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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  April 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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they are coming tomorrow with the cold front. that is in chicago right now. look at our high for the day, 72 degrees, breezy and mild, mostly sunny skies. well, while that is deserving of the ten the number will be lower tomorrow. we will tell you why, coming up in the seven day forecast, you know why, bob kelly, april showers. >> when does bus stop buddy break out the spring wardrobe. >> it the is coming good clean the closet out there, go shopping this weekend with bus stop buddy. 7:00 o'clock. good morning everybody. accident southbound lanes have of i-95 behind me between the blue route 476, and route 320, four or five cars all off to what would be that right shoulder, and getting ready to head south of the airport, we have got a jammo from pretty much approaching 476, heading down toward the accident scene.
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you can see the cars changing to red there indicating the brake lights getting tapped. the southbound on the northeast extension right before the the allentown interchange, watch for an accident. we are still dealing with this one in burlington new jersey a dump truck in the car this morning. route 130 all northbound lanes block at high street, the the southbound side is opened on the new jersey side of the burlington bristol bridge n chester county east whiteland route 401 righter at hill brook a traffic light above, the intersection for great valley high school. so the the the kid could be delayed getting to class this morning, school bus has to use swedesford road as an alternate. the eastbound schuylkill 24 minutes picking up role from conshohocken to downtown. and just south of i-95 from wood have tone center city. mike and alex, back to you. one man in custody following a brief standoff with police in west philadelphia, early this morning. this happened at forty-eighth and parish streets. police had initially been called to the scene on a report of the sexual assault. so police pulled up, they even called a swat team in because guy wouldn't come to the door. he thought better of that. he did show up at the the door and police put him in
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handcuffs apparently he met a woman in the bar earlier in the evening and she went back to his place. new police are trying to sort out, whose story they will believe. yeah, it looks like quite a catch. developing this morning, fire fighters say in one was hurt in the germantown fire. police say the fire started 3:00 this morning on the 100 block of west sharpknack. neighbors said they heard alarms go off, they got everybody out of the row home just in time. at this point the extent of the damage is not the yet quite clear but fire fighters put it under control in 30 minutes. >> i'm getting ready to do something too, i'm running for president. americans have have for the their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stack in favor of those at the top. every day americans need a champion and i want to be that champion. can do more than just get by you can get ahead and stay
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ahead, because when families are strong, america is strong. >> hillary clinton will be running for president. that was her you tuba nuns. yeah, that is where she announced it on you tube yesterday. >> former pennsylvania governor and philadelphia mayor ed rendell says he believes clinton's political run is for the right reasons. >> jenny, what do you think there on the ben franklin parkway. >> well, ed rendell thinks it is a good idea. so far what we are seeing from hillary clinton's campaign is it looks similar to president barack obama's campaign and that is the focus on the middle class. you can see she has people working toward the american dream. this is middle class hard working americans. clinton says she wants to focus on economic security and greater opportunity for the the the middle class. yesterday we also caught up with lasalle university political science professor marry ellen shall and she says that the former first lady, u.s. senator and secretary of
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state spoke to her class during president bill clinton's 1992 campaign and she's excited for hillary's campaign. >> i met her several times. the she's very warm, supportive. i think when the people meet her and get to know her, i think they will really like her. >> she want to be president for all of the right reasons. she has a vision for where she want to take this country. i think she would be a great leader. i was extraordinarily impressed when she was in the senate with how she worked with republican conservative senators and got stuff done. if she could do that as president it is best hope i think for the country. >> governor rendell thinks it is a good idea and he thinks this will be more successful then in 2008. hillary clinton wins that many in nation we will see her, here in philadelphia, in july 2016 for democratic national convention, alex and mike. get ready to see another
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video on social media because marco rube ohio is speak expected to announce that he is running for president of the you had. >> posted a short video on his facebook page, there it is right there horribly framed. but in a 92nd teaser clip, the the four three-year old florida resident said he was exited to make a big announcement. it will be a 6:00 p.m., live on his web site and that is marco he is expected to show up at freedom tower in miami for a big speech. he tweeted brace yourself, then in the game of thrones, type of font, the word big news is coming. but he will give a big, big speech instead of the you tube video. new jersey senator bob menendez, now backing down in the face of, federal corruption charges. the senator said that the charges have no merit during an interview on "fox news"
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sunday with chris wallace. >> when all of the facts are known, of course, prosecutors take out snip its of story, to make their case we will have an opportunity in court to make the entire case and when all of the facts are known, i know that i will be vindicated and we will win. >> senator menendez is accused of opening nearly one million-dollar worth of gifts from a friend in exchange for political favors. also during the interview, senator menendez continued his criticism of president obama's foreign policy agenda including decisions to normal ice relations with cuba he doesn't like that. the the iran nuclear deal negotiations which just got through. 7:06. a philadelphia a mom will face a long list of charges after police say she left her disable son in the woods to fend for himself for days. >> for about five days. steve keeley is in university city with both side of this story, steve. >> reporter: speaking of both son and mom, both now getting treatment at various
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hospitals. the sonnies here at children's where he a had been before. mom down in maryland. this 21 year-old quadriplegic cerebral palsy here at children's hospital and really just a story of survival. we will never hear that story because he can't communicate. police down in maryland said woman getting treated there and those in the care giving business she threatened to try to harm herself and that is why she's in the hospital. her friend after seeing her face book page and her last post which was really disturbing because she wrote i'm so happy. she said what are you so happy, call me right now, the the friend wanting her to call last tuesday, they didn't hear from her. they thought something was up. so did neighbors around the baltimore avenue home where she has always been a loving mother up until now having to carry her son and wheelchair up and down those stairs every day since they don't even have a wheelchair ramp around the house. giving them around the clock care because it likely stressed her out and push other parents in similar situations over the the edge.
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and they figured that is what happened in this case. still she's facing some serious charges back here. her son pushed in his chair in the woods exactly one week ago probably right about now last monday morning. somehow survived the whole wet week because it rained almost every day last week. cold temperatures every night down in the 30's. the his mother arrived in maryland at boyfriend a's house in suburban washington d.c. on monday around lunchtime. as soon as he learned of the son's discovery he called the the police there. >> he was calling to report that she was at his house. he knew that was a call he had to make. he wanted to provide information. >> did he say he was between and 4:00 this afternoon until you received the call at 11:00 that night. >> what was reported to me that the adult fee
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pennsylvania mail said she was shopping center or at a mall. >> it is heart break to go see another human especially your mother treat someone like that when you had all of the opportunities in the world to turn that kid over to the family members who wanted to care for them and there are a bunch of agencies to assist. >> reporter: staff here at chidren's has cared for this young man much of his life. saving his life from dehydration and exposure should not be as challenging since they knew his history and medical background. he cannot talk himself. that and his will to live, the will his mother might not have had left in her after so much stress, those trying to explain to us, suicide is something they have seen so much with parents who try to handle so much like she has had to do, hoping that the justice system back here in philly will take that into account when they get her back here in the custody. no telling when that will be because she's still down in maryland and will to have get extradited up here but likely getting more mental treatment then physical down there as we read through the lines of the
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police statement to us. >> yes. thanks, steve. excuse me. it is exactly 7:10. >> man accused in the violent abduction of the the woman from the center city jewelry store could be back in philadelphia soon. >> police caught up with this guy 31 years old, khiry gay, they found him down in south carolina on friday. gay is from philadelphia though. federal prosecutors charged him with kidnapping, and robbery. police say that he and two other men, forced, a woman into a van when she left her jewelry store, last saturday about 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon, a week ago saturday, right there at eighth and chestnut is what this video is from. the beginning of her nightmare, went on for hours. police say that the men, beat her up, and taserd her, robbed her and eventually left her in the cemetery in darby boro. they did that twice to her. they are still searching for the the other two men in that
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case. 7:11. search party looking for a ten year-old found barway collins body in the mississippi river. investigators arrived saturday afternoon after a volunteer search group reported a discovery of a body of a child in the river. it has been 23 weeks since he went missing. his father pierre collins has been name a suspect. police say he was last spotted in the area it was during a press conference that police confirmed the identity of the child. a teen girl was stab outside an elementary school. investigators say two girls arranged to meet last night to fight. within of the girls pulled a knife ape stab the other girl several times. deputy after rested the teen in a nearby home. the victim is expect to make a full recovery. just released video shows a deadly encounter between a deputy in tulsa oklahoma and a suspect. the deputy claims he made a in mistake when he went for his, stun gun he pulled his service revolver. >> that happened on april the the second. deputy robert bates is seen, pursuing a man, do you see
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this here, wanted on suspicion of illegally selling a gun to an under cover police officer. well, the officer tackles 44 year-old eric harris, but then fires a weapon. bates can be heard saying, oh, no, i shot him, i'm sorry. the the victim's family wants some answers here. >> what kind of gun did bob bates use, that is my question. was he trained in how to use this weapon? did eric have have a weapon on him at the time he was killed. >> you can train someone as much as you can and you can train in every area that you can but in times of crisis, sometimes training will not take you through the the scenario. >> investigators say that the victim did not have a weapon. they maintain that bates was trained to use his weapon that guy right there the police officer. prosecutors are reviewing the evidence and have not yet decided if officer bates will be charged. four people are dead after a plane crashed in the woods
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near fort lauderdale, executive airport. >> dramatic video was filmed at the scene, where that plane went down. officials say the plane was trying to land when they declared an emergency sunday afternoon. the plane did not hit the any buildings or pedestrians. bomb threats stopped a germanwings flight to milan before it ever left a runway. threat with e man males to the airport in germany 15 minutes before it is scheduled to take off. passenger and crew members made it off safely. nothing was found on board and group headed to their destination on another plane. it was a germanwings plane that was purposely crashed in the french alps by within of the pilots. the incident is under investigation. pope francis calls the killing of armenians by at ottoman turks the the first genocide of the 20th century. turkish leaders condemned his remarks and recalled their ambassador to the vatican. turkey was formed out of the remnants of the ottoman
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empire. most non-turkish historians and country considers the the death of the 1.5 million armenians a genocide but the united states isn't one of them. the the pontiff said that of the 100 anniversary of the killings it is important not to forget. >> it is necessary and indeed a duty to honor their memory for whenever memory fade it means people allow wound to fester. >> despite past support in congress, to label what happened, hundred years ago a genocide it never did happen. the as you know turning i is a nate the owe alley. even after break through is a broad president barack obama may find it difficult to sell his foreign policies on iran and cuba to skeptics in in america. president obama returned to washington yesterday after his historic meeting with cuban president raul castro at summit of the americaness panama to complete a nuclear agreement in iran iran and obama must deal with resistance in congress.
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president obama says he believes the the american public is on his side in cuba and he has tough word for republicans defying him on iran. >> we have a couple political analyst to discuss all that. 7:15. it is time for weather. >> we have good news. >> is there one problem with gorgeous weather, the pollen count for today. look at where it is, it is high. we have mapel, juniper , we have your alder out there tree pollen the big problem this time of the year, early spring but with the rain in the forecast for tomorrow, we will go down to low to medium, and then back to medium high on wednesday. so take your medicine if you are outside today. little shortwave coming through with clouds right now but thinks a cold front we are watching for tomorrow. that is our next chance of april showers.
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forty-four in pottstown. 2348 mount pocono. maybe a sweater out there this morning obviously with temperatures this chilly but wind will in the make it worse. calm wind in philadelphia right now. once this front comes through? it starts its progress from northwest to south east early tomorrow morning. so during "good day philadelphia" we will be seeing some showers but it gets heavy between noon and 3:00 p.m. through philadelphia area. it all moves down. we could touch off thunderstorms by 7:00 south and east of the city. some of those thunderstorms could have have heavy downpours tomorrow and that means we will be getting some decent rain, a close to an inch in philadelphia, more than an inch in lancaster and more than an inch and a half perhaps down to our south. looking back a week ago to the opening day of the phillies and we got to 75 glorious degrees. it got really cold on wednesday and thursday with temps only in the 40's during the day. nice recovery, with 63 on saturday. sixty-seven on sunday.
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today, even better back to where we were last monday with the high of 27 degrees. another ten. rainy and cooler on tuesday with 65. sunny and nice on wednesday, as the temperatures are more seasonal, upper 60's in this portion of april. increasing cloud on thursday. some rain on friday. perhaps lasting into saturday, but we should clear out nicely for sunday, morning the gift of life donor darbies, that got a run, they have a kids run and a walk, so no matter what you to bob kelly, you'll have something to do sunday to help organ and tissue donor awareness. >> i was part of that last year. great day on the parkway and drives. hopefully we will see you back out there this copping sunday. 7:17. good morning everybody. backed up on i-95 southbound, heading in delaware county between blue route and 320 all because of an accident off to the shoulder but damage is
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done. 422 on the eastbound side we are starting to see volume now as you work your way in toward that oaks interchange, and further inner toward king of prussia we are seeing the beginning of the rush hour pop here. cone zone coming to northeast philadelphia, the roosevelt boulevard the express lanes today, a week long project between rhawn and strahl. that will tie us up in and out of the northeast philadelphia later on tonight, the the project we have been waiting for the vine expressway make over gets underway today where they will rehab all of the bridgees that goes over the vine expressway. that starts tonight at midnight is they will close the the eastbound vine street expressway between schuylkill and broad street until 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. the basically setting up the construction zone, moving all of the traffic over to the left just a little bit, and creating, a construction zone which is a across that right shoulder. so every night this week, they will be working flip side east and westbound on that vine expressway between the schuylkill at broad street.
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if you are out and about work ago this second and third shift you will see close our through the overnight. mike and alex, back over to you. >> that was a dominant performance on thursday, friday, saturday and sunday in august, georgia. >> even better, the new champion has ties to our area. >> jordan spieth, shot 18 under par for the tournament to win his first green jacket. jordan grew up in texas but his parent are from the lehigh valley. jordan's parents graduated from saukin valley high school his dad played basketball or baseball, at lehigh university. his mom played basketball at moravian college in bethlehem and joran's grandfather still lives in bethlehem and is a member of the member of the music department at moravian college and northampton community college, how about that. >> everybody one is really happy. i was in narberth on sunday. they had a watch party.
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they were cheering. >> cheering a golf tournament. how about this, game of thrones, sue is a big fan. >> everyone was so excited. don't tell me about it. how about this, it was leak, first four episode. >> leaked. >> oh, hbo cannot be happen bye this but how do i get a copy. a brave local boy has a very important message for his bully, there he is, he is fighting cancer, for the it off and the medication stunted his growth. he was bull mid school for being too short. the his inspiring message, rather be short than dead.
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those april a he will computer people they can sell anything by putting the apple logo on it. >> the new apple watch. >> yes. >> preorder were at nearly 1 million on just the first day. >> 1 million people have
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preordered something, lauren. >> yeah, i'm in the one and i don't think i ever will be. apple usually have after a launch of a new product will tell us that this is how many we sold. we had in the heard from the company yet, not sure but research firm is saying about a million people bought the watch, and they start at 350 and go to 17 you this dollars. the average person was five hundred and four bucks. >> wow. >> it is almost just at the this point to say you have the latest apple product. >> i might go for this watch, lauren. i might do this even they it is nerdy looking. >> it is. >> i thought i would but i don't want to be that connect. why do you want it, mike. >> it is everything, you don't have to hold, excuse me, you don't to have hold something. the it freeze up both hand. >> yeah, nothing in your pocket, no fumbling, i get it i was walking past the apple store yesterday and they had this big display. people were taking pictures in front of it. >> yeah, i know.
7:25 am
>> it is just so exciting. >> it is apple, it is cool. i keep thinking, racking my brain because obviously at some point apple will will lose its m o.j. o the way microsoft did, ibm, et cetera, what will be next. if only we knew that. >> lauren, two things, goldie lux called and she wants her hair back and second. >> my gosh. >> i love the the curls. >> i don't even get that. it is brown. >> really. >> but the type of curl. >> oh, okay. >> lets talk about game of thrones. >> watch the first four episodes. >> four episodes released. >> yes. >> this happened on the popular pie raisecy site yesterday morning. first four episodes were out there guess who leaked them. >> who. >> hbo is saying that it a appears the media, critics who get early dvd, it looks like they leak the early copies,
7:26 am
yeah. >> i necessity people, we got home home late last night. my husband is a huge fan. we got the home late. he was freaking out because he forgot to dvr it. he missed the the first ten minutes. if i knew about this i would have just said go on line and watch first ten minutes and first four episodes. >> is he kind of dorky your husband. >> no, i'm surprised he likes it. >> she will in the call her husband dorky. >> he called me goldie lux. >> yes, lauren a maybe in the on tv. >> i like the whole look. >> we will see you tomorrow, lauren. >> bye, guys. quincy is getting us ready for the broad street run; >> let's see his moves. >> push it, push it good. >> look at those calf muscles. >> yeah, i'm flexing, flexing, i'm in manayunk, in training, and this exercise is here all morning long will help me, and runners get better training.
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she will help me out. i'm sore right now. this gets way better. sue, how are you doing. >> try to give you good weather at least, while you're moaning and groaning. we've got a perfect weather day to day, take a look real quick at our forecast, for today. high of 72 degrees. we will have breezy conditions, all day long, really a nice, day and even milder, then yesterday, but april showers, are coming, and good day fill will be right back.
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it was a you tube video. i thought it was interesting. somewhat clever.
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creative. a little different. what did you think. >> the same. >> you don't see me getting all excited, it is like okay, next. it was okay, that is good. >> she's trying a different approach, this time around. >> i think she's saying i'm not taking anything for granted. last time everyone said it looks like she was entitled. she's in the doing that. she's taking minivan, to iowa. she is not the flying out there. she is targeting the the middle class. the she's not targeting gender so much this time. targeting the middle class. i want to raise up the middle class. it is a different approach. it shows social media will be huge in this campaign. >> absolutely. >> more than anytime before. >> millions of dollars. >> we are seeing lots of you tube video, tweets about it. >> people are trying get young folks more involved. >> fact that she says i'm a champion for every day americans. we were talking earl willer she said she hasn't driven a
7:32 am
car in 18 years. >> well, right but she's trying to raise the middle class. she doesn't even know what it is all b let's be honest here. she has so many things going on. people don't see the clintons as middle class folks. that is bottom line. she will have to prove that she really is you don't have to be a member of the middle class to help the middle class. >> but you have to understand them. >> fdr had money. >> she doesn't understand. >> the other thing is she will talk about her roots and bill's roots. they did pull themselves out. they did not come with silver spoons in their mouth. it is interesting to see how many people take a look at this so early on. i was shocked yesterday when i read that nancy reagan came out and said i think that she will make a good president and it is time for a woman president. >> she wouldn't deal with it because nancy may have alzheimer's or something. >> nancy reagan.
7:33 am
>> i don't know, i don't know. >> i think back in 2008, i don't know, but now let's a make history. >> let's do something here. let's be honest. >> unaudible. >> then barack obama just came out and she came out third in iowa. her campaign just doesn't want that. her campaign went down. the she's taking it the right from the start that we have have never had a woman. we did something new, in the lassie lex. the let's do something new again. >> that is what she will playoff but will it work? she has a lot of baggage. she got a lot of baggage. >> on is say it didn't work. >> yes. >> you got that right. >> some people pay vote for perfect because she's a woman. >> what is the biggest stumbling block in her way, clinton fatigue maybe. >> that is going to happen, on the bush ticket too. >> first, lets be clear, donation from his foreign friend to her not for profit,
7:34 am
erasing e-mails, that is questionable. what she did with foreign pol willcy. let's tiehl with that new. >> but as secretary of state. >> she was a mess. >> come on she was a mess. >> what did she do as secretary of state. >> what she did was she kept us on the straight and narrow with a lot of the countries where there was a lot of terrorist threats and what have you. we have a lot of problems during her time. but she was excellent. she had a good relationship with the president. the secretary of the state must really work with the president. new she will have to have a distance push off. >> she and the president's foreign policy are basically the same thing. >> the bottom line is when president talk about hillary he said she was a good friend. >> and as secretary of the state. >> you guys connect the dots. she is my friend. she was a good friend. come on now, you have to look at this kind of stuff, mike and alex: come on now, let's
7:35 am
be real clear here, they had to make friend with obama so she could make sure so she could run this time. they had to. they didn't like each other. they did in the like each other. >> some people may see things thaw didn't agree with. >> clinton made friend with the bush family too. >> these people are the same aisle. they are the same thing. >> who is running against her. >> we have quite a few people. you have jeb bush. >> we know all that. >> we have karlie furina, ceo of hewlett packard. you know, she's interested. >> marco rubio. >> we have a choice, we want choices. lets see if the democrats can give us choices. >> marco rubio will have a challenge. they will say see what happens when first term senator, abe he is the same thing. >> and immigration is going to be huge, big, big issue.
7:36 am
>> yes, it will all be right here and we will talk bit right in other and he will inner will be in it and i will be with her. >> she wants to go to the parties. >> i invited to all of my parties. >> party over here. >> thank you both, we will see you a lot. >> absolutely. >> that is not a bad thing. >> i'm not so happy with elinor right now. >> well, who is. it seems no matter what that gwyneth paltrow. >> i do. >> she's so annoying. >> why? >> well, now she's taking a food stamp challenge. she thinks that she can live off $29 a week. >> she probably can, look at her size. >> she's getting some backlash for this though. >> let's check back with quincy. >> my goodness. >> he's getting ready for the broad street run. >> i'm working the the legs. the listen guys, never give up
7:37 am
training. they are getting us ready for broad street run and running around philadelphia, so get ready to start hitting it, coming right back.
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hey, it is 7:40 on this monday in. we have a report from the new york daily news, speaking of the nancy reagan endorsement thing. >> it says it was a false report that surfaced and some news outlets did carry it but they are investigating it was a hoax and nancy reagan has not endorsed anybody for president. >> yeah. >> oscar winner gwyneth paltrow continues to anger some people, with her, well, what they say she's out of touch. she has these comments that seem out of touch with regular society. >> this time she's under fire for taking the food stamp challenge. she tweeted this is what $29 gets you at the grocery store, with families on snap, you know, food stamps, have to
7:41 am
live on for a week. the photo shows eggs, lime, beans, rice and other veggies. food bank for new york city challenge her for one week with the grocery budget of $29, a $1.38 per meal. so, you know, she might have been in the right place but critics say they got on her for this one. spiritual slob, the name of the twitter handle, vast difference living on food stamps for one week knowing you have a safety net of millions and that being in your life every day at gwyneth the paltrow. >> julianne said it is so cool how celebrities can challenge themselves to live off of food stamp budget like it is a game or something. >> i don't know, it is not like she decided to do it on her own. she was challenge by the food bank. she was answering what the food bank wanted her to do. >> they should be given more than $29 was that her point? i don't know. the actress runs the luxury
7:42 am
lifestyle web site g oop where she celebrates the great lavish things of life, and consciously, uncouple from cold play front man chris martin has stuck her foot in the mouth plenty of time before. who wrote this? a gwyneth paltrow hater. >> she told el magazine quote i am i am. i cannot pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year. maybe why it may be upset with what she's doing. >> maybe she should just eat her salad and make movies and go on about her way. >> all right. >> the weather is quite lovely today and more people are exercising outside i was reading an article in the philadelphia daily news. >> you were. >> about great places to run in the delaware valley. when i'm in atlantic city, that is in the a bad place to run down the boardwalk, bob kelly. >> it is a good the spot. we have a lot of good spots
7:43 am
here in philadelphia, the the drives, parkway all good spots as we go for a ride though south on i-95, already heavy a approaching the cottman avenue work zone into girard. we will check jam cams and sue with that monday forecast when we come right back.
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things have turning around in the pocono mountains, because no longer do we look at frozen bushkill falls, it is actually falling there and it will be for rest of the summer ape most of the fall. so rots to look forward to their. lots to look forward to today wet are wise as we look at high pressure in control. it is bringing us southeasterly wind and that is why we expect to get into the 70's on this marvelous monday but we will look out to the midwest and here comes the next chance of april showers, and that will be tomorrow, and just about all of us will get rain at some point on tuesday. you will see a few echoes on ultimate doppler. we are in the getting any precipitation in our area. but we will look out to the midwest. the this is our next cold front and this will give us rain for tuesday. the right now not bad. forty-eight in mount pocono. forty-seven in the city. it is on the chilly side. you need a sweat they are
7:47 am
morning but not later on today. you won't need the umbrella until tomorrow. wind are not an issue either but we will watch the wind direction out of the south so that is why it will be mild tore day. let's time out that rain for tomorrow. we will see cloud rolling in overnight and then about 7:00 o'clock it starts to move from northwest to south east and there will be times when we get heavy downpours. there may be a few thunderstorms along with this rain between 1:00 and 3:00 o'clock worst of the rain, heavier rain through i-95 corridor and then that heavy rains moves south at 7:00 the at jersey shore in southern delaware. everything gone by 10:00 p.m. and that is it for that. we will get an inch or so of rain throughout most of the area. maybe more to the south where we saw in the future cast, all of those heavy downpours. the that is all of the more reason to enjoy today and that high of 72 degrees. the it is a ten. then we will cut that in half tomorrow when rain comes because it will be heavy at times and we could touch off a then are storm.
7:48 am
sunny and nice on wednesday, thursday looks good even with increasing cloud. next chance of rain friday and saturday but way this is timing out it looks good for our dash for organ and tissue donor awareness and that is on sunday. we all will get together at the art museum on sunday morning and you still have plenty of time to sign up, bob kelly just go to my fox philly to the come. >> through go. 7:48. good morning, everybody. the cameras are resetting just as we are about to get ready to go on the air. there we go, roosevelt boulevard southbound an accident at oxford circle in northeast philadelphia, that is tying us up southbound on the i-95 interchange, heavy from the betsy ross bridge down through girard avenue. through both of construction zones. 422 eastbound now heavy from approaching collegeville route 29 all the way in through king of prussia the monday morning rush is underway, schuylkill running slow westbound from city to belmont and i am bound side heavy from approaching
7:49 am
city avenue around past the zoo toward center city and vine street expressway. cone zone coming our way between 9:00 ape 3:00, all this week penndot will be working on the boulevard, the the express lanes between rhawn and strahl, will see a slow down. we will find beginning of the vine street expressway make over that starts later on tonight, tonight the at around midnight into early tomorrow morning, they will close the eastbound lanes of the vine street expressway, just to set up the construction barriers. so what you will see new over the the next couple of days if you don't travel on the overnight is the the lanes will be a little bit more tighter, coming into and out of the downtown philadelphia on that vine street expressway mike and alex, back to you. the lottery for the broad street run was just announced and now hard work begins for the runners. you have to get ready. >> you have to prep. that is what quincy is doing. what is the furthest you have
7:50 am
ever run, quincy. >> i completed a marathon, guys, 26.2 miles, so, it is what i do. >> sure. >> but you know why, difficult that because i never gave up. i'm at never give up training with allie how are you doing. >> good, how are you. >> i was telling you i'm a runner but we were doing some work outs that strengthen, your running and makes you faster and you have some essential work out that is you can help us out with. >> every runner, here, grab your at matt, every runner should start with straight on playing push and publishing back and feel it in the back of your legs. you can put your head down like this to really stretch out. >> i see. >> okay. then come down into a yoga move and feel that in your lower back and chest. >> what does this help you
7:51 am
with right there. >> this warms your muscles up and stretches them before that long run. then you can come back and stretch the back of your legs and hamstrings. then you will bring your leg as far up as possible on the outside of your hand. >> that stretches your hipps. >> would i do ten of the pump stretches and then about five each side or so, if you are extra tight i would add a few more. and then switch legs. >> hold it for ten seconds it opens up your hip flexors and gets your lower half ready. >> is what the next one. >> all right. >> is this a kettle bell. >> yes, kettle bell. >> a kettle bell press. >> this is great because it works your hamstrings, and quads. you will go back into your heels. make sure your knee does not come in front of the your toe.
7:52 am
you will come up and press and come straight back down and then you will do it again. >> okay. >> perfect. >> we have one more, one more exercise. >> one more strong core for runners is crucial for success. you will hold that prank. your legs are straight, perfect. >> how does this work. >> this works your core band all the way around and your shoulders and if you squeeze your legs and your glut is it will strengthen your entire body. >> next hour we will look at the sneakers that we should wear, when we go running. >> nicely done. >> good for your core. >> can't start the day without a cup of coffee, we are about to get coffee, from front street. what do you prefer latte, espresso, cappuchino, straight
7:53 am
black? what is favorite cup of coffee says about you. we will match up your personality with your coffee order. i'm a lot the take guy.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
back in the take my mom used to brew the whole pot of coffee. >> the best part of waking up is folgers in your cup. >> maxwell house was good to the last drop. >> um-hmm. well, now we have the single servings, in the only in our daily lives, you know, these keurig machines or you go in the coffee shop and get the lot toews or cappuchino. >> keurig. >> i cannot the say it right. >> keurig. >> and it is not moravian college it is moravian college, a pol guys for that.
7:57 am
>> it is okay, it is monday. >> by friday i'll have item is the i together. >> and then it will be a weekend and we have to do this all over again. >> we have a new problem with coffee. >> what effects are they having on the environment, keurig introduced a system called vue that makes pods recyclable. >> they are trying to make everything recyclable by 2020. they are well on their way. we will not to wait that long but they put 2020 out there to be sure but recyclable. how much do you think americans spend on inning is will serve coffee pod,. >> the little coffee pods. >> yes. >> aren't they two or $3. >> receipt me read the prompter here, i don't know. >> that is what the prompter say. >> i dunno. >> i don't know. >> i will a answer that for you. >> thank you. >> more than $3 billion. yes, billion. yes that was also in the the prompter. >> what kind of coffee you like might say a lot about
7:58 am
your personal style and personality. they basically matched up, the coffee order. >> um-hmm. >> with your personality. >> let's go through the list. this is from town and town and country also has a magazine. >> we will start with the latte. there is a latte with foam art. >> this is what i like to order. >> if you get it the with the art that makes you an artist who takes careful care, to have everything in your outfit right down to the accessories. >> what is careful care you take care. >> you are carefully careful. >> okay. >> but i don't know, do you drink lattes. >> i have already had within this morning you don't take care of your outfit what do you mean good this shirt is filthy. >> it is make up. >> it is disgusting. >> if you like espresso you are likely a downtown girl. you are in the afraid to show off your type a personality and your look and everything is about the details. >> espresso. >> yes. >> and if black coffee is your thing, like joe danker in the
7:59 am
control room, he likes his coffee black, you are a minimallist, you are no fuss, and yeah. >> okay. >> ice coffee girls are trend setters, who always follow the latest designers. >> that is your sue serio. the she's anized coffee drinker. >> yes you are a trend setter. >> me? >> what about a cappuchino. >> now i know that whole study is bologne. >> if you like cappuchino their style is classic. timeless silhouettes. you can put a silhouette in your class it. and you have plans forevery don't drink coffee mike so what does that say about my personality. >> that you have no personality. >> no, no don't say that. >> you are so special you cannot be categorized. >> we already know that study is bologne because i'm not a trend setter. >> i like cream and sugar and that is not black. so where am i in that whole thing.
8:00 am
>> a strong man. >> you are wrong. >> i drink a latte you are an. good day, it is monday, april the 13th. >> tax day. >> it is a extension, i can feel it. >> 2015. >> reporter: a young quadriplegic ace live at children's hospital after being left outside a week ago this morning. how he survived and how he ended up there both hard to believe, jenny. >> reporter: hillary clinton's throws her hat in the ring for president what do people in our area think. we will talk bit coming up next, sue. >> gorgeous day on the way but you know we will talk about april showers, at the some point today, stay tuned for your weather authority forecast, q? >> we're out here getting ready, running. this is allie and she will tell us proper sneak tours wear coming up next. sue, lets do weather and
8:01 am
traffic. we have some breaking news coming up in about a minute. >> let's get right to it. it is a ten out of ten. the it looks like a gorgeous day if you like yesterday, you'll love today even more. bus stop buddy is wearing his shades and we will of clouds around but, generally, fantastic. 49 degrees, already. we have calm wind, and not too much to show you on radar. so the forecast is for rain for tomorrow, not today, mostly sunny, breezy and mild, this afternoon, excellent, we will talk about when it does start to rain coming up in a few minutes, hey, bob. >> sue, good morning everybody. 8:01. let's go take a live look right now, at sky fox, over this scene, of what we're being told is a person injured, electrocuted at the king of prussia mall. this is that new construction project that just started at the mall about a month or two ago. you cab see fire crews, it is actually right there underneath the parking garage which is where all of the emergency activity looks like it is centered here.
8:02 am
that is all we know at the moment. again, on that, in that king of prussia mall area. it is right at the traffic signal where gulf road comes in and they go underneath the parking garage there between macy's and i believe you would have lord and taylor and nordstrom's and, opposite side, with the fire crew is here. they are pushing everybody, off not able to go, up towards the the ramps for the pennsylvania turnpike, and the 202 interchange, there and we will take and this crash here on city avenue right here near conshohocken state road police are on the scene and that is tying traffic up, in both directions there. or wise, eastbound schuylkill expressway just under a half an hour, from conshohocken to downtown and about a 40 minute trip south on i-95 from woodhaven in through center city, mike and alex, back over to you. okay, how about this, a philadelphia mob will face a long list of charges after police say she left her disable son, 21 year-old, in
8:03 am
the woods, boy, a week ago today. >> she left them for about five taste. the lets get to steve keeley live where the son was cared for at chop, steve. >> reporter: his other family members are here with him and we are hearing about so many injuries he has. he has cuts to the back and eyes. or wondering whether animals and bird were at him as he was left out there not moving around much. they found him 10 feet from his wheelchair in a pile of leaves. thank god that runner decided to take that path or he wouldn't have been found alive. he is back here live stable and alive, at children's hospital where the the great staff help him all his life. they knew him. they had his record. they knew his struggle. they saved him. exactly a week ago this morning is when the 21 year-old with cerebral palsy and was push in the wheelchair into the wood nearby in southwest philadelphia the next day his mom posted this on her face book page you are looking at. i'm so happy. well, the the next day when he
8:04 am
didn't show up at school, everybody knew something was wrong. they were trying to get a hold of the mother. you can see on the facebook postings, call us asap. she didn't call. they didn't know what to think. they didn't know where she and the son were. they thought they were probably both together somewhere. with her profile picture, her boyfriend who lives down in the washington d.c. suburb of silver spring, maryland police eventually found out where she was because her friend on facebook sensed something was wrong saying what do you mean you are so happy, call us, in the meantime despite the cold, rain almost every day last week, this young man already battling so much in life to survive, survived in those woods, no food, no water, no shelter, police only found a bag, blanket and bible near him. when a runner first saw the empty wheelchair and then the man on the ground. caretakers say his mom under 24 hours a day, seven days a week stress including having to carry him um and down the stairs since they didn't have a wheelchair ramp may have just lost it. >> i think that the decision that she made, action that she
8:05 am
took is absolutely terrible. i would never want anyone to feel like they were in that position. i hope for everyone as a family, that they can come together and help support this young man as he recovers from this. i understand the family didn't have a ramp. we might have been able to help them with that. there are little things we might have been able to connect them with other parents to talk to it sound like the young man had services both at chop and at the school that he was at so it seems like he was engaged a little bit. so, hopefully that was somewhat helpful but i think the mom probably need add lot more support then people realized. >> if he didn't have to car that i child, every single time up and down, every single time they came and went from and that i may have been what sent her over the edge. >> this young man does not talk so no one will ever know how she survived in the wet woods when temperatures went down in the 30's so many nights last week. this mother's boyfriend called police as soon as he learned of the son's discovery and his girlfriend now in a maryland
8:06 am
hospital. caregivers think that they will not be surprised at all to hear whether or not this mother either threatened or tried to harm herself, once all this came known. they have seen parents who deal with the same kind of around the clock stress offhandeddeling a child like her break and commit suicide. they have seen worst cases. hoping everyone understands rather than being quick to condemn this mom and label her a monster when you hear what happened. >> glad you're presenting both side of this story. she had this child when she was 21 years old and she has been dealing with it for 21 years. still no excuse, of course. hillary clinton announced her run in the white house yesterday in the you tube video. when you make a you tube video you want it to be just perfect. we found footage of her practicing for the the the announcement, practicing her you tube video. >> now since we're announcing your candidacy via social media we thought it would be fun if you filmed the video yourself on your own phone.
8:07 am
that way it is more personal, intimate. >> personal and intimate. >> i better take off this jacket then. >> now hold up your phone. you can just look natural, okay. >> and maybe soften up a little bit, a little will bit more. a a lot more and then action. >> i know that this election season won't be easy. i'm sure i will face some stiff competition from my fellow democrats, people like martin o'malley who could really give me a run for my money. i'm sorry, it is just too funny. >> saturday night live is great. she looks in the camera and says, america, you will vote
8:08 am
for me. of course, that is saturday night live but she did make a you tuba announcement yesterday afternoon. >> that is right she did, even on saturday president barack obama said hillary clinton would be an excellent president. so last night she had her announcement that she will jump back into presidential politics. >> retirement means reinventing yourself in many ways. >> we will be doing home renovations. this country was found on hard work and it feels good to be part of something like that. >> i'm getting ready to do something too. i'm running for president. every day americans need a champion? i want to be that champion. so you can do more than just get by, you can get ahead and stay ahead. >> an interesting way to announce it the by showing other people saying what they will be doing for the next 12 months or so, i'm going to be retiring, i'm going to have a baby, i have a new job. then she walks up and said i'm going to be doing something too. i'm running for president. what do you think bit.
8:09 am
>> lets get to jenny joyce, she has been asking people in philadelphia on their thoughts on this announcement, jenny. >> reporter: hillary is first person to enter on the democratic side. if she wins this nomination she will becoming here to philadelphia, for the democratic national convention which is next july. we will be anxious to hear what people to have say. we did talk to governor rendell. he is all for it. lets look at that video where she's catering to the middle class. she's talking about hard working americans pursuing the american dream, clinton says she wants to be the voice for the middle class with a focus have of economic security and greater opportunity. yesterday we caught up with governor rendell where he says hillary clinton is in a great place to lead this country in the right direction. >> she started out in 2008 as sort of this coronation, everybody expect that she would be the candidate and she felon her face politically. then near the the end of the campaign when she started relating to people and talking
8:10 am
about peoples hopes and dreams she was terrific. that is the hillary i think we will see. >> that is what it is, governor rendell says you have to relate to people. show that warmth and compassion that she has inside of her, mike ape alex. >> it will be a long run but democratic convention is here in july of next year. >> a a lot going on. a home run for new moms would i say. >> cincinnati red opening up a nursing suite at the ballpark. the the complaints that led to this game changing move. >> you are talking about breast-feeding, right. >> yes. >> a local little boy is kicked off for something that saved his life, powerful way this ten year-old is stopping bullies and gaining super star support along the way.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
good morning everybody. welcome back. updating you live, from sky fox over the new construction zone the at the the king of prussia mall where a person was taken to the hospital after being shocked, electric are cuted at the this construction site. we are looking at it the here.
8:14 am
this is that stretch along mall boulevard, and, 202, you can go through the mall there and underneath that parking garage. there is a lot of police, emergency crews on the scene as well as the the construction workers here we do know that one person taken to a local hospital, that is all we know at this time. we don't have thinks condition. we will bring you more information as it the becomes available to us but as we look live here from sky fox over the king of prussia mall, mall boulevard, it is closed right now. so, anyone using mall boulevard to get there one end to the mall to the other you will be pushed back on to either route 202 and gulf road. try to avoid that stretch there if we can and we will keep our fingers crossed for the person that was injured there this morning. the here's a live look at city avenue right here near conshohocken state road. off to the right side of the screen there. that one vehicle slammed in the front wall in front of the taco bell. that is one of two vehicles
8:15 am
involve in the accident there this morning. i-95 southbound your morning rush hour jam from approaching the betsy ross bridge heading down into girard avenue and just your normal delays on the the schuylkill expressway. >> good weather day to be stuck in traffic. >> it is, we are looking at the forecast for today. by lunchtime we will be up where we were yesterday with our high on sunday so we are getting even mild tore day. a few cloud around this morning and breezes will be picking up in the afternoon. but all and all just a marvelous, monday alex. we have a high temperature of 72 degrees thanks, sue. our next guest is a brave, inspiring local kid who our bill anderson introduced to us last week. ten year-old dominic was, diagnosed with cancer 359 years old. dominic went to three and a half years of chemo. thankfully dominic is in
8:16 am
remission but one of the many side effects is it can stunt your growth. dominic says kid now tease him because he is short. >> practically every day someone would either say, i'm taller than you, or you are short, or something like and it sort of got annoying. to everybody who calls me short i may be short but that is better than being dead. i have cancer and if you haven't found out, ites deadly. i like who i am and i'm still very lucky to be living good we are join with dominic and his mom, and dad, good morning. >> hi. >> hi. >> you are an amazing boy, do you know that. >> thank you. >> you have to tell us how did you come up with i'd rather be short, not dead. >> i was just thinking about it at night and i didn't want to start out with anything that didn't didn't really sound right so i just said that because, it is a very dangerous thing, cancer and it
8:17 am
could happen. >> what do kid say at school when started saying this. >> like afterwards. >> yes. >> hey wait, don't tease me. >> a lot of them said sorry, a lot of them also said i'm sorry on the news. >> you got a lot of attention. >> yes. >> did you think your post would get a lot of attention from everybody. >> no, no. >> mom, i have to ask you a lot of times when kid get bullied it is hard to watch. what are your thoughts saying what the kid would say at school. >> this has been happening for most of the year for the most part. he would come home and say, am i going to grow? why am i short. kid are teasing me. first graders are teasing me. second graders are teasing me. i always tell dominic it doesn't matter how tall you are, what look like, it is what is inside. you are an awesome kid. if they love you, they will love you, for you. just keep being you. they will figure that out.
8:18 am
i guess it was a hot button for him. it was something that bothered him. he got that point where he had enough. >> dad, what did you think of his response. >> i was proud of him for his age i think he is way mature. he is way above his year. >> just the age of three you were on chemotherapy. >> do you remember a lot about it. >> not really. >> which is probably a good thing, yes. >> so about this response though, i mean the denver broncos kicker had something to say to you, lets take a look. >> hi dominic i'm a kicker for the denver broncos and co founder of the anti bully squad. what you did is courageous and it is exactly what we're all about. way to step in and speak out. would i like to invite to you my football camp on june 28th in new jersey so i can meet new person. keep up the awesome work and remember, the anti bully squad
8:19 am
the hat your back. >> how did that make you feel to see that. >> it felt really, really cool. >> you got attention from eagles, quest love is what the favorite thing that happened since you spoke out about bullying. >> i guess, people at school said they were sorry about everything. >> how are you doing now then. you are in remission. >> yes. >> they will just keep doing checkups. >> he has one more year of annual checkups and he reaches his five-year mark and he enters survivorship program in chop. >> what is that. >> they just monitor him until he is 18, the the rest of the side effect that is could happen with under going chemo for such a long period of time for that age but at five-year mark we can officially say that he has beaten leukemia. >> what do you want to do to celebrate at 59 year mark.
8:20 am
>> party. >> of course. >> i guess it will be warm, so pool party or something. >> i have to say, you don't have to be tall to win, i could be call but god slowed down my growth for me to become the best personally can become. you are truly an a nation person. >> i'm short too is there nothing wrong were being short. give me high five. >> we are so proud of you dominic. >> thank you, mom and dad. you are raising an amazing boy. >> tiny dinner this eight year-old girl lost part of her leg last year but she won't let anybody stop her from pursuing her dreams. incredible thing she did just months after the accident. later did you catch mtv music award. you won't believe what they said on stage, top five moments you may have missed.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
it is 8:23.
8:24 am
>> a foot was run over by ups truck driver is back to performing. >> the eight year-old was determined to dance, again with her prosthetic leg. >> yes. >> you cannot see it but the the other side of this gym, this high school gym is filled with people and they cheered as alyssa sizemore here, did cart wheels with that prosthetic leg, later on in the video but when she took it off to complete her performance there was not a dry eye, in this gymnasium. the doctors could not save her food and ended uptaking part of her leg. it took months to raise money for this prosthetic leg. once she returns to walk on it she got to back to work in the
8:25 am
dance studio. she was dancing most of her life. she's back to dancing again. >> really sweet. >> she received a standing ovation. >> yeah. >> she did cart wheels on that prosthetic leg. >> wow. >> and then took it off and finished her performance on her one leg. lets go to that little will story, dominic. we want to say thank to you brandon mcmahon us, this guy right here. he is the the kicker for denver broncos. he will have dominic to his football cam this sum inner june. >> he has ties to our area they went to the same elementary school. >> he went to the same grade school as little dominic, and then he went on to play with the temple owls, a kicker for them. very good too. now he is in the pros. thank you for doing that for dominic. >> he is very excited about it. >> very. >> it is a bought full morning for sure, boy, did you see all of the people running on kelly drive over the last week. >> it was crowded. >> but what do you snack on what is the best recovery
8:26 am
snack. the katie, do you have about five or six you can show us. >> i do. >> i do. >> are you ready for this. >> i am lets get excited. move around like this. >> excited about nutrition. >> yes.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
looking good all ready out there in the pocono mountains and here, around town, now the little kid still getting ready to go out to the school bus and make sure they have a sweat shirt because it is on the cool side. you will need your shade throughout the day-to-day. it is a ten out of ten. the weather could not get any better than this. we are almost at 50 in the city, and with the sunshine we will head up to 27 by the end
8:30 am
of the day. a few breezes around this afternoon. tonight we're down to 55. we will get some rain but not until well after midnight. we will talk more about the rain, when it arrives and when it leaves coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> well, sue in rain today but we have some sun glare and that will hit us on the schuylkill expressway in, bound, a live look at girard avenue. sun glare hits you at conshohocken to downtown. no complaints. enjoy while you can today. the accident westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike out here near virginia drive, that is causing a delay from philadelphia on over into fort washington. east on 422, delays from oaks in through king of prussia, south on i-95, heavy from approaching cottman avenue down through girard avenue in the work zone. mike and alex, back over to you. over the weekend, youe all of the people out running, jogging, hiking, i wonder what should you take in your little backpack. you wear a fanny pack.
8:31 am
>> of course. >> i'm in the surprised at all. >> i always wonder what should i put in there an apple or something, is what best recovery snack. >> you want to get your than joy backup. >> let's talk to katie cavuto. >> registered dietition, katie cavuto is here. how are you guys. >> i like dehydrated apples. you brought in pine apples. >> there is a lot of dried fruit options. if you are outside hiking, it can be a long time. it can take a couple hours. it is great to have food to keep your than joy levels up, to keep you going but you don't need to go for the sport bars that have added ingredients. so we brought that. so dried fruits make sure they are unsweetened and these are dried pine apples. have you ever had one. try one. >> look at them. >> they are fruit that have have both apples, or have both fruits and vegetables in them but unsweeten.
8:32 am
so really great to throw in the backpack for some instant energy, without doing any artificial sweeteners. >> yes. >> pine apples are so naturally sweet. they are amazing dry. you don't to have add any sugar. >> i never had a dried pine apple. >> i do love them. >> what is next to love. >> nuts are a great source of fat and protein. it will keep your energy levels going. even paring fruits and nuts together. make your own trail mix. i love these nut butter packets. you can just rip one open and just,al monday butter. is there peanut butter as well. it is very easy to eat and portable. the just grab some. >> slip that open and squeeze tonight tour mouth. >> you could do that pared with the fruit. >> coming up, alyssa, who works here she does apples, and we have a whole apple. >> this is all fruit.
8:33 am
>> apples, orange, whole easy to pack and not make a mess in your backpack. you could bite into your apples. >> are they filled with calories. >> we need some salaries. nuts are good, healthy fat. if you don't want to put this together grab something simple like a bar. i love kind bars because they have real ingredient in them. the it the is whole nuts, dried fruit. we took our trail mix and put tonight a bar that is portable, easy and great from the go and this is everything you need, carbohydrates and protein and they fill you. >> what is raw honey. >> raw honey is an unfiltered honey. reason that we brought honey is because you know how people do sports goals. they have a lot of refined sugar and artificial colors, flavors, all of that. you can just take a packet of honey, get honey sticks and take a straw and that is much more natural version of the sports gel to give thaw instant kick of sugar to get your energy up. >> sport gel what would that
8:34 am
be. >> even phillies, i do honey sticks for the phillies in the dug out during the the game. they are an easy way. it is instant sugar. >> it is a boost. >> a boost of sugar while exercise to go keep your blood sugar levels up. >> a spoon full of sugar. >> yes? okay, honey. >> they used to call me in honey. >> honey? >> honey stick. >> yes, interesting. >> now as we were saying natural sugars are always best. >> yes. >> let's just beat the apple up. >> that is great. >> and then what do we have here. >> this is jerky, that is making a come back especially natural, without any preservative. get turkey or beef turkey, taste this one. >> this is so delicious. >> delicious flavors. >> great source of protein. >> pack an apple with jerky and great snack mid hike. >> how do you make sure it doesn't have preservatives.
8:35 am
>> you have to read your ingredient list. anytime you read look for food that you can pronounce. can you buy all ingredients in the grocery store or how would i make this itself. if there is anything funky, put it back. >> if it is funky, put it back good do you like that. >> this is best jerky i have ever a had because ites not tough, it is very moist, tender and moist. >> amazing flavor. >> this is an awesome local company called righteous jerky that is made locally here in philadelphia. it is becoming very popular. you will see it the in the farmers market. all this fits in your backpack and won't make a mess and easy to keep you going, while you are outside enjoying the the spring weather getting some exercise. >> no excuse. >> start today. >> it will be nice out today. >> back to you. >> philly's own, this is good. >> kevin hart gives back incredible way he is helping out four local students. beyonce's mom drops a bomb
8:36 am
shell is, do we hear wedding bells. >> what? >> surprise nuptials next. >> they married each other.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
all right. now look at that, i cannot wait just to run outside and frolic. >> are you frolic to go day. >> what is frolicking. >> what going out lake this. >> you have to do this. >> you have to do that when you frolic and roll around in the grass, smell the flowers and run. >> you never frolicked. >> not in a long time. >> you probably did it the other day. >> sometime during the carter administration i frolicked. north philadelphia native and funny man kevin hart teamed up with the united negro college fund to award four philadelphia high school student for their dope
8:40 am
achievement. >> that is dope. >> that means good. >> yes. >> how much. >> $50,000. >> that is how much each student received. hart selected scholarship recipient to award their high g pa's. this is a better use of his money then what he would ordinarily do. >> so he posted this picture on instagram with the caption i love my city. i will continue to put on for my city. konstantinov great gratz to the four seniors i chose. >> they each got $50,000. >> amazing. >> i have been doing good, recently, kevin. >> you are not that good. >> well, how is your g pa. >> what was your g pa. >> oh, who knows. >> you try to forget it. >> b's and c's, pathetic. >> state school. >> probably. >> i don't even remember. >> what is that beyonce song you better put a ring on it. >> yes, beyonce's mom says he put a ring on it. she got remarried over
8:41 am
weekend. tina a knowles wed actor richard lawson on a yacht off the coast of california. >> rich and looks like beyonce. >> they do look alike. beyonce and jay-z and blue ivy were in attendance. they have been dating since 2013. about two years. her most notable role was 1928's movie. >> richard lawson. >> kit cat kline can you find a picture of richard law son. >> not richard dawson. >> dick lawson, right. >> yes. >> he was in p.o. lterge ist movie, and tennis balls and garden hose. >> yes. >> but momma knowles, she's so fabulous. i wonder, yes, you better have it together. >> if he was in the move any 1982, let's find out how old he is, richard lawson. >> there he is. >> okay. >> there he is.
8:42 am
>> wonderful. >> he is handsome. >> yes, nicely done. >> well, how cool is that. >> the fashion designed divorced -- what. >> fashion designer. >> fashion designer. >> yes. >> he is 68. >> well, he looks good. >> he does look good. >> yeah. >> okay. >> let's get to quincy. he is still getting ready to run. >> he says he will dot broad street run. >> i'm just trying to get my core together, and the thing is, does your shoes, do your shoes matter, we will find out coming up next.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
it is 8:45. it is already beautiful out there. it will be a gorgeous day, of course, one down side is the pollen count. today, it is pretty high, yeah, we've got mapel, juniper, alder, tree pollen basically out there right now as trees start to budd, and tomorrow though the pollen count looks better because we have rain in the forecast. so, take your medicines today. the it is almost 50 degrees. forty-nine in the city. forty-nine in mount pocono. forty-eight in reading. 45 degrees in trenton. so it is getting up there those temperatures. the it is now 49 in millville
8:46 am
as well. plenty of sunshine today. a few clouds and breezes but a high temperature of 72. sixty-five tomorrow, with the rain, on and off throughout most of the day, sunny and nice on wednesday, thursday, increasing cloud, getting ready for rain on friday, that is our next chance of april showers after tomorrow, and it should be nice, alex, for the dash for organ and tissue donor awareness this sunday morning at the art museum. >> when are running in that or getting ready for broad street run hard work begins. you have to make sure you are ready for runners. we will get with quincy now. i know you are talking about shoes. what shoes you wear are very important when it comes to running. >> allie is here, and that is whether we want to know does your sneaker matter when you are running. >> you need to find the the right sneaker for your arch and foot, and philadelphia runner has given us a wide range here to, talk about, and they will literally fit you
8:47 am
for your philly marathon walk and fit you for your right arch. we have neutral sneakers here which are more flat based. that means your foot does not turn in these are your best bet. they are light. you don't need much of an insert. you have, a boost, do you feel how like they are. these are hot sneakers for the season. >> if you are over pronate error your foot turns in or high arch, you need a little more stability. >> how do you determine if you are an a over pronate error under pronator. >> philadelphia runner can do it for you but you can feel it when you walk. if you feel your foot turning in ward when you are walking, then you are an over pronator. you can tell if you are running and you get shinsplints or your neat hurt you need arch support. >> can you look at me and tell if i'm an over or under pronator. >> i can tell you a little
8:48 am
bit, yes. >> you do in the pronate. >> you do in the pronate. >> you are wearing neutral sneakers right now. those are flat based. neutral sneakers such as the nike is here are perfect for cross training. you can run in them and since they are flat based you can do your squash and not be tilted forward. >> a a lot of people don't necessity this but you are supposed to change out your sneaker. >> every 200 miles or so. >> two hundred miles for you, for me, we're just talking about mike, he says every five years because he doesn't really run but goody guess every season. >> every season. >> would i say every season. >> if you run every day, for 12 months, then probably every six months or so. >> the broad street run is coming up. how long should you preparing for a run. >> you should start running if you are not a natural run are at least six months to build your muscular enduring
8:49 am
and strength up. >> if you cannot get in the broad street run you have time for philadelphia marathon. >> philadelphia marathon is a a great race for half marathoners, they hold a 10k the day before that run are can parities pate? >> you just ran 13 miles yesterday. >> i did the the atlantic city april fools half marathon yesterday. >> that definitely was a joke. >> these are some of the things you can look at. in the next hour we will talk about technology because this is definitely technology. >> stuff to help you run, your pace and get your goals thaw want. >> guys, the the key, sneaker, don't over pronate. >> i'm a pronator. >> yes, mike, he is a pronator. >> over pronating, you cannot help it. >> is this pronating right there. >> it is natural movement your foot makes, which is why we need sneakers to help with that. >> you can tell, look at your
8:50 am
running shoe and all worn down on the heel you are a pronator. >> even there. >> you have heard of the daily, they have released the list have the best restaurants in america and, of course, fill difficult make the cut. >> of course. >> not the a food truck per se but we will tell you which two local restaurants made their list.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
good morning, everybody, 8:53. live look at 295 in south jersey where we are extra heavy because of an accident on the southbound side. this is 295, southbound, jammo , from route 70, folks trying get down to the 42 freeway having some trouble there south on i-95 heavy out of northeast philadelphia where we will begin the construction zone at cottman avenue and we are riding the brakes down in toward girard
8:54 am
avenue. heading down to the airport you know normal spots up and over that girard point double decker bridge. sixers playing basketball in the stadium complex. we will have some volume for your evening rush hour and a little sun glare, eastbound coming around the curve, mine and alex, back to you. >> thanks, bob. 8:54. let's talk restaurant. philly is known for cheese steaks, cheese cakes too. >> all kind of food. >> a new list of america's best restaurants will tell you where in philly you should go. >> this is the daily beast, no, daily who put out a survey every year. best 100 restaurants in in america. >> the hog made the list. >> that is right over there at society hill. >> israeli cuisine is, the melting pot of middle eastern and central eastern flavors by chef/owner. >> michael solomonoff.
8:55 am
>> located right here, in olde city. >> well, society hill. >> it is, the basically the shadow of society hill towers, it is in the same campus basically. >> i have never been. i have heard great things about it. >> movie theater is right there. >> the ritz. >> the the ritz five, yeah. >> coming in at number 28. >> vetri. >> yes, the list calls it the a jewel box of a place. it says chef mark vetri offers diners sophisticated hand crafted italian take. >> for years, it has been considered maybe the most romantic restaurant in the area. it is on spruce street. >> but see philly is such a great food town i'm surprised out of hundred restaurants in the country we only got two. >> i a agree completely. we have great restaurants. number one on the list every year, daniel up in new york city, upper east side. restaurant. what is the the guy's name,
8:56 am
daniel bul. >> i don't think, sue is paying attention to you. >> okay. >> he is trying to hint at a sue google. >> where are we going. >> i call this a home run, a home run for new moms, do you agree, will this happen at citizens bank park. >> they open up a nursing suite the at the ballpark. >> fat for the the the cincinnati red. >> complaints that led to the game changing move. >> you are talking breast feeding in the ballpark.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good day to you. that is a good shot on a monday april 13th 2015. the cincinnati red open up a nursing sweet at the ballpark. the the complaints that led to
9:00 am
this big move and could we see it happen here. >> we are not talking about nursing but bread feeding. >> there is an area at the ballpark set aside for somebody who need to breast feed their child. >> did you catch mtv music awards well, change tatum did something on stage that made the top five moments, that is not change. >> no. >> but we will show you channing. >> zach efron had his shirt off. >> and the the kiss seen round the world, drake and man done, yes, i said drake and madonna are making out but it is the reaction that everybody is talking about this morning. >> he didn't like it. >> i don't know what happened there. >> my gosh he will barf. >> it is the worst feeling and to have a man do that. >> it happens all


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