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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 8, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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don't know. >> i that would not be appropriate doing. that will not that i am ever appropriate. >> not a prepare rep at. >> oh, listen to this. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> and if i had my way walk right in the studio in 30 minutes. >> here is a solution to our twizzlers dilema i'm do it with her. >> you don't know if she's going to do that with you. >> really? >> real. >> i what about her guitar player. >> you are terrible. she's been doing some checks here yes beautiful voice apparently mike has fallon in love. >> yes, and she will sing for us. >> he might be the most powerful man in the world but president obama feels the same things that we all do about our children. they become junior, then senior in high school, then
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they have to go off to college, right? then they feel like oh, my nest is empty, of one child. i'll be left with just my other child. >> and you know, his daughter, she is 16 already been visiting colleges, malea. and the president said the thought of her leaving and both his daughters growing up just makes him cry. so he shared this during a prayer breakfast yesterday. >> okay. >> i want to thank everybody here for their prayers which means so much to me and michelle particularly at a time when my daughters are starting to grow up, and starting to go on college visits. i need prayer. i start tearing up in the middle of the day. and i can't explain it. why am i so sad? they're leaving me. >> awe. >> sweet isn't it? now malea she is whining down of her junior year in high school. right? now, we think that she's
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visited harvard, princeton brown university, and -- and reports that she was seen on penn's campus. we can't confirm it, but we think that she visited penn. wouldn't that be great? >> spotted. >> and sash? >> fourteen, little time. >> okay. the president is the only one who is is going to have a hard time letting go. now, sue's daughter, nia her only child will be going away to college in september? >> uh-huh. >> august basically? >> uh-huh. >> i know exactly what the president means. and i'm also going to cry. >> oh, no. already? >> every time i think about it. >> oh my good. >> oh, sue i just want to gave you a lug. >> just look at her. that's what she still had her braces. and that's, you know, here's the thing. >> yes? >> they come out. they are really cute. okay when they are babies. >> right. >> they make you fall in love
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with them, right. >> yes. >> then you take care of them. that was just from last fall, that picture you just saw of our family. and you're hook, line anacine they growth up, they say mommy, i love up, i love up, and thank you. and then they leave you. not right. >> it is not right. >> you guys are so close. that also makes it beautiful. >> thanks, bob kimy? >> i'm sure she won't leave you all the way. >> now actually -- >> just when i look at her every morning before i leave every single morning i go into her room and just look at her sleeping. >> does she know this? >> well she does yes she don't wake up or anything, but i just look at her. and i -- >> oh, sue. >> here's the thing. she text me little while ago. >> yes? >> and she's made a decision on which school she is going to? >> yes? >> university of hawaii. >> get away from me! >> oh, no. >> a thousand miles away. >> she wouldn't do that. >> do you want a hug, knew.
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>> oh this is just -- see? mr. obama, i understand. >> can you imagine then on the actual day when she -- goes off to school? >> well, we had her first day of kindergarten on this very program. >> we took it live camera if he bus stop and she wept like a baby then. >> yes, i having? my eye yes. >> a mother love. >> i wish i could have good feelings about this story, but here is the thing. my parent raised six children, right? >> oh, here we go. >> so one evening, my brother, tom gone off to st. louis university. right? >> right. >> so the first day he left that morning. at dinner that night five kids sitting around, five kit left. my mom gets up from the dinner table, burst into tears, and runs into the bathroom. what what's wrong? i had never seen her cry. then my dad said it is because tom went away to college this morning. well smear cried for any of the other five. >> she got it all out?
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>> i guess. she didn't cry when i went away. >> rejoice? >> he's gone! so long! >> so anyway -- >> i'm bitter, to this day. >> oh,. >> all right, somebody brought in a pack of twizzlers. >> where is that guitar player? >> seriously, in the green room right now like uh-uh. >> you can't touch it seriously? somebody have a napkin oring? you can't put your hands on what you're going to put in your mouth there. there we go. >> other people's mouth. >> other people's mouth. >> oh no. that's sticking. that won't work either. don't put your hands all on t all right i give up. >> i guess that's not the one we're using. >> they're short. >> how dow work with this guy? we won't do it now. >> we can practice? >> the dove soap people.
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lets he is get into this. i want to understand what this mentality is. dove the soap humans, they have this campaign challenging the way women perceive themselves. right? so, they asked all of these women to go through two doors. >> okay? >> you can choose. do you think you're an average looking woman or are you a beautiful woman? and 96% as we roll this footage 96% of the women walks through the average looking woman door as opposed to the beautiful woman door. >> so let's bring in average looking woman. >> oh, don't beautiful beautiful seriously, just wrong. >> hi, lauren? oh hello mike. as you said, yes 96% of the women don't choose beautiful they choose average 80% say they could see something beautiful about themselves. so dove wanted to make the decision embrace the beauty acknowledge it to the wormed. here is how it happened when the women were confronted when their own self image. >> am i choosing because of what is constantly bombarded at me?
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what i a.m. being told? that i should except? i walk into that door that said savage. and i didn't feel very good after that. because obviously i identified myself as average. and nobody else. >> lauren, let me get this straight? did they tell them in advance or these are just women walking up to doors randomly? >> they did not tell them in advance from what i read. women just have to walk through the door. they see these two doors at this building, right. so most of the women through the average door. then they later said they felt sad by their decision when confronted about it. here is a clip of the woman who chose the beautiful door. >> average door, and my mom pulled me over. >> it is like -- i think i'm beautiful. >> i just wish more young women realized it.
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>> the women had to be dragged through the beautiful door, but later felt triumphant, walk through the door with a smile. interestingly a woman told us she felt hard wired to pick the more humble option, embracing butte ways little pretentious, and under the average sign even if that's not really how she feels about herself. so i thought when looking at this, and thinking about it from a woman's perspective. maybe you aren't going to choose average or beautiful. maybe needed more options than those two maybe not black and white you need something else like work in progress. some people don't think they're beautiful all the time. but not think you're average. maybe you're a work in progress. >> here is the thing too no secret i'm little short. sometimes i just like to walk in the right door. i always walk in the right door. i probably wouldn't even read it ahead of time. wouldn't even realize what i was doing orpiking. >> true, i know. i don't know how they decided to do it, did it in five different cities, 11,000 women. start in the australia. >> but if it encores and women
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to feel more beautiful about themselves then i am all for it. >> i tweeted it out. beautiful responding they are beautiful women and feel good about saying it. >> you look beautiful yourself. >> oh, please, you already called me average. you can't back pedal. >> you tell him, lauren? but i love your hair. >> thank you. >> it is almost retro-ish like madmen-ish. >> yes, little too curly buff do you have leave it this way so it can fall by the end of the week. >> almost like 194's. >> oh, so i'm average 1940's looking chick today. i love. that will. >> i'm not even going to say anything. >> vintage and throw back. >> all right, so you want to do the twizzlers challenge with me? >> kiss and make up. >> no thanks. >> i wonder if they do that foremen? i mean, look at this. i know i got it going on. do you know? >> i have to walk through that beautiful door. >> you got it.
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>> i'm bloated. not uncommon to meet someone with the same name as you. mike, i run into hundreds of mike's a day. >> i know like four mike's. >> alex? ones that are girls? >> al sex a little unusual for a woman. >> i met an alex at the phillies game actually. >> a woman? >> a man. >> a man named alex. well there are a lot of men named aling. >> not a lot of women out there. >> what's our point? >> so what if you have the same name as a celebrity? >> like jerry lewis. i know a jerry lewis who is not the comedian. >> what about beyonce? so this girl posted comment on new york facebook page writing sometimes i hate my name balls it always draws attention to me and i am not a very special person. when the teach earth started calling attendance i get nervous, every time people learn my name is beyonce somewhere starts singing i'm a sink lady, or booty lucious and some did of course. but the second day of school wasn't too bad because everyone knew that was bynum.
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>> so plus side and negative side here. yes, everybody will remember her name when they sewer her they'll never forget it. >> so once she made this comment, then didn't know a lot of other people shared her pain. girl named bridgette jones wrote cool name, people of the world unite. yes, i do have a diary. nicely done. >> steve madden says one time teenage girl called me at home to ask about a certain shoe. >> okay? >> and julia roberts posted: i understanded this completely. and although i am pretty social i can be kind of shy. when people learn my name they always begin singing pretty woman ♪ ♪ so i can sit and laugh. funny though because i actually want to become an actress. so be proud of your name and keep your head up. >> i agree. >> mcdonald's hamburger people had pretty good commercial few months back, where they interviewed people named ronald mcdonald. >> yes. >> and have them try their buryinger. >> yes. >> then also -- >> wait t could have been burger king. >> maybe burger king did it and had ronald mcdonald -- >> i think that was it. >> i endorse these burgers. then burger king also on it, because there is a couple that
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got married, one last name burger, other guy last name king. and they're getting married so burger king is sponsor their wedding. >> i know tv guy, he is a tv guy, his name is michael burger. >> oh,. >> so what if he married me a ham. she would be me a hamburger. >> who would sponsor that? i guess you have more options. that could be mcdonald's. >> have it your way. >> there was also a mary kate olsen that they interviewed and katy perry and will smith. so do you have deal with it. >> actually on my instagram there is someone started following me and their name is alex holley and they started posting my pictures, my name is alex holley, too. >> they spell it the same way. >> it is a woman. >> look at that, what if you married her? you would be alex holley hole. >> i yes ♪ ♪ >> is that neil diamond? >> okay, hey new delivery service is coming to you. if you need anything, there is
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delivery service like if you needed toothpicks. they'll deliver to your house. it is called order up lionmart. >> it is an app. >> yes. >> so, things would you normally get at a drug or convenience store. >> yes. >> so everything, over the counter medicines, batteries, and they're saying even condoms. >> well if you're in the moment, you need a condom. you pick up the phone and call these folks and they'll rush it over to you. >> so it operates in state college, also west chester and gloucester county, new jersey. >> yes state college is one of the towns mostly college towns, west chester but also gloucester count. >> i so how does it work? you need something and like okay let me go ahead. >> hit the app. >> they come and deliver? >> you tell them what you need. >> that would be great. when i'm sick, i don't feel like getting up, doing stuff like that. >> and when your friends say that they they're sick, you always have to send back the text, well if you need anything. >> right. >> just let me know. do you need any supplies? >> you don't mean that? you said that to me last week.
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>> no i want them to answer back don't worry about it i got. >> i should have known. that's why i never got my chicken noodle soup? >> he didn't mean it, sue! >> do you need something from 7-eleven just let me know. >> why did you bother to ask? >> because i want to seem sim threat ethic. >> seem like the operative words. >> by the way, sue serio, we asked people to get on twitter, instagram facebook, what's your go to place if you want an impanata? >> do you have a go to place. >> cuba lib ray. >> that's good one. >> when i think of it, i think of cuba lib ray. >> are you going to just talk, and we'll show the seven day forecast. yes, it is quite my mascara still messed up. we have 49 degrees for high today. that's 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. is it already the same tomorrow. so two days with temps in the
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40's. then zoom up to 74 degrees friday. this is krakra. then back to average the way it is supposed to be temps in the 60s, sunshine, both days of the weekends. that will weather lasts through monday of next week. so april showers and plenty of them, alex, mike. for the next couple of days! >> that's what they say april showers. >> it is national empanada day. >> that's the best part. >> so chef jen is here from my go to place for them, that could be cuba libre. second street off market here in old city philadelphia. and she brought her friend. >> absolutely. >> good morning. >> hi, good morning. >> (speaking spanish). >> the thing is you don't just make any. i've never heard after lobster -- >> let's take a look at it. give a shot of it. i have never seen a black i am
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mpanada. >> we use squid this is our empanada. >> she hands max the dough. one hundred an hour, she will crank them out. >> excuse me? >> one hundred an hour? >> show too. for everything. >> what are you using? what's that? >> this is the actual dough. mat is a flower -- flu we use squid ink to color it. >> now wow. >> it just gives that you real nice color. and then we fill it, the filling here is lobster everything lobster. so lobster meat, the tail the clause. >> get the overhead camera to work. >> butter, then we use lobster ro this guy here, black or green, when it start but after you poach p it turns this really bright vibrant red. >> i think we have to move over. there you go, get it up in there.
9:17 am
we'll get this figured out after 19 years of doing the show. >> so lobster so you roll it up? >> yes. >> that's a big wad of lobster. >> that is. >> a lot of lobster. it is packed. >> keep it on there so we can see it. all right? >> one hundred of these in a hour? >> yes. >> wow. >> we're very busy right now mike. today, for the whole month of april, doing a special, it is only for this month lobster em opinions panada. $9 for one and selling out every single day. >> oh my gosh. >> every day. today is our big happy hour empanada. 5:00 to 7:00. 1 dollar empanada for 1 dollar. >> really? >> 1 dollar, you come in as many as you want. you have to eat them at the restaurant. >> what's this? >> chicken. >> yes? >> and cheese and corn, right? >> yes. >> what's there?
9:18 am
>> cheese and corn. >> cheese, corn. >> what's this one called. >> the chicken empanada. our most popular. but i can't do what she does. >> we can get either or this 1 dollar deal today? >> yes, only thing not available for the 1 dollar is the lobster empanada. >> why, because lobster is expense sniff. >> because lobster is expensive. now, i like the twist on that one that's fancy looking. >> yes, i can't do that. that's really nice. >> can you imagine? >> show it here. >> are there any rules whether it comes to an empanada? can you stuff anything this there? >> anything. you can do dessert, fruit filling. >> i've never had that. >> anything you want, as long as you seal the dough properly, make sure get the nice sealed edge so when you bake it or friday fry it, it doesn't explode in the oven, so be sure to have just the right amount and it is sealed properly. >> if you do it in the oven --
9:19 am
>> about 30 minutes. >> nice and crispy. right color brown. >> brush them with little egg wash gives it the nice gloss color to them, and that's it. >> you know, i have never seen that type of border on an empanada. i like your style different. >> each has its own little flare. >> chef jen. >> yes mike? >> that's today over at cuba libre? >> today 5:00 to 7:00. would that be warm enough to eat? >> yes it would. >> jump. >> so pretty looking too. >> oh,. >> look at that. >> oh hold on. >> look at the inside. >> let's go to steve keeley. >> steve? >> well, do you have wait for the commercials for the surprise. but it is well worth the wait. and our viewers will recognize, or think they do, of this one criminal in cherry hill. >> this guy's going around with his stolen credit cards and spending it.
9:20 am
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like you've never experienced before. discover brookside. >> steve keeley has an image for us. >> i try to help the cherry hill police, one. nicest departments around. they go out of their way to help us. amy winners sergeant hoops budd monahan, new police chief over there great people, i'm telling you they go out of the their way to help us. i can't thank them enough. so we try to return the favor, and try mike, i'm perusing their facebook page to see the latest look of wanted criminals. and i see this guy. now, this guy somehow another guy, lost his wallet, he doesn't know if it was stolen out of his car or in
9:24 am
the gym or whatever. suddenly somebody is using his credit cards. here he is using it at the wawa in cherry hill. now there is thing jumped out at me going do i know this guy? i know this guy from somewhere. he looks awfully familiar. and, in fact, this guy was in cherry hill a week ago today because he did appearance in mt. laurel with me last wednesday, and in our spring fling, and i'm thinking, i'm thinking, as soon as i put this on twitter people are going to be tip calls that this is mike jerrick using some guy's credit cardsment mike, did i back you up on there is first thing i told the cops that's no way that is mike those jeans don't look like they won't be costing $300 so that's in your five over. the bad thing if it is you, i have got to like make a citizens arrest and extra diet you over the bridge today. so come clean. is it you or is it not you? >> weirdly, i was in cherry hill in a day. >> i know that many i'm a
9:25 am
little nervous. but i am hoping -- >> and what did i leave in cherry hill, moorestown area? >> ya. >> my credit card. >> credit card at the restaurant thursday, then i got caught in a two hour traffic jam because 73 suddenly shutdown in the emergency, so my five minute drive, i ended up sitting in traffic for three hours to retrieve your credit card. then it made me think well he needed a credit card. maybe he was desperate. and that's maybe that's t but this is real story. i just want to make sure we don't have the real suspect sitting on the set right there. so mike, you will admit it, does really look like you. >> well, here is the sad part of this story. i look like that? >> i think you're even wearing a leather jacket, weren't you? >> i don't have a black leather jacket. >> i wouldn't wear jeans like that. >> mike you can't tell a lie. just lodge george washington, can't tell a lie. >> all right, sue, do i look like that? >> at first glance, ya.
9:26 am
>> what? i have -- >> at a glance. just glance over and glance back. wow. then you have to glance again. and then you look at the deal tail and you think no. >> all right let's pull mike up. squint your eyes. >> he just said at first glance. squint. >> not like that. >> i have beatty little eyes like that? >> no, you don't see the beatty little eyes. >> look at them they're a slit. >> i think it is the shape of the head. >> i do have messed up hair like that. >> and the nose i think the nose too. >> sieve a completely different image of myself. i think i look like george clooney. i like like that guy? >> you used to look like george clooney. do you go with the toss recalled look sometimes, mike. i'm just wondering, first of all, mike, here is the thing not working in your five over. first somebody out there who looks like you is a criminal. so we will help the police see the way. because some guy is told he looks like mike jerrick all the time is probably the guy
9:27 am
now get being the good tip calls. mike that guy is too neat looking for a criminal. he doesn't have a disguise on, one, if you were a real criminal at least have a hat on. so that doesn't work in your favor. the other thing, mike, at the round house, and you actually got a tip from somebody that were moving over to curran-fromhold, if this is mike a criminal said that, if that is mike while in while in the tank with all of the other guys, being processed tell him do not urge the other inmate at one whether 30 to turn the tv onto bold and the beautiful. that will won't go over good in jail. >> it won't? >> i don't think they want to watch it. >> listen, that is a go to soap opera for criminals. bold and beautiful. >> apparently, because they're bowl and they're beautiful. all right steve. >> it is not you it is not you. >> it is not me. i didn't do it. >> when i steel things and shoplift, i wear a hat. >> when you do? >> yes. >> okay. >> by the way kit cat kline in the control room, when we come back, we will put up a picture of who people do think
9:28 am
i look like. >> okay? >> okay, we'll get that ready. first here's jen. >> reporter: all right mike, you have been talking about this all morning. twenty-four hours really. check this out. she's laying down. she's getting a nap. she's getting a manicure. and she's getting gorgeous all in one big awesome ness. lali lounge blow out. i am intq
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9:31 am
okay. people say i look like that dude kenny ban beyond from sign field, gold jerry, gold. >> make that face mike. >> what face. the the face he is making.
9:32 am
>> what face. >> that face. >> yes. >> can we go to dinner. you know, another person they say, this is even worse william macy. >> dick clark. >> dick clark. >> um-hmm. >> and a little bit there, i can see that. >> and there is somebody else. >> it ain't george clooney, i hate to break it to you. >> i look more like rose marie clooney then george clooney. william macy. >> dang. >> when he he gets a haircut. >> look at that. >> you know, frightening thing about that, they are kind of right. >> yeah. >> j lo that jennifer lopez women. >> she last so good, so amazing. >> look at that hair. >> it is volume too, that people really like. can you imagine getting that and also being able to lay down and take a nap while this is happening. >> you take a nap and get volume like. that how is is is it possible jen. >> here is the situation, okay. the these chicks do not mess
9:33 am
around with their beauty game. good morning to you. >> good morning, jen. >> so she's blow drying her hair. you are calling this, by the the way, are you still alive. >> no. >> okay, good. you are calling this the lounge blow out because this is, i don't care if you are a working mom, stay at home mom, not a mom, thinks a woman's dream. forget about george clooney. >> it is the ultimate luxurious treatment you can do for yourself, to go to the salon. >> she's getting her nails done, that is an add a on if you want do that. it is not just a nap. is there a natural reason you are blowing dry her hair while laying down. >> exactly. for our clients that come in once a week they want their hair to last. because i'm blowing drying it and able to set the the hair in and over directed state when she sits up she will have have maximum volume. this way it is a all from the scalp. it stretches your blow out for two days. >> what makes it better and
9:34 am
you get to have it for longer. >> exactly exactly. >> let me figure this out. you were just messing around. >> it was definitely something weird and funny and in the beauty game we are trying to keep up with the trend and seeing what the celebrities are doing but sometimes we have to create our open trend, you know. >> i love it. >> and this is max time. >> it is just come in and decide you want a lounge, we will do it for you and add on a manicure. >> thirty-five bucks for blow out. >> fifteen for a manicure. >> can we see her hair because other thing you say and they did a little bit on my hair is when you come up, you are j lo. i wand fur j lo has within at her house. >> she might. >> how are you doing. >> i'm so relaxeded. >> you and i like to have a drink every once in a while. >> amen. >> you cannot drink. what if we got an iv drip. >> put it in. >> okay. >> all right. you spray your hair like this because you want some maximum
9:35 am
you want to it stay like that. >> yes, we will just help her up. make sure she's awake. >> that looks awesome. >> wait a minute, hey, i want to see it. >> yes. >> okay. we have some break news lou awesome. locally hair lounge, guys, pretty ridiculously awesome. >> that is interesting, it does look good. >> all that body. >> wonder why that helps. it must have have have to do with gravity. >> this is out of new york city three people including chris brooklyn and his wife were stabbed earlier this morning outside of the new york it is i nightclub. you see one oak there all three people are expect to recover there their injuries. >> stabbings happened following an argument between two men, this happened about five hours ago, just after 4:00 o'clock in the morning at this club one oak, very popular, like you said. new york daily news reports that the a a alleged a attacker was a arrested at the
9:36 am
scene but the paper goes on to report that two men were arrested for interfering with the police investigation there on the the streets of new york. again, the paper says that those two men are atlanta hawks players, right? so, the the atlanta a hawks played toronto last night in atlanta so these two players flew up after the game to meet their friend chris copeland at this club. >> then chris copeland and his wife were stabbed. >> yes. >> at this club. >> apparently they interfered with the police tried to arrest the guy doing the stabbing. >> anyway, so the the atlanta hawks play the the the brooklyn nets tonight and indiana pacers play the knicks tonight, those of course are in new york city. that why is players were all in new york. dos that make sense. >> i'm sure more information will come out so we will update you on this story. on a lighter note. >> we are not doing it you wish your
9:37 am
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body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels.
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so april is autism awareness month. celebrities are doing their part to support the cause by doing the the twist letter challenge. we had a guess walking in to say is what the twistl er challenge. jimmy kimmel and rihanna completed the challenge. you take it and two people, they get as close as they can and then someone drops out. >> they nominate jj abrams and chewbacka to do it and cute couple this couple right here amanda and justin justin long. and instagram video that they posted. but they are a couple. then lena dunham anal son williams completed a video that lena posted last month a
9:41 am
lot of people are doing this. it will go to the new york college for autism which creates fund services for people with autism nationwide. because this is a thing that everyone is doing people are like alex and mike should do it. mike said no. we're outside on the street and do it with a stranger mike. >> okay. >> right at it. >> okay. >> yes. >> is what your name. >> where are you going. >> i have a meeting in city hall today. >> oh, yeah. >> hurry. >> that was fun. >> dang. >> i dot it done. >> does someone win in this challenge. >> i think i just won. >> do you want to do the twistler challenge. >> you put it in your mouth. put it in my mouth. >> here we go. >> wow. >> mike, you have to sell someone else to do it now. >> what. >> you need to challenge someone else. >> what do you mean. >> nominate someone else like with the als ice bucket
9:42 am
challenge. >> you have to go do it with somebody now. >> take and just grab somebody. he looks nice. okay. >> come on back mike. >> what a scam this is. >> i can see mike using this in the future. >> i just kissed two strangers. >> it is a good cause. >> it is for a good cause. >> that is because i look like william h macy. >> okay, let's get to the the the grammy award winning superstar and she's on good day this morning. in fact, she's here, chris michelle who will perform for us, that is next.
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9:45 am
♪ >> and this is the voice of chrisset michelle, one of her many hits, grammy award winning r and b song writer and she's on a mission. your voice when i hear it, it is amazing. heavenly. thanks so much for coming. >> thanks for having us. >> do you come to philly often. >> i do come to philly often. do i eat in philly often. >> i do a lot of eating here
9:46 am
too. >> yes. >> okay. >> cheese stake, right. >> you have to or chicken cheese stake. >> yes. >> how would you describe your voice. when i hear it i need a glass of wine, sit on the couch, lay back relax. >> my voice is like a glass of wine. two chains something about me and wine in one of his lyrics. >> two chains said something about you. >> do i like wine. >> okay. >> well, i love your song a couple of forevers. >> thank you. >> it is a beautiful song. when i hear it i think about love, marriage and a lot of people they like to play this song at their wedding. >> it is a incredible beautiful feeling. the it is golden. love is you. they play these songs at their weddings. it means maybe i'm supposed to get married some day. >> do we see a marriage coming up soon no maybe. >> please. >> yes yes, please. >> but i have to say speaking of weddings then, i was in south carolina. i was at this wedding.
9:47 am
i was helping to put it on. people came down. the bridesmaids. then the bride came out and you walk in. i took this picture. i was so excited. this is in south carolina. >> yes, it was so much fun to wear. >> in myrtle beach. >> the couple there treated me to so many nice things that day. >> yes. >> and they were so nice to me. it was so funny. i really enjoyed myself. >> i said my gosh i tried to go out and meet you but you ran away. >> i said no. >> now you are here. >> i'm so excited. >> so lets talk about r and b divas, because you are on that show. i know you did leave abruptly. i necessity there were family issues. it was that the reason why. >> i could not have my little brother on there i could not start a record label in that environment. we had so much fun. when i saw it veering over to the lefty said i have to go now before it got crazy. >> because, they always have
9:48 am
some kind of drama, just too much drama. it wasn't any and i saw it coming. i'm in the good with drama. it is not my thing. i love people that can do it. my mommies incredible. my brother is a amazing. i'm not into drama. >> you are like the the opposite because you are here to empower women. >> we're hanging out at w studios here in philadelphia we will do something called the symposium with some of my you tubers and bloggers. we are talking about empowering your entrepreneur ship through social media and celebrating each other as woman. >> pose and post symposium. >> okay. >> pose and you post it. >> it is all about, you know how to mesh business with fun on social media. having a personality, your brands and about meshing them together. i have courtney for fashion. i have the main choice. >> how do you get tickets. >> go to rich history dot biz
9:49 am
you are doing so many great things. >> /p and p for pose and post. >> you get them, type in the code stash fafh50 percent off discount. >> we get another deal because you will perform your new single. >> my friend simon. she's 19 years old. she goes to berkley college. >> wow. >> kudos to you, girlfriend. >> i will let you take it away. >> what is this song called. >> super chris. >> can't wait to hear it. >> thank you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:50 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:51 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:52 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪2xh@s!
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
i just captain stop thinking about her voice she has a new ep out and if you want to down load that it is great, you'll love it. crystal clear voice. >> shout out to a police officer who is watching the show today, rob hisham lower providence pennsylvania. >> he is call the bull dog. >> yes, say hi, thank you for your service. >> 9:55. >> couple months after surrounding the the fashion police died down it is really boiling backup to the surface. >> fashion police is a tv show
9:56 am
on e entertainment television. >> when they have events and red carpet they comment about the fashion. >> kelly osborne was on there. she quit. >> and then julie ransick is still there. >> is she quit to go. >> i don't know. >> even though kelly osborne get she's still calling out julie ransick for stuff this week. she blamed editing for her joke about sandaya, you remember, she talk about the fact that he was wearing dreads on the red carpet. >> she said the line why is he blaming an editor. >> yeah. >> are for not cutting it out of the show. >> part of the joke was edited implying it was out of context and that is why people got so offended. people said it is racist of her to say that. ransick blame editing kelly osborne sent out this tweet liars always get caught. >> as you say, shots fired. >> that is right. >> bam bam. >> throwing shots. >> yes. >> look at you. >> throwing major shade. >> but she didn't put it on
9:57 am
there, that was a sub tweet. we are assuming she was referring to her. >> they do not like each other. >> yeah. >> it looked like they got along taping the shows. >> yes. >> you you know how it the is when you turn lights on and tv you act like you like each other. >> oh, please. >> i love you you mike. >> yeah, please. >> and so, in honor of the start, e news compiled home list hot i and phillies made the list. >> cole hamels. >> here we go. >> so best looking ball players. >> number five. >> number four mike trout. >> so bryce harper is on there. >> our guy from millville, new jersey mike trout. >> um-hmm. >> and then another three, anthony wrecker of the mets. >> but number two hote ben reveer. >> wow. >> yes. >> he is one of the hottest guys in baseball. >> you know him. >> yes, i got to meet him at spring training. i have seen him in the flesh.
9:58 am
>> really. >> i got strangers to do it..
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." we're breaking down all of the craziest hot topics and "empire"'s resident bad boy bryshere gray is here and he's telling us about the breakout show and shocking finale. plus, you've got questions and she's got answers, in an all new edition of "ask wendy." ♪ now, here's wendy! ♪ >> wendy: yes! so good! ♪


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