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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  April 10, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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unaudible. >> disturbing video of an arrest in vineland this man ended up dying while in custody. is there a vigil held in his memory. more of that video taken by a man who saw it a all happen. big a announcement expect from former second of state and former first lady hillary clinton. how she could a a announce if she's running for president, hopefully when she makes that a announcement she does it more cleanly then i did just did. quincy harris is live in reading pa, with bill anderson . >> double the fun, okay. they are going to talk to them in a second. they don't joke around. lets get out of their way. >> we better move good a lot of discipline going on here and we are in the trying to interrupt. >> discipline and me don't mix. >> i'm here too. >> yes. >> we will be doing this all morning. >> two guys that need
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discipline. >> actually, quincy, truth be told is one of the most, i guess well behaved in our morning meetings wouldn't you say. >> yes. >> he is a quiet guy but still waters run deep. >> mike is in the corner, quit making jokes. >> they will not have all of the fun lauren johnson and scott williams is heading to the fair ground farmers market where they are twisting pretzels and serving up produce later this hour that would be fun good sue, we will head to reading this evening. >> we will have details on where we will be in a little bit. >> so how is the weather. >> here's the thing, for this afternoon we could see more thunderstorms popping up but since we are warmer today i went up to a seven from yesterday's four when we didn't get out of the 40's, again, so bus stop buddy is ready for the the rain. it is just as chilly as yesterday but we will get better later on.
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here's ultimate doppler, most of the storms have moved away but now we are looking ahead to the cold front which is now in ohio, and starting at your west virginia and around pittsburgh. 41 degrees, kind of foggy out there, 7-mile an hour breeze. scattered thunderstorms later in the day, a shower popping up at anytime but we should get to a high of 70 or maybe even 73 by the end of the afternoon depending on how much sunshine we will get. hard to believe we will see sunshine bob kelly because it is so foggy and yucky. >> it is just a yucky start, 7:02, we will begin with an overturn tractor trailer on the ben franklin bridge. sort of like a rerun of two weeks ago when we had same scenario. we are peeking through the camera at the the philly side right by lightening bolt here. ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia a. it is a parking lot right new from the jersey side up and over the span, it disappears through the the fog but at the base of the ben franklin
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bridge, right where we have sharp turn is where overturn tractor trailer sits and at times is there only one lane getting through. it is bumper to bumper across the entire span coming into philadelphia use either the walt whitman or bet thecy ross bridges if you getting ready to leave the the house rights now. even if you are not leaving for a while this isn't going away anytime soon. it will be with us through the morning. coming over betsy ross or even tacony keep in mind betsy ross in center city you then of to contend with the construction on i-95. only way to do it. just give yourself extra time or maybe delay that trip coming into philadelphia, so after the morning rush. ninety-five a parking lot from the betsy ross bridge on down. we have the spring fling. if you are going out to reading allow extra time with the weather but watch for that within lane traffic pattern who are on 422, between stowe and route 100, chris and alex,
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back over to you. bob, thank you this morning we are seeing frightening images of tornadoes respond ago cross the midwest. >> this video we are about to show you, from illinois, in the central part of the state. take a look at crews spending their day looking at debris to make sure no one is trapped. more than a dozen people had to be rescued in illinois after being trapped in the restaurant basement for an hour. look the at that funnel cloud. in northern illinois one person was kill and seven others were rushed to the hospital after being hurt. other tornado sight goes were reported in iowa. this was across the midwest. national weather service is still trying to confirm how many tornadoes touched down. lets take a live look at fair dale, illinois where one person died. hard to tell what we're seeing here because the sun isn't all the way up yet but we do know one person died in this town, and this is in the northwestern suburbs of chicago, here. now fire department reported at least 50 buildings have heavy damage in this community
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here so you see they are taking a look at the damage with the light. do you see flashing lights there? officials are trying to make sure they have everybody accounted for. >> with all that debris you never know, someone could be injured, perhaps died, so they have to be careful an go through basically, foot by foot, and call out, you can say in the midwest and parts of the texas did you ever see anything like this. >> i have not. difficult go to school in missouri and in the midwest there were a lot have of things when it comes to severe weather like this. we had bright lights trying to see, because time is of the essence trying to look for someone. you cannot wait necessarily for sun to come up. our thoughts are with them. >> a shooting leaves a security guard dead this starts when a man kidnaped a woman in washington d.c. yesterday. police shot and captured a man after a car chase. both he and that officer were
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injured and then taken to the hospital, of course, police say kidnapping victim is not physically hurt. 7:06. what started as a call for a disorderly person ended with a suspect dead. >> vigil is plan for a man who died in custody in vineland, new jersey. fox 29's steve keeley is live in vineland with the very latest on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: it is on schedule for 1:00 this have a afternoon and religious leaders organizing it hoping weather improves and attitudes of a lot of people improve by 1:00 this have after a noon for this prayer gathering. beginning together is the keyword. it is held to support both the police department here in vineland and family of the three two-year old philip white who died in custody 11 days ago after his arrest. the that has been also seen on video like so many other cases that have been in the news lately. >> it is crazy, man. i don't know why they did it to that man for no reason at all. he did nothing wrong. >> do you think they used
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excessive force. >> yeah, totally. no if's, and's about it, they beat that man for in reason. he did nothing wrong. >> i expect that the reports will demonstrate that there were no specific blunt trauma, or anything that was physically causing, mr. white's death. i also expect the toxicology report to demonstrate that he had ingested a mixture of unlawful or illegal narcotics, to wit, pcp, cocaine and perhaps other drugs as well, a combination that is normally lethal and a combination that would demonstrate and give reason, for his super human strength and bizarre, he seconder behavior. >> everyone involved today hopes it often offers both support and for the the family and for the police department who feel under the gun as well themselves like so many other police office's cross the country right now.
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vineland's police chief says he will be one of those attend to go day, clergy leader says this kind of of situation has torn other communities apart around the country so he hopes there is a lingering long term effect that last after today's gathering end that they see there is a a peaceful way to deal with potentially difficult situations, alex and chris. >> all right steve, thank you. >> according to the associated press, philadelphia international airport had 25 perimeter breaches in the past 11 years. so that is kind of the big fence around the property. there it is. >> not all airports released their numbers but 31 airport survey found a total of 268 perimeter breaches, a across the country since 2004. many cases cars intentionally or accidentally crashed the the fences, none were acts of terrorism. philadelphia reported 25, including one in which a driver went through a gate and on to a runway as plane was about to land, luckily, in one was hurt. >> i don't think you could
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ever, ever protect everything all the time. >> i think we are in the world where it is more cyber risk than physical security. i worry about that more tapping into computers. >> reporter: philadelphia era port officials say they have beefed up patrols since 2012. in the past few years there have have been just two incidents. now fired officer accused murdering a man in south caroline ace being held without bond at least until an august court hearing. new youly released dash cam video shows moments leading up to that shooting. walter scott was pulled over for a broken taillight in north charleston on saturday as officer michael slager was reviewing his information, dash cam video shows scott bails from his mercedes, they goes. police say slager that officer used a taser on him before shooting him in the back eight times as he ran away from him. initially slager told investigators there was a a struggle over the the taser. shooting was captured by a bystander. after watching that video
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slager was arrested and charged with murder. >> now that it is out there and we can see this happening all across america. i think there has to be a change. i want a change to come, not unrest but a a change to come. i think this video is not about the money but about the the change so that nobody else goes through this aim thing. >> our hope that is mr. scott's death and video that left no option but a murder charge is the catalyst for that change. >> i think we're proving that in south carolina our justice system is working. >> another man has also come forward saying slager taserd him without justification in 2013. although he was cleared at the time they are following suit. slager's tea fence team is conducting an independent investigation in the scott's death. slager faces three years to life if convicted. coming up on 11:00.
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german police are looking into whether a woman claimed to be a relative of the germanwings crash, to get free flights to southern france. can you believe this. the parent lufthansa organized special flights for victim relatives after the crash last month. according to a newspaper based in the town that lost 16 high school students and two teachers a woman flew to the region twice as lufthansa's expense after after falsely claiming to be a cousin of one of those teachers. police say they are investigating and will question this woman. lufthansa is look into what it appears to be a regrettable isolated case. the announce. many democrats and political junkies are waiting for could happen this weekend. >> we all have, right. word is hillary clinton will announce sunday that she is in fact running for president again. >> report comes from the new york daily news. the source say the the announcement will be made on social media. we have seen that already. that will be followed by a series of small events in key primary states. well, customers get to try
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on apple watch and test them in stores beginning today. wonder if we will see people camp out. >> for now all preorder are handled on line. official release date is april 24th, it is apple's first new product since ipad five years ago and analyst are waiting to see if non-apple users can be suede by this latest gadget. prices start at $349 it goes up to 17,000 for the gold version. >> will you get gold version. >> the the release date coincide with my mom's birthday. >> that is my birthday as well. >> april 24th. >> i knew i loved you. >> so cool. >> would you want this for your birthday. >> i don't know, why the reservation or hesitation. >> it is a $17,000. >> no, 350 bucks. >> well, i mean, i need a cuter one. i feel like they are bulky. my arms are short. i cannot have a big watch.
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>> bulky is in right new you. >> that is true. >> we will see. if sib gives to it me i will not complain. >> let's question the road again for spring fling we are hanging out in reading. >> so reading high school called and said fox 29 you have to come visit us. so we said, bill anderson and quincy harris, hopefully they don't end up in the principal's office. >> q is on his way there. he is about to be sent to the principal's office or at least some push-ups. >> we're here with r ot v. >> sergeant major wright, how are you doing. >> fine, sir. >> you have had that program for 18 years. >> that is correct sir. >> what are the requirements. >> well, we take any high school kid or student want to be part of the program. we will give it a shot. we give out 680 student. >> we have a guy here and you have experienced throughout the morning who need some discipline. is this the the type of program that can whip somebody like this into place. >> absolutely, sir. >> tell us what they are
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doing. >> i have my freshman drill team here. these are first year cadets, doing basic things. they have not even graduated in the uniform yet. once they come up here next year, they will graduate and get a blue uniform too. every morning we come up here at 6:00 o'clock, from september, to june in a practice drill until school starts. you have three groups. >> this is the the freshman squad over here. they are first year beginners this squad over here is senior group this team will compete for national championship at daytona beach, florida next fall. over here we have the female unarm team and they will compete also at the the national championship in daytona beach florida. >> you mentioned the female was unarmed team. some have weapons. >> there is just two different forms of competition. sometimes we have males that are in the unarmed teams.
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sometimes we have females in the armed team. it varies. predominantly unarmies female, and armies male. >> now, you were telling me some of these kid, they can do push-ups, right. >> absolutely. >> lets do a push up contest. >> okay. >> this is what we were talking about when we say q need discipline. >> okay. >> i got someone. >> how old are you. >> what grade are you in, sir. >> okay. >> i thought you said keep going. >> they are taking hat off and everything. >> be careful what you wish for. >> you got it. >> they cannot see how he destroys q. >> yes.
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>> so thinks part of it. they are in uniform now but some of the physical training. >> we have two days a week we have physical training. >> i thought segment was over, so we have to go back. >> take it easy on him, whatever. >> he is on the physical fitness team. >> yes. >> jelly doughnut team that is discipline we need. >> we will be here all morning, we are here with r ot c. there is a rumor q will be playing basketball. >> i'm ready. >> thank you you, guys. >> little out of breath there. did you notice his feet were spaced apart. >> that young man had them together. >> they mentioned jelly doughnuts. >> that got my attention. i thought segment was over. wrap, wrap i thought i heard wrap. >> good morning everybody. live look peeking through the trees of another overturn tractor trailer on the ben franklin bridge. same deal as about two weeks ago, that tractor trailer
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coming into philadelphia a, that sharp turn on the base of the bridge of the philadelphia side. you cane in the background here they are letting lanes through but take a look at this jammo, a jumbo coffee jammo here, it is a parking lot on the ben franklin from the admiral wilson boulevard up and over the span into philadelphia so basically we have four lanes, usually and now we're down to two with a lot of emergency equipment on the philadelphia identify of the bridge. try to use the walt whitman or betsy ross bridge if you are getting ready to leave the house right now, the walt whitman would be your best bet. if you come over betsy ross, you will then of to sit on i-95 south through that construction and already 95, 9 miles an hour, a one hour delay, from academy road. that is the the gang that typically uses i-95 every
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single day. they will not look too kindly on the company they will get here for folks over the betsy ross. head further south, use whitman, coming north on i-95 and that will give you access toward downtown. this is not going away anytime soon. it will be with us for the entire morning rush hour. look at the line up here in south philadelphia, we have phillies opening up a home stand tonight against washington nationals. they will play again tomorrow. flyers though play at 12:30, phillies at night, sunday will be a tough one phillies in there at 1:35. the changeover in the parking lot as phillies fans leave, the soul fans come in at four, and somebody sent me a tweet and said don't forget about the union they are playing down there at ppl park off i-95 with the 4:00 o'clock start. a lot of stuff going on sunday. hey can we put the top down on the car, sunday. >> yes, at last, sun will be back. as bob mentioned phillies and nationals start their weekend
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series tonight. things will improve as the game goes a along. the it could have lightening or thunder in the beginning, right around 7:05 when the game starts but things will improve and skies will clear, 66, as the first pitch is thrown. we have been looking at that fog all a morning long on bob's traffic cameras. only 1 mile visibility at philly international. not great here in the city. 1 mile in mount pocono. 1 mile in lancaster. the 1 mile visibility in millville, area of fog to slow us down this morning. temperatures are still chilly at least for this morning it will change throughout the the day. that warm coat you need this morning you will not need this afternoon. in the 30's, to the north of us, 41 in philadelphia wind are changing but we still have northeasterly winds keeping us cloudy and keeping drizzle and rain around. as soon as we switch to the southeasterly wind that is when warmer air will move in. we will have a chance to get up to 70 degrees, depend on
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sunshine we will get and then here comes the cold front with some thunderstorms firing up this afternoon i'm thinking between four, five, six or 7:00 are dangerous hours for those then are storms and where you see yellow there that is where watches are already in effect, temperatures will rise to about 70, 71 degrees but then are storms around five or 6:00. here we are at reading in the start of the 5:00 o'clock news we could have then are storms but don't worry we will get you through it and all get through it tomorrow and we will have a fun time, spring fling around 70 degrees today, 60's over weekend and no more of those high temperatures in the 40's, guys for the rest of the seven day forecast. >> thank goodness. >> how about this women typically get paid less than men but we also pay more for every day things. we will tell you just how much more we ladies shell out.
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i just can't stopped this rain but what i can stand is johnny gill, because he will be on the show, coming in the studio here in about an hour and a half. >> he extent you a cd and signed it. >> he has a new cd game change are. >> yeah. >> can you change this rain, that is what i'm asking him. >> i don't know if he has those powers. >> look at that suit. >> yeah have you ever heard of the concept that women pay more for the same products as men. >> it isn't right. >> it isn't right. >> jolean is in the fox business studios to explain gender based pricing. so when you go for an haircut, right, for a guy it can be 40 bucks. for a woman it is 140, it is least dick lust the markup. >> ridiculous and that is what you are seeing in drugstore, convenient stores across the country, according to business inn seeders which looked at
7:25 am
the 49 different states. they looked at things like those chic razor blade cartridge five pack for a woman cost a dollar more than men. shampoo markups, deodorant markup, all different things. neutrogena some anti wrinkle cream, the exact same product is at a premium for women as it is compared to men. when neutrogena was asked about this they said it is packaging or it is, the store that decide what the price is, but you can see all those little markups really do add up and it goes way beyond products. dry cleaning and other services too. >> well, it is just not fair. they cannot blame packages. you don't have to have different packages. >> right. >> yeah. >> so it is not just... >> interesting problem, yeah. >> it is in the just product but services as well, and when it comes to the products, i mean it is interesting when
7:26 am
you talk about dry cleaning. i have asked dry cleaners about this. i sometimes will take may dress shirt and sneak in the middle my wife's blouse and see if i can get the 1.75 fee and they catch it and blouse comes back like four bucks. i say why. it is different press and everything else. >> material. >> it is not just that, it is perception that woman will pay more. that is the real difference here. if you have more women consumers paying and voting with their pocketbooks and choosing lower priced items or buying stuff from the mens aisle maybe there can be a a change but if you do the the math a lot of money that is spent, plus the the fact that there is gender pay and in equality as well. >> double whamy for women. >> yeah good not the fair. >> i guess i'm buying mens products then. there we go, jolean kent. that is bad news, girls but what about this, forget about breaking the ice about that guy you noticed in the
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bar. is there always awkward moments when you first meet someone. is there a new app that promises to do it for you you. we are live in reading a all morning licensing we have folks at reading high school in the fair ground farmers market. if you are inner there top by and say hello.
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we are live at reading high school. we are hearing they are with the home coming king at reading high school. i think we will meet him in just a little bit. >> that could get crazy. >> yes. >> bill has a sword, quincy has a gun. >> good morning, happy friday. >> we are celebrating national sibling day. send us a picture of your sibling on twitter, facebook, instagram use that hash tag fox 29 good day. >> do you have pictures of your siblings. >> we have send them in. >> this is back in the day. >> yes. >> my brother in pajamas. >> this rain that we have been having, we have a perfect month, thinking a little sunshine, from the gang in lb thei, long beach eye lap, i will spin it around. it says have love your show. barry and terry minister again
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from, barnegat, new jersey hoping we can get that sunshine off of the mug and in the forecast here for the weekend. send us your mugs. we love seeing them. we love drinking coffee in the morning. coffee is what makes this entire place go round, right. >> amen. >> but it is great they have signed it because we will send them a mug that is signed. >> a mug in the mail later on. >> i thought you you were going to reveal that it was maple shade, for the the shaders. >> it is funny, difficult see that, i thought it would say maple shade but long beach island. >> can't wait for beach weather. >> yeah. >> okay. >> i think bob will start with traffic. >> lets do that first. go outside and do a live look at the jammo on the bennie. this is a live look at benjamin franklin bridge. an overturn tractor trailer on the philadelphia side of the ben franklin bridge causing a major backup here, from the camden toll plaza, up and over, into downtown at eighth
7:32 am
and vine. typically there are four lanes coming into philadelphia, right new there is only two on the philadelphia side. if you remember just a couple weeks ago we had same scenario during a a morning rush hour and it lasted all morning long. this is a repeat of what we had last time around. if you are coming into philadelphia, avoid ben franklin bridge for this morning, and into the lunchtime hour, use either the walt whitman or bet thecy ross bridge to coming into philadelphia here's a tip, if you come over betsy ross remember you now to have sit on i-95, south in towards the city. ninety-five is already a within hour delay from a academy into downtown. so hook up with the walt whitman, take 130 south, come over whitman and work your way back north on i-95 to gain a access into center city. this will be with us through the morning rush hour. weather delays at the airport, philadelphia checking in with 78 minute delays. new york laguardia checking in
7:33 am
with 55 minute airlines. who is ready for spring fling, come on lets go. if you go out 422, keep in mind there is construction there between that stowe and route 100 interchange. where it is down to only one lane. we have sky fox here going to give sue and alex a ride on the way out there later on. they will be out in reading. we will tell you where you can catch up with our crew. i know sue wants to stop at the the outlet. >> i have a a coupon. >> sue had has a coupon for either the outlet, how about you stop on the outlet on the way back we will drop you off there. sue, good looking forecast for the weekend, um. >> yeah, we will take a look right now at bus stop buddy before we get to the weekend because you know how it is, before into each life, before we get to the the sunshine we have to live through a little bit of rain. the bus stop buddy is ready for. that we see umbrellas out. even though i don't see much on radar in philadelphia it is drizzling out there in the weather by the numbers we have
7:34 am
a seven out of ten and then a look at ultimate doppler radar here. we have watched then are storms coming through a couple hours ago, all of those are gone, nothing showing up on radar but it is very damp and drizzly out there right now. cold front is coming, it is in pittsburgh right now you can see lightening east of pittsburgh that will touch off more around this area later on to daze. 41 degrees right now heading to 70 by end of the day. we could get rocking and rolling later on but pay off over the weekend wait until you see the seven day forecast. >> i can't not wait to sees that lets talk about this big in mess on the ben franklin bridge. bob has been talking bit but we want to see a ground view. >> overturn tractor trailer is causing a huge backup. look the at a the ground view from fox 29's sabina kuriakose, is a bean, what a mess. >> reporter: lets go right to the scene. you can see that tractor trailer right on its side here. traffic just getting by in
7:35 am
those two right lanes. the left lane still closed. we just found out that two people were rushed to hahnemann hospital, in word on their conditions. the port authority is responding here to this scene. this is base of the ben franklin right here at the the bend been and coming into this city, heading over to 76 or vine street. the traffic is down to two lanes coming in here two right lanes but it is moving better, then this morning. the not quite the parking lot but you can see that backup going right through and across the the bridge there. again, this is the same spot three weeks ago where another truck overturn. that truck carrying kiwis, be in hurt in that incident. today we know two people in this accident rushed to hahnemann hospital and we don't know their conditions. the delaware river port authority is responding and they are telling people to avoid ben franklin and try to head over into, using the the
7:36 am
walt whitman or the betsy ross bridge but you can see that tractor trailer completely on its side. police still controlling the scene but traffic just starting to get by, so a major backup right over across the bridge there. that is very latest out here back to you guys. >> more updates throughout the morning. well girls do you ever get to the bar but just too shy to ask that cute guy for that number. that is so me. there is an app that will help you out here. how you can get a wing woman. don't forget fox 29 will host the next mayoral debate watch it right here april 23rd at 6:00 p.m., watch it streaming on my fox and follow all of the debate news using the hash tag fox 29de ms debate. iain page will host and lucy noland will act as moderator.
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we have a big mess, overturn tractor trailer backing up traffic. >> this is traffic from new jersey over the bridge into philadelphia a so if you have to make it to work on time take walt whitman, take tacony
7:40 am
palmyra, anything but ben franklin bridge right now. whole dating scene, of course, can be tough. we get so stressed out. you see a pretty girl. want to ask her out but you get nervous. >> it is hard to go up there and start talking. for those who don't you can hire a wing woman to help you out. susan baxter is ceo of hire a wing woman. her company assists singles by helping them mingle and seal the deal. a business she started four years ago in boston. baxter has ten women with dating and image consultants and she says that she tells hundreds of clients. >> some clients say, you know, i don't have a problem a approaching woman, i need to seal the deal and get phone number and can you put in a good word for me. >> a a lot of women say my friend have have boyfriend and they are married and in one wants to go out. why not hire a professional. it will be that much better and they are in the competing with you. >> when we say hire a
7:41 am
professional you got to pay. it will cost about $82 an an hour for this wing woman. baxter plans to open up in chicago and washington d.c. no mention of philly just yet but she might be coming. >> how much things have change. one, you have the internet now. you have that developing. two, back in the day, a woman never approached a man. >> yes. >> the man with always have to approach would the man. now women, it is equal, women are going up to men and diagnosis for numbers. >> or purpose of the wing woman is you have have her go up and say something but that doesn't go over so well. >> would you be so inclined to have someone break the ice, a ice breaking service. >> i go out with mike jerrick. problem with him if you are a wing man or women he doesn't break the ice, slam dunks it, breaks it a apart, and throws it anywhere. sometimes it works in your favor, sometimes it is
7:42 am
embarrassing in general. >> you don't want to be guilty by so,. >> but he is my wing man here. >> absolutely. >> 7:41. >> lets turn to this, you know the name, she has been writing headlines and number one best sellers for the new york times since the 1907's but ten years ago she became big story herself. we're talking about jidith miller and her time spent in jail when she refusedded to reveal her sources on the outing of the cia agent. we will talk to her live coming up. lets get back to spring fling. lauren has made to it reading. >> we're in reading. check this out who look up early to come out, spring fling and we have put him to work. we will tell you how agriculture is key here and what it does for the community, all coming up in a live report. we will see you then. another live look at this overturned tractor trailer blocking traffic from new jersey into philadelphia, over ben franklin bridge, a live
7:43 am
report from mr. bob kelly is straight ahead.
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wries. welcome back everybody. we are looking live at the overturn tractor trail their a awaits your arrival, copping into philadelphia on the been franklin bridge. this happened about an hour ago, and, tractor trailer, coming over ben franklin bridge didn't make the turn, the way, quite intended, on
7:46 am
its side, two people, taken to a local hospital but this is causing major havoc for everyone coming into philadelphia, this morning. that uses ben franklin bridge. instead of the typical four lanes of traffic, there are only two lanes. although traffic is moving pass our camera here when we get to the base of the bridge, is there a huge, backup, that originates over on the new jersey side, coming n lets go to our penndot cameras, our jam cams, my traffic camera as you can see all the the headlights here, four lanes, are just stack and pack traffic, coming in towards philadelphia a. again, if you are typically using, and, ben franklin, admiral wilson boulevard, and, walt whitman or bet thecy ross bridges as your alternate. keep in mind if you use the bet iscy ross you then of to come south on i-95, and is
7:47 am
there already an hour delay. there to begin with from woodhaven all the way into downtown. so we have to typically have the follow thanks use i-95 to begin with getting more folks on board there and it is a in mess with only three lanes in the girard construction zone. best bet stay on the new jersey side go down to the walt whitman bridge, come over whitman and a take i-95 north in center city. eastbound on the schuylkill only a half an hour. schuylkill is cake walk half of the amount a of time on i-95. we have weather delays at philly international. so do check with your airline this morning and it is a busy day on sunday f you like to eat, um, um, um it is street eat festival in manayunk a along main street, 40 snack trucks, food trucks will be set up on main street on sunday. we have a few you of those, trucks coming here to "good day philadelphia", later to sample the goodies. the big question is what will
7:48 am
the weather be like in manayunk. >> it is so lenient, bob kelly because forecast is improving so much. by the the time we get to sunday it is excellent but today it is iffy out there. our spring fling is today, friday april 10th, isn't it, yeah. we're heading to reading. scott williams, lauren johnson, bill anderson and quincy are there it is about 49 degrees out there right now. probably get to 07, but we have showers and thunderstorms popping up but we hope you'll come out and see us, either now, or a little later on. all details of where we will be coming up. we will have a mile visibility at philly international, bob told you there are weather delays. that is part of the reason why a mile in wildwood, a mile in millville. we have temperatures in the the 30's, north of us and we have got a chilly morning but for a change unlike the past couple days we will not stay in the 30's and 40's
7:49 am
throughout the the after a noon. these win directions will be changing and we will have some milder air move in, it is not here yet. 7 miles an hour in philadelphia and foggy with those breezes. we have thunderstorms moving through overnight. that is out of here. now we will look out to the west and anticipate our next storm. all this yellow you see are severe thunderstorm watches, and that extend from west virginia, down through kentucky and tennessee as this storm system moves through. it does have some strong thunderstorms associated with it. we could see them firing up by end of the day to day. by the the end of the afternoon really, because we have a period of relative calm in between systems the the one that just passed through we will get to around 70 degrees or so and here we go around five or 6:00 those storms firing up. by seven or 8:00 they are at the the shore and then they are out of here and then we have a nice weekend for whatever you do outside especially on sunday. yesterday only make it to
7:50 am
43 degrees, raw and lane i. should have been at 62. we should exceed that with 70 degrees. 60 degrees tomorrow. sixty-eight on sunday. gusty breezes around tomorrow but we will still go with the ten up in the 07's gannon monday, tuesday, a chance of is some april showers but we won't have those extremely cold temperatures, alex and chris, at least not in the foreseeable future. look at that weekend. >> that is baseball weather, go phillies. >> our party in reading continues this morning. >> yes. >> we're very excited because we are going to lauren johnson. she's at the reading farmers market there. with scott williams. >> yes, i am. >> hey, guys. >> when we're down in philly we think reading terminal market. this is very different place. it is the same concept is. michael gave us a whirlwind tour. we are here with the mayor
7:51 am
vaughn spencer. hi, welcome to fox 29. >> thank you you are home grown. you know scott doesn't usually get up this early because he is on tv late. this is big for him. you are a home town guy. born and raised here. an educator for how many years. >> thirty-four years in the reading school district. tell people what it is like in the city. well, reading is going through revolval says, like many of the cities in pennsylvania but we have beautiful assets here, the mountains, the river, and, of course, thinks opening day for our 25th anniversary of the redding. >> have you seen this guy play the the trumpet. >> i have it out in my truck, maybe i will get it and participate in the jazz fest. >> you might to have get involved. >> can you make that happen, mayor. >> i might be able to. >> on thursday, friday, saturday you say this place is jumping. >> yes. >> people coming out here as you you can see there is a lot
7:52 am
of people coming out here right now. that is their peak time. there is a group of guys that i went to school with that we meet thursday mornings around 10:00 o'clock, and, of course, throughout the the day there is people in and out but this is reading's version of the terminal market in philadelphia. >> you got local, you got organic, you have seed over here, you have nuts, berries, everything. i will to have grab some of this food. we have fresh produce over here. they are busy working. folks are coming in. if you are in reading and berks county come on out to the fair ground market, we are here this morning. >> that is right. >> thanks for joining us. we will let you get back to work. you are up for reelection. >> yes, i am this year and looking forward to another four years of leading our city. >> good for you you. >> congratulations, thanks so much for having us. >> thank you for being with us. >> scott and i will fine some trouble to get into. >> eat some food, make some food. >> quincy and bill are at the high school. you used to teach at the high
7:53 am
school. >> i started out teaching at reading high school. >> they are having a huge party there. but we are having fun here too. chris and alex, we will go to break, we will be right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
let's check back at reading high to see where quincy and bill anderson are up to now, a hey guys, are you behaving. >> hey, we're on live news. we're doing the news right now. >> yes. >> reading high participating in the national day of silence, on friday, april 17th, if would you like to, participate please sign up, in room 243, before and after school, on the last day to sign up wednesday april 15th. and, they will get on sale to the public, tuesday april 7th and purchase by calling (610)926-6481 or at the door, to make it in more convenient
7:57 am
for staff and student ticket will be immediately at the school in front of the auditorium tuesday, up to and include april 17th. please support your talented student, and involve with the 2015 school song. >> it is her turn. >> our school store justin heights is in the process of being renovated and we anticipate opening within the next few weeks. this stories located on the first floor and room 126. there will be a table of discounted merchandise for sale in the main lobby on the night of the show, but sweat shirts, t-shirts and other gear will be sold in order to make room for new product line. attention, it is going fast. >> but we are hearing announcements. >> we will in order any more, come to room 128. >> now, i'll an ad some bantar. you know, the one thing i like
7:58 am
about jean day it is only $5. >> yes, well, it is for the teachers, so yeah. >> you got anchorman written all over. >> one thing i don't like about the teachers is when they wear jeans. >> why not, they are people too. >> well, in the during school hours. >> true, true. >> teachers aren't people during school hours. >> these guys are ready. i am hoping this is not q's thing. >> well, back to you guys in the studio. we will get back to live announcement. attention juniors. >> like a take over. that brings back memories. i used to do the announcements in high school when i started and got my love for doing journalism. hopefully these students are inspired for sure. good day it is friday, april 10th, 2015. dangerous deadly tornadoes touching down and tearing through midwest destruction right now in america's heart
7:59 am
land, plus this... >> unaudible. >> reporter: chilling word sandra bullock's stalk inner court, jury hearing that terrifying 911 call, what the man had with him when he was caught. and here we go another awkward moment for the vice-president, why does joe biden have a pacifier in his mouth, really? who this really belongs to. hey lauren. >> lauren and i are here in reading at fair ground market. we will attempt to make some pretzels, that is right. >> i can't wait. we have our own little cleaned off area here, we have wash your hand. >> we will see you later, alex and chris, back to you. >> you know sue, we trying to do that, it is not easy. >> it is in the. >> i have tried it a couple times. it looks easy but it gets all curled up.
8:00 am
mine wind up in a pretzel rods. >> yes. >> you can braid one easily than flipping flips. >> we are having a lot of fun for our spring fling. plus are we go to go do traffic first or weather first here. >> we will do sue first today. >> we have a number, yes, because it is, still drip py out there but will get milder by end of the afternoon. we will go with the seven. we are tired of four's. two in a row where we didn't get out the of the 40's. the here's buddy with the rain gear once again damp with drizzle right now, and most of our heavy rain and thunder and lightening is out of here for the the moment. check out is what on the way a line of strong thunderstorms moving through pittsburgh area right now, but we will see how long it takes to get here. we think five or 6:00 in the
8:01 am
afternoon. 42 degrees right now. seventy by the end of the day. maybe a couple peaks of sunshine. break in the action from the strong thunderstorms but keep that eye on the skies, bob kelly, a little later this afternoon. >> kind of tough to keep an eye in the sky here because we have the fog but we can see headlights, jammed will solid, coming into philadelphia here. it looks like they have ben franklin down to only two lanes coming into philadelphia, all because of that overturn tractor trailer that sits on the philadelphia side of the ben franklin bridge. this happened about an hour ago, when here's video from our news van here, traffic coming into philadelphia, it will be impacted for the morning. it looks like here panning over to the the side is this a live look here? yes, thinks a live look. that explains it. we have the the tow truck there now. they will try to upright this tractor trailer so to do so, they have stopped all traffic
8:02 am
coming into philadelphia, right there, on ben franklin bridge. so up until a few moment ago we add least had two lanes come into philadelphia. right now all traffic shut down coming into philadelphia the these folks will be stuck on the bridge. fuzz are leaving the house right now go for the walt whitman bridge. that is your best bet. betsy ross bridge an option but then you have to sit in the one hour parking lot on i-95 into philadelphia as well, chris and alex. let's get to sabina kuriakose right there where we have that live camera posted for the live camera. how does it look right new. >> reporter: in just a few second, talking to bob traffic just started up again. they have moved that tow truck back out. they are still working to try to get this truck upright. you can see these two right lanes have opened up just now. you can see that the two left lanes are still closed out
8:03 am
here. we do know that two people were rushed to hahnemann hospital this morning after this accident. we don't know, any word on their conditions. now, the port authority is responding to this accident. it is at the base of the ben franklin. right here at the bend been here. it looks like that truck just didn't make that curve and completely flipped over on to its side. as bob was saying the traffic is getting by here but it is misleading because it is completely backed up all the way through and up and over that bridge there. it is just get through but still annex stream delay now. i mentioned the same spot here three weeks ago where another tractor trailer had overturn right here in the exact same spot. you might remember that story, kiwi truck carrying cargo load of kiwis. we are hearing two people were rush to the hospital. earlier some initial reports that they were working to get the driver out of this truck.
8:04 am
that was very early. we have in the been able to confirm that with the drpa but as bob mentioned you want to avoid ben franklin if you want to head over to the betsy ross or walt whitman been was saying because of the situation on i the five, walt whitman probably the better choice there taking a live there there we have an intense active scene out here and police trying to figure out how to upright this truck and get it towed but they have crews on the scene traffic getting by at a crawl here just two right lanes opened, three lanes here, back to you guys. >> thanks, sabina. this morning storm victims in the midwest sharing frightening images of tornadoes as they turra cross the midwest. this video shot in roshell illness in the central part of the state. in the small community of fair dale up north. some stretches were leveled. at least one person was killed in that town, now officials are trying to find anyone who might be missing. >> a lot of light weight wait
8:05 am
houses didn't stand up very well to the high wind. some reenforced concrete block structures faired better than light weight wait. >> some were light weight wait, some were untouched and faired very well. some others, all that is lefties a foundtation. >> severe weather didn't stop with just these scary tornado sightings. >> look at that video, hail the size of tennis balls pounding kansas. that storm chaser caught in the middle of the storm capture this video of hail crashing into his windshield and nearly cracking it opened. 8:05. our next guest has been writing headlines since she joined new york times in 1977. then about ten years ago she became part of the headlines. >> in a new memoirs, story of the report are's journey, jidith miller reveals what led to her reporting of the
8:06 am
existence of weapons of mass destruction in iraq and perfect time spent in jail for in the the revealing her sourcing in the outing of, cia agent valerie flam at the time good morning, how are you. >> this book is back to the future for so many of us as we all talk about what we're finding and not find nothing iraq, tell us why you wrote this book all these years later. >> well, chris, the reason i wrote this book is we are about to make a deal with iran on nuclear technology to try to stop iran from getting a bomb. i know how wrong we got w m.d., how wrong the intelligence community got it wrong and i wanted to look back at the mistakes the intelligence community made, look at narrative that developed about that, look at the press's role in it to make
8:07 am
sure it doesn't happen again this time when so much is a at stake. >> i noticed you mentioned the word we. a lot of people said were you one of the main people that has been getting criticism and were to blame for the the war in iraq. >> wow, i wish i were that pur full, alex, i would have loved to have started or stop wars. i was just reporting what the intelligence community was telling the president and yet so many in the liberal media began saying president bush lied and people died. but that is in the whether happened. president bush was told that there was w m.d. in iraq. he was told that by an intelligence community with high confidence. i think he did the very best he could in what has turned out to be a disastrous war. that emphasizes the importance of getting this right, getting intelligence right, looking back at the role of the press, whether or the in the we help or hurt. i wrote store that is everybody was writing more or less the same stories which is
8:08 am
now forgotten. have we gotten it right right new, will we get it right with respect to iran great when you talk about getting it right what would you do differently since we're looking back when it comes to vetting sources or making sure we are telling an accurate story. >> i was really skeptical of my sources and mess of them were name. my critics said they were a in must. they were not. they were not senior officials this were men and women trying to grab well these estimates and figuring out what was inside the head of saddam. i covered the middle east for 20 years at that point. i looked looked a this man and brutal kill information a long time and i could not figure out what was going on inside his head but do i know i never lack skepticism and press was reporting what the intelligence community was telling the president. i was skeptical and others were but sometimes you just to have let more time pass until you can figure out what is
8:09 am
going on. what i wanted to to was to go back and look at that intelligence again. i was not permitted to to that by my paper and that is why we left. >> we have scooter libby up just before we showed his picture we showed valerie and her husband joseph wilson, an ambassador and she being a former cia agent. you were embroiled in that when you refused to testify in the grand jury investigating the leak and outing of valerie flame and robert novacs article. when you look back at those three months spent in jail what did you least fleck upon in jail and how did that in fact, influence the writing of have this book. >> i think that the jail experience was very important because if supporters aren't willing to go to jail to protect our sources, people won't trust us to come forward tell us things that we need to know that the american people need to know. i never have any regrets about
8:10 am
going to jail. i don't think reporters should be made to go to jail. that is why i was lobbying so hard for a shield law to protect us so that we can protect our sources. we still don't have that. the obama administration has waged a war on the media going after our sources, because like every administration they want to control the story, reporters have an obligation to protect the the truth and dot the best we can, making mistakes but without us it is very hard to imagine having an informed american public and a effective democracy. >> if for no other reason this book will be fascinate bug it looks like a inter expects for you asiana ward winning journalist. >> thanks so much chris anal evenings, nice to be with you. 8:10. mommy melt down alyssa milano has her breast million confiscatedded at license on's
8:11 am
airport. her twitter tirade. a young with man in need of the bone marrow transplant. she's taking her story on a year long road trip across the country. how you she hopes to turn regular people into heroes. blank. it is national sibling day. we are seeing great pictures here. this is from sophia. >> yes. >> and this is the new digs lincoln. >> send us your pictures using hash tag fox 29 good day. lets see some embarrassing pictures. those would come from the good day staff.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
find me in this picture. just a couple of years ago. there we still actually look like that my brother, michael will my sister ann marie and my sister beverly with my mother, this is just last year on her 80th birthday. so i have embarrassed just about all of us right now, happy national sibling day. i hope you guys are not mad at me for showing that picture. they are all in baltimore. maybe they didn't see. spring fling is today.
8:15 am
we have seen lauren johnson, scott williams, quincy and bill anderson. it is only 40 degrees but you we expect to be close to 07 by 5:00 o'clock when thunderstorms will start rolling through. alex and karen hepp and scott again and i will see you later on today. temperatures are in the 30's and 40's. it is still raw, rainy out there and very drizzly at the moment but we still expect to get to 07 degrees. pay off is weekend weather even with the gusty breezes tomorrow, it will be fabulous, high of 63. sixty-eight on sunday, two, ten's for weekend and even milder on monday, and in of those temps in the 40's are coming back for at least the next seven days, bob kelly. >> rough go here. hopefully it won't take seven days to get across ben franklin but live look at bennie stacked and pack from the new jersey side up and over into downtown all because of an overturn tractor trailer that sits on the philadelphia
8:16 am
side of the ben franklin bridge. live look from our news van, tow trucks there, on the scene, but they will have to hand off load that cargo before they actual a tempt to up ride it, causing a major backup coming in towards philadelphia. anyone who typically uses bennie, use the walt whitman or betsy, whitman will be your best bet because you'll be able to come into philadelphia and take i-95 north, up into center city if you use betsy ross, you have to sit in a within hour parking lot on i-95 a along with everyone else that using i-95 through that construction zone at girard avenue. chris and alex, back to you. well, our next guest are here in philadelphia as part of the campaign to create an awareness for need have bone marrow donors. >> this is just one of the stops. they are hitting all 50 states to support this cause really close to their hearts because of a very special 22 years old. >> i'm sam kimor-a i'm 22
8:17 am
years old from louisville, kentucky. he i was 17 i was diagnosis with a plastic anemia. it was incredibly hard on my family. i was a healthy high school athlete and this just came out of in where. the only cure for this is a bone marrow transplant. i'm alex kimora and co found are of sharing america's marrow. sharing america's marrow to register bone marrow donors to get people excited about their opportunities to save a life. >> i'm's taylor and i'm's sam and alex's best friend. we are at university of city, and, very different, real, test on on spirit. >> and, america is about bone marrow donation. it is a scary, and that it can save somebody's life.
8:18 am
>> yesterday at the bone marrow drive we registered 248 potential life savers. >> this is what 248 potential donors looks like. >> wow. >> there is the goal, more than 100 cities. now we are here with alex and taylor. good morning. >> good morning. >> now, sam was supposed to be here. how was she doing this morning. >> she's not feeling too well. she will just take time off and recover. >> she's in philly or back home in louisville. >> she will take a break. she has severe a plastic anemia and it effects her body. makes her very tired. she has to be very careful. we are just watching her. >> so tell us about a plastic anemia. when was she first diagnosis. >> in 2010, a rare, bone marrow failure disease where body stops produces bone marrow which produces red and white blood cells and platelets. she could in the fightin next. they gave her six months to live. >> you say rare, just 500
8:19 am
cases diagnosis in the u.s. a year. >> that is right. >> when this happened five years ago it change your lives. here we are five years later are you getting worried for your little sister. >> yeah, when she doesn't feel well, like now. it is hard to know she's still sick. she's my best friend. she's my sister. neglect that she is till fighting this disease and it is very scary. it prompted to us do this entire trip. we did not want to sit around waiting for her, to get sick again. we wanted to do something bit and everything we can to save her. >> so great you guys have come together. a lot of you don't realize how rare and hard it is to find a match. the fact that she was diagnosis in 2010, five years ago and still has in the found a donor. >> that is right. >> what are you doing to get donors. there is so much confusion about donating bone narrow. >> it is really hard to find a match for a bone marrow transplant. there is four out of ten
8:20 am
patients can find a match they need on the registry, 70 percent have have to go to the registry and rely on a strange tore donate to them like in sam's case and only four out of ten find that match because there are not enough people in the registry. we are signing people up. just a consent form and cheek swab and takes five minutes of your time. you can be the one person in the world that can save a patient's life and be their cure. >> if you are a match what do you do then to donate your bone marrow. >> there is misconception that is come in. 75 percent of the time it is a lot like donating blood plasma or platelets. they pull blood out and return to it your arm. >> it sound easy. >> it is exactly what it is. >> it is very easy. is there a 25 percent of the time where they take marrow, take marrow from the back of the hipbone and it is done in an outpatient procedure. you don't feel anything. you go home. it takes within to two hours for that procedure. people we talk to say they are
8:21 am
little sore in their hip for a few days but they would do it in a heartbeat. >> it is worth it, it is saving a life. >> so tell us about that event. it will be at drexel university today. >> ten to 2:00 at drexel and 11 to 2:00. it just takes five minutes to get a cheek slab to join the donor registry and they can potentially safe a life ape a meet us. >> philly, let's be the match. the wouldn't that be awesome. >> please tell her we're thinking of her. >> so great that you guys are doing this. >> 8:21. well, many of us swear by uber and now companies rolling out a new service how it is hoping to prevent drunk driving. plus another awkward moment for the vice-president are, why does joe biden have a pacifier in his mouth? who this really belongs to next.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
what is the cheaper one,
8:25 am
x. >> i am an x girl. >> yes. >> so now the car sharing company has a new program to prevent drunken driving this is important stuff. >> uber released you tube video explaining uber safe. they set up a kiosk on the streets of the toronto. after you blow in the machine uber will be called for free. >> so thinks just for uber at this point. >> yes. >> and spokesmen says the response to uber safe, has been overwhelmingly positive so far, and hopefully this will soon be available in america. the it is a great idea. >> anytime to keep people safe it is a fantastic idea. so how about this, with we have all heard saying it is like taking candy from the baby. vice-president joe biden is proving it is just as easy to steel a pacifier. how about this. michael bloomberg's ceremony in washington yesterday, biden grabbed the former mayor's grandson, and, stuffed a toddler's pacifier in his mouth. well, child's mother capture
8:26 am
the playful moment on camera and posted picture on facebook with the caption that read what is a bye to do when the vice-president steals your pacifier. vice-president or not, i wouldn't want my pacifier put ago this pass fair back in his mouth, some dult sticking a pacifier in his mouth. >> you have to wash it off. >> he is just having some fun, as usual. so back to the spring fling we will check with lauren. are you twisting pretzels yet, scott williams too. >> hey, we didn't necessity were you talking to us. so we're here at breakfast. hey, chris murphy. you are jealous because you like to eat. michelle, michelle, rusty huge fox 29 fans. you are asking where is scott williams. let the me show you. scott williams is busy at work because we heard about these pretzels out here so we put him to work. how is it going.
8:27 am
>> i'm getting my form together. i'm making some attempted pretzels. we will talk bit at the break.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
yesterday, some powerful thunderstorms with tornadoes moved through, fair dale, illinois, which is in the northern central part of the state. this is a look, at some of the drama, of what happened yesterday, unfortunately one person died during those tornadoes but so many popped up, national weather service will be out there confirming a lot of that today, but yes, that same system is heading our way. here's bus stop buddy and ready for the rain whenever it happens, we're wondering if we will see that sunshine in between systems. seven out of ten. we had some rain moving through earlier this morning when we first got here at 4:00.
8:31 am
now we are looking at out west and this is same system that blasted through northern illinois yesterday and you can see lightening here as the leading edge moves toward the center of the state. a few more hours away and just gray, cloudy, 42 degrees. we will get to 70 but watch out anytime i would say have after 4:00 o'clock watch out for pop up then are storms, bob kelly. >> 1:31. good morning everybody. we are live on the philadelphia side of the ben franklin bridge. we need some help, this overturn tractor trailer has been causing havoc coming into philadelphia we have big rig on the scene here to try to upright this tractor trailer but it a has been causing delays all morning long, on ben franklin bridge where again all traffic stops passing the accident scene. here's a live look at ben franklin bridge backup mid span here in to philadelphia folks have been watching all morning long and trying to get
8:32 am
to other bridges. the walt whitman is your best bet. from there you can go into philadelphia, and come north on i-95. if you go over the betsy ross you will to have sit in the one hour parking lot on i-95. that is typically there, for the morning rush hour because you have the construction zone down here, heading in towards girard avenue. so again head for whitman, that would be your best bet. we mentioned it is national sin blink day. >> yes. >> ready. >> you have siblings. >> i have three younger sisters. >> lets go to the way back machine. >> is that you with the glasses on. >> that is me with the glasses. >> happy easter. >> can we zoom in on your face. >> on my easter outfit. >> i wore a tie back then. that was my powder blue suit, i wish mike was here to see them. >> can we take that further. >> i had platforms going on. >> yeah. >> look at that. >> that was my saturday night dance party outfit. that is my sister from the
8:33 am
left karen, and then karen on the left. chrissy in the middle and sharon is on the right. >> the youngest. >> yes. >> so now if you look at the two girls on the right, my mom always made the dresses so they always had one pattern, at the material store and made all of the dresses. i got my suit on edco on frankford avenue right underneath the market frankford el. who remembers ed co. >> i love it. >> thanks for sharing. >> wow. >> now back to you. >> lauren johnson is, hanging out at fair ground farmers market in downtown reading. we have to check back in on the scott. we want to see these pretzels he's trying to make. >> well, good morning alex and chris. we are here at fair ground farmers mark in reading. we have my man here m erv.
8:34 am
i know sue attempted this several weeks ago. lets see if my form is better than hers i'm not doing that well. we have the the strip of dough. >> housedog good he is getting there. >> it is his first day good what is this you wouldn't fire him if you hired him on day one. >> not yet. >> i take this and i go, right around this piece of dough right like that. >> mike our photographers say you are like your play dough days having fun. >> flash back memories. this is edible, play dough is edible too. that is pretty good. >> how long would these bake for. >> you put some salt on top. >> there you you go. >> i don't know about that. >> what about this big block of butter behind scott. >> you have to check this out. >> alex and chris, take a look at this, how many pound is this. >> 55 pounds.
8:35 am
>> that is a a lot of butter. >> how long does that last. >> about a day and a half good a day and a half, amazing. we will show you more on the pretzels as well a as organic produce we have here. we will take you all around the fair grounds market here in reading, guys, back to you a lot of butter. >> i'm getting a heart attack looking at that butter. >> when you go to the movies do you get butter in your popcorn. >> yeah, i need butter. >> a big weekend at the box office, scott eastwood, i think he might be the sexiest man a alive what do you think. >> do you find him sexy is that what you are saying. >> i do. >> longest ride, however, is is it worth it? is it worth your money. >> plus. >> we are saying that this morning because johnny gill is in our studios this morning, he is all his hot new album we will talk about it in a
8:36 am
bit. >> no one can top bob's picture but we want to see yours. yes, use the the hash tag fox 29 good day on national sibling day. >> this is from wayne, cute one, brother and sister hanging out. here's another good one, love luke, james, stella happy national siblings day. >> what is is he doing there. >> looking for something. >> i'm just saying. >> digging for gold.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
they have just uprighted the tractor trailer and traffic again is starting to move but is there only two lanes opened, coming into philadelphia, on the ben franklin. although traffic is slowly moving past our camera, it is backup from the admiral wilson boulevard up and over the span, all the way into philadelphia, head for the walt whitman, that is the way to go, if you are coming into
8:40 am
philadelphia, chris and alex, back to you. now fired officer at center of the deadly police involved shooting in south carolina remains jailed, charged with murder. this is newly released dash cam video that shows what happened in the moments leading up to that shooting. video shows walter scott being pulled over for a broken take light saturday. he gets out, and then gets back in under orders from now former officer michael slager. moments later scott makes a run for it. police say slager used a taser on him before firing eight times, slager initially told up investigators there was a struggle over that taser but when they reviewed cell even if video they charged him with murder. investigation will be discussed on "fox news" sunday with chris wallace this weekend and he joins us with a preview of that panel. when you look at the that video shot the bye-bye stander with that cell phone it is hard to believe that he is shot the in the back multiple times. >> i think if you count number of shots it is eight, good morning to you, chris.
8:41 am
terrible video. we have heard in the case of ferguson that a a lot of the claims being made by various witnesses, that michael brown was shot while running away with his back to the police office ever and turned out in the to be true but this is a case where it does seemed to have been true and we have to hear all of the evidence but there sure doesn't seem to be anything that justified that deadly use of force which is why the north charleston police immediately fired him, immediately charged him with murder and being held without bail which is very unusual for a police officer. >> it begs the the question, chris, and you made the connection to ferguson, missouri. if that bystander had not been there and rolled on the video and brought it to police and later an attorney, how might this investigation have been much different and how might fate of this officer been much different. >> well, it is a very good question and i think one we have all been asking
8:42 am
ourselves. the facts are different because in the case of ferguson we knew from the autopsy that michael brown had been shot coming forward. he we knew he was in the shot in the back. in this case he was shot multiple times in the back makes it more questionable. it would have been very hard for investigators to prove that it seemed to be as questionable and i'm's being very careful here, as questionable a use of deadly force as it seems to be here. absolutely, and it only increases the demand on body cams on all policeman. you see what happens. it isn't just a question of he said, she said or in this case when a person is dead, it is just one side you are hearing. >> exactly, however when you see that video as you look forward to potentially of course a murder trial here, how do you assemble will a jury had that has in the seen that video that is a big question that remains and one i'm sure you'll address on "fox news" sunday. chris wallace, thank you for
8:43 am
your time. >> let me quickly say we will have bob menendez the senator of new jersey on the hoe, maybe his first interview since being indicted. we will talk about his fierce opposition to the president's policies on cuba and iran, so a very special "fox news" sunday. >> a great get with everything going on and controversy surrounding him. thanks chris wallace. sandra bullock's stalker in court chilling nine is 11 call from her class it. plus what the man had with him when he was caught.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
we are hearing the phone call sand contract bullock made asking for her after someone broke into her home in california this was played yesterday in the california courtroom. >> unaudible. >> i can't not imagine what she was thinking. he is accused of stalking bullock and break nothing to her home. corbett was unarmed when arrested but carrying love letters and magazine cut outs of bullock. corbett was charged with possessing several firearms and ammunition which were later found at his home. >> it is so scary and creepy
8:47 am
at the same time. >> let get more details, now. >> with dax, hey, dax. >> good morning guys, how are you. >> fine, but again, it is these stalkers and how possessed they are and sneaking into sand that bullock's home. remember david letterman had that stalker sneaking into his home multiple times. was she hiding behind a safe door inside of her home. >> no, she was just inside of a closet. apparently the guy got in. if you listen to that whole 911 tape she said guy has made his way up in the attic and she was just waiting for the cops to arrive. she kept asking are they here yet. she would hear a income on the door. is that them, please tell me that is them. he wants to get out as fast as she can. just a really scary situation. you can hear tonight her voice. she wants this whole ordeal to be over with. this guy right now is facing 19 felony counts. he has first degree burglary,
8:48 am
first degree stalking, he has possession of the machine gun, he has a a lot that is going against him and i can tell you that the the jury listening to this audio, if i was a juror i would be like okay, i got my decision you can barely recognize her voice, i mean how long does it take. >> it is not that long maybe a minor two but that is a long time when you have on one in your house in your attic and fearing for your life good to be clear the weapon wasn't on him when they went back and search his home they found all kind of weaponry. >> they found a whole arsenal of guns and ammunition, all kind of stuff at his house. >> let's talk about taylor swift. she revealed some news about her pot mother. >> really sad news. she tweeted out to her 56 million fans that her mother, was diagnosed with cancer. she didn't want to get too in department into what we're
8:49 am
doing and what kind of cancer but she was actually urging her mother to get a checkup. because of that checkup she was diagnosis with cancer. i want to put this out there so it let everyone else know urge your parents to get checkups and urge them to have these regular doctor visits, and she says she has a tough battal head but she's a fighter. her mom wanted her to put this news out there because her mom was like people will see i'm not at her concerts and i want them to know why i'm in the supporting my daughter. >> good reminder to put the message out there. she does after a lot of pans. >> 56 million followers. >> she does good thanks, dax, have a good weekend. >> thanks, guys. lets check back with quincy because now he is doing a slam dunk contest. you know he is evolving. >> yeah, quincy is too busy playing basketball right now, he cannot stop and talk because these young guys at reading high school basketball team are giving quincy the
8:50 am
business. hopefully his angle survived what business to happen to him right new. we have been here all morning and we will continue to be, we have to shoot on camera, we will be right back, keep watching, we're here at reading high fox spring spring.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
we have breaking news in the fox 29 news room college basketball player lauren hill has died. you will remember we told but lauren, a brave 19 year-old who gained national attention when she played games this season despite battling a brain cancer. she played division three mount st. joseph's school. the the school moved up their basketball season to allow lauren to play games if she could still do it. lauren was diagnosis as a senior in high school but still decided to go to college and play for the school, again lauren hill was just 19 years
8:54 am
old. >> poor kid. 8:53 is the time. the lets get an update from bob and big issue with the bennie. >> you got it, good morning. 8:54. here's a live look the at the news van on the scene. this overturn tractor trailer that has been causing headaches all morning long for motorist coming into, philadelphia. this tractor trailer flipped over as it a attempted to come into philadelphia early this morning at around 6:30 or so. same spot as about three weeks ago, what they were able to do is upright the tractor trailer, push them behind the barriers so it looks like traffic is flowing a little easier then it has been all morning long. but you right the new because folks have have watch us all morning before they left the house, they are using either betsy ross or walt whitman, the the betsy ross motorist obviously to have sit in that traffic jam on i-95, that brings you southbound. there is a a one hour delay south on i-95 from cottman
8:55 am
avenue into center city, chris and alex back over to you. thanks, bob. welshing johnny gill is in the studio this morning, i was just talking to him in the break. we will have have fun with him today ape plus talking about his hot new album up next. >> everything he does is hot.
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8:58 am
a little chris isaac here. >> moving through the aisles, in reading here at the market. >> now you are making me hungry. >> we are doing spring fling all day on this friday and all evening. you and sue will be heading there this evening. there is lauren johnson with scott williams. >> they are eating. they have been all around the food. >> tough assignment. >> they are showing off. >> look at the that.
8:59 am
>> we will check back with them later. >> good day to you, you made to it friday, april 10th, 2015. >> my, my, my. >> yes. >> we will have some fun. we will tell but tonight a second. what about this mommy melt down, yeah, a alyssa milano has her breast milk confiscatedded and her twitter tirade after security snatched her container. >> we were on a break. >> we were on a break. >> we were on a break. >> we were on a break. >> ross from friend has one of the most famous breaks in tv history. so can go on a break help a relationship what scientists say straight ahead. guess who is on good day this morning. grammy many in nateed r and b singer johnny gill is in our studio. oh, yeah. >> he has his shirt on. >> yes, he has his shirt on now. >> yes. >> hey there, johnny.
9:00 am
>> so we cannot wait to talk to you later but we will solve fun with you. you'lle in just a little bit. but when it comes to traveling. >> yeah. >> sometimes you get frustrated when it comes to airport security. >> there is nothing worse then when you have children trying to travel, by air. >> my goodness. >> so, actress alyssa milano went into a fury when they say they made her take the breast milk out of her bag this happened at lon on's heathrow airport. you know her from whose the boss and starring in the mistresses. she was traveling without her baby. she had the pump. after she did she detailed compactly what happened on twitter. >> so heath row airport just took my pump breast milk away, 10 ounces gone, not the okay. then another one they said they would let milk through if i had babe which me. why would i need pump if i had babe which me. she tweeted directly to


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