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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 27, 2015 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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>> i'm in the east village at the scene of a seven alarm fire. here on second avenue ride off at avenue ride off of st. mark's place that you can see the smoke above my head still billowing. you can even see the other street. you can't make out the sky. it's in my eyes and in my mouth. their early reports that there've been over 250 firefighters that have responded to the fire began. early reports are saying it was a building collapse sparked by a -- on the first floor. i can barely breathe and right now i have a mask but the firemen are distributing it in a populated area of manhattan. the east village downtown in the middle of rush hour. it's a scary scene. it's sort of a wideout on the
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street. early reports say their injuries. i'm going to put my mask on so i can talk to you guys without breathing and any more smoke. the smoke is billowing out as the fire burns. we will keep you updated as we hear more about what's happening. there are reports of injuries. we both let you know as soon as we find out. we are now on the scene chasing the story for you as the smoke continues to bellow in the east village. on second avenue. >> death on the highway with the linden cop and a head-on collision going the wrong way. >> wife is an office with two previous duis allowed to stay on the job? >> why was he driving the wrong way on. >> 17 animals rescued out of a dogfighting ring. the aspca behavior rehabilitation center. >> they are afraid of people and experiences.
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>> a 104 karaoke odyssey. >> if anyone is going to be tell how well michael is doing. >> urahn linden chasing the story top story, tragic death on the highway with enough do the linden cop who got into a head-on collision going the wrong way. what have you got? >> at linden presbyterian church the casket of officer frank jono was taken out under full police guard. ♪ lots of officers around the area came to pay their respects. in the meantime officer pedro junior is in more trouble as the mayor of london has said they are going to investigate the department handling of two previous dui arrests. one of them shown here on dash cam footage in 2013.
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>> i need you to take nine steps in a heel toe manner. i needed to stand up straight. >> it was the eighth accident before sunday night. in the meantime we have been talking a lot about what was going on in linden. why was in office with two previous duis allowed to stay on the job? i can tell you when a cop gets a dui was talking to my sources there is no exception. we talked for a friend retired detective joe. >> then commissioner ray kelly instituted a rule that if you got arrested for dwi and you injure someone during it was automatic firing. >> a lot of questions here. the mayor has looked into it but though on line is the cops who are arrested for dwi still get special treatment. the question is what happens internally in the police department's? >> what is interesting is the
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double standards go back. you remember the incident exactly they ran into the tractor-trailer that was going the right way. the driver was doing his work. he was brutalized immediately just days to get the results from the police breathalyzer. meanwhile they were driving in the wrong lane against traffic the wrong direction. this is a tragedy make no mistake but it's one these gentlemen created themselves. >> on what to disagree with hank because the video we are showing up the previous dwi arrest is living proof -- proof there is no get out of the arrest free forever. those days are over. cops nowadays know that dwi is taken seriously. >> if that's true why is he drunk at 5 a.m. driving the wrong way on statin island? >> back to the issue of anger and confusion and sadness, what is the mood there? >> it's real sad. mournful and i don't think
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people want to talk about it. >> let me ask you this, and i'm speculating but if this had happened with a new york city cop what you think the media frenzy would have been like? >> i don't care about media frenzy but because of ray kelly's policy if this happened to new york city cop he would have lost his job in 2011. that is the nypd's proactive policy. >> keep chasing. there is more story as we get more evidence and our prayers are obviously with the families of the fallen. >> high-speed chase. >> three guys celebrated st. patrick's day with a little bit of this. they brawl outside of the pub on 46 street. they have all turned themselves in charge with assault. there were broken bones involved in the lawyers of course blame the victim. he said the guys were ambushed at the beginning. >> we are getting more
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information out of the germanwings plane crashed in the meantime's -- mourning the loss of emily selke. they ask you to keep their thoughts and prayers in your thoughts. we learned the copilot intentionally crash the airplane in the french alps. >> john parr reclaims that running it -- school ruined his life. this wasn't any ordinary office pool. this office pool was over $800,000. in 2010 that is until he started going after john. i went to his house and met with him. he was finally ready to speak out after four years. >> i guess it was 1988. >> it became insanely popular. there were people like the agent of tiger woods law enforcement and lawyers. his lawyers are defending him
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right down the civil case was in his pool. >> it was in september there were probably 20 to 30 lawyers playing in the pool. >> the first time they arrested him it was promoting gambling and the second time was for money laundering which is an extremely serious offense. when that happened he explained a part into his home. his wife called him and when he came home he was handcuffed. >> i was in the living room and my wife was sitting in the couch behind you. they let the wife leave after a couple of hours. >> he walked around the apartment and showed me what they did. >> everywhere you see carpet
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they took all the stuff out of the closets. and my wife's drawers $300 in a cash envelope she had won from her bowling league. >> today yet a press conference and after four years of a legal battle there's a civil case in a criminal case. he said he is ready to start darkening with the prosecutor's office. >> i have done something wrong in the way organize the pool. i have done something wrong. there's no way they should be taking 722 grand. >> did anyone at the press conference comments on his haircut? >> no no that was definitely not the topic of the day. >> it looks like louie christmas. i'm not making fun of him. just look at the picture. >> the point we talked about there which is that he was given
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gifts and the gifts were under the irs legal limit for reporting so we didn't have to report those gifts. what is in question now is whether it was legal or not which is still being debated and whether the prosecution has the right to confiscate that much money from other people. >> so what we know is -- but can we be done and? >> come on. >> a lot of teenage girls have their world turned upside down to learn that zane was leaving one direction. to comment on this ahead 13-year-old melanie lombardo in pennsylvania. she was one of the young ladies devastated by the information. >> i was crying at lunch bursting out in tears in front of my friends. >> i basically had a panic attack.
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>> we keep them in our thoughts and i think we will make it but i'm not sure. >> i caught up with the crew. they were in new york city. i joined them as they were live. find out more about kelly big al jay-z on the next "chasing news." >> new jersey couple watching home videos when they came across something pretty special. the video takes place in 1988 when jordan her sister and mom are spending the day in langhorne pennsylvania. when all of a sudden out of nowhere comes someone she recognize. it was her husband ryan. >> he has an the corner of the shot taking his cameo appearance. the two saw the video while they were dating however the
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circumstances of moving they weren't able to track down the video until recently. >> the next thing you know this little boy walks past and we kept rewinding it and watching it and rewinding it and it was clearly him. >> they're happily married with three kids. >> they are little so they don't really get it. my daughter keeps saying how did daddy know you were there that day? my son matthew is three. he put on a funny pair of glasses the other day and he said i look like daddy did. i'm looking for my own home photos to see if i'm going to have -- here i am in kindergarten toy story on ice. here is the back of the kids had had. that is my husband and here's a kid i was rollerblading with. it could have been him but why include his face in there? >> i don't think i'm going to
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have the same luck she did but cute story. >> they sit and watch the whole video? >> they do now. it's just proving that it's a small world. this happened to me when i was on vacation. i met a girl at college at a party. >> were to the wise, be nice to people. you know -- never know who you're going to see. >> i wanted to know what life was like for dogs after they were rescued from a dogfighting ring. >> they are free to people. sometimes they are terrified of going outside. they have a lot of anxiety.
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>> it? nobody loves the crown puzzle more than this guy. sarah from long island wanted to ask her friend to the prom. she wanted a little help and she got it. >> will you go to the prom with sarah? >> i really think you should say yes. >> even the jets couldn't mess it up. >> go to to the garden state film festival. lieutenant governor kim latonya sat down with her. >> new jersey was the real
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hollywood. what do you like to do? >> i walk out myself right now. >> 10 people are rested and 17 animals rescued out of an elizabeth home that was running a dogfighting ring. i wanted to know what life was like for these dogs after they are rescued from these situations. i came here to the aspca behavioral rehabilitation center. hello. >> they come in and they are afraid of people. sometimes they are terrified of going outside. they have a lot of anxiety. >> i went through a tour of the facility. i'm going to leave myself a stick here because when i came and there was a little hesitation to it and we don't want to scare the dogs.
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>> good job. that a boy. they learn to like people. >> trevor was a part of a dogfighting ring. he was rescued several months ago. he was in foster care that he wasn't doing very well so he came here. he started making great progress.
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>> leaving the rehabilitation center does give me a little bit of hope for these dogs who were stuck in these terrible situations. as you can see there is an adoption center behind me and i stopped by but for now i'm covered in hair. if you want more information on what's happening on the story go to my twitter page @chasing tamara or follow our stories on our facebook page "chasing news." >> here's what your search engine found today. first lady michelle obama was on jeopardy last night. it seems her hairstyle got all of the attention. >> some people were like hey she has a new hairdo going on. >> someone needs to say it. >> the lighting and the way it's shot makes it look like she's got her head but i think she just pulled her hair back really tight. >> michelle obama. >> she's a time setter.
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>> that awkward moment when you think you have news and you don't. that's what happens. >> sometimes you have to scoop and wherever you can. on this wonderful week sometimes you want your -- out of the wind. it's definitely what this bulldog is thinking. look at them go. that's what your search engine found today. >> mike miller was within a 104 hour odyssey.
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>> the fire house cats are taking over instagram. the instagram says he is listening to radio calls and claims he is controlling his turf. >> here i am on the road again. ♪ mike miller was one hour and 46 hours of a 104 odyssey. the plan is to set the world record for karaoke longevity. he has been singing nonstop.
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>> his dad said last night was a rough one. >> i got here this morning and he looked okay. he has all new clothing and he has good food and people were starting to come in again. >> i'm bringing our old friend renowned musician charles simone. if anyone's going to be able to tell how well he's doing its dr. sim on. working 46 hours coming up on nunu will be 48 hours. that's about two-fifths of the way through. doctors among his fascinated with the whole endeavor. considering mike can answer a question he only had a couple of seconds between songs to talk. >> what is the color of your? >> yellow.
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>> do you feel lightheaded? >> here it is dr. simone's checklist for success. number one hydrate number two go to the restroom and he is not doing it enough. number three, sleep and number four avoid dari because it promotes mucus and not good for singing and caffeine which is something that dehydrates you. >> he needs to hydrate his body. >> you rock song. >> assuming all goes according to plan he and he sings on key sorted he will crush the record. saturday night.
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[applause] ♪ >> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi, everyone, i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist, scott williams. look for a few more pockets of rain overnight. we could here a rumble of thunder. cool and breezy for friday a-few leftover showers. cold air moves in for the first part of the weekend. we could be looking at some flurries. the high for your thursday was near 70 degrees. 50 tomorrow. by saturday 40 degrees. sue se
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