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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  April 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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driver has died. police are still searching for the driver in that accident. and a gruesome discovery in southwest philly. fire crews put out a car fire, and they find a body inside. now police are trying to figure out exactly how that person died. >> hour about by the airport? he probably flew over philly. did you see him? and how did a man in a one-person little chopper, manage to land on the lawn of the us capitol? a question a lot of people are asking. why authorities probably should have known he was flying n did you see him? he took off from gettysburg. >> incredible. >> probably flew over, about 25 miles an hour. >> think air traffic control would have pick something up? >> maybe. >> isn't that a protected air space? >> in no fly zone. so the secret service at it again. good day to you it is thursday april the 16th, get those taxes done, did you? >> whew. >> national stress awareness day, but that's probably why.
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>> why he, very aware of the stress we had yesterday. >> extension boy bob. >> the weather was nice. did you love it? >> i loved it. i thought it was a ten. i think your nine yesterday was off. no there was little bit of a cloud. and there was a fire danger. the whole day. >> well that's right. >> that's that kept coming up on my gps fire danger fire danger. >> humidity was like 15% in the afternoon yesterday. all you needed was little breeze something yes somebody application a cigarette out car window, which you should never do, you know that's what happens. and, especially, pine barons of new jersey, in danger. >> up in bucks county, about three fires. >> right. so let's take a look at today. >> another nine? >> too bad, it is a nine just because. >> i'm not complaining. >> because i knew it would make you angry. so anyway, just a now you anyway here's bus stop buddy, fox 29 sweatshirt. he's got cool start getting red think morning. no rain yet.
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but there will be some tomorrow. so look at rem tiff humidity right now. 39%. so, it is a dry day which in my world means a good hair day. 51%, 51 degrees, i should say yes, 39% is relative humidity. sunrise 6:22. i'm getting all dis come bob late dollars now. we're going for the 70s today. here's bob kelly right now. >> good morning 6:02 this thursday morning actually off to a nice start. light volume on our major roadways we look live at 422 this is 422 out near the king of prussia interchange. 202 as you roll through malvern, chesterbrook no problems at all working your way up in toward king of prussia. downtown charlie brown they got it open again. the vine expressway, back in business in both directions, what you are seeing here is that first line of cars trying to line up, and get that first train there out of 30th street station. an accident, though, in delaware. has i-95 closed this morning
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all northbound lanes are blocked from the toll plaza into exit number one which is route 896. your best bet route 40, if you're headed northbound, and overnight fatal crash in new hope has 413 blocked this morning, at lower mountain road. and then, on the pennsylvania turnpike hot bed of construction on the overnight everything pick up, and we're open and ready to go between valley forge all the way over to philadelphia. mass transit running with no delays. mike alex, back to you. >> 6:03 turning to breaking news in connection to hit-and-run accident, from earlier this week. >> yes, let's get to steve. he has more on this investigation. oh little boy has died now steve? >> reporter: more tips are coming in here to the philadelphia police accident investigation division investigators but not the tip that they need just yet. and the team here at the accident investigation division just devastated to tell us very early this morning, as we began our day, that the two year old boy hit with his 19 year old mother monday night, in that second of those two
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simultaneous hit-and-run cases, died at children's hospital around 1:30 this morning. they told us david alicia was extremely critical in grave condition all week, but they kept telling us, and they were happy to tell us that this little boy was still fighting for those past two days, but his injuries too severe for the doctors over at children's to save him. his mom josephine riviera still hospitalized. she was also critically hit. they told thaws she ran out in the street, as soon as her little boy darted out in the traffic right there on matson -- mascher street in front of their house about 7:00 while still daylight. because it was daylight surveillance video shows two white or hispanic men in the front seat of white infinity four door with clear glass sun roof. police did find broken headlight lens in the west kensington street. they're hoping to find the car and the driver real soon. now that this little boy has died. >> what we see car coming southbound, white infinity we see one man which would be the passenger with his arm hanging out with tattoos but
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that's casino of generic. many people have tattoos. what we definitely see two people in the vehicle. we definitely see them going south on mascher and making right-hand turn to go west on lehigh. >> what we really need is the public's help. the public has been real good recently especially when it comes to little person like that 19 year old. we get a lot of tips. we need the public's help in this one. we got plenty of time until we get any leads and track them down. >> that was the captain last night before he got this news overnight that he woke up to, as women. so it is standard but look for an official announcement any minute now that the $10,000 reward will now be doubled to 20,000, now that there is a death involved, and alex mike you can only hope not only does the reward increase but the remorse increases, on both the passenger or that driver. and they decide just do the right thing, end this suffering for this family. >> little fate of his oh -- lit face of his my god. >> so cute. two young children die. >> four year old and two year old right? well police are also
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searching through the suv involved in that hit-and-run that killed a four year old boy, on monday. they say the owner is cooperating, as the investigation continues. >> the woman driving the car at the time of the accident is wait to go turn herself in since the investigation is still underway. that's according to police. and police found the car in a parking garage near love park. they say the boy ran into the street on the 1600 block of south 57th and kingsessing where the driver of the suv hit him and justin on. >> in bucks county overnight one person dead after an ugly car crash. the accident happened along route 413 lower mount road, new hope. no word on what caused it. >> how about this? police are investigating the suspicious death of a man found dead inside of a car that was set on fire apparently. they got the call yesterday afternoon on the 4700 block of ft. mifflin road southwest philly. when firefighters, you know, put out the flames, they found the charred body of a man
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inside that car. coming up: we'll have a live report from police headquarters on that one. and teacher up in north jersey suspended after her third grade student wrote: get well letters to a convicted cop killer. the kids asked to write them. the kids wanted to do it, she says. what she now is saying about this whole ordeal.
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>> alex holley, 6:10 thursday. >> we have up a date for you third grade class that wrote get well soon letters to convicted cop killer. suspended new jersey teacher says her third grade class asked to write those gel well cards to mumia abu-jamal. >> that's her story now? there she s marilyn told the orange school board, that's, you know, an area up there the oranges what they call their towns, up in north jersey that she made a mistake and she has learned from it she said it was a teaching moment. she says her student wanted to write the letters after learning mumia abu-jamal quote, during bunch their classes, in third grade. as you know, he is serving life in prison for the murder of a philadelphia police officer, danny faulkner. on the kelly file, fox news channel, faulkner's widow told
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megan kelly it was a disgrace. >> the interesting thing i was about her age when i walked into jefferson hospital in the middle of the night. and saw my husband's face blown offer. i mean, she needs to realize that what she is doing is so wrong she mids to get in, first of all the children the ones being hurt right now and the parent, the children probably have no idea. >> yes, how about read before you assign thing to your children in classrooms? school board attorney says the board has yet to reach a decision what they'll do about this teacher's employment. >> 61:00; how did a man manage to lands one person chopper right on the lawn of the us capitol? even worse, a lot of people new he was coming. the plan that was years in the making. bob? >> i think i need some new sod
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at >> excuse me. >> all right well earth day is next wednesday. the 23rd and/or 22nd, in honor of thursday day holding
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side of beautiful day. high pollen count it is tree pollen out there folks. so if that's what you are allergic to, may have problem today if you don't take your medication even tomorrow, no heavy soaking rains will only take you down to medium high and the same for saturday when we're expecting another dry day. so ultimate doppler radar no rain here, rain to the south rain to the west, all will converge on us but not until tomorrow. looks pretty good for today. let's check the future cast, by this time tomorrow, we will have some rain spreading through the area, we continue throughout the rest of the morning, by noon still raining here and there spotty showers they'll continue through the evening rush hour, as well. we'll have several rounds every rain moving through. several systems coming at us. >> trenton 49 atlantic city
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40 44, dover delaware, decent wind out there. 9 miles an hour. as we were mentioning earlier do you have watch out for the fire danger today. relative humidity is very low. wonderful wednesday wasn't it with the high of 70 degrees. sixty-four the average high. we're above average again today. with the high of 70, 68 for tomorrow with scattered showers, around, and then, on saturday mid 70s it looks like it will be whole lot warmer cooling down on sunday, with mix of sun and clouds next chance of rain, monday, that looks like heavier rain, in store for monday and then, by tuesday afternoon all of that rain is gone. so it is shaping up pretty well for the weaken, bob kelly. how about the roads right now? >> not bad at all right now. good morning everybody 6:17. live look at i-95 got disable here on the girard point double decker bridge, as we work our way southbound, down toward the airport. benny looking good from south jersey no problems at all coming up and over the toll
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plaza. if you don't feel like picking out your outfits this morning right, you don't know what color to wear, you ready? you don't have to do anything today. guess what today is? >> go to work naked day? >> not that. tomorrow. today is national wear your pajamas to work day. >> oh i heard about this. >> okay? now, i have the foot i pajamas with the traffic cars and the traffic lights. >> oh how cute. did you bring them in? >> i did not wear them today no. >> you didn't follow the rules of the day. >> how did you have six kids wearing that? >> oh my goodness. >> i got the traffic lights on there. >> oh the light's green not red. okay? >> oh, you gave her the green light? >> exactly on my traffic jammies. 422 and 202 we got the green light, no problems at all as you work your way in toward king of prussia this morning. mass transit looking good, with no delays. mike? >> little talcony palmyra bridge flap? >> when the bridge is open. oh don't.
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>> when sue starts laughing really hard, i wish we had a camera on her to show sue. >> but then she starts coughing because of her allergies, and it is a mess. >> so funny. did you see this yesterday? this guy took off it, seems like from the gettysburg pennsylvania area he must have flown over philadelphia, did you see him going about 25 miles per hour? washington dc officials can't figure out how this happened. after a man lands that little bitty gyro copter in front of the nation's capitol. the man secret service says, had come to their attention about a year and a half ago. he was on their radar but how did they not see him yesterday? >> i said oh, my goodness. they have -- using drones with men, and that's how google is delivering the mail. and i saw police car with a siren. and he said that's not the us mail. >> yes. look at all of these people. they look up and saw this gyro copter with this guy sitting in it. it was piloted by a florida
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postal worker, identified as 61 year old doug hughes. yesterday hughes boarded the aircraft with a about 100 letters address today lawmakers there on capitol hill his plan was to deliver the notes which outlined how he could fix campaign finance. >> i was incredibly surprised we were down at the washington monument and i see him come over the top of the buildings and i thought that's further than i thought he would make t i thought for sure, live broadcasting the whole thing. so people could tell where he was, and where he was coming from. he was specking helicopter to escort him. >> he even thought he might be shot out of the sky. but, no, nothing happened. after the landing there in front of the capitol we have mom squad guy hughes was arrested and the capitol visitor center was temporarily in lockdown. so was the whole capitol building. because remember the iraqi president was in the building at the time? so the question still remains:
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look at him! how this could happen and what's supposed to be the most secure air space in the worlds? man, there are some answers, questions that need to be answered today. >> just the fact it was broadcast live from -- >> little go pro on. >> still didn't know. >> all right. suspected car thief in northern california reportedly drove onto a sidewalk and hit several park cars before allegedly ramming -- i know the name of this town -- san -- i know this town because i've been in it, lee andre? yes, police car in that little town. police fired striking her a woman, more than once, she did survive. her male passenger was brought if for questioning. i really messed up that store. >> i it was fine. >> was it. >> got the name of the town san lee and row. >> coming up on 6:22 former
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nfl player aaron hernandez you saw this yesterday found guilty of first degree murder. >> charge the defendant aaron hernandez with murder watch say you madam foreperson? is the defendant guilty, not guilty, guilty of murder in the first degree or guilty of murder in the second degree? >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> madam foreperson, by -- >> his fiancee his mother there they are crying. >> jurors rule hernandez was responsible for the murder every odom lloyd in 2013. prosecutors say hernandez planned the murder and then helped cover it up. hernandez will get the chance to appeal his life sentence, but he will also be tried in a drive-by shooting death of two other men in 2012. >> it is interesting too they took him to a federal prison which is about 2 miles outside of the gillette stadium, where he used to play for the pay troats. you can probably almost see the stadium from the prison
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facility. >> he'll be seeing it for awhile while he is in prison. >> fall from graze for sure. >> terrifying moments, mid-air, when sky dive goes wrong. everyone is okay, but you have to see the helmet camera video, it was to would make your stomach drop. could you do this, mike? >> oh is my -- oh, no. i won't want to do that.
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>> phillies play ryan howard, benched, not surprise, but didn't do much for the phillies. going to new york. jonathan the opposing pitcher against jerome williams singles, the mets were up two-one, now up three; the mets sweep the phillies they win it six-one sixers final game of brutal year to the wells fargo sixers up by one. they play no defense miami wins it 105-101. so what happened with the flyers head coach craig berube? we assume the gm head coach would tell us yesterday but not so fast. >> as soon as i sort through that i'll gave you a answer at this point. head coach if something changes, i'll let you guys know. at this point the process going on with, you know, we'll evaluate everything as i said at this point the decision hasn't been made. >> i think he's waiting for somebody else to get fired before he does the same to
6:27 am
craig berube, too bad. that's sports. i'm howard eskin. >> you know the phillies worse in the league in scoring runs? >> seats you can get for $9, right? >> they should be free. >> 6:27. firefighters put out a car fire in south philly. charred car. body of a man inside of it. when they finally put the flames out. what else they found in that car, that could point to arson. >> let's get to steve keel which breaking news for us this morning. steve? >> yes, they still have not found the cars in both hit and runs, or at least the drivers in both hit and runs still the car missing and now a fatal hit-and-run. both little boys, the two year old, and that second hit-and-run from monday night died overnight. that has the accident investigation division, stepping up, their look for both the driver and the vehicle in that.
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>> two year old boy victim from a hit-and-run has died overnight. what they have this morning. >> it doesn't make me feel safe. specially even by it being so close to the airport. >> yes people working in southwest philadelphia shocked to hear about this. a body was found inside of this burning car. there was right near the airport watch police found in that car that could proof this fire was set intentionally.
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>> how are you feeling today? >> good. >> what's on your minds? >> this sucks. >> well then. >> yes things got pretty heated on american idol last night. why kin ton alexander got into it with one of the judges. harry connick jr. >> well he probably should have been kick off for that shirt. anyway, good day everybody. it is thursday april the 16th 2015. no he'll be on our show today. >> maybe just trying to stand out? >> he was standing out. he was ya. standing in his field. >> oh, my goodness. >> alone. >> i'll be standing outside because it will be so nice. sue? >> fox 29 sweatshirt, cool start to the day see mix of sun, clouds, as we get started in your weather by the numbers. we're going to go with another nine out of ten. very dry day today.
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no rain coming until tomorrow. you see some precipitation to the south out to the west, it is 51 degrees, right now oh, starting early with the construction right up the street from us, on the corner of third and market. they are doing you know, if the g that building up, 9-mile per hour winds with your sunshine and high later on of 70 degrees we will be in the mid 60s by lunchtime. basically the same as yesterday. tomorrow will not be the same as today. we will talk about when the rain arrives coming up in just a few minutes bob. >> bus stop buddy running out of hats to wear. flyers are done. sixers are done. >> phillies? >> only phillies hat now right? we have people sending us hats for bus stop budd. >> i oh goodness. >> all right live look at the 42 freeway here, coming in toward philadelphia. starting to go see volume pop. here comes the sun. take a look at this shot. this is cool. postcard style. right? this is i-95 north look, even
6:33 am
got the rays like the post cards, right? north on 95. >> ninety-five south out of the northeast jam from cottman avenue, in to girard, that's the morning rush hour, plus the construction but on the northbound side of 95, there is a disable up near woodhaven road, so look out there northeast philly, east on 422 coming out of roars forward again this little pocket of volume but eastbound side of 422 at the 29 interchange. and then, an accident in delaware that has all lanes of i95 north closed at the moment. from the toll plaza up through exit number one use route 40, out of delaware, if you are headed north this morning. mass transit looking good. mike alex, back over to you. >> hit-and-run accident from earlier this week, we're now learned the two year old boy has died. >> yes. steve is over at the accident investigation division.
6:34 am
>> two stories got even sadder now on day three we're doing this thursday morning since we've been doing it since tuesday morning because it is now two fatal philly hit and runs. what we reported on tuesday morning. the police accident investigators told us, don't be surprised if this little boy doesn't pull through because the initial report from the hospital is were extremely critical and grave condition. this little boy david alicia, died at children's hospital. the second of the two hit-and-run victims when we were talking that little boy. four year old before him half hour later david and his mother hit by a white four door infinity with a glass sun roof his mother had ran out into the street after the little boy dashed into mascher street from their west kensington house. one thing police do have even
6:35 am
though they don't have the car, they have broken headlight lens along with the surveillance of the car. they see not just the driver but they also see a passenger that they could describe in the front seat. >> narrowed down to white infinity west on mascher west on lehigh avenue. we believe two males in the vehicle. hispanic or white. the public is obligate today stop and help. >> call 911 dot right thing. >> nineteen year old young mother and two year old that's pretty bad. >> they already announced on tuesday morning $10,000 to the reward likely to get double to 20,000 since this boy died. that's standard in all death cases, and murder cases here in philadelphia. but with that, alex, mike, the mandatory by law prison sentence increases, he'll definately do prison time when caught sadly more reason for this hit-and-run driver to run and hide three days later.
6:36 am
>> let's get some information on the other hit-and-run that happened on monday. police are still searching through the suv involved in a hit-and-run that killed a four year old boy on monday. they say the owner is cooperating as the investigation continues. not sure how this works with the police investigation. why isn't this person in custody? >> apparently police saying she is wait to go turn herself in since the investigation is still underway. that's according to police. so police found the car in a parking garage, near love park. they say the boy ran into the street on the 1600 block every south 57th and kingsessing when the driver of that the suv hit him and just continued on. >> and it doesn't -- this person's fault but why don't they turn themselves in? and what was going on? why did they keep going? we shall finds out soon. 6:36. investigators are looking into a gruesome car fire, that happened yesterday afternoon. this is out near the airport. >> police say a man's charred body was found inside the
6:37 am
burnt car. >> polite finds something that this car was set on purpose? >> that's the belief there is car was set on fire it find gasoline car in the trunk and police were initially called for obviously car fire, when that flames and smoke cleared they say they found a bod that i was charred to the bone, and this happened yesterday around 3:30 in the afternoon in southwest philadelphia, on the 4700 block of ft. mifflin road near enterprize avenue. the man's body was found in the drivers seat of honda accord coup. the fire marshall found gas can in the trunk the area is mostly industrial. police say there were no witnesses, and there are no cameras nearby. we talked to man who works nearby he said he was stunned by the news police are calling this a suspicious death. gas can in the trunk. fire marshall on the scene indicated an ac sell rent, believes it was gas burned extremely hot.
6:38 am
so we believe the ac sell ren used was gasoline, car was litton fire. own one person in the car. >> shocked, shocked. when they said gas a vehicle fire actually thought okay well maybe there was something mechanically wrong with the vehicle. then to hear suspicious death tide into the vehicle fire, i was very unnerved, and very unsettled with it. >> right now suspicious death. so we are classifying as suspicious death. homicide handling the investigation at this point. >> police have not yet identified the victim but they do tell us that this site the car being horribly burned. >> homes -- hoping it provides some clues. >> 6:38. happening today the candidates for philadelphia mayor will focus on public -- where is my picture? will focus -- >> took it down.
6:39 am
>> public health issues in a forum this afternoon. the event is being held by the public health management corporation, right here in center city. the six democratic candidates, and one republican, were all invited to attend. the mayoral primary, as you know, is may 19th. >> fox 29 will host the next mayoral debate. watch it right here on fox april 23rd at 6:00 p.m. if you are out and about you can stream it at and follow all of the debate news using the hashtag fox 29 dems, dems debate. >> ooh ann -- iain page will host it,. >> iaian will introduce everyone lucy noland will ask the questions. >> maybe come out and sing or something like a number and then turn it over to lewesy? >> what are you saying? national anthem maybe?
6:40 am
>> well probably not. i don't know. he is a good singer, iain page. >> really? we have to hear him sing. >> very good. >> should bring him on as one of our guests. >> 6:40 american red cross is asking for your blood donations, organization sayings they're always in need of donors, all blood types are welcome to give, but with those with o negative, a negative, b negative, especially needed now drive being held today in philadelphia this is at the ridge and whitemarsh health center. >> this will be for 1:00 in the 6:00. >> oh boy. terrifying moments, when a sky dive, you know, sky dive? >> yes. >> when you jump out after plane? >> yes. did not go well. a jumper's parachute as you can see right here gets all tangled up. now, i have to tell you everything is okay. we're scholl you the video the video stay up here all the way to the ground. >> oh my goodness. >> see it? i'll show you the whole darn thing. >> okay. >> sue? >> i'm just removed that from my bucket list. >> sky knifing.
6:41 am
>> it is okay if i never do it. that's just fine. >> it is just a bucket. >> but if you are so inclined, you'll have a good day for it today. not so much tomorrow. your forecast just ahead. al next. >> thank you suement tomorrow we're going to have a huge flashback friday. so it is prom season. >> sure it is. >> we will talk about prom fashion over the years. this will be a good one. so we want to see your prom pictures. send them on facebook, instagram twitter. use the #fox29goodday so we want to see what you were wearing to the prom. >> beautiful graphic isn't it? that's even better.
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>> tomorrow lansdale from like 7:00 in the morning till 10:00 at night. >> yes, so it will be a fun day. come by the west main diner to say hi to jenn fred and chris o'connell. and then quincy and lucy noland will be at the lansdale train station from about 7:00 to 8:30 a.m. >> okay. >> then head over to tabora cafe for some fun for little fun with the lansdale police department. >> what about in the afternoon on the 5:00 and 6:00 p.m.? >> mike you head out with scott williams sampling barbeque and whiskey at the molk house tavern. you can join them. while bob kelly bill anderson at the library
6:45 am
checking out the international spring festival outside of the library, stop by movie night at the firehouse across the street. >> okay? so i'm eating barbeque and drinking whiskey and you're in the stats looking over the dewey decimal system. >> listen, read something funds melling al, okay? we'll be outside of the library having a lot of fun. >> read remembers leaders sue >> mike ' mum bing about something. let's take a look at the werth. high pressure in control today. >> that's why we wrote high and dry. system stays to the south. that will one stays out to the west. for the rest of the day today. but as that high moves off shore, we are going to see this one sneak north this one sneak to the east, and it will all converge on us tomorrow. even though not expecting a lot of rain will be with us
6:46 am
for most of the day. that's what we have right now on ultimate doppler radar. don't have to worry about the rain today. in fact, relative humidity will be low once again, only problem with that is fire danger we had few warnings go up yesterday in the afternoon, that could happen again today. this rain doesn't arrive until tomorrow morning. and it is with us, through the morning rush, through about lunchtime very light scattered showers at times but cloudy, when it is not raining, by 6:00, 7:00 it is starting to exit. by 10:00 it is gone. that's a friday-only event. the rain that we will have for tomorrow. we should clear out nicely in time for the weekend. 51 degrees right now in the city. lancaster has 48. forty-two in mount pocono. 40 degrees in atlantic city, ooh in wilmington, delaware. winds are now out of the northeast, which may give us few more clouds here and there one week ago really chilly 43 degrees day then got little better on friday, not
6:47 am
as great as we were hoping. nicely over the weaken, with all of the sunshine 75 degrees on monday, we had the rain on tuesday but we got up to 70 yesterday. and that is where we are headed for today as well. another nine out of ten 68 degrees with rain, so let's call it scattered showers throughout the day on friday. not raining every single minute. saturday we are giving you a ten, with 76 degrees, sunny warmer clouds and sunshine on sunday for the gift of life donor dash. it gets started real early in the morning they kind of stag at the bob kelly i think registration starts at 6:00, 7:00 they've got the 10k run. can't handle that, you have got 5k run. they have kids run. then 3k walk if you don't even want to run. >> when you want to get out there early did i that last year, nice breeze coming off of the schuylkill river there kelly drive martin luther king drive. we could use breeze to get us push here, 6:47. accident 95 northbound in the
6:48 am
cottman avenue construction zone. what's tough here, gang the left lane block there is no shoulder so, we are jammo pretty much from bridge street, all the way up to approaching cottman avenue. again, this is on the northbound side. >> accident centered northbound in the construction zone with only that far right lane open. delaware, early morning accident still has it closed between the toll plaza up to exit number one, you want to use route 40 headed northbound this morning and for the gang leaving say royersford or collegeville, eastbound lanes of 422 watch for crash as you work your way in toward route 29. mass transit the airport looking good. mike alec, look at you.
6:49 am
>> nicki minaj rumors on her social media site, maybe she has a music merger with a philadelphian. >> so here is the reason why. she, look at this bling yes huge. on her ring finger. so you know there is comes just after rumors have started that she and meek mill are engaged. >> yes. so tweet being it, another picture there in miami hanging out. she had a ring on her finger, then oh i'm going show you a pick. then she posts this, as people my gosh, they're engaged so their camps so meek mills camp and nicky minaj camp, haven't confirmed there is teasing us right now but look at that. >> how many karats? >> canary-yellow. >> thirteen car arts. certainly can airy diamond there in the middle. >> well if it is not an engagement ring, that's very expensive promise ring. >> here is the problem. it is a beautiful ring no question about it. >> it is, it is huge. >> but doesn't it -- it
6:50 am
just -- fingernails seriously? >> too much. >> i can't even see the fingernails. i can't get past the ring. >> really? >> yes. >> i looked right there at the nails. >> the nails ya, they are extravagant. >> but she nicky minaj. she can do what she wants. >> is she in a toilet oring? >> bathroom pick looks like. >> oh, i am looking, in the bathroom. >> maybe in a hotel rumor something? >> maybe she on the toilet, nothing to do sitting there for awhile? >> maybe it is a ring pop maybe not even real ring. >> hey, things got little heated on american idol last night. >> did you see this? my gosh. >> quinton, right he was upset. >> so he really couldn't hold back his emotions are it came time to decide who was up for elimination. look at this. >> what's on your minds? >> this sucks. >> tell me what sucks. >> two vocalists marks i best friends sitting over there this whole thing is wack. i'll ' shut up right now. >> if it is that wack, you can always go home idol is paying
6:51 am
a loft money to give this experience, for to you say that to the hand that is feeding you right now i think it is highly disrespectful: ya. >> just move on, you know? >> when i said that this was wack i wasn't saying this was wack. >> oh, you said this whole thing was wack. i thought that's what you meant. it is wack. >> yes. >> what's wack? it is a competition. >> oh. >> he is saying he's upset that his friend got eliminated or whatever. >> yes, he said he is just standing up for them. but later joey, i think he was roving to as his best friend was sent home. >> oh, joey is gone. so joey will be on our show, is that joey? >> i need to watch this. >> i don't know. ask joe amen or woman. >> girl. >> oh the pink hair woman? >> yes. >> he's ray von. >> yes. >> and we will talk to joel i. >> who is the girl? >> she's on our show today. can we maybe just you all get
6:52 am
over yourselves? just stinking little tv show. >> what do you mean? >> say it is wack? >> i mean, i can see -- >> oh american idol is paying for everything. >> how would you feel if somebody walked in here there is whole show was wack. >> i just said that few minutes ago. >> all right next up. the video you have to see. sky divers parachute gets all tangled up. oh, can you imagine? don't worry now. everybody's okay. but the helmet camera worked all the way to the ground. we'll show it to you.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
>> sky diver jumps out after airplane. >> this is in south after cam shows this guy jumping with his partner. look at this. >> everything is going okay until big gust every wind. and, let me get this guy's name. darn what is it? hold on. don't move. >> luke godfrey luke is out of control now. but you know they always have a parachute on their stomach right, the back up. so he pulled that. and he was able to land okay. >> and look he walks, sat down smiling. >> yes. >> all good.
6:56 am
>> yes. >> luke you can't spell luke without lucky? no no. >> no c. >> no, there isn't, is there? >> no. >> but he is lucky. >> that's okay. did you ever do a spelling bee growing up? >> one of my most embarrassing moments, i was at a broadway play about called spelling bee, wasn't it, sue? yes, spelling bee. yes i was there mo rock was the guy. >> well let's get to the momentment and they had people come up, out of the audience, and spell right? but, they put us all in this big group. i got all claustrophobic, i wandered off the stage. they asked me to spell mexican. i miss spell it. >> how did you spell it? >> i don't even remember. >> you misspelled -- >> i misspelled mexican. >> in front of this huge, sold-out crowd i had to -- >> what did they do? did someone say no --
6:57 am
>> yes. >> that was it. >> it is called the 25th annual put numb county spelling bee. >> walk away with your head down like this? >> horrible. i had to go on tv the next morning,. >> oh wait. i thought were you young like young, young, like a kid? >> no. this as so as an adult. >> this is not more than -- six years ago. >> i thought this was like the school play? >> this is like in 2,000. >> oh that's a lot different. >> i'm adult. >> oh my gosh, that is embarrassing. >> mexican. >> well okay. >> good news for college graduates, probably should have stayed in college a little longer than seven years that i was there. >> you won't kansas, though. >> what's that mean? class of 2015 the best chance of lining a job after school's over. we actually have some good news for college graduates. what makes this a great time for new employees.
6:58 am
6:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together.
7:00 am
>> great day. >> just really precious two year old everything expected, just so taj being, so hard. >> really is, look his little face. that yoo year old boy has died hit by hit-and-run driver police still searching for the driver that far car. the reward just increased few minute ago to $20,000. how is


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