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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 14, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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movie. >> you know what, i did see that. >> he is hilarious good it is funny. >> i was watching king of queens last night. >> that show always annoys me for some is reason. >> i love king of queens,. >> it is so funny lisa is sure cute. >> yeah. >> drake kissed madonna. look at this make out session. >> everybody talked about his reaction, so now he is explaining himself. you won't believe what he says about his reaction and why he made that face, as if he willow owe. >> throw up. >> he looks disgusted. >> he has a reason. >> i'm in the sure if the reason makes sense. >> man didn't a will feel bet ber his explanation. >> i don't think he cares how he feels. >> i doubt it another justly. >> you are supposed to talk about your ex today. >> i had one from lisa turtlemom, i want to say this to my ex-husband. thanks, i have a better life without you and a loving, caring husband. life has been good for the the last 21 years. >> do you ever talk tour ex.
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marion says wasn't good enough before, now i'm good to you. that to her ex-boyfriend. today is national ex spouse or ex-boyfriend, girl friend. it was created by a kansas city pastor. >> um-hmm. >> a man of the cloth in 1987 as a time to recognize your past relationships, learn from them. >> okay good there is always a lot to learn. >> yes good from love lost to money out the window we mentioned a study that found average wedding cost around 30 you this dollars. >> that is what it cost to get married these days lauren $30,000. >> i know, 30,000. guess how much it cost a person to attend those weddings, mike and alex. average cost going to a wedding, 673 bucks per wedding. >> that must mean it is out of town. >> that is up 4 percent from last year. double what guest where is spend nothing 2012. >> these weddings are elaborate. that comes from a few factors
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like airfare, hotel accommodations, of course eating out drinkings, having fun, you have to find something to wear to the wedding. local weddings cost less because you are not spending on air travel and get a hotel room. interesting to notice how growing cost can a affect your guest list. according to a poll released in 2013, 43 percent of americans say they are skipping the wedding. the 36 percent of people say they will still go to the wedding but they will go in debt to make sure that they are at that wedding. >> if they are close enough to you, you have to go. >> you do. >> almost 700 bucks to go. >> i have two weddings i have to go to so far this year a possible third because my best friend just got engaged. that will cost me what over two grand easily. >> i have a wedding coming up this summer that i have to go to. >> where is it. >> it is in texas it is a little more than 600. >> are you in it. >> but to pay for the the hotel and go. it is not in dallas.
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so turf get a hotel and everything. >> oh, geese. >> 700 bucks. >> a maybe not as much as being a bridesmaid which i have done something like 14 times. >> the the dress, yes. >> bridesmaids pay for their own dresses. >> and sometimes the bride will buy you jewelry or jewelry or accessory to go with your a tire but you have to get that dress and they are expensive. >> you have to pick up the bulk of the cost. >> i have been consigning them. take them to the consignment shop. you can make light like a home coming gown prom dress and go get part of your money back. >> wear them at other events. >> i have even it. >> hey. >> speaking of promised. >> yes. >> i was really having a problem yesterday. >> is what the problem. >> because alex told me she was home coming queen at the university of missouri. >> yes it got me thinking. because it is promises on. >> yes. >> i never was even nominated for the court, the king or prince or whatever they call it.
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would i like to get it done before i'm dead. the kind of a bucket list thing. >> this is what i'm's proposing on twitter, just do it on twitter, facebook, whatever. someone invite me to their high school in the delaware valley and name me prom king so i could do it once. >> let me ask you this are you ready to get all suited, and booted for the prom and then you get named good okay. that will be another problem. i need a vintage store where i can get a vintage like powder blue tuxedo. >> with the ruffles. >> but how to you already necessity what you will wear if you haven't gotten invited. >> i wanting to back to the 60's and 70's. >> he will get a invite. someone will ask himy know he well. >> what if his girl has his dread and wear carol, your baby bluey don't need a date, i just want to be name the king. >> some schools he a has to campaign, are you going to do a campaign why you should be. >> if you nominate me i will bring a camera to the school
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and make a big deal out of it that sound like a plan. >> just one last wish. >> that is all i got left. >> you could be our prom king. >> would i really like to do it at the school in the gym, and little archway i can walk through. hopefully someone has heard your plea. >> where are we going this friday. >> lansdale. >> how about lansdale high school. >> maybe. >> help me out folks, do it on twitter if you wouldn't mine. in one likes to get dumped, right in the relationship you don't want to tell people you have been dump. i was just going to say we broke up. it happens to everybody. >> pretty much. >> well, has it ever happened to you. >> actually, no. i don't know why because i'm very dumpable. >> i have been dumped. >> you have. >> yeah. it is in eighth grade. guy broke up with me over voice mail. researchers at the university of michigan say there is a silver lining to
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being dump. the listen to this. they showed singles fake dating a ads and say men looking for long term relationship were drawn were attracted to women who had been dumped or broken up with especially recently. here's where it gets interesting. women preferred men who had given their last love the ax. they liked that rebound dude. possibly because it was proof that they didn't and hold the flame or something in their heart for their heart. they dumped a woman. >> men just looking for a fling they didn't care if their girl was the dumpee or dumper. >> yeah. >> i would think men wouldn't want a girl that was dumped. but i know a lot of guys they don't want to talk bit. i don't want to hear who you were with last and what were you doing let's focus on us.
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>> i want no details even though i ask you to tell me, i don't want to know. >> i with want to know. i want to know everything. why y'all broke up. >> really. >> i don't know it says when you hear about why their relationship ended, you learn a lot about that person and what they have been through. it is part of the getting to know you. sometimes i like to know. i don't need to hear every inning will detail but why you think it ended. are you still cool now. >> do you want to know how many past lovers there were. >> sure. >> guys will never tell. we don't ever tell that. >> what you do with a with man when a ask a woman how many relationship you have been in when she gives you the answer you simply double that. >> when a guy gives it to you then what do you do. >> you probably subtract. >> i just don't want to know details. i don't want to necessity where you went on vacation. i don't want to know what
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hotel you have been in. don't take me there. >> in center city and she dated this geese guys and you are seeing them hey, man is what up. you had no idea they were together. >> i don't want to compare myself because everybody is better than me. >> don't say that. >> no one is better than you. >> oh please. >> nothing compared to the feeling of being a new, bringing new life in the world, right. >> do you know what it feels like. >> i brought two people in the world. >> as beautiful as that is harsh reality is your relationship with your partner will never be the same once you have children. >> a new red book article details the things that moms do that father new dad. we have to bring in quincy for this. i'm's sure he will after lot to say. >> he admits his marriage was ruined when children came along. >> it totally was. >> ready to rant, do it. >> guys, listen, first of all i have two boys. my boys have replaced me as
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the love of my wife's life. i'm no longer i'm just dad. i'm the the errand boy. i'm the guy that goes to the tore and gets the the milk. i'm the the guy that does everything wrong. if i change my youngest son, i'm in the doing it right. is there only one way to change it, take out the the little lid on the side, put the little wipe and you wipe him. that is not good enough. it is in the good enough for my wife. everything i do is wrong. if i scold my sons. you can't talk to him like that. i read in this psychology book everything that my wife does, or knows is just way more important. >> q. >> we're looking at a picture on the very first day of your marriage okay. >> yes. >> you look fantastic and happy. >> i'm glad this picture is up. look at my wife. she's so excited, yeah, yeah. >> you look at me. >> it looks like you have gas pain. >> i have two fingers up because i'm kissing my freedom
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good bye. yeah, yeah i get to control this guy for the rest have my life. that is the look that she has. she knew what was going on. i had a idea what was about to happen because my father told me but i had no clue. i had to rewind this story, it would be totally different i'm just saying. she's the boss. >> thank you, did you see, you no he why because my wife constantly tells me what i'm doing wrong. i work for her. she will tell me on the show, you should have why did you use that word what are you doing. you know what, i was talking to dad, inside of saxby's. we were talking about what the topics would be. new mom, bugging new dad. you know what father said. fathers that have been in the relationship, they said a old mom, they love old dads. so this will be for the the rest of my life. >> it will in the change.
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>> look at how cute these boys are. >> you managed to smile. this is with kobe and jordan. >> yes. >> i like those guys. >> the wife is the boss. >> i don't want to bring this person up but she works with with us her name is torey. she's another one. she feels like mothers feels like they are the only one that goes through things. like she had a baby. you weren't the first person to have a baby. then they throw it against you, oh, this is my baby. this baby came out of me. i'm like come on. >> you try having a baby. >> i would have loved to. my wife brings that up all the time. corry brings it up all the time. go get me some coffee. >> don't say that. >> totally. >> torey is great. >> she's in my ear. >> when women become mothers they become right about everything. everything.
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because they gave birth judge just for the record can i say something for the record, you really love your wife. >> i do. >> you're lovely. >> but here's thing i love her but this is the truth. she's at work now i can tell the truth. >> she cannot hear it, it is fine. >> guys, yes it is so much responsibility to this nice picture that you see women boss men around and i'm -- can i be honest with you guys, lets be honest so i'm so comfortable right now, i don't have have a prenup. listen even if i had $5 she's getting 250 so i have to stay with her the rest of my life you want to. >> it really benefits her and like i said can we go back to the picture of my wedding day. yeah, i got him. me i'm stuck. >> do you look a little not well. >> but at the even of the day
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i still love my family. >> two things you can tell he has been in the coffee shop for three hours. talking like crazy. there is an olding a back in the day that you take a big glass bowl, right. you have another bowl filled with marbles, off to the side. every time you had sex in the first year of your marriage you put a mash will in the empty bowl right. that is the the first year. they say the the rest have of your marriage after the first year every time you have sex you take a mash will out you would never empty the bowl. >> i would, and i'm scared to have a baby because then she would control me even more. i'm scared to even touch the lady. >> it will never happen. >> time for sue serio with a a look at the weather. >> it sure is, we will look at seven day forecast, here it is, a lot of drips and drops today. it is a rainy one, in mostly
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sunny, tomorrow, yeah, it will be raining today and cooler then on thursday. we have a different forecast forfully and, that is for some rain and the forecast for friday, and we're looking at loud and sun on sunday. that is our gift of life donor dash 20th anniversary of event that, we will be out there unday morning by the art museum and it will be so far so goodies our forecast for a all of that. we have rain in the forecast for today. it will stay with us on and off throughout the rest of the afternoon, ready guys. >> sue, we have talk about this too. when it comes to cooking first i have to be in the mood to cook. >> surey need something nice and simple. >> sure. >> even though they say simple recipes, has all of the ingredient, mix stuff up, i just want it to be nice and simple. >> some people don't have the
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the luxury of being in the mood because they have five kid staring at them. >> that is true. >> and they have to cook tonight and every night. one of my favorite humans molly gilbert is here. >> pleasure to be here. >> congratulation opposite this cookbook. >> thank you what does it say. >> sheet pan sunners. >> what does it mean. >> it business cooking a full meal on the sheet pan which you can see here that is a sheet pan. >> yes. >> these are baby sheet pans but double the size and that is a sheet pan. >> can i ask you a question, i don't get it don't people normally cook on a sheet pan. >> i often use them to cook a side dish maybe but to toast nuts but you you can cook a full meal. >> let's show me how to do it. >> today i will show you how to make a lemon herb fish. this is, solely believe. >> i love it. >> you can use whatever kind of white fish you want. we were going to start with the potato.
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we have sliced potatoes here. >> look at how thin you have sliced them. >> nice and thin. we will add some garlic. >> throw tonight there. >> and garlic seasoned with a little bit of salt and pep per. >> i will do it. >> how much. >> as much as you want. >> okay, that is good. >> you give the potato a mix to get it all in there. >> there is some oil. >> lit will bit of olive oil. we will build a raft. >> it sound weird. >> with lemons. >> yes it is just like a little. >> okay huck fin it is fun because everybody gets their own little wrap at the table. >> put tonight a wrap as opposed to laying it out. >> you could lay it out all in one big wrap but i like them together because they get crispy and they kind fuse together this way.
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>> thinks fun to do with kid. >> absolutely you make your little raft. you throw that in the oven. add sometime but throw tonight oven. >> this is what it looks like good what temperature. >> i think about 350, 375 for about 15 or 20 minutes. >> look at that good it looks brown around the edges and it starts to smell amazing. then you take that out. then what you will do is add your fish filets. >> we don't need to season them. >> we will season them after you put it on. >> yes good give them a little bit of salt and pepper. >> little more pep per. >> where did you put the pepper. >> i put the pep are mill right there. >> whatever you want that looks good to me. >> okay. >> then i will throw some butter. >> i was wondering when butt wore come in. >> look at that. >> and then if you would throw some lemon slices on top, that would be beautiful. >> lovely. >> do i like lemon slices on
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fish. >> it keeps it nice and fresh. >> then we will add some herbs and and a whole spring of tyme on top and he have capers. >> yes good last night i was watching first episode i have ever seen of, king of queens. >> yes. >> prepping for the kevin james interview. his wife was upset that they put capers in their food. >> she doesn't like capers. >> i love capers. they are salty. after you prep that throw it back in the oven. don't touch it, 15, 20 minutes until the fish is cook through and then you are done, that is dinner. >> your finish product. >> put a little salad maybe slice of bread and you good. >> total 40 minutes. >> listen to this molly gill board, do i pick it up with my had happen or cut tonight to it. >> would i cut into it.
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it might be tough to handle will the whole thing. >> one more question. i'm full of questions. why the sheet pan what is the advantage of the sheet pan. >> it has a really low side around the edge here and that allow the sheet of your of tone penetrate your food and circulate all around which makes everything crispy, stuff doesn't get soggy and steamed. you get good crispiness. >> where did you learn how to cook. >> i was at french culinary institute. >> you are fancy. >> it smells good with dinner. >> absolutely, the the book has everything from appetizers. thinks in the brunch section. this is a breakfast berry cobbler. >> it looks very good. >> molly congratulations oath book. >> sheet happens, sheet pan suppers. >> yes. >> good to meet you. >> thank you very much. >> what song is your bedtime on the bedtime play list. if you need to listen to a
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song that makes you fall asleep. >> sam smith he does have a nice voice. >> but is that a good thing. >> this is top five. >> it is suiting. >> there is a survey and we will play the number one sleep song in america right now.
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i told you my girl story, haven't i. >> but first let's preview this story. we are talking about songs that help you fall asleep. brazil samba music puts me to sleep. thinks the girl and it is a beautiful song. >> interesting enough, i do also like that song. i met, the girl from but lit me finish this. >> you meet the the girl. >> i met the woman the song was written about, by eva.
9:24 am
>> antonio carlos. >> i have been there in brazil. >> yes. >> did you go to rio and saw her there. >> yes. >> the the beach, they come together right there. >> that is so true. >> let me finish this. >> so spotify. >> explain what that is again. >> music service where you can go and get all of these down load or listen to it on the server all these artists and songs anal bums to listen to. >> they put out a list of the hundred go to sleep songs. >> music streaming. >> let me give you the top three. >> here's number three. >> ♪ love me like you do. ♪ >> i said to myself i have no idea what this song is but it is from the 50 shades of gray, the sound track. >> you haven't seen it. >> the weekend has a good song from the sound track. >> is what the weekend. >> a singer the the name.
9:25 am
>> the weekend. >> call the weekend. >> number two. >> ♪ stay with me ♪ >> it is sam smith. i can understand that one. that is always a good one. >> what about this one. >> number one. >> ♪ >> mike? >> what? >> i guess it work. >> i do like that ed sheeran dude. >> a a lot of people make that their living song. loving you until 70. beautiful love song. it puts you to sleep.
9:26 am
i don't know if i would want to be on this list songs that put you in sleep. >> you have a suiting voice. >> oh, that is what it is. >> back to my girl story. i go he down to practice sill to rio to interview, susha a big time tv star. xuxa is how you spell her name. so i go down there. so a side story, i went and met, the woman now adult woman, who was the the subject of the girl from e pi namea. >> well, they are all young and lovely. >> yes, tall, tan, young and lovely. >> and each one she passes. >> you go ahh. >> yes. >> well, when she passed, i went ahh. >> but then she smiled but she didn't see. >> i went a hhh. >> yeah. >> did you tell her you loved her. >> listen. >> ♪
9:27 am
>> so she invites me to her 17 year-old daughter's, kind of coming out party it was a pageant, and you know the the name of the pageant girl from e panamea and her daughter was entered in the pageant. >> my goodnessy went to this event. all of the parent are there, it is a place that is packed. yes. >> these 16 and 17 year-old girls came out in lingerie. >> wow. >> high heels. >> and they are bringing chairs and all that. >> they do things celebrate, they celebrate the body. >> wow. >> it was overly sexual, 15 and 16 and 17 year-old girls. >> we went to brazil. my dad what is up with these women. >> tall smoke. >> walking around in bikinis. >> where are all of the men what is going on. >> forget the the men, it was fine with me. >> it was almost embarrassing.
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>> yeah. >> okay. >> kevin james will be on our show today, you remember that movie hitch he was in. >> and this parties hilarious when they went on a dance. >> yeah. >> so, we will talk about mall cop two we will talk to him next. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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@ life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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the name is great called bart, mall cop. so they made mall cop two. kevin nice to have you here in philadelphia. where am i? you're in new york, i'm in fill. >> i yes. >> we got that straightened out. sitting next to a young woman, gorgeous her name is alex. did you ever do stand up here if phily? >> oh yes yes, i used to do a lot of the comedy cabaret's i used to love it down there. >> philly is a great place. did you very much place that you would like to go to get like a cheese steak or something? >> oh, it was the two two on the corner, geno's and the other one. >> look at you. >> pat's. >> pat's and geno's. >> pat's, yes pat's and geno's i went both. i honestly went back and forth like three times. >> on the same night.
9:33 am
>> yes. >> happy birthday next week, by the way. >> oh thank you it is a biggie. >> it is. >> are you going to do something special for it, then? five-oh! >> yes, you know i don't know i think i'm going to be -- it will get a little crazy. it will be you know, i got four kids. they'll be climbing over me. that's crazy for me, by the way, but i'll have my shirt off, there will be throwing up a lot of stuff going on. >> will there be dancing? i'm sure people at this this up. the movie hitch when you were make the pizza? >> right. >> when you are born with a dancer's body born with a dancer you have to continue the legacy. you got to continue to do what you were born to do. >> we're showing that clip right now where will smith from philadelphia, of course, is watching you dance. doesn't this -- is this called the slap.
9:34 am
>> he slaps limb. >> yes it did, and i remember shooting it that day it ended with a lot of laughs. we did a lot of takes. >> i bet that was on purpose. >> do it again. >> now, when it comes to your movie, of course, mall cop two, i have to know, because in the preview keep showing you running into this glass wall now tell me you didn't really do that? >> i did do that. i did. i smashed into it, yes. everything everything i can do alex i try to do. if i can do it i'm going to do it. the one thing i wish i did do, though was get in shape. better shape so i can do more stunts but i'm horendous. did you get injured at all in this movie? >> yes, i it, every day i wake up i'm like what am i doing? >> but it was fun. >> like when you got hit by the car in front of the hotel at the casino, that's really you? >> that is not me. when i got -- that guy got
9:35 am
hit. that was an accidental -- that was my stunt guy who is fantastic. i was going to go back and fall into the car he was showing me how to do it and he got hit by the car. we kept that in there. >> oh, that's real. >> you know? >> i hope he's okay. >> got hit. >> oh my gosh. >> yes, he was banged up for sure. >> well i'm going to go see it. i saw the first one i can't wait to see this one. congratulations, good to see you, as always. >> thank you guys so much. really appreciate it. >> and happy birthday. >> you know, thank you. >> last year, sue when was he here? he came into the studio last time. >> really? >> yes, for mall cop one. >> for the first one. >> he was so much fun. he went all over the station signed autographs. >> ann love king of queens. since you got to see it last night -- >> you know, did i watch quite a bit of it. >> did you laugh? i would laugh out loud like -- >> yes, she can get a little annoying, her character, even though i like her in real life, least, a she is so good looking.
9:36 am
>> she is, she is. >> and i've met her a few times, matter of fact. stunner. >> and you shine every summer. >> did you realize we already talked about this, ex spouse day, ex-boyfriends day exgirlfriends, whatever. so we are taking time to remember our favorite former couples maybe none more famous than those two. >> brad pitt, jennifer aniston. there are other good ones, too. are you so congested... it feels like that brick's on your face? try zyrtec®-d to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. find it at the pharmacy counter. why are dwight evans, marian tasco and so many other leaders backing jim kenney for mayor? because jim kenney's the one they trust.
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jim kenney's the one with a real record of standing up for public schools and he'll bring philadelphia together. it's kenney who will expand pre-kindergarten... and partner with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs. so join leaders we trust in supporting jim kenney the block by block mayor philadelphia needs.
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real quickly here if you know where i can get a vintage tuxedo like from the 60s 70s, tell me a story that has it like powder blue i was looking for. >> because you're running for
9:40 am
prom king. >> already a bunch of high schools said i could be prom king it, would be fake, but coy go through the motions. thank you. >> that's good. >> all right we mentioned ex spouse day exgirlfriends exgirlfriends. >> we will take the time to remember our favorite former couples. ready for this? first up, brad pitt and jennifer aniston. >> they were married for five years, from 2,000 until 2005 when brad went to jen and said i've fallen for another woman. the beautiful angelina jolie. >> that breath any spears justin timberlake. >> i forgot about them. >> they dated three years, 1999 until 2002 when spears reportedly cheated with her dance choreographer. >> and then they also fill ill from denim poisoning. >> oh ya. >> next up, billy joel and christy brinkly, his uptown girl. the reasons for their divorce included rumors every billy's
9:41 am
infidelity and the amount of time that he was away from home. you know, doing concerts. they announced their divorce 21 years ago today matter of fact. then he march aid 12 year old -- no, he march aid very young woman who was a chef now they're divorced. >> lastly we have tiger and elan. they married for six years from 2004 until 2010. when tiger was involved in a cheating scandal alleged to have had almost 18 mistresses, one for every hole on a golf course. i remember the golf club incident on thanksgiving? >> yes, with the car? >> yes. >> should we just take a couple of seconds of silence? >> fore. >> let's do couple of of seconds of silence in remembrance of these cup. >> do you have somebody that -- did you stay in touch with your ex's? >> one or of two them not all of them, no. >> okay.
9:42 am
>> friendly, yes. do you keep in touch with your ex's? >> everyone of them, yes pretty much. not on daily basis? just times gets away from you. >> real does. >> whenever we see each other we like to catch up. >> do you? i like mustard. all right here's quincy, what do you have left? are you still hyped up on coffee? people think that your marriage is ending. >> no well, it is not -- not ending any time soon. i'm -- well they kicked me from back there from making coffee at this only first run student run coffee shop, saxby's on temple campus. i think i will ' get back there and make my coffee. and dow love my wife. i'll tell you that.
9:43 am
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9:45 am
>> in is interesting on drexel campus actually run by the student. >> that's right. completely brunn by the student, that's where quincy this morning. he's praising. >> frozen yogurt, very, very good. now these are some of the students they run this saxby's, how long have you been working here? >> actually just trained about a month ago. only started opened yesterday, so i worked yesterday and i work today. >> so what's your job here? >> today i make sure all of the couldn't meant bars are stocked. >> fun? >> front up house. >> front up house? >> i basically fill in where ever they need help. >> so i'll jump in right here. >> this lady right here, seems
9:46 am
little serious you're a student, as well. >> in. >> yes,. >> i am so you are on the cash register. that's what what do you? >> that's what i do. >> so we're just walking upment i'll jump in. i want to talk to all of the student here. you're a student as well? >> i am. >> your name? >> kianna. >> what do you do here? >> shift lead but float when necessary, so barista whatever needed to be done. >> so you'll be here for the next six months? >> yes. >> how do you like it so far. >> i love it. everyone great to work with, customers, guests, amazing. >> she trying to get away from me. >> so what is your job here? >> i just told you working front of house. >> oh you're -- okay. so i have to talk to you. how are you doing? >> good, how are you. >> what's your job? >> right now barista. just making a drink. >> i want to make a drink for somebody. >> you want to? all right. do you want to finish this one? >> okay what do we do? >> fill it with milk to the top of the medalian. then fill the rest with ice. >> okay where is the milling?
9:47 am
>> milk is here. hopefully i won't mess up. you hold that. okay. tell me when to stop. >> all right. >> oh that one is frozen. >> okay. this is frozen. we new that. >> don't judge us. don't be so judge mental. >> still learning. >> still learning. >> frozen milk? >> tell me when to stop. >> ready? >> and stop. >> okay now what's next? >> now we start -- >> i know how to stir, that's easy. >> stir. >> what's next? >> get all of the chocolate off the bottom. >> oh look at that, that's the sweet spot. >> yes. >> what are we making? >> campfire latte. campfire okay. now what's the next step? >> get the spoon. then you fill it with ice right there, to the top. >> okay ice. >> what is he making a frap
9:48 am
cheap snow. >> what's this called again? >> campfire latte. >> campfire latte. >> it has marshmallow and chocolate. that's it. >> are we done? >> done. >> who is this for? >> dan? you don't even need a lid? >> taste it. tell me what you think. i just mixed that for you. >> the best i ever had. >> the best you ever had? >> oh he's become nice. >> don't even need a lid. >> great. >> what year are you? >> freshman. >> congratulations. you hold that. you're a student. hey, guys we're here with all of the student just working, this is really good thing. think about it, go through your whole college career, you don't know what you want to do. then you get an internship, your last year, and you're like ugh i don't know if i want to do. >> this here at drexel, you get still do different things, different co-ops, look, throughout your whole college
9:49 am
career. great thing. so come into the saxby's here, okay guys? i'm going to do something -- >> first day it is open, too. >> these kids are working here at saxby's? >> and get college credit for working there, maybe little bit of money too. >> wouldn't than great? spend that all the rest of their time this semester working at that saxby's. >> by the time up graduate, hey, i've already done this and this, i know what i'm doing. >> management boom. >> great thing great opportunity. so there is this great luncheon yesterday sue jenny joyce, we all went to the 957 ben p.m. women of the week luncheon. women of the week segment she does every sunday she highlight great woman in the community doing things, with charity work, or just doing things for others. >> cool. >> she highlighted everybody. so many great women from all over our area in one room. we had great speakers, there is maryland. >> there is maryland. >> beatrice, recognized for her work with the foundation,
9:50 am
honored, so it was a really great event. so thank you so much marilyn russell for insiting us. >> this drexel hill, is that where were you? >> drexel brook. i understand she has woman of the week. then once a year she has this massive luncheon. >> that's what i was saying, yes. >> is that what you said. >> i think that's what i said yes. >> women of the week segment. >> 500 women were there? >> yes. >> few men. >> yes, my friend david i saw him last night. he said he was there. >> yes, he was. >> we heard great speeches, it was great to see other women and talk, and exchange information. great thing. >> and all three looked great there, too. >> oh thank you. >> pretty. all right we're ten minutes away from wendy williams woman. >> so we have to get to drake. he's talking about this kiss, everyone saying look at that reaction. we want to know why did you act like that? he said he has a reason, we'll tell you his reason next.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
we all know about this big concert out in california, coachhe will a all of the stars go out. madonna was performing, she leans over during her performance, kisses drake in the mouth. but it is drake's reaction to the kiss that people are like: what? >> so ya. >> he looks discussed like he's going to barf. >> he does look like that. now people are wondering out. he was saying he was all for the kiss, but it was the taste of her lipstick that grossed him out. >> oh that? >> really drake? i don't know. i don't know if that flies. >> she said it was the best kiss of his life. >> went to instagram. posted pick of the kiss, don't misinterpret my shock i got to make out with the queen mad done a i feel a hundred about that forever thanks.
9:55 am
>> but i don't know, i guess we have to ask the guys about. >> this when you kiss a woman do you really taste the lipstick? is it that serious? >> some people remember our attorney today? >> yes. >> jessica? no what was her name? >> jennifer. >> did you she how thick her lip gloss and shiny it was it was beautiful. >> it was beautiful. >> but if you were to kiss her, which i kinds of wanted to do, no, that would be all over you and i don't like the taste of lipstick. >> but i feel like is it enough -- he was double over. >> he was exaggerating. >> i guess. i just feel like it is not that bad guys. >> okay you want here -- >> nice try. >> what flavor is lipstick, is your lipstick? >> not flavored, just lipstick. not all is flavored. >> it should be flavored. because regular lipstick don't you -- >> then if you don't like the flavor -- if you find something to complain about always, okay? >> true. >> then you complain if the lips are chapped. so we have to do something. >> okay. >> all right? >> this is stupid. you want to hear something stupid? >> okay. >> john goss land may be
9:56 am
making a come-back but you won't see the reality star on tv. no no no. he is behind the one's and two's, he's going to be down at the jersey shore as a dj. but listen to how much he makes. >> so booked him -- >> yes, after dark. >> so they paid $20,000 for just one hour of work: plus, wait, he needs to do little more work, needs to do meet and greet. >> who wants to me him? >> of course he was solar panel, a waiter, of course on that show jon and kate plus eight, right? so it will be may 30th. if you want to go, if you want to meet and greet with him. >> they will pay him $20000 for one hour of dj? >> one hour. >> we're in the wrong business mike. >> oh man. >> how much would they pay to have you dj? you would be a good dj. you know a lot of different songs. >> 250. >> $250,000? >> no, 2.50. >> hey huge crowd turns out to see northwest bad advertised. >> so they didn't get inside
9:57 am
the ceremony, but huge storm of photographers caught kim kardashian west and husband kanye leaving with north from a church. >> good for them. we're about time for wendy williams. i want to squeeze in one of the best producers i've ever world with in my life. it is her birthday today. you know her as jessica decline, there she is getting married. >> happy birthday jessica on her birthday. >> happy birthday. we tried to surprise her. then we had to throw in this pick, as well, my gosh in my ear. this is all of us hanging out. we hang out. >> is that kit cat with the glasses on? >> that's her with the glasses and the leopard hat. we won't say what time of night this was. >> oh this had to be about 3:00 in the morning. >> you can see great time working with jess as well as outside of work, weaver great time with jess. so happy birthday to you darling. she said she lovers us. we love too. >> she lovers us for that picture, i'm tell that you. >> we try to surprise her with that. all right we got to take a break here time for wendy williams. >> once again mike running for prom king. so we need a school willing to have mike let you be the prom
9:58 am
king. >> please. >> and we need a suit. he neice throw back suit. >> tuxedo. >> yes.
9:59 am
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams" show. wendy is back and all new with a dose of super juicy hot topics. and she fires back over her shocking weight loss. julie alexandria has the inside scoop. >> the doctors of the reality show "botched" are here. ♪ ♪ here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ]


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