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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  March 13, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] a deadly shooting a man out walking his dog shot and killed and now police are looking for the gun man. we are live as police search for clues. upper darby's top cop in the right place at the right time a suspect drug dealer lead him on a wild chase and how this all unfolded. lets look live outside on this friday the the 13th. the it is clear, cool but changes are coming just in time for the weekend, sue serio will tell us what to expect and when. plus the nfl's leading rusher decides to join the bird demarco murray has signed with the eagles more on the changing face of the team straight ahead. dallas cowboy fans are not happy with losing the best
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offensive player of 2014. >> but that woman with him is, she's smiling big. >> he is now very very, very rich, more coming up. good day, it the is friday march 13th 2015. a shout out to alex who came up to mike and me and said we watch you have morning at 5:00 o'clock. >> what about linda said keep calm it is friday the 13th and it is my birthday. happy birthday to linda. >> another shout out to your folks final hi joining us a and they came for perfect weather, sue serio. >> we got rid of the snow. a week ago we were starting to dig out from the the snow that felon thursday. now it is a whole different story. we are giving you a seven out of ten today with 34 degrees and those clear skies that made it colder will also mean that we will start out with sunshine today. thirty-four feels like 30 with those 5 miles an hour wind. wind are not as gusty as they were yesterday at this time. 7:16 is our sunrise time. so we have got clear and
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chilly conditions throughout the the morning. lows in the 20's and 30's baking up and it will stay dry and cool throughout the day. seasonal temperature in the lower 50's and then the rain starts overnight, and continues into saturday. so have the the rain gear nearby, but at least all we're forecasting is rain. 50 degrees is our high today and it stays dry through the the day. we will time out that rain in i a few minutes. here's bob kelly, happy friday. >> wasn't it the a week ago we had a snow. all that snow is gone. we are getting ready for mother nature to squirt down the front steps and front pavement over the weekend. no problems or delays in northeast philadelphia up near i-95. also on i-95 in delaware county working your way from wilmington up toward philadelphia international. good morning to the shaders route 73 in problems at all working your way in toward tacony palmyra. we have in bridge opening the
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agenda but an emergency closure reply in mouth road shut down, they have closed it last night between the blue route and butler pike. some structural damage over the plymouth creek there. there will be major detours and grid lock through the weekend. today route 52 busies detoured along whit by avenue for officer wilson's funeral. tomorrow the the same deal routes 30 and 42 will be detoured around the palestra. otherwise, mass transit is looking good with in delays. chris and lauren, back over to you. happening right now search underway for suspect responsible for shooting death of the man in the overbrook neighborhood. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce live from overbrook with more on this, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. man was transported to penn presbyterian hospital where police say he died within minutes. the man's dog was not hurt but shaken. he wouldn't leave his dad's side and now this morning he is staying with the neighbor as police investigate this death. the shooting happened on the 6400 block of wood crest avenue in overbrook sometime
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before 9:00 last night. apparently this 51 year-old male victim had adroutine every night he took his dog for a walk. police say the man was shot in the chest in an apparent robbery. when he was found he was lying on the ground. he had a flashlight in one and leash in the the other. his dog was lying next to him shaken and scared apparently officials thought the man had a medical condition and didn't even realize he was shot until he had gotten to the hospital. when police were asked if there was evidence of a robbery or if anything was taken they were not sure yet. in addition to the crime scene they were gathering information from neighbors. >> we're going by what neighbors are telling us as far as his method walking by this neighborhood thinks a relative liz safe neighborhood. not much crime goes on in this particular a area. being the fact that he is an individual who is well known and appears to be well like by the community. we see no motive at this point. >> reporter: police say sometimes the victim's
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daughter went with him on these walks. fortunate thely, she was in the with him last night. police are working to inn rest gate this deadly shooting. if you have any information call at none must tip line at 215-686-tips. lauren and chris. >> jen, thank you. a viewing for philadelphia police officer robert wilson will be held at francis funeral home on whitby avenue. officer wilson's funeral is set for tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. we have confirmed the services will be held at palestra sports arena at university of pennsylvania yesterday the city council held a moment of silence for the fallen cop. the video storm where he was killed made a large donation to his family. officer wilson was shot at a game stop in north philadelphia last thursday during an attempted robbery. he was in the store buying a gift for his son. investigators are still looking for the person shot two police officers in ferguson early yesterday morning. this is as people continued to protest outside of the ferguson police department last night. activist are calling the shooting senseless. the the st. louis police
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department says rallies against police brutality have become more hostile then usual. >> you cannot expect a punch in the face and not expected to get punched right back. if they were sent to prison in of this would be happening right now. >> both president obama and family of 18 year-old michael brown, shot dead by a ferguson police officer last august condemned recent shootings of the officers. it was brown's death that started those protests and riot last year. philadelphia police are issuing a warning about a group of high tech thieves. >> they are targeting asian business owners. >> fox 29's teave keeley live outside police headquarters with details. this is scary stuff tracking them from their business toss their homes, steve. >> reporter: it the is cheap tech. look what i just had tracie submit the submit, our writer put on the air. these real criminals are likely fans of the tv criminal walter white, from the greatest tv show of all
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time breaking bad who used gps tracking devices. you can but them for as cheap as 50 bucks as we are showing you there. they advertised as seen on breaking bad. so these guys may ab monk the many fans of breaking bad, and they are buying these things. they come with a magneton them. you stick it in the tire well or on the bumper and you can find out where these people live and it even record a history of where they drive all over the place so you will necessity after a day or two what their habits are. you know everything about them by just buying one of these things. it all comes up on your phone. these things about a hundred bucks, and then these people are ripping them off for thousands of bucks. clearly a tracking device iphone, and a system in identifying their targets and identifying their homes. >> i'm surprised and disheartened to learn that they are reoccurring with the little more sophistication this time. it is victim says the the fact that they are being targeted they are being followed home. >> trying to take this group
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of individual down quickly so we can put feels mind at ease. just pay attention tour rear view an inside view mirrors and don't follow the same routine every day. do not approach these people at anytime. >> reporter: well, john walker advice, look in your rear view mirrors all the time. here's a little bit better advice. go high tech yourself. asian business owners can buy gps tracking device detectors also seen in breaking bad or they can check their bumpers and tire wells or have the guys at the car wash do it. if you see one of these on your car that means you are targeted and maybe just before you remove it yourself just call the police but just one other thing, to think about in this day and age that we live in right now, and criminals watch tv just like everybody else does and sometimes they get ideas from real good shows like breaking bad. >> i'm learning about washington politics by watching house of card. we have all been educated on the under world, so to speak.
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all right, my man, thank you sir. how about this a chase through the streets of the upper darby end with the crash and an arrest but is superintendent michael chitwood at the center of have this? he said the driver blew a stop sign hitting a utility pole knocking power out to the area and smashed into another car before police caught up with him. a police officer was hurt. the the officer is expected to be okay. chitwood says he knows why the suspect tried to get away. >> as i step out of mize vehicle to go up to the vehicle, the guy floors it and takes off. rubber screeching. he takes off. he goes through some pennsylvaniaing lots. i chase him. there is a chase. in the car, we found about a pound of marijuana, and we find baggies, we find sales. the guy has a lengthy criminal record. >> here he is, matthew smith hoist charged with multiple drug and assault offenses and remains in the delaware county jail. bail has been set at $500,000.
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today is the day we will hear atlantic city's former revel casino's hotel fate, a bankruptcy court judge will deciding whether to approve the 82 million-dollar sale of the 2.4 billion dollar attraction. revel closed in september after about two years in operation. it never turn a profit. the first lady of pennsylvania, francis wolf, will hold a round table discussion this morning with teachers and parents this morning as part of the school teach tour. wolf will discuss how education investments outlined in her husband's first budget address will i am have prove public education across the state. new jersey's education officials say schools where students skip a new standardized test could save funding cuts from the federal government. some parents are having their kid skip the parc exams because of concerns over testing. how the result license used and whether the the exam is appropriate. but new jersey's education commissioner says that parents and educators will come to appreciate the test once they see the tea tailed results.
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big news from the eagles this morning. the the bird have a a agreed to a five-year contract with running back demarco murray. >> it seems every dave this week there has been another new huge head line. so this time it is murray. 's lived in philadelphia yesterday and signed a deal. he came with his girlfriend, by the the way. here she comes out of the car. wait just a second. >> she get there. >> because, he is going to get 42 million, 21 million guarantied. >> what are you trying to say about her. >> would you leave him. >> or would you leave her? no way. murray was nfl leading rusher last season and offensive player of the year. he helped dallas cowboys win the the nfc east title. we will hear about his decision to play in philly coming up in sports. >> he is even richer then he was. >> dallas fans in the building that might be crying this morning. >> is there one, and i cannot
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believe he grew up in philadelphia but he never wears this dallas cowboys-type jerseys. they were burning these yesterday when they heard the news in dallas. >> is that on fire. >> yes, hash tag on twitter was trait or. >> people are mad. >> they are so mad. >> well, we're happy. >> we're thrilled. >> offensive player of the year last year. we needed another running back. now all we need another wide receiver. we could be a better team. people were upset about foles leaving, desean jackson from two years ago. >> we're hoping chip kelly a's play book he has been moving and shaking. >> he is either a genius or a goat and it will come up this coming season. >> coming up more dramatic testimony at the boston marathon bombing trial as the man who was carjacked by dzhokhar tsarnaev shares his story, what he told the jury about the the moment that he escaped. let's head outside, it will be a nice day, the weekend will be different though, sue is standing by with rain in your
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sing it, bob kelly. >> no, don't. >> come on, open his mike. >> when i think of you, baby.
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>> sometimes it is only way we can take awake at this hour. >> i'm grateful for the the music every day and is what going on with that moon there. i think we're looking at a reflection. clear skies. what that means though clear skies means radiational cooling and the temperatures are now colder then they were yesterday. so, we didn't have the clouds to sort of keep the heat of the day in. so that is what we have got going on. here's bottom line about the rain tomorrow. it moves in overnight tonight, into saturday. and then heavier rain will be earl will i in the day, say before lunchtime. we will get heavy downpours with this. we will end up with an inch of rain and the the rain will actually continue through most of the the day through the evening, even though it won't be as intense as in the early part of the day. so just write that off as a rainy day. where is rain now. the it the is down to the southwest. we are seeing it inch ever closer but it does look like it will be an entire dry daytime today.
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the timing of this rain is for about say 11 or 12:00 o'clock tonight as we see on our future cast the rain moving in and then it starts to get heavier toward the early morning hours say 7:00 o'clock in the morning. by noon it is still raining here and there few heavy downpours will continue through 4:00 in the afternoon and 9:00 o'clock at night we will see last gasp of that system finally getting out of here as you saw on radar. it is a big system. the it will take a while before it leaves us. now lets get back to this morning and temperatures out there 25 in pottstown. thirty-four in the the city. only 22 in mount pocono. thirty-one down in dover. 29 degrees in wilmington, delaware. factor in the wind which aren't a big deal this morning. many wind are calm out there but we have a bit of the wind chill. i would just plan for those temperatures in the 20's. hopefully you didn't put your winter cota away even though we had a temperature in the 60's earlier in the week. it is still winter, it is still cold. 50 degrees is our high today.
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fifty-seven for tomorrow with all that rain. fifty-two on sunday at least a dry day on sunday for the philadelphia st. patrick's day parade, bob kelly, but it is in the the looking real good for the one in springfield, dell will co, or the conshohocken parade. >> yeah, i got an update coming up in just a second on that. 5:18. good morning, everybody. tgif. we are looking good the on the the schuylkill expressway rolling out of the king of prussia heading in toward conshohocken, no delays on the schuylkill, in delays on the bennie either, coming into downtown philadelphia right there near the lightening bolts. the here's the latest on the parade. conshohocken parade has been postponed until march 28th. they already made the call late last night. i talk to the folks in springfield. they said they will wait until 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning before they make the call. sunday is parade scheduled in philadelphia an accident out here in upper southampton county line road at davisville road. police are on the scene there getting ready to step out the
5:19 am
front door and leave the house in south jersey in problems ahead of you. forty-two freeway, nice and quiet. fifty-five looking good. any of that construction set up for tonight into tomorrow will be postponed because of the weather. beginning on monday, head up route 11 trolley will start using shuttle buses because of construction and if you use norristown high speed line grab a new timetable today because new schedule kicks in on monday and there will be adjustments to the trains beginning monday morning, chris and lauren back over to you. lets turn to national politics. 5:19. white house says president obama still has full confidence in secret service director joseph clancy despite the investigation into two senior secret service agents accused of driving a car in the white house security barrier. they may have been drunk when they did it. white house spokesmen eric schultz says the president was disappointed to learn about the the incident but he says nobody has higher standard than secret service clancy. senator bob portland from ohio a agrees.
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>> he has disciplined a number of the members of the secret service and he will need to continue to do that apparently and establish the culture from the top. >> so clancy has asked home land security department investigator general to conduct an independent investigation. bad weather continues to delay efforts to recovery mains of the military members died in the helicopter crash during a training mission off the coast of florida. divers have located a wreckage and found signs of what officials are calling a quote high impact crash. two bodies have been recovered. seven marines and four soldiers were aboard that black hawk when i went down tuesday night. testimony continues today at boston marathon bombing trial. yesterday the the man carjack by tsarnaev brothers describe his ride at gunpoint to the jury. the man testified that tamerlan tsarnaev jumped in the passenger seat of his car, pointed a gun at him and ordered him to drive. dzhokhar tsarnaev later got in
5:21 am
the car. map later jumped out when brothers stopped to get gas. he said that decision was the the most difficult decision of his life. the the national institutes of health in maryland is getting ready to receive an american health worker infect with ebola. the the patient, working in sierra lee own, is expected to arrive today. the nih is one of the several contain familiarity silts in the u.s. set up to treaty bowl a patients. the center also treated nina pham, the dallas nurse, who contracted ebola while caring for thomas eric duncan. doctor nancy snyderman is leaving her job as chief medical editor for nbc news. her decision was prompted over fall out for her failure to observe a quarantine when she returned from covering the ebola epidemic. she will take up a faculty position at u.s. medical school but he did not say which school. the pledge of allegiance of two extremist groups is cause for concern, for the u.s. the spokesmen for isis says it has accepted a sworn loyalty deal with islamic terrorists,
5:22 am
boca horam. now this means that the extremist group has now spread to west africa. u.s. officials say they are worried about the expansion of the islamic state militant who have also spread outside syria and iraq. still ahead a major scam targeting hundreds of thousands of people across the country are. it sound like a scary call from the irs. the one big clue it is not the trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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the dow jones, nasdaq and s and p500 move higher. dow jones was up 260 points, s and p500 up 26, nasdaq up a full 43 points. is there only one governmental economic report out today, labor department will release the the producer price index, for february coming up later this morning. okay. so more than 3,000 people have been victims of a nationwide tax scam. fake irs agents target people with harassing phone calls demanding payment and threatening jail time. more than 3,000 people have fallen victim to this scam since october 2013 costing taxpayers about 15 million-dollar. investigators believe there is american one group out there making these calls including from overseas. real irs agents usually contact people first by mail, and then they never demand payment by credit card or wire transfer. there is a new way to do
5:26 am
the due. >> what do you mean. >> not everybody is celebrating but do shine hit stores march 23rd. the makers say it the is a clear citrus dew inspired. the high caffeine soda is packaged to look like craft beer with long neck bottles four pack sales boxes. some say it is intentional. others sus penn presbyterian suspect it is sublimal. >> is there nothing about that dew shine sound like moon shine. it is from the south like moon shine. >> and the bottle. >> i believe mountain dew has the highest caffeine contend of any soda. >> i don't think it goodies for you. >> sugar and caffeine probably in the the best idea. move over rocky, there is a new attraction at blue rocks minor league baseball stadium in wilmington. >> it thinks game day treat, it is a crispy cream doughnut
5:27 am
dog. the hot doggies centered in between a crispy cream doughnut and topped with bacon and rat bring jam. >> now that is good for you. >> according to reports, the blue rocks are the the master mind behind the creation, in the crispy cream. >> like we care. >> but it is even worse. >> my goodness. >> so a scary string of high tech robberies hitting homes in philadelphia. this is a story you will see only on fox straight
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a scary string of high tech robberies hitting homes in philadelphia we will have a live report about exactly what is happening. plus will we finally learn fate of the revel casino? a decision by a judge today. and president obama stops by the the set of the jimmy kimmel and he touches on serious issues of course, but he has some fun reading the mean tweets. it is so cool to see him read these. stay tuned for that. we will say good morning to you on this friday the the 13th march 13th 2015. is bus stop buddy freaked out by this is bus stop buddy superstitious. >> no, in the really. he is a happy little kid. look the at him, he smiles all the time even when it is cold outside. he puts a blanket coat back on. it is still winter for one more week. it does feel like it this
5:31 am
morning but with sunshine early in the day we will go with the seven out of ten. it will in the rain until late tonight. you will see a bit of breeze out there, 5 miles an hour at the airport 34 degrees feels like 30 as a result. 7:16 is our sunrise time. high temperature of around 50 degrees. the the sunshine early and then clouding up in anticipation, of the rain that moves in, when? overnight tonight probably on either side of midnight you will start to see first rain drops depending on where you live ape if you are awake, 39 the the overnight low. we will time out that rain and give you rest of the weekend forecast and st. patrick's day in the seven day. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 5:31. we are looking live at route 309 right here near the pennsylvania turnpike, fort washington interchange. looking good at ben franklin bridge coming into downtown philadelphia, in problems or delays at the all, kind of quiet, so far on a morning rush hour. who is ready for a parade? we have a couple of them
5:32 am
scheduled for the weekend. one has been postpone the conshohocken st. patrick's day parade postponed until march 28th because of the weather coming our way tomorrow. they aid that the springfield st. patrick's day parade commit thee will make a decision tomorrow around 8:00 a.m. as to whether or not they will have festivities and then sunday the philly parade. an accident out here in upper southampton county line road at davisville road north on the 42 freeway, no problems or delays just yet as you work your way in to downtown philadelphia heading up and over walt whitman or ben franklin. using route 11 trolley on monday, they will use shuttle buses and norristown high speed line. grab a schedule. on monday a new schedule kicks in and they have made add justments to the timetable on monday, chris and lauren back over to you. 5:32. search is on for suspect shot and killed a man in overbrook neighborhood out walking a dog this happened around 9:00 o'clock last night in the 6400 block of wood
5:33 am
crest avenue. police say the 51 year-old victim was outside with his dog when he was shot the in the chest. the dog stayed by, the owner's side, and until the police got there. fox 29's steve keeley is live at police headquarters with more on this steve good morning. >> reporter: well, we have low lives using high tech and that is in surprise. because have been has an apple iphone it seems like these days a lieutenant of people are not using it for the right reasons including a group of criminals now targeting asian business owners. we have heard that story before as well, and again, the asian business owners, in southwest philadelphia, who live in the philadelphia suburbs. what is happening is these guys are buying very cheap to buy and easy to use tracking devices, gps, simply a bug they put on your car. it comes with the magnet. you can buy them on line realliesly. about a hundred bucks. they put that on, somebody's bumper or tire well and that send a signal to the iphone telling them every movement that these business owners are
5:34 am
making including what time they arrive at their house. so watch them for a few days and you know when to hit them. the these asian business owners usually take a lot of cash to their home. they dent like using banks as much as they like using their bedroom. >> it can turn violent a at the any moment. their theory is to see where these people live, to check out the area. again, the the applications and ieven if could make much easier with gps technology. they go to the homes, they knock. unfortunately in most of these areas where these people live they may in the hear the knock or may not be expect, they are not thinking iteis for them or they are in the shower and just not paying attention and they force their way in and they come upon these individual and the the struggle start immediately. >> i think it is victim says the fact that they are being targeted, they are being followed home, and that when they are at home, they are going to be invaded and tied up and there have been deaths that have resulted from these home invations.
5:35 am
>> reporter: well, since business owners are all in southwest philadelphia with their businesses, the crew robbing them likely also lives close by in southwest philadelphia. also since the victims are also living in the suburbs, detectives now in four philadelphia area counties are all working together to do old fashion kind of tracking hoping to crack this crew before they strike again but now business owners are on high alert and hopefully on high alert for that high tech that could be stuck to their car somewhere. chris and lauren. >> scary stuff, steve keeley. >> thanks very much. viewing will be held for fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson. funeral will start at the 4:00 o'clock at francis funerals home on whit by avenue. funeral starts tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. at the palestra arena on the campus of the university of pennsylvania the city council held a moment of silence yesterday for the fallen officer and video store where he was killed made a donation to the family. officer wilson was shot at a game stop in north philadelphia last week during an attempted robbery.
5:36 am
he was buying a gift for his son. day, we have learn a fate of the atlantic city's arm toker revel casino hotel. federal bankruptcy court judge will deciding whether to approve the 82 million-dollar sale, of the 2.4 billion dollar attraction. revel closed in september, after just two years of operation, and it never turn a profit. supporters of chris christie are gearing up for his potential run for the white house in 2016. political action commit thee launched last in supporting his possible presidential candidacy, american lead registered with the federal election commission and can raise unlimitedded fund for the candidate if he runs. that same committee supported president george w. bush's campaign years back. coming up, new eagle has landed, bird have signed running back demarco murray. more on the changing face of the eagles coming up next in sports. plus the anchorman takes on the baseball diamond. why will ferrell is playing for ten different teams for
5:37 am
spring training? watch that throw. >> they call that a crow hop. >> you are a former baseball guy. >> there he
5:38 am
(mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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good morning i'm sean bell. we thought chip kelly didn't want a high priced running back. well, in comes demarco murray, the eagles needed at least one major weapon, and that is when chip kelly drop the ball on
5:40 am
jeremy maclin. he was the leading rusher offensive player of the year and reason cowboys got to the playoffs. he sign for five years worth 42 million, 21 guarantied. a huge deal. but he says it is in the about the money. >> it definitely wasn't the biggest contract but it was something about this organization, about the team that caught my eye and i felt that there was a great chance to win here. you want to be in a place that has a great fans, you want to be in a place that has a great coach in chip kelly and you want to be in a place where you have a chance to win and be successful. >> flyers took on the blues. they lost in the shoot-out. they are now ten-point behind the bruins. in the a-10 lasalle moves on while st. joes, goes home. that is sports in a minute i'm sean bell. all right. after all that news let's turn to something more fun. he has played everything from an anchorman, to than a el f and new this time will ferrell is taking on a role as a pro
5:41 am
baseball player. >> yesterday the comedian played for ten teams in five games playing every position along the way. it was all part of the funnier than die comedy special airing later this year. all of the memorabilia will be auction todd raise machine toy fight cancer. as a former baseball player what is the hardest position to play if you are just learning. >> just learning to play... >> i would say catcher. >> it is brutal. >> that ball coming at you at 95 miles an hour 96 miles an hour. then curve ball just catching a curve ball is not easy nonetheless trying to hit it. major hollywood celebrities. have you ever ever her of these mean tweets on the kimmel will show. last night was president obama's turn.
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♪ >> dire straits. >> i got the nothing. >> 5:44 is the time as we educate lauren on rock history and rock band. >> rock and roll. >> okay. hi lauren. >> hi. >> would you like to talk about empire. >> absolutely. we want to you watch the empire season finally with us we're having a big viewing party next wednesday night at miss tootsie's bar and restaurant on south street. party starts at 8:00 o'clock which is a long time chris,
5:45 am
sue, bob and i bedtime. >> in. >> but some people are thinking of going and staying up late like one sue serio. >> sue, you love the show. >> i do. i know that the next day i will get spoilers so i'm thinking i might have to take a big old nap and just go to the party. >> yes. >> so, tbd, to be determined. we have a low pressure system down to the southwest of us and this is the the source of our rain for tomorrow. no avoiding it. it will be a rainy saturday. high pressure is in control today and it gave us sunshine yesterday and clear skies last night. it is colder this morning. but fox future cast shows increasing included today starting off with sunshine but then later on in the day in the evening actually probably in the until about 11:00 o'clock or midnight when first rain drops begin and boy, will it rain especially in the morning on saturday. around 7:00 o'clock around noon time it is still raining,
5:46 am
still raining at 4:00 in the afternoon. new afternoon time it will be on and off rain but it will be around and even toward 9:00 o'clock in the evening is when we get our last gasp, get it out of here and clear things up for sunday. but on saturday we could end up with close to an inch and a half of rain in many places around a inch because of those heavy downpours. now last night it was clear so we are down to 22 degrees in mount pocono. they can still make snow in the pocono mountains. 34 degrees in the city. twenty-seven in atlantic city. 29 degrees in wilmington. it depend where it is really clear. 5 miles an hour wind will factor in and then give us a wind chill of 30. plan on wind chills in the the 20's especially leaving early this morning. you have to layer it up with that winter coat. we will get to a high of 50. won't be as breezy as yesterday. rain moves in. it is a rainy day on saturday but at least with those temperatures in the the 50's all we're talking about is rain.
5:47 am
one week ago we were still digging out from all that snow, on thursday, so things have improved one kelly and we will have half rainy weekend, sunday should be okay. >> what a different a week can make. last week we had a ice storm, snowstorm and this week rain. it washed away memories of the the snow. live look at i-95 in northeast philadelphia, in problems working your way down through the construction zone. we will will go for a ride 202 southbound leaving mall area, king of prussia heading southbound toward west chester. we're in good shape. an emergency closure popped up yesterday, they found a structuring problem with the bridge that goes over the plymouth creek. so plymouth road is closed between blue route and the butler pike. the it the is right there just east of the from it month meeting mall that whole mid county interchange. this will be a hot mess not just for today but for the next couple of days until they can figure out what is going on there. traffic is diverted on to germantown pike and butler
5:48 am
pike. if you are shopping up in that area or just traveling through today for work expect delays. and then later on today this afternoon and into tonight 592 bus will be detoured with officer wilson's funeral there on whitby avenue and tomorrow both 30 and 42 bus will be detoured all day around the palestra for the funeral as well. philly international okay for now. you'll be okay today but tonight all day tomorrow you may want to check with the airlines if you have travel plans because of the weather and crash at county line road at davisville road. otherwise mass transit is looking good with no delays. the chris and lauren, back over to you. a 19 year-old vegas man pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges in the shooting death of a mother of four. erica period in court yesterday after tammy myers was kill. the case was characterized as road rage but they say they knew each other. they also a myers son fired several shots during the deadly shoot-out.
5:49 am
a new hampshire man convicted of murdering his teacher's husband 25 years ago is being paroled. william flynn was quick of killing pamela smart's husband in 1990 so they could be together. flynn's hearing was held on his fourth first birthday. board decided he will be released in june. she's serving life without the possibility of parole. police say the murder was her idea. the the case was the inspiration for nicole kidman movie to do for. 5:49. oklahoma isn't the only university being investigated after two students at two schools, sang the same racist chant that was caught on video in oklahoma last week. sigma alpha epsilon fraternity is looking at university in louisiana a and texas. officials at the the oklahoma chapter of the fraternity acknowledged the chant has been around for several years but it wasn't immediately stopped. an investigation is underway after metro trans it police shot and killed a man in the subway tunnel.
5:50 am
this all started as a call for an unauthorized person a at the the station just before 9:00 last night. investigators are still looking into what prompted police to a fire at him. in one else was hurt. the state of the alabama closed inquiry in to whether the deal to publish harper lee's second novel involved elder abuse. some questioned whether the 88 year-old author was capable of consenting to the novel's publication. long time friend claimed she was in poor life but they reviewed and said lee answered their questions, with satisfaction, so the case is now closed. nasa has launched four identical spacecraft on a billion dollar mission to study the explosive give and take of the earth and son's magnetic field. >> this is fascinating stuff. the magnet i can as months fear i can. >> thank you. >> multi scale spacecraft soared in the clear late night sky on thursday.
5:51 am
you can tell i failed at all kind of science classes. the observatories will be placed in a oblong orbit stretching tens of thousands of miles into this atmosphere nearly halfway to the moon by the way. >> yes. >> as if that weren't entertaining enough, let's turn tour entertainment news. yes, it is officially coming, disney is announcing frozen two is a go. >> the sequel does not have a release date or a plot line just yet but director chris buck and jennifer lee, they are teaming up again. news of the frozen two comes as a new short film frozen fever hits theaters today. it day buys before disney's new cinderella movie. froze up is best selling animated movie of all time earning more than a billion dollars at the the box office. can't play with frozen. >> no. >> the sequel will probably earn 2 billion. >> the president stopped by
5:52 am
jimmy kimmel last night the but it was not all jokes and laughs. >> president obama reflect on the shooting of two police officers in ferguson, missouri calling on the a arrest and suspects. he lighted the mood or lightened it when he took part in the kimmel will fan favorite man tweets. here he is. >> is there anyway wye want fly obama to some golf course halfway around the world and just leave him there. well rw surfer girl i think that is a great idea. coors light is $23 now, at sun stop, thanks obama. how to you make obama eyes light up? shine a flashlight in his ears. that is probable i good. >> it is amazing how times have change, right. >> yes. >> with president going on comedy shows. i think bill clinton may have been the first when he played the saxophone, whose show was
5:53 am
that back in the day? arsenio hall? new you've bam a coming on and doing jokes about himself. it the is kind of neat. >> yes. >> his appearance fulfilled a commitment he postponed last year. he made good on a promise. >> man of his word, you got to love that. local k-9 officer gets the recognition he deserves. we introduced you to judge a few months ago. but now he is getting a big honor. we will explain this after the break. what it looks like outside right now there is a major change in the forecast, sue has rain for you coming up in just a little bit.
5:54 am
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a beautiful picture. 5:56 is the time. sue's full forecast coming up. you can reach out and touch that moon. let's shut out all of our k-9 veterans this morning and one new jersey dog name judge is being honored in a very special way. k-9 veteran judge was a local new jersey hero and served in the west deptford police department from 2007 through 2013. judge passed away in february after he was forced to retire because of severe health issues. today his handler corporal mike franks will receive the 3 million dogs k-9 veterans victory award in judge's name. he said how do you say good bye to his partner and friend
5:57 am
is very hard but he is proud of what they have accomplish. >> pretty overwhelming. it made me proud of judge and his career, to see the support that he received. >> along were being a police hero corporal franks says judge was like any other dog, judge lived with his eight year partner and his partner and beloved member of the household. coming up, thanked from work to home by g ps and terrorized and robbed. chilling trend targeting local businesses. the new eagle has landed, the bird have signed running back demarco murray more on the changing face of the eagles. what a week it has bee 14 irresistible flavors. one for the mood. one for the moment. each
5:58 am
one can make every day more delicious than the last. the taste could only be baileys. the experience could only be yours. baileys coffee creamers. this is the one.
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a man walking his dog, like he does every night shot in the chest. he is dead. new police are looking for his killer. what they think the motive may have been. wild police chase end with the cop cruiser smashed, utility pole knocked over and a suspect drug dealer in custody what sparked this dangerous chase. and we signed the enemy. former cowboys running back, that is a cool suv, isn't it. >> man. >> there is demarco murray of the cowboys, best running backs last year, he is now an eagle, an eagle has landed from dallas. welcome to philly. i believe that he is till in


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