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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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♪ right now at six a tragic discovery in a homicide investigation. philadelphia police have found a woman's body in a shallow grave in the frankford neighborhood. tonight homicide investigators are involved and people in that area are shaken. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. let's get straight to dave schratwieser near the scene right now. dave. >> reporter: lucy the medical examiner arrived here on the scene about half an hour ago. excuse me el going over my head here but arrived on the scene about half hour ago. after the discovery of woman' body we believe eighths 39-year-old woman's body in shallow grave at the rear of a building at 4740 frankford avenue here. discovery around 1:00 o'clock this afternoon when police were called here on, fresh residents in the area several people told them they heard a woman screaming and then saw a gentleman who they believe had some kind of blood on him. at that point the man tried to leave the building and run away
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from police. police chased him down and eventual hal to tase him after a confrontation with police. he's in the hospital tonight and being look at as a potential person of interest in this investigation. investigators have been here for about 4.5 hours now. several people in the area claimed to have seen exactly what happened including michael kendall. >> it was a domestic dispute. they were arguing back and forth i didn't think at each other. he was calling her all kinds of names. all kind of verbal names. curse words and stuff of that nature. >> what did you think when you saw her walk behind the house. >> this is philadelphia, you know. people argue all the time on the street and i just continued minding my own business, and then they went back there. i kept walking. and then that's when i came back and i seen him come out and the girl never came out. >> reporter: now homicide investigators including their video retrieval team are here to look for surveillance video in the area see if that might help them with exactly what happened here.
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no specific details from police at this hour. about exactly what happened but again witnesses telling us they saw and heard several thing out here that are pertinent to this investigation at least two witnesses are down at the homicide unit again the man who was tased by police earlier when he ran from the scene is at the hospital tonight. he's believed to be a person of interest in this investigation. we'll have much more on this tonight at 10:00 o'clock. iain. >> all right. dave, thank you. another cold day in your fox 29 weather authority. a lot of his to wear that winter coat again today. hat and gloves. temperatures hovering around freezing but i can tell you there are some changes headed our way. chief meteorologist scott williams live in old city tonight. scott it's not chilly out there. it's flat out cold. >> it's feels like january right now, iain. despite the fact that the calendar says spring, folks are bundled up here in old city as temperatures today struggled to make it even to 40 degrees. let's talk about the current conditions right now. we have the sunshine. you can see that sunshine has finally helped us out. i talked in the last hour about
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us potentially hitting 40 and that is the current temperature right now. so that is our high temperature so far today. we saw cloud cover pretty much the entire day. but the sunshine has finally appeared and those temperatures are responding a bit. 44 degrees right now in allentown. 42 in reading. 41 in wilmington but still upper 30s in millville and atlantic city. still bundle up if you're stepping outdoors with those winter coats. it's going to be another cold night and we have some crazy weather changes to talk about when i come indoors when we flirt with 70 degrees and also when we can see thunderstorms moving in. iain and lucy, back to you. >> talk to you soon, scott scott. happening right now investigator investigators are looking in why a schoolbus crashed into a montgomery county home loaded with students on the way to school. it veered off the street and into that blue bell home. amazing pictures right there. amazeingly no one is hurt. not the students nor the people inside that home. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong.
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fox 29's bruce gordon is live in front of that house and in blue bell. bruce? >> reporter: lucy the boarding up and the suring up of this home on the intersection of windemere and knights bridge is just about complete at this hour. homeowner jill lafferty jokes before the boards went up she had a living room with a view. now she can afford to joke when you take a look at these pictures you'll be amazed no one was badly hurt. a record drags a wis mick couldn't school district bus from the living room of the home brad and jill lafferty share with their four girls. mom and dad and two of the kids were home when this shocking seep nearly turned tragic. >> just left that room. the living room. >> we were in that room five seconds before because my computer is in that room so i was doing some work on my computer and we just walk out. soundedsounded like something exploded in my house. and my neighbor kept screaming get everyone out of the house. so that was my main concern to get all my kids out of the house. >> reporter: the bus was head to do saint helena elementary
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school with nine students aboard when around 7:45 the man behind the wheel the kids new him as driver dave suddenly lost control, ran down a street sign, up the lawn and into the house. a brave sixth greater saved the day and her fellow students. >> so iran down the aisle and opened the lock -- opened the latch and i jumped out on to the grass and then i just -- i was like kind of in relief because i knew i was out of the bus and it was like smoking i guess and then i kind of encouraged everyone, come on, we got to get out. let's go come on. >> all morning long while the bus was still stuck in the home, neighbors recounted the story an earth shattering crash school kids piling into a neighbor's home for refuge. >> they were banged up at all. >> no. none of them were injured. they said there was no pain. nothing. everything was okay with them. >> reporter: jill lafferty spent the afternoon accepting momentos recovered by restoration crews and reliving the horror that might have been. >> i said a prayer and i said
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thank you god that my kids were not in that room because we would have been pinned to the wall. i don't know what could have happened. i don't even want to think about the what ifs. it's too scary. >> reporter: the driver of the schoolbus has been identified as a dave her beck police tell us he's 58-year-old. the school district tells us he's been on this route for about a year and is in fact a retired police officer. he is hospitalized to tonight in good condition at abington memorial hospital. there are reports he may have blacked out behind the wheel. we do know the schoolbus was outfitted with a dashboard camera. whitpain township police have seen the video. no comment yet on what they have seen and what it may prove about how all of this happen. lucy. >> bruce, you know what the school sent us a picture of the nine children who were on that bus. plus the five who were waiting for the schoolbus. they seemed very happy to be safely back at saint helena school and we are on top of breaking news out of france recovery efforts are underway at the crash site of germanwings flight 9525. it crashed in the alps in the mountainous terrain making those
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efforts very difficult. a local official says the plane appears to have just dint gate greated crews found one of the black boxes. what we know right now. the flight took off from barcelona spain and headed for duesseldorf germany started descending about a minute after it reached a cruising altitude of 38,000 feet. it dropped off radar a short time later at about 6,000 feet. 150 people were on board including 16 high school students. officials do not believe anyone survived. president obama spoke about the tragedy at the white house a short time ago. >> germany and spain are among our strongest allies in the world and our message to them is that as their steadfast friend and ally america stands with them at this moment of sorrow. >> airline officials say the last routine checkup of the plane was yesterday hours britt took off. no word yet on whether any americans were on board. a delaware family is
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improving in the hospital just days after possibly being poisoned on their spring break get away. family friends say steve he is monday and his wife theresa and two teenage sons started having seizures last week at a condo they rented in the virgin island island. he and his sons were in critical condition but tonight they are showing signs of improvement. investigators are looking into whether an illegal chemical was used to fumigate a room at the vacation condo. he is a school administrator at the tattenall school in wilmington. spring break runs through sunday sunday. >> tabernacle township state troopers of warning of two possible luring attempts by the same man this month on the 12 many and 22 and. suspicious man follow add group of young girls in his car along pow well road the man even tried to talk with the girls on one occasion. his description stayed the same in both incidents. police are looking for a heavy set white man in his 30s or 40s with a long dark beard. a licensed counselor for troubled teens in montgomery county facing serious charges
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tonight. police say 73-year-old bernard rivas molest add teenaged girl back in february. a client at his home office. the teen gave details on two different incidents and even managed to take pictures of rivas touching her. he was arrested last week and is now charged with end daring the welfare of children, corruption of minors and indecent assault. a gun rights group suing lower township the group firearms owners against crime a law that requires a special permit to carry a gun in a township park is misleading couldn't lead to some believing that guns are banned. the township says there are exceptions to the law. the group held a rally on march 15th where they threatened to sue if the law was passed. tragic reminder of why one local intersection has been called the most dangerous in the country. >> another person has died in the spot. a woman just trying to cross the street this morning. why people in the area say this is all too familiar. plus, someone just won an extra million dollars in local
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community. we're headed to the store that just told sold a very lucky lottery ticket and howard eskin live in phoenix. >> yes, a big day for eagles fans here at the owners meetings in phoenix. jeffrey lurie finally speaks about all the changes in the front office and andy reid talks about what his days were like when he had to same power as chip
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jacklyn: our middle schools have classes that are devoted for test prep. my kids only have a half a year science and a half a year social studies to make room for preparing for the test. gina: we have no after-school programs, we have no freshman sports, we have no extra anything... okaikor: we're cutting those programs to make way for test prep. and we're not taking in to all the other things that makes a child whole. gina: we are setting our kids up to fail.
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happening now at a* deadly accident at a dangerous bucks county intersection. a woman was hit by two different cars and killed while trying to make it across the street early this morning much it's a familiar scene for those living in the area. street and knights road keep getting attention for all the wrong reasons. >> last year time magazine call it the most dangerous intersection in the united states. that is where we find fox 29's dave kinchen tonight. dave another tragedy. so what are public safety officials saying about all of this? >> reporter: we spoke with them and they say they are well
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aware of all of the problems here but they say safety is really up to drivers and pedestrians. these are images bensalem residents have seen too many times. another crash at knights and street roads taking the life of 28-year-old christina massey early this morning. >> she was walking against traffic and she was struck fatally by two vehicles. >> reporter: bensalem public pub public safety director says massey crossed the intersection without having the light it's one of many ways accidents happen here according to those who live and work in the area. >> people on their phones. people just doing whatever and not paying attention. >> everybody runs lights, i mean, everybody is in a hurry to cut the arrow i mean, breaking late man. >> reporter: mike emery helps clean the vehicles passing through the car wash and he's pretty much seen it all. >> when people die there's lay outs and stuff i've seen a couple of those. >> it's obviously the worst intersection in america.
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>> reporter: the intersection earned the name the worst in america in a time magazine article in 2014. after crunching data from the national highway traffic safety administration. it found seven deadly crashes over 10 years with bad signage aggressive drivers and jaywalk kearse to blame. >> i can see by a lot of accidents here. >> reporter: you're surprised to hear that does i surprised to hear that. >> reporter: what can be done to make the intersection safer? we did see more police cars out today. but the public safety director says, it's not up to government. >> we do have a considerable amount of accidents in that area. but it's not any fault of penndot's or the state or the township or road design or engineers. it's basic human beings not being patient and wanting to cross either not at the intersection or cross against the light. >> reporter: police say one of the drivers involved in this morning's fatal crash kept on going after impact and may not have known that they actually hit someone but police did reach out to that driver. they say both drivers are cooperating at this point they
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say there are no charges filed because the investigation is on-going. lucy. >> all right, thank you very much, dave. breaking news right now out of buck county. police arrested a teacher they say sexually assaulted a 70-year-old female student. police say 33-year-old michael schneider had an inappropriate relationship with her 10 years teaching at william 10 it in high school he's on leave. recently got a hotel room and planned to meet the student there for sex. detectives stopped him before anything happened. he's now in jail on $50,000 bail. a preliminary hearing set for april 2nd. somebody bought a lottery ticket in montgomery county at a million dollar richer. the winner matched all winning numbers. it was worth over million bucks sold at j and r mark in ambler. the store will get they $10,000 bonus. >> let's make us happy and usher in spring like temperatures. >> i'll take that. >> you know what, guys, there's
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going to be one day where temperatures could flirt with 70 degrees. however, we'll have to deal with showers even some thunderstorms and take look at this. the high temperature lucy, made it up to 40 degrees. that does sound better than 39. we managed to squeak out 40 degrees with that sunshine reappearing but take a look at the visible satellite. you can see we saw a lot of thick clouds overhead for much of the day and that kind of limited those temperatures across the area. but that late afternoon sunshine is allowing those temperatures to respond a little bit. 40 right now in trenton. we have 40 in pottstown. 44 degrees in allentown. but still into the upper 30s from dover to millville and atlantic city but take look to the to the south of us. 70s even 81 in dallas right now. we have 73 greenville, mississippi. 71 in charlotte. some of that warmer air will head in our direct not tomorrow but by thursday out ahead of that front near 70 degrees but once again it's going to be
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little bit of trade off we'll have to contend with showers and storms. speaking of storms you can see toward missouri right now severe thunderstorm watch box. the first so far this season. and you can see severe thunderstorms moving toward the springfield missouri area. a part of that system will impact us as we move toward your thursday. so for tomorrow, mostly cloudy. there could be a scattered shower but not anticipateing much the rainfall this week until thursday with that front. you can see thursday during the afternoon early afternoon we're looking at scattered showers around then thunderstorms by thursday evening and lingering showers turning colder by friday friday. so the bottom line thursday, down the shore temperatures in the low 60s. toward center city and the suburbs. upper 60s with those scattered showers and thunderstorms. even toward the pocono mountains temperatures will be topping out near 60 degrees and that could be a rumble of thunder on thursday once again thursday afternoon and evening. temperatures tonight though, we're looking at 25 north and
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west. 30 in the city. another cold one out there and then tomorrow you can see. high temperatures below where we should be. only 49 degrees and once again there could be a scattered shower around. better chances for rainfall though thursday with that front. upper 60s for highs. breezy and cooler lingering showers friday and then saturday high temperatures only in the upper 30s. there could be a passing flurry and then mid 50s by monday and tuesday of next week. >> crazy. >> it is crazy. >> do you suppose it's one reason howard eskin high tailed it to phoenix. >> let's find out. i know it's a lot warmer there than it is here. howard. >> 90 degrees warmer here. it's 90 degrees. golf weather iain. but more importantly i know it's hard for to you believe jeffrey lurie spoke for the first time and he will speak to eagles fans coming up on what happened in the front office. he did it today at the owners
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♪ is that a question? >> yes. >> it's amazing that was jeffrey lurie after the eagles finally game of the season. them five days later miraculously howie roseman loses his job as the general manager. now this is important.
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this part coming up. after meeting with chip kelly jeffrey lurie finally now he met with chip kelly today finally spoke about it here at the winter meetings. there was a vision that i wanted to support and um, you know easy to say well you had it going well and you already said you were doing to stick to the status quo that way. but i don't think that's the best way to operate. you learn after the season exactly how you might become better. >> having a seamless scouting and coaching enterprise was really what chip's vision. i'm an owner that tends to absolutely be supportive of a coach and his vision if it's a real sharp and smart vision. >> jeff said it was your call. >> of course. >> was it all your call? >> yeah, it was all my call. >> i live through a lot of division championships.
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a lot of playoff appearances a lot of final four appearances. but our goal is further than that. you know we want to deliver a super bowl. it wasn't all his call. because chip explained to him what his vision was what he wanted to do. so don't believe that chip kelly didn't have major part in this. all right. also, at these owners meetings the head coaches of teams former eagles coach andy reid. a very effervescent hard i believe guy talking about jeremy maclin coming to kansas city. here's a few reasons. one of them he's familiar with the offense. it was his home but he also remember andy reid also had this power over personnel when he was with the eagles. so he spoke about that today on what it was like for him compared to chip kelly. >> i think every situation is different. i loved doing it when i did it and but where i'm at in my career i'm -- i'm glad i'm out of it. you know he's out of it and
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he's coaching and he says because he's older chip obviously wanted the power and i think of anything that jeffrey lurie said he said a couple of thing. clearly indicated that it was his -- final decision but it was really chip's influence and also taking chances with personnel which is really risky he says, the eagles want to be great not just good and that's why he made a lot -- a loud chip kelly remember this now a loud chip kell toll make a lot of those decisions. chip kelly speaks tomorrow but we have more with jeffrey lurie tonight. there's a lot going on here and i haven't stepped foot on a golf course iain. don't even think about it. >> all right. i will be wishing there was. thank you howard. >> and be sure to tune in tonight for the fox 29 news at 10:00. dramatic rescue a nine-year-old boy gets pulled from a well all thanks to brave neighbor. what did he inside that well to keep the boy safe until more help arrives that's tonight at 10:00. >> that does it for us here at
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6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night.
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. >> angelina jolie's startling revelation. >> she had her ovaries removed. >> literally saved her life. >> the new england town where suspected serial killer robert durst once lived. is he connected to the disappearance of this college coed 44 years ago? >> and march madness security scare over the president's niece. >> plus, mystery over the white house florist. was she really escorted out of the building? >> strange departure. >> sea world fights back. >> people love killer whales. >> the new ad campaign to get people to like them again. >> and the troubling allegations being made by this former trainer. >> what


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