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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 4, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> up next fire destroys a home in south jersey and it's only the latest hardship for one local family. atv's tear through the streets ending in a crash tonight. a child is in critical fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. ♪ right now at 10:00-a fire hits close to home for a local firefighter. flames burning this home in pennsauken today. the good news, no humans hurt. the bad news, this home belonged
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to the mother of a local firefighter who is also faceing huge obstacles. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm joyce evans. the house seemed to collapse just as the fire was finally knock down. fox 29's brad sattin is live near the scene tonight. brad, you have the very latest on this story. >> reporter: joyce nothing but hardship for the last few years for this family. take look. the fire is now out behind us. in fact just a huge pile of rubble. there's a fence that was put up over the course of the last couple of hours. but really this is turned into a personal story for the 46 firefighter it took on the scene here today. they have been very supportive of one of their own and had to again today. with up to 40 miles an hour winds this home on stow road never stood a chance. what started as a rubbish fire outside quickly took over the home and within minutes it all came down. >> we had early collapse of the roof into the second floor then shortly thereafter the second floor into the first floor. >> reporter: no one was hurt. though a family dog was lost. the tragedy couldn't have hit a
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family at a worse time. the home belongs to the mother of one of pennsauken's own volunteer firefighters 24-year-old kevin, scene here with his fiance' she lived just across the street. several of kevin's family members died of cancer in recent years and kevin himself found out just in september he, too had it. stage four stomach esophageal cancer he's now battling. >> he's been on medical leave since the inception of this problem. he's going through and a lot of support from win the stomach and tremendous am of support from the community his family and friends. >> reporter: kevin wasn't up to talking tonight but his firefighter family has been there through him all. >> they all pitched in. they supported him in november with a fundraiser. completely supportive in fact today even i saw some of his good buddies standing out where they were taking the house apart trying to see if they could salvage anything. they brought over a picture for him. >> we'll do everything we can to support his family through this. >> reporter: certainly a rough
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day behind them at this point. we do know the same house caught fire back in 2006. as for the cause of this fire earlier today when it broke out this afternoon the local fire marshal is still investigating. joyce? >> thank you brad. new tonight, one firefighter is being treated for injuries after a brush fire in philadelphia's roxborough neighbor. this happened earlier this evening near ridge and northwestern avenues. it took crews a little more than an hour to get that fire under control. no word yet on what sparked it or how the firefighter is doing tonight. 15-year-old boy in which it cal condition at chop after an atv accident. that crash happening this after at 58th and cobbs creek parkway. four teenagers were riding on atv's were they believe two of the atv's clipped each other's tires and sent the 15-year-old over the handlebars and right on to the street. >> i seen two two stv's racing next thing i know by the church they
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tried to go around me and the guy in back -- in back of the other atv clipped his rear tire and clipped over. when he crashed he was bleeding from the head. some nurses started to perform cpr on him. >> he needed continues cycles of cpr. we were unable to get a pulse. we just kept doing cpr. >> that nurse happened to be leaving a church nearby the boy was not wearing a helmet. atv's are illegal on the streets of philadelphia. on your radar tonight our sunny blustery day felt more like march winds blowing not april. now here's life look at old city tonight. temperatures have taken quite a tumble. making for a cold easter morning as people head out for the sunrise service. fox 29 meteorologist dave warren has the chilly details. dave washington you got? >> by the time you wake up tomorrow morning not really as windy as it was today but very cold. first step outside temperatures easily into the 30s. these are the wind gusts today. close to 50 in trenton but many areas close to 40 or higher miles an hour wind gusts.
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this was the peak wind gust in the middle of the afternoon. winds have died down. temperatures start to drop. right now still at 51 in philadelphia. surrounding suburbs though especially to the north much colder. dropping down into the mid to low 40s in allentown just above the freezing mark in mount pocono that storm moved through the front came through this morning. rain cleared out. we are mostly dry for the rest of the weekend and this gusty wind that was a combination of high pressure building into the west and that area of low pressure in eastern canada. that all begin to move out high pressure building in so the wind dice down. it also keeps a lot of this moisture to the north mostly to the north tomorrow. by tomorrow morning, it is clear but cold. there's a few showers though coming in just to the north. we'll have a look at those in the seven day forecast as well as seeing if we see much warmer temperatures coming up a little bit later. >> thank you dave. the search is on tonight for the driver who hit and killed a man outside a northern liberties nightclub this happening last night in front of the club roxie along the 900 block of north
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delaware avenue. victim a 24-year-old man police say he was crossing the street when the suv hit him. officers say the driver stopped briefly but then sped off. police are not yet releasing the victim's name. so far though no suspects. a somber ceremony this morning as family and friends gathered to say their final farewells to delaware county police officer killed inside his own home last weekend. fox 29's sabina kuriakose takes a look how loved ones are honoring officer mark hudson. ♪ >> reporter: as bagpipes wailed for darby borough police officer mark hudson arms raised to honor the 26-year-old shot and killed with his own service weapon while off duty inside his glenn olden home a week ago. ♪ >> reporter: inside st. joseph's church in collingdale grief etched across the faces of hundreds of mourners who came to say goodbye.
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>> confident courageous, tenacious, tough brave dedicateed understanding compassionate to those who needed a helping hand. ♪ >> reporter: four years part time on the force hudson was also a volunteer firefighter. as many who knew him can a test he lived to serve. >> my daughter is a nurse. he came down to check on the nurses make sure everything was going good. good guy all around. >> he did things in a very professional manner and it's a great loss. >> reporter: officer hudson's ex-girlfriend teyona finch charged with his murder. detectives say she told them the couple had argued. hudson had previously filed a protection from abuse order against the 27-year-old woman. >> very tragic. loss of live way too soon. >> reporter: officer hudson's casket to do mt. zion cemetery
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for him to be laid to rest. a live tragedy cut short dedicateed to serve and protect. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. two people are out of their home after an overnight fire at a convenience store in port richmond. the fire breaking out around 3:00 o'clock in the morning inside this mini market near jasper and east cambria. residents living in the apartment above the store smelled the smoke and got out in time. even though most of the damage is limited to the market below those tenants are not being allowed back into their apartment. philadelphia fire investigators are trying to figure out what started that fire. a wilmington woman is facing her fifth dui charge. ann baker was pulled over for running a red light on friday afternoon in newark, delaware. trooper says he smelled alcohol on her breath and arrested her. it's the latest in her string of drunk driving incidents. and police say baker also did not have insurance. she had expired tags on her car
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and was driving with a suspended license. three people are behind bars after police say they caught them selling drugs out of their delaware home. sherri is one of the suspects facing multiple drug and gun possession charges. police raided their home in magnolia early thursday morning. they found cocaine crack marran and thousands of dollars in crash a loaded gun and a switch blade were also recovered recovered. five young children were in the house when the three suspects were arrested. happening now in indiana lgbt athletes including former nba player jason collins are using this weekend's final four in indianapolis to take a stand against discrimination. this, of course, in the wake of the uproar over end inn's religious freedom law. fox news correspondent will carr has more for us. >> reporter: indianapolis is in in the spotlight as the final four tournament gets under way but for some a cloud hang over the festivities as the debate
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over end inn's leeries? freedom law. on saturday athletes and their supposeds gathering before the games. calling friend inn's sports community to lead the way against discrimination. >> today the threat of the religious discrimination law has a lesson because of voices of the sports community the lgbt community and community leaders. but the fight is not over. >> reporter: jason collins the first active professional sports player to come out as gay also speaking. >> athletes coaches athletic institutions and sports sponsors from across the country took a historic stand on the right side of history in eight good time of need. >> reporter: controversy after trumpeted after indiana mike pence signed the act into law which lead to discrimination against gays and lesbians. forcing him to signed an amend many discriminateing based on race religious or sexual
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orientation. >> church was interviewing pastoral and they found one is gay, we do not higher gay pastors, they were sued. it was not the business avenue normal sort. >> boiling over in arkansas where last week governor hutchinson saved a revised version of their bill which mirrors the federal law signed in 1993 by bill clinton. in los angeles will carr, fox news. florida developer who is buying atlantic city's former revel casino has put up $26 million to buy another shuddered casino right next door door. but the deal is far from done. glenn straub says acquiring the former showboat casino from stockton university is only the beginning of a big plan to redevelop atlantic city. straub and stockton says the university's plan to have a satellite campus at the showboat will be part of that deal, but trump entertainment resorts says it will continue to enforce a
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legal restriction requiring the showboat building to operate only as a casino. 66 days lost at sea. one man lives to tell his story. the first words out of his mouth when he was rescued from the water. plus a california prison ordered to give a reassignment surgery to a transgender inmate. this sparked strong feelings on both sides. >> dave. >> the wind will die down for the rest of the weekend but we can't quite keep the radar dry. ultimate doppler tracking a few showers tonight and in the forecast tomorrow. i'll have the details of the seven day coming up. ♪♪
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surprising new development after a horrific terrorist attack on a college in kenya. officials say a survivor has emerged from that school where nearly 150 people were killed on thursday. as fox's john huddy tells us the nation's president is promising to strike back against the islamic militants responsible. >> reporter: kenya's president vows to hunt down the militants who cared out that university massacre in kenya the terror group has issued a new warning saying that kenya's cities will run red with blood. this after 148 people were killed when the al shabob gunmen stormed a university thursday about 150 miles outside nairobi. a survivor of the killing was found today saying that she hit hid in a crawlspace above a closet. thursday' as tack was the worst in kenya since the us embassy was bombed in 1998 killing more
10:15 pm
than 200 people. among those targeted though in thursday' as tack christians attending a service at the school. pope francis condemned the killings friday calling them an act of senseless brutality as we know now five people were arrested in connection with the attack. two at the college and three others actually trying to cross into somalia. four attackers were killed. kenya's president said his administration shall respond in a severeest ways possible. there are reports security warnings at the school were ignored last year and now some are questioning whether the country's security forces are really up to the task of fighting back against those militants. in jerusalem, john huddy fox news. after a week of sifting through debris the search for bodies in the plane crash of germanwings flight 9525 ending today. officials say the plane hit the ground with such force no bodies were intact. 150 victims will be identified through dna analysis.
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prosecutors believe german co-pilot andreas lubitz deliberately flew the plane after the mountainside after locking the captain out of the cockpit. president obama is defending the controversial framework avenue nuclear deal with the u.s. and iran. critics say it concedes too much to tehran and israeli leaders say it is a threat to their very existence. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahou has been vocal opposing the agreement and after a top ear rain yann military official was quoted as saying that erasing israel off the map is non negotiable netanyahou says any deal should include a line about israel's right to exist. the deal is dangerous in its current form for israel. >> the cabinet is united in strongly opposing the proposed deal. this deal would pose a grave danger to the region and to the world, and would threaten the
10:17 pm
very survival of the state of israel. the state department is pushing back against netanyahou saying this was a deal about iran's nuclear program only. the obama administration is tying to get a final deal with iran and five other world powers not including israel by june june 30th. a philadelphia woman accused of trying to join and martyr herself for isis in syria sitting in jail tonight and won't face a judge again until wednesday. 30-year-old keonna thomas appeared in federal court yesterday afternoon hours after her arrest on charge of attempt attempting to provide material support and resources to a foreign terrorist organization. a prosecutor says a search warrant executeed march 27 many at thomas' north philadelphia home prevented her from leaving the country on a flight scheduled for march 29th. the government says it will seek to have her held without bail at her hearing on wednesday. it's like a real life version of the tom hanks
10:18 pm
character in the movie castaway. a man was rescued this week 200 miles off the coast of cape hatteras. he was reported missing more than two months ago after he went sailing. >> fox's joe has an incredible story of survival at sea and what this man did to stay alive. rescues are an ordinary part of job for the coast guard helicopter crew but the person they rescued thursday has a story some say is extraordinary. >> did you worry you were never going to make it back? >> oh, yeah. i was worried i was going to die. >> reporter: 37-year-old louis jordan sailed out of marina in conway, south carolina on january 23rd. that's the last time anyone saw him or heard from him for 66 days. >> it was very bad weather and the waves were huge and the wind was strong i didn't know that because i'm an up inn experienced sailor. >> he says his boat capsized he wound up floating more than 200 miles offshore. he says he survived by rationing
10:19 pm
his food and catching fish and rainwater. >> i was just praying to god you know, please protect me. >> his prayers were answered thursday afternoon when he saw a german container ship in the distance. >> the whole time i was out there waving my arms and they eventually saw it. >> jordan climbed on board and that's when this coast guard crew out of port smith virginia ran into action. >> first thing came out of his mouth was thank you. >> the crew was surprised by jordan's condition. >> you would expect sunburn severe sunburn, blisters maybe a bunch of medical issues that could possible be wrong with him for not eating for so long or hydrated but for him to be in his current state was pretty amazing. >> jordan was taken to the hospital but refused treatment and is back with his family. he considers what happened to him a gift. >> it helped me to understand what's important in life. family. those who love me and those who i love and making a difference in the world. special vigil held this evening in vatican city ahead of
10:20 pm
tomorrow's easter celebrations. ♪ >> pope francis kicking off the holiday for more than a million catholics all over the world. the pope urging the crowd at saint peter's basilica to follow their faith unshun indifference a woman from kenya among the 10 people to be baptized tonight. the pope spoke out against violence targeting christians in that nation and several others this week. tomorrow he will hold mass in saint peter's square and he'll deliver his easter message and blessing. meteorologist dave warren is back here now with a look at your wake up easter weather. hey, dave. >> wake up tomorrow morning not nearly as windy. mostly dry across much of the area but it will be cold. ultimate doppler all clear for now. close to philadelphia a little wider view shows a few showers across new york along the great
10:21 pm
lakes trying to push to the south. a few thin clouds to. by tomorrow morning it is clear. fan moon tonight. tomorrow morning the sun comes up tries to warm the temperatures up. we're 37 in the city. suburbs north and west down to that freezing mark. winds light and variable at 10 miles an hour. quick warmup with that sunshine and then much warmer temperatures in the seven day forecast. i'll have that later. >> all right, thank you dave. former mayor definitely not happy with the governor of maine maine. what set her off and the item inside her purse she tried to throw at him. >> speaking of throwing, chairs thrown and glass shattered at a new york city race track casino all captured on video. one witness calls eight wild
10:22 pm
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well kim back everybody. major threats of flooding in the southeast after heavy rains moved throughout the region. thunderstorms rinking drenching rains and heavy winds all across mississippi. conditions making it nearly impossible for drivers to see the roads. many are choosing to just pull over to the side and wait until it let up. meteorologists say the strongest storms pose a threat of tornado tornadoes. cuba's former president is doing just fine. that's fidel castro making a rare public appearance in havana havana. he has not been seen public until more than a year.
10:25 pm
he ruled cuba for nearly 50 years before stepping down due to illness in 2008. in december, president obama moved to normalize relations with cuba ending a decade's long conflict. thing getting pretty heat tad town hall meeting in maine on thursday. >> yeah that's correct meeting came to an abrupt end when a former mayor tries to throw some vaseline on the governor. governor paul le page hell his meeting in saco on thursdays night. a former mayor avenue different town in maine attended. authorities say when she started raising her voice at the governor state troopers rushed in there and they started to escort her away. but before they could she reached inside her purse and through a jar of vaseline on the stage. she was finally escorted outside outside. >> what he's about to do to this state, you have to be out of order. you can't live with those apologies. you cannot with those policies and not speak out.
10:26 pm
>> she is fired up. the vaseline a reference to inappropriate comments le page made two years ago about a democratic state senator. the governor says the former mayor has every right to voice her opinion. she did not face any charges. the foundation of his family home is crumbling into a heap. >> cracks in the walls the floor is buckling and one man is left holding the bag. >> they said they're worried about the house implode. >> exactly. >> literally falling in. that's the terminology they used at the time yes. >> he's desperate for help. fox 29 investigates coming up. ♪ >> plus, a california prison ordered to give a sex reassignment surgery to a transgender inmate. this sparks a fiery debate. strong feelings on both sides here. >> dave. >> temperatures will be the big story here. not only tomorrow morning well down into the 30s but this come
10:27 pm
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♪ all out brawl inside a new york city race track casino. tempers flaring and chairs flying as people waited in line for a bar to open at the resorts world casino. this is on friday night. now at least 15 people were involved in this fight that spilled over into the casino food court. despite the incredible video you're looking at only three were arrested. one police officer and two others were hurt. the republican leader in california state assembly is urging an appeal after a judge ordered state to provide gender reassignment surgery for a transgender inmate who is serving a live sentence for murder. >> us district judge now ruled that with holding the surgery violates the 51-year-old's constitutional rights.
10:31 pm
fox's will carr reports. >> reporter: not only controversy shaat but could be costly for taxpayers costing up to $100,000 for sex change therapy take a look at inmate we're talking about michelle norris worthy. her birthday jeffrey brian norris worthy she went to prison in 1997 as a man and is serving a live sentence for second degree murder. she started living as a woman in the '90's. she's received counseling mental health treatment and hormone therapy but now u.s. district court judge john tiger in san francisco says the department of corrections must provide her with sex change surgery tiger ruling that denying the procedure violates her constitutional rights. >> there's a serious medical need and the government shows deliberate indifference to that need violates his eighth amendment rights. in this instance a kin to someone having sickle cell a ream in a and not being treated for it. >> the law has been pretty clear.
10:32 pm
the courts throughout the united states ruled hormone therapy which the taxpayers have paid for 15 years is constitutionally adequate butting to way above that to the level of required surgery taxpayer expense is not required. >> reporter: regardless of the pins on both sides there are some practical problems. norris worthy is serving in the mule creek state prison all male prison the department of corrections says that could it potentially not be able to keep him there because of potential violence but they're also worried about shifting her to a woman's prison because she has a history of violence herself including domestic violence before her murder convict. with all of this playing out the dement of corrections says it's considering an appeal. there was a man in texas who castrated himself and then went on to have the sex change surgery. in massachusetts there's another inmate who is trying to get to surgery was denied in a lower court and now trying to take up to the supreme court. in los angeles will carr, fox news. >> and back to your fox 29
10:33 pm
weather authority now. mother nature is to blame for splitting a tennessee couple's home right in half. a tree fell right through their house as a nasty storm passed through nashville this was last night. the big oak caused serious damage when it went into the attic and threw their office. fortunately, it missed the living room where this husband and wife just happened to be sitting. the stormed caused a lot of wind damage and dumped quarter sizeed hail on other parts of tennessee tennessee. >> can you imagine that sitting in your living room and bam! >> no. we had windy stuff today. nothing like that. >> nothing locate that. still wind gusts close to 50 not quiet there. >> and chilly. >> very cold day, yes. all cleared out this morning that wind picked up and the cold air is here. the wind died down. that will lead to a cold night. the temperatures really start to drop. it's happening now. there's 51 degrees in philadelphia. look at the suburbs to the north and west. dropping into the mid to low 40s to night. winds died down no longer reporting wind gusts anywhere.
10:34 pm
these temperatures will continue to drop. stepping outside tomorrow morning city 37. north and western suburbs 32. that's just a light breeze. much colder, though, wind variable at 10 miles an hour. will continue to diminish by tomorrow morning. there it is. mid to low 30s but it's a warmer breeze tomorrow. not quite as windy. wind had pick up about 20 or 30 miles an hour with a gust there maybe that high but look coming out of the southwest brings much warmer temperatures in. that cold start it doesn't stick around long. by 6:00 o'clock we're into the 60s. except one area. this is up to the north. look at this sharp contrast in temperatures. 59 to 48 much colder air to the north. this is a boundary setting up and this will be the focus of a few showers throughout the day tomorrow. mainly up north by noon clouds increasing and light rain developing pretty much just carbon and monroe county. maybe a across the lehigh valley here highlighting the area that could see a few showers. it's just upper montgomery,
10:35 pm
upper bucks county but focusing mostlymostly on up in the pocono mountains way few light rain showers coming down. thanks to high pressure, we're keeping everything dry. this just a little line of showers that we're watching and that will stay up to the north. so the temperatures will be the big change tomorrow. 37 in the morning. midday 55. 57 in the evening. could climb briefly above 60 degrees and drop here tomorrow night. now things will change on monday and tuesday. the temperatures are a lot warmer looks like two nice warm days on monday. but as that high moves out here's a lot of moisture coming in. we're talking about a bit of rain timing looks like it's not monday. just a few showers likely monday but tuesday night and early wednesday, a lot of rain coming down a period of steady rain coming in tuesday to early wednesday. so may not affect the home opener look like temperatures are warm. 60s. some sunshine there monday afternoon. by monday night, clouds will linger temperatures stay up to about 67 degrees. different high pressure will affect our weather this is
10:36 pm
wednesday -- thought wednesday rain moves out by thursday and friday a high developing up in eastern canada. this is not a pretty day here with the forecast on thursday. the ocean water temperatures into the mid to low 40s. that wind will be coming in right out of the east and look how much of the northeast and the east mid atlantic coast is much cooler. warmer weather not far away but we have to keep the temperatures actually below 50 on thursday with periods of rain and some drizzle. so a dreary day thursday and early friday. temperatures will struggle to climb above 50 degrees. periods of light rain and drizzle pretty much constant. now by friday we'll get a little sunshine. that's the warm air coming back so the cooler weather doesn't stick around long. it's here in the seven day forecast. you can see that period of rain tuesday wednesday showers likely but 40s our temperature goes from 48 wednesday night to 48 thursday. so not much climbing there. in fact pretty much stuck in the 40s all day. warm weather comes back on friday up to 57 degrees. there's a little sunshine next
10:37 pm
weekend. a few showers will linger but back up to 68 degrees. look at thursday -- don't look at that thursday. >> terrible. >> this time of year that ocean keeps us too cool. >> keep your umbrella handy. >> keep it around. >> thank you dave. it's a growing trend that many are saying just needs to stop. the selfie stick phenomenon and why people are calling for it to just end. >> if you missed the latest lunar eclipse. why it wasn't your fault though. ♪ >> join us tomorrow morning for fox 29 weekend. >> we'll be talk bag philadelphia woman who got pardoned by governor christie after 12 years for an hahn negligent mistake. >> there is a pope milkshake you know he's coming we'll tell you
10:38 pm
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10:40 pm
♪ it's a growing trend used by millions of people many are saying just needs to stop. >> yeah, fox's jonathan hunt explores the selfie stick phenomenon and why people say it just needs to end. >> reporter: the president may be a fan as are millions of tourist from california to the
10:41 pm
new york islands. but the selfie stick sometimes known as the one of narcissism is facing a backlash. >> sometimes it might be better to put the phone down and appreciate the artwork that you've come to see. >> museums around the world are banning the device. the smithsonian among them claiming it's not just obnoxious but might actually be dangerous. risking damage to priceless treasures or injury to other patrons trying to dodge a swinging stick. even california's music festival which opens next weekend and some would say is a festival of narcissism in self is now banning the selfie stick. but using the hash tag love thigh selfie hotels is pro note moating the use handing them out to hotel guests in washington d.c. and san francisco. and as yet no sword fights in the lobby. >> thing i like about the selfie stick it gets people interacting together.
10:42 pm
sort of a community way to take a selfie. >> reporter: there are real dangers too lake tahoe officials have warned tourists using ones to take pictures of a bear might not be the guest idea you're turning your back on, well a bear. same story at the running of the bulls in spain where organizers are now fining those foolish enough to stop for a selfie. personally i'd never use a self self city fix and no one on tv could ever be accused of being a narcissist. how do i look, good? great. in santa monica jonathan hunt, fox news. >> seen a few of those selfie sticks in the newsroom. >> oh york. >> the foundation of a family home is crumbling in to a heap. >> it really is. cracks in the walls and the floors buckling noun he's holding the bag. he's desperate for help. fox
10:43 pm
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♪ did you see the lunar eclipse early this morning? if you missed it you are not alone. it only lasted about five minutes. the total eclipse visible in los angeles but folk in the central and eastern u.s. regions spotted only a partial eclipse.
10:46 pm
nasa says the total lunar eclipse is the shortest of the century. it occurs when the moon moves into the shadow that is cast by the sun's shining on earth. a local man is fighting to save his family home and if he loses he could see a wrecking ball at his house. >> fox 29 investigates has a story of michael nelling who says he's watching his home fall apart. here's jeff cole. >> right. >> reporter: in the family room of his delaware county twin hangs a photo of michael nelling's mom and dad. 8,107th of a pros inspect inspect avenue is his family home and he's proud to home it. >> many years spent here with nine brothers and sisters you know i mean, a lot memories in the house. >> reporter: but there's trouble here. >> it looks like it's getting deeper. >> reporter: trouble with the very foundation of the attached homes that could lead to disaster. they said they're worried about the house employing. >> exactly. >> reporter: literally falling
10:47 pm
in on itself. >> that's terminology they used at the time. >> reporter: nelling says the bad times started in november when structural engineers inside the house next door delivered the stunning news. the foundation is collapsing. and the load bearing wall the properties share is failing much the woman who lives here now gone. the property taken over by a bank. all of it putting a heavy strain on the foundation of nelling's home. >> see this crack here? that wasn't there six months ago. >> reporter: signs of trouble are everywhere. >> this just keeps getting wider and wider. >> reporter: cracks lace the walls and ceilings. >> this area here seems to be sunken pretty bad actually. >> reporter: dining room floor and even some of the steps going upstairs and retreating. last fall, nelling was told by the town to get out fast. it looks like it actually could be dangerous here. >> yes. that's why i guess they told me high to move out immediately. >> reporter: whose fault is all this then? >> i don't know. that's what i'm trying to figure out.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: michael nelling says he's nearly at wits end because he's been kicked out of his family home but he says he's fearful because he still has a mortgage to pay. other expenses related to the place, plus taxes. >> this is the kitchen. >> reporter: airport worker says, it was the stomach turning problem he discovered behind a kitchen wall that was the final straw. >> it was sewage coming from that property. >> reporter: next door coming along the wall and coming in. >> running through this wall here coming -- you could actually see it when she would use her toilet. >> reporter: what looks to be damage from that water flow can be seen on this basement wall. >> this is slowly but surely deteriorating and just falling off the wall entirely and i suspect it won't be long before maybe the stone itself starts to fall which i actually think it might be doing so. >> reporter: nelling says, he made a claim with his homeowners insurance liberty mutual back in early february but hadn't heard
10:49 pm
anything. so we called company headquarters in boston where a spokesperson said nelling would soon hear from the company. did he. his claim was denied. he says he was told there was nothing in his policy covering structural and foundation damage. a liberty spokesperson told fox 29 it does not comment on individual policies. in the meantime nelling has stopped paying his mortgage so he can cover the rent on the apartment where he's now forceed to live. and he waits and worries about the future. >> reporter: you're left with what here? i mean what are you supposed to do with this house? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> reporter: in a statement the borough of prospect park wrote both homes are uninhabitable but willing to work with nelling and on thes on repairs. it warns though, if things grow worse, it may have to knock them down. nelling's hired an attorney. he hopes to work something out with insurer or the bank that
10:50 pm
controls the place next door. he says he can't chalk up his family home. it's just a loss. jeff cole, fox 29 news. a special and unique event today to celebrate the memory of a gloucester county teenager. nadir king passed away suddenly last april from complications from hcm a type of heart disease. now one year after his death friends and family helping to organize homerun derby in his honor. teens signing up to take their best shot at hitting one out of the park in washington township. family members say the 14-year-old was a huge baseball fan and would have loved to have been with them on the field today. >> we thought it was important for us totter something to raise the awareness of what into deer died from and we're collectively put our heads together and this was the event that actually came out of it. >> nadir's father says today's homerun derby was meant to create awareness for hcm and to
10:51 pm
raise money for area students going off to college. >> sean bell with sports. >> the phillies will need some of those homerun powers. their scoring is looks a little suspect. they're wrapping up spring training. they did it on a good note. chase utley grounding into form and the sixers are trying to play spoilers to the charlotte hornets playoff hopes. that game went down to the final seconds.
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♪ the sixers playing some good ball of late. they're far from the playoffs but they can still play spoiler. they take on the hornets a team still hoping for the eighth seed in the east. tight game late. sixers up by one. henderson gets the ball the top of the rack. takes it to the hole. and gets the bucket. hornets up by one. last chance for the sixers. gets the rock and tries to do the same thing off the glass. and no good. the sixers lose 92-none. not much is expected from the phillies. they a rough spring training to go along way couple of years to be honest. today they had their final prep before opening day. they took on the pirates david buchanan 4ks on the day. went up five innings.
10:55 pm
giving up no runs. era of 1.29. chase utley hits the ball right up the middle. two runs score. utley also with a great spring training. 11 rbis right there. phils hold on six-four. they're ready to start the regular season. >> the flyers year is basically over. they won't be making the playoffs after a terrible end to the season. only five games left they'll try to end it on a good note taking on the hurricanes already down by one. third period flyers trying to push things to overtime. sean takes advantage of the mistake. goal. we're tied at two. this one goes to a shootout. the flyers are awful in these. hurricanes chris perry scored easily on ray emery. putting them two-zero for the advantage. claude giroux has to get it done to keep it alive. not even close much the flyers lose three-two in a shootout. the final four was basically all chalk except for michigan
10:56 pm
state. they decided to crash the party. they dealt with duke in the earlier game. coach k and the blue devils win comfortably 81-61 because network restrictions we can't show you the video. coach k will go to the title game for the ninth time in his career. wow he's looking for his fifth national championship. he's a perfect three-zero at indy for the final four. this team as much as any earned this shot. >> this team deserves to be in it so it makes it feel even better. you know they have been so good in this tournament and so good except for a few moments against utah to start out the game they have not been nervous or the lights and the stage have not been too big for them. they felt like they would sing their song and do their dance and they've done it. >> other big name kentucky right
10:57 pm
now up 60-58 with about four minutes left against wisconsin. they're supposed to be the undefeated dominant team. >> all right. >> i know you have kentucky. >> i need them to win. >> that is our news for this saturday night. thank you for joining us. >> the news continues tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. with fox 29 weekend. have a great night.
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