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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  April 14, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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outside. we are tracking rain today. how it will affect your morning commute. >> speaking on have that, construction begins on the the vine street expressway this morning, it is not a quick fix either. how long this project will take, good day, everyone. the it is tuesday, april 14th 2015. the good news is eastbound traffic on the vine street expressway, to 676 has just been reopened up. >> that is good. >> they had it shut down all night as they were getting ready to are that project. >> you miss that had memoy got stuck taking south street in. you had my back. >> i was here. >> hi, sue serio good morning. >> now you are prepared for tomorrow. >> thank you. >> yes. >> it is 5:00 o'clock as you heard in the morning and it will be a six out of ten. ten was definitely the number for yesterday. maybe 11 or 12 it was so nice. here comes a cold front system the rain from it starting to move into the western portion of the area so we're talking berks county lancaster county in the lehigh valley and pocono mountains.
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we will see showers here pretty soon. meanwhile it is mile. we have retain the warmth from yesterday because of the clouds, overnight, south/southeasterly wind at 8 miles an hour. we will see flag blowing right there. 6:25 is our sunrise time. we will get a high of 65 degrees today occasional showers heavier rain depending on where you live and then 48 degrees is the overnight the low tonight, so that takes you through your tuesday, but bob kelly is here and he is feeling seasonal allergies. >> these allergies that you have been talking about, turf use my barry white voice. i can't get enough of your traffic. a live look at the vine street expressway, opened for business this morning. it had been closed on the overnight. traffic coming into downtown not a problem at the moment. so again this construction closure for the next couple of days it is going to impact us from midnight to 5:00 a.m. last night the they work on
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the eastbound side, tonight into early tomorrow morning, they will work on the westbound side. i'll tell you more about that later on. right now we are in good shape coming into downtown on the schuylkill, no problems on i-95. there is only one accident, it is westbound on 422, it is at the the oaks off ramp right at the off ramp there police are on the scene traffic can get by otherwise mass transit looking good with no delays. chris and lauren, back over to you. a man is in stable condition this morning after being shot overnight in north philadelphia police were called to north 22nd street west of susquehanna avenue just before 1:00 a.m. other man was shot in the thigh. detective found shell casings on it ground and a bullet in the the vehicle. it is unclear if the victim was sitting inside the car at the time shots were fired. so far, no arrest where is made. a four year-old is killed a victim of the hit and run accident. >> thinks one of two hit and runs involving children that philadelphia police are focusing on right now. fox 29's steve keeley has the very latest for us, steve good
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morning. >> reporter: detectives here at headquarters and accident investigation division think both drivers, likely from both neighborhood since both accidents happened on local side streets, not major road where drivers would be passing through town. again no front license plates here in pennsylvania, it is keeping police from finding both cars, right away and the the simultaneous hit and runs 6:30 and 7:00 last night both daylight both captured on surveillance cameras and still enough to id both makes and mod wells this surveillance despite no front plates as both cameras captured these vehicles close-up and clear from the front end. the still picture we are looking at is just before this little four year-old was struck and killed. you can make out the vehicle there it appears to be a black ford suv. witnesses nearby on the street say it happened at dinner lot of people out saw this accident, they saw a woman driving this car, up north
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57th soon afterward. >> we have a four year-old in south philadelphia that was struck by a vehicle that left the the scene and that four year-old died. within a half an hour this 19 year-old mother a and her two-year old boy were struck by a vehicle that also left the scene. so these two are hit and run auto accidents. auto accidents are just that, they are accidents. but when somebody decides to leave the scene they are not going to remain on the location and render any a assistance now you are committing a crime there was evidence left on the scene. we found what appears to be a broken taillight, possibly from the left front headlight of the vehicle. accident investigation are on location, process ising the the crime scene. >> reporter: is what the difference between leaving the scene of a fatal accident and sticking around in well, if these drivers had stuck around since the four year-old ran in the street the the driver probably wouldn't even be getting a particular. now you are facing mandatory lengthy prison time for leaving a scene of the fatal crash. north masher street hit and
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run, in the only did police get surveillance of the four door white nissan with clear glass sun roof but they have recovered parts of the broken headlights, from the damaged front end to help identify that vehicle. again, if pennsylvania had required front end license plates though likely would know where both of these vehicles were registered, lauren and chris. >> good point. >> all right steve, thank you. 5:05. chaos erupted outside a delaware county boro council meeting last night after two officials well, their jobs were eliminated. colwyn boro manager paula brown and code enforcement director dan ruthland were let go. town council says the the decision was made to save money but brown says this is all political pay back. exchanges outside the council got so heated, so much so, that the the state police actually had to be called into try to restore the the calm. >> they eliminated boro manager job because of spending. >> we ratted them out the so we are getting fired as
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retaliation. >> brown says that she's trying to blow whistle on what she calls more than a million-dollar of illegal spending by the boro council including the use of 11 debit card, a claim that delaware county d.a. has been investigating now for more than a year. brown and others want the the state to step into fix the troubled town of just 2500 people. authorities increased reward for remaining two suspects in the kidnapping of the jewelry store worker in philadelphia. an additional $10,000 was announced by bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms yesterday. meanwhile 31 year-old khiry gay, arrested on friday in south caroline, waved tradition. he will be back in philadelphia later this week. 5:06. police say a philadelphia a mom left her quadriplegic son in cobbs creek park for several days, all so she could visit her boyfriend in another state. nia parlor is facing serious charges including attempted murder and aggravated assault. she's accused of dumping her
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21 year-old son, who is non-verbal and in the wheelchair in the wooded area of cobbs creek with only a bible and a blanket. days later he was found by a stranger just walking by. >> how is he doing right now? >> he is doing very well. he has family with him to help him through this ordeal. he seems to be happy. the family seems to be a loving kid trying to hug family members and having fun with them at this point. >> it was nia parlor's boyfriend who led police too her town in maryland. he says parlor told him her disable son was in the care of social service workers. new jersey governor chris christie is preparing to host town hallness new hampshire this week. more signs, of course, he could announce a presidential run but a new poll released just this morning shows that voters in his own state do not think he will be a good president. 69 percent of registered voters in new jersey think he would not do a good job in the white house according to the rutgers eagle ton poll, that is a 10 percent increase in
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negativity since a poll in february. atlantic city has started fining the shuttered and powerless revel casino for safety violations. >> ac mayor don guardian says new owner will be find $5,000 every single day until the building's power is restored. power plant that provides utility services to atlantic city former revel casino doubt off service to the building last week. officials worried without utility service mold and burst pipes could be a big problem there. pennsylvania state senator passed a bill machine to rename an interstate 84 exit for state trooper killed at a nearby barracks. >> blooming grove exit in pike county would be name for corporal brian dick son who died in an ambush serving for survival list eric frein last september. thirty-eight year-old dickson was a you had marine core veteran and left behind a wife and two young sons. happening today a four year construction project is now underway, along the vine street expressway. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce is
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live there this morning. we understand that we got the some good news about eight minutes ago, jennifer. >> reporter: we did get some good news. the eastbound lanes have reopened this morning. so eastbound lanes and westbound lanes are moving just fine but as we mentioned we are going to be dealing with these closures all week long ahead of the four year long 65 million-dollar construction project, lining the the expressway. penndot's plan is to tear down and rebuild seven old bridges above the the expressway that date back to the 1950's. the first to come down on may fourth is a pedestrian bridge just west obviate event street. construction will be put on hold in december for pope's visit and then backup in october with work on the 19th street bridge. pedestrian bridge across from the free library and 20th street ben franklin parkway bridge, the the only one of the four that will be reconstructed in part so it can stay opened. three more bridge's long the stretch will be rebuilt when the the first four are done. penndot promises the the next
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four years of headaches will pay off. >> the landscaping the the street scaping above the the expressway will certainly be a major benefit. >> the eastbound lanes of the vine street expressway, they have reopened this morning at 5:00 a.m. they will be closed again overnight thursday morning and then wednesday and friday of this week they will do the opposite. they will have the the the westbound lanes closed from midnight until will 5:00 a.m. there is also a chance of the closure in either direction early saturday morning. the work that they were doing overnight was to reline all of the lanes. they are add just continuing the lanes, they are coming from 12 feet down to 11 feet ahead of the construction project. penndot is urging everyone to allow extra time. it will be four years of this. obviously they will also have concrete barriers in the way. that will slow down traffic as well, chris and lauren. >> yes, we will all have to manage. >> abs routely, thank you.
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still ahead charges against a deputy in the oklahoma shooting death, the shocking video at center of this crime. plus senator rubio, launches his presidential campaign and he comes out taking shots at the his opponent. we will tell but it next. >> let's do it. >> it was so amazing outside yesterday. >> diamond and i went for a 3-mile walk. >> really. >> we will be right back.
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♪ i want to take you higher ♪ >> in an airplane. >> what that. >> at the airport. >> that is a remix. >> i'm just saying it is appropriate muse wick an airport shot. >> yeah, baby. we are just trying to make it relevant. >> thank you. >> to the day. we have rain on the way. that will do good things to the pollen count take it down a little bit, very high yesterday. low, medium today, back down to high once the sun comes back out unfortunately on wednesday, tomorrow and on thursday. so tree pollen is your problem if you are having issues and many of us here in this building are, today as a result of being outside yesterday it is so gorgeous
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now comes the cold front and with it comes the rain. we have a few pockets of heavier rain starting to move into lancaster county and maybe in the pocono mountains. we will keep an eye on that throughout the the rest of the day and mostly the the heavier rain looks like it is now going to fall, on the southern portion of our viewing area, what happens is cold front comes through, it is stalling down here to the south, and then you will get this low pressure system move along the front and that is where heavy rain will be around say dover, delaware, maybe down the at the delaware beaches around rehoboth or lewis, and then in cape may county and atlantic county in new jersey as well you could get a taste of the heavier rain. this rain is with us in one form or another until about midnight tonight and then we will get sun coming back tomorrow. estimated rainfall totals are very high down to the south maybe over 3 inches, in dover, delaware, wildwood, new jersey, meanwhile, up to the north where the front will go
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through and give us a little bit of rain, maybe half inch when all is said and done. we'll how it plays out. sixty in philadelphia. fifty in allentown. in reading we have 60 degrees. sixty in trenton. sixty-two in dover. so much milder morning then we had yesterday. certainly do not have to bundle up today. over the past several days we have taken our dip last week with temperatures in the 40's both wednesday and thursday, but then it has been a steady climb since then and yesterday's high was a delightful 75 degrees. delightful except for that pol even out there. sixty-five is our high today with the showers around and the clouds when it is in the raining and now we're backup to 70 tomorrow with the sunshine returning. the the few left over clouds in the morning but it should be the nice day on wednesday and on thursday too. friday, rain, returns, more april showers, into saturday morning but should clear out in time for our dash for organ and tissue donor awareness on
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sunday morning at the the art new people. there is your seven day forecast, we will to have take our medicine then as well bob kelly. >> i hope that rain that we will get, excuse me, cleans the the air of all of the pollen out there impacting my voice and everyone else in the building as you mentioned with our allergies. a live look at i9 five coming in toward the the city in problems or delays at the moment. the construction pick up. here we go this next phase of this construction, you have to stay with us here because tonight, they will close the westbound side of the vine street expressway. midnight tonight until 5:00 o'clock tomorrow, they will close the the westbound lanes between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. so that stretch between the broad and the schuylkill is where they are setting up the concrete barriers. so later tonight it may be a late night out coming in the city or work ago this early shift like we do traffic will be pushed off on to broad street and from there you can use vine street local to get
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you over to the kelly drive and then back on to the schuylkill expressway. the right now i-95 northbound if you are coming up from say delaware count that i bartram avenue off ramp still closed as part of the reconstruction project. otherwise in new jersey we are quiet. off to a great start on 42 and 55. mass transit the is running with no delays, chris and lauren, back over to you. a reserve sheriff deputy in tulsa, oklahoma has been charged with manslaughter for the the deadly shooting of an unarmed black man. investigators say the deputy, seen here, seven three-year old robert bates, thought he had drawn his stun gun, not his handgun when he fired at 44 year-old eric harris. the shooting which was captured on videotaped happened earlier this month. harris's family says at arresting officers treated him as if he was less than human. defense attorneys planned to appeal long sentences handed down to four former private guard convicted of the mass shooting of iraqi
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civilians. nicholas slaten the third on the left was sentenced to life in prison on first degree murder convictions. three others were sentenced to 30 years and one day from convictions that range from man slaught turra tempted murder. prosecutors say the the men were involved in the 2007 shooting that killed 14 civilians, wounded 17 others the men had been working as guard for blackwater. senate panel set to vote tuesday on a bill that with give congress a say on the international nuclear deal with iran being brokered by secretary of state, john kerry. fox's robert gray has more. >> reporter: debate over a deal to limit iran's nuclear program is heating up in washington. a senate panel is expected to vote today on a bill that would give congress a say in approving or recorrecting a final agreement with iran. >> i hope the the senate passes it overwhelmingly and i hope we can pass it. that makes senses specially if we can pass it at numbers that can override a presidential veto. >> reporter: under legislation congress would have two months to review the deal and during
5:20 am
that time president obama would be prevented from easing any economic sanctions on tehran. the the obama administration called the proposed restriction unacceptable. >> that is why we would continue to strongly oppose that legislation and veto it because it includes a provision that would make the deal impossible to implement. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry has been making personal plea was lawmakers on capitol hill asking them to not do anything to derail his ongoing talks with iran. >> we hope congress will listen carefully and ask the question that it wants but also give us the the space and time to be able to complete a very difficult task which has high steaks for our country. it involves major national security, major issues of potential conflict verse peaceful resolution. >> reporter: you had anal is set a deadline of june 30th to reach a final deal with iran but obama administration has said that time frame could be
5:21 am
extended. robert gray, "fox news". white house is not reserved for rich and powerful as flat senator officially announced his candidacy for the white house monday in miami. >> i believe this is a country always define by upward mobility, by ability for quality and opportunity and we are losing it because we are not capitalizing on the opportunities or confronting the challenges of this new another a i believe i'm ready to to that and that is why i'm running for president. >> reporter: senator rubio is the third republican to announce his entry in the race following the lead of senators ted cruz and rand paul on the the remember side. his announcement comes one day after former secretary of state hillary clinton became the first democrat to enter the ring. coming up, flyers beware a new report says airline travel is getting worse what passengers are complaining about the most. >> oh, i have an airline complaint, wait until you hear mine.
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the airlines get their report card but they won't be happy with the grade that they are getting. according to a annual report, and wichita state university, on time arrival, fell to 76 percent is, last year. down 2 percent from the year before baggage problem jumped 13 percent. a growing number of seats were over booked but that same survey named virgin america as the the top u.s. airline for
5:25 am
third consecutive year filled by had an airlines and then dealt a american eagle was the worst. >> i will fly them next. i'm mad at southwest right the now. >> you are more than mad. >> so we book a flight, right. >> you have to check your e-mail we don't want to hear this long drawn out story. >> i think i have a credit good for a year. because that is their policy. they will use this credit i thought we had. you don't have it. you have to call and tell them you will in the do it. i'm sure they e mailed me when they change the rule good check your e-mails. >> how many e-mails do you get from vendors you use, all the time. willie read the fine print. all you are doggies reading fine print good now pay up for your next flight to california. >> those are your choices. >> hundreds of the dollars out the window. >> nba announced coke is out and pepsi is in. >> really. >> move comes have after cola decided in the to renew its
5:26 am
contract after holding the sponsor hip for nearly three decade. the new agreement also covers the women's national basketball association, nba development league and u.s.a. basketball. >> dang, coke. >> yes, all of the money i lost from southwest. estimated apple sold nearly 1 million watches on its first day it was a railable on line. >> that is according to reports on line that is right in line with the previous estimates. average amount spent on apple watch sport with the plastic band just over $500. customers who bought the higher end additions spent an average of $707. is that the the same watch you will buy your mom. >> i lost $853 from southwest airlines and now i can't afford it. >> coming up, a restaurant owner find out someone is going through her trash owe she decides she will leave them a note. we will explain her surprising response coming up. people packed on the
5:27 am
balconiness one los angeles home. we have seen how all this goes. the wild animal trapped in the basement that is drawing such a crowd. >> this is in california. >> yeah, not in florida.
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at good morning, two hit and run accidents both involving kid. now we need her help in finding the drivers behind the
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wheel. a construction project started this morning but it is in the a quick fix. we will tell you how long you can expect this project to take. >> let's go outside live. we are tracking rain in the forecast today. sue will tell us how much. good day everyone it is tuesday april 14th 2014. hello lauren dawn johnson. >> i used a new oil gel lotion. i'm like an oil slick like so greasy, and shiny and getting the desk all dirty. >> can i feel it here. >> yes. >> it feels so soft. >> yes. >> i know. >> it is working. >> it is working. >> it is too hot and humid outside. >> it is getting hot in here. >> before you get to bed kind of lotion. >> it can rub off on the sheets. >> we have bus stop buddy here with you and he has, the rain gear, ready for today. the the rain is here in some places, not in the city where we are just yet but it is coming. it will be a six out of ten as
5:31 am
a result of the forecast. there is the cold front we're talking about and leading edge, at least in our area has moved through, lancaster county berks county now affecting chester county, montgomery, bucks lehigh valley, pocono mountains getting some rain as well. we're just about ready for it, here on our doorstep here. 60 degrees. mild morning. 8-mile an hour wind. and sunrise at 6:25. the the planner for today, there may be a peak of sunshine, doubtful but we will see what happens. we have 59 degrees by lunchtime and 65 is as much as we will get to day. we will got to 75 yesterday. cooler day. even when it is in the raining we will see mostly cloudy skies but if you are south of news delaware jersey shore we will get more rain. we will have have more details coming up including when the the sun will come out again coming up but here's bob kelly sounding so good. >> hey, good morning. i don't know whether it is
5:32 am
barry white maybe louie arm strong. >> what a up with full world. >> what a wonderful world because this vine street expressway is opened this morning, not good because my allergies are driving us crazy here this morning. bear with me i apologize. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway no problems coming into the city. that overnight construction on the vine has been cleared. the here's the deal though for later on tonight, they will work on the opposite side from midnight to 5:00 o'clock. the westbound lanes will be closed. i know jenny is standing by. i will let her tell you the rest of that and save on my voice this morning but if you are coming in the city right now you are okay. 422, in problems out of the suburbs. looking good on 202, and then 95 northbound from delaware county just keep in mind that off ramp is still closed with construction. the mass transit looking good with no delays, jenny so we're through one night. we have to get ready for
5:33 am
tomorrow night now. >> reporter: we got through day one. you might ab wear of this travel trivia, i was not. did you know that 140,000 drivers pass through 676 every single day. so for the next four years for all of those drivers it will be a little bit rough. overnight penndot crews relined lanes to shrink them down from 12 to 11. there will be concrete barriers put up that will slow traffic along this stretch over the next four years as part of the 65 million-dollar project penndot is tearing down and rebuilding, seven old bridges, above the expressway that date back to the 1950's. first to come down may fourth is a pedestrian bridge just west obviate event street. construction will then be put on hold in september for the pope's visit and then pick backup in october with work on the 19th street bridge. the pedestrian bridge across from the free library and 20th street ben franklin parkway bridge. the only one of the four reconstruct in part because it
5:34 am
can stay opened. three more bridge's long this stretch will be rebuilt when the the first four are done. penndot promises the next four years of headaches will pay off but it is not the just affecting drivers. also people who bike and walk to work. they will to have navigate alternate routes as these overpasses are reconstructed. >> as it is right now the time they give to you get across the the road is pretty sure. you are sprinting to get a across. i can imagine it will take probably twice as licensing to even get the from one point to another. it will increase your walk time if not your driving time. >> you have to keep up road and bridges. you have to repair bridges when they need repair. it is a pain. i will try not to use them when i don't have to quite frankly. >> reporter: the eastbound lanes of the vine street expressway will be closed overnight thursday morning and then tomorrow and friday of this week the westbound lanes will be closed. with the chance of the closure as well as either direction on saturday morning. so the rest of the week will be a little bit dies any those
5:35 am
overnight, early morning hours but as you heard that second man say, really if we did not pay attention if we did not keep up bridges and something were to happen, then we would be hearing bit. we have to suffer through something that will be along here for four years but as you can see this morning traffic is once again moving okay. back to you. >> all right thank you jennifer. philadelphia police find 20 shell casing and a man shot inside. he was transported from north between the second street and west susquehanna avenue in north philadelphia, to the hospital just before 1:00 this morning. he is now in stable condition. circumstances surrounding the shooting are unknown at the this hour but so far no one has been arrested. a four year-old boy runs in the street and is struck, not once, but twice. surveillance video outside of a chinese take out capture the whole thing. we will only show you a portion of this. investigators say it appears that the driver tried to swerve but ended up hitting him, again, and then took off this happened last night on south 57th street, in
5:36 am
southwest philadelphia the little boy died at the hospital. the impact was so loud by the the way people ran out to see what was happening. >> i just went out there to see what had happened i just saw the little kid laying there covered in blood. would i never even imagined seeing my child out there like that. it was absolutely horrible. >> the the vehicle left the scene. it was a hit and run. from witness these black suv, possibly a ford appeared to have been driven by a female. >> anyone with any information about that vehicle or its driver, of course is urged to contact police. pot mother and her young child are hospitalized after a hit and run in philadelphia's fair hill section this happened last night on masher street. authorities say that the the 19 year-old woman and her two-year old son are both in critical condition. investigators say they were trying to cross the street, when a newer model knees a maxima hit them. the driver in this case also took off. 5:36. coming up a free range
5:37 am
parenting couple is under fire, why police took their kid in custody for a second time. plus a restaurant owner catches someone eating out of her dumpster. so she leaves a note for them on her door, we will explain the the surprising response, straight ahead.
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5:40 am
but is beruby concern about his job. >> it is no more uneasy then it was before a week ago or whatever, you know things come out in the paper and you know, about my status and all that stuff. so, no, in the really. i'm just going back to business. >> i think he should be back. phillies score. they can't score. aaron harang scoreless in the fourth. the base hit scores the man from third. one to nothing. the chase utley a bigger or made it two to nothing. ryan hurt struck out again. those two guys are in the getting the job done. michael carter williams back in philadelphia for the first time since his trade. just blows by the 76ers, that is a joke. milwaukee had nothing to play for. they win 107-97. michael carter williams 30 points, 15 in the third quarter. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. we need something. >> after months of shooting here in philadelphia, we finally have a first look at
5:41 am
upcoming rocky spin off creed. >> courtesy of the italian stallion himself. he instagram this image which showed michael b jordan's character adonis johnson training. it involves jordan's character where his father apollo creed, battled rocky years before. that is a good action shot right. >> cool. >> yes. >> still ahead, how young is too young to let your kid just rome free around the the neighborhood the free range parenting style that landed some parents in trouble yet again why police took their kid in custody this time. plus people pack on the balcony to getaway from a wild animal trapped in the basement that is drawing a huge crowd.
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a little rock and roll for you. >> this is the the foo fighters. >> yesterday we forgot to read what you declared as the funniest tweet ever. >> this one was funny sue serio this one says good morning, handsome this is to chris murphy. you are like a human american flag. >> well how so. >> red hair. >> got the that. >> white skin. >> definitely have that. >> blue skies. >> hit me. >> god bless america. >> that is the the best part.
5:45 am
>> that is from bernadette she watches all the time. we could not stop laughing during your weather yesterday. >> yes. >> we had to read it and find it for you. >> and if she had more character she could have said and you have lots of stars. >> he is a star. >> a star. >> yeah, yeah but you run out of characters with twitter, that is one problem. >> there is in shortage of characters in this room. >> no. >> so, here's the whole entire cold front it stretches all the way down to southern illinois. it is bringing decent rain to kentucky this morning but what about us? we're seeing some, well not heavy downpours but steady rain in mount pocono and other parts of the higher elevations up there. we've got rain in reading, we have some heavier rain moving into parts of the lancaster county out there. now it is edging into new castle county delaware, chester county, pennsylvania.
5:46 am
not here in the city just yet but it will be. as we get through the rest of the day some places will get heavier rain then others because as the front moves further south it is expected to stall. somewhere around southern delaware and southern new jersey, low pressure moves along the front with heavy rain and downpours and we could have quite an impressive rainfall totals down there. we are going through the the day here and wee that rain heavier to the south. north and west you won't see too much beyond what you are getting now. there are estimates of 3 inches on have rain in dover delaware and wildwood new jersey. we will see how that plays out but do have the umbrella with you today. 60 degrees right now. fifty in mount pocono. 60 degrees in reading where it is raining at the moment. sixty in trenton and millville. sixty-two in dover. much milder morning then we had yesterday. as we look back upon last seven days, we do not see any of these temperatures in the future, so, wednesday thursday, last week were so
5:47 am
raw and rainy we only made it to 57 degrees on friday but it has been a steady climb since then to 75 degrees yesterday. cooler then that today. sixty-five. we will ghetto casual showers, it will be about 70 degrees when the sun comes back out tomorrow. a bit of the cool down on thursday friday morning, more april showers moving in, and it will be a little bit unsettled on saturday. it the looks like a lot of cloud on sunday. so far we're thinking it will be dry for our dash for organ donor awareness but we have to keep an eye on that forecast as we get closer to the weekend there is your seven day. here's bob kelly, with traffic. >> struggling this morning with the allergies. i probably sound like a lot of folks at home hang in there hopefully this rain will clear the the air out this morning. a live look the at ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia, in problems or delays at the benny, live look at the the cue kill expressway coming into downtown where
5:48 am
we're in good shape, coming in from chester county in problems on 202 and we had an earlier accident on 422 that is gone. for the the most part we are off to a good start this morning coming from the suburbs. even the schuylkill eastbound back to normal no problems as you work your way in toward center city philadelphia, just keep in mind the vine street expressway project, tonight into tomorrow morning, shifts over to the westbound side. so all of the westbound lanes of the vine will be closed from midnight tonight until 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning between broad and the schuylkill expressway this one will be easier, then last night because it will push everybody off at broad street ape right at the top of the ramp is vine street local and that will take you over past free library court system there and get you right back on to the kelly drive or schuylkill expressway but that is tonight, starting at midnight. chris and lauren, back over to you.
5:49 am
>> all right, one kelly feel better. 5:48 is the time. jody arias has about sentenced to life in prison for killing her ex-boyfriend. judge imposed the most severe of two available sentences and denied arias chance for release after 25 years. three of the travis alexander's sisters spoke during the hearing, calling arias unrepent ant and evil. as she was leaving the courtroom alexander's younger sister said loudly burn in hell. a judge in denver said he anticipates a 12 member jury could be seated to hear the trial of james holmes, has pleaded not the guilty by reason of insanity in the 2012 movie theater shooting in colorado that killed 12 people and wounded 70 others. pool of perspective jurors once totaled 9,000. opening statements are set for later this month. an airport worker who fell asleep found himself trapped in the plane's cargo hold, forced a los angeles bound los angeles airline flight to
5:50 am
return on monday. the flight took off when pilots her knocking from down below. the captain return to salt international and declared a emergency for priority landing. the air liner says the compartment was pressurized and temperature controlled. search is underway for the gun man who shot and killed a man on college campus yesterday. police say 20 year-old kenneth minister again standfield the third killed the print shop director at wayne community college. stencil is a former student and worked at the print shop under a work study program. authorities say he had recently been fired. they believe he left the area but still into the north caroline. new jersey fire fighters battled a massive fire inside a super market for the second time this year. fire broke out just after 4:00 o'clock yesterday at the c town super market in south amboy. investigators say no one was hurt and traffic was detoured causing major back ups in that area. the the first fire at that supermarket, happened in january, and was ruled an accident. massachusetts man had to
5:51 am
be arraigned from his hospital after police say he caused a car explosion. so investigators don't spector wrist many but they say joseph brennan junior had bomb making materials in his car and inside his home. police say the car went up in flames after brennan let a cigarette. brennan sustained a number of cuts and bruises in the car explosion but no one else was hurt. >> he was lucky to be alive. i mean the car basically has been totally destroyed. it was just someone that was experimenting with explosives and we don't believe there was a terrorism link to it. >> he pleaded guilty to the charges against him but he is being held without bond. the public was invited to the memorial service for lauren hill the college freshman who died from a inoperable brain tumor. >> it was held in the cincinnati arena where she made the lay up that got the nation's attention. >> she was determined to play college ball as long as her bod would i allow. hill raised 1.5 million-dollar for pied yacht trick cancer.
5:52 am
her goal was to raise 2.2 million, the number on her jersey, the fund raising campaign will continue in her honor. maryland couple that practices free range parenting once again is under investigation. >> for the second time in four months police pick up the children danielle anal sander, as they were walking home from a park. but this time instead of bringing the the kid home police took them directly to child protective services. >> they made us sign a safety plan that we will in the leave them unattended. unaudible. >> police and child protective services are condition ducking a joint investigation of the parents for possible child neglect allegations. once that is finished a decision will be made about whether any charges will in fact be filed. the family's attorney says the couple has done nothing wrong. their position is that the kid should have been returned to their home just blocks away from where they were pick up
5:53 am
instead of steady of being driven over to the child protective services units nearly 20 minutes away from that home. a mountain lion has moved in under a los angeles home but authorities are trying to dislodge this guy. >> the homeowners say workers were installing a security system when they encountered the cougar in the crawl space. he has a red ear tag and it normally lives in the nearby park. tait wild life have cleared people away from the area, used a tennis ball cannon and long prod to tried to cokes the the cat out but nothing seems to be working so far. he has got to come out. >> here kitty, kit, kitty. a restaurant owner catch sows one eating out of her dumpster. she leaves a note on their door, we will explain her surprising response. >> hey twitter woke up.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
the pretenders at 5:56. rain is in the the forecast, sue will tell you all about that straight ahead. a famous shop owner in oklahoma is getting a lot of social media attention for her kindness toward a stranger. so she notice that had someone was going through her dumpster looking for food. she put a net on her shop window. it addressed the person going through the trash and said you are a human being worth more than a meal from the dumpster.
5:57 am
then she offered a person a free sandwich. the picture has gone viral and social media post plotting her kindness and compassion, absolutely. still ahead philadelphia police investigating two hit and run accidents involving kid, one deadly. the surveillance video police want to you see straight ahead. a tiny town with big trouble things get heated in a meeting in colwyn after a high ranking official is fired, why state police were called in.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
we have two hit and run accidents both involving children, one of them, deadly. now police need your help finding the drivers behind these cars. i don't want to talk. i don't want to talk. >> okay. >> unaudible. >> things get heated in the small town of colwyn the scene got so ugly that the state police were called in. what spark this chaos. good day it is tuesday, april the 14th. >> my goodness. >> i got it done last night. >> my taxes. >> at the the next of time. where did that term ever come from a nick of town. >> sue google. >> can you you look it up. >> good morning. >> how are you doing, bob. >> i'm okay physically, it is the the allergies. >> oh no. >> trees are budding and
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