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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  March 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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forty-three in the city. thirty-six is our wind chill. 6:54 is our sunrise time. not looking at a lot of sun today. the mostly cloudy skies, morning rain as we said but cloud linger throughout the the the day so we will get to 50 degrees and maybe this morning we could see a little bit of lightening rumble of thunder. it has president shown up yet but it could happen. we've got the the rain, we've got fog and not as mild as yesterday, happy friday bob kelly. >> tgif, it is 5:00 o'clock on a friday morning. sewer's in good shape on the major roadways as far as speedometer wise and no accidents to report. that is good news. bad news is areas are getting pounded with heavy downpours, road are wet, we will find out the hard way the drains that are clogged and just watch it you will need that time to get where you are going this morning. we have a couple problems in the neighborhood. water main break at route 47, delsea drive at academy traffic diverted ton broad
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street and huntington valley pine roadblocked with down wires between red lion and philmont. traffic diverted on to bustleton avenue this morning. the route 50 just outside of ocean city the north bound lanes are block tuckahoe up to route 49. weather delays are possible this morning and throughout the day at philly international. yesterday we had one hour delays. we are starting off with dense fog as we go outside to a live look at the airport at i-95 where roads are wet, we have a sloppy spray coming up off the cars and trucks in front of you there. make sure you have a good set of wiper blade for morning commute, shuttle bus service just ended so we will start rolling trains on the market frankford and broad street subway and hopefully we will have some good weather, if we have some flakes maybe some green snow flakes for st. patrick's day parade tomorrow in conshohocken. this was rained out a couple of weeks ago so we will see delays and closures there on conshohocken tomorrow good
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this parade in conshohocken has been delayed twice. >> two weeks ago it was delayed. >> it might be delayed again. >> i don't know, sue says no. we will be okay with just some snow flakes. >> all right. >> thanks, bob. more on that. 5:02. new this morning two people we know are dead after a robbery victim fights back against his assailant. >> our jennifer joyce is on this one with the very latest hi jen. >> reporter: so in this case there were three people shot, it was two of the suspects and one of the robbery victims. we know that two of the three of died. we don't necessity which two at this point. this stems from the triple shooting that happened last night around 10:30 in the area of master and north conestoga streets. according to southwest detectives two men in their 20's approached two victims and tried to rob them when one of the victims with a license to carry pulled out his gun and fired at the suspects. he hit both of them but at the same time one of the suspects pulled out his own weapon and shot the second robbery
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victim all three, were transport todd penn presbyterian hospital and again we have learned that two of the three of died. >> he sees a gun being pointed at him. he begins to advertise charge. he strikes both of the males. they flee, again, a short distance, one collapses on the highway here in the 5500 block. the the other one runs into a rear alley of 5504 and he collapses. >> reporter: so again police are still working on their investigation, they have not released information about the two victims who have died and also have not released any information on the people identity at this point in time. chris and karen. >> 5:03 the time. also new philadelphia police say a woman was sexually assaulted and robbed last night on her way home from the gym. woman claims she was attack at gunpoint just before midnight on the 3900 block of richmond street in port richmond. she screamed. police arrived and took down
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the descriptions. officers arrested a 17 year-old male early on and then took another 17 year-old in custody soon after that. >> it is 5:04. police are looking for two men who carried out a violent robbery on two women walking in northern liberties. surveillance video shows these men approach would the man on the 400 block of fairmont avenue around 10:30 last evening. police say men claim to have guns and threat tone shoot them if they tried to resist. moments later one of of the suspects is captured going in to a nearby convenient store in the same truck police say he left the robbery scene in. it is distinctive. it is red older model dodge dakota pick up. there is a picture. neighbors say this block is usually quiet. >> i have never heard of anything like this happening around in this area. i have heard of certain things but nothing violent. >> after 10:00 o'clock at night it is a different neighborhood. suspects got away with two nurses iphone gift card and
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credit card and other identification belonging to the victims. deliberately crashed is what the french prosecutor say a co pilot did for germanwings airlines. >> now investigators are trying to figure out what the motive may have been behind this deadly act. co pilot has been identified as 27 year-old andreas lubitz police searched his family home and apartment looking for clues into what he may have been thinking. they removed computers plastic bags. investigators to not suspect a political motive but they are focusing on his personal life and relationships and the greater environment. yesterday a french prosecutor laid out horrifying details investigators have learn so far. an analysis of data shows the the auto pilot was reset to take the plane from 38,000 feet, down to 100 feet. investigators say when the pilot left for a bathroom break the co pilot andre lubitz took control of the jet. he started a manual dissent and the pilot started to income on the door but there
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was no response from the cockpit and the cockpit recorder did not indicate lubitz was panicked. >> i think the the victim only realized at the last moment. on the recording you only hear screams literally on the last moment good it took about eight minutes before the plane crashed into the side of the hundred tane killing all 150 people on board. three americans were among victims including drexel graduate emily selke. discovery of the deliberate plane crash prompt sod airlines to immediately impose stricter cockpit rules while other airlines are also reviewing procedures. after the 9/11 attacks u.s. procedure change requiring there be two people in the cockpit at all times with the flight attendant taking place of the pilot who perhaps needs a break to walk up and down the aisles or go to the rest room. more than a dozen people were hurt, this was terrible restaurant exploded massive fifer, building collapsed, coming up we will have a live report from the scene with the
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latest developments in that tragedy. big development weather-wise a lot of rain overnight you can see a wet market street when will the rain let up?
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a member of the illinois national guard vows to bring the flame of the lord as part of the america if he could in the join isis. hasan edmond and his 29 year-old cousin jonas appeared in federal court in chicago
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yesterday. they are charged with conspiracy to provide material support to the islamic state group. they planned a major attack with the high body count. prosecutors say they contemplated an armed attack begins a military facility in northern illinois where edmond had trained. the guards men was arrested wednesday evening at midway international airport as a he was reportedly trying to board a flight to libya. iraqi troops are following up on their offence turf recapture tikrit from isis this mission comes hours after the u.s. launch air strikes on the islamic state on the request of the iraqi government. tikrit was taken by islamic militant last year as they made a quick advance across northern iraq. it is 5:10 right now. many are trying to get dressed and plan for this day and all these colors behind you sue. >> you will to have grab the umbrella leaving the house soon and allow for some extra time for some slippery travel probably if you are north and west of the city. we are coming off a mild day
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yesterday but the ground is pretty warm but there is cold air moving in, so we are looking at the pocono mountains here and lehigh valley, you might see some sleet or snow falling and you can see that showing up more on ultimate doppler radar in carbon and machine recounties. to the south of that it is rain and some cases heavy rain around plumstead, around raretan and also let's sianni go down to the philadelphia area it looks like we have a heavy downpour coming through the the city right now and headed toward the great north east. it is still with us for probably the next couple of hours and it looks like from this computer model by eight or 9:00 o'clock most of the rain is out of here but we will see lingering showers to the south as this front kind of stalls just off shore and we will get another impulse along the front. you could see maybe around noon at jersey shore or delaware other than delaware
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anyway some more rain maybe through about 3:00 in the afternoon and then it is pretty much out of here. lingering included for all of us for most of the day, not too much sunshine in the day and then big news about tomorrow is how cold it will be and the possibility of some the scattered flurries maybe in the after noon that would happen but whatever you are doing outdoors tomorrow and there air lieutenant of outdoor activities closer to easter welshing you have to bun will up for that and it will still be chilly on sunday. visability are not great. we have gone up to 5 miles in philadelphia but 2 miles in a lot of places. not too bad up in the pocono mountains, 2 miles visibility in wilmington but it is product of the moisture in the air, with the rain 41 degrees in lancaster. forty-three in mount pocono where we are so close to freezing where it might be freezing. 43 degrees in the city and 45 in wildwood and in dover. cold air hasn't quite moved in just yet. look at the ups ape downs we
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have had over the past several days with our temperatures from a high of only 40 degrees on tuesday to 67 degrees, yesterday. won't be seeing the the 60's until maybe the middle of next week maybe not until thursday, so with that cold air tomorrow a little will chillier on palm sunday day but in the quite as bad as saturday and then it looks like a warming trend and back to the 60's by thursday of next week. bob kelly it is light out there, a lot of downpours this morning. >> they are popping up like on the way in this morning i went from a heavy downpour to almost nothing coming into center city. depending pneumonia where you begin and even your trip you you could get hit out there this morning w those heavy downpours comes the ponding. make sure your wiper blade are in good working order and give yourself extra time. it is a yucky soggy morning rush hour. route 202 in chester county look out for all of the work
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zones. there will be extra difficult this morning because those drainage grates are reshoveled and for the most part they are in the actual travel lanes. live look at route 422 near oaks, a live look here where sue just mentioned we have a heavy downpours on i-95 in northeast philadelphia slower than normal speeds. factor in extra time heading out of the front door or heading south on 295 a disable tractor trailer right here near 42 freeway. but for gang from downingtown coatsville suburbs, again slower than normal speed especially through the work zones. otherwise, schuylkill not bad at all at the moment. no problems up and down 476 if you are watching us down the the shore in south jersey route 47, dell sigh drive watch for a water main break near academy tying us up traffic divertedded on to broad treat but mass transit looking good chris and karen back over to you. investigation continues into that fire building
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collapse in new york city is east village. >> let get up to new york city, we have robert moses there good morning to you. it was a sushi restaurant that exploded. >> reporter: correct, karen and chris, there was a sushi restaurant on the ground floor of the building where this explosion took place. i will step out of the way. we are being a kept a good distance out of the way about two blocks to the south. through see that tower ladder debris under that awning. that is where this took place. there is a flurry of activity around this area and in the only a clean up effort but an investigative effort as well. we have been told that everyone had been accounted for but now we are learning from the family of 23 year-old nicholas figueroa that he is missing this morning. there is great concern about his fate right now. the the explosion and fire level the building located at 121, second avenue, there was severe damage to the surrounding buildings at 119
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123, and 125, second avenue. the fire department got its first call at about 3:17 yesterday afternoon. less than three minutes later the first of 250 fire fighters came streaming to the scene and what they encountered was a scene of chaos. many people had to make here owing escapes from those buildings, we saw at least one woman make a mad dash down the fire escape. preliminarily it appears that gas work being done at 1,212th after new may have caused this explosion, in fact, the the utility here in new york city conn edison had visited that building just 75 minutes prior to that explosion to inspect that work and found it not to be up to par. at this point we know of at least 19 injuries including four critical injuries and again we are waiting to hear what happened to 23 year-old nicholas figueroa who at this hour is unaccounted for. that is very latest live from the east village this morning
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karen and chris back to you guys. >> robert moses live for news new york city. we will take a quick break and be right back.
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welcome back. investigators suspect full play in the disappearance of the delaware county woman. upper darby police had a news conference to discuss the the case of a manned dege uo
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who has not been seen since june. they are hoping as to why she disappeared and had not been heard from ever since then. she has two young children just three a and five years old. family members are hoping for any information that can bring her home. >> we just want to make sure she's safe even if its is just a even if call from her. i think she's in a very bad place. i think she's scared. we just want her to know that we love her very much and we are concern for her safety and we want her to come home. we want our a manned back. >> if you have any information about her disappearance please call the upper darby police department. also investigators in kensington are hoping dramatic surveillance video will help them track down that guy on a bike with a gun who shot a teenager at 10:30 in the morning. she opened fire on two people and gunman then, falls off of his bike gets backup, spots
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victim and then rides away. new york city, 48th grade girls attack first graders in a elementary school and shocking scene played out in front of the surveillance cameras. >> forty-first graders were allegedly beaten in the middle of the school day and the the attack lasted a full 30 minutes. well, parents and lawyers now say that the eighth grade girls were supposed to be torturing the children. >> tutoring. >> tutoring them. >> yes. >> they were beating them up. >> allegedly trying to get the first grade tours fight each other. when they refused the older students then attacked them. >> my child was forced to fight, and she was dragged by one of the eighth graders and thrown down. >> so the school counselor says four teachers have been removed from their classrooms, extra staff had to be added the four, eighth grade girls, of course, they have been suspended and first graders have been transferred to other
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schools. those poor kids. >> thank goodness. brutal robbery caught on tape and men res trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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welcome back at 5:24. an hiv out break in southern inn yan a has led that governor to declare a public health emergency. >> "fox news" correspondent patricia starks reports the declaration is in response to the state's largest ever hiv
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out break. >> we have signed today an executive order that initiates a robust multi agency response to stop this hiv out spread in its tracks. >> reporter: indiana governor mike pence declaring a public health emergency on thursday in response to the hiv out break in the southern part of the state. nearly 80 cases have been confirmed in scott county since december, all of which have been tied to iv drug use. >> in a county the size of scott county the average number of hiv cases, on a annual basis is rough liz five cases. we have 79 confirmed cases. more testing is being done. we expect that number to go up. >> reporter: emergency measures announced thursday include a short term needle exchange programs. these programs allow drug users to turn in used hypodermic needles in return for sterile ones in an effort to contain diseases such as hiv and hepatitis.
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the such programs are illegal in indiana but the governor says they are necessary right now. >> do i not support needle exchanges but this is a public health emergency. >> reporter: in addition health officials are it ising up a common center to coordinate hiv and drug abuse treatment. they are stepping up efforts to get people tested for std's. >> everybody needs to be aware of how hiv is transmitted and to be aware of their status. >> reporter: governor's executive order will last 30 days. a have that period he will consider whether to extend it for another 30 days. patricia starks, "fox news". very active radar from roanoke to reading we have rain out there sue serio. >> look at mr. alliteration this morning i'm digging it, yes. there is roanoke down there as you can sianni there is an r there. you can a see heavy rain moving into washington d.c. heading toward the northeast right up i-95 into philadelphia. we are seeing a little change over to white from the green
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north and west of the city that is because this is a cold front, colder air is moving in, so we're seeing a change over of precipitation in the higher elevations especially where temperatures are going down to around freezing. so, this means far north and west of philadelphia you could be running into slippery and icy conditions and maybe even seeing a light coating of snow falling. i'm not kidding, that is up there. i know, i hear bob saying what? i know philadelphia has pockets of heavy downpours around, we will take a closer look at radar in a moment. here is your pal bus stop buddy we had a flyers hat on yesterday so we thought we would put innings isers hat on today. they are at home tonight. morning showers and lingering cloud throughout the day so kids will need rain gear this morning. waiting for the bus. we will go with a five out of ten today, it the will in the rain all day long as at least not here in philadelphia,
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42 degrees. it feels like 34. 6:54. it is our sunrise time. we will get the to a high of 50 today, cloudy skies and lingering clouds and then tonight we are down to 35 as we get chilly north and west around freezing a cold day tomorrow we will have the numbers for you coming up in our seven day forecast so bob kelly, a the lot have of issues this morning. >> let that white stuff stay up there. we will just stick with the heavy downpours right now. here's what your windshield will look like stepping out of the front door. we have heavy rain and we have got that spray kicking up off the cars and trucks in front of you here. here's a live look at 309 between the turnpike and norristown, and just factor in some extra time a little extra wiggle room between you and that bumper in front of you there. that whole i-95 corridor with that heavy downpours and we have pockets of fog just like yesterday along the way, otherwise, schuylkill in
5:29 am
bound only about a 15 minute trip i-95 southbound about 14 minutes from wood have men to downtown. the lets go in the neighborhood in huntington valley pine road is block from red lion to fillmont, down wires from the overnight so bustleton avenue will be the detour and that will tie things up, through the morning rush hour, even the school buses will be on the detour there. south on 295 and south jersey watch author delays in the 42 freeway. disable tractor trailer right there toward that work zone. if you are watching news south jersey route 47, delsea drive at academy a a water main break so that has traffic diverted on to broad street this morning and then a crash on route 50 northbound side just outside of ocean city, if you are watching us down the shore between tuckahoe and route 49. philly international i will bet you a jelly doughnut we will have delays again this morning. we have one hour delay for most of the day yesterday especially in the morning,
5:30 am
getting out of the gate so if you are intend to go fly or dropping someone off or picking up today would i check with the airline with delays. we have got fog and heavy downpours, it is in the just here but up and down east coast. coming from downingtown pockets of fog on route 30. watch it the in the work zones especially here along route 202 where it takes you down into that tight squeeze with no shoulder and that right travel lane is where the train age grates is located. when we are getting that heavy downpour all that rain is noting in the shoulder but staying in that travel lane and that is where ponding comes into play and we will see hydroplaning accidents, that same scenario repeated also along i-95 at cottman avenue and girard. factor in extra time to get there safely. mass transit at the moment running with in delays. chris and karen, back to you. well, from robbers pick
5:31 am
the wrong guy to try to attack because now they are dead after that robbery victim fights back against the assailant. >> lets go to jennifer joyce, hi there jen. >> reporter: we know two of the three people have have died but police have not given us any specific on which two have passed. this stems from a triple shooting last night around 10:30. this is in the area have of master and north conestoga streets. according to southwest detectives, two men in their early 20's approached two victims and tried to rob them. when one of the victims with a license to carry pull out his gun and fired at this suspect. he hit the both of them but at the same time one of the suspects pulled out his own wep than and shot the second robbery victim. all three were transported to penn presbyterian hospital and again we have just learned that two of the three died. which two we do not know as homicide continues their investigation, chris. >> jennifer joyce, thank you. it is exactly coming up on 5:32 right now. and then in other news we're
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talking about a philadelphia man who will be spending a lot of time in jail. >> in fact the rest of his life for killing another man overhead phones. arkel garcia not christian massy in west philadelphia just before he died someone grabbed his beats by dre headphones. when he tried to get them back he was shot. prosecutors say garcia was the shooter. garcia's sentence means he will have have no chance of parole. delayed sentencing for philadelphia with man quick of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a five-year old girl. cristina regusters was set to hear her sentence yesterday but lawyers are still waiting for her psychological report to come back in. in january 2013 regusters put on a veil impersonating the girl's mother and abduct the girl from her school. the next morning a person out for a walk found 59 year-old half name, incredibly cold and hiding in the playground. prosecutors are pushing for a
5:33 am
life septemberens. at 5:33. as depicting many controversial things adolph hitler and anti muslim messages will be appearing on bus necessary our city. septa tried to block these ads. they did not want them. they were created by american freedom defense initiative but there was a u.s. district judge that rule ats are protect from the first amendment and they have to run them. septa says at the the board meeting yesterday it is not peeling that ruling so those ads will run on 84 buses starting in april. is there a bucks county woman accused of brutally abusing her baby girl and then she fakes cans tore try to fool the the police. >> investigators say that the girl was badly beaten and even burn, and new that mother, of course is facing charges. chris o'connell a has more. >> brutal. it is terrifying. i cannot even think about it. >> reporter: he won't talk about the horrifying details of what bristol township police say happened to his
5:34 am
then 11 month-old niece. >> they were severe. broken femur multiple skull fractures, jaw fractures perforation of the ear drum. >> reporter: those came at the hand of her mother 26 year-old ashley rickard it was last july when her daughter was rush to chop where caseworkers immediately suspect the girl was a victim of physical boost. little girl was placed in the custody of her father but as police were closing in. >> i think she was lying to solicit sympathy. >> reporter: rickard told police she had been diagnosis and under going treatment for stage two ovarian cancer this on her face book page, cancer had has dealt me some bad hand but police got suspicious when they are doctors notes from the fox chase cancer center had ill will legible signatures and typographical errors. they said her shaved head and eyebrows were part of her big lie. >> delayed the investigation even further because they
5:35 am
recognize that these documents were forged and then they had to go to the hospitals and find out had she ever been there or been treated. they have in record of her there. >> reporter: now that her mother is behind bars the little girls father's family is trying to help the one year-old recover physically and psychologically. >> i'm grateful that all this chaos happened at her very very young age so that she will have a good opportunity to recover from it and probably never necessity it ever happened. >> chris o'connell for fox 29 news. >> rickard is facing aggravated assault and perjury, she remains in bucks county jail on $500,000 bail. her second child a four year are oldies also in custody with another family member. a secret facebook page has some of the women victims on it coming forward. they were either nude or seminude and police say it appears they were asleep and passed out and certainly did
5:36 am
in the give their consent. state college envies gators say some penn state fraternity members are cooperating. penn state has suspended the fraternity for a year. the national organization has order that had group to reorganize and penn state has decided to take an evaluation of the entire fraternity and sorority system at that school >> one of our favorites, todd herremans, all right, with a different team but he is always an eagle at heart giving back to our city. he talks about what this place means to
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cole hamels was roughed up over the last two starts ace needed to get sharp with the regular season less than two weeks away. hamels on point against the the blue jays. struck out four in five innings and giving up zero runs, that is big. he didn't give up a hit until the fifth inning. phillies lost four-one but all that matters was hamels looked great. former eagles todd herremans had his third annual todd herremans hoops for health event raising money for charities in philadelphia bunch of old teammate showed up including trent cole who will still be his teammate in indianapolis. cole says this is still his home. >> i will be an eagle forever, no matter what i feel in different coming in here. i have been here, i have been
5:40 am
here for ten years. i have done my work here. it is time for me to move on. that is what i will do. >> that is sports in a minute i'm zahn zahn bell. >> friend, family and fans paid thorough last respects to eagles legend chuck bednarik. >> he had a wonderful life. he epitomized what our city was all about. he passed away last weekend at 89. nicknamed concrete charlie, the bethlehem native played his entire career from 1949 to 1962. he was the last two-way starter in the league history. he played both offense and defense. jeffery lurie says he is an absolute legend. >> in the only an icon but everything that you with want for an nfl franchise this man represented, toughness passion for the game pride in the city. >> that hit on frank gifford,
5:41 am
only miss $3 games in 14 years. >> famous hit. >> fans say concrete charlie will never be forgotten. >> they don't make them like this. >> not the at all, memories will last a long time. >> he wases my sports sports hero. >> reporter: what made him your hero. >> plea collar guy. >> chuckless chuck. if you were on the good side of you, he like you. if were you on the other side of the line of scrimmage, he didn't like you good there will be a private funeral and burial for later today. >> how he was a blue collar guy. he lived here, born here, played here, stayed here and he went to the concrete salesmen and he talk about this the the other day, the most he ever made as an nfl player was 27 you this dollars a year. can you imagine what he would play today he would have to can for part ownership of the team. lets get outside and talk about the weather on course that is a big story especially if you are flying. bob kelly will take a look at
5:42 am
possible travel delays and if you are flying o
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big happy birthday to mariah carry here born in 1971 on this day. do you know who shares her birthday? >> who. >> eagles great randall cunningham. >> how about that.
5:45 am
>> taking a live look at, blue mountain, people still heading up to the mountains tail end of winter but really beginning of spring. people getting ready. palm sunday day, already sue serio. easter season. >> incredible. tomorrow may be a great skiing day. in fact there are some places in the pocono mountains seeing snow flakes this morning. real ones not manufactured ones. what is happening? cold front just about through the area right now and it is, a low pressure system moving along that front that is causing the heavy downpours we're seeing in someplace these morning. this will continue to move off shore and we will get one more area of rain, if you are south and west of the city or south and east i should say, you might see more left over showers but mild air is being displaced by cold air. this is live ultimate doppler radar and you can see a little bit of white edging in at the tail end of this area of precipitation, that is where the temperatures are colder and as we mentioned in carbon
5:46 am
and monroe counties especially where we are seeing some snow flakes. itmcould be sleet around the allentown area before the morning is through little will closer to home the heavy downpours are still with us in montgomery and bucks counties that is where we have been seeing most of the action this morning and just north in the northern part of the city of philadelphia a as well, or philadelphia county if you prefer. fox future cast moves us into saturday, and where it is probably going to be a little bit on the chilly side and possibility there of a flurry or two but nothing that will amount to anything. it will still feel like winter tomorrow. as far as fog is concern 2 miles visibility lancaster reading, pottstown, 3 miles in trenton, 2 miles allentown, five at philly international. reduced visibility in wilmington delaware. fog kind of comes and goes with that moisture in the air. 42 degrees in the city. only 33 in the mountains which is why we are seeing that change over of precipitation.
5:47 am
could be slippery travel. forty-one hand caster. forty-one in reading. forty-five down in dover, delaware. and yesterday, well, rainy and mild we did not make it to 70 degrees. sixty-seven ended up being a high temperature. here is your seven day forecast after that 67 yesterday we will get to 50 today. if we're lucky. it will be a chilly one with a a rain mostly just in the morning and lingering cloud for the the rest of the day, 40 degrees tomorrow, palm sunday day is sunny, but still kind of chill which a high of 47 milder on monday, we will get a few showers and it stays in the 50's through wednesday, and inching back in the 60's by thursday. so here we are the weekend before easter bob kelly. >> i can't believe it. >> exactly. >> live look at a disabled bus on the platt bridge. it is platt bridge coming from the airport heading in to 26th street in southwest philadelphia right there in the center lane, got the blinkers on so that is causing
5:48 am
a backup behind it here as we work our way out of the era port area, ben franklin, looking good. pockets of volume long the way as you work toward downtown philadelphia expect delays throughout the morning at philly international because of the rain and fog. we had one hour delays yesterday. karen just mentioned poconos in problems at all. heading up there on the weekend looking good on the northeast extension and turnpike itself. we had construction crew at willow grove. they have pick up the cones and they are out of there. st. patrick's day parade this is one that was rained out the st. patrick's weekend in conshohocken. they will have some fun all day tomorrow beginning at 2:00 o'clock there in conshohocken. get ready for this, it is the two straight serenade golden slipper jammo on sunday. >> wow. >> to pay homage to the first prize fralinger string band. they are having the annual two street serenade on sunday all
5:49 am
of the string bands are going to come in and serenade the first prize, fralinger string ban, it is a party in south philadelphia, all day on sunday. so if you are stuck in traffic as i tweeted yesterday deep breath, get out of the car and do the mummers strut. chris and karen. >> you don't just do it on new years daze any more. dispelling myth that is frozen food are loaded with processed additives. since march is national frozen food month, who knew super market guru phil is hoping to get the word out about the the benefits of frozen food. he said some of the healthiest food can be found in your grocery store's freezer section. >> thinks real food. this is real food that ingredients used in frozen food go right from being pick in the farm or on a tree into the freezing process in just a couple of hours. >> flash frozen what does that
5:50 am
mean. >> it means they flash freeze it and put it right into a upper fresh when they froze it. >> still frozen. >> leopard adds frozen foods give you a lot of variety. frozen food month. >> who knew. today is an important day i want to tell but this little boy. we're wearing yellow. bob kelly has his yellow tie. make that decision getting ready to day, seth is five years old. they did not think he would live until two. he has an immune disorder. it is one of those, do you remember boy in the bubble the the bubble foundation. >> john travolta film. >> this is his real life story. he need another bone marrow transplant today. they are asking people all around a the world to take a picture of yourself wear yellow and tweet using the the hash tag wear yellow for seth and we are seeing so many thousands coming in. simple thing to raise awareness and help out this little boy.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
you inning is it. eric clap top, let it rain. 5:53 is the time. how a appropriate with the wet market street on this friday, sue's forecast is coming up, at 43 degrees. last week. one driver's cardboard buddy could not fool a washington state trooper.
5:54 am
a driver tried to use a cardboard cut out of the most interesting man in the world, to ride in the lane in the interstate. they require two people in the car. the motorcycle trooper started one dimensional passenger and pulled over the driver. he knew right away he was busted but still claim that the cut out was his best friend. costly best friend by the way. his fine 124 bucks. look at the smile there. i'll caught. james stewart is a lasalle university employee says his specialty is working in the kitchen. he does it all without the full use of of his kitchen. james was born with only two small fingers on that hand, well, three lasalle students decided to offer james a chance to test out his latest creation using a 3-d printer they made a prosthetic hand made of plastic and in the food court of the lasalle student union building james got the chance to try it the out. while it the may take getting used to james says he is just
5:55 am
overwhelmed, by this. he says he will continue to work with the prosthetics creators to find tune that design. how neat is that. overnight shooting has claimed two lives coming up at 6:00 we will tell you how a would be robbery victim turn the tables on the suspect we will have a live report next. plus investigators will be back on the scene of the building collapse in new york city we will have latest developments straight ahead. blank.
5:56 am
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5:58 am
a teenage's tack again, woman jump walking home from the gym late last night and now two teens, yeah teens, are in custody. at least 19 people hurt, four of them seriously injured when a building exploded. we will have more on the latest at this fire in new york. >> yeah, in the east village yesterday afternoon. >> it is a friday. it is kind of warm but it is raining. oh, yeah how long will this last. and there is talk of flurries over the weekend, hi. >> i'm not ready. >> that will wake you up. >> it sure with. >> good morning everybody. >> maybe even this morning. >> flurries. >> we are seeing colder temperatures coming in. >> what is the temperature right now. >> in the city, it is 42? we're good. north and west it is getting
5:59 am
colder. >> one last snow maybe, why not. >> look at ultimate doppler and i'll show what you i'm talking about. can you see that area of white. i will zoom in later on ultimate doppler but it gist showed up in the last couple minutes. it looks like montgomery county maybe bucks county, seeing a little bit of white showing up now if that is making it to the ground that is another story but don't be surprised in fact i can zoom in here right now, and show you what i'm talking about. there it is, do you see area of white in bucks county yikes. the the cold temperatures are starting to move in as the cold front moves out. so we will talk about that in a little more depth in a moment. five out of ten in weather by the numbers. bus stop buddy is ready for rain this morning. it looks like most of the rain will be confine to the morning hours but we will have lingering clouds through the afternoon, 41 degrees right the now. we have been down a little
6:00 am
bit. we have 17 miles an hour wind. wind chill of 32, sunrise happening at 6:54. we think we might get to 50 degrees. we don't think we will see much sunshine though, lingering showers around this morning, 36 degrees in the overnight, that is your fox cast for friday. how about that been kelly, it could be slippy slidey. >> depending where begin and end your trip we will see wet roads, heavy downpours, some flakes up there in upper dublin and a live look at a disabled bus. this is on the platt bridge leaving the airport area coming into southwest philadelphia. it is right at the base of the span right at 26th and pen rose there. a backup behind it. again, all of the construction zones you will want to look out like right here on i-95 there is in shoulder. we have tight squeeze. the drainage grates in these construction zones are located in what would be that right lane. here's where we are getting that heavy downpour, rain is


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