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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 13, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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this big move and could we see it happen here. >> we are not talking about nursing but bread feeding. >> there is an area at the ballpark set aside for somebody who need to breast feed their child. >> did you catch mtv music awards well change tatum did something on stage that made the top five moments that is not change. >> no. >> but we will show you channing. >> zach efron had his shirt off. >> and the the kiss seen round the world, drake and man done, yes, i said drake and madonna are making out but it is the reaction that everybody is talking about this morning. >> he didn't like it. >> i don't know what happened there. >> my gosh he will barf. >> it is the worst feeling and to have a man do that. >> it happens all the time to
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me. >> when you kiss a man. >> no, when i kiss anybody. >> yeah. >> let's talk about breast-feeding because that gets people riled up. buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks,. >> how will you make this work. >> and a breast pump. breast-feeding baseball fans will have the the comfort of a nice suite at a a major stadium. this is the cincinnati reds stadium. >> that is right. >> this is a new pampers nursing suite at great american ballpark home base for the the cincinnati red. whether ceo and father of five learned how breast-feeding mothers asked where they can breast feed he started to fine partners. the sweet designed by fischer homes features rocking chairs, bottles bathroom changing table and flat screen tv so moms won't miss out on the action. >> interesting layout, isn't it. >> i like how it is tea signed. >> i never even thought about that. i say sue, why not?
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>> brilliant. absolutely brilliant. the key there was chief operating officer has five children. so, obviously they get it. sometimes the older kids want to come to the game. the little ones aren't in to it. our daughter would last about two or three innings when she got tired of snacks. that was it. you bring your baby to the ballpark, there is no convenient place if you have to go to the bathroom to breast feed. brilliant. so cheerful looking. there is rocking chairs in there. >> keep up on the game. >> could you roll footage again. what would you call this design that we are looking for. >> it is primary colors, kind of blight fun cheerful, kid friendly. >> bay window there. >> you got to have the sink there to wash your hand, clean up comfortable chair. this is brilliant. >> like a country home. >> it is going to track more families to the ballpark. so it will benefit.
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it is win, whip, win, win, win. >> could there be anybody opposed to this. >> i'll take the other side. >> this is outrageous. >> and why mike. >> it is a what. >> it is a man's sport. >> you know, my daughter breast fed teddy at phillies game one time and just put a cloth over her head. >> now, if we were to get that at our ballpark she would have a beautiful place to go. >> what do they call it. >> breast-feeding suite, nursing suite. >> yes, it is like a suite. >> sweet. >> okay. now i don't know if i believe this or not. there is a schoolteacher, she lives in germany she is already mother of 13 children. a big family. the she's expecting her 14th child. she's 21 weeks presenting nan. yeah. she's 65 years old. >> wow.
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>> yeah. >> she's expecting quadruplets. she said her latest pregnancy was a result of the artificial insemination using donated sperm and eggs. the grandmother of seven is defending her decision, about this pregnancy so late in life. she goes on to say that she's still healthy and ready to take on the challenge of four more kid. >> um-hmm. >> she previously made headlines when she had a daughter at the age of 55. her story will be feature in the tv documentary. >> sixty-five and pregnant. >> sixty-five were four children on the way. >> wow. >> dang. >> i say dang too much. people on twitter they say i a dang too much. >> dang. >> but you already have seven grandchildren as well. that is a lot of children to be caring for. >> to have one child at 65 some people would be outraged by that. >> did you catch mtv muse ache ward. it is getting tedious now.
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but two of our favorites here in philly, they won last night, bradley. >> he pick up best male performance for portraying the late chris kyle in american snipper and comedian kevin hart received an award and brought his two children on stage to help accept the the a award. meanwhile mike your favorite movie the fault in our stars picked up the best movie of the year award. if you missed the show we have a look at the top moments that everyone is talking about. >> okay. >> we will fill you in. >> we will start with the host amy. >> this is coolest award show. this is the one to be at. this one is the best. i don't want winners to worry burr speeches going too long because mtv is one network who refuses to play music. so don't worry. >> oh, slapping the people that paid her. >> shots fired. >> so what about this next one. a lot of ladies like this. the cast of magic mike, they got some laughs on stage.
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check this out. >> don't go away. i got to know you. we will not get any dance moves or nothing. let's get it. >> your turn. >> so that was channing twerking. >> yes, channing tatum twerker. >> yes. >> tatum twerking for j lo that was something. >> then next vin diesel puts his voice to good use to honor his friend. >> the last time i stood on this, i love you guys. the last time i stood on this stage i was with my brother pablo. i love that little intro deduction that beautiful song: it's been a long day, and i'll tell you all about it, when i
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see you again. >> of course, he is singing about his friend paul walk her died in the car crash. >> let's get back to kevin hart. he won. he goes up on stage and gave this acceptance speech. >> i want to thank my children. the at the even of the day you all wonder why i work so hard my kid are with me, because this is why. i do it all for them. i'm trying to leave a legacy behind. the the last name hart means something. >> how cute are those kid, um. >> kevin h art was in the only one reflecting curing the ceremony. robert downey junior had this to say while accepting the the generation award. >> i have grown up, i have struggled i have failed, i have succeeded i have party ied way too much.
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therefore, i labored, and thanks for second chances and literally, claude my way to the top. so i invite to you dream big, work hard your keep your nose clean, be of service and yes because you can, to find your generation. >> keep your nose clean, because he a a has had his time with cocaine. anyway those people squatting there next to him why some of the cast members from the avengers movie. >> yes, they presented him with the award. >> very nice. >> let's talk about saturday night live because cookie or taraji hanson she was the host. >> she was good. >> yes, she did all kind of stuff. she was the empire star, she was a lawyer, to twerking mom to a giant japanese robot pilot the but one sketch that really caused a lot of laughs. >> cookies. >> cookie is being a real monster.
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>> wow, wow. >> from the hit show empire we have a special guest, cookie. >> ill will's trade you my apple for half my sandwich. >> no, he trying to play you. >> but, but, but. >> relationships will crumble. >> remember something, now. >> can we all be friend, cookie. >> not me. you need to talk like this like you are from the streets. >> this is good. >> then she stole cookie monster's cookies. she dressed up like elmo. she had a elmo dress on. the that is coming up here in a bit. she eats all of his cookies. >> that is hilarious. >> she was good in all of the bits that she did. >> look dressed as elmo.
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>> that is great. we have to get to this footage, the big concert and music a and lifestyle festival for two or three days, in southern california, out in the desert. >> that is right. >> they get big stars every year. >> best thing when they perform, and they have surprise guests people you wouldn't expect to collaborate on the song they come together and perform. >> collaborate. >> short for collaboration. >> you are something. >> people say that, don't they. >> sure. >> maybe not. >> you've got madonna up on stage singing with that new cd out, rebel heart. >> who could be a bigger star than break over the last few years. >> she was kissed, and then dissed. >> she's making out with drake up there on the stage but it looks like he will barf afterwards. >> look at his face. >> he looks disgusted. >> maybe he didn't get his breathing right and like i need to breathe, in.
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>> madonna did hit back with a tweet, if you don't like me and still watch everything i do you are a fan. >> quincy, what did you think of that. >> it looked disgusting but i mean, for drake, you know, drake he just dropped his new mix tape oral bum, if you are reading this it is too late. he has a song on there called madonna. he is talking to the girl. you can be as big asthma donna. i will say it again. he is a fan have of madonna. madonna i think in u.s. weekly she says that she wanted to have a dream date with drake and only kiss him. she fulfill his dream. they didn't get on a date but they did kiss good it was her dream and his nightmare. >> i think he was enjoying it. he is kissing her. and then he puts her hand on his head, and then, she said
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no, boy you put your hand down. >> yes. >> that doesn't sprain why he wanted to barf. >> he was touching his head and she took his hand off. >> she said no i'm controlling this. >> yes. >> it looks like, my theory is she was singing, right. your throat get dry. she had a glass of water. then she kissed him. then he got water in his mouth. i have to spit out the the water. >> he was water boarded by madonna a. >> she was on stage performing. might have been warm. >> maybe some tongue this there or something. >> there is a gag reflection. >> sometimes that is a good thing. i don't know if that is gay thing at 28 years older than you. >> it is so dramatic. >> i don't know. >> it is a dis.
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>> all right, get off my face. >> i'm madonna. >> yes. >> he's 28, she's 56. >> fifty-six. >> she's 56, he is 28. >> yes. >> i want to see him kiss aretha franklin next that is where i'm going. >> that is like kissing your mom. >> thanks, quincy. >> i went to a great event on saturday. i think you had had johnny gill on friday. >> how did that go. >> my my, my my, my. >> that was great. >> i ran into him saturday afternoon because wdas our friend patty jackson over there, they had a brand new thing in the very first year, they had the -- they celebrated and awarded these plaques to women of note. >> women of excellence. >> did you see mary j. blige was in there. >> look. >> we have got kenny, yes.
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>> yes. >> and tay machines mar came out and sang. >> there is leon huff. >> there is mary j. blige. >> she does look good. >> yes. >> it was a surprise, she comes walking out and the the crowd went wild. >> look at johnny gill. >> i heard he was working it out he was moving. >> yes. >> he had a turtle neck sweater and it was hot just sweating like crazy. sound wasn't going right. then he got mad. >> he had a lot of fun with us on the the show on friday. >> he put on a great show, my, my my i was dancing, it was great. >> what did you do. >> on sunday because it was so beautiful outside i went to manayunk for the streets festival yesterday there were thousands of people. look at this. they blocked off the main street. >> what are you standing on. >> i used a selfie stick, of course. because there are some people the lines were so long.
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so i had to stand in line for it seemed like forever. i think do we have another picture. >> convincey then there is this one. i was trying to see if hugh e had a selfie stick. i said no, then we got this picture. >> it looks like you are trying to hold the crowd back. >> no wait go back. >> yes. >> you are in a godzilla movie and being chased by godzilla, run for your life. >> i'm miniature godzilla. >> you could tell that everyone was just so ready for warmer weather. >> for sure. >> people are so excited, sue finally, an excuse to be out and about again. >> i guess they can do it again today. >> yes we can. i can't believe you went to the street festival and it was too cloud todd eat. ironic. it is 52 degrees in philadelphia 51 in mount pocono. we're getting milder. fifty-three atlantic city. fifty-one in wilmington. the here's where we are
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heading to a high of 72 degrees, that is a ten out of ten on our scale of one to ten and warmest day of the next seven. we have a case of april showers here and there like tomorrow where it will be raining and cooler then today and then sunny on wednesday a decent day on thursday but gets cooler, friday is our next rainy day day and then saturday showers in the morning sunshine in the afternoon. we have our gift of life donor dash on sunday and that is to increase awareness for organ and tissue donation. they have a 10k run, 5k run, kid run and a walk, so matter how you move there is a chance to participate this sunday at the art museum. >> nice. >> weather will be great. >> just continue timberlake and his wife one jessica beal they had a baby. >> yes they dit is a boy. baby is named sil as randall timberlake and people magazine
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reports and because you you love this famous tracy will let you do this. >> jessica, the the mother and baby are doing just fine. >> yes. >> they are doing well. >> yes. >> the pair went public when timberlake instagramed a picture of him kissing his wife's baby bump this year he is getting the greatest gift ever. >> interesting name. >> that is an interesting name. >> i feel like all celebrities they have to do something unique. >> apple all kind of different names. >> silas. >> his grandfather he is named after his grandfather randall is his father's name and his middle name? timberlake's grandfather. >> that is nice randall is justin's father and randall is justin's middle name. >> so it is good that there is a connection. when some people name kid gwyneth pal will tro's
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daughter is apple. her daughter is named apple. i know that is after her grandmother. >> her grandmother, her last name was orchard, no, really. >> really. >> really. >> you ever meet apple sister, corry and seedy. >> yes. >> do you see those dudes. >> yes. >> they have made something called a charlie brown what sit. >> charlie brown sandwich. >> yes. >> it is a brings kit. >> we will get to that in a second. what would you put in a charlie brown sandwich. >> i guess we will find out. >> yes. okay. >> free kanye west concert in armenia takes an unexpect turn when kanye jumps into a lake, during his performance. i have been asking to do that for years why don't you go jump in the lake. >> one way to make a splash.
9:19 am
>> he was mobbed by his fans in the leak as he is performing his song good life. >> that is kind of cool. >> police had to break up the mob and pause concert because people are starting to run toward him. >> that is neat. >> you can only run so fast in the water, anyway, he did return to perform a concert with fellow head liner ludicrous came out with a new album as well. >> they are mobbing him. >> it will get dangerous you know what i mean. lets get back to this good grief it is a combination of brings kit, cheese and pea he nut butter and, bacon it is called charlie brown sandwich and these guys made it up, and we will try it next. brings kit brisket
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look at the size of this connect four game. that is just outside of our studio. this will be fun. it is philly tech week starting to day. >> it is, i love connect four, thinks fun to play. >> have you ever played one that big. >> in good do you need more than four with this big of a game. >> yes. >> wow. >> connect 16. >> okay. it is a monday. that is why we're going to do you have to try this. we have gary and sean from over at sandwich shop called jake's sandwich board in university city. they have developed something called the charlie brown sandwich. what would you put on that. we said you've got to try this. there they are right now. welcome, guys. >> where is jake's. >> we have two spots, 12th and sansom and 40th. >> is that your signature sandwich then. >> thinks a special we are running this month. we are always trying something
9:24 am
new. we came up with this, we took it off. we are brest it back as a special. >> why did you put it charlie brown. >> well, you know it is not a great name. we ran it over halloween. we thought people were dressed up in costumes. it click with us. >> make yourself stand out. >> absolutely. >> start with bread. where do you get it. >> we get from it south philadelphia. >> okay. >> peanut butter. >> yes, we brought our own peanuts. shawn is spread ago this. >> thinks crunchy version. >> we keep it crunchy. we will put brisket on top and that melts in the peanut butter a bit. we have keyeder cheese and bacon. >> it is a tasty sandwich, brisket and peanut butter doesn't seem like it will go together. >> most are surprised how much they like it. they try it. they are like i like that. >> what kind of flavor are you trying to create to describe it for people at home. >> we like the combination of
9:25 am
the meat and peanut butter together. salty sweet. >> should i start putting peanut butter on their meat should this be a new thing. >> i think you should try it here good do you melt the the cheese or warm it up. >> well, we could. we usually put a little fresh auju. >> do you have a little auju. >> yes yes. >> okay. >> that will do it. >> yeah good okay, all right. >> should we try. >> yes. >> look at the that, yeah. >> i like your chest of the drink here. >> we have fresh milk there what goes better with peanut butter than fresh milk. >> dramatic pause. >> that is an unusual sandwich and by unusual i mean it is good good you like it. >> yes. >> the the peanut butter is salty the the bacon is salty a little bit yeah, it is
9:26 am
good. i would put some dipping sauce next to it. >> the auju helps it with that. >> that is a good way to do it. >> how long will you be offering this. >> the rest of this month. >> charlie brown sandwich. >> unusual, but i like it. >> great. >> it explains a a lot because you know, the teacher on charlie brown may be why she talks lick that because she has peanut butter in her mouth. >> yes. >> that explains so much doesn't it. >> thanks, guys. >> thanks. >> let's go back to connect four. >> for giants, basically, this is the biggest connect four game i have ever seen in my life. >> super sized version this is, for philly tech week we will tell you where you can play this game huge connect four next. >> love it.
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test. test. test. test.
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all right 9:30 for all of you tech is even non-tech is out there fifth annual tilley -- philly tech week is upon us, even bigger and better than last year. with more than 100 events really all over the city, something for everyone, and we're talking about something big, too because mike is already outside he's having fun, with a giant connect four game. i've got to come see this. >> please come out here. i'm out in the garage, okay? because we have to have it dark. this is what i know as connect four right? look at the one behind me! huge! huge! huge! biggest connect four i've ever seen. >> in the entire country. >> hi how are you? >> so what are you in charge of? did you invent philly tech week? about big community event i'm one of the co-organizers of philly tech week, big calendar of events crazy stuff built
9:31 am
by smart peak. >> looking at the smart guys over there. >> yes, engineers they are. >> hi engineers. >> smart, smartest people in philadelphia. they're hundreds and thousand of them. they come together during philly tech week to show off weird hobby connect project. >> do they all wear plaid? >> dom do. there is a beards contingent, non-beard contingent. reality smart people we want to crew crew keep in philadelphia give youth accent. >> what did they invent there? >> actually truth telling device. built something that will always tell you answer every yes or no question correctly through very high tech an algorism work. >> is it set up snow. >> yes, i believe it is. >> come on, alex over here. >> oh my goodness i'll ask you the question. >> how does it work? >> hole down this button, ask any question as long as the answer is a yes or know. >> as long as the answer is yes or know? >> is alex beautiful?
9:32 am
>> yes. >> yo! >> okay am i a hundred -- am i an h unk? >> yes. >> oh, well, you have lost all credibility. >> i have one. >> is mike really crazy? >> is mike crazy? >> is mike crazy? >> yes. >> it is perfect. this thing works. >> where can we play that? >> so they'll be this friday april 17th kick off arcade beautiful dilworth park across from city hall, robotics games closing party philly tech week, april 24th. >> can we play this? >> yes, right now. >> you can play -- >> do you two want to play each other? so you know you will connect four game, built by you move left and right with the two
9:33 am
icons, then you drop, push your foot, if you want to move the piece to the right push that. you will move the piece. >> right where i want to go? >> drop it. >> and you hit drop where ever you want to drop, boom drop. then twice gone. >> you want to go? >> go ahead mike? >> you got to keep moving to where you want it to be. >> where ever you want it to be. >> yes! >> okay. >> where is that going to be? >> so this will be at our kick off arcade at dilworth this friday april 17th, 6 to 9:00 p.m. also closing party comcast headquarters friday april 24th. >> that will be cool there. >> yes. >> who are these guys behind me? >> also have creative tech works, these guys have another event happening, during philly tech week, focused on kind of youth discovery and amazing race style event. another effort where we leak zero like young people getting involved in technology in philadelphia too. >> what am i going to learn? >> learn more about the youth, and the history of philadelphia.
9:34 am
>> okay. >> cool. >> wearable technology, too? what's that about? >> any industry changing the future will be explored during philly tech week. so drone technology, wearable technology the way any industry you have thought touched about being adapted have 3d print of yourself made during philly tech week. had this is how the our economy and the world is changing. >> what's that? >> so this is a wearable device have put on. we are -- manufacture a watch use gps to track and the race is about teaching the history of philadelphia, so the race, use this during the race. >> kind of cool too. >> exactly. i think you should wear this every day. >> you think i should? >> you should. >> you think that will attract -- what do you think? >> come on over here. >> all right. >> do you have these for women? >> ladies mod snell. >> definitely do one for alex. >> one that turns pink? >> definitely whatever. >> so whether i go to a specific location then do i press this is it to check in,
9:35 am
i go necessary. >> no the computer actually tracks exactly where you are so it knows where you are when you get there. >> owe gives me points because it nowheres i am going. >> pretty cool. >> thanks guys. i have one question i opportunity ask you mike, let's get to lauren, and this lie detector, because i have moore questions for you. >> oh, okay. >> mike alex what's up? guess what i got sent out to the zoo. i was looking for the most crazy creatures out here, and look what i found. a bunny rabbit, that's bigger than life. but there is a good story behind. >> this i'll tell you all about it coming up after the break. >> ♪ ♪ >> we are bringing in friends with a road trip starting with good day and at every newscast throughout the day. taking over a town near you. join us this friday in lansdale pennsylvania.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> go outside have a great day. this would be a great day for the zoo. >> you know what, alex holley, first zoo in america very first sue and do they have a new animal? >> well no, they have new exhibit. >> what's it called? >> second nature junk rethink you take life size animal sculptures made out of different recyclable, reused materials. >> oh, i like there is i bet the kids would love this, lauren! >> and they have like a crocodile? >> like bubble gum? >> and mike, yes i just tweeted that one so you have to see that one because we can't go to it right now. mike what happened to that last car that you had? oral ex holly you had a car out? >> i had a yellow car. >> yes, they'll recycle the doors, check this out. so this is a guerrilla,
9:40 am
13 feet tall. you see this guy? 900 pounds, recycled, car doors, yes. >> this morning tonight tomorrow lowden said you're going to the zoo to talk about animals that aren't living. i said what in the world is that mean? >> you're always coming to the zoo to see animals that are living obviously big part of the zoo visit. this year we have something special called seconds nature junk re thunk t showcases animals in a different way all made from reused, recycled re purpose materials, from artists all over the world. >> i just saw the bubble come crocodile, 8 feet 200 pounds. that one is incredible. >> yes it is. >> spark plugs to crayons to electronics, so really runs the imam it. so all the sculptures very smart, little entry kit
9:41 am
totals to up great big as you see 13-foot guerrilla made out of card doors. >> why did you think it was a great place to do exhibit like this? >> sure. i think one thing that's real important about what our mission is is real toy protect animals right here in philadelphia and all over the world. and in doing so,. >> thought let's really leverage the creativity of artists around the globe to start talking about chime at change which is certainly a global issue, one that could use a global perspective. and so really one thing led us to another. who more creative than artists and we all came together to really show that we all can really make a difference, recycling, can really make a difference to animals in the wild. it will become second nature to us, once we really start to think about it. >> so you think kids are never too young to under stands a lesson this big? >> that's right. weaver a seeing our guesses are from two to 92. we really want our office, and the programs that we present
9:42 am
each year, to be very special to where ever you are in your life. so i think the little kids will love it, adults alike, my goodness these are beautiful in their own right but very important message behind each one of them. >> tell new how much, who long will it be here? >> now officially opened, we hope everyone will come out and enjoys us through the summer fall, it will be very special year. >> year of the guerrilla. >> this is huge guerrilla 13 feet, 900 pounds. alex that car you told me you totaled that one time it, could be here at the zoo in philly. >> oh,. >> well let's hope not. >> i like the one that was made of the spark plugs looked like ant ether, and big pink bungles or the one made out of bubble gum? >> yes. >> unusual. >> who will be in the broad street run?
9:43 am
>> oh,. >> hi quincy! >> oh, i'm ready for the broad street run. here in manayunk she'll let us know what these socks this right here, what this watch can do and help you perform while running on the broad street run! coming up after the break. >> ♪ ♪
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9:46 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> rock your bod. >> i rocking and running. >> rock that body on the broad street run. by the way i was looking through the paper we call it the philadelphia daily news. >> oh do we call it that? >> exactly. and do you recognize that woman? >> i could. >> she has been on the show all morning. >> yes the woman with quince. >> i her name's eileen. >> haha. >> alley, there she is. she's in the paper. yes. >> you're in the paper. i am. >> you seem shocked? >> remember the interview now yes, i am. >> can you elaborate why you're in the paper? >> in the paper about how this place started where it is going and a little bit more about my backgrounds and myself, and why i'm here. >> that's pretty cool. you showed us how to work out earlier, right? because everyone's getting ready for running like what happens right now 70 degrees, on a monday, people will be on kelly drive they'll run up broad street, do the broad street run you showed us
9:47 am
workouts to get faster, right about the core, didn't know that. >> yes. >> showed us the proper sneakers. >> snookers important. >> now, we have technology. >> right. >> technology is equally as important and comes in all different ranges. so we have the garment ken watch. which is the forerunner ten. gps watch will tell you how fast you're going your pace how long you've been running for that averages about $100, you can go up from there. so if you need something little bit more intense more intense runner, then there is all different ranges. >> then my must-have is my your buzz, that can be purchased at city sports philadelphia along with the watch, and all of this other great stuff. nothing worse than being 5 miles in a run dripping sweat, and your ear buds fall out. that's the worse or static i. to pair with, that something to hold your iphone. so you're not holding it in your hands the whole time. that's your budd arm band, goes right around your arm
9:48 am
simple as that. >> now when you're running does it matter with the motion of your hands? because sometimes i have to hold my phone. >> you see exactly you don't want that you want the arm bands, don't have to do. that will relax your shoulders, away from your ears put all of that neither your koran your legs to do the work. >> okay. and i don't run -- >> yes i don't run more than 5 miles without these. these are compression socks. what they do is they also come in sleeves if you don't want the socks or just basically be cut like that and it keeps compression around your calves people are prone to shinsplints, maybe achilles pain from the impact of the running. these help that big time. >> wow. >> i don't run 5 miles without those. this all of these at city sports philadelphia including the waistband fuel band keep all of your fuel in term of your goo it is called goo things that you have mid race to give you some energy, and then we have a fit bit here. and for the health conscious if you want to keep a healthy lifestyle. tracks your sweep tracks
9:49 am
steps, steps per day some of them track heart rate, and of course you want to look good while doing it, obviously so we have some underarm err headbands. >> some bra's. >> always need the bra's. >> from nordstrom cherry hill, and nike pro moisture wick inning you need to look cute while doing it and of course gentlemen there are things for you, too. >> now, i'm getting ready for the broad street run or i guess some simple work-outs i can do at home. that can get me ready? >> workouts at home besides running? you can do exactly what we did before segment you can do squats you can do plank do some dips for your core, yes. >> that helps us snout. >> yes. >> thank you very much. never going to give up. never giving up training. i'm just going to ends in a plank. >> can we ends in a plank (. >> let's just command plank. let's see if we can do this. even the microphone is
9:50 am
planking. >> holds that until we're through. >> this -- we have all the time in the world. >> look, ten minutes until wendy williams. can you holds it? >> ya i can, but i was just saying you know just saying in my ear, got to go back. >> ya. okay. well keep that pose, we'll check back with you after the commercial. okay there is a chimpanzee at a zoo in the netherlands. she doesn't like the fact that these zoo has come up with a drone that flies over the cages and the enclosures. >> what's going on here? >> so the drone gets real close to him he hits it with a stick. >> look at that! so then, i mean start sniffing it, once the drone figure out what it is? >> she is satisfied it is not a threat. put it down, goes out about his day. look sniff it. >> ♪ ♪ >> oh, what in the heck is this? oh look at that big nose. >> i thought -- glad did he it cool shot, yes to see the chimp so close up like that.
9:51 am
>> yes. all right, let me tell you this. you know amber rose? >> yes. >> from south philly, isn't she? >> yes. >> causing drama with the kardashian's. >> again? >> the very embarrassing concert incident that happened over the weekend. would you like to hear about it? okay.
9:52 am
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>> let's drum up a controversy, not real a controversy, but we can make it a controversy. >> other people tried to make it a controversy. besides the fact it is a controversy. >> that's controversial okay, so the big masters tournament over the week edge, right down in augusta seems people can't can't let go of caroline. now she used to date rory mcelroy. >> yes. >> remember that? >> i mean, they were engaged more than just dating. >> oh, ya. >> so con late dollars jordan
9:55 am
spieth on twitter for winning the masters. some took that as a slam against mcelroy who also plays golf you know? probably buddies. soap, a unusual move because a lot of people are like you trying to get with him or you're trying to get back at mcelroy. now she responded though to all of the twitter haters. she was like look, tweets, i was con great dollars spieth on his win nothing else. it is time for some to you move on from the past. thank you! >> now, everyone was talking about when she was engage today mcelroy how it ended. then didn't he call it off over the phone, didn't the invitations go out or just went out? >> invitations went out. he got cold feet. called off the whole thing. once he saw the invitation in his hands you know? oh i was going to say something. >> what were you going to say? >> oh it was brilliant too. >> i'm sure it was. okay i'll keep going while you try to figure out the brilliant thought you had. kind of fleeting? >> i remember now. once they split up, they both
9:56 am
started winning. he started going -- he went back to being the number one player in the world she started winning. >> i guess they're better off as friends. >> as friends now trying to get with that jordan spieth. >> is she? she just said congrats. you're trying to make it more than what it is. >> it was a slam at rory? he didn't win t in fact, he wasn't even close. >> maybe she was just happy he didn't win? oh i will ' cheer for who ever. >> ya. so the feud between amber roseanne the cards ash yan. >> why are they feuding in the first place. >> amber used to date -- did. >> kanye west. >> and kanye went on and did interview saying kim had to take like 30 showers before they had an intimate moment together to wash off -- >> to wash off amber. >> she started calling off the cards ash yan's can you really talk about me? then you know it, escalated. >> all apparently ended up at the coachella concert in southern california. here we go again. so when kendel jenner showed
9:57 am
up she had reserved, she saw amber rose sitting in her spot sipping a drink. >> oh oh,. >> so kendel reportedly said no way this is not happening got a worker to escort her out despite so she got a worker to escort amber rose out of there. >> get out my cabana. >> so kanye said he dated her only because kim was taken at the time. a woman who shares a son kylie's boyfriends, all connected. >> gross. >> because kendall is kylely ace sister, so ya. ya. >> she had her removed. >> i'm totally lost. actor ryan reynolds the victim after hit-and-run up in canada. >> oh ya, according to his publicist, reynolds walk nag underground hotel parking garage struck by paparazzi who fled the scene. reynolds was not hurt the actor in vancouver filming new movie dead cool. >> dead cool. >> good that he is okay. >> that's fine. everything is going to be okay. >> what's great about today it will be amazing nice in the 70s, go out, enjoy it, spend
9:58 am
some time outside. >> okay. >> need some sun. >> okay alex. you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kill fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, preventing a new infestation. its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is the #1 choice of vets for their pets and yours. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus.
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