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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 10, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> hey there johnny. >> so we cannot wait to talk to you later but we will solve fun with you. you'lle in just a little bit. but when it comes to traveling. >> yeah. >> sometimes you get frustrated when it comes to airport security. >> there is nothing worse then when you have children trying to travel, by air. >> my goodness. >> so actress alyssa milano went into a fury when they say they made her take the breast milk out of her bag this happened at lon on's heathrow airport. you know her from whose the boss and starring in the mistresses. she was traveling without her baby. she had the pump. after she did she detailed compactly what happened on twitter. >> so heath row airport just took my pump breast milk away 10 ounces gone, not the okay. then another one they said they would let milk through if i had babe which me. why would i need pump if i had babe which me. she tweeted directly to
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heathrow's twitter account and they had a bit of the back and forth. >> in response the the airport says unfortunately without a baby present the government requires all liquid in carry ons to follow the 100-milliliter rule. heathrow referred milano to an outline of the policy on line with a link after milano kept coming back at them. here's a link to make you feel better. it is interesting. i know which me wife would pump, sue that stuff is precious. it takes forever. >> yes, a lot of work initial to that. >> how many ounces of it. >> 10 ounces, wow. >> well, that is a lot. rules are rules but hormones are hormones. i don't blame her for kind of blasting out on twitter about it because you have to vent to somebody and what better place than twitter. >> i'm not buying the airport's version of this i know rules are rules but without the the baby.
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>> really. >> because here's the deal, if you are traveling sometimes you don't want to just break out the the breast you would rather give the baby the pumped milk. >> it is a stupid rule. i didn't say it was a stupid rule but you have to pump you have to pump. >> how comfortable are you talking about breast milk sue. >> in the really. >> we are having fun. >> but i understand post partum hormones and how anything can get you. >> not only hormones but sleep deprivation. >> i would say i'm in my 17th year of postpartum so anything can set me off too. >> don't cry. >> don't get mad. >> i know. >> well sue, alyssa a milano issued a statement saying she understands it is not the biggest shall you in the world and she does not blame security officials for doing their job but breast-feeding a
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miracle, the milk was hard. so hopefully she thinks this will bring some awareness to this policy and maybe they will switch it up. >> maybe we'll. >> um, um, um. >> lets get back to reading high school where the school is up and ready to party. hi, quincy. >> quincy is there with bill hi guys. >> i can work while quincy is playing. >> i saw that shot. q is here playing, out there with the team from reading. guys are shore their skills. we have the coach here good morning. >> good morning how are you doing today. >> team looks good. tell us bit. they have skills. does q have have a spot with the team. >> i saw q's defense this morning. defense always has a team here at the the r. >> at the end of the bench. >> we have to get him new sneakers, we will be all right. >> q, you said they were scared of you this morning. >> riley walker, he didn't come to school. he is a tenth grade stan out
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here. i wanted to challenge him. he got scared. he got scared. >> he sent me a text this morning and said he was a bit nervous, with you coming but we have other representatives here for him. >> now donyell marshall. >> yes, within of the greatest still coaching, still teaching the game. it is a blessing to be part of his legacy here. stewart jackson leading the way in the nba front offices and as i said being part of the legacy is a blessing. >> we are shouting out to the fellows but we have ladies too. we have someone running for miss pennsylvania as well. >> yes, mara nelson one of our managers, she's a junior this year, also a basketball player going for miss pennsylvania. just an all around athlete, student athlete and she really represents what all of our student athletes do. >> we will continue to be
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here. q will take the the shot. thank you, coach, we appreciate it. fox 29 spring fling at reading high school. keep watching. >> loud and fun. >> they are having a great time. >> so then lauren and scott. >> they are basically eating. >> they are at farmers market in downtown reading, hi guys. >> so yeah, chris scotties busy. we are here at the dutch bakery. you tell people you are in reading pennsylvania. everybody says you have to go to the bakery. we came back here. delores put scott to work. delores, you have been in business 25 years. you told me last year for easter how many egg cakes did you sell. >> we sold 2000 egg cakes. >> how do you prepare for crowd that big. >> not easy, we work day and night to get things done and my decorators are excellent. >> what tips did you give scott for this big order that he is filling right now. >> i showed him how to put the paper in the box what box
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to use and he is doing a real good job. >> i heard from the customers he is doing a little slow. but he is doing great. your stan is one of the busiest in here. is it always like this. >> yes, it is what time do you get things started. >> we have people coming in early in the morning because we have people come to us like four or 5:00 in the morning because they are going to work and taking their things to work. >> you told me sometimes people come in here and get the a hundred dollars worth of baked goods. >> yes. >> is what your favorite thing if you can pick one, because i'll try it. >> i don't know, i think cinnamon cherry top is our best seller. i don't eat them because i have have diabetes. >> i'll try. that mike and alex, chris and alex, i will find something to bring you both back because you are stuck in the studio. >> please do scott has his order. how long. >> not long a minute and a half. >> he did well,. >> he did well delores said.
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>> will you bring back goodies. >> it depend what you want. i don't know your rules about food do you like check late, sprinkles. >> i will take check late glazed right there, next to the one with the sprinkles boom. >> jumbo 350. >> well, get your hand off of it. >> they have gloves. >> i have on gloves, dude, yes good welshing thank you for thinking of us. >> she's always busting my chops. >> we can this be way after the show from then on you are on for six hours by the time you are done. you walk up there. they come in with food. youe that food. you go my goodness. >> owe yeah. >> ♪ my, my, my that food taste good tonight ♪ >> yes. >> oh my goodness that is how it feels, chris.
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>> yes. >> how about this, johnny, when you take fresh bake check late chip cookies out of the oven for the first time and you smell them but you can't eat them because would you burn your tongue. >> ♪ it makes you want to say, my, my, my, my, my, my, they sure taste good tonight ♪ >> i want a cookie, i want a cookie, cookie. >> yes yes, oh my goodness a lot of times chrissy think about when you are first dating somebody and getting ready for the date. you spend one hours getting hair right and make up. you see him sitting at the table. >> it makes you want to say, my my my my my my, my, my my, my, my my, you sure look good tonight ♪ >> that is it.
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>> that is it. >> that is what it feels like. >> but after that moment it really goes downhill from there because, according to new research 50 percent of couples they break up, and then they get back together again. so probably the most famous break in his there i happened between ross and rachel from friend. >> right. >> i don't know, i don't know, look, maybe we should just take a break. >> we were on a break. >> we were on a break. >> we were on a break. >> we were on a break. >> oh, my gosh for ten seasons ross and rachel battle over the definition of the break. the ross meant break up while rachel thought it was taking a breather. when they a say break i think that is just, a dramatic pause before you take the up part, break, part, up. you are talking about break up. >> do you know what a breather is. that is a chance to go date other people for a while and
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play around. >> you just want a hall pass. >> johnny what do you think. >> what is a break verse a breather. >> it is a hall pass. >> exactly. >> that is what he wants. >> so another with the same relationship status a break, u.s. weekly is reporting that emma stone and andrew garfield are pumping breaks on their three-year coupling, three-year relationship. others close say break is due in part to their work schedule. >> to go back to that shot real quickly can we do that, here's the deal. when i look at hair, like that guy, i'm trying to keep what i got. johnny, when you look the at a guy's hair like that my, my, my i wish i had that hair. >> this is what happens. chris goes home looks in the mirror and shows his face and then he says. >> my, my, my, my, my, i want
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hair like that tonight ♪ >> my, my, my my, i want hair like that tonight. >> oh, my gosh. >> exactly johnny. guess what i'm doing after the show getting me a haircut. >> it is all messed up now. >> along with six boys in north carolina she's expecting baby number seven this summer. baby number seven. family threw a special party complete with a gender reveal cake where it is a secret for the couple but you tell the the baker i give them result, it is blue fit is boy pink if it is a girl and you you don't know this until you cut in. everybody else knew a baby girl was on the way. >> except the mom. >> when she cut into that cake, look at this.
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>> this is hilarious. the new baby girl is set to join the very big family sometime in august but you know if they are going on number seven, when she went to her husband and was like i was having another one. you no what he he probably says. >> ♪ why, why, why why we got enough here tonight ♪ >> that was probably it. that is probably it. >> that is what i was thinking, johnny, why. what is the the point. >> that is great. >> they are probably listening your music, johnny gill, it is your fault. >> between you and barry white for blame. >> my gosh good well, speaking of kid, today is national
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sibling day. we have been showing pictures all morning long and bob kelly, i think he won the the day, because this picture was amazing. chris, can you follow-up after bob kelly's picture. >> this is from the early 70's. >> this is a cute one. >> that is my little brother steve, and me. so the thing was. >> why are you sitting on him. >> i was always on him. i'm almost four years older then he is and i was a bully. i was rough with him. >> shouldn't you be giving him a ride. >> he was sweetest little baby. so calm. i was always crazy running around and everything else. one thing he is too young to have his first haircut but i had mine. my mom would give us truly the the bowl cut. >> wow. >> i would say why, why why give me a haircut. >> we recently visited johnny. >> how but, alex.
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>> you don't have a sibling. >> yesterday, my sibling came to the studio, we did a tour and here's a picture of us. >> you are an only child. >> well yeah. >> if you had a sister. >> i guess wiz pick beyonce if i will have one because my imagery sibling, growing up when it comes to you allah ex, i feel so invisible. i don't know why you feel that way. i am an only child, i am but i did grow up and i have a god brother and god sister. so, on the the left there is my god sister stephanie and her husband, jay and my god brother samuel. that is the the closest experience i have to having a brother and sister. we spent time growing up. their mother a and my mother were sorority sisters and best friend. so we spent a lot of time together. >> where did they all live now. >> texas. >> all right. >> nicholas sparks book movie turns movie longest yard. >> it business a professional bull ride shore gets the heart
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of the college senior with big city dreams. >> hey girl. >> you meet girls all the time good no, no i don't. >> it is dip rent. >> all right. kevin mccarthey, it looks good, live from los angeles with more on the romantic movie sit romantic kevin. >> hey good morning, alex and chris. it is pretty romantic. there is some elements in the film that will make you tear up. nicholas sparks by the way just box office success beyond belief. this is his tenth philadelphia adopted from one of of his books and first nine have made over 800 million-dollar combined worldwide. which is absolutely insane when you think bit. i liked the notebook. some of the films have been cheesy but this one works. scott eastwood clint
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eastwood's son does a great job in regard to the bull riding sequences. he is a professional bull rider. scott eastwood meets roberts in modern day and then they meet a older man played by alan ald.a. and we flash back to his love store his in the 40's and how both stories are connect in some way. for me though strangely enough they are marketing the film heavily on scott eastwood's love story it is more about the back story and the earlier love story which is the the had heart of the movie. that is what i like about the movie overall. i didn't really care for chemistry between scott easewood and brit robin on but other story is so good. this is definitely one of the better nicholas sparks movie. i have gave it out of three out of five. good date movie. get to the dinner afterward. i spoke to scott eastwood about the movie and interestingly enough back in the take when he first started acting in his father's films like grand t orino.
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he went by the name scott reid. he wanted to get rid of the eastwood name but eventually he made his name back to eastwood. i ask the him why. >> after i work a bunch, and felt more comfortable and grew up a little bit more, as you become more comfortable as a man you realize you don't care what other people think and i'll go by my father's last name. you realize it doesn't matter. you have to audition just like everybody else. if you don't do good then you don't get hired. >> pretty admirable he tried to make it on his own but feel like going back to the name honors his father and able to keep the name going. those famous actors who have not done. that nicholas cage is nicholas cop lah because he didn't want to be fully resting on the copola. >> francis ford copola, famous director uncle will.
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>> exactly exactly. >> is scott eastwood the best looking man alive what do you think. >> i'm not going to lie to you. i have had a girlfriend for three years. i said okay that man might be, he might be like the most perfect man ever. she is obsessed with him. if ale a yens were to come down from earth and send one by up to show who the the human race is, it would be scott eastwood. >> yes. >> my girl friend loves him too. >> i'm he sure. >> they are going to be not even paying attention to the movies just looking at his face. >> right, i will say i would the rather be with brit robinson because she's absolutely stunning and gorgeous. she is who i was staring at the movie. >> but beyond the looks scale of one to ten who is scott eastwood an anchor five, eight, two. >> he is solid. i would say he is probably a six. maybe toward a seven.
9:19 am
i don't think he is a great actor. he is good enough to kind of carry it. >> there he is. >> they is. >> look at that. >> well thanks. >> thanks buddy, appreciate it. >> thanks, bye guys. >> no matter how his acting is as soon as women go in and they sit in and look at him on the big screen, they will be saying. >> my my my, my, my, my, my, he sure looks good on that screen ♪ >> oh, my gosh. >> lets get this weather with sue. i won't be saying my, my, my when it comes to the weather. >> a little later on you will be assaying about the thunderstorms we have in store but that will not probably happen until later on so lets check out this seven day forecast. here it is, 70 degrees. we have a warm front coming through right now, causing some thunderstorms earlier this morning. once we get that sun and get warmer, boom between say four
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and 9:00 p.m., when we can expect those thunderstorms to roll through and then high and dry for the weekend sunny skies, breezy on saturday, gorgeous on sunday, back to the 70's by monday, april showers on tuesday of next week, so have a wonderful weekend, guys because the weather is going to be perfect >> yeah. do something outdoors. it is national sibling picture. use the hash tag fox 29 good day. >> this is hilarious. someone said my all time favorite my niece packing up her little brother hash tag national sibling day.
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so for national sibling day i'm sure you can get who this is, in the eagles jersey that is quincy harris. how cute? look at those cheeks. >> so cute he looks the the same. the send us pictures using
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hash tag fox 29 good day. >> wearing number 31, you will remember are back in the day in the late 07's early 80's that was wilbur montgomery's jersey. >> his son looks just like him. >> so lets get back to reading high school and see all grown up quincy getting ready to party. >> so how are you sir, was that wilbur montgomery jersey or can you not even hear us. >> wow. >> can you hear anything right now. it is crazy loud here right now. we're going to try to find... >> one of our greatest editors back in the station, here at reading high school. i'm hearing nothing but good things about him and his family. >> now principal herman, and
9:25 am
this is amazing. this is energy you guys have have here at reading high. talk about the students. >> i have some great students here. anytime you get to the urban setting or high school the perception of some people outside is their real willty but our reality is we have a lot of great kid. we have more students doing phenomenal things then those that are not. we try to capitalize and phoning us on the good things rather than focus on the negativity that we may get from others. but as you can see we've got some students here that go to class and dot the right thing. the majority of these kid here when they graduate will be going object to be something from a post secondary education. a lot of great students here. and, joining us as a community and what you are doing in the schools. >> yes. >> thank you. >> new bill, it is so crazy, the mikes are going in. >> mikes are fade nothing and out. we do know that all of these young people are having a great time here at reading high school.
9:26 am
i want to do this all the time. i will work morning, night weekend if i get to hang out with people like this. >> yes. >> and now listen, do you see that. >> they had made us a shirt. >> they have a number number 29. >> we have a band here. >> they are having a best rally. >> when we get back to you lets have a little more energy. >> we will be right back at 5:00 p.m. >> we cannot hear them they cannot hear us lets check back with lauren because last we check with her she was getting jumbo doughnuts. >> yes she was bringing back the check late one. >> hi lauren. >> hi there chris and alex, we are in reading pennsylvania at the the fair ground farmers mark we have patty here. you are from reading. you come here a lot. >> every week. >> you will show us what to do
9:27 am
as we take over the the market here in reading. >> my teams are at the produce stand this morning we are heading to the chicken, and we will find some good chicken up here. i didn't see you heat at all this morning.
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. test. test. test. test.
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checking back, a picture from wayne says gabe, and anal lynn's pop-pop's babies. love it. >> our jody happy sibling day, me and my big cyst least a nice throw back pig. >> look at those nice tans. >> and the nice beautiful smiles. >> doing this because it is national sibling down. keep second your picks use the #fox29goodday also spring
9:31 am
fling from my. >> and lauren and scott williams hanging out downtown reading having a lot of fun. >> reading, fresh local produce right now whole lot to check out here. we have produce. we have sandwiches. we have meats. we also have floral plants, i mean you name it. you can find it. lauren you have a hot date night watch is on the men knew. >> whatever is on the men glue so you'll make some dinner tonight. shopping picking up produce you can find produce here year and. a lot of it is fresh and local. also over here, you have saline owe's popular italian and greek folks are lined up already this morning buying their dinner for tonight and also sandwiches are being made here, just a lot of great stuff. how long have you guys been in business? >> forty-three years. >> forty-three years so
9:32 am
popular here, also we want to check out some of this chicken over here, i think there are lines typically for this chicken in the fairgrounds farmers market, every day we will walk over here, take a look at it could many g up. but you can see right now they are getting things ready here. they have a lot of friday ers over here, getting the chicken ready here, fresh produce find juice and everything here a lot to check out here in reading for the fox 29 spring fling. you can see fresh juice over here being made, farm fresh ice cream as well. i mean just tasty treat here, i mean just have so much to check out here, and take a look more produce over here as we look this way guys a lot happening this morning in reading, pennsylvania, for spring fling. we go over here being check out some of this bacon they have wood smoked hams here, see folks getting their orders here this morning. so just a lot to see and do
9:33 am
in reading pennsylvania, as we check things out. there is candy even over here, believe it or not so you can find something for the entire family a lot of the resident here in berks county have been coming here, for generations. it is just a tradition. we send it back to you in the studio. >> everything so fresh to choose from, love it. >> all local. madonna made the grade a very special guest on the tonight show. last night she kick off her appearance by performing her 1983 hit holiday elementary school style. >> ♪ ♪ holiday ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hoe mad done, a imagine
9:34 am
joined by jimmy fallon in the roots from philly. used classroom instruments to perform this. she's now 56. >> and it is always great when they do this segment and they say celebrity musicians the elementary school version fun, good one. >> i know chris you're hungry waiting tore this all morning. >> they've been pulling up outside these food trucks. >> now you are ready and you're going to talk to some of the people. oh look at this. >> this is in advance of the huge festival sunday in manayunk. i'll go out and try everything. >> this one from pamela. look at them having some fun. is she tickling him? that's hilarious, great when siblings spend time together. sibling love sisterly love. that's the spirit. because we are the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. and another one from pamela,
9:35 am
two days before vivian was born oh, so had relationship really early, starting out really early. send us the picks using the #fox29goodday. jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures.
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recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. >> ♪ ♪ >> these siblings are having a lot of fun uptown funk you up. we of course love that here at good day. key sending us picks we love there is video instagram use the #fox29goodday. well you know, philadelphia's known for cheese steaks soft pretzels, of course, many fine food trucks just food in
9:39 am
general whether it comes to philly. amazing, so, let's talk about this treat food festival. this is what it look like last night in manning young. forty trucks lining the streets, serving up all types of cuisin, looks like a lot of fun. so we have a taste that far out here at fourth and market. chris, people can expect more of the same, make their way to manayunk this sunday, flight. >> absolutely. in fact, many many trucks out there, this is the first of three, we will show you this is jackie's food truck. >> i have pulled pork tacos ginger sesame shaw, jip toll tee sauce, buffalo chicken macaroni and clues. >> what's on this. >> cheese, lots of cheese. it is our four cheese blends, our zest i buffalo hot saws roasted chicken and crumbled blue cheese. >> unbelievable. >> and i heard about the show about the delicious grilled cheeses, everyone has to have one of these.
9:40 am
are you feeling good? >> look at lauren at home. okay. >> i'll let these two young ladies talk for me. caitlin shannon with the manayunk street food festival. >> yes. >> how many trucks will be there? >> over 50 food trucks, all different kind of cuisin, cupcakes comfort foot to barbeque so a lot. >> jen, your favorite one. >> way too many. >> okay jacky thank you very much. the grilled cheese looks fantastic. what's this second one guys? what are we looking flat. >> what's in this this is e miami opinion panata's s. >> my wife is polish and they love pirogi's, tell me about those real quickly. >> completely hand made, everything from scratch. something we grew up eating in the delaware valley. we want to bring it to everybody in the delaware val. >> i your name? >> jean. >> chris. >> matt. >> why do you guys like the street food festival. >> great exposure, a lot of
9:41 am
people that real puts food trucks on the map shows people how interesting they are. >> let me go a quick bite on this one. >> oh my god. it is amazing. >> come with me. you love dessert too. come on down real quick. >> shannon, what are we seeing here? which one is this that bob will try. >> welch's bakery, brunch inspired cafe. try the strawberries. >> okay. >> dessert first. >> and then grilled cheese. >> check this out. >> your name? >> jamie landers. >> tell us why you're so excited for sunday? >> because manayunk street festival starts the kick off of festival season here in philadelphia. and it is the first time ever that i have been involved. so new truck really excited to be part of this festival. >> thank you for being here. guys, thank you very much. and again the festival runs this sunday from?
9:42 am
>> 11:00 to 5:00. >> can sue serio go? >> hi glue buffalo chicken mac and cheese. >> love it? >> from jackie's. it's fabulous. jacky watches every day. >> very good. >> i know you love to eat. >> this is not fair. that's bob chris and sue. i'm here, pretty much alone in the studio. sometimes when we know we're having at love food coming chris oh, pick me, pick me. and i never get to eat the food. sometimes this makes me really upset. wants me be like -- >> ♪ ♪ my, my, my i want to have some food tonight ♪ ♪ >> guess who is on good day? you see him here, johnny having fun with us, we'll talk to him about his new albumn, that's next.
9:43 am
discover brookside and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside.
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>> it is a look at fourth and market. even though it is friday, you get so excited. finally friday. then you have weather like this there is nasty weather. who wants that? it is to just makes you feel like you just want to say -- ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's johnny gill in the flesh. we all know that hit this one.
9:46 am
>> ♪ ♪ so now joani's game changer, the albumn includes the song with newspaper ad eggs and the chart topping lead single behind closed doors. >> ♪ ♪ oh johnny gill, what's going on behind closed doors? >> i just asked johnny, who is the lady? >> oh, friend. >> uh-huh just a friend. >> whatever. >> pleasure to see you. >> last hour such fun. twit is her going crazy.
9:47 am
we should have john any here every morning. >> having great time, great time. >> let me tell you i live, i enjoy, just enjoy life period. >> do people still come up to you? >> all day every day. >> do people come up to you answer machine sean this, my my, my, whenever they see you? >> every day, every day going sing my line. i'll do it, you know, catch me in concert. >> how is the new music different from the music you were putting out in the early nine's? >> you know, great songs are just great songs. and it is just from a technical, you know, sonically, it is just a little different. i mean, you got to obviously keep things current to play, you know, to be able to be played on radio but for the most part great song is just a great song. and this new albumn from the beginning to the end i call this albumn my thriller. >> your thriller, okay. >> absolutely from the beginning, all the way to the end, and all of the fans that have the albumn, in the reviews, speak for themselves about this new cd.
9:48 am
i'm so proud of this. >> is that why you call it game changer? >> oh yes because r&b is like you know, we making a come back. >> you're in your mid to late 40's now. >> calling you out! >> the reason i bring it up, your voice is so good. and so rich. that a lot of times, i ask you about music now how it might have changed it just seems to me the music industry isn't valuing the true quality singers any more. you're one of them. >> yes, yes,. >> first time avenue opportunity to be able to be in control debuted at number one, that speaks volumes after 432 years -- 32 years and nothing but great solid music every song. >> a lot of love songs on
9:49 am
there? >> the title! >> yes, going through some of these titles. >> role play, gone a cost, can't keep my hands off of you. >> your body. >> oh that's one of my favorites. >> your body? >> well, you know, i appreciate beauty beautiful women, they come in all sizes shames, colors. i don't discriminate. but i appreciate women, and it is always great for me, because i feel like i'm one of the ambassadors and the mess inning when he it come down to delivering great love songs and just, i think things about just complimenting women on their butte. >> i even one of the songs there is one's for me and you new edition. >> that's new edition. we haven't recorded since 2004. >> yes, this is big. >> new edition song that we recorded since 2004. and just an incredible song.
9:50 am
>> you guys kept in touch throughout the years? >> oh absolutely absolutely. and we just talked yesterday, all of us. so i mean, over the course of the years when we are not you know, on the road, you know, really truly a family. that's the only reason why you can see why this group has been able to go, we all go out, do our own stuff come back at some point collectively. just because there is a true brotherhood. and you can see that, groups break up, never come back. >> who are some of the new artists you like. >> johnny gill. >> of course. >> johnny gill. no i listen to everything. i love you know, the neo's and beyonce to fantasia, jennifer hudson the list goes on of just great great artists. >> and it is funny we just showed this video though, i know you say people asked to you sing some lines. do they ask you to dance too? because the moves you still got it when it comes to that?
9:51 am
yes? >> oh ya. i always turn them on, when they say go. >> when the lights common? >> and when they say done -- >> before we close out of course it is national sibling day. you wanted to share a picture of your siblings. >> well of course we can do that. >> it is a good one though. >> yikes. >> it is a throw back. >> look at the hair. what? >> so where are you? >> i'm in the black suit right there. and the shortest one. and that's my brother to the left of me, and then my other brother strapping down he is to the right of me. >> is that your mom behind you? >> that's my mom directly behind me, yep. >> so how many siblings? >> i have three older brothers but one wasn't in there. and those were the other two people who used to sing in our gospel group. >> you grew up in dc and your dad was a pastor? >> my dad was a minister. >> did your dad listen? >> my did. my dad my goodness i think he lived vicariously through me. my dad was great singer and had singing quartet group.
9:52 am
so you know, he was just really really excited when i broke through yes. >> s music i mean? >> probably loves that line, can't keep my hand off you. >> that's the thing. >> even as a minister, think about it, he had four kids. how do you think they got here? >> oh no. >> okay. >> on that note and what was they listening to? >> true. >> thanks for playing along with us. >> all right also a lot of fun this morning at spring fling in reading. so we'll take you there one last time. i i bet you lauren johnson scott williams are still eating.
9:53 am
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its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is the #1 choice of vets for their pets and yours. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. the vet's #1 choice. we've had so much fun great morning in reading so we have quincy, bill anderson, having fun at reading high school. a lot of fun pep rally, parties, good morning. at the fair ground plaza
9:56 am
market. >> if they can hear us? >> it is so -- ♪ ♪ hey having good time out here? >> great time. >> okay so, now i was telling you guys earlier this shirt that i'm wearing right here that they made for us, you made the shirt? >> i did. me and the crew. >> what's your name? >> jack chris. >> rube begin we saw rubin earlier. you guys do a great job. >> thank you. >> okay let's look at the cheerleaders. >> oh, my gosh, i can't take t let's check in with scott williams lauren johnson.
9:57 am
>> hey chris murphy, wrapping things up here, did i my grocery shopping, have everything backed up, bringing you guys back some streets from the bakery. i'm multi that is king, a loft treats then rachael saw us here rape he will we watches heard we were coming so sending us back with energy nuts because we wake up way too earl knit morning. >> actually and you need some energy with some natural cashews, natural sunflower seeds, and we'll give you some good get up and go. >> we love you. thank you so much. >> alec chris we're done, we're headed back. better stick around for these baked goods i heard. >> we sure will. the fun isn't over yet. because i'm heading to reading this evening, it will be me, karen hepp, sue serio scott william. we will be on the "newstonight" at 5:00 and six: at jimmy's peanut bar first energy stadium in reading. join us. >> and i'll be sleeping. have great weekends go phillies if you are going to
9:58 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today wendy is bringing you all of today's hottest topics and friend of the show regina king is here telling us about her new drama, american crime. wendy is getting real and sharing thoughts in and all new edition of ask wendy. now, here's wendy! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: yeah. well well well welcome to thursday, thanks for


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