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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 2, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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deloch. >> team to go to prom. >> how much is your child spending on the big dance? why teens are shelling out hundreds of dollars before even getting a date. >> oh, goodness. plus looking for some easter fun for the kids? maybe some crafts? you think you can't make this stuff? yes, you can. we're making those impossible pinterest treats possible today. the easy and creative crafts you can do over the weekend. >> and, it is a hot new trend, but would you get it? why expert say now is the time to buy those whom bring lashes hombrey lashes. >> means? >> like the color fades little bit. fading ya. >> ya. >> like that. like how?
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>> there one christina green she watches every day we believed in you and you let us all down. >> oh? my gosh. >> you should apologize to the whole sit. >> i oh? >> because that was just wrong. >> talking about yesterday was april fools day, right? >> it was april fools day, yes. >> a lot of people did jokes. two years ago, i had people married to jenn fred. >> yes. >> wonderful friend every mine franchesca, lives in south philly, came on pretended to be the new host of the show. people were outraged. had to apologize on april 2nd last year. >> so -- >> so this year did you this? >> i ran out of ideas mayoral race going on, then i'm running for mayor. >> april 2nd is mike apologize day? that's what it seems like. >> annually. >> new holiday. >> so, most people just loved it and we had so much fun
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with it yesterday. but there was a lot of support, so later on, like last evening i'm going heck maybe i should run. >> i mean, awed lot of endorsements, people started asking me serious questions on twitter, like what do you think of pre k. what do you think of the union situation, in the city watch are you going to do about the taxes in what are you going to do about potholes? my god hard to be mayor. >> hard job mike. >> hard job i apologize if you were upset. >> have to go over endorsements you had. a lot of people kate out to support you. >> last evening, wendy williams contacted me. >> ya. >> hashtag mike for mayor. i can support that. >> put the whole full democratic party behind you and support endorsement for you, for mayor of the city of philadelphia, do a great job. >> good morning. >> 14,500 members of the f.o.p.
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support you 100%. >> a lot of support. >> bob really sold it, bob brady. and the f.o.p. guy. >> mayor nutter cam on and said it is an april fools joke. liver on the air but people didn't hear that i guess. anyway, one person that contacted me, i got more tweets yesterday than any time nick wife ' ever done, last evening wendy williams goes run mike run. mike for mayor with the hashtag i like it shout out to everybody in philly. how you doing. >> if she were here in philly she would vote for you. you should feel so popular. a lot of people real excited here is the thing i posted it on instagram picture in the hallway, we have the pictures, you're wearing abut on that says vote tophic.
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i post thatment like my gosh my mother, my grandmother, i have to go home and tell them. we were track being this all day yesterday. then i have to break the news to her. >> i should have re thought this. >> do the official apology. say i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. but i will make this promise to you philadelphia. >> oh, here we go. >> that next i am first i'll come one something. >> can we establish officially april 1st is april fools day. >> yes. >> april 2nd is mike apologize day. so everyone knows on april 2nd, mike is going to apologize, do something bad on april 1st. >> i never would do that to the city i love become your mayor, coy not do that to you. you know deborah norville, she contacted me yesterday too. is this true? no, it is not. >> maybe you should run for president. >> apparently there may be a senate job opening in new jersey soon. >> oh, my gosh. no no, no. so bad. >> apparently it comes with a lot of perks.
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>> i'm in the going to -- i'm not saying anything. >> so, then we found this sent in by three kids who wanted to vote for me. >> we wrote this. on behalf of this family, hi, you all. >> high. >> we love you mike. >> i love you right back. beautiful family. >> it is a beautiful family. of course they have to wait ten, 15 years before they can vote. >> good news, people said they would register to vote, kids saying i want to go vote now. maybe you inspired people to get out there and vote. >> there is an election may the 19th. >> you can be a write in candidate. >> oh, don't. >> done with it, done with it. >> wait a minute. not a bad idea. >> no, we're moving on. so everybody was pulling offer jokes yesterday. a loft celebrities were trying to pull off their pranks, a loft shows and stuff. so the price is right. contestants.
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>> hold on you know the price is right right? new host is drew kerry probably the last ten years right? >> even show like that pulled off april fool's joke. do you want to see it? >> let's see it. >> here is your host, drew kerr. >> i how great is that? >> bob bar kerr. >> what a welcome. >> kit cat kline in the control room. he actually went onto dot lucky seven game. he played, and then drew came back out. how old is bob barker? >> kit cat kline our producer in the control room during the 8:00 9:00 hour. >> i think subuch up, too. oh 91, looks good. >> good for him. >> so, over twitter he is
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openly gay come out and he's tweeted i have some news everyone i'm straight. >> and then he said april fools, hysterically laughing. you know that crying laughing thing. >> say that i put out a tweet that said i was gay. would i am get heat for that? i betty would. >> sometimes a fine line, you never know how the joke will go over, that's the risk when you participate on a holiday if we can call it a holiday. so did you fall for this headline? dominoes claim to launch delivery service driver less vehicles in the uk. >> oh, my gosh. >> pretty cool though. >> i like it. >> and uber drivers probably got kick out of this one. see what i said? the company advertising uber horse for new york city. uber horse is coming. >> that's funny. >> i think one of the best though remember when tom braid did i this?
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he was on vacation with his wife gisele, and she egg him to jump into this pit? >> he jump off a cliff. >> look at that. >> and everyone was talking why would he do that? my gosh. >> and the end err will be upset, because he'll end up in a body cast. >> this was 50-foot cliff. >> look, did he it. he's in a body cast. >> he posted this on instagram yesterday. oh, my gosh. that's hilarious. you're right, he wins, he wins. >> great april fools joke. >> because a loft fans were like he needs to be in a padded room where no one can touch him. we don't need anything to happen to him. really good. >> good. >> that was a good one good one. took a long time to get into that body suit. >> that's really elaborate to get wrapped up. >> fantastic. nothing to do but spend money and make out with his wife. hey, guys, listen up to this. we are about to hear the type of body, 72% of women say is perfect. talking about, you know, all this -- >> women mike, not men. new pole by british clothing company found women in the
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united kingdom preferred the boy next-door type. >> yes. >> oh, so maybe it is what women prefer? >> what women prefer in a man's bod. >> i which is considered more desirable than the hung i look, the hung i man. study determined ladies want real menace opposed to the perfect looking guy. >> yes. >> and women want funny men you know, with a personality. >> sure. >> and soft cozy middle section. >> ya. >> that's me! >> book me a flight to london. >> ya. >> so you have soft cozy middle section? >> all this in here, they like this this stuff right here. >> really? that cozy? >> boy coming over the belt there. i have got to get to the gym. >> just move to london. >> i like london. >> they like you here, too mike. >> i could run for the mayor of london. what do they call the mayor in london? is it called a mayor? >> mayor. >> mayor of london? >> there is a mayor of london, yes, i know that. >> what else would it be? >> provose?
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>> something more official sounding? because it is london? >> they probably wear long cloaks and stuff like the mayor of london, came, i wear a cape to cover my soft cozy middle. >> but you can wear whatever you want base you're the mayor. >> borris johnson the current mayor of london. >> so just mayor. >> mayor johnson. >> mayor of london. >> the mayor of london. >> borris johnson. remember him during the olympics? >> i'll just call him bj. >> oh, gosh. >> what is going on today? >> in fact, i want you to call me mayor johnson. >> i guess. not doing that. not happening. >> let's mover on then. >> this show. all right. so, prom can really break the bank. a loft things, some people get limos. you got to go out to dinner, it is all of these things happening. but now it is how you ask mike. >> well, it is weird some young men are spending money
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just to ask a women to prom. >> prom postal use elaborate way to ask your date to prom. so these prom postals are costing hundreds of dollars. there is a surround say that says teens use one third of their prom budget on just i guess calling it popping the question. >> schlere is a idea, not elaborate, but cute and a young man tweeted it to you today, alex. >> that's right. >> so this one tweet so, her nephew prom-posted to his girlfriend with a poster sign. made with solo cups. >> oh, the blue solo cups? >> it says don't let me go solo to prom. >> see that's cute. >> it is so cute. >> probably cost ten bucks to buy all of the cups, right? >> ya, i love it, great idea. >> where is the other one where the guy was laying down in the street? >> someone sent me that. >> did you sends it to jessica kline? >> i didn't. sorry. >> how is it going to get on the air if you don't send it to kit cat decline. >> i'm the mayor!
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>> self proclaim mayor. you didn't win. that will was a joke. >> don't get me that head. >> just saying you're smacking and slamming. >> could you send it to kit cat? >> okay, i'll send t how about you go ahead and i'll work on this for you. bob kelly? >> anything else would you like here mr. mayor? >> really great this picture the kid sent in. bob bringing you in on this, not sure why. >> he went to the prom? >> my daughter just recent lip she got asked to prom. and this was last year, and one of the things they did was they painted prom on the hood of her car. >> okay? >> with a question mark. while she was in school. >> okay? >> she came out, came out to the parking lot, boom. there is the car painted. of course it was paint that could be washed off. the other thing she did to her boyfriend -- >> this is the worse story. >> hold on. she got a bunch of her friends, they went to his how the early one morning, they all had water balloons. so when he came out the door
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they wallopped him with the water balloons and had big poster just said prom with a question mark. >> what a way to say i love you. >> but that didn't cost any money, water balloons. >> so that was your daughter, your daughter into vandalism is she? >> no. >> i found it, finally found it. >> so when walk out prom on the hood of her car does she know who put it there? >> they maybe came out from behind, and kind of surprised her, and they gave her flowers, but that's a big thing recently, you know, no more just hey do you want to go to the prom with me? >> or now just texting, do you want to go to the prom with me. >> oh, here it is. here is the dude. >> i'm dying to go to prom with you. >> i don't know if that's real. >> i don't think actually run over by a car. >> i don't know if someone real did i that like really? >> i saw someone planes down the shore the banners?
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somebody put prom question mark with the name. >> that's expense disbelief that's got to be expensive. >> it can get out of hand i'm sure. >> i've seen up from put solo cups inside a fence and it stays you can create a message out that. >> i that you. >> i didn't get anything special like that. >> she had a boyfriend throughout high school. so just the two of you went to every dance. >> so assumed would you go. >> yes, just assumed. he made me so mad he went to other people's proms with other girls. >> what? what? >> yes. >> that's a violation. >> you know what i did? i said okay i'll go to other proms, too so he went to different schools prom with two different dates. so dancing on the dance floor looking at each other like don't you do anything, uh-huh, uh-huh ya, that's my prom. >> and how long did he last after that happened? >> she still knows him. >> we were really good friends first. we've known each other, grew up together. >> and guess what? >> moving on, sue go to the weather, sue? >> still track him on facebook mike?
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>> sue? sue? wait sue? we're doing weather. >> sue? >> chick out the temperatures, 46 degrees, feels like friday around here, doesn't it? just crazy. 43 degrees in mount pocono. forty-two lancaster 46 philadelphia. almost 50 atlantic city, we get to 67 a degrees today. some places even warmer. a ten out of ten today. tomorrow good friday, it will rain. but still mild up to 70 degrees thunderstorms possible late in the day maybe around the time that passover begins. around sunset. saturday, start with clouds, end up with sunshine, cooler temperatures 54 degrees, eggs-siting easter high of 60. so far so good for the phillies opening day versus the red sox at citizens bank
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park. high temperature 62 degrees. >> have to do something special today mike, six a and sun. >> i how about friday? >> seventy. >> but thunderstorms. >> rescued from cabbing juan a street house fire. firefighters got to the scene just before 1:00 this morning, had the flames under control in about 30 minutes. now, there are no human injuries to report. or word of how the fire was started, but the cat and dog fawn inside taken to penn veterinary. really great they are okay. because this is really great story for fox fursday sue what a grade lead in, right? >> it is. we love happy ending out of sad story. >> this will be fun this fox fursday, local celebrity joining us earlier this week, do you remember this video we showed you the dog with the pacifier? take another look. >> ♪ ♪ >> twinkle twinkle little star ♪ ♪
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>> princess lay a local celebrity to upper darby. now, her video has nearly 15 million views on facebook in just one week, and she's of course eclipsing her human family, who has decided to join us, this morning she's not the only four leg star in the family. so this is dave mckinney, the owner of both of our talented pups you're about to meet. principal's brother luke who has his own very popular facebook page. luke is in the tie. princess lea in the dress. dave, why don't you introduce the rest of your family. >> nine year old son nathan
9:18 am
motorcycle kin. >> i oh, no, getting attention away from the dogs. nathan? >> this is my wonderful girlfriend heather johnson. >> all right, so luke was famous kind of on line first. >> absolutely. >> luke's facebook page. >> we created the facebook page for luke about a year ago, and up until lea's video famous, we had 21,000 likes. >> so you don't really like attention in your family? >> not at all. >> not one bit. >> so you got all of those facebook views for luke. then you decided how did this pacifier thing come about? >> actually we did a picture with luke before with a pacifier. and when we got lea in the family we did picture of luke holding lee with a pacifier, just took the pacifier on top of the frig, one night laying on the couch, and i decided to put the pacifier in her mouth she started sucking on it, and we took videos, pictures, and she fell asleep. >> i think she needs it now, dave. >> i don't know. hey, here you go. >> there she s look, she was
9:19 am
feeling the noisy one it quieted her right down. >> nathan, how involved are you in all of this creativity it. >> i like it. >> did you have mid ukee this would you tie looker would. >> like -- >> do you use a pacifier when you were a tiny baby? >> ya. >> so how do you and the dogs get along? play outside together all the time? >> ya. >> i bet you get a lot of attention with the dogs dressed up like that? >> ya. >> before we go, dave this whole viral thing got you and heather together. right? >> heather started following me on instagram then follow me on facebook, she started commenting, that's how we met. >> so you hate attention to be what you are telling us? >> dow. >> so you thought this was so cool. you got in touch?
9:20 am
>> uh-huh. >> and then it was love? >> love. >> i got to tell you one thing, though, if she ever a noise me too much i can always slam him for this whole thing. >> oh, perfect. perfect family. his fault. >> that's right. absolutely. well, thank you for bringing luke princess lea the ever handsome nathan, you are looking so good on tv, heather and dave. thank you so much. >> check him out on facebook. everybody else is, right? all right and that's the fun he is fox fursday alex, we've had in a long time. look at them. >> it looks like it, oh, my gosh. i love it. >> so what's the sexiest job for a man, doctor, lawyer, football player? what women thinks is the most
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you forgot the milk! that's lactaid®. right.
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100% real milk just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. b@
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do you fine attractive about a man? which carreers attract to you a man? look football player, basketball player? attorney, news anchor? >> , no not on the list. >> we'll see. okay. so say the top three right? >> okay. >> so software developer. >> technology. >> runner up financial advisor. >> they say 96% of the time, they're okay with financial advisor. >> because they're wealthy. you know, i often say this to beautiful anchor women that i've work with.
9:25 am
>> yes? >> you're going to end up with the local football star sported star or i bet 80% of the women i've work with, have ended up with a sports star, or a financial advisor. >> 80%? >> yes. >> see you think you know how this will go? >> you haven't given me that advice. >> no. >> jig kidding. >> so, according to this -- >> who have you been with tonight? >> i don't know. my par rent coming into town. >> are they tonight? >> yes. >> so, turns out though, when it comes to number one really are the boss. ceo entrepreneurs are number one. it is extremely air rare for them to know when ask for date. ceo, she's going to say yes. according to the survey. >> shake your head little bit.
9:26 am
>> can i get away with saying i'm entrepreneur. >> are you? >> this is what you say oh, so what do you do? >> here? okay so -- >> i'm ton tv. i'm your local news man. >> then they go what, you install cable or something? >> then you say i am zero cable. >> i am cable. i want to be your cable. >> i'm the face of cable. >> yes. >> that's a good one, what do you do? >> i'm the mayor. i'm the mayor of philadelphia. >> if you are the mayor what do you do then maybe you should know who the mayor is. >> well, that's true. >> everyone will know you. >> everyone knows you now please. >> people out of town, like some french woman is in from paris. >> sure. >> new scenario you create. >> all i have. >> you say bonjour. >> bonjour. >> (speaking french). >> okay!
9:27 am
>> okay, over the weaken, kids are going to be around, off for easter break, you know, have tomorrow off then easter monday? >> you know, easter basket, what about some cute treats for them to eat? i love this. >> you can make this stuff say over the weekend? >> yes. >> i see peeps. i want to know what these little checks are made of. >> so cute. >> my guess? i say there is an oreo cook any there. but what's this stuff? >> supposed to be easier than pinterest, mike. >> oh, ♪ ♪ ♪
9:28 am
♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ go out and get it ♪ jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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okay. welcome back everybody. it is 9:30. hi, tall buildings. i'm so glad we had one of our sponsors coming in earlier from the giant food stores. >> yes. >> because, it was all really healthy food. >> it is nutrition. >> and that a allows us now to stuff our faces. >> yes, pig out. >> with candy and treats for easter. >> let's do it good lean morris is here. how are you.
9:31 am
what should we call you a lifestyle expert. >> yes. >> and i should use ideas, saying look harder then they are. >> they look amazing. my gosh. >> i want to know first off right off the the bat how did you make the little chicks. >> i saw these, and i'm not that positive to make mack ruins and a i made them with oreos. >> yes. >> what do you do. >> you just take yellow chocolate candy, put it in the microwave, melt it down and dip oreos. you want to to it twice because first time, it is oreos that are dark and put them in the fridge for ten minutes. the once it hardens you take icing, black icing for eyes and the beek. >> so cute. >> you can bite into it. it is a check late cover oreo. >> yes good take a bite into it. inside you will see it is a yellow oreo, that i found in the super market. >> that is really cute. >> really fun, cute and easy to do. >> yes. >> you can get melt at any party store, party city. >> these eggs are different i
9:32 am
love fruity pebbles. >> thinks melting down marshmallow, butter add nothing fruity pebbles. the trick is you take a egg and you stuff the marsh medical he treats in the egg leave tonight for ten minutes. it keeps the freshness too. >> fruity peb he will treat. >> you can put them in an easter basket and they are just delicious. the colors are perfect for easter. >> when did you make the little mess that have eggs in them. what is the nest made out of. >> the the nests are made out of, you can see them with won ton and pretzel twists. it sneaks in some fiber and whole grains into some easter treats and then we have just got these cute eggs from godivam. we put them in the cute little, you know, peep thing and it looks great. >> your peep thing. >> yes. >> a stan. >> lets get to these then. >> bunnies. >> yes, you make a bunny.
9:33 am
this is from cinnamon bun. you can just go to the aisles. you put a circle and just make bunny ears and you can bake them in with raisins, check late chips almond, whatever you you want and then you can bake them in and put them on top have after with the icing. >> look at this. >> i'll show you we will make that. >> these carrots are just delicious. >> they are in the carrots. >> they look like carrots good i have taken an ice cream cone and dip it in it or range can i melt. all different colors. i put in, as you put in a for ten minutes to harden. i put an orange cup cake which i have already bake off. then you can take orange icing and you can just make orange icing with food coloring equal parts red and yellow or you can just buy this. >> dip it in good and then, the green. >> it is what, edible grass. >> wait a minute let me see. >> it taste like green apple. >> it does. >> edible grass, man.
9:34 am
>> where do you get edible grass. >> any drugstore. >> you go to the edible drugstore. >> it is like 99 cents at the drugstore. >> that is pretty good. >> we have some fruit. we have had so many candy. >> so the the truth to making a good kabobbies making them all the same. whatever pattern you start off with make sure you you make them all the same. start with the the peep starting with the water melon. >> ouch. >> sorry. >> the the peeps are harder to put through. make sure you are doing them first. >> this can be fun with the kid too so you can do it together. >> pine apple. >> yes, peeps, again it just took the same thing as they had before, color, this is dark check late. >> you just melt it and dip it. >> you can melt it a few different ways. >> yes. >> same as yesterday. >> yes, this is mike a will guys day. i'm apologize, mike. >> apology for april 2nd. >> yes, and then you just make them in ununiform and they are
9:35 am
cute and easy to do. again you want to have fun with the treats and you just play on everything. check late covered. regular peeps and check late covered peeps. >> look at that. >> fancy stuff over there. >> i love all of this stuff. this is great. >> you need to do it. >> yes. >> he is out of control. >> thanks so much. this is great. >> i will send recipes over to you. >> we will put the on our web site people will love this for sure. >> are you done, mike? there we go. >> look at that that is cute. >> owe we now you know why bradley and suki call it quit talking about bradley cooper, of source. was she supportive of his career in maybe not. big problem that they had coming up next. >> she had a problem
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
would be kelly would know something about this. >> yes. >> doesn't it seem like an extra amount of smoke coming out of that smoke stack. >> never say no, mike. >> okay i'll shut up. >> we're playing beyonce for a reason. so queen b of course, look at this video of her and blue ivy, she posted the video yesterday. >> what are they doing. >> they are cleaning their teeth. >> oh. >> and flossing. >> look at that. they are wearing matching sunglasses. so she practices good hygiene. >> she be flossing. >> she has been posting videos like this where it is a short video, i don't know or it is quick movements like this. i don't know fit is he had it or not. >> it is just style. >> because it doesn't look like a regular video. >> she was with prince there.
9:40 am
>> that was blue ivy. >> that is her kid. >> yes. >> blue ivy is getting old already. >> i know. that means we're getting old. >> i have very little time left. bradley cooper apparently wants a woman who will stan by herman, be more supportive of him and his career. >> new york post, page six, says cooper dump suki waterhouse because she was not supportive of his acting career. cooper felt the 23 year old model was not there for him following success of his broadway hit elephant man so the source goes on to say waterhouse took off to a texas billion air's estate for valentines day. so she has moved on. >> kit cat kline can you fine a picture of this suki waterhouse. >> we have showed pictures of her before a lovely blonde women. >> the the guy is what, 42 years old. somewhere in there. she's 23. do you really look to a 23
9:41 am
year old for support? >> maybe. >> she might have been very mature mike. maybe nothing but a number. >> well, she's something though, isn't she. so suki on valentines day flies to be with a billion air in texas. >> if they already broken. we don't know if they were broken up at the time. >> well, they better have have been. >> suki. >> oh , my have have the mighty have have fallen. >> we are having a first look at real house wires first time in prison talking about teresa dui dice. she's on the cover of u.s. weekly. >> it is us weekly. >> it is all about us. >> picture was taken in the visitation room of the federal correctional institution in connecticut. when i heard about this i said was this an old photo. >> they went to her in prison. >> there is joe a and two of their four daughters. the she's wearing make up. she looks different. her hair is naturally curly
9:42 am
because she cannot do the blow out there. so, nope. >> blowing your hair in prison. anybody in the studio been in prison, federal corrections facility. >> can't say that i have have. >> jessica kline, you have been there a dozen of time. >> she's wearing jump suit you cannot really see she was hiding it, but it is not the orange but it is kind of orange. >> an olive green. >> taupe is the new black. >> in texas they have like navy blue. >> did they. >> we should do a whole fashion show on different states colors of their prison uniforms. >> i'm sure it key pend on the different prison. >> we can get somebody else to do it. >> let's get to jen, is what up girl. >> oh, lord. >> i haven't been to prison either i'm happy to say, not federal or anything. look at this really cool new colors for your eye lash extensions. your hair is hombre so are
9:43 am
your eye lashes. we will talk about the life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. bobbies efforting a shot of the ben franklin bridge. we have this shot. bob kelly is working on the shot of the bridgette self. bob kelly. >> we're a working on it. >> we're working on it. >> the guy that you met yesterday, his name is tom, he started his walk around the world, in westmont, new jersey. he wanted to walk by studio
9:46 am
before 10:00 o'clock but he will not make it. he is on the ben franklin bridge right now. he will walk around the world. >> walking takes time mike. did you give him a time when he had to be here. >> here we go. >> there you go. >> okay. >> do you see a man. >> there we do, on the right-hand side. >> he ising the wrong way then. >> plus he is pulling a big cart big white cart. >> we didn't see a cart. >> hold on. >> come on. >> can we move the the camera the at all. we cannot move it. >> we cannot zoom out. >> we're lucky we got there. >> bob, you are disappointing me today. >> start of the five-year journey today. he will need a lot of foot massages. >> it will take him five years to walk around the world. you don't see him. >> nope, i don't. >> i need to be looking for that cart. >> we will check mike. we still have time good we have let tom down. >> we have heard about lash
9:47 am
extensions, do you remember back during football seasons when i had eagles green lash extensions. one salon wants to kick it up a notch but not just one color, but the hombre look. >> what is that. >> that sound like western movies. >> hombre is like when there is lots of different colors. there is lots of different ways to do hombre. we have asked alex here. she's a junior in high school. her mom owns this place. the it is very subtle. aaron says really good for spring, for easter but again super subtle. you can only see it glancing in the light. let's come over here, looking good alex by the way. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we just talk about this. it is super subtle what you did on your daughter. she could do that for prom. she doesn't look weird going to class witt right. >> right. >> what is it that you are doing here. >> here we're doing a rainbow
9:48 am
kind of an effect. she has, purple, you can see on the pallet here it goes from lighter to darker. >> yes. >> and just a little splash of color. >> can she open up her eye? you said it really highlights colors of your eyes. >> she has beautiful blue eyes. >> it is really pretty when she opens up her eyes. >> gorgeous laid that is work here virginia has said you can do it a little crazy, subtle, you can pick and choose how you do it. >> most do purple and blue, and you cannot tell, when was. and, someone doing it for a job, she's a a junior. >> she can take it off the next day. >> it only takes 20 minutes to take them off. >> as opposed to this or strip lashes. >> strip lashes in there.
9:49 am
>> you can take out lashes and and, these are not attached to the skin. and you are a millimeter from your skin. they don't do any damage at all. if you take care of them well, you can grow more lashes. >> that is amazing without the the chemicals of the drugs. >> yes, we have a hypo allergic glow that works on pretty much everyone. >> you can tell when they are leverage i can to it. >> some people might want a test patch yes. >> so, and then when do you this why do you think hombre. people want to kick it up a notch. yesterday was her one year anniversary here. yeah. >> but why do you think they are doing the color people just want something different. >> it is something fun for summer, it is great to have have something extra on your eyes, blue mascara a used to be in, you know, blue lashes, purple lashes, colors don't cost anymore correct. >> in. >> if anybody wants to call us and mention "fox news" we will give them a special discount.
9:50 am
>> okay. >> how long does it take to put them on. >> the the first application takes about two hours. >> okay. >> then they come back every two to three weeks for about an hour. >> you look gorgeous doll. so do you. again guys i like on alex it looks subtle. on you you are just so sexy. kind of cool, right. >> subtlely sexy. >> it is subtlely sexy. >> three hours though. >> no, two hours. >> two hours. >> that is price of beauty. >> you don't know what we go through. >> i don't know your struggles. >> thanks, jen. >> all right. american idol they kick off that daniel kid. >> i know. >> so we will talk to him next about how he feels about being kick off. >> he is an adorable guy. j lo was in love with h body pain?
9:51 am
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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the person who gets the idol fan save and stays in the competition is... rayban. >> oh, shoot. so the cutie pie as j lo calls him, he had to go home. fifteen years old. >> his journey on american idol ended last night the but daniel joins us live this morning. >> hi, welcome to philly. >> good morning. >> so, how are you feeling right now. >> you know i'm really tired, obviously but i'm feeling great. i wanting to home really bad too. >> what is first thing you want to do when you go home. >> well, apparently like half of the school is waiting at the air port so i will had hang out with friend, take a huge nap and that is my plan for the next week.
9:55 am
>> where do you live, you live in portland now? >> yeah, we live right outside of portland, vancouver washington 20 minutes away. >> will you fly there a after you do these interviews. >> yes. >> you look at the relief on his face. >> yes. >> that is so sweet. >> i have to say you are j lo's buddy, she called you a cutie pie. >> you know, j lo is so sweet after all a of the shows she would come back and hug me and tell me i did good. she was always supportive. really nice person. >> was it hard to say good bye to her, did you have a moment. >> i mean it was hard to say good bye to everyone but it was really hard to say good bye to j lo. >> is what the plan now, you are only 15. you are going to continue to follow this music career. >> of course i want to start writing music, a jazzy edge sound and that is my next step is just getting muse being out
9:56 am
there for everyone. >> you are already out there fact thaw are 15 and doing stuff like that, it is amazing. >> thank you so much. >> what have your parents said about this. >> my parents, are freaking out more than me they are my ultimate fans. >> but it is tough on a mom and dad to sit there and watch this because there is pressure. the best of luck to you daniel. hopefully you can come to philly and visit us sometime. >> thank you so much. >> have have a great time. >> adorable. >> what was i doing at 15, i was than the writing music. >> it wasn't with j lo. >> punch up the shot of the bridge again real quickly a guy name tom he started his yearn friday westmont, new jersey. he will walk around the world and it will take five years. >> they is you found him. >> where is he. >> is he off the bridge. >> right-hand corner. >> right-hand corner, right
9:57 am
there. >> he is pulling. >> he is literally in the corner. >> right under the traffic authority. >> on the philly side of the ben franklin. >> of the philly side of the ben franklin. >> right at the top of the screen now. >> he is pushing it, isn't he. >> right at the top. >> that will take him a a hundred years. >> you have to pace yourself mike really. >> we wish him the best of luck. this is day one for the next five years. fun journey. >> he seems lonely. he is all by himself. one is a lonely number. >> thaw will ever see. >> lets go outside and walk by the dove invited women to a makeover with a difference. hi ma'am hi would you like to have a free makeover? yeah, why not? who doesn't love a free makeover? there you go. it's a shower. it's a shower.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today it's getting hot in here.
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wendy is serving all of today's sizzling hot topics. and wendy and her panel are talking on biggest headlines of the week. plus, superstar tricia yearwood heats up the kitchen with healthy twists on comfort foods. now, here's wendy! ♪ [ applause ] >> wendy: good to see you again.


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