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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  April 6, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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kidnaped, beat up and tied up, the the the taserd, dumped in the cemetery, twice. boy, the latest effort by the police to find the three individuals responsible for that. plus fire the coach because the coach fired. a youth basketball game, ends in gunfire why police say it was a coach who pulled the trigger. >> for kid, i mean teenage league in a rec center. hi everybody. good bye everybody g day
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everybody. >> it the is opening day. >> yes. >> we have the red on. >> mike is providing the blue. >> that is right. >> the red, white and blue. >> so i'm providing the blue. >> last friday, your son austin, you have 16 kid. >> yes. >> six. >> six kids. >> and your three-year he old austin came in. he visited with me. he was so cute. then he wrote alex and i notes and left them on our desk. i have been trying to figure out what he is trying to say to me. >> he was short with mine. >> yes. >> this guy. >> yes, you have a lot more to see. >> yes. >> yes. >> he was able to spell his name at the bottom there. >> he talk all day about coming in here and how much fun he had in here on friday meeting you guys.
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>> he always goes mike and alex, back to you. >> i wrote you a note. and, you have a lot of lines. >> before we left here on friday he wanted to come down and say good bye and let you know that the net was on your desk. >> i have been reading it all weekend. >> the reason austin likes me is because he know daddy is after sue. >> that is right. >> here we go. a ten out of tennis your number for the day. it doesn't get any better then this for phillies opening take when it is usually cold, rainy and yucky not today. we have a calm start today. wearing sweat shirt because it is chill think morning but you will not need it later on. 42 degrees right now with calm wind. no precipitation, even any where close to us, so, play ball, phillies verse the red sox. now the game officially gets started at 3:05.
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you should get there way earlier then that. by game time 70 degrees already. getting to a high of 72 with mostly sunny skies, and then things go downhill have after that. we will talk about, changes, and chilly changes, wet changes, rain coming all that in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, looking good for today. >> good morning, everybody. monday back to work and school for some of the kids and back to the traffic jams. a live look at 95 southbound an accident near girard avenue. we are heavy from the betsy ross bridge into center city. an accident here northbound lanes of the blue route 467 right here near saint david villanova interchange. the heading northbound this morning, expect delays. and a crash out here, between warminster and southampton, street road and davisville road. if you are heading to the game today taking mass transit, sports express trains kick nothing around 1:00 on market frankford and subway getting a chance to get in the
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stadium area and if you use regional rail are or suburban routes septa kicked in a new schedule over the weekend. grab a new timetable this morning. there are adjustment, maybe by a minor two. but two minutes means a lot when you are waiting for the train or bus in the morning. southbound i-95, again we have any to girard after new because of the earlier accident. and the the first day of a new construction project, ballagomingo road is shut down for the next couple of weeks. be ready for grid lock and detours there in west conshohocken this morning. mike and alex, back to you. 704:67:89 it is opening day. the lets get out to the ballpark what do you say. but first a fun fact to know and tell on your way to the game. >> okay. >> so, did you know that jim gleason was first phillies pitch tore win 30 games in the season. gleason won 38 games in the phillies inaugural season in 1890. >> i got his autograph after the game after the game as a matter of fact. back in those days, jenny joyce, it was not unusual for a pitcher, to pitch complete
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games, and he won 38 games. pitchers would pitch both end of the double header. new they restrict them, over a hundred pitches. better go sit down. >> reporter: alex and mike i don't think they were beating beans. >> there it is. >> we did some research. jared our photographer here did find the the the picture of the burgers. guess how many calories, guys. >> 1200. >> 3,000. >> 2200 calories. >> wow. >> 2200 calories. >> reporter: i have to do that research. i was curious. if you feed the whole family maybe it works, but it is the burger. you have that to enjoy, here at citizens bank park. here we're a along with fans came out to get some ticket for friends. can you talk about the the upcoming season. how are you feeling. >> we're hoping for a good season but it doesn't look too promising but we come every
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year. we will be here. >> reporter: people are not that excited but still opening day. are you feeling it. i'm kind of feeling it. it will be such a gorgeous day. >> we did get a nice day. last year was real crap i. we have had rain and snow a couple of times. it has been bad. >> reporter: we're out here talking about those metal detectors. are you aware that they even exist, and how it will impact or get fans through into the the stadium. >> i don't think it will move any slower. safety is the number within reason. i have no problem. safer the better. >> reporter: we were hearing last season there was a pilot program that work out okay. did you ever have to go through one of these metal detectors. >> not yet. >> so how are you feeling. >> i'm optimistic but, we will see when the game starts. >> reporter: we are eight hours away. you will camp out here until the game begins until you can get these tickets.
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>> yes, until 12:00 o'clock, hopefully, earlier. >> reporter: thank you so much. so lots of excitement here. we are expecting this line to grow as morning goes on, mike an alex. >> why are they there so early. >> reporter: difficult ask that. they were thinking that the line would already been longer. they wanted to make sure they got their spot here so they can get tickets. >> they got their spots. >> they have their spot. >> these people are good to go. they said it opens up at 12:00. they have to wait several hours until they can get those tickets but they are determined to get the ticket. >> they will get them. >> 7:07. now police say a youth basketball coach pulled out a gun and fired a shot at a game. it happened at christie recreation he center in south philadelphia saturday afternoon. the thinks during a 17 and under boys basketball game. police say a 26 year-old coach started arguing with someone watching the game and then also with another coach when he pulled a gun from his waste, fired a shot ape ran away n1 was hit but police say
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they began screaming and they were just running from safety. >> he was make going his way out the door. i know it struck one of the windows in the gym. >> even though it was the coach police are not releasing any names and there is no word on an arrest. >> coaching the game with the gun in the belt. the weird. this whole city is talking about this, woman kidnapedded, assaulted and robbed in center city. >> root at eighth and chestnut where this all started. she thought the he was finally free the at one point, after being dumped, in a cemetery but they came back and got her again. >> reporter: so many twists and turns to this story. not only did this victim a five three-year old woman tell police she was abduct and tortured but they say suspects made off with her purse, id, her keys, her cell phone, her credit card, all things that can potentially identify her. more than likely leaving her terrified that they could come back, this morning, the the suspects are on the loose. police say woman left her job
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on jewelers row and was walking to her car at this parking garage at seventh and chestnut. it was 4:00 o'clock yesterday, easter sunday. cops a three men forced the woman in the burgundy van, they shot her with the taser and the the men apparently wanted keys to the business where she worked ape codes to the safe there. they finally dumped her in the cemetery in darby boro and she was struggle against the the ties around her wrist and ankles trying to escape from those bindings when these men actually came back. apparently they decided now that they wanted her pin number to her bank account. they took her back in the van. they beat her up again. they took her to several atm's where they withdrew cash. finally they dropped her back into that same spot at that same cemetery and this time, she was able to make her way, over to the road, and run for help. >> terrible tragedy. i feel so badly for her.
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i hope that she recovers physically and mentally from this. >> most people would consider this a pretty safe area to be. so for, you know, lot of people who park their cars and they are afraid. if i was walking to my car and someone could beat me up and throw me in the car. >> i don't have words to say for something like. that i cannot imagine if something like that happened to either my wife or children, family. >> it is a reminder just to be aware but i'm sure that she could not have done anything differently. she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: our fox 29 crew did notice surveillance cameras at that location of the parking garage in and around there no word on what if any evidence police were able to gather a the this is scene there. the victim is suffering from a concussion, several injuries before being beaten but she's expect to be okay despite everything that she allegedly went through. now police are looking for a burgundy ford cargo van with graffiti on the front and the the back. guys, what stuck out to me in this story was this victim was
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walking to her car. she saw the the van parked across from the car. before she could do anything those men jumped out and pulled her in. she was alert. looking at her surroundings. yet this still happened, guys. >> my goodness. >> yes, they had been tracing her activity the way she suffering to go from the security to the parking garage. >> sabina, thank you for that. police say a philadelphia couple did the unthinkable bring their young children along with them as they committed crimes. >> yeah, investigators said they used the children as a distraction while they stole stuff. do you see that image right this? it the shows the the couple entering the funplex pushing a young child in the baby stroller. thirty-seven year-old edward hatch broke in the arcade and vending machine to steel money while three three-year old nicole hatch, acted as a look out. police say they used a
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stroller to steel $3,000 worth of baseball bats from dick's sporting goods. >> they know the the normal family to me. i would have never expect anything from them f they come in, how can you suspect that they will create something. use your kids to do that. the that is terrible. they have to dot right thing. stop using your kids, and get a job. >> arrest warrants have been issued for the hatch's, and they are facing, criminal charges of shoplifting, collette -- theft and criminal mischief. people in new jersey will get their first chance to scrutinize governor christie's settlement with exxon mobile. details of this proposed deal, that was struck last month by the the attorney general and the texas based oil company will be published on the epa's web site. the publications starts the clock on a legal process that will last at least a month. news the of the settlement came in early march when the the acting attorney jena
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nunsed a tiehl with exxon. it was a culmination of the 11 year lawsuit that charged cot with polluting land and the water around oil refineries. new developments surrounding a rolling stone magazine article about an allege rape at the university of virginia. the the magazine is new retracting the the whole article and apologizing to the school. >> so, the decision being made last night after receiving a report from the columbia university graduate school of journalism on the editorial process that led to the article. rolling stone asked for the independent review after other news media organizations, exposed flaws in the november 2014 article. the article focused on a student identified only as jackie who says that she was raped by seven men at the a frat house. police investigation also produced no evidence that the attack even happened. some are worried about implications this story will have for victims in the future. >> students, other people, you know, come out with stories as to how they were sexually assaulted and people will cite
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the this accident assaying oh, no, she must be lying. >> the the author also apologized but rolling stone say she will not lose her job because mistakes she made were unintentional. well, closing arguments are set to begin in the trial of the boston marathon bombing suspect. >> lawyers for 21 year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev are expected to make a last ditch effort, to convince a jury to spare tsarnaev's life. the defense has painted tsarnaev as a victim of his older radicalized brother who died in the shoot-out with police. the prosecutors are expected to remind the jury of the brutality of the a attacks. the three people who were killed and others who were harmed. 7:15. you want to know what the weather will be like when you go to the party at noon in south philadelphia. for opening day? >> um-hmm. >> i it this it is a good one, don't you think, sue. >> best weather day of the week. >> well, it is opening day in a long time. >> yes, we usually have cold weather. often rainy weather. never, ever this good. the only problem you may have today is if you suffer
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from seasonal allergies. the pollen counties not great for today's medium high for today. it is medium for tomorrow. wednesday it zooms up pretty high. we have rain in store for tomorrow. that will keep the oak, mulberry out of your nostrils. we have a cold front to the north. we have a lit built of snow in new england. we don't to have worry about that at all. we will be watching the rain down here to the southwest of us, that is scheduled to move to the north east and arrive tomorrow. there are several systems that are coming our way this week. as we look at temperatures tomorrow we will be in the upper 50's. we will be seeing heavy downpours. it will still stay in the mid to upper 60's, some places hitting 70 in the afternoon. but rain comes back for the evening rush hours. both end of the day, tomorrow
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but it will be soaking wet. and it will be a few showers around but won't be as rainy as tomorrow will be. 42 degrees today, right now as you walk out the door. thirty-one is all we have in mount pocono. thirty-five in lancaster. and, 46 degrees in dover. forty-one atlantic city. the these temperatures will be rising rather quickly and now that the sun has come up. as we will look back on easter weekend it was pretty nice, although very windy on saturday with that high of 63 degrees. 64 degrees yesterday for easter sunday. today for the home opener, we have a few clouds around but all and all, by 3:00 o'clock in the morning 70 degrees. and then eventually getting to a high of seven two. then when we're leaving the the ballpark around 7:00 p.m. the sun does not set until 7:30. that is a good thing. it will be in the upper 60's as we go home and potentially waiting in traffic. potentially you will be waiting in traffic.
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hopefully we will have i have win and be in a good mood. is there ten for today, six for tomorrow, four for wednesday. thursday a high of only 48 degrees. we will bounce backup on friday, saturday and sunday. hi, bob kelly. >> hey, sue that is one guarantee i can put out there that you will have a traffic jam on the way home. we always see it. these afternoon games, bam, instant rush hour. even if you are not going to the game which starts at 2:00 o'clock. six or 6:30 or so is when we will see the game end and then bam, instant rush hour takes over on i-95 and the the schuylkill. so keep that in mind. live look here northbound lanes of route 309, right here near norristown road. this fellow off sideways into what would be the the metal barrier here along the the 309 side, south on i-95, jammo from the betsy ross always he always way in to downtown philadelphia we had april earlier accident and then rush hour volume coming in here. east on the schuylkill
7:18 am
expressway slow going coming into the curve. we're starting to see volume. today could be light because we've got some folks who have date off. they will go in for a half a day and move down to the ballpark. street road at davisville road we have a crash shall right here in the area of southampton. and then 422, eastbound, again, starting to see delays at oaks. so far so good on route 202, market frankford broad street subway looking g they will kick in the sports express trains around 1:00 o'clock or 1:30 if you want to take the kid down to the ballpark and take them for a train ride. even if you don't, if you have have not used septa over the weekend they have put a new timetable in play for all of the regional rails and suburban bus and trolley routes. so make sure you grab a new schedule this morning. mike and alex, back over to you. as you know tonight there is a big basketball game. >> yes. >> the national final. well, how was that game wisconsin and kentucky. >> it was neck and neck. >> my goodness. >> i was excited, i'm rooting for our guy, you know, the coach, bo, there he is, bo,
7:19 am
and he is from chester pennsylvania, alex holley. >> yes. >> thinks bo. he has been coaching wisconsin only time he was ever nervous was when he was a guard at chester high school playing at the palestra. he won't be nervous tonight when he takes on duke. aim rooting for them. takes on duke in the national championship game. >> that game saturday night 71-64. >> it was cool in the last minute you knew they had it. you could really start celebrating. >> um-hmm, yes. >> hold on a second. >> don't move. >> what? y also want to say that the women's final four, three of the coaches in the women's final four have ties to our area, as well. you know geno aure pa, he is from here. that is well documented.
7:20 am
moffit mcgraw is coaching notre dame's team. the she's from our area dawn staley, of course. >> u.s.c. >> has links to temple. >> she is now the coach of the university of south carolina. >> yes. >> so close. >> so close took in the final. >> three out of four from our area. >> and then bo fridays chester. >> we have a lot to be proud of. >> yes. >> got that off my chest. >> i'm glad you did. >> thank you this definitely got peoples attention after the game. >> which game. >> kentucky/wisconsin game. >> okay. >> during a post game news conference kentucky guard andrew harrison was caught mum blink a racial slur about wisconsin forward frank. he a apologized after calling him. they had a good conversation. he wished him luck in tonight's championship many. >> he calls hit big frank. >> he is over it and nothing need to be made out of it. wisconsin coach bo ryan says it was a teachable moment. he was upset. >> they were going for a
7:21 am
perfect season. they get upset. he was made. somebody said what do you think about frank. >> and he goes, f bomb, n word. >> not good. >> no. >> let's hope he learn something from this. >> he was apologizing all over the place. >> he was graceful and lose gracefully. >> it is part of the maturing process. >> part of the game. >> yes. >> coming up do you remember bend gate with the iphone. >> yes. >> well, now samsung is having some problems, let's called it bend gate 2.0. people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted
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just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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okay. so, remember back when they, the the iphone came out, people were sitting on them, with it in their pocket and they were starting to bend. >> you just put them back there and you sit down. everybody was upset about that. but now samsung are dealing with a new problem. >> lauren, samsung is bending too. >> yeah. >> it is bend gate, do you remember, it was all over social media samsung has a new phone. you can buy tonight a couple
7:25 am
days. it is galaxy s6 edge and square trade the warranty company says if you apply the same amount of pressure, 110-pound to the the ieven if six plus and galaxy s6 edge they will both bend. >> okay, fine. let's talk about this some more. how much is 110 pounds of pressure. samsung says that is so much, that i mean the most pressure you would see in like a normal circumstances would be 66 pounds. so they also say do the the pencil test. i could not find a number two pencils. difficult my lip liner. they say an amount of force you would need to snap these five pens also at once nobody contacting do that. that is a tremendous amount of force. you need more force than that to bend their phone. they say no worries, it won't bend. >> how dit come out. in one said it has been bending but is there rumors. >> i have a sum sung. >> it is under a lot of force. >> no force that we have, it
7:26 am
is what they are saying. >> right, exactly. we're weak. we're not heavy enough. when we put tonight our back pocket there is just not enough weight. >> what are you trying to do. >> i'm's trying to bend my samsung. >> does it work. >> i don't have the six plus but i tried to bend mine. mine doesn't bend. >> i bet lauren has a better chance of doing it then mike. >> she's stronger then me. >> lauren, we will see you tomorrow. >> have a good one. >> still ahead, a philadelphia woman is in federal custody, investigators say she wanted to join isis. go over to syria. coming up we will look closer at the the growing issue of home grown terrorism. that is a philadelphia woman. and then jen fredrick is down at the ballpark getting us ready for opening day. look at you, you are on the the field. >> it is opening day, the the day, we try to step on the grass. i will check in with my friend. sue serio says 15 miles an hour at game time. you can make it happen at the 15 miles an hour.
7:27 am
>> yes. >> it is opening day. we will be here all morning long. burgers, boys, and maybe a bull, all kind of s i have a lot of studying to do. that's why xfinity is perfect for me. they have the fastest, most reliable in-home wifi, so i can do all my studying and learning, uninterrupted. i'm heading out. okay, mom. ♪ [heavy metal] ahhhhhhh! with the fastest in-home wifi, xfinity is perfect for people who take care of business.
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hi everybody, it is april the sixth, 2015. >> good morning everybody. >> here we go. >> now we can start the week.
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>> we have a mug this one has your name all over it on the box. it said this one is for mike. okay. zoom in. i am an hr nightmare. >> yes. >> that is very good. >> i like our hr person here good megan. >> megan. >> yes. >> good kisser too. >> yes. >> enjoy your mug right new. >> yes. >> he'll be back in hr today. >> luckily, the two mugs you can have have tea while vice tipping your hr person. >> yes. >> she will be packing her sun glasses today. if you are going to the ballpark, bring that sun screen. beautiful out. >> not too hot. >> this might be the the first time you are out for a while since the long, cold winter. >> i'm not sitting in the sun. >> i'm doing you a favor. you don't want to have a nasty sunburn and have that ruin your day. the bus stop buddy, knows.
7:31 am
that so, the sweat shirt this morning. the it is on the chilly side. we've got a ten out of ten today. 42 degrees right now. we have calm wind, and no precipitation there on ultimate doppler radar, and then at game time, phillies and red sox, the the game officially begins at 3:05 then and then we will get to a high of 27 by the owned of the afternoon. that is ten worthy, bob kelly, 72 an sunshine. >> we have had a cloudy, overcast, get out there and enjoy it. live look at 309, right here near norristown road. we have police on the scene here. thinks all north, north of the the pennsylvania turnpike. otherwise this fellow do you think you are having a bad start to the day. it could be worse. this fellow trying to change his flat tire on i-95 right here near girard avenue.
7:32 am
that is causing, actually, we have a delay to begin with coming into center city philadelphia, between allegheny and downtown. the schuylkill expressway, slow, leaving town, westbound heavy from the boulevard out through belmont avenue. in bound, not bad at all working your way in toward center city philadelphia, an accident, street road and davisville red in southampton. >> the the gate opened up at 12:00 356789 players walk down on the field, and at 20 after 2:00. first pitch at 3:07. a lot of unusual traffic patterns in and out of the stadium area even if you are not going to the game you will be impacted by unusual volume. keep in mind instant rush hour later on this have afternoon once that game its over and everybody head home, let's hope we all head home happy. thinks so disturbing on friday afternoon. we have learn about this. a philadelphia woman charged with making plans to join isis, she's scheduled for a detention here this week.
7:33 am
>> keonna thomas first appeared in court friday. federal prosecutors say that she tried to travel overseas to join isis making various posts on twitter. >> woman you are looking at the here in this sketch are would the men out of new york city. >> okay. >> so, when thomas bought a ticket to spain that is when officials made their move and raided her home. investigators said they have been tracking thomas for two years. if she's convicted she faces 15 years in prison. we are showing women in new york city because that is three women in the past two days. >> in less than a week. >> anytime we have problems like this we bring in jack, our security expert. welcome to "good day philadelphia" once again. this is what you do. you study stuff like this. are you surprised by it. >> not a bit. al qaeda and now isis, the past couple of years, they have made a concerted effort to try and recruit american women in the fight in the jihadi fight.
7:34 am
the reason they have done this, mike, is because these individuals are harder to track and they are easier to slip through security. nobody expects a blonde hair, blue eyed like a jihadi jane american women with the passport to be something who wants to do a operation. >> they have been talking about some of the tweet she had. at what point do they say. at what point do you know this is someone we need to be tracking. >> well, they have been tracking her since august of 2013. what couple this young lady was the proliferation of tweets, the proliferation of e-mails that she was in touch with a somalia based al qaeda operative oral that bob operative from the minnesota area. she wanting to overseas. she wanted to participate in an operation. she said it would be awesome to do that. when you see that proliferation people take notice. the the fbi especially takes
7:35 am
notice. >> so she says i will come over there and i will blow myself up. she says that would be an amazing. >> how is it recruiting is it mostly internet. >> it is usually social media a lot of people in these cases are sometimes that live in the fringe. they don't after lot of success in their lives. maybe they are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. they use social media and internet, mike. >> do they pay a, like she said that, i mean she's living in public housing, right. she's able to buy a ticket to bars loan at the first leg of the trip. now will isis oral kada pay for your airline ticket and stuff like that. >> in this case they were trying to raise money to get her own ticket overseas. she had to do that herself. i don't think they have any packages where they are sending people overseas, first class or business class. i think in many cases they say
7:36 am
if you can get over here and dot operation, great. but we're not bringing you over on a one way ticket. >> i know you mentioned earlier the proliferation have of tweets until it was flagged to starting looked at by fbi. why wait two years. why wait until she already has the the ticket. >> well, you want to make sure that the individual is in fact an individual of interest. and an individual who will go operational. and there are times, and when iowas in the the department of home land security, we often saw people doing things that were more as preparational then operational. so you want to make sure that this person is the real deal. you will play this out a little bit n this case they got her right before she was going to board a plane essentially. they raided her house. she was going to go the next day. >> more than likely you can get a conviction, instead of just sending tweets. >> very next day, she was arrested. >> jack, thank you. >> yes. thank you very much. there was also interesting
7:37 am
for the the fact she had three american flags outside of her home when they went up to get her. >> is that a smoke screen or something like that. >> yes. >> did you see this? they were trying to set a world easter helping interest. then the parents got involved and there were fisticuffs in front of the children. >> yes
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] we are looking live at the white house. we are getting ready for the the easter egg roll role. this years theme is called give me five for 2015 easter egg roll role. >> that is south lawn where there will be a bunch of kid good they are expecting 3,000 people, to be out and around participating. >> some mascots for washington nationals baseball team are there. i can see their big head. >> yes. >> big heads of the presidents. they race around the ballpark. >> they are calling it give me five because thinks fifth anniversary of the first lady's let's move initiative. >> that is exactly right. >> the president and i'm sure first lady will be out there
7:41 am
in a little bit. it was supposed to be a fun family easter yesterday. a big outing, turned into a nightmare. >> it was like a brawl. >> yes. >> so, it is not the the kid. it wasn't the the kids. it it was the parents. a charity operate nothing california thought the best way to raise money was to organ easter egg hunt that would break the guinness world record. more than 500,000's were scattered in sacramento. >> excuse me, 500,000. >> 500,000. >> it is good for kind. some contained food vouchers. people came all around to participate but not everyone was nice about it. some saw the the grown ups so out of control they were cursing, pushing, shoving. many children were left crying. they didn't have any eggs left at all. >> there was no organization at all. they all, trampled each other. little two and three-year old were crying and crying. all of the parents were scooping up the eggs for the the older kid. it was horrible. >> a lot of people without
7:42 am
money. it turned really bad to make thing worse thinks largest easter egg hunt. >> i never heard anything like this. >> they cannot get credit for having this huge easter egg hunt. >> well, it seemed like a good idea that went south very quickly. what a way to celebrate, resurrection of the jesus,. >> yes, tram many some kid. >> yes. >> 7:42. it is opening day. of course, we have jen fred down a at the the paul park. >> every year she gets out on the ballpark and get out on the field. hey, cuz. >> cueat is here. it is opening day. in one loves opening day more than the cuz. we knee hope. we need prayers, and hope and good news. you will give us something to hope for. >> no. >> my gosh. (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where
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they got it right today. it is still a beautiful morning. we still see snow in the big bear in the pocono mountains but we are starting to see grass peak through that snow. the it is springtime. really going to feel like it the today with temperatures going into the 70's.
7:46 am
we have phillies and red sox. they get started at 3:05, officially, of course, fun will get started before that but look at this a high temperature today of 72 degrees. amazing. so 31 degrees right now in the mount pocono. forty-two in the city. trenton has 450 degrees. we have 41 wilmington. 46 degrees in dover, delaware. that is where we are at the the moment. here's ultimate doppler, not the a drop of precipitation of any kind, anywhere close to us, and, we will look at cold, up to the north of us, around albany new york, new york massachusetts, little bit of snow up there. we will in the get that. but not until tomorrow. so enjoy today. temperatures have been going up nicely over the past seven days. easter sunday has 64 degrees. saturday's high 63. the same as good friday. so, that was all pretty great.
7:47 am
look at today. seventy-two. a ten out of ten. the just a mix of sun and clouds. pretty nice today. and then, against, what we see it gets unsettled tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. maybe even, saturday morning. we will have a series of weather systems coming by, occasionally bringing us some rain, but i think by this time tomorrow morning, bob kelly, we will need our umbrellas. >> wow. >> the only day this week is today that will be nice, so let's enjoy it. getting out and about today. hopefully you had a great easter weekend. some of the kid are still off from school today a lot of the parents could have an unusual today today because they are trying to get down to the baseball game. route 309 north bound right next to are in is town road. light volume coming into philadelphia on the ben franklin bridge in, problems at all there. the eastbound on the schuylkill starting to see delays from approaching that conshohocken curve heading in toward belmont avenue. belmont avenue. still a little lighter then a normal monday morning. and a accident in southampton,
7:48 am
street road and davisville road. here's the line up for the game today. the gates opened up at 12:35. the players make this walk in the stadium around 2:20 or so and first pitch at 3:07. we will see unusual traffic patterns in and out of south philadelphia. i-95, schuylkill expressway, we will trickle in there all day long. then major traffic jam when that game is closed and all 50,000 fans head out at the same time later this afternoon. so just keep that in mind. even if you are not going to the game you will be impacted by phillies volume on the roadway. take the kid for a train ride, if you don't want to deal with the traffic. they have the sports express trains kick nothing just after 1:00 o'clock on the broad street subway line. if you use mass transit today, especially regional rails and suburbs, they have kick in a new timetable. make sure you grab a schedule. only changes a couple of minutes either way but nonetheless grab a new schedule today. the it is day number one of the new timetable that kick in
7:49 am
yesterday. alex, back over to you. that is a beautiful red tie we have. we have been wearing red for opening day for the phillies. but many people say they have written off this team already. today is a day you can be excited. it is opening day. today, jen, we are undefeated. >> we are undefeated today. the that is good. we have our old friend cu z. >> great to see you. >> you know it is bad. we have not seen you in a couple years. that is my fault. i needed the one. i had to have like the the vince papale of baseball here. you have to give me something to believe this team is expected to be the worst team in baseball. >> yes, yes, worst team in baseball. over under in vegas is 68.5 which is the lowest total in all of major league baseball. the twins are second at 70 and a half. think about that, the phillies have gone from a hundred win team to a 68 and a half win game.
7:50 am
>> it happens overnight. >> that is what most people are still trying to get used to. they will be that bad. they are going in, as the worst team in baseball. >> here's what stinks if you live in philadelphia it is always cold. it is always raining. today when cole hamels gets up there it will be 70 degrees. >> it is gorgeous. this ballpark is beautiful. it is opening day. i love opening day. hey, happy opening day, everybody. happy opening day. yet there is gloom and doom because there is nothing to look forward to. they are two years away from rebuilding. >> yes. >> two years away. they are devoid of any really young talent other than franco and giles. they are that far away from being that young up and coming team again. >> i sort of pay attention to the beat writers. right now we are waiting for cole hamels to be traded away. we are waiting for ryan howard to be trade add way. when and if that happens, who do we get. >> young prospects. you cannot miss on cole hamels.
7:51 am
that is your only real chip. you will not get much from howard other than salary relief. hamels is it. ruben has to hit on that. that is the the future of the team. the future of the team is taking the mound. he will to have translate into two really good players. >> how do these players deal with that. they know what we are talking about. they are on twitter and everything. they know what you are saying about it. how cost a guy like codey asche say today is my day. giles, franco, how do they get up when there is this cloud. >> if you air young player you are playing ball. it is a beautiful day. that is what you do. that is what you love. it doesn't matter. we fix said on projections. what are we going to be. who are we go to go be. they go and play baseball. they don't even think bit. they don't think about who we are. they just play ball. the baseball is very individual in that sense. it is about your own numbers. you are hoping your team will be much better. you nailed it, jen. you said it, 68.5 wins. there is no where to go but
7:52 am
up. >> you can only go up. >> you know this thaw are probably going to get a one-three chance of seeing a win. coming to the stadium. >> beautiful too. >> can we tell them, we have already seen the beer guy. they are painting the dug out. it is happening. >> only thing that is not happening is red october. there is no red october. >> okay. >> i'm taking him out. i'm taking him out. >> get him out of there. >> hi. >> we have got the some burgers in the next segment, back to you in the studio. >> will we see this burger with the nine patties, jen. >> you will see the the triple, triple, quadruple triple on top of triple, stick around for that. >> triple, triple. >> 2200 calories. >> i need something. >> i like it. if we are the the best, and we want to be the the the bad, we
7:53 am
might as well be the the worst. >> yes, that is what we're all about here. 7:52. coming up, exciting time for student, getting those college letters. >> yes. >> but if you have been reject or wait listed, don't worry, it is not the even. we will tell you what you can do to get your self in that school. >> this story got national coverage over the weekend. we have been covering this story for almost a month now. a dream vacation, a night pennsylvania mayor for a local family. is there the dad, they were poisoned by a chemical used by a exterminate or in the virgin island. we will give you an
7:54 am
7:55 am
(brad) holy cats! has, has anybody else been experiencing a snail infestation? no? i'll tell you later. polygons. without them: no shapes. without shapes, our world has no form. but you can use the polygonal search tool on the new apartments-dot-com to define the area in which you want to find your next apartment. there. what if i lived in that area? oh,interesting. change your apartment... change the world.
7:56 am
updating a story that is show shocking that the national networks, this was a big story for them. we have been covering it for about a in now. we have new developments about that delaware family poisoned while on vacation in the virgin island they were visiting the island of saint
7:57 am
john. >> delaware on line is report ago this steve edmond, top official at the a high school in greensboro has regained consciousness but is still in critical condition. that is according to a source close to the family. he was hospitalized at christiana a hospital. his two sons ryan and sean both remain unconscious at a philadelphia hospital. their mother doctor teresa divine who was also poisoned is out of the hospital. they were poisoned by a pesticide, used at the the condo where they were staying. >> this is the villa below them was being fumigated, with a pesticide but apparently it got up into their villa as well. so doctor janet good to see you again. >> hi, nice to see you we will talk about allergies. we want an update on this family. so what was being sprayed. >> this is a highly toxic pesticide called met will bromide. it is almost banned for the the you had because it is so bad for the ozone level.
7:58 am
its use is restrict for very specific circumstances where benefits clearly out way the the risk. >> they check in. they don't necessity the villa below them had been fumigated. it seeps up into their room. >> it is odorless gas. you have no idea you are inhaling it. they add pure gas to this so your eyes will tear so he know you will be exposed because otherwise you can be poisoned for days without knowing it. >> they were saying two days later they started to have seizures. >> you can get delayed symptoms and first symptoms are typically damage to the nerves, so that is what we are seeing. >> the two boys, well, they are still in the coma. the dad has come out of his. why would they go into comas. >> it is just because what it did to the nervous system. it is toxic to the nervous system. we sea showers and unconsciousness. >> one of the boys may have brain damage now. >> yes. >> i read that when you are using this you are supposed to spray it outside. it sound like it has these
7:59 am
kind of effects on people it the is understand why they are used. how do they get their hand on them at all. >> that is what is clearly the epa will investigate. that is obviously not the way it is supposed to be used, right now. >> we don't know what their rules are down there but terminix, they are a well operated company here in the you had. they are in big trouble. they have been apologizing and thinking about the family. sue, is what the pollen count today. >> medium high. >> medium to high, it that is time of the year again, doctor. >> yes. >> how do you get relief. >> well, the most important thing is to try to prevent yourself from trying to get to that level. >> yes. >> so, when the pollen counts are high, it is best to stay indoors if at all possible. and, to keep the windows closed. everyone likes to open up their windows during these nice, beautiful spring day but you want to keep the the pollen out of your house. when you come in from outside, you have to shower and wash
8:00 am
your heart. >> what i have learned is i have never had allergies bring will never get it but that can change. >> you can develop allergies anytime in your life. >> you are all stuffed up what do you take. >> the first line of treatment are the over the counter, non-stating antihistamines. best to take them before the pollen season hits and best to take them every day, not just as needed. >> every day. >> every day. >> and sometime people say i am sick how do you know that difference between i'm sick or this is allergies. >> you don't always know this time of the year there is a lot of viruses going around also. typically itchy eyes is a clue because you don't tend to get that with a illness. >> you go to the visit people like you. >> go to the doctor. >> go to the doctor and get the scratches and find out what you are a allergic too. >> it the is an easy process. >> good day to you, you know what day it is, it is opening day, april the the sixth, 2015. >> reporter: we are ready for
8:01 am
the home opener. the these guys here are waiting for ticket for the home opener but are you. we have these new meltal detectors here at the gates. we will tell you what you need to know if you are coming to the game. jen, how are things inside the stadium. >> well, you know, they are beautiful, and guess what, is there a triple, triple, triple burger. i necessity a guy who wants to try it. we will have the the bull coming up in a couple seconds, guys. >> all right, jen. and in hot water over a hot mike moment, kentucky guard andrew harrison for mum link a racial slur about the wisconsin forward. how frank is responding tonight, alex. >> rejected by your dream school. if you have been turn down or wait listed by the college, it is not the end. how you can appeal that decision before you see it is too late. >> when i went to school i could write a mean letter. >> yes. >> to get into schools. >> you got accepted to all the of the schools you wanted to get accepted in. >> because of this letter i
8:02 am
think. it it was a tearjerker judge you have to bring out the tears. >> do you still have it. >> no, no. >> but i was very proud of it. >> maybe we can cat the schools, they might have it on record. >> he bothered them so much, let's just let the this guy in. >> it was so dramatic, and tear worthy, that they just could not turn me down. >> was it real, honest. >> in, it was all eyes. >> no, some of it true. >> six children, one small house. >> 20 miles to school. >> of course, you can come to our school you poor thing. we will teach you how to write one of those letters. >> good, okay, yes. >> that is what we will do. >> i got the distract because we're going through that right nowy know work nia. >> she was already accepted. >> did she make a decision. >> not yet. >> keeping quiet about it. >> i'm obnoxious but so proud. >> ten out of ten today. that is not obnoxious, that is exciting. here's bus stop budd which sunglasses and look, we add that had little bottle of sun
8:03 am
screen that you know if you are sitting outside, at the ballpark, at citizens bank park today, you can get a sunburn easily. we will have a decent amount have of sunshine today. 44 degrees right now. no, nothing to see, precipitation on ultimate doppler radar a. here is your phillies forecast. sunny and warm today, high of, say 72. by 3:00 it will be already 07 degrees. that looks all excellent weather-wise. bob kelly there is something that is not look good. >> we have an overturned tractor trailer on the schuylkill expressway. the here's a live look, thinks all taking place in the king of prussia interchange. it is westbound on the schuylkill expressway, right before you get to that mall boulevard. look at the tractor trailer here. obviously this car, just narrowly missed the tractor trailer, falling on top of him here this tractor trailer was coming on around the ramp,
8:04 am
heading west out towards what would be mall boulevard and the turnpike toll plaza a, when obviously it came down the ramp, flipped on its side. this is one vehicle. there are two other vehicles right in front here and that just backed up the ambulance into the the front of the truck here. this is westbound on the the schuylkill expressway, all westbound lanes are closed now. so there is access to 202, 422. that is the ramp between pennsylvania mall boulevard and the valley forge interchange. or wise, light volume coming in from south jersey here on the 42 freeway. the mass transit is looking g mike? >> while were you talking sky fox, pilot and our photographer just tells us they are on the way, almost there, to a car that slammed into a 7-eleven on frankford avenue. >> wow. >> we should have that video over the live shot for you in just anlittle bit. >> sound good. >> 8:04. >> camden police are investigating a deadly
8:05 am
shooting. police say up three identified teens were shot and one died. they say it happened last night around 11:30. this was after a party. the shooting is being handled by the camden prosecutor's office. we're going to have more information for you right now. right now we've got tweet, people tweeting wanting to know more good what happened. police are searching for three mask men who kidnaped and brutally attacked a woman as she walk in the parking garage on chestnut street. >> thinks eighth and chestnut. >> trio put a hood over her face, they punched her, choked her, and then shot her with a taser seven times and then demanded keys, code to a safe at a jewelry store that she work on. she did not have that information. they left her in the darby township cemetery, only to then return, and then came back, and they forced her to give up her atm pin so they could then steel her money. the rick tim is recovering this morning. suspects were last seen driving an older model burgundy cargo van. it has white graffiti on it. >> graffiti may be on the the front and back. so pretty recognizable unless they stole the darn thing to begin with.
8:06 am
8:05. fans every where are getting ready for the first pitch. we have one game last night in major league baseball. the cardinals beat the cubs to date is opening day for our phillies though. >> so of course we're live at citizens bank park. we're talking about when it comes to security what you should be prepared for when you head to the park. >> by the was, do you have have a clear bag. >> the not like the nfl. >> reporter: no, not to that point just yet. bag restrictions are still the same. they will do those bag checks but they have done doing that since 9/11. what is new are the the the metal detectors. they are draped by those red bags. the metal detectors will be at all of the games. phillies say it the should not be a inconvenience. these detectors were used in the pilot program towards the the end of the the last season for fans entering through the right field gate. all guests will be expect to walk through this. this is in response to the mandate subjecting all fans to the new security measure. again, phillies don't think it
8:07 am
is a problem. unlike the airport cow not to have take your shoes off but you have to drop your cell phone, camera and keys off to the side, it is pretty much the standard. >> this technology again is a fast technology. we're only going to be able to get our fans in as quickly as possible by educating them, coming to the game, seeing what the process is and obviously, training our staff as much as possible. >> it it was just as easy as going through the airlines, you know, when you go here. you didn't even have to take your shoes off. that is the one advantage. but it was nice and easy. they went through it very quickly. >> reporter: we will see how these metal detectors work out today. in the the meantime you can see the line is already forming to get tickets for the game. i see some guys over there wearing shorts and short sleeves. i will remind you, it is only about 45 degrees right now. i secretly am shivering right here. it will warm up. sue serio has been saying it the will be a ten. a great day for baseball mike and alex. >> they are wearing shorts
8:08 am
because they are ready, they are ready for it to be warming up. >> it is. >> it is shorts weather, 70 degrees. >> yes,. >> we have two big games. >> we have kentucky verse kentucky. >> but i was thinking that the whole time. you can imagine how stunned, shocked, especially the companies players were. >> they thought they had it. >> they they they would have a perfect season. afterward they go to the press conference underneath the the stadium. so one of the players was caught with a microphone opened. he didn't realize that everybody could hear what he was saying. >> you have to be careful because you never necessity when your mike is on, yes. >> so chris. >> yes. >> who is it, and who was he talking about. >> it is interesting because you are talking about an african-american player talking about a white player. lets get to the news conference and show you this kentucky guard andrew harrison hoist black was caught mum blink that racial slur about wisconsin forward frank, who is white.
8:09 am
so, lot of people, of course, they are talking about this. harrison took to twit turra pol guys. he tweeted quote first i want to apologize for my poor choice of word used, in jest toward a player i respect and know. adding when i realized how this could be perceived i immediately called big frank to apologize and let him know i didn't mean any disrespect. so, we had a good conversation and i wished him good luck in the championship game monday. now his response, well, he told the dagger that harrison reached out to him and they talk and they are both over it, adding quote nothing more needs to be made of it. this is president by the way the first time an ncaa player was caught on the the hot mike in recent weeks. do you remember this ni thegel heyes moment. >> unaudible. >> my gosh she's beautiful. >> did you hear that. >> all right. >> so we will open it up to
8:10 am
questions. >> yes. >> that was a cute moment. >> yes. >> that was fun. >> he is talking about a stenographer. >> but nothing that he had to a apologize for. >> any hot mikes. >> yes. >> have you ever been caught around the the hot mike. >> almost every day. >> that is what good day is all about. >> yes. >> this was just assuming it is always on. >> who do you like in tonight's game. >> i will go only because of bo ryan, who was the coach born and raised in chester, pennsylvania, i will go with wisconsin. i'm sick to death if duke wins again, all the time. >> yes. >> i don't think wisconsin has won it all since 1941. >> it is the second time they have been to the big dance, the big game. >> krzyzewski has been there nine times. >> yes, last years final was wisconsin and kentucky wasn't it. >> yes. >> thanks, chris. >> yes. >> kylie jener, seriously is she 17 or the older one. kendell, she's the younger
8:11 am
one. >> i think she's the younger one. >> bob kelly knows. >> kylie is younger one, she's 17. youngest kardashian has been accused of taking black face pictures, basically. how she's defending herself. did you see what card ash ab wore to easter sunday services. >> was it a nice out if the. >> should you be able to see a person's naval at sunday service for easter. but first rejected by your dream school, listen up, just because you received a rejection letter doesn't mean it is over. how you can appeal that decisi
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
thinks located right next door to what was frankford hospital there, aria frankford. frankford avenue just above wakeling where we're told a vehicle jumped the curve and right into the 7-eleven store there we have in word on any injuries. obviously police are on the scene. you can see one of the
8:15 am
officers coming out of the store there i'm in the the sure if they can hear us from sky fox if they can pull out. this is frankford avenue right underneath market frankford elevated tracks between wakeling and dire. it is about two blocks away from that frankford transportation center and right next door to what would be the aria frankford hospital store there. you can see, i don't know if the vehicle is still in there or not the but obviously police are in and out of there. we don't have any word of any injuries. we will keep you updated on that one. lets go to our live traffic camera where westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway. an overturned tractor trailer this truck coming on, from the king of prussia ramps trying to go wednesday out toward that valley forge toll plaza. it flipped over. narrowly missing, a car, clipping the front of the vehicle. there are will folks that are hurt there. i saw rescue squad and ambulance back in there.
8:16 am
traffic westbound on the schuylkill right now bumper to bumper from conshohocken all the way out to king of prussia this is just west of, that king of prussia interchange as you work your way out toward valley forge toll plaza. here's a live look at i-95 southbound heading towards the city but heading west this morning it will be a rough go working your way out toward king of prussia your best bet head west to the schuylkill but get off at the blue route 476, take that north up to mid county and that will give you access to the pennsylvania turnpike. and avoid this delay. and coming home the phillies game, undoubted will be sitting in traffic. hopefully in a good mood. wet's loan was a good mood. phillies verse red sox today. by 3:00 o'clock it will be 07 degrees. we have a high of 72.
8:17 am
even if we're not going to the game we will be enjoying a beautiful afternoon. so, this is it, maybe and alex, play ball. >> play ball. >> so exciting time if you are a senior in high school. you are waiting. you are opening the the letters from colleges. i wanting to to your school. >> it is only exciting if you only getting accepted to the school you are accepted to. if you are not, you can be sad and disappointed if you are even ways listed. everybody has their dream school. >> if you are reject or on a wait list you need to give up. why don't we talk to meg scott, associate director of college counseling for agnes irwin school. that is in rosemont. >> it is. >> pa. >> good to see you. >> i'm surprised. i thought if you have been reject you are done move on to the next school. >> denial is disappointing for the student. there are a few things you can do if you feel your file has been mistreated in the processor if you have grocery new information thaw feel like would radically change the way your file was evaluated.
8:18 am
>> what do you do, you need to follow that college procedures. you need to discuss what those are. that might be writing a letter or getting in touch with the admissions represent that i have works for your area. but there are a few steps you can do. you need to investigate specifically what that particular college would like for to you do. >> you cannot least apply, right? is it just writing a letter. >> these people are professionals. they've val waited your application and context of their school and they are willing will to look at it again if you feel like is there new information but for the most part there are other things you can do to focus on your schools you have within accepted to. >> one of the things, the the graphics there said are we willing to take the the sat again. is that true. >> you can but it also depend on the the timing. for exam a lot of students who have already been accepted are yen liz looking at making their decisions right now and sort of wrapping up their class for the following year. and, so, those people who are looking to take the the sat, the the next sat isn't offered until may at this point. the the results would not be available until june and
8:19 am
classes are pretty well finalized at that point too. >> let's say you are on a wait list, that is looking better. >> a wait list there is definitely a viable option. you have variety materials to get accepted in the college. >> who are you writing a letters to. >> committee on admissions and potentially the admissions officer you can write to it students, too, don't go there, give me a spot. that is another way to do it. >> yeah. >> but really, how this school is my first choice. i don't wanting to anywhere else. please. >> is there a huge difference between saying if admitted i will enroll or you remain one of mize top choices. i think the way you word letter and update them on is what new in your life, academically, extracurricular that will indicate your level of interest. >> jessica and jill, wanted to look at university of north carolina so we had one of their more famous alumni write her a letter. >> yes. >> well, if you have a connection, why not use it.
8:20 am
>> can you call an alumni and say write for me. >> it just depends on the alumni relationship with the administration's office or institution overall but sometimes is there some one who might be able to have some clout and that can help. >> lets say you got accepted. >> for me first thing was i wanted to make sure i have a good dorm. let me get this together. what is first thing you need to do. >> visit and talking with the financial aid office if that is important to you as a big piece of the puzzle. the just checking out campus, visiting on the class, spending night in the dorm, a and those are great things to do to see fit is right. >> get money to them, before may 1st. >> you need to hold your deposits by may 1st. >> good to see you did you see this? you went to drexel. >> for grad school. >> look at this, is there a 17 year-old drexel junior who turns to the web to get people to pay for her college education. this is a new thing. >> enterprising, like a kick starter. >> go fund me. >> exactly. >> you have to do what you have to do.
8:21 am
>> interesting, isn't it. >> i think i'll do a go fund me. >> sounds good. >> it does work for people. >> is there a big health warning for moms who buy breast milk on line and a lot of people do. why you might not be getting what you paid for. when you work out what do you eat after you don't want to cancel out the tack thaw were just exercising. forget that work out shake what about a trip to mcdonald's. >> what. >> how refueling with the burger and fries might be better for you. people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
let's buy it on line. >> yeah you don't to have feel
8:25 am
guilt bye reaching for thatberg are a after a work out. >> i don't believe this report. >> a new study says junk food is just as effective as a refueling, food. you know what i mean. >> lets say if you have exercised really hard, so sometimes you take supplements and shakes, right. health shakes. well, according to the study by the international journal of sport nutrition and exercise, they said that it is okay to go to taco bell instead of to gnc after you work out. >> that sound too wonderfully will not go with that. >> it can't be true. >> they say it is. >> maybe it gives you energy. it doesn't explain the fat it is giving to. >> you exercise really hard. some people went to eat hamburgers and tacos and stuff like. that other people went to supplements and energy drinks. they went back and work out again. both sides, both groups, bounced back at the a same level. >> we're talking about energy. you should be worried about
8:26 am
the calories and the the fat. >> yes. >> they took blood sample and glucose levels were the same. >> interesting. >> of both groups. >> forget about looking into your closet. >> okay. >> you can now find your best new outfit in your bathroom. how you can rock a bathrobe on your next date. i'm not kidding, a new trend, you wear your bathrobe out in public. >> what, on a date. >> why not. >> but first the white house easter egg roll role is today. we will go live on the south lawn. >> is that a live shot right now, jessica kline. >> no we are saving it. it happens after the break. >> no we are saving it. it happens after the break. >> they ar
8:27 am
8:28 am
your baby is getting ieven more than clean.t, the scent, the lather, even the tiny bubbles of a johnson's® bath are helping to enhance the experience. the touch of your hands is stimulating her senses. nurturing her mind. and helping her development. so why just clean your baby when you can give her... so much more™? johnson's®. so much more™.
8:29 am
starting to get squinty this morning. good monday morning.
8:30 am
happy egg salad day to you. here's buddy ready for the day have the some kid go back to school today or tomorrow but if you go to the ballpark you need a sun screen. you won't need that sweat shirt anymore. recovery that will be fabulous a ten out of ten for today. 43 degrees at the moment in the city. we have cooler temperatures north and west of us. frontal system not expect to affect us today. by tomorrow it is a different story. enjoy the sunshine, phillies verse the red sox, opening day, the the 2015 season at 3:05. it list 70 degrees by then. eventually as your outside, enjoying the game at citizens bank park we will get to a high of 72. so, now you know why we gave today a ten. lets talk about the weather changes, coming and there is rain and there are chillier temperatures coming back. we will talk about it in the seven day forecast, bob kelly
8:31 am
here right now, big problems on the schuylkill expressway. >> yes, we have an overturned tractor trailer here on the westbound lanes of the cue kill expressway. it is all, we're looking live here at the the westbound lanes, out near the kick of prussia mall. it the is right between mall boulevard, and the valley forge toll plaza for the pennsylvania turnpike. it is a tractor trail are coming around the sharp curve here, flipped over. look, nearly clipping the front of this white vehicle. there is also one car in front of the tractor trailer. we have an ambulance on the scene. now they have the the far, right shoulder, squeezing on through. this is causing a major delay, west on the schuylkill expressway. getting red toy head westbound this morning we are bumper to bumper from conshohocken all the way out to king of prussia now they will to have shut those lanes down eventually, to upright the tractor trailer, so if you are heading west this morning trying to get out toward the valley forge interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike or even out to the king of prussia
8:32 am
mall, your west bet would be to head north on 476 and pick up the turnpike from there. here's the the line up from opening day at the ballpark. gates open up a at 12:35. we have players walking on the field and pregame festivities. then first pitch at 3:07a lot of unusual traffic volume heading in the stadium for this afternoon's game. mike and alex, back to you. do you remember we had devon still on the bengals player. >> um-hmm. >> he has been dealing with his little girl, she's four or five years old. >> four. >> going through cancer. she went into remission. they were treating her at children's hospital of philadelphia. they come out. they were on our show. she was saying, she wanted her dad not to play for bengals anymore and spend more time from our philadelphia area she said this. >> daddy, you are never going back to cincinnati, you are
8:33 am
playing for the eagles. >> oh, you heard that. >> it was a cute moment. >> yes. >> but then some bengals fans, saw this on the internet, our interview, and said wait a second he want to play for eagles. no, no it was just his little girl who said it. we have a woman who sent us a letter. thank you, crystal pits . hi crystal. >> here's the letter. dearly a. so happy to hear you are doing much better. i have been following your progress since i saw the announcement on the ellen show and i saw you on fox 29. i wish you all of the luck in the world as you complete this journey and complete it you will. accept this gift to comfort you while you recover. >> what she did, what do you call this, is this knitting sue, or crow sheaing. >> yes. >> little hat. >> she made a hat, scarves and blanket and your daddy's team color. think of him always. so this is when you go see him play.
8:34 am
>> look at size of this. >> she did this in a matter of days. >> my gosh. >> that is really good. >> oh, my goodness. >> where many where am i. look at that, nfl. and she says, in case you go out i will send you another, along with something else, in time to wear during the season. >> she will not grow out of this for 13 years. >> the hat and scarves. >> she said, may god continue to bless and keep new his loving care today and always. >> thank you, crystal. >> peace, blessings and love, crystal. >> that is so sweet, crystal. >> wow, crystal, would i like one of these in the eagles colors. >> this is nice. it even has a little flower on the hat here. >> thanks, crystal. >> lets get to the white house, the south lawn. >> this is a live look at south lawn the of the white house. they are getting ready for easter egg roll.
8:35 am
this year, it is the the fifth annual, well, it is the fifth anniversary, give me five. >> that is what it is. >> give me five to celebrate the the fifth anniversary of the first ladies, get up and have move campaign,. >> jump up and down campaign. >> they say thousands of people will be out here during the easter egg roll. >> that would be sweet. >> you know jay-z, he likes the the city of philadelphia. dough that is made in america concert. >> he does. >> so beyonce debuts a new song dedicated to her hubby. >> but is there only one place to hear it, okay. we will tell you where you can listen to it. i hear it will be a great song for weddings. >> i haven't heard it myself. >> but we will let you know how you can hear it next. this friday we will continue our spring fling celebration. this week we will be in reading. come out and see us if you want to us check out your town use the hash tag fox 29 spring fling and tell us where we should go, come out and meet
8:36 am
you. >> all of our good day shows, the five, six and 10:00 o'clock news. >> they will be in reading. >> boom. >> stay tuned we will tell you >> boom. >> stay tuned we will tell you where some people
8:37 am
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8:39 am
welcome back. updating breaking news. we are looking live at over the scene of this overturn tractor trailer, on the westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway right at the king of prussia interchange. this tractor trailer, kind of laying in what would be the between the mall boulevard and valley forge tolls of the pennsylvania turnpike. it narrowly missed, clipping at least one vehicle there. you see that in the concrete barrier. you can see skid marks. this truck was trying to enter from that king of prussia, 202 ramp going too fast. the it flipped on its the side. look at backup here that stretches all the way back, to
8:40 am
the king of prussia a -- or to the conshohocken chain inning this is westbound on the schuylkill jammed up from 476, all the waste out to king of prussia, with only that far right shoulder getting on by this will get worse before better. they will to have upright this tractor trailer when they do that. shut down all of the lanes. this is causing a major grid lock up there not that king of prussia interchange. we will stay on top of it and come back and update you before 9:00 o'clock. >> inching by there on the schuylkill. >> yes. >> let's talk about beyonce. she celebrates her wedding anniversary with a sneak peak of her new, well, it is a sing is will off her new cd. >> it is called die with you. >> in the video released on her husband's jay-z video streaming service tidal. you see her playing fee an owe and sing ago long. she shares with her instrument fans. >> ♪
8:41 am
>> such a beautiful voice. >> yes. >> she's beautiful, for sure. >> is that at their house. >> apparently jay-z is filming this. >> good thing jay-z is good at wrapping and singing. >> he cannot hold the camera straight. >> there is a video of him recording her in the dressing room getting ready for her song one plus one and her voice justice booming. she didn't even need a microphone. you can tell they are so in love. >> i think that is good for weddings. >> i don't know i haven't heard it myself but someone tweeted it out this will be the next big wedding song, die with you. >> yeah, die with you. >> so until death do us part. >> yes good wedding songs. >> die with you. >> great idea. >> coming up on 8:42.
8:42 am
>> it is opening day. lets get to jen. i can't wait to see this burger. >> would you eat that. >> this is a burger. apparently college kids did eat it. triple, triple, triple. the my stomach hurts thinking bit. we will be back after the break. bull will eat the the whole thing. the the whole thing. >> in way. >> be a man, be a man. >> we will be right back. >> lets check out sky fox one more time. look at this thing. it is a tractor trailer in the king have of prussia area. it is a tractor trailer in the king have of prussia area. the schuylkill, did it
8:43 am
8:44 am
brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters.
8:45 am
off to a chilly start this morning. and the snow is still hanging around in the pocono mountains. but, not for long, you can see the depth of the snow, not that great anymore. it is already above freezing, 37 degrees. still chill any allentown, reading, lancaster at 36. 44 degrees in the city. fifty already in dover, delaware. as we look the at home opener, we've got the game time temperature of 70 degrees. high of 72. then by the time you go home we will be in the mid to upper 60's with increasing cloud as
8:46 am
we get ready for rain tomorrow. nothing for your enjoyment of the day, alex, including the the game. >> the game. >> yes, 70's sound good to me. >> it looks fabulous. >> so we have to see this burger. because apparently it has like nine the path is and i cannot picture how you cap eat that. >> like a patty at a time, jen you just kind of pick at it. >> that is the very question, bull, what do you think you will do eat a patty at a time. >> me. >> yes. >> good morning. >> hi honey. >> happy opening day. >> happy opening day. >> because i love you so much, yes. >> yes, i have eaten enough, trust me. >> stand by. cuz will you do a patty at a time. >> you just go right there, like that, push it down and just dive into it. >> chuck, you said, i will
8:47 am
give you, 1 dollar if you do that. >> just show us how it looks, be a man. >> you said, some college kid. >> twelve to 13. mostly college aged kid. >> lot a that. >> use the napkins. >> college age kid have been eating it. >> of course, they lived to tell bit. we dare any within to try to eat it. >> do you get a free shirt. >> maybe in the future we will work something out to see what happens. >> what are these other things. >> thinks our brisket stash that is sole. it is brisket. >> anything from the bull's barbecue. >> no. >> when i come here where do i eat bull every time. >> you are up at the barbecue. now we have a new smoker owe i know you will be up there, you know.
8:48 am
>> i'm very excited. >> you come up because you like the the food or you get it for nothing. >> i get it the for nothing and i get to kiss you on your mouth in front of your mouth. it is weird but not all the time. >> cole hamels is pitching, it will be 07 degrees. >> beautiful day for a picnic up at bull's barbecue are you kidding me with the phillies coming home with the victory. >> how is that. >> everybody is debbie down ber this team. you have seen them. >> i was young at one time too and i got a chance to play. you have to give a few of these young guys a chance and see what we have. >> yes. >> i think ruben has got to add on to these guys. >> you saw franco what are you thinking of franco at a plate. that is a guy i'm excited about. >> i think he has a lot of energy there. sometimes he swings too hard for me, doesn't stay under control. >> this has turned into a sport thing. >> what do we think about this
8:49 am
brisket. >> i haven't tried it yet. >> do you want to try that. >> no. >> not because you don't want to. >> how but have a jalapeno. >> all right, let's go. >> now that looks incredible. >> here we go. >> how bit, chef. >> i'm impressed. >> she will probably want water soon. >> how much is the the triple decker, nine thing patty thing. >> what's that. >> how much. >> how much is it. >> it is close to $30. >> wow. >> close to $30. >> to be fair if you have a regular burger, it is $7 so you might as well go for that. >> yes. >> clearly your whole fraternity and sorority and you get cheese. >> yes, happy opening day. >> happy opening day. >> yes.
8:50 am
>> we're back together again. >> we do this every year, they rank the best baseball food in the nation. >> yes. >> you have your schmidters. >> which ball park have the best food. we will tell you where citizens bank park london this new list just out this weekend. here's another look at this major backup, westbound schuylkill expressway in king of prussia, bob will have an update for you, yes. >> backup other way. >> we will show you how to get around this though. >> cops are blocking road off now. they may be close to upright this thing. discover brookside,
8:51 am
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rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at good morning, everybody. we are looking live from sky fox over the scene of this overturn tractor trailer on the the westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway. now this is near the the king of prussia mall this happened
8:54 am
about 40 minutes or so. they block all traffic so they could bring in the flatbed truck to get one of the vehicles out and also bring in, yep, here we go the big crane, in order to eventually upright the tractor trailer. so right now, all westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway, right at the exits for king of prussia, they are blocked. the the only thing that is opened is this express lane which puts motorist out toward the pennsylvania turnpike. as you head out toward kop, if you stayed to the right, you will have access to 202 and 422. look at how traffic is backup here as well along that 202, mall boulevard interchange. so anyone heading out toward king of prussia this morning or in through king of prussia you will be impacted by this westbound lanes are jammed something from conshohocken to kop where this overturn tractor trailer has lanes block on the westbound side, mike and alex back to you.
8:55 am
we have to get to breaking down baseball park food. it takes much more than peanuts and cracker jacks to impress stadium fans n honor of opening day we have found a list of stadiums ranked by how good their food and drink is. >> so, i'm sure people are wondering where are the phillies rang they are at citizens bank park. >> there are 30 major league teams. >> we are right in the middle, 14 out of 30. they gave kudos to the the south philly hot dog. and chap provolone and broccoli rob. >> yes, sure. >> it mentioned campos and tony luke fos their cheese steaks. >> yes. >> crab fries at citizens bank park. >> yes. >> i bet they did this survey before that big 30-dollar hamburg are came out. >> nine patty's. >> take that. >> taking the number one spot, for food and drink is seattle mariners stadium. safeco field. >> that is a beautiful
8:56 am
stadium. >> list a attributes to safeco's craft beer bar and their large, fresh food options. very healthy food up there in seattle. >> so is what your favorite sunday night tv show, mike. >> i have to admit i don't watch tv on sunday night. >> might be a good thing for you. depending what you watch on sunday night says something burr relationship. why keeping up with the kardashians could be good for couples. >> then i'm in trouble. couples. >> then i'm in trouble. i cannot force myself to watch
8:57 am
8:58 am
couples. >> then i'm in trouble. i cannot fwe snap it. to watch we stack it. we smoosh it. we love it. hershey's makes it a s'more...
8:59 am
you make it special. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate. it is 9:00 o'clock. it is monday, april 6th, 2015, lot to get to. >> it is opening day. happy hopping day. >> kylie jener controversy. >> she's the youngest
9:00 am
kardashian. >> she has been accuse of taking black face pictures how she's deeven ifing herself this morning. see what you think. plus, forget about looking in your closet, you can new find maybe the the best outfit for the daying on out on a date in your bathroom on the door hook. it is your bathrobe. i'm not kidding. this is i trend. you wear your bathrobe out in public. i do not have a bathrobe. >> i picture it, with holes and stains. >> it did, that is why i got rid of it. i had taken it from a, hotel. >> really. >> yes. >> my gosh. >> i'm sure they charge i though. >> alex brought in her bathrobe. >> i did. >> i'm telling you, i have talk to the stylist, and yours is not the the one you are supposed to wear out. >> they said bathrobe. >> put it on. >> our style expert is coming in. >> i have it. >> you washe


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