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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  March 17, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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the chilling audio from the hbo documentary the jim where robert durst admits to the killings he was a suspect n could he face the death penalty. and then this... >> you can hear what he is saying he is supporting benjamin netanyahu in the big election, taking place right now a few more hours before the the polls close over there in israel. chuck norris is a big fan. >> i feel lick we can do a chuck norris joke here. >> probably not a prop eighth. it is st. patrick's day. so bob, what are you up to. did you make it. >> i made it, gang, yes, good morning. we are coming to you live from katie o'donnell's in northeast philadelphia, woodhaven road for the family friendly fox 29 st. patrick's day part which a free breakfast, free
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admission and lots of stuff. stay right there we have more to come. it sound like a party. it is st. patrick's day. >> good party anywhere. >> there is a free continental breakfast. >> and free face painting for kid. great to stop by there before you go to school and show it off were all of the friend. >> now, finally, i usually save this t-shirt for every march 17th for when i go out and drink some green beer good has it been washed. >> it has been washed but it has seen many of arms over the years i have to admit it is clean. >> oh, the stories. >> early part of the afternoon for when you get started with your parties, it will be in the 60's. >> and then tonight if you stay out late, oh, boy it will be different because we have colder air moving n enjoy milder temperatures and dance a little jig with bus stop
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buddy in his once a year st. patrick's outfit. if you are dressing your kid perhaps you wouldn't want to do this to them just make sure they are wearing a nice warm coat but they don't have to be as bundled up as they were yesterday. our number today is a lucky seven out of ten. it is 46 degrees right now. the sun will rise in a few minutes. official at 7:10. is there a pot of gold? will we see rainbow? probably not. but we have 62 degrees our early high temperature and windy, blustery afternoon as temperatures drop. we will talk all about it coming up in the seven day forecast, but caitlin roth is here to handle traffic duties while bob kelly is out at the party. >> great time. >> that is northeast philadelphia off of woodhaven, join party there, might take you a while on i-95 north looking at me behind me at allegheny bumper to bumper stack up here. you're not going anywhere. give yourself extra time traveling around i-95
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northbound. that is a big issue of the morning. otherwise if you are in norristown main street at george street we have an accident right there not seeing too many delays just use extra caution though. lets go back to 29th street at ridge avenue we have a car fire. officials are on the scene and working on it the but otherwise it is just an issue that you have to dodge. taking a look at area bridge necessary reports of major delays or accidents there. that is ben franklin, walt whitman and commodore barry, good to go east and westbound on those, also no problems at the the airport this morning,al he can. >> good news. >> two temple football players were arrested and face ago salt charges. >> they stem from a fight apparently that occurred back in january at an off-duty house party, this is in northern liberties. jenny has been on the case at temple university, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we are actively trying to get more details on this incident that just happened yesterday. arrested yesterday. they were arraigned overnight.
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out on bail. what we do know is that the 2-foot paul players involved dion dawkins and hasan reddick are both 20 years old and both charge with aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endanger another person. temple university spokesperson says the school ace wear of these allegations and release aid statement saying quote the university has and will continue to fully cooperate with the philadelphia police department, in its investigation and they will take appropriate actions outlined in the students conduct code. the two students have been suspended from football team activities pending further investigation. mike, i know you wanted todd know earlier whether that means they are suspended from school. i have texted a spokesperson and waiting to hear back just for clarification on a few things, that included but we do know that with their statement specifically saying football activities we necessity is there an upcoming game, cherry and white game april 25th that they will
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probably not be playing in, as this investigation continues. >> cherry and white game every spring. >> thank you for checking in to that. >> 7:05. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting in the cobbs creek section of the city. a 19 year-old man was shot twice in the head on the 6,000 block of irving street last night. he later died at the hospital. this morning no arrest have been made and police are looking for your help on that would be. man shot multiple times in juniata park. he is fighting for his life and a suspect is in custody. police were called to the 46 hundred block of ellis street just before 2:00 a.m. investigators tell us that he was shot many, many times. he was shot once in the head, once in the chest and at least twice in the back and he is being treated at temple university hospital as i mentioned. >> well, happening today a lawsuit focused on the new jersey sports betting law will be back in the federal courtroom which means they will be happening here in philadelphia. >> of course, pope eighth timing with march madness.
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ncaa and major sports league of our country are suing new jersey to keep the law from taking effect. steve, we're spending what, $9 billion on betting. >> reporter: that is estimate. i don't know how they count that. nobody at fox 29 spend any money. ours is purely for fun, right. >> that is right. >> yes. new jersey is persistent. that persistence now takes them to federal appeals court here in philadelphia. right across ben franklin bridge. the as we hit the two and a half year mark in this fight for sports betting, legally in new jersey. kind of like the fourth quarter now. the timing could not be better for new jersey's lawyers to point out the the redick less hypocrisy from the ncaa, nfl, nba, basketball baseball and hockey because as ncaa's lawyer argues that legal sports betting will do irreparable harm to college
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sports president obama at that very moment likely will be among the estimated 70 million picking their ncaa basketball tournament brackets and office pools. his office happens to be the oval office and he invites espn every year and andy katz to show the the country hoe is betting on in the white house office pool that add up in that 9 billion-dollar estimate the for illegal sports betting. just this week on this one tournament, helping tv ratings make it one of the most watched sports events on television after the super bowl. doing the exact opposite of irreparable harm. instead making it more popular and profitable for ncaa too which made nine million-dollar on the tournament in 1980 after that great year with larry bird and magic johnson in the final. the most watched game ever this year they will make over a billion dollars. irreparable harm my you know what. >> well, i know people are commenting on twit they are morning. >> i'll bet. >> saying that, you know,
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betting their office pools. >> this is time of the year when everyone is talking about it. >> get your brackets together by tonight, first games are tonight,. trial is settle to begin in the case of the tina tacked on the trolley. we showed you this video over and over. >> this 17 year-old, damon oliver started hitting her when she bumped him with her school barred when riding the trolley in january. she suffered a black eye and broken nose. oliver is charged with assault, making terroristic threats and recklessly endangering another person. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be in philadelphia speaking at the so, of energy engineer global conference taking place at the convention center. >> easy walk for him. police say a new jersey mother helped her son cover up a disappearance of her daughter in law, her son's wife. there she is, jo crosby of sicklerville is charged with tampering with evidence in connection with the erika crippen case. there is erika.
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erika has in the been seen since new years eve and presume dead. although her body has not been found. crippen's husband kyle crosby was charged with murder in january. now victim's family is hopeful that this new arrest of the mom will lead to the discovery of erika's body. >> a step closer, we're a step closer and hoping that she talks and you know he know that his mom is in trouble. >> now it is time for him to do the favor for his mom, come clean, give the body up, help your mom get out of jail. >> reporter: prosecutors say jo crosby played a major rel in helping her son kyle conceal the the alleged crime but did not elaborate citing the ongoing investigation. kurdish forces confirmed that they have taking over three villages from isis in iraq. >> twenty isis militants and three kurdish fighters were kill in the clashes. u.s. led coalition aircraft provided air support for the the fighters. villages had been in militant
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hand since last june. thinks as evidence emerges that isis terrorist are using a chemical weapon republicans kurdish fighters. >> just like saddam hussein did. >> israelis are voting right now in the general election that will determine if prime minister benjamin netanyahu will continue to serve as prime minister. facing fall poll numbers, and fall out from his speech here in the u.s., and congress. netanyahu switched positions on the establishment of a palestinian state and said he now opposes one. in era peel to hardliners at a the last minute. he said he will keep building settlements in east jerusalem. martial arts expert turn movie star chuck norris is getting involved in politics. >> he has been in politics for 30 years but he is not running for office. his message isn't even for america but for israel. you still cannot hear what he
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says but what he says is, chuckies good at martial arts and selling gym equipment you just can't hear him. he is supporting big time prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the election taking place right now. apparently, benjamin netanyahu tweeted a response. thanks for the campaign support mr. chuck norris. how about that. you could not have twitter more fire yesterday in the delaware valley after somebody spotted tim tebow. >> it is only a two hour period and then it was out. >> he was in, ran around, he went to the airport. >> tim tebow came in for a work out, for the the bird. he is trying to catch on with a team after being out of football for two years now. at this point there is no indication eagles will sign tebow but it got everyone's attention. >> it sure d you know tim tebow wears his religion on his sleeve. no question bit.
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he loves the lor. >> um-hmm. >> many times when he would play especially at the florida he would put this version, script tour john three: sixteen, chapter three, verse 16, god loves the world so much. >> yes. >> that is right. >> he normally has that on his body somewhere, where he is playing football. >> listen to this. >> sue. >> are you listening. >> yes. >> what was yesterday's date 3:14. >> no, 3/16. >> good one, sue. >> it was. >> um-hmm. >> coincidence? i think not. >> divine intervention. >> wow. >> look at you getting all deep on us. >> thank you. >> that is all i have. >> i guess we will have to see. >> it is possible, we have seen cliff lee throw his last pitch for the phillies. team placed cliff on the 60 day disable list. despite doctor's recommendation to have surgery cliff decided to try to rehab his elbow in hopes of pitching
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again this season. >> for the third time. >> that does not work, he will have surgery and will miss the the rest of the the season. after this year phillies can buy cliff out with the final year of his contract. it vice possible we have seen him throw his final pitch for the phillies. >> man. >> do you remember back just a few years ago we had four acees, we were living a dream. we loved it. now what do we have? villanova. the lafayette leopard. >> yeah. >> they are in the tournament. >> one of the top defensive rookies in the nfl this past season rookie, i said did you hear that, decided to retire yesterday afternoon at the age of 24. >> yes, 49ers linebacker chris borland decided to walk away because of concerns of the long term effects of head trauma he says he has been thinking about this for a while and there is no chance he will change his mind. he is fourth player under the age of 30 to retire from the n to fl in just the past week.
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>> isn't that something. doctor mike is coming into talk about this, all right. 7:14 on this st. patrick's day. >> lets that you can to sue. we want to enjoy the the the weather and have have a good time. >> in and out by three. >> for weeks and weeks we have been looking for to the first day of spring. come on spring, come on spring. well now, personally i'm in the looking forward to it anymore. wait until you see the the high temperature we have for friday. it will happen regardless, three days away from the vernal equinox at 6:45 friday evening. we've got rain to the north, and snow further are north in vermont and new hampshire. none of that expected to make its way south. it is a northern storm for us, after a cold front comes through midday, things will change. these are current temperatures, low to mid 40's every where this morning. 52 degrees in wildwood. look at the temperatures as we go through the day. by noon or 1:00 we are in the
7:15 am
lower 60's and then temperatures start too plunge throughout the rest of the day and evening and we will bottom out in the 20's overnight. probably around 29 degrees. wind speeds are fine. they are coming from the southwest where milder temperatures come from but here's what happened to the wind gusts by this afternoon we're in the 30, 35 miles an hour range of wind gusts, it turns in the blustery day and here are wind coming from the northwest now that is where colder wind come from. big changes, chilly changes on the way for the the rest on have the daze and those wind stick with us tomorrow as well making it feel colder then it will be. so mild monday. it wasn't bad at all. 55 degrees yesterday. average high is 53. today we will beat that with 62 but notice arrow there temperatures will be going down after about lunchtime today and temperatures plunge. wind pick up, very blustery day on wednesday, pretty chilly on thursday and is there first day of spring.
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now that is something to dread caitlin roth instead of looking for it. high of 39. >> my gosh, i know. maybe april will bring good things. >> yes good thanks, sue. >> camera right behind me at vine street expressway, new trouble spot westbound a lot of traffic stacking up there at 24th street. crossing from the schuylkill over to i-95 here's where we will see decent delays traveling the vine. moving on to 422 eastbound the on ramp from route 724 we have an accident there and big delays building up at 422, this is southbound heading closer toward college villanova exit and then eventually in toward king of prussia. that accident causing issues. next in norristown main street at george street an accident there as well. finally in north philadelphia at 29th street and ridge avenue. that is where we have a issue with the vehicle fire that may cause delays in the area we've got some pretty good jams there on the schuylkill heading in the, and also i-95 southbound is a mess
7:17 am
anywhere from woodhaven down to the vine in the city there we are seeing many delays. only good news we are fine coming in and out of the airport. alex and mike. >> i like a jam every now and then. >> look at this graphic. >> yes, of course, we're ending the kelly's count down because it is any st. patrick's day. >> what happened to bob. i thought he would be around he is around but in northeast philadelphia at katie o'donnell's. >> they is. >> i showed up at work and they said get out of here go northeast philadelphia here we are at winning spot, the favorite irish pub and restaurant voted by you, our viewers, katie o'donnell's on woodhaven road in northeast philadelphia come on out and join us all morning long up until 10:00 o'clock. free admission, free parking, come on, lets check this out. we have a free breakfast for everybody here. we will eat good as we get started off on our ain't
7:18 am
patrick's day celebration. how about some goodies from upper dublin, the guys from town crier bakery bringing us cup cakes, cookies, check out the cake they have made for us here, a two jelly doughnut delay, pothole pennsylvania a troll are, sticky buns, come on, come with me. >> we have the dancers. the the fans step work. the pride of erin, irish dance school here. >> take a a lot at this place here, hi everybody. happy st. patrick's day. >> wow. our irish bandies here with us all morning long. we will be here until 10:00 o'clock. om out and join us. the cummings school of irish dance, family friendly fox 29 st. patrick's day party and you are invited.
7:19 am
>> right off woodhaven road right at the mall of the parking lot of the philadelphia mills that used to be called the franklin mills mall. come on out, jen freddie's in the crowd somewhere here with me. we will talk to her and rest of the irish. >> there she is. >> happy st. patrick's day guys, back to you. >> that looks like so much fun. >> 7:19 in the morning. >> they are just getting started. >> can you imagine by 9:30. >> that cake. >> i want it. >> so cool. >> jammo. >> what if someone told you you could make hundreds of dollars but all you have to do to slap a ad on your car. >> sound too good to be true. new scam going around. we will tell you how to protect yourself. >> fcc regulation right there. sign language experts steel the show, viewers were supposed to vote for best musical act but everyone on line was talking about that guy. his performance that had everybody dancing. of course, it is sanity
7:20 am
pate trick's day. here we go, this is love myself, he says eye cash irish princess happy st. patty's day, hash tack lucky, beautiful. i love. that these guys all out. love it. >> okay good yeah. >> so make sure you send us your pictures on facebook, instagram, twitter use the hash tag fox 29 good day. >> how did he trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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i knew it would be a success but thinks overwhelming at 7:23 in the morning. >> they have been there for 20 minutes and party is yum pink. >> go, it is over on woodhaven avenue, it is called katie o'donnell's. >> it is family friendly. you can get face painting. all free for the kid. free breakfast, continental breakfast. >> parking lot is huge. >> what reason do you have not to go. >> it is basically by the the franklin mills mall what do they call it now. >> philadelphia mills mall. >> yes. only reason we're not there because we have to be here. >> i will there been at 10:06. >> it is, sound too good to be true, probably is, is there an
7:24 am
e-mail floating around, watch for tonight you are in box promising to turn your car into a mobile advertisement, for about a thousand dollars. you simply let these people put a sign on the car and we will give you a thousand bucks. >> don't get excited because lauren says it is a scam. >> reporter: it is a scam. happy st. patrick's day. >> how does it work. >> reporter: watch out for e-mails, they are not real from heinikin, coca cola or monster energy saying just drive your regular route, do your normal stuff but if you outfit your car with our logo we will pay you hundreds if not thuses of dollars. this is how it works. give us some basic information about you. then we will send you an up front check for money. what you do when you get that check you deposit some into your account, the the part that you are owed for driving your car, that is logo and then wire us the difference to the person who designs the logo. >> there you go. >> the check is fake. you wire your own money. this is a scam and getting people who want to make a
7:25 am
quick buck. >> because lauren, ten years ago this was a legitimate offer. people were doing it. i remember seeing cars like the big city buses. >> yes, or taxi cabs. >> yes. you could do that. this was a legitimate business about ten years ago but then it all went away. >> reporter: be careful for any issues or problems, in that e-mail. anytime you have to wire money it is usually a scam. certain issues like that that pop up. it was legitimate. people want to make a quick buck. you know, it seemed real. >> i have been offered. >> reporter: what have you been offered. >> i will write pepsi across my head with this sharp e and see if they respond. >> i don't think it will work. >> we would love to see it. >> you guys have green bagels over there do you have glean bagels, we don't want green bagels. >> i think they taste
7:26 am
different but everybody tells me i'm nuts. >> are you feeling okay, you sound under the weather. >> yeah, i have got a little bit of the head cold. >> i got one too. >> you sound fine. >> you look great. >> she looks fantastic. have a great st. patrick's day. >> to. 7:26. well here's a real story real estate heir robert durst, the whole country is talking about this apparently caught off camera admitted to several killings. could he face the the death penalty because of the slip up of the microphone on in a bathroom. let's check back on the st. patrick's party at katie o'donnell's. >> thinks pride of erin, looking amazing. all morning long we will be here in the northeast. did bob mention the the free parking, come and join us, happy st. patrick's day, everybody.
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7:30 am
the shirt. >> that is green enough. >> yes. >> yes. >> not as green as bus stop buddy. >> this poor kid. >> yes. >> once a year he just gets dressed up and bless his heart he is still smiling getting ready for fun st. patrick's day to day and lucky for you because we are going to get to 62 degrees today. we will get seven out of ten. it is 46 already, and look there is little leprechaun hiding behind the pot of gold. it is in the 40's this morning. we are off to a chilly start but by noon time we are up to 62 degrees, wind will pick up this afternoon and temperatures will plunge and cooling down quickly in the 40's, tonight. so make sure you are dressed properly for all of the fun you will of today. let the see what the road look like this morning with caitlin roth doing the work today. >> that is right, someone has
7:31 am
got to go drink green beer, bob kelly at katie o'donnell's in northeast philadelphia go join him if you can. taking i-95 southbound you will have problems, live look at interstate right now, look at this, all along i-95 southbound at allegheny exit. there is an accident on the shoulder which is causing the problem northbound you will look okay. i-95 at allegheny. moving to the new jersey turnpike northbound between hightstown there is a seven an accident on the inner roadway. finally in monroe, approaching jamesberg we have an accident on the shoulder. shouldn't be causing too many problems but a maybe a few delays, mike. >> okay, you have seen it every where, i want to get some information out of our legal expert. for decade now, no one has been able to convict real estate heir robert durst in connection with three criminal cases dating back to 1982 with his wife. >> but some evidence presented in a hbo documentary series
7:32 am
could be durst official down fall. everyone is talking about these moments from the film. >> the damming moment by yesterday durst was formally charged in the in murder of them in murder of susan berman. a 15 year-old case that ken rottweiler has been following n fact, yesterday he watched the entire six hour mini series. >> really. >> called the jinks. >> i watched it. it is fascinate to go watch this may be one of the most interesting cases ever. you have to understand robert durst is, he is part of the durst real estate empire in new york. >> billions. >> one of the richest families that goes back to 1915 family business. he has been acquit of three murders. first was his wife who went missing. he was married for nine years no body found. never charged n2000 his best friend was shot in the back of
7:33 am
the head. interesting his best friend was about to talk to the authorities about the missing wife in 1982. shot the day before in the back of the head. then a murder in 2001 of his neighbor for which he went to trial. he pled self-defense and was found not guilty. >> even though after he shot him, he disremember his body, for some reason, how did he explain that away. >> he cut off both arms and both hands and both legs and what he said was he did that because he got nervous and crazy and lost his mind. the here's the thing do you know yes wasn't convicted, jury believed it was self-defense but he wasn't charged with dismember. so therefore the the jury could not find that was a crime. here's what happened, they never found the head. he took the head because he knew if he took the head they wouldn't be able to do forensic to know it wasn't self-defense. this is an unbelievable story. it is fact better than
7:34 am
fiction. >> everybody is talking about from the hbo film those word he said, that it had nothing to do with the fact that they were not able to arrest him. >> two years ago they did another interview in the conference room. he gets up. >> mike is still on. >> yes glow goes to the bathroom, he goes, mike is still live. they don't necessity about this. they didn't know bit. they discovered this two months ago this was filmed two years ago. >> hold on we have the shot. >> yes, we have a shot. with a mike on he goes in the bathroom like we have all done and he starts talking to himself. >> and here it is he says more than. that he said i'm caught. very self incriminating things. he said kill them all, of course. the defense lawyers when he to trial will try to explain that that he was being sarcastic but there is a letter, do you know about the letter. >> that is what got him.
7:35 am
>> it is crucial thing. >> this is why when he went in the bathroom, oh, i'm caught because the interviewer shows him those two envelopes. is what first envelope. >> what happens is the killer wrote a letter to the police and said there is a cadaver found at this particular address and writes it beverly hills. do you see that. >> beverly is misspelled. the other thing where it says beverly hills was written by him, to the woman that was killed. it is obvious that the person who wrote this if it is the the same person is the killer. one letter was written to the letter of the person who was killed whom we know was durst, other letter was written by the kill other this have woman. >> they are both written by durst. >> i agree. >> i think they are bet written by same person that is why this time he will not getaway with it. he will be convicted. >> i think he will get death penalty. authorities are after it. he beat it in new york with his wife. beat it in california with the death of his best friend. >> can he not base it off of
7:36 am
those. >> you cannot go back. the authorities they are going after him. they are extraditing him to los angeles. they aring right after him. this will be a very interesting trial. >> ten seconds, can they use the bathroom tape. >> yes, it is absolutely admissible. he didn't know it was being tape. it is contacted admission under the law by a defendant. >> would you say he was kidding. >> that is what the the lawyers will say. he is nuts. >> good to see you. >> thanks for coming? new rules, oh, facebook just go away. >> always something. >> they come up with a new rule every week, i cannot keep up, i don't care, but you probably do. >> we love facebook mike. >> well, there goes the boobies, in more on facebook.
7:37 am
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7:40 am
>> 7:39. >> i used to love to play hide and seek with my four sisters in my backyard. >> people are still playing. you can play as an adult. one major chain is having to crackdown after facebook plans for hide and go seek what do you mean a major chain, what do they sell. >> ikea. >> furniture. >> the the swedish scandinavian furniture place. >> i don't know is what happening here. >> here's a facebook photo of one of the hiding spots, taken during a hunt inside an ikea in the netherland. so they gave special permission but 500 people ended up showing up. here's another. it looks like fun. you have shelves, maybe different areas this backfired on them. >> so now people are coming up and doing it. they are like hold on. because on facebook they are trying to organize more events. some had thousands of events saying i will come and lets do this. now the company has banned it. >> it seemed like a good idea. they turn a flash mob inside
7:41 am
their stores and disrupted the business. >> can you imagine, people shopping looking at cabinets and someone pops out. >> my goodness. >> that would freak me out this had a thousand people in one of the stores, nobody could shop. >> it is all about the money. >> number one seller. >> the importance of sign language cannot be overstated. it is a great service. >> sign language expert asked to interpret lyrics of the talent show but he was so expressive all eyes were on him instead of the performers. >> ♪ >> look at that. >> he has got moves. >> yes. >> so he is signing the song and i don't think i recognize that song. >> he found the beat. >> look at him. >> i have seen this a million times, he lives in australia. >> that is pretty cool.
7:42 am
>> 7:41. are you ready for some march madness? i am. >> but apparently a lot of men are ready to see their doctors. >> popular procedure that is spiking this week. mike are you going to the doctor. >> i have heard about this. i will stick with the basketballs. >> okay. >> let check back with the st. patrick's day party. bob. are you having a great time. >> we are having a great time, we are dancing here right the now. i'm right here. right here, i'm doing irish dancing at katie o'donnell's in i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, "i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me, i just got out of work, that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i said "don't eat me now."
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so tomorrow is the the day. don't forget about our empire viewing party tomorrow night. party starts at 7:00, it is important to get there early because people will come for this and of course you want to get a seat. rebels the the season finally is two hours so it will start at 8:00 to 10:00. stick around and watch fox 29 news at ten. it will be a great time, at miss tootsie's bar and restaurant on south street. i'm telling you, it will be a great time. i cannot wait for this but i'm sad, but this is an end but is there a season two. >> it is the end, for now. >> and they keep saying there will be a lot of surprises. we will not want to miss this one. >> there will be a lot of weather changes in the day
7:46 am
ahead. we will break it down with your weather headlines this morning. mild to start today but windy and colder later. it will be a tail of two weather days for your st. patrick's day. tomorrow and thursday chilly changes brisk and blustery both days, so we have cold air moving in for wednesday and thursday. friday, wet snow possible in the morning, i cannot say it with a straight face for the first day of spring. it looks like it is shaping up to be that cold. remember one year ago on march 17th, 2014, we have got our last measure snowfall of the season were 4.7 inches and that brought us to a seasonal total of 68 inches last season which was second most snowy ever this was just average. the the average snowfall in a philadelphia season is about 22 inches. well, all this rain the two north of us should stay to the north of us, so if you are
7:47 am
driving north this morning toward new york you may run into that rain but we don't need the green umbrella we are at 46 degrees. forty's every where else but 52 in wildwood and 50 right now in dover, delaware. these temperatures are as much as ten to 14 degrees warmer then they were yesterday at this time but don't get used to the it because it will in the stay this way. wind will gust gust, they will change direction, northwesterly wind means colder temperatures. 38 miles an hour wind gusts by end of the day and wind stick around for tomorrow so that a makes for a blustery wednesday. pretty chilly on thursday. wet snow in the morning possible on friday. then we will bump up to 50's on saturday back down to cold temperatures on sunday and monday. the the change of season is here and caitlin roth it is a roller coaster ride. >> it doesn't look like spring, yikes. big problems still i-95 southbound on ramp from allegheny which you can see right here.
7:48 am
that is where we had an accident. very stacked up trying to get on to i-95. many problems. we have been like this for past hour bumper to bum per not moving i-95 southbound to that extend, and further north and south of allegheny there. northbound though we are looking okay. it is a mess on that major roadway. moving on 295 northbound in new jersey near route 206 we have an accident there. that is causing maryland rate delays. on the schuylkill we will switch back across the the river eastbound between 202 and gulph mills out by the king of prussia area we have a disable vehicle there a lot of problems on the schuylkill, main lippes bound in the city around that disabled vehicle even though it is on the shoulder, heavy volume at this hour but we are still seeing some problems. back to new jersey on the new jersey turnpike northbound between height town and is there an accident in the inner drive. >> caitlin, something else to celebrate tonight. congratulations to some of our teams here in philadelphia. it is the the state 4a high school basketball championships taking place in
7:49 am
reading. we have roman catholic verse jp mccasey in lancaster. martin luther king junior, another local team will take on a team over the the high school in pittsburgh. >> okay. >> this is the final four, 4a championships, good luck philadelphia teams. we will let you know when they have the final game champion ship game later on this week if not tomorrow night. let's roll the irish open, what do you say. >> we have been talking to bob kelly at this st. patrick's day part bye now we will see what jen is up to. >> that is always interesting. >> hi, jen. >> hi guys we are here with the pride of erin school of dance, good morning. >> good morning you guys will not stop until late, late in april. >> oh, yeah, we never stop. >> they have been to many national competitions, their
7:50 am
whole school is community based. it is really cool what they are doing. the these girls will get out of cool today which sound really cool but what you don't know is they are dancing like this all day long they have been dancing all weekend and deservely so because they look amazing. >> that is one of the things you will see here when you come you have to come up to northeast philadelphia because thinks where it is all at, this is just a group of the family members that own this place. hi guys. >> hi, how are you. >> good morning. >> you're establish roots this is not just a game, it goes really deep. >> yes good we have one little girl here, hi gorgeous, you are the the great, great, great granddaughter obfuscate i o'donnell, right. >> yes. >> that has to make you feel special. >> yes. >> i understand that she had red hair.
7:51 am
>> yes. >> does she look like katie? >> yes, she do, yes. >> her name is kate. you look amazing. have fun. >> we have another school of dance here, the cummings school, let's hear it. >> there you go. >> i know bob kelly's youngest austin takes irish dance lessons. some of these girls are also going to a national competition and it is really cool guys mike and alex is a lot of people have their green on and while they have their green on they have their villanova. >> oh, yes, villanova all the way. >> yes. >> go wildcats. >> i love your tattoo. >> i love the face painting. >> yes. >> that little boy who was dancing he was the cutest thing i have seen all morning.
7:52 am
look at him, my goodness. >> so cute. >> i'm glad we decided to have a family friendly party, really cool. we will take you back there throughout the morning. did you hear about face back they will clean up their act. they don't want half name pictures. >> there are new rules, yes, we have more new rules, to focus on what you can and cannot post. it is not all about nudity, there is more to it. >> okay. you want to sit on the the couch for thursday, friday, saturday and sunday because it is march madness. guess what the number one surgery in the delaware valley is, starting on wednesday? again, i would rather just deal with basketballs. >> is that a hint.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
are you friend with the
7:56 am
bird there. >> yeah. >> you know, i have in the been there in a wrong time i will have to go out there this afternoon, katie o'donnells. >> they will still be here. we are about to finish the first hour of the party here. >> because, word from yesterday afternoon, one of the best rookies in the nfl, kiddies young, 23 or 24 years old, he had had i great rookie season. he has decided to quit football. his name is chris borland of the 49ers. >> he is saying basically it is in the worth the risk to his health. i mean at 24. >> you know, i got a tweet here from herb, the commentator who went to ohio stay, herb highstreet. he was saying i was kind of sad to hear about this borland street at 24 years of age but i know he is worried about concussions and permanent damage. he went on to say, is this going to be the end of football.
7:57 am
>> people are not the letting their kid play until later on. >> i love my son nicholas so much and my daughter, amy and when they want to play contact sports i really am going to think about it. because they have my genetics in them and they are not going to the nfl or nhl or any other kind of l. >> what happened to this guy. >> well, they have done about a hundred autopsies now of former nfl players brains. 80 percent of them show damage. what we call chronic traumatic damage. this can lead to suicide. we have seen that. it can lead to dementia, people not being able to remember their names. so, these young players, this guy is saying hey, i'm not sure that the big bucks that i'm going to make worth me either committing suicide or being someone that is unable to remember my name down the road. >> he is really like the third
7:58 am
young nfl player to retire this week. >> i really think at some point in the the future, football will be played by robots, we will be animated robots. >> really. >> you are seeing it in aviation. the technology has out stripped the physiology. pilots cannot fly and pull those g's like a drone can. we're going in a way, in the future, where i think putting human at risk like this will be obsolete. >> i had a football player tell me the other day that... every time. when you get tackled, when you have a collision on the football field in the nfl the. it is like having a 20-mile an hour car wreck. so, that is 500, 600, 20-mile car wrecks over a season. >> what happens is when you injure that brain and that
7:59 am
brain takes a hit no matter what kind of helmet you have you have proteins that develop, t theau proteins and they start to damage the nerves in the brain leading to this trauma. >> i read a number that 30 percent of nfl players have alzheimer's or dementia. >> the people that have donated their brains to autopsy, 80 percent. >> why tomorrow will you you know, we're all talking about a basketballs and speaking of that. >> dropping those hints. >> tomorrow there will be more vasectomies done in this country then any other day because we have thursday, friday, saturday and sunday to watch basketball. >> right, right. >> it is a perfect storm of vasectomies, why? because if you have a vasectomy today you need to rest, and is there a good four or five days there thaw can just sit down. you have to ice the the area and you have to not do too much. you cannot do any lifting or
8:00 am
anything. perfect. sit home, watch television, watch the games. it has gone up 50 percent vase mys this time right before march madness. >> i have a ball watching the the march madness thursday morning, all day thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. >> one of my old stations the the producer used to take off the entire week. >> the question is are you going to get a vasectomy. >> why don't we do it during weather and traffic. >> okay. >> i need to leave. >> no, you are fine. >> hold my hand. >> tuesday, march 17th, 2015, lets do another hour. >> reporter: two temple university football players arrested and charged with aggravated assault from an incident earlier this year off campus. what the university is saying about it coming up next, lauren. >> jenny, you are on facebook watch what you post there are
8:01 am
new rules on facebook this morning. what the cities banning now and will other social networks follow suit. plus hey there, quincy. >> hi guys can guys have a spa day. we are at inside out beauty studios. the brothers are getting their nails and hate feet done. bob, is what going on with you, bob. >> good morning. it is a family, friendly fox 29 st. patrick's day party live from northeast philadelphia, with something for the young and the old, stay light there. >> that is shot of the morning. can't get cuter then that. >> you know since bob isn't here there isn't anybody to say good morning. >> good morning everybody. >> well, then. >> that was good. >> doctor mike forget the vasectomy, i just did it. that hurt. >> hi caitlin. >> good morning good to all of you, everybody.
8:02 am
>> and to all of you we have good news and bad news. >> the got news it will get to 62 degrees today. >> love it. >> then it will get colder. then wait until you see the seven day forecast. here's bus stop buddy, how cute is he in his irish finery. smiling all the time, and very excited that it is st. patrick's day. we have a chilly start to the day. we will give you a lucky seven out of the ten by the numbers today. it is 47 degrees already. you see sun peeking through those clouds. the sun will be on the increase. we will get up to 62 degrees today. but we do have temperatures that are in the 40's. it is a chilly start. not as cold as yesterday. wind will be picking up this afternoon as temperatures plunge we are back town in the 40's with wind gusting to 35 miles an hour or so. chilly changes may lead to wintry weather. we will talk about that in the seven day forecast. while bob kelly is at the katie o'donnell's look who is
8:03 am
here for traffic. >> that is right, filling n good morning sue. good morning to everybody else, good morning everybody as it has been coin before camera looking at i-95 southbound. big mess is allegheny on ramp where we had an accident that is obviously causing huge build ups for past hour. you can barely move. major delays i-95 southbound at allegheny. lets head to the schuylkill just past the blue route, we had an extent there and eastbound also in the city too. moderate delays all across the area at least with the worst being on i-95 in and out of the city. in abington this is easton road at susquehanna in montgomery county we have an accident there. finally in new jersey route 42 freeway northbound, 29 five we have an accident causing some problems on the the right shoulder there. mike and alex. yes, police charged two temple football players with assault charges. >> the men were booked last
8:04 am
night and released on bail. investigators say it all stems from an altercation basically a big fight that occurred back in january at an off campus party in northern liberties. >> jenny joyce is live at temple with the latest on what happened. >> got anything new. >> reporter: difficult talk to the temple university spokesperson over the the last hour. in terms of we know these two football players are suspended from the football team pending this investigation. we also know that the school is looking into it. they said that there could be additional disciplinary action taking depending on what they find out, what else comes of this and based on the school's code of conduct. so what we know now is police still have this case under investigation. they were charged last night. the two players are dion dawkins and has an reddick. they were arraigned and released on bail accuse of assaulting another student in the off campus setting. dawkins and reddick are both 20 and charged with aggravated
8:05 am
assault, simple assault, criminal conspiracy and recklessly endangering another person. temple release aid statement saying the the university has and will continue to fully cooperate with the philadelphia police department in its investigation and will take appropriate actions. outlined in the student conduct code. we know they have been suspended from football team activity the pending further investigation and could face additional disciplinary a action depending on what the school find out. we do know they were released son thousand dollars bail overnight. mike and alex. >> 8:05, good job today. investigators are searching for the suspect that they believe, stabbed a delivery man over on lasalle's campus yesterday. >> the suspect is describe as a white man in his 20's, last seen wearing a lasalle hoodie and red hat. victim was making an ice cream delivery when he stopped to wash his hand inside a dining room bathroom and that is when another man walk up behind him ape stabbed him in the chest and just ran away.
8:06 am
>> he is delivering jack and jill high cream to the dining hall there. 805:67:89 lets get into sports now. a new jersey sports betting lawsuit will be back just down the block here at the federal courthouse here in philadelphia. this is a story about new jersey. new jersey is being sued by the the ncaa, and four major pro sports leagues, over a lot of allowing sports gambling at casinos and race tracks in the garden state. the the sports leagues arguing families, and, the game. but new jersey supporters say, that sports betting would revive the casino and race track industry in that struggling atlantic city area. this has been a two year battle where new jersey has already endured a series of court defeats. we will see what happens in philadelphia. happy st. patrick's day alex. >> happy st. patrick ace day to you to.
8:07 am
i love your green. >> you don't like mean. >> your is good. >> we are going to northeast philadelphia we are heading in to hour two. bob kelly, how are you doing at katie o'donnell's. >> i'm doing fantastic. we have plenty of green here, right, gang. happy st. patrick's day. we're coming to you live, from katie o'donnell's in northeast philadelphia for the the family, friendly fox 29, st. patrick's day party. still friendly. we have kitty cocktails. check this out. we have kid guinness which is hot chocolate with some ice in it. how about the the shamrock shake. you know about that one. irish chocolate milk with a little bit of irish potato. we have some lucky leprechaun lemonade. so again family friendly. that is what this place is all b it is a family restaurant, owned and operated by a family in northeast philadelphia dave, one of the owners. we have irish dishes all day long. >> we have ham and cabbage right here, our guinness stew,
8:08 am
our prime rib. >> look at that prime rib. >> our shepard's pie. >> yes. >> our shepherd's pie. that is our dublin burger with a fried egg on top. >> it looks great. >> if we opened up doors to everybody at 6:00 o'clock. old and young alike. we have irish dancers here. the cummings school of irish dance. the irish ban is here to join to us day. you guys having a good time. >> yes good it is free admission for everybody. come on by before you go to work, folks are coming by with the kid before they go to school. we have another dance group down here. the the irish are dancers. the the gang from dublin, upper dublin and a free breakfast buffet for everybody. we will be here all day, jen is in the crowd somewhere. but this was the pub and
8:09 am
restaurant that won the favorite of all of our fox viewers out there and i love it because it is family friendly and we have the whole gang out here. >> now back to you. >> that is on woodhaven road, right by the franklin mills mall, now philadelphia mills mall. we got her. yesterday on this program you and you were talking about mo'ne davis. >> but she has a new sneaker line. >> i said you better come and be on the local morning show. her mother was watching. she called her doubt are. she said would you like to show up on good day philadelphia yeah good we will meet her. she will be here in the studio. >> she will sit right here with us, and also the the disney company called her. >> um-hmm. >> she has a big announcement to make this morning on our show. >> so happy for that. but first this, watch what you post. there are new facebook rules this morning, what the cities banning right now, and now
8:10 am
we're wondering will or social network following suit. >> they will take down some of their shot, kim kardashian. lets get back to this, wearing of the green. >> yes. >> look at this, i love his glasses getting ready for st. patrick's day in school. happy st. patrick's day with love and shamrocks from kristin in south philly. kristin looks cute.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
happy st. patrick's day. we are checking in on a part that i ising on at katie o'donnell's off of woodhaven road in northeast philadelphia what a great way to start the day. we will be there until 10:00 a.m. so hey if you aring somewhere, stop by, say hello to bob kelly and jen fred. we will check back in a second. sue, they are having a great time. >> katie o'donnell's, i is should mention my mother's maiden name was o'donnell. welshing still is. i tweeted a picture of her this morning, my mother, nancy. oh, look at what happened my green scarves, because of the green screen, i just thought would you like to see this,
8:14 am
what happens when you wear green in front of the green screen. because this pictures, you know how it works, it is not really here but through magic of television. yes. >> now, i'm not invisible anymore. well, in most of the time. well, we're looking ahead to the first day of spring. we have been so excited for weeks, weeks. can't wait until spring. the it is only three days away from the vernal equinox. the the thing is, i'm going to jump right to the seven day forecast, because now we're not looking forward to it, anymore. because it is going to probably snow in the morning. changing over to rain. a high of only 39 degrees on friday. what? i know. so today enjoy the the 62 degrees briefly while here. temperatures will drop in the afternoon and then it is windy and much colder tomorrow and thursday, and friday. saturday looks nice but then a cold front comes through and we are cold gannon sunday and
8:15 am
on monday with highs only in the upper 30's. it is a little we are. this is how it happens around here caitlin ross, it turns spring and gets cold. >> trickery, who knew. >> all right. >> we will start off with 76 westbound. our latest camera at, past the blue route, an accident on the shoulder now. we have been following that all morning. 467 westbound around the villanova saint david's exit but still seeing some delays because of that. lets move on to franconia, godshall road at rye lines road is there an accident there so use some caution there if you are using that spot n narberth montgomery county on montgomery have avenue at price street we have another accident cause something delays, too. and a lot of issues in the city as we usually see some volume stacking up there on the schuylkill eastbound. finally in new jersey 42 freeway approaching 295 an accident on the shoulder and we're still seeing a big mess on i-95 south down, alex. so many people are using it but so many people are saying it is just too personal. >> it does get personality .
8:16 am
the company is now updating guidelines. we have yet more new rules for facebook, lauren johnson. what do you mean too personal and inappropriate. >> reporter: yes, so you know people post things that should not be on social media. >> yes. >> we know some people that do that. >> newly updated safety rules, intellectual property, security of your account. facebook will remove images to show bear rear end and breast is well, there goes all the of the fun. >> artwork were not be pulled or breast-feeding pictures but detailed sex descriptions will also be deleted. >> does that mean if someone post it facebook, how will they know. >> they will just take it off. >> they will end is you an alert and let you know your pictures is condemned, we're removing it. >> yeah. >> they are trying to raise awareness of human rights abuses, violence, hate speech. >> well, i never understood why people would reveal those
8:17 am
photos, like beginning to have sex or something you put up a picture. >> speaking of revealing photos. >> what did kim and kanye do. >> yesterday he tweeted these pictures because she reached 30 million twitter followers, so he is like i'm so lucky. >> one of after the the other. >> i'm so lucky, conn great baby for 30 million, sexy and some others. >> to is how he celebrated her 30 million. >> one picture. each time he said something was another picture with a different pose and graphic. >> it was same picture, not same picture but same set nothing ative rent angle. so one point she's kind of covering up her goods and then she's like this is the back and hand down the front. >> from the photo shoot of keeping up with the kardashians. he is keeping up with that. >> that was on twit error facebook. >> you you wouldn't be able to do that anymore. >> when one social media site
8:18 am
does something the rest will follow. i'm sure instagram and twitter could be next. >> there is a lot of sharing especially with new parents on facebook. >> over sharing. >> my baby just threw up on me. >> i know it is fine, they are proud. >> did you notice i'm watching jeopardy the other night. whenever i'm watching jeopardy a alone i'm watching all of the answers. anytime anyone is around me i screw up. >> is there witnesses. >> so the sixers were mentioned on jeopardy and alex trebeck. the the sixers have a horrible rorrer. >> we're rebuilding. >> we're rebuilding. we are 15 and 52. so this got at tension of the writers on jeopardy. >> look at this. >> after an zero and 17 start in 2014, this nba team with a number name was in serious jeopardy of making the playoffs. >> kristin. >> who are the 76ers. >> yes. >> after a zero and 17 start.
8:19 am
>> yes. >> kristin knew all about it. >> there was hints. >> zero and 17 start. number name. and now they will not make playoffs. >> there is no way we are not making the playoffs. >> she got it right away. >> we're famous. >> yeah. >> for all of the wrong reasons. i cannot believe this. thinks coming out of the country of france. skinny models ban. france is the home of the skinny model. >> but new there will be a new walk for catwalk what fashion designers could face for putting super skinny mod in else on the the runway. >> that is one thin human. >> you may not see her anymore. >> but they are supposed to get to jen at katie o'donnell's. hi jen. >> hi guys. we have irish dancers, right. we have food. we have coffee. we have fun. we have adorable children. hello, gorgeous. one thing we are missing, bagpipeers.
8:20 am
>> ♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
they are so cute. >> they are having a flight time. family friendly party at katie o'donnells. >> 8:23. so royal officials say that prince harry, there he is, will leave the armed forces in june. he is 30 years old. final army duties will include a four week assignment in april and may with the australian defense force. he will be embedded with a number of australian army units sidney, and perth. prince army has spent ten years in the army. his service included two tours of duty in afghanistan. brave young man there. gisele bunch inn can is stepping off the runway for g her last runway she will be in brazil, next week. >> is this when she's walking away from it.
8:24 am
>> this is dramatic, alex. >> very. >> it is fitting because brazil is her native country. she has been stumping the catwalk or walking. >> she's not that heavy. >> there wouldn't be much stumping. >> for 20 years. >> but at 34 years old she has been the highest pennsylvania paid model list for several years. she earned 47 million-dollar last year alone according to forbes. >> she's putting on on weight. >> she can afford to walk away, 47 million just last year. >> also her husband is making a fair amount have of money tom brady of the patriots. >> super bowl ring now, another one. >> i think they will be fine, okay. but in a related story, the most odd story of the day. some other changes could becoming to the runway for fashion models. is there a push to ban models who are extremely thin in france. >> supporters want to get rid of unhealthy images. one french politician want to jail, put them in jail, designers and companies who hire super skinny models.
8:25 am
>> that is against the the law. >> doing so galore files anorexia and similar in measures that discourage use of extremely thin models are in place in other european countries such as spain where models have to be a certain bmi or have a certain bmi to get on the runway. >> in spain that law already exists. >> well, basically fashion models, are hangers, right. >> yes. >> they are hanging the the closing on. you want something thin. >> plus when you are trying to do these samples of clothing you want one size so you don't to have do different sizes. one size, put them on, and let them go. >> wand fur that will ever come here. 8:25. >> now i believe in what quincy is doing here. there should be spas, dedicated to men. >> they are not arching the eyebrows but inside out beauty studio. we are doing amens spa day. the mens spa day. >> what is going on there. >> give them a look, they are
8:26 am
making it neat. my beauty will be inside out coming up next. >> you are there.
8:27 am
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
8:29 am
at the the bus stop today there may be a child or two that looks like this. hopefully everybody is wearing green because everybody has got irish in them today on st. patrick's day. bus stop buddy says off to a chilly start but not as chilly as yesterday was we have a lucky seven in weather by the numbers. 47 degrees is our current temperature with some sunshine break go through those cloud, and we will see some sun today. we will get to a high of 62 degrees but then, temperatures will plunge throughout the afternoon and wind will pick up as cold air moves in. we will talk about those weather changes and if there
8:30 am
is anymore wintry weather in the forecast in the seven day. by the way i said thaw figure yes, there is. >> of course, that tease, sue. >> yes. >> something to look forward to, or not. all right. ninety-five northbound off ramp to the vine street expressway accident that is taking out the right lane. that is what we are looking at right now. obviously traffic stack up as a result of. that we have an accident at the vine cause ago lot of problems. moving on to 295 southbound just past route 30 an accident that has left lane block there and we are seeing delays because of it. next, on the 42 freeway north bound past black horse pike 168 we have an additional accident that has left lane block. finally taking a look at area bridges we have no issues there the on the walt whitman and commodore barry all morning. ben franklin bridge is jam bumper to bumper from jersey to pennsylvania. if you have in the left give yourself extra time or choose another bridge. ben franklin has a lot of delays. alex. >> i have a question for you ladies here in the studio with
8:31 am
me, i'm surrounded by woman. great job. >> you love it. >> i do. do you like a man who get manicures and pedicures. >> do i like a man like that. >> is that cool. >> every man is their own. sometimes they do it to maintain. i don't like a man with jagged nails. >> i have known people go on dates to get manicures and pedicures. it is okay for a guy, isn't it, quincy. >> it is quite okay. you have to take care of yourself as a man. you don't take your socks off and you don't want scratched the ladies legs. you have to have inside out beauty. inside out beauty studio. kendell, how are you doing. >> good, great. >> how are you steph. >> good, how are you. >> good. you started this two years ago. >> yes, we were public school teachers. so i was a counselor. stephanie was in administration. we stepped out on stage and decided we wanted to pursue a
8:32 am
dream in beauty and here we are. >> you actually do peoples nails here what else do you offer. >> we offer waterless skin care, nail care, waxing, make up applications, we offer make up classes for women not as inclined to do their own make up but tips on how to do it done. we do little girl birthday parties. we do it all. >> you guys are here. are these hand rough. i know do you women and men. >> yes, yes. >> he is getting it together now. >> his wife will be very happy. >> i don't know if this guy has a wife. he is trying to keep his masculinity going. >> no, no, no. >> you can get your hand to feel softer. >> okay. >> you guys are telling me, the foot care we do. >> yes. >> we offer waterless pedicures and manicures and
8:33 am
the pedicure that we offer is you get a steam sauna. we infuse it with oils, whatever you like. right now rodney has lavender going. wonderful for the skin. >> this is our pedestrian care unit we specialize in waterless nail care. i'm not sure if a camera can catch this but steam sauna are wrapped in towels. you have a nice sav on your feet. we cover you up. you steam for 15 minutes. it the replaces you having to immerse your feet in water in traditional services. >> how does this feel good steamy. >> every guy in here, they want to be masculine. >> it is okay to come in and take care of yourself. >> you want to grab your ladies hand you want them to be nice and soft. you don't want them to be rough. you don't want to scratch your legs up. we don't scratch you up. >> yes. >> mr. calvin, he looks like he need tending too. >> he is getting ready to go
8:34 am
in the steam unit. we wash your feet first, trim your nails and then we wrap you up and put you in the unit. he is waiting to go in the unit good next hour i will get chocolate on your face. >> you will go back and she will put a chocolate ape strawberry mask on. we mix it every morning. everything is fresh. we use all fresh ingredients. you will go back there and get a nice mask on. >> i will get check late on my face. i will get sense you'll. i mean. >> you cannot get anymore chocolate. >> i already see some check late. >> guys, do you see eyebrows, do you see eyebrows. >> they are not arching. >> they are cleaned up. >> they are groomed good do they kate tore men. >> of course, you guys kate tore men. >> yes, we do terrific guy tuesdays, during football season we do manly monday where we come in and we have things that cater more to men.
8:35 am
the mess of our clients are women but men come in. my daddies here every week he gets his pedicure faithfully. >> you can come by every time. >> quincy, before you leave i'm looking at mike's fingernails right now. if you can get a gift certificate. >> mike jerrick need to come down. >> come on down, mike. >> yes. >> they are not incredibly dirty. >> we will get my face done now. >> something you need to do. >> i don't like guys that have longer nails, womanly. i don't like that. >> i like them shirt. >> only thing more impressive then watching an eagles player exercise is watching him work out with his teammates. look at what we found. >> man, that is jason kelce center for philadelphia eagles flexing on intagram, yes, connor barwin on his back.
8:36 am
the 6-foot four, 264 linebacker lays on jason's back as he does push up. >> that sounded really pain full. >> this is as you om. >> wow. >> that is impressive. >> wow. >> sometimes i go over to sephoria, the name of the new lipstick i saw in sephoria is getting attention, people are getting upset, this lipstick name is so inappropriate. >> but first bob at katie o'donnell's. >> good morning everybody. we have irish dancing going on in northeast philadelphia at our family friendly fox 29 st. patrick's day party. say hi to my family. here's my austin. here's to the explorers.
8:37 am
8:38 am
those diagnosed with cancer who didn't settle for just one opinion on their diagnosis or recommended treatment plan they explored their options. and discovered a new level of empowerment. at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, that's what we do-empower our patients with a comprehensive second opinion. and because time is of the essence, we do it a single one day. explore your options with a one-day second opinion. learn more at brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters.
8:39 am
everyone wants to be (cthe cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
8:40 am
when i go in train they are like mike comes in here all the time. >> i'm like really. >> they say that to you. >> they have told on you. maybe it is just because they knew it was you. >> i go in for moisturizer. >> but i'm not buying this lip gloss. >> the color, it is called under age red. >> that is just stupid. >> the shade launched a year ago, and now people are starting to notice it. part of the line by cat van d, they say it galore files girls trying to act older then they are. responding to the controversy on twitter cat says it is just lipstick. >> i like cat. i have met her a few times. >> they are number one seller. >> i like her and i like her tv show but come on, cat, i know it islip gloss but don't need under age red. >> why would you name it under
8:41 am
age red. >> it rimes. >> no, it doesn't really rhyme. >> nope. >> not good. >> no. >> so, have you seen the footage, a guy takes out his cell even if on a plane recently just in the last couple of days. >> um-hmm. >> he pans over to the middlesex of the back of the plane in coach, a woman takes out a pack of cigarettes and lights up on the plane. >> um-hmm. >> do you want to see it. >> yes. >> when they land they take out another cigarette. >> can we get a flight attendant >> flight attendant says, she tries to put it out, in the back of the seat there but flight attendant saw it. she's having some issues. they land. she lights up again, and then the cops come on and take
8:42 am
her off. reason why we're showing this to you, get this. she is a penn state abington campus professor and was arrested for disorderly conduct. how with that. now she was in nicaragua and flying back to miami. her name is karen betz. she looks like she got in big, big trouble. >> she yell out that president barack obama killed -- kills people on tuesday. >> yes. >> she just lost it. >> my goodness. >> she took students down to do research. >> she is with students. >> something went wrong, wow. so penn state abington will put out some kind of a statement about this. >> yes. >> 8:42. >> lets check back with jen fred and katie o'donnell's this st. patrick's day. >> we are having so much fun but i'm not having as much fun as that little baby girl.
8:43 am
it is kid of all age is here. you have to come join us, and the bandies rocking. what's with the suit?
8:44 am
oh, i had to go to the bank. if you look legit they give you special treatment. seriously? seriously, yeah. the banker dude set up my checking account so if i make one deposit a month, no monthly maintenance fee. special treatment! citizens bank, right? yep. you know they do that one deposit checking thing for everyone, right? got mustard on your suit. actually, it's your suit. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank. one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee.
8:45 am
8:46 am
st. patrick's day means big money, the results from the national retail federation shows the average american will spend $37, celebrating st. patrick's day. they didn't ask mike jerrick. that amounts to total $4.6 billion in spending. >> today. >> how much money we will spend today. >> my goodness. >> without a party you won't be spending any money. >> it is basically free. free parking. the get in free. free continental breakfast. fit is free, it is for jen. she is at the party and has been. hi jen. >> we are having so much fun. are we having the best time ever, yes. all right. so you are an amazing group. tell me bower group. >> it is called show time charities and we are divas trying to make a difference 11 congress at a time. >> i will hole on to the italian guy. you don't get to sing today,
8:47 am
i'm sorry. i will say happy st. patrick's day to you. >> okay. >> go ahead. >> he gets to sing. >> they raise money for charity. pretty cool: >> ♪
8:48 am
>> ♪ >> amazing, right mike. thank you so much. you guys have been rocking all morning. >> thanks for having us. >> beautiful voice. >> great. >> we will be there until 10:00 o'clock this morning. >> speaking of establishments a philly bar is chosen one of the best irish pubs in the united states of america. >> if you are trying to guess here's a hint it is oldest bar around. >> it is oldest bar in america. >> you know what it is, then right. it is that web site that talks about food and drink. >> they are celebrating mcgill an's old air house, for charm atmosphere and beer. they serve the only stout brought in ireland, celtic,
8:49 am
and it is down that alley basically. such a cool setting, the the oldest bar in america. >> i walk past but never been inside. >> you have to go inside, just covered in in memorabilia. basically if you go down 13th and take a right, down that alley, that will alley, it is sansom, no off of sansom. alley between sansom and chestnut. >> you know where it is. >> i know exactly where it is. >> cool place. >> between 13th and juniper that is what it is. one of the best movie dance scenes of all time you have to include this grease lightening. >> go grease lightening. >> wait. >> we will reinact this morning. >> pick a movie and you reinact a dance good will do you one. >> i will do one, quincy will do within. >> lets get some of these pictures back from the day. thinks candac e from philly sebastian getting ready for
8:50 am
school. and kathy, i love this, olde city's own little irish dapper. what a cute outfit this woman, eva murray, happy birthday her 21st birthday and she watches all the time. >> happy first birthday for this little guy. look at those glasses from mekhi alexander. send us your pictures. use the hash tag
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
we see green but it is not affecting our area it is to the north of us and that is where that precipitation will stay. here's what will happen though. the temperatures already milder then yesterday in the 40's and 50's already in some cases, in fact as much as ten, 14, 15, 16, degrees warmer
8:54 am
then they were yesterday at this time. but as we go through the day after we peak at 63 degrees at about noon time, then temperatures will start to plunge and we're down in the 20's tonight. wind will be pick ing up. so it will even feel colder then it is. do you see wind change from southeasterly to northwesterly. that is the colder air moving in. we could have 30, 35, 36-mile an hour win gusts throughout the afternoon, throughout the night tonight, and enduring the day tomorrow. and that will make it feel like we said, colder then it is. so yeah, last blast of winter, maybe not the the last but it will be a blast of winter weather moving in tonight and tomorrow, and thursday, and yes, the chance of some wet snow, in the morning, on friday at some point, hopefully changing over to rain. so caitlin we're at 23 inches of snow this season so far but we may not be finish yet. >> in the we hours of the winter, we do not become
8:55 am
spring until friday evening. gets tonight right under the wire. thanks, sue. ninety-five northbound behind me off ramp to the the vine that accident is taking out the right lane. you can see fact up as a result. if you are trying to take the vine street expressway expect that you're from the i-95 to the schuylkill. pennsylvania turnpike westbound approaching bensalem we have an accident there with the right lane block. and, also, on 295, we have been following that issue this morning, too. an accident right past route 30 it the has left lane block. finally taking a look at our area bridges we have had problems on the ben franklin earlier but back to normal looking okay on the walt whitman and commodore barry as well. alex? >> all right. thanks caitlin. she's an accomplished athlete, hall of famer, author and she is's just 13 years old. mo'ne davis is debuting her new sneaker line here in our studio next. can't wait to see her. blank. >> what happened here. >> then we have this. >> wow. >> you guys did this. >> yes, difficult.
8:56 am
happy saint patrick's day. i guess we weren't dressed up enough. >> that beer is ragged. >> you light look great. >> that beer is ragged. >> you light look great. >> never looked sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses... he probably wasn't the only one.
8:57 am
to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy. building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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8:59 am
9:00 o'clock, it is nut as it the is, but it is tuesday, march 17th, 2015. lauren johnson is here. >> the the lauren johnson.
9:00 am
>> the real lauren johnson. >> yes. >> i'm stopped at tom's desk bernadette tweeted happy st. patrick's day chris, you tall, sexy glass of shamrock state. >> tom is our sexy producer is bernadette up in finance department. >> not that bernadette. >> are you sure. >> an office romance. >> yes. >> one of the biggest irish folks on st. patrick's day. i always have to be a little bit careful on this day, as our party continues up in the the great northeast. we will talk about those things. are you not supposed to say st. pat path's, i never say that. >> mo'ne davis is in the house. i guess you should say the studio. you can add a new title, she's showing off her new sneaker line to you in about 15 minutes. >> she has big news out of hollywood, ladies and gentlemen, yes, disney film company called her. listen


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