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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 17, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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miss her. >> um um. >> fire and desire. >> get it, mike. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> this song, my goodness. >> both of them. >> miss them both. >> i just love the way he says that, fire and desire. >> what are you doing. >> i'm trying to get the my prom king. >> you have to be elect first you cannot the just put that on. >> we are getting ready for a
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prom. >> i'm exhausted. >> we are. >> we're playing prom songs. we are making requests here. i have requested fire and desire. it just got out of control. it is fox flash back friday on this friday april 17th. >> i always liked this look after the promise over. >> you can tell were you dance to go hard. >> you were working it out on the floor. >> i look like dean martin hi everybody. >> the rat pack is here. >> so brights bride it takes a long time on your wedding day but who will take longer than you. one person that will take longer. one person that feels more pressure there. >> what is going on there. >> it is not girl we are talking about somebody else. >> i don't like any kind of pressure. >> yeah. >> come on, go with me. >> that is a hint dj. >> ben and jerry's has a new flavor. >> they do. >> more than just a flavor they are taking heat for a cold treat.
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kid friendly brand putting its name on a new craft beer. >> ben and jerry's making a beer now. >> plus this. >> i knew our "good day philadelphia" viewers. twenty minutes ago, i looked autopsy what is that fox flash back friday is trending nationally. >> we need the cow bell, we need it. >> there we go. >> now, what did you say, yes sir contact. >> i know, that is fine. >> okay. >> in philadelphia we are close to the top trending right now. >> i will go and recommit the scene from carry where she puts the blood on her head.
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>> we have the the bucket of blood from the butcher and i found a dress up in karen hepp's desk area. >> we will see if she will do this. >> it will be ruined. >> it will be ruined. >> sometime before 10:00 o'clock. >> keep sending in your pictures. we are enjoying them so much. use that hash tack on the bottom of the screen fox flash back friday. >> we're in the promises on. >> are you together. >> you are all wired. >> we will take a look back at the best prom scene from our favorite movies. >> hoist the fan of pretty in pink. >> i love that movie. >> andrew mccarthey right, molly ringwol d. >> john cryer, who went a few good men. >> two and a half men.
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>> yes. >> you cannot handle the truth. >> how about do you remember the half movie she's all that. >> here it is. >> ♪ >> i saw usher in there. >> look at that. >> i'm not doing that in public. >> yes. >> next up, this scene from mean girl. >> why is everybody stressing with this thing. i mean it is only plastic. really just... >> lindsey. >> and then, of course that was spring fling. we are talking about somebody contacted me on twitter, we have been talking about this
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next one. it is not prom but it is still dances and you get our drift. >> yes. >> now, living in utah they didn't want to have school dances. he went to the school. and then they are having a school dance. >> trying to ban it. >> mayor, girl friend. >> they have a great party. >> i have another idea. >> as my mom used to say, hey mom i have an eye tea. she said well, treat it gently, mike, it is in a strange place. >> that is terrible, so hilarious at the same time. >> my mother. >> how about our own. >> let's recreate that scene from foot looks. >> so during our prom, we will have a prom at the end of the show, we should dance to that. >> we have two things to do before 10:00.
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>> we will do carrie blood and he then we will do foot loose thing. >> it is a wild friday fox flash back friday. >> okay. >> so, we're not only having a flash back friday but a spring fling. >> let's check with quincy and lucy in the tabora cafe. >> we are here. this is most exciting thing. i'm with officer matt right now. >> hello. >> we have go coffee with the cops going and it will start. >> tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. >> 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 and inaugural. >> inaugural coffee with the cop even. hopefully we will do it a few more times. >> great way to meet with the community. can we get a close-up of this george. this is his mug. it really is his mug. >> speaking of coffee let's head over there. we have quincy harris, over here sorry. there is so many people for hash tag fox 29 spring fling. we will make it to the crowd. on this coffee front i love what is going on here.
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>> you are telling me about the special guinness type coffee you guys have here. >> absolutely, backyard beans cold brew. it is brought at room temperature. it is pressure iced with nitrogen. >> it looks like a beer. >> yes. >> can we drink them. >> absolutely. >> there is even a keg under here. >> you have coffee in a keg. >> absolutely. two kind. we have punch in the the face and wild espresso. >> you call it punch in the face. >> who wants to get punch in the face. >> i didn't create the name. >> well, we will some of this. >> it looks like a guinness, coming out. >> yes. >> we offer it with cream sugar or you can add ice cream to it if you'd like. >> like a cough owe float. >> absolutely. >> pretty tasty. >> how many cookies have you gone through so far. >> seventeen. >> sold out of punch in the face, it is popular that we sold out yesterday.
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>> this is really good. >> thank you. >> we have septa workers over here. >> we do,. >> hi guys. >> how are you doing. >> what is your name. >> i'm chris, how are you. >> he works with my good friend alfred jones over there on septa on the railroad division good lucy, we will drink some more coffee. we will go back to you in the stood ohio. >> we're jamming over here. >> i will be in lansdale tonight for five and 6:00 o'clock news at smoke house tavern, we will have barbecue and whiskey. >> that is what i heard. >> i get paid to do this. >> 9:09. wedding can be a huge life changing event but on the day of the nuptials, who is time to shinies something. >> is it really like who will be in the spotlight here. >> well the the bride. >> but sometimes thing happen do you remember this clip from monster in law.
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>> right now or i'll take it off for you. >> don't you tell me what to do. >> you did in the just poke me good don't you touch me you you two bit tramp. >> i never saw this movie. >> you never saw monster in law. >> i even the scene where she puts j lo's face in the cake. >> that is an interesting movie you are not supposed to wear white to the wedding. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> apparently mother of the bride spend more two hours longer choosing their wedding outfit then the bride herself. >> we have found this poll right have of 2,000 mothers and many confess they feel pressure to look really great, standings neck to her daughter getting married. >> so social media photos of celebrity weddings is why moms feel such conscious and they say out doing the other mother.
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>> mother of the dream. >> that is a consideration. >> some moms have to admit they even admit to having in problems wearing white. >> there we go. >> i love that. >> wedding day. >> look at that. >> that is funny. >> it is important . my parents always told me it is pretty much about the parents. they want to say can you invite so and so. >> karen, how did it go in your wedding. you have been married four times. >> my parents have three daughters. my mom has been through this a number of times. there is pressure. you are planning your child's wedding. the moms do want to look good. you are trying to plan and look as good as the other mother-in-law that is there. you have to pick out, i will do blue. do we color coordinator do something different. it is a wedding party is a cream wedding party or white. there is a trend for black and white wedding. then you can wear white, otherwise you shouldn't wear white. >> i suggest blue is a good color that goes over very
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well. >> i have a question for you karen hepp. >> when you go to the wedding, what should the women wear because they say you never want to out shine the bride, right. should you not wear bright colors. >> you should because you are not supposed to wear black. you can't wear white. you have to wear some colors. do you want to look good because for women women dress for other women. they don't dress for men but other women. they are ones that will notice your shoes and hand bag thaw bought that matches and your jewelry and accessories. >> yeah. >> sometimes people do dress for the wedding. some people get to weddings to look for people, to pick up people. >> i met your fiance a at a wednesdaying. >> she was sitting in the pew in front of me at the mask. it was an hour and a half catholic masses. >> you had time to talk in her ear. >> i was just looking at her, she was sitting in front of me, you know what i me. they met at the the first time now sign of peace. >> she turns around and,
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hello. >> you said is what your name. >> what did you say. >> i said see you after communion. >> no, no. >> meet me in the alter, baby. >> peace, peace be with you. standard stuff. >> peace be with you and i want to be with you too. >> that is just not appropriate. >> it is not appropriate it is totally you. >> we met at the reception that night. >> everybody does want to look good. everyone tries to bring it. unless you are in season where all have of your friend are getting married and you have no more dresses and can't be about on the toward do something. otherwise you are trying to bring it and look good. >> she has three sons can you imagine what she's going to be like at her son's wedding. >> she will be jane fonda. >> kaboom. >> in my regular life i'm sweat pants, no make up.
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>> you don't have barken stocks. >> i have crock sandals, that is a mom shoe. >> in an office situation it is not appropriate karen. >> i will change it before bosses come n windows are still dark. >> your boss, i see his little head. >> tom louden. >> you can see it. >> pitch his head. >> no, over, over, over. right there now down, down. >> new get alyssa too. >> i'll send my real tweets. >> push her down. >> fun and games with tv cameras. >> karen will love this. >> i have had an ice cream float in a beer. >> really. >> it was good.
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>> vanilla. >> beer fleet do you think ice cream and beer go together. >> ben and jerry's are hoping your answer is yes. they have partnered with new belgium beer to create this craft beer calling salted carmel browny brown ale. so marketing in the fall. you might be excited but kid worry that kid they think ben and jerry's is ice cream and they will want to be drawn to the beer. >> i didn't even think of that. >> who thought ben and jerry's makes beer. >> did you know that sue. >> new that you mentioned it if it is in the refrigerator with the familiar ben and jerry's logo. >> i want some ice cream. >> usually beer is in the different section. >> if you have it in your refrigerator at home. >> we worry too much about this little stuff. >> the word controversy seems a little will much, that they are making beer. >> i'm not a fan of ben and jerry's ice cream.
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you know where i stop yesterday. >> dairy queen. >> i go, oh, i go in there and i got a cherry sunday. you ever had a cherry sunday at dq good yesterday i went to rita's water ice. >> the water ice. >> yes. >> they came in here they brought in this new flavored chocolate covered strawberries. i have been calling rita's in the area, in one has this flavor. i went up there and ordered strawberry and i pud chips in on it. >> on south street good on south street. >> in one carried it. >> this is our new flavor. >> now that you said it on tv they will. >> they will step up. >> yeah. >> i know her. >> she's cute. >> great recommendation is sue do you want to go back down to lansdale. >> would i love to. >> they are having a blast. >> jen fred and co is there. >> chris o'connell is lucky to be here.
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everyone do a big cheer go chris. >> nice, nice. >> unaudible. >> hey, is what up, buddy. i'll tell you, 475 students strong, we are looking at the polar bears of modern day. this is what lansdale is all about, the family the fun, and we have ryan here. ryan, are you having fun. >> yes, i am what do you like burr school. >> we are polar bears. >> they have got polar bears. >> guys, you have to check out the the cutest little the cutest little pep squad. >> lets see something, guys. >> what is your name, dear. >> elsa. >> your name is elsa like frozen. >> yes good you must be a popular girl. are you on the pep squad can you show me a cheer.
9:18 am
let's go. >> talk about the enthusiasm. >> what a great school good they are so cool. >> let's day matter dei. >> jen fred was one of these girls if you can believe that back in her innocent day. >> boys or girls little guys. >> that is cute. >> who is smarter boys or girls. >> i don't know they are so cute good hey, thanks. >> what was it, torey. >> k through third grade there. >> cheer squad. >> my gosh. >> they are so little will. >> lets get back to this kansas senator, pat roberts out of the great the state of kansas. i mentioned his age only because for a reason he is the sixth oldest senator in office currently. so he was then an agricultural
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conference on than capitol hill and asking questions of the agricultural secretary and his phone goes off in his pants. listen to his ring tone. >> ♪ let it go ♪ >> oh, come on. just let it go,. >> that is only thing you can say after that. i'm sorry about that. >> senator roberts was questioning the agricultural secretary you saw him there. so he says, senator roberts says that he had that on his phone owe he could play it for his granddaughter when she want to hear that. are you buying that. >> yes. >> i think so. >> that is cute, cool. >> we know she's calling. >> all right. describe to me what a cat call is. >> hey girl you are looking good in those jeans. >> yes good walk down the street. >> apparently, they will in the do that any more in philly. bruce, you have found some
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signs. >> we did find some signs, we're in center city. this is what we're talking about, one of the bottom there, message real clear that is out, we are talking bit next on good day. keep pictures coming, pj president in house. >> 1973 prom for flash back friday, and we have linda, husband of three three-year prom 1980. >> this was a good one.
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>> ♪ >> good look. >> it was a group date to the prom there. >> fun one. >> i keep forgetting the name of the store.
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>> fazz. >> it will be opened on saturday good cool store over on third street. >> yes. >> it was here. it is on third street in olde city right around the the corner. >> you got your tuxedo. >> the warehouse where we were trying on the dresses. >> you have to have a special pass for that. >> new street signs popping up that target men who catcalls. i wondered. it happens a loss. does it actually work. men do it so much. >> but if it didn't work, wouldn't we top doing it bruce in this is when we're walking town the street and guys yell out, hey, or whatever. >> hi bruce. >> hello there. i'm not sure it works. i'm not hure it ever work. if it did work i wonder what kind of woman you would be get if you go that kind of thing worked on her. at any rate these signs are popping up around philly and also in new york city. they are brainchild of the couple women's organizations
9:25 am
based one in philadelphia, one in new york. the the idea toys get message out to guys it is not cool to be making comments to women in as they walk down the the the street. we have seen those videos where woman has a camera on her or on her person and facing her and she walks down the street and you hear these guys making crude comments. it is unbelievable stuff. you think it is out of some 1950's movie with the construction workers yelling steph out. it still goes on. these are, of course, unauthorized, unofficial signs. i was in contact the with the philadelphia streets department just this morning, and they tell me exactly what i figure would i hear these are unofficial and unauthorized and private signage like this is not allowed on public thoroughfares. these signs may not stay up very long but message is out there. no catcalling anytime, and end street harassment. this is anti street harassment week. you got that going for you guys. >> well mike do you see that sign, read it and you have to
9:26 am
obey it. no catcalling. >> know it, live it learn it, love end street harassment. >> what would the penalty be, bruce do you know? how do you know if it is a real cat-call. what can you say, is what the threshold. >> as a general rule mike if it is something you are saying to the woman, it is a harassment. that is a general rule. >> thank you, bruce gordon. >> i would say if you were yelling at a woman that you don't know. >> that is a catcall. >> if you don't know her and she's walking by and you yell something at her. >> what was that mr. microphone, do you remember those commercials, hey good looking, come on back. kit cat kline in the control room can you find that. >> it was called and, and,
9:27 am
and and chris o'connell. >> it the is chris. , what is blue, ape white and it is in lansdale. the modern day pol air bears. what other schools, that has ipad, almost every student here has an i pad. >> wow. >> we will bring you back out here. >> fox 29, taking over lansdale
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i can't stand any kind of pressure ♪ ♪
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>> we're having too much fun k we just go bamm to proke -- prom really? >> we have to get this prom organized. while we do that let's get out to lansdale. >> modern day catholic school. >> we have so much stuff planned for you right guys? >> (cheers). >> matt in seventh grade working the audio. so these are my angel biter division cheerleaders we want to see if the pee-wee girls are little better than you. matt fire up the tunes. these are the pee-wee division girls. cheerleaders that are about second and third grade and they rock it. >> (cheers) (music playing).
9:33 am
>> you consolidate in the school? >> yes. >> which schools? >> their names are maria, ann, rose from st. rose of leap, a saint maria goretti, saint stand shaw. >> 475 students here, and it just seems like a family, i guess that's the whole point. >> you know, that's what makes modern day so special. we are a family, we're a school community and a family limit our children are the energetic entheusiastic kids in the whole archdioces of philadelphia. these are guys are pre k3, like four, and five year old and they're inter mink link with eighth graders and like brother and sister? >> they are. that's such wonderful thing. big kids take care of the little kids. just great spirit. >> you just got done a performance, jen, what are we going see now? >> see under the sea. does anyone want to see under the sea? all right so we're going to see this, matt is rocking it, of course if you're going to do little mermaid do you have do under the sea. >> they just got ton this performance i believe this
9:34 am
weekend. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> okay so we found mr. microphone. >> this commercial goes back what to the 70s something like that? speaking -- >> broadcast over any f car radio. >> hey good looking. we'll be back to pick you up later. >> i don't know what that was. >> that wasn't part of the original commercial. i don't know where that tongue thing came from. that was not part of the commercial. >> uh-huh. sure. >> what was that? >> hey, good look, come on back. all right. >> you have a response to a
9:35 am
cat call. >> okay. >> did you see what just pulled up out front? >> food trucks. >> two of them, two of them. >> chow down for great cause. mike, are you hungry? >> i'm going out there. why the best food trucks in town are headed to the link this weekend. >> and crank up that music dj. we want to see your prom pictures this morning. all right we'll check back on the slide show. go there we have a slide show of all of the pictures that you've been sending us, also, great pictures of us that are spring philadelphia there and major celebrity. so what do you have do. go through each one of the pictures couple every surprises in there. see sue serio's prom picture i know you want to see that. go through each one when you find it, tweet us, let us know the picture number, also who you see there. but trust me, it will be good. >> ♪ ♪
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>> a lot of people enjoyed our fire and desire performance. this is mike laying out on the floor. all right janet this is a beautiful photo oh, it is a nice picture, beautiful lovely red dress. so keep your pictures coming. it is fox flashback friday. sends us your prom pictures. use that hashtag fox flashback friday. we have our dj over here, because we're about to have a prom here in the studio. and in just a few moments okay? but first we have to eat a loft people go out to eat. they have dinner before prom. right? well there is sunday will host its first flight market, best food trucks lined up outside with yummy food, for great cause. so outside the studio right now it is line up with food. mike? >> you told the whole story so back to you. >> don't say that.
9:40 am
>> like night market. everybody knows about night market. this is flight market. hi prep charter kids. hang around here. get something to eat okay? look at her gold shoes. wow. south philly in the house. which one is lineate. >> you're lynn. >> the and you're megan. >> high. >> we squeeze together got two trucks here, how many trucks will be out at the linc. >> about 50 trucks. >> wow. >> yes, a lot of food trucks there is sunday, april 19th 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. >> okay all of those truck we just walk around and eat? >> walk around eat food trucks flea markets kid activities, liver music beer wine spirits tent. >> oh my gosh. >> plenty of space. free parking. >> i'm calling this sunday fun day. >> what's the ben fit? >> benefit the food truck non-profit organization that works for healthy food access, philadelphia and beyond.
9:41 am
>> i saw this guy on the food truck wars. >> eric, how are you doing. >> congratulations, you almost made it all the way to the winner of it. >> almost. >> got in the final? >> got all the way to finals, then you know what i mean, typical philly, i guess. >> stop it. >> made it all the way there. >> like the 2001 sixers, right. >> exactly. so zamboni i know what a zamboni, what is a sam bonei. >> too good to be called a sandwich. >> we make chicken cheese steaks philly style food. >> oh let's get down here folks so we can actually see them. oh how is your cheese steak different? >> we hollow the roll out fill the cheese steak. accidentally today our rolls got sliced. >> who did that? >> i'm not going to not make it for you. >> okay. >> somebody sliced all of the bread. we made it for you anyway. >> well, they have to be fired. thanks a lot. >> no problem. >> see you sunday, flock have absolutely. >> oh i know this place. this is brent selleck's truck.
9:42 am
>> hi good to see you. >> hi mike. >> what will you be serving from there? >> so we generally serve off of the truck around burgundy which the signature sandwich we have. it is pulled pork, rose pork, pork belly apple coal shaw on the top and then barbeque sauce on the long roll. >> why do you call it the ron burgundy? >> it is casino of the mustache theme we like to go with that,. >> do you have one made? >> you guys are making them one right now if you want to give us couple of seconds throw it together for you. >> oh sure, weaver all of the time in the worm. i'm just stand here and wait for the sandwich to be made.
9:43 am
>> we do beer festivals festivals, not street vending but we do have brick and mortar second and chestnut. >> brent celek's place. >> i'll bring you the sandwich in whether he gets it done. this is cool. >> where do you buy tickets? >> lincoln financial field encouraging everybody to get their tickets now so they can get right into the event. >> i here you sister. see you sunday. see you. david, see you out there sunday as well lincoln financial field. where ever you are i will be there. >> you seem to be stalking me, yes, david. here it is. >> look at the shaw on that sucker. does that look good, al next. >> oh it looks good. >> who is hungry? the guys of course. you can have that. >> who wouldn't want that sandwich. so good. they're right. get your tickets early. when it comes to food truck
9:44 am
festivals, they're always usually sold out. lot of people. >> time has come, mike will re-enact this scene from kerry. that's right we got fox flashback friday trending. now mike is going to do this. it will be great. but first we got to get to quincy. spring flinging. >> i say hello to robin in lansdale. watching good day. we love you. we love up. we love you. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> too much fun. >> i've just been told i'm in charge of the balloon drop. >> oh that's very big responsibility. >> but i don't know how to do it. >> you can't mess this up. >> what do you pull the white string? >> pull the spring. don't do it now. >> no i don't think i can reach it. >> okay. >> we'll be figuring this out. you can't mess that up. all right? >> so almost prom time. >> let's get back to lansdale, though. >> quincey?
9:48 am
>> having so much fun right now with my new best friends gab re ella. hi gab re ella. >> high. >> do you love the music? >> yes. >> okay. well over here, quincy hate to interrupt the axle roads. >> thank you, lucy, sorry. i guys are amazing rocking with all morning you have an albumn? >> yes, we got music video dropping today. song called doing things right. which is a single. promote the new albumn that's coming out this year. the new albumn called desire forces the flow. >> and i probably could sing? >> course you can, they have auto tune for you. >> that was me. that was me, lucy. that was really me. this one lady has been with us all morning long. >> we love you so much. you watch us all morning. >> from about 3:00 until close to 10:00 after good day is over. >> we thank you. >> thank you. real quick here i want to show you the best t vet shelf
9:49 am
paris milan lansdale. >> whew whew. >> i need one of those. >> you need one of those. >> if i new you were here? >> i want a medium. bring it on in. >> when what color do you want pink or black? >> going pink. >> i can do pink, as well. ya i'm not judging. >> love this at the tabora cafe. you already had 18 cookies. >> eighteen cookies little bit of coffee. >> muffin. >> no. i got the muffin. satellite heart my new favorite bands. >> more good day coming up next. >> ♪ ♪ >> so much fun in lansdale. it doesn't then morning. later tonight for the 5:00 and 6:00 news scott williams and i will be sampling scott williams and mike jerrick will be sampling barbeque and whiskey at the smoke house tavern. while bob kelly, bill anderson will check out belly dances at the international spring festival. and pluses there is going to be movie night at the
9:50 am
fairmount fire company. >> so it will be a lot of fun. okay so we've been talking about this all morning right? we call it the kerry challenge. so mike, we showed you the 1976 clip from the movie kerry. you know the part, prom scene when they drop all of the pigs blood on her. and we told you that if we get fox flashback friday trending nationally, then mike is going to re-do this clip. so first we will show you the original one, from the 1976 movie kerry. >> (movie clip). >> the big moment, everybody gets quiet. here's mike, mike, you ready for this? just take it away. ♪ ♪ ♪ ?roat
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♪ ♪
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>> let's meet our couple. she weather diva with a heart of gold. and he's a jammo loving traffic guy with an odd pension for grilled cheese sandwiches. it is sue and bob. >> ♪ ♪ >> time for the good day 2015 prom. let's meet our couple. she is a weather diva heart of gold. he is a jammo loving traffic
9:56 am
guy. with a odd thing for grilled cheese sandwiches. it is sue and bob. >> and bryn it up the rear, mike she is a feisty dynamo, and one heck of a dancer. and he well, he don't need no introduction all wrist blinking the number one stunner. it is alex and mike. >> and this, chris lauren, right? your intro. >> you look great prom king. >> hi lauren. >> oh i love the skirt. oh my goodness. hi chris. >> oh sue. prom queen. >> here is the thing come into the light t looks better. because i have just one question for you. >> yes? >> i thought this was a party.
9:57 am
>> yeah! >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." wendy has got you covered with today's hottest topics and another wild talk panel takes on this week's biggest headline. wendy gets up close and personal with amazing endangered animals. now here's wendy. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> yeah. welcome. [ cheers and a


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