this man has given close $2 million between his family and him to senator menendez re-election efforts through political action committees and the pro-citizens united world. hundreds of thousands of dollars all told then you can leave it to yourself what does he get in return? this is a man who has had private meetings with senator reid and apparently had him on his jet in boston.
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this is a man who paid $30,000 to meet with president obama and complained that he was not treated the way he thought he should be treated. yesterday there was an article that talked about a meeting that senator reid and senator menendez had with then hhs secretary kathleen sibelius. what was the meaning about? do you think it was ensuring millions of americans under obama helping new jerseyans understand their medicaid? no, it was senator menendez complaining his friend had been treated unfairly in billing practices under medicare and medicaid and kathleen sibelius called then to have this meeting. people should worry about things like that. >> to me i was somewhat shocked that a man who has spent more than 40 years in public service starting at the school board and hudson county when he was in his 20s, he can just up and write a 58,000-dollar check. how do you do that on the senator's salary?
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>> we call them politicians. they are referred to as public servants and if you look at the way senator menendez ran for the senate seat as a man for the people you can't hallow -- can't count how many folks he has helped. then you hear we can make so much more money if we were in a law firm or worked in business and i'm sacrificing. people ought to know they are not eating ramen noodles. they have lots of dell. >> don't forget you are dealing with a political wolverine. he was the mayor of union city. he eats politics eats politics in his breakfast cereal. even if found guilty we will have to drag them out of his office kicking and screaming. >> he is not intimidated when he spoke to a gaggle of reporters saying i'm not going anywhere. >> will continue to talk to you as the scandal continues to unfold and if it does change will be an opportunity for governor christie to appoint another united states annexes so we will see how the story plays
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out. thanks kellyanne, good to see you. >> here's what your search engine found today. want to know how cold it is intended that? tried negative 30 degrees cold enough to literally freeze your hair. they held the hair freezing contests. once you go into spring it only takes a minute for your hair to freeze solid out of the water. the hairstyles were crazy. who thought it was a good idea to deck out sombrero some ponchos for mexican inspired food was absurd. that's what the girls on the talk show did. >> everybody loves a good quesadilla. >> you would think this panel of woman would steer away from ethnic stereotypes that they didn't. they couldn't have looked more stupid themselves. when the fox 45 baltimore talk to their tracker reporter on the street i doubt they expected
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this. >> hello. >> hey is it too early? i have been to carson since 4:00 and i'm starving. >> that's traffic jam jimmy trying to get a fist am at mcdonald's real fast. this traffic man has got it easy. if you keep your windows down at a safari be prepared for the unexpected and by unexpected i mean a buffalo. he has to keep coming back for more. look at that time. here he goes, here he goes. that's what your search engine found today. ♪ ♪ no other scents feel like glade. ♪
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>> it's ridiculous. come on. high-speed chase michael. >> bill thank god. city council in new york city voted down legalizing --
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i'm on the record as being staunch like anti-thank you city council. thank bill de blasio for its keeping them out. >> yesterday we talked about family feud coming to new jersey. i told you my family have been involved. luckily my aunt was able to find the video. i have to show you guys because it's absolutely priceless. it's from the 1990s. they are posing yet my mom is the one by my dad and i have to say. >> steve landon is on his way to florida. he is our former director of our news desk. we miss him. >> he left his house this morning driving to florida with their fans stuffed full of his belongings.
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>> this is the worst update. >> i want to know what was he wearing when he didn't? we will have to talk to you about the whole filthy thing. >> chasing news is out and about on pothole control. tell us where your worst potholes are plus this brutal fight card inside mcdonald's. as adults stood by and watched on the next "chasing news." ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. hi everyone i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams. dry and quiet overnight but turning chilly. temperatures will drop into the 30s. a lot of sunshine for your thursday but it will be breezy and cooler. and then cloud cover rolls in for your friday and that rain arrives for saturday and your upcoming weekend. how much rain to expect h it arrives. sue serio has the latest at 4:00
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coming up on today's telecast ooh! that's her crutch up there. glory to god. just help her up! look at that, there she goes! oh look she's going to dance! oh, jesus! >> thank you jesus! let this joints be made new! there she goes! i'm going to move out of her way look at that, there she goes! there she goes! she doesnt need this old thing any longer! >> god has used reverend peter popoff throughout his entire life and ministry to bring miraculous deliverance to hundreds of thousands of people around the world


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