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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 28, 2015 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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>> now on chasing news. >> he was diagnosed with autism. one day the kids invited parker to jump into the ocean. some say he was instantly taken in by the undercurrent. >> i originally thought they were good guys. >> explosion that rocked a new york neighborhood yesterday. wait until you see the video of the explosion. look at that. >> i knew was some kind of an explosion. >> i'm in new york and the team is here.
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simulcast on the internet on tv. jcm jenna. >> she was in harry potter. >> check out this video of these two degenerates taunting them autistic guy parker drake 19 years old. >> it hasn't been easy for him. he was diagnosed with autism and type one diabetes. friends have not come easily. parker one-day thought thoughts that would change the two kids he went to high school with 19 and 20 years old invited him to go out to a dangerous rock formation leading directly into the atlantic ocean. i visited there yesterday morning. the waves were crashing. in the video i received from parker and his mother's attorney mother's attorney you can see the two gentlemen that for mike and check -- nick choke and allegedly coerce him into the water.
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$20.2 packs of cigarettes. >> the polar plunge. >> wanting to fit and he did. he was instantly taken in by the end are current. it was 32 degrees outside that day in and the water was 30 degrees. according to university miraculously parker made it back to shore after long struggle. they stayed in the car afterwards and they were laughing. >> parker did you go in the ocean? was a cold? >> i spoke with parker and his mother and his attorney today. i asked parker were the tickets your friends? >> i actually thought they were good guys. i asked parker's mother christine how she found out about it.
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>> there were something lost about him. he was just not speaking right. he just wasn't himself. i didn't find the whole story out until the next day. >> she said it changed him as a person. he is not as outgoing. attorney told me that charges filed against individuals to charges were endangering the welfare of an incompetent person and can spend a maximum of six months in jail. >> they ought to go to jail. it's outrageous to watch that. it's like today you hear about being bullied and there are so many things that are what i would think are somewhat inconsequential but then you look at something like this that's the true nature of a bully. the payout of rebel bags cut -- have the book thrown at them. >> they will be arraigned on april 1. i will be sure and they are to keep you updated the parker definitely will be there. >> a high-speed chase.
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a police officer was accused of driving the wrong way on staten island and killing another office in a drunken crash crash last weekend. his twitter account is full of things about pizza overtime in the baby joe. you think you have problems, i just dropped my cocaine in a -- >> he jokes about cocaine and numerous tweets. >> charges against senator mendes have been ongoing. a defense fund is actually benefiting them. supporters say the reason he has more money is because the leak happened while he was at the white house over nuclear talks. >> camera you are in new york city chasing a story of an explosion that rocked the new york neighborhood yesterday. wait until you see the video of an explosion. look at that. tamara heuer standing on a rooftop in front of what is the
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remains of the buildings that collapsed after this his conclusion. >> i'm on a rooftop on seventh street and second avenue. now you can see buildings that went down. they are continuing to do search-and-rescue and pouring water on it so there is no fire. but though i want to tell you about my night last night. with everybody else i worried about my friends in new york city so i went on facebook and saw a post of my friend holding a picture saying thank god we are okay. i reached out to her immediately and she's fine but she is two friends that were evacuated and they were spending the night. i asked them about how they were handling everything and what happened and how close were they to the explosion. >> i knew was signed of -- some kind of an explosion. i assumed it was nearby. i walked by it 20 minutes before
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on the way home. >> they immediately jumped out and ran down the stairs to see what happened. he took pictures. this was immediately after the explosion. before the buildings caught on fire. >> this was the building that blew up before the fire started. so what we saw was this building so that's what the sought after the explosion. >> now this morning they will pick up some of their belongings and if they are not allowed back in their apartment. he took more pictures and videos that he shared with us. >> that's not even the one that blew up and here is what is left of the two buildings. >> then they walked down and explain to me how they were feeling. again talk about this gut reaction of how the explosion
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rocked them. >> it was the shaking. >> tamera keep chasing. thank you. >> guys i'm in new york and the salad team is here. >> is the best dressed man in the nba like kevin durand or lebron james. >> when he goes to shake someone's hand you don't see it. this show is amazing on simulcast on the internet and on tv and a great team -- got to meet these great personalities. big al kelly jcm jenna. i like that we are able to create and put our own spin on it. >> is prince harry dating emma watson? no. >> who would she marry hypothetically?
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>> hairy. >> i feel a go is meant to be because she was in harry potter. >> i was in nursing school and my counselor said do you want to work in a hospital for the rest of your life? a commercial came on the radio said if you want to be an internet to stop on by. >> every time i talk to people about new york people i say new yorkers are so rough. i have eyes had great experiences. >> this is confusing. >> i spoke to big al and he -- >> favorite moment on the show was with jc and elena cheerios commercial. >> cheerios has not commented on their web site because they are getting all kinds of hate. >> if they are upset about this commercial how are they this commercial power they can to
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feel about the one you guys are working on? >> what is the cheerios then you are doing? >> they are part of -- pack of smart alex talking about what's going on with social media and technology. >> it sounds familiar doesn't it? >> i came to see her in new york city. >> always heals people. >> if you drive in jersey know about the dreaded traffic circle but we found a worse one. >> our favorite jersey girl made it to "american idol" top nine. she tells me she has the pipes to make
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>> a man in new york city -- after he attacked a 22-year-old pregnant woman when she didn't thank him for holding the door open for her. his name is gerald gilliard and he's been charged with assault as well as possession of a weapon. even though she -- there is justice.
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>> he was on the lam for a while after court charges relating to assault kidnapping and injury to the victim. he was caught and brought to justice and is no longer in the top 12 most wanted. >> this afternoon there to things that came out. the prosecutor's office says case closed. john sheridan killed his wife set fire to their house and killed himself on september september 28 of 2014. on 14. only the entry pages from the sheraton sun the sheraton family lining up behind their father saying they didn't want their father-to-be convicted of murder when he is not here to defend himself. they said we don't have answers based on the evidence and needed to investigators. not only saturday the six-month anniversary of the death of shared him with "the philadelphia inquirer" article on thursday talked about infighting between the family
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and the prosecutor's office over the final determination of the case. looks like the prosecutor's office is trying to set the record straight saying that joey sheridan was stabbed eight times in the head by their attacker who they say is john sheridan. superficial and nature with self infliction. on the other side of family members are disputing that while the prosecutor's office says there was no intruder. family members talked about dorsett house house being on lots of blood evidence upstairs and downstairs in the house. why did the investigators not dust for fingerprints? i talked about a wrought iron poker found in the bedroom. it was an identified as a weapon until a month later. by an insurance investigator. i asked a friend of the show homicide investigator what he thought and he agreed with. >> i think it's a suicide for a few reasons. the wife that defensive wounds
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on her arms which is a strong indication that someone was attacking her and because he doesn't have any of those things and the fact that he is also alive when the fire starts me and he's trying to start the fire. >> you have a lot of cases like this. and are more and knocked over nights and buyer, have you ever seen such a thing? >> i haven't seen a case like this and there's a lot of things we need to uncover and unfortunately the family's not to be happy either way. they don't want to look at their father is a merger and they don't want to look at the mothers of victim and i understand that. >> thanks joe. appreciate it. keep chasing and talking to family and what is next. >> we will have more free next week. >> okay, thanks. tara you are campaigned president is underway in the next logical step was to get with an image consultant and see what you ought to be doing as far as tweaking your wardrobe. >> hey eyes. i came to see an image
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consultant and a dark city. >> i'm a professional image consultant. it usually includes your parents, your behavior and your communication. >> i found a couple of different outfits that i tried on for her. for example i were a dress which i will clearly wear for the college crowd. i tried a country chic look complete with cowboy boots. do i have your vote country bumpkins collects. >> it's a no-no. >> i put on some sparkles. >> that is a no-no. >> of course in honor of hillary a skirt suit. it's all that i own and i
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haven't fornes is my interview with "fox news." basically what she said was don't dress for the crowd. be yourself. is it too much? heals or flats? >> always heals. >> always heals people. these are the heals i have on right now. hillary wore a lime green dress to the g20 and everyone else was and why. i was a famous moment. they did remember what it was about that but they remembered her fashion faux pas. she was speaking to the crowd and she thought that was a great moment. she has a new book out and you can check it out right here. it's all about image consulting. another thing she said laws to abide by for women especially. only show one part of the skin come either your legs i'm wearing tights as you can see,
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your legs, your arms or your -- she also said the statement pieces. >> a civilized word for cleavage. >> i'm working on my wardrobe. stay tuned. >> we got the important stuff out of the way so we will maybe get to the issues next time. >> we are joined by two special guests to mix it up and talk a little bit about politics in jersey. >> i'm in agreement with governor christie. >> happy birthday. ♪
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>> how's that? >> that looks good. >> john broun a friend of the show and a friendly republican leaders not only a politician but also a comedian. >> i can't believe the state legislature. i can't imagine why. >> gilpin for rich fox at the stress factory in new brunswick last night.
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>> rule number one you can't take cash in and below. i said i would never take the envelope. >> it turns out is pretty funny. i went to his charity event last night for a great cause, the neighborhood house. amazing performances and me in sibile got to pass out awards. of course we did a chasing style but it was an awesome event. >> and they were gift bags. we are joined by two special guest today to mix it up and talk a little bit about politics in jersey by state senator ray lesniak welcome back. and champion at the red light camera battle governor o'scanlon. the governor gives this speech and he goes to a rehab, drug rehab center in ocean county. >> why not push taxes a little higher. to me that's blood money. i'm not going to put the lives of children at risk and put more
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money into the state coffers. >> it an interesting tone which i thought was very different than what you might expect from a guy running in a conservative primary for the republican nomination. he talked about not criminalizing marijuana as much as getting people help. >> i was robbed a few years ago at 2:30 in the morning. the first time and i wanted to testify to get them treatment so they wouldn't come back to my house a few years later to do the same thing. i'm in agreement with governor christie in terms of treatment in lieu of incarceration for folks who have an addiction problem. as a result of that we are also in agreement on marijuana. the recovery community is not there in terms of legalizing marijuana. they know better than i do. i don't trump their opinion on marijuana even though i know it's not a gateway drug. >> the governor said it was.
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>> alcohol is more of a gateway drug than marijuana. >> the governor's exactly right on that. we need to focus on treatment rather than throwing people in jail. he speaks eloquently about it and that's different than other republican candidates. >> it sounds like the start of bipartisan legislation by going through the new jersey legislature to legalize pot. >> we are not there yet. and the governor legitimately is not quite there yet either. >> i don't think it's even thinking about it. the governor couldn't have been more clear than to say absolutely and in no circumstances is marijuana going to be legal under his watch. >> very bad on medical marijuana. denying children who suffer because they don't have it. >> what do you think? in the middle of my discussion
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on politics? ♪ happy birthday to you. >> i have been unable to escape my birthday this year. >> happy birthday. ♪ >> what was that? thank you guys. i appreciate it. i am 46 this week. [applause] >> a gift from senator ray lesniak. it's a gestation crate. senator lesniak thank you and thank you for the gift. appreciate you being here. governor o'scanlon always a pleasure to see you. thanks, guys. >> at. >> if you drive in jersey know all about the dreaded traffic circles but we found the worst one. >> her favorite jersey girl jacks made it to "american idol"'s top nine. she tells me she has the pipes to make it to number one. >> check it out next "chasing news," you nowhere.
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