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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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hours of winter and some of you could see a lot of snow. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. what exactly are we in for? chief meteorologist scott williams live in old city tonight with the answers. scott? >> hi there dawn and iain. we're looking at a slushy mess by this time tomorrow across much of the area. winter weather advisories go in effect tomorrow morning and that system will be moving in tomorrow around 8am from west to east. let's take a look at what's happening right now. we're dry chilly and you can see all of that moisture to the south. that will eventually head in our direction impacting our area with travel concerns tomorrow. but winter weather advisories kick in at 6:00 a.m. continue through the balance of the day. the exception places like dover millville atlantic city and cape may right now you are not included in the winter wet advisories. so what about tomorrow morning's commute? it look like dry to start but that snow will rapidly move in from the west. here's a8m. you can see it its the moving in
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lancaster, reading wilmington it continues to overtake the area by noon look at mainly rain places like millville, atlantic city and dover. but right around the i-95 corridor it will be a wet snow mix and then north and west primarily a wet snow event the entire day. 3:00 in the afternoon take look. we're still looking at that snow in philadelphia and trenton also, points north and west by five, six more of the same across our area. how much snowfall to expect? the heaviest north and west of philadelphia but right around philadelphia i think we'll see one to 3-inches of snow. what about the timing? you can see temperatures will be a few degrees above freezing in philadelphia. but most of the heavy snow arrives during the mid morning into the early afternoon time frame and you can see temperatures will vary across the area. down the shore we're looking at upper 30s out there. rain/snow mix for you. city and suburbs temperatures will be right in the mid 30s for that town 3-inch of snow.
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when i come indoors we'll talk about who could see up to five or few more inches of snow. back to you. >> scott, thank you. be ready when you leave the house tomorrow by watching fox 29 morning news at 4:00 a.m. and checking our website at you can get the latest forecast information and the live radar images by click the weather tab at the top of the hot home page. we are following breaking news for you tonight. two, 15-year-olds charged with murder. police say they killed a man who was out just walking his dog in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood last week. and one of the suspects is still on the loose tonight. and police have a message for him while we just learned another teen has been charged in connection with this case. fox 29's dave schratwieser following it all for us much he's live at philadelphia police head quarter it's with the latest information. dave. >> reporter: dawn within the hour homicide detectives confirm that a 14-year-old has now been chargeed with robbery in connection with this case. he has not been charged with murder because he's cooperating with detectives as they search for the alleged shooter in this
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case. >> he should be considered armed and extreme many dangerous. >> reporter: that's how police describe 15-year-old accuseed tie fine hamilton still on the run in the murder of 51-year-old james stuhlman. >> this was a robbery gone bad. >> reporter: detectives say it was hamilton who fired the shot that killed stuhlman as he walked his dog molly last thursday on woodcrest avenue in overbrook just before 9:00 o'clock. >> at one point he did plead for his life. he said please don't shoot me. please don't shoot me and they still shot him one time. >> reporter: detectives say the teens were caught on surveillance video stalking a another victim before they decided to rob stuhlman as he left his home at 66th and woodcrest. >> he was a lot older than the first potential victim as they stated his dog looked weak or soft. >> i'm glad that they are catching these guys. it's just like a feeling relief especially for the neighborhood. >> reporter: investigators also say a 14-year-old is in custody and is cooperating with detectives. captain clark says the teens
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went from playing basketball to homicide in a matter of minutes. >> they go from playing basketball to kids committing murder. it's like i said it's very troubling to hear they were able to get guns and then when they had a gun was they did. >> clark had a warning for hamilton. >> come see bus we come see you. >> reporter: homicide detectives say a massive search for surveillance video was the key to this case and led them to the three teenagers now charged in this case. they did search two homes last night and recovered several weapons. they did not recover the murder weapon. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. out the hospital and right back into custody. 29-year-old carlton hipps warelessed from einstein medical center today but he's in jail tonight. hipps is the second guy involved in the shooting death of philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson. authorities say hipps and his brother ramon williams got no a gun fight with wilson as the two attempted to rob a game stop store two weeks ago. happening now the philly police
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officer who fatal the shot a man after a traffic stop turned violent will not face criminal charges. district attorney seth williams announcing that that decision today in the death of 28-year-old brandon tate brown. williams says the facts show the shooting was justified. tate brown's mother and her attorney are disputing the findings and threatening legal action. our bruce gordon joins us in the newsroom tonight with the full story. bruce? >> reporter: iain tate brown's mother and her attorneys say they are now pre airing a civil lawsuit alleging wrongful death and civil rights violations by the philly police officers involved in that fatal encounter. they say the officers actions may not have been criminal but they were very wrong. the district attorney told reporters his three-month probe into the police shooting death of 26-year-old bran ton tate brown led him to decide -- >> in this case, the facts show a tragedy a terrible tragedy but not a crime. >> reporter: seth william said the pre-dawn december 15th
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traffic stop on the 6600 block of frankford avenue was strictly legit. the tate brown was driving a white dodge charger with only his daytime running lights on. shortly after the stop, williams said police noticed a handgun stuffed between the front console and the front passenger seat. tried to restrain tate brown. >> dark grainy security camera video was played to illustrate the struggle between tate brown and both officers. williams added quotes from several eyewitnesses to the struggle. >> it seemed like he was trying to get something out of the car. if the officer didn't shoot him the guy was definitely getting in the car. >> reporter: the car with the loaded handgun and side. one of the officers shot tate brown near the right rear of the car. >> i could not in good conscience bring charges or prove beyond a result doubt that this police officer was unreasonable. >> reporter: members of the local black clergy stood beside williams but afterward declined to support his decision. >> are you in agreement with the
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findings? >> well, i'd rat not comment. >> the attorney representing at any time brown's family questions the validity of the traffic stop itself and says they were originally told he was shot while reaching for a gun. >> what we actually saw at the recommend of that video when he wept down, he was at the right rear of the vehicle and that's where he was shot. >> reporter: tate brown's mother says she's still looking for justice. >> i'm appalled and i can't wait to leave philadelphia. as much as i loved philadelphia. >> reporter: brandon tate brown was on parole from an aggravated assault conviction at the time of this incident. possession of a handgun it wasn't loaded could have landed him hyped bars for a long time that. may explain this actions that morning. da williams notes that police did not know he was on parole when they stopped him. dawn? >> all right, thank you, bruce. the search tonight for the man who damaged a cheesesteak institution. this surveillance video from jim's steaks south street early
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sunday morning. the four guys were trying to get into the closed restaurant around thee a.m. according to police. after pounding on the window you can see one guy throw his shoulder into the glass breaking it and another pain. the other releasing video hoping someone will recognize one of these guys. students at a new jersey high school returned to class today just day after the building was evacuateed. officials say gas leaks from the refinery next to paulsboro high school may have been responsible for sending 16 students and two teachers to the hospital. they say they were all sickened by a foul smell. the building was closed and aired out yesterday and after extensive checks administrators deemed it safe for students to return this morning. >> it wasn't -- it's not as bad now, um i think that they almost got it resolved. i can still smell it a little bit. but that's maybe just me. >> the nearby paulsboro refining
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company said it's working on getting rid of the odor in the area. the entire fraternity system at penn state university is now under scrutiny in the wake of a scandal involving a frat house and facebook photos of unsuspect unsuspecting nude women. capita delta roh has already been suspended after the discovery of facebook groups containing pictures of naked unconscious women. now a criminal investigation is underway. and some of the students involved could be expelled. penn state's president eric baron says the school is considering all its options including a re-evaluation of the entire fraternity system. >> i think that it's important to sort of reconsider. i mean it's not like just a single school problem kind of thing. >> i honestly think it happens more than people know about. >> i don't think it's a product of the fraternity system. >> at least two of the photos posted online may be criminal in nature. the student cos face charges under the revenge porn law. we're about to get snow on
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the first day of spring. >> some of us will have a tougher time than others with it it. the local community that's telling residents they'll be out of luck tomorrow. why officials say they'll have a difficult time removing the snow. howard? less than an hour from now villanova gets ready to participate in the dance. hear from couple of the seniors on where they have come from to be a top seed and already someunderline evertz test
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♪ the calm before the storm a life look at the radar shows what's coming all quiet tonight but tomorrow will be a much different story, yes snow is on the way very chilly and wet start to spring and while many of us are preparing for more snow tomorrow one south jersey community may have to do it with almost of their snow remove -- without all almost of all of their snow removal equipment. >> fox 29 weekends bill anderson in the newsroom to tell us about snow trouble in hopewell, bill. >> hopewell is having a time lately. hopewell township, new jersey, is still trying to recover after a fire at their public works plant two week ago. but now with another round of snow in the forecast the fire that destroyed almost all of their snowplows is now an even bigger problem than anticipateed. ♪ >> reporter: just when most of us thought we were finished with the snow, apparently at least one more snowfall is headed our way. for most of us it shouldn't be a
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major issue. but here in hopewell, new jersey, a fire here at public works create add whole new set of challenges. >> collateral damage was soot and heat damage to all of our other vehicles. 23 other vehicles were all compromised including the majority of our fleet that we yous for snow removal. >> reporter: the township administrator exaggerateing even a little bit. trash trucks, dump trucks construction vehicles and almost the entire fleet of snowplows were destroyed leaving hopewell in the position of having to borrow as many trucks as they can from neighboring towns. hopefully to pre pair the residents issued a warning on their website and social media telling them if in fact it snows to police have some patience because snow removal could take a little while. thankfully so far given the circumstances, everyone seems to be pretty patient. >> i think the weather will warm up the day after and it will probably just end up melting away. >> my understanding is we're only going to have one to
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3-inches of snow at the max. and i think that's not very much. we can't survive with the snowplows for day. >> we have a fire. there's not whole lot you can do about that. >> reporter: in speaking speaking to the administrator he made it clear although obviously a fire wasn't something they planned for, they appreciate the residents understanding. >> and, you know, hopefully we'll debt through this as quickly as we can. surrounding counties have stepped up and offed support to hopewell and the residents seem to understand that now really isn't the time to complain but for all of us regardless of the area if the snow does come, be safe and take your time. who knows what challenges are being dealt with and we're not even aware of. >> all right. >> good point. good thank you, bill. let's get back to the fox 29 winter wet authority. i like snow but i am just -- >> enough. >> ready to move john. >> ready for spring.
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>> yeah. >> i think a lot of folks share that same sent many, guys, of course we are looking at winter weather advisoryies pretty much the entire day tomorrow for a spring snow. you can see the pocono mountains, the lehigh valley, all of i-95 new castle county in delaware and also interior south jersey that includes cherry hill over to the salem area as well as mt. laurel. so temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 30s. so it will be a mix of a wet snow as well as a rain expected to begin tomorrow morning around 8:00 a.m. and slick roads are expected to impact that travel it will be a slushy accumulation mainly on the grassy surfaces, car tops and also some of those higher elevations in our area but as we take look at ultimate doppler you can see a lot of moisture off to the south and this will be moving in as we watch the clock. here's 8:00 a.m. you can see some of those flakes will be flying in lancaster as well as reading. moving into chester county, sections of new castle county, approaching the philadelphia
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area and by lunch time, the green that's mainly rain once you move to places like millville atlantic city as well as dover but we're still looking at that mixed combination from trenton to philadelphia to wilmington. but all of north and west it will mainly be snow throughout the entire day. that's where the heavier snowfall totals will be likely closing in on five maybe even 6-inches for some. we'll get to the totals in a moment. but by tomorrow evening that system is moving out of here and there will be some slick spots on the roadways. so the potential snowfall totals you can see dover millville a coating to an inch. moving a little farther inland, wilmington philadelphia, likely one to 3-inches a slushy accumulation and once you move to norristown allentown moving toward the pocono mountains likely three to 5-inches of snow so due to that march sun angle the higher elevation you go, the higher those snowfall totals will likely be. so once again the bottom line it arrives around 8am from the
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west. from noon to 5:00 we're looking at the heaviest of that wet snow and rain combination and then by this time tomorrow evening it starts to taper off from west to east. the high today made it up to 45 degrees. still below where we should be for this time of year. 44 right now. the wind, it is calm so that is some good news. as we look at the temperatures right now, mainly in the low and mid 40s out there. 44 in philadelphia as well as reading. so for tonight it's dry but chilly if you're stepping outdoors monitoring that system off to the south upper 20s in the burbs. 31 degrees in the city and then for tomorrow, once again it look like you'll get out the door okay but then we are looking at that snowfall moving in during the morning after about 8am and then continuing to pick up in intensity by midday. so there could be some early cancellations and delays across the area. but 36 degrees will be the high temperature in philadelphia once again slushy accumulations mainly on those non-paveed grassy surfaces and also on your
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cars. as far as the temperatures headed into the upcoming weekend weekend, we get a milder day melting all that mess on saturday. 54 degrees. and then 10 degrees colder as we move toward sunday turning chilly again procedure degrees. low 40s on monday and then mid to upper 40s by tuesday. and we're looking at mid 50s on wednesday and then what about 60 degrees on thursday? won't that be nice. i mean it is spring. >> exactly. >> saturday could be a good day to ski right. >> finally we're not looking at a system on the weekend too. >> all right. >> thank you scott. >> a little basketball. >> all right. >> just a little. >> just little bit. plenty of upsets already in the ncaa tournament and larry brown has some amazeing words about kentucky and hear where two villanova seniors have come from on this journey as the number one seed forville notify va
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♪ less than an hour from now villanova will be bouncing that basketball opening their run in the ncaa tournament against lafayette. now never ever has a 16 seed beaten a number one seed. that's why villanova is a 22-point favorite against lafayette. now there are two seniors on this team and they know where they have come from. when darren hilliard and jason
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pinkston started their villanova basketball career the team was 13-19 in the first season. and now they have come to be the number one seed in the east. >> kind of go through those things in life and going through that year i kind of think it repaired us for this moment being in those situations and kind of going through the 13-19 year was a rough stretch for us and just knowing we made it through. we made it through that tough time and we were able to persevere and come together and show our wisdom on the younger guys now they don't have to go through that same type of year. >> it's great honor being here today just coming from that -- being able to show our experience trick it down to the young mares. >> a couple of big upsets. two 14 seeds beat number three seeds. this georgia state. that's a three with two seconds left. georgia state beats number three baylor. 57-56. needed everyone of those three.
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iowa state number three seed loses and smu loft to ucla. i mean, upsets. i can't remember the last time a team was even money favored to win the inform caa tournament much this year that's where kentucky stands. they are that good. so good that smu head coach and former sixers head coach larry brown thinks kentucky is good enough to compete in the nba at a high level. >> i think they'd honestly make the playoffs in the eastern conference if they were in the nba. i've been so impressed with the way they defend and the way they share the ball the way they don't have an ego it reminds me a lot of teams. >> if they're going to nba playoffs as he projects they'd beat the sixers who are professional team and they would lose to kentucky. i've said that all along. >> that's true. >> they'd lose the series to kentucky the sixers. >> crazy. >> kentucky is begun sixers are not.
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>> that's right. >> all right. thanks. make sure to tune into fox 29 news at 10:00 tonight. not math and science class it's popping and locking really teaching kids to be better students. how hiphop may be the answer to everything. make sure you stay tuned for that tonight after american idol idol. >> and that does it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. thank you for watching. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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jim: it's a bad idea to assess children this way. it takes away the joy of learning in a classroom, which was one of the reasons we all became teachers - to see the bright look on their face when you finally got them. ros: it's those years where we had that teacher who gave us a little extra, who spent a little bit more time with us, who made us stay after school, who kept calling our parent. a standardized test is one of the weakest ways to assess student learning and student knowledge. jim: it's detrimental. standardized testing is sucking the
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air out of classrooms. wild ride. >> look at this guy, look at this! >> the mocking biker dude taunting police. >> look at this, look at this! and college beating uproar. >> i'm bleeding! >> why was this student beaten bloody and handcuffed? >> why is this happening? plus, amazing rescue. the story behind the heart- stopping video. >> pull that line, double quick, double quick, let's go!
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robert durst shocker. >> did the accused killer slaughter his seven dogs? >> every dog he had he named igor, and they died weird deaths. surfing baby. is it safe? >> what


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