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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  April 20, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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at 4:00 o'clock we have breaking news student robbed overnight the near temple university overnight. we are live a as police search for those attackers. plus chip kelly making another bold move he business to sign tim tebow fans have strong opinions what they have to say about his return to the nfl. grab your umbrella today we will see serious april showers. it will get heavy at times. of course in time for your morning commute. >> good day everybody, it is monday april 20th, 2015. chris and i both feeling the case of the map blues. >> here's the the deal. thing about football, of course, a lot of people looking straight to that season because phillies will in the impress us much. so when we failed to make playoffs last year, the first thought i had was if we only had tim tebow.
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>> oh, whatever. >> the a safe user of the team. >> another justry. >> i'm sure that was your first thought. i'm sure we will have in depth am cyst of this signing during the program this morning, and you know we're here until ten. between now and 10:00 we will see rain, in fact, worst of it is coming through right now. anywhere you see yellow and dark green is heavy rain. so southern delaware right now, and we're seeing the steadier rape moving into philadelphia a and our immediate suburbs over there in dell will co and in montgomery and chester counties as well. jersey shore yeah you are starting to get that heavier rain right now and southern tip of the cape may county, also known as cape may. 52 degrees is our current temperature. it is windy. we have 18 miles april hour win. eighty-six per event relative humidity. 6:16 is our sunrise time and 72 is our high temperature with the heavier rain in the morning and thunderstorms in the afternoon. we have a warm front and then a cold front. we may even get warmer than 72
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if we get sunshine this afternoon f that happens with that day time heating we could be rocking and rolling with evening thunderstorms. we will break it all down in the the fox future cast coming up but let's say happy monday, really to bob kelly. >> it is a happy monday what are we go to go do we might as well be happy we're here. good morning everybody. road are wet. it will be ayuky morning midday evening rush hours. hopefully maybe you can alter your travel plans a little and move that meeting to tomorrow but if you are heading out the the front door in problems yet the on the schuylkill expressway. if you have that spray kicking up off the cars and trucks in front of you here as you head into downtown center city if ale a. if you come on the vine street expressway that new construction pattern between the schuylkill and broad street, concrete barriers coming in from either side, the lanes are narrower then they were, last week, and there are still three lanes opened but nonetheless it is different this morning. the southbound on i-95 we are
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seeing delays in the work zone between cottman avenue and girard avenue and when it rains it makes it tough to see those lane markers too especially in the work zone. the most likely weather delays will pop up here at philly international the today so if you do have a flight may want to check with your airline before you head down there otherwise coming from south jersey same thing watch out for problems and slow spots in the the work zones. forty-two and 295, they know later today when we get that heavier rain we will see ponding on the roadway and then in the construction zones there is usually where it pops up first. in problems on septa's regional will rail lines this morning, coming in from chester county as sue mentioned starting to get heavier rain out here along charleston malvern as we roll out of downingtown down toward king of prussia. mass transit looking good with no delays. the chris and lauren, back over to you. this one is a shocker for a lot of people. tim tebow expect to sign with our philadelphia eagles sometime today. >> you mentioned shocker. he has in the played for a
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full two seasons and it has been since 2013 but the legions have fans continue to follow this guy. the fox 29's steve keeley is live from the novacare center in south philadelphia and across the stadium. i know it is early but is anyone saying anything at this point. >> reporter: no legions of anything here yet. i get the to be the first clown in the team tebow philadelphia circus. i feel like mick jagger trying to get the the crowd to calm down. remember signed is the april camp does not mean anything close to making the team and playing in games in september and off season headlines do not count in the standing because if they did eagles would be parading down broad street right now. time magazine says, ever since chip kelly a has messed with the mind of football fandome since he got control of the personnel decisions well, he has been lining a crazed chemistry experiment here in philadelphia and now tim tebow is added to the mix and asked
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is kelly trying to blow up the lab. >> he better have some magic up his sleeve because what we got right now is the the last place in our division. >> can't hurt one year see what we can do now we have four quarterbacks. we should use him elsewhere beside quarterback. i don't think he will win that spot the but we will see what happens. >> reporter: you are keeping an open mine bit. >> why not, one year. >> maybe he with do something you are hull for it. >> you heard this news and you thought. >> i was honestly going to cry, iowas so happy, you love him, i can't wait to see him. >> reporter: of course, cried when mike jerjim came back to philly. she cries when big names come to down. espn is showing up soon with as many semis as van halen tour every staffer but brittany mc henry on her way to philly. we have the the draft a week from thursday and more kelly craziness. this could all be a publicity stunt for jon marks and
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anthony gargano starting their morning sports show on the radio. how about that a day one head line to talk about on day one. >> steve, thank you. >> tim tebow is 27 years old. he has in the played for two seasons. >> yes u.s.a. today article said he is bottom of the barrel quarterback for the eagles. >> he still need to learn how to throw and chip kelly want a running quarterback and bradford has the the injury, he is overcoming, so who knows. big daddy graham will be in at 5:45 to talk much more about this but a lot of people scratching their heads what is chip doing. >> we cannot even figure it out, we have to watch and wait. breaking news overnight police investigating an attempted robbery that involves a temple university student. >> jennifer joins is live in north philadelphia with this story, good morning. >> reporter: i talk with temple university spokesperson a short time ago and he did confirm there was an attempted robbery of a temple student around 1:00 this morning in the area of susquehanna an insidema'am street.
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it did happen at 1:00a m when a tu alert went out on twitter, the temple university spokesperson says the student was approached by two men at gunpoint. it does not appear that anything was taken and the student was not hurt. this area is part of the temple university police expanded coverage zone, as of last fall, temple police anal identify barton security began patrolling susquehanna as part of the new initiative to better serve the 13,000 students live honor near campus, it his o'clock on a a monday morning. there is no activity out here right now. we will talk to student once they wake up and learn more about this incident again, a temple university spokesperson says it was an attempted robbery and the student is doing just fine. back to you guys. >> lots of safety concerns surrounding that campus, all right, jennifer, thank you. two teenage girls were struck as they walked across the the the roosevelt boulevard in tyson avenue in the northeast late last night this was not a hit and run. we're told driver went around the the block and returned and is cooperating with police.
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girls injuries are not serious. authorities say a woman has been charge with attempted murder following friday's hit and run that cost the woman her leg. precious coleman is also charged with aggravated assault. police say coleman used her dodge durango to intentionally run over deedee spence a woman she considered a romantic rival. coleman also hit a 37 year old man before speed ago way. spence right leg was later amputated. coleman turn herself into authorities on saturday. love triangle turned violent last night in frankford after a man shot his girl friend's lover just before 7:30 police arrived at a charles street home to find a man with the gunshot wound. authorities say the the boyfriend of the the woman may have walked into them while she was with that other man. >> it was an ongoing projectile that was used. the evidence inside shows thaws. i think he is pretty lucky to be walking and talking. >> investigators say girl friend that lives at that house tries to ice the
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victim's wound before calling police. he was unconscious and alert or i should say conscious and alert when they arrived. we are told the suspect turned himself into detectives. delaware state university will resume its normal operations to day following two shooting this is weekend. three people were shot during a university sanctioned student greek life cook out sat the day. victims are not students and they are expect to be okay. a second shooting, happened at a nearby apartment complex, no one was hurt in that shooting. police continue to i been investigate both shootings. grief counselors will be on hand at saint joost prep to help student cope with the death of the classmate brian gillyard was practicing football saturday when he collapsed and died. he was a freshman from upper darby. st. joes prep administrators say they are saddened by the loss and their condolences go out to his parents and family. 130,000 runners are expect to parities a pate in the boston marathon today. >> race comes a day before convicted bomber dzhokhar
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tsarnaev returns to court for start of the sentencing phase. prosecutors want him sentence todd death for to 20th 13 attack that killed three people in the race and a mit officer. 264 others were hurt. in the wake of the convictions, racers are determine to prove that they are boston strong. security will be very tight for the 119th annual race fences are in position and searches will be conduct by officers patrolling that race route. president barack obama expressedded his condolences to families on the 20th anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing, on sunday. the president paid tribute to the 168 people who died in the april 19th, 1995 a attack. he says while the passage of time will never extinguish the pain of loss the resilience of the american people remains strong. the bombing was the deadliest terrorist attack on u.s. soil until the september 11th attacks six years later in 2001. still ahead hundreds of migrant feared dead after their boat capsizes in the the
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mediterranean, what leaders are calling for to prevent future tragedies. plus an earthquake rocks taiwan's eastern coast. footage from the moments just ahead coming up.
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the late great karen
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carpenter. it is monday, it is raining, how appropriate sue serio. >> yes. >> funny it seems i always wind up here, with you. >> ahh. >> my disembodied voice right now. >> oh, here i am, hi. it is kind of sloppy out there or if you love alliteration as we do, messy monday. that is what we are calling it. here's what we have going on. high pressure from yesterday moved off shore. we have a warm front first followed by a cold front. both will be making their way through the the area today. warm front is, happening right now along with this low pressure system and along with it some heavier downpours, that we're going to take a a look at right now on ultimate doppler radar. you can see where the readies, where the green is, darker green, that is where rain is heavier. we will start off in the city and this looks like a place where we're seeing outside just kind of light rain here in the city so as we move further south this is where we
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have yellow, dark green, kent county delaware, sussex county delaware and then eventually in the jersey shore. north and west of the city lancaster county a has heavier rain and part of the berks county but otherwise, steady rain. you will need your umbrella at some point today. this looks like the the worst of it this morning as we go true the future cast five, six, 7:00 o'clock, possibility of ponding, hydroplaning on the road this morning. you will need extra time to get where you wanting to. by 10:00 o'clock it is starting to ease up a bit. so basically for balance of the show we have first round from the warm front. little break in the action and possibility of the sun coming out, about midday, if that happens, when the the the cold front comes through let's say about six or 7:00 o'clock that could touch off some thunderstorms maybe even later around eight or 9:00 but timing is not exact on this future cast but be prepared for things to get a a little loud, possibly in some areas
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tonight. we have a chilly morning in mount pocono. 39 degrees. forty-seven in allentown and pottstown. here in the city we are at 52 53 in wilmington. fifty-five in dover. that is where they are getting heavier rain. wind will be an issue today. we have easterly wind blowing at a sustained 21 miles an hour in philadelphia. it is that blowing rain, the wind, just a nasty morning. most of us want to stay in bed ape pull covers over our head but we don't have that option. look at the difference between saturday and sunday. friday we got up to seven 46789 we zoom up to 81 degrees on saturday. yesterday with the cloud and cooler air that moved in we only managed 67 which is where we are supposed to be this time of the year. let's talk about the seven take forecast because here's the deal will with that. this will be the the warmest day of the seven day, and then the cold front comes through in the upper 60's tomorrow and then on wednesday and then highs in the the 50's, on
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thursday, friday, and even saturday. so things do cool down quite a bit and we will go to below average temperatures toward end of the week and over the weekend. by sunday the the high will be about 61. you can see bob kelly, it is two out of the ten this morning. >> i guess sat the day was like a preview day. >> yes, typical teaser. >> nothing like that in the rest of the seven day. hopefully you got out and about enjoy the weekend b took work and back to school. road are wet right here near girard avenue. sue mentioned it is ayuky morning rush hour where again you have to give yourself some extra time where you are going this morning. we are definitely having some trouble with the maps there it is not your set at home, adjust the computer system here. north on the freeway watch for delays heading toward i295, bridge lease fine. the mass transit good to go. the chris and lauren back to you. search continues this morning for survivors after a smuggler's ship passed with hundreds of migrant capsized in the mediterranean on
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sunday. >> so far only 28 people have been found alive and as fox's brian yenis tells us this is the the latest in the series of deadly accident involving migrants. >> reporter: major rescue operation is underway in the mediterranean sea after a boat carrying migrant worker capsized off the coast of libya sending hundreds of people into the water. >> the coastguard, you know work this small unit that they have are doing whatever they can to rescue lives going very, very close to libya if necessary. >> reporter: this is just one of several recent tragedies involving migrants heading toward europe hoping to flee poverty and war in african and middle east. matteo since i is calling for a european council meeting to take action. >> we have to stop thinking it is just numbers who have died, people have died, and the idea of have human dignity which our country has is non-negotiable. >> reporter: the president of france said wow like to see more resources dedicated to
4:19 am
fight the crisis. >> more boats, more overflights by planes and much more intense fight against human smuggling. >> reporter: pope francis echoing that event. in st. peters square on sunday. the pontiff making a a plea to the international community to take quick, decisive action to prevent future tragedies. >> there are men and women like us, brothers pursuing a better life, hungry, percent cuted hurt, exploited victims of the war. >> reporter: so far more than 900 people have died in similar accidents including last week when 400 were presumed dead when another boat capsized n new york brian l le n as "fox news". the the a associated press released still images from a video that purports to show isis militant marching ethiopian christians to their death in the 29 minute video hostages are shot or beheaded at is what believed to be a
4:20 am
libyan beach. ethiopia is working to verify authenticity of that video. a tsunami warning has been lifted after a powerful earthquake hits between taiwan and japan. it was centered near the the island the tremors reportedly caused a transformer to explode, resulting in a house fire in the suburb that killed an 84 year-old man and injured another person. people from around the world are flocking to italy, to view the the the cloth some believe was wrapped around jesus when he was removed from the cross. >> the shroud of for inn went on display yesterday. vatican has made in claims of the authenticity but calls it the a simple of jesus suffering. the public can see it the through june 24th public viewings of the cloth were last held in 2010. coming up, picture uses a little ingenuity to get an out but all gets stuck in the glove. the great play, next.
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good morning i'm's howard eskin. eagles are creating another circus after quarterback tim tebow passes his physical today the eagles will sign him to a one year deal.
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fans should understand and social media should calm down, teams always sign extra quarterbacks for camps and tebow does not have a guarantee with his contract of making the eagles. since being cut in training camp two years ago he has in the played football. phillies came up empty again yesterday to washington. steven strawsberg the pitcher for the nationals and ryan howard the non-hitter these days for the phillies hitting .175, two more strike outs yesterday, he has 15 strike outs in 13 games. fifth inning against david buchanan but janssen werth knocks in the second run. nationals score three runs in the fifth. that is all they needed. chase utley did not start but he is zero for his last 18. phillies lose four-one. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. i love this play. you are a baseball by. john lester lost his glove but in the his cool on sunday when
4:25 am
chicago cubs played san diego. >> in the second inning in wrigley field the ball got stuck in the webbing of lester's glove as he tried to toss to his teammate anthony rizzo on first base. he missed. but rizzo caught it with the ball still inside, for the out. >> that is quick thinking it count as an out. >> the the ball is in there. >> the the whole glove. >> that is a good toss. >> i love that rizzo, drops his glove to catch that one. >> watch. >> rizzo was the one who had the quick thinking there. >> both of them. >> absolute thely. >> but rizzo could have just blown it and try to catch the other glove and drop lester's glove and the ball. >> that is cool. the the sound of philadelphia has been torn down to make way for a brand new high rise. >> but the sound created inn iodophilia international records will live on. the jackson's o.j. a's and
4:26 am
teddy pendergrass are a few big names that recorded there at broad and spruce kenny gamble and leon huff. kenny gamble was here just a month or two ago. 40 percent of the memorabilia stored inside was lost in an arson case that was later sold to the local develop her plans to build a 47 story tower that will be condos hotel condos but the block will be forever known as gamble and hough walk. >> we have all this great muse that i can has come out of this building, kenny gamble and leon huff, they created the greatest music in the world. it is equivalent to the betsy ross house, city hall, the pretzel, the the pizza. >> they produced more than 50 gold and platinum record. gamble hopes is what left of the memorabilia will be eventually finding its way in the museum. construction on the tower begins in the fall. 4:26 is the time. coming up a pilot who land aid gyro copper on the capitol building lawn is talking about
4:27 am
this stunt, why he says it was a perfect landing. severe weather hits across parts of the u.s., we will take a look at the the damage after the break.
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good morning. we have breaking news this morning. a temple student held up overnight near campus, now police are looking for two men involve. and have after a great
4:30 am
weekend the weather it will change in a big way. heavy rain already moving in. look at sue's radar. will it clear up this afternoon? she will tell you when we can finally ditch the umbrella. hackers break nothing to your personal devices just by guessing your pass word. >> um-hmm. >> we will look at how they are using hardware you can buy right off a of the shelf to get access tour personal information. all right. good day. it is monday april 20th, 2015. it is funny when it comes to pass words i have noticed people put like four numbers after their name. let's see, 0312, right. >> i'm thinking oh, okay maybe their pass word is march 12th you know what i mean, the month the the day. >> got it. >> it happens all the time. >> what is your birth the day. >> march 12th. >> then you know what i mean. that is a give away the on the pass word. >> i didn't know where you were going with that good hi sue. >> i heard what one of the
4:31 am
most common pass words is 1234, if you do number. >> look at that radar. >> yeah, baby, it is raining. capitol r. we have the heavier rain in delaware chester county lancaster county a few dry slots in gloucester county and camden county but heavy rain coming to you too. you will get some, some portion of the day you will get wet if you go outside. so not real heavy in the philadelphia a at the moment but that heavy rain is on its way and down at the jersey shore around cape may we do see that yellow which indicates heavier downpours. so, yeah, nasty morning, 52 degrees is the temperature in the city. chillier in the suburbs with the 21 miles an hour sustained wind. we have wind driven rain just to make it even nasty. 6:16 is your sunrise time. we don't expect to see sun a at that time. we will get much higher then 72 degrees with the
4:32 am
possibility of some sunshine in between a warm front and a coal front. that is what will touch off some thunderstorms and keep in mind it will be breezy all day long, long with your rain, so nothing like some wind driven rain bob kelly to start your week off. >> yeah. >> good morning everybody. 4:32. pull those covers backup over your head if you can there and stay right where you are. roads are wet. it will be ayuky morning rush hour. live look downtown philadelphia a, copping into the the vine street expressway off of either 95 or the schuylkill. you'll find that new construction pattern there on the vine between broad street and the the schuylkill expressway, as we roll north on the 42 freeway you'll find slower than normal traffic heading toward the the construction zones just keep in mind as rain rolls through we will get ponding and tough to see, lane markers in the construction zones. out here in abington old york and adams avenue an accident, pennsy turnpike they are still
4:33 am
working between quakertown and lansdale but mass transit is looking good. chris and lauren, over to you. breaking news overnight police investigating an attempted robbery that involved a temple university student. >> lets get to fox 29's jennifer joyce live in north philadelphia. it seems like every four to five weeks we hear stories similar to this one jennifer. >> reporter: something that we do not like to be out here reporting on. we are at sideham and susquehanna and this is where police confirmed and temple university spokesperson confirms there was an attempted robbery of a student around 1:00 this morning. that is when a tu a alert went out on twitter. temple university spokesperson says a student was approached by two men at gunpoint. it does not appear that anyone was taken and student was not hurt. this is pennsylvania are the of the temple university police expanded coverage zone. the a as of last fall temple police anal identify barton security began patrolling susquehanna as a better way to serve the the 13,000 students
4:34 am
live honor near campus. so standing here along susquehanna and this is the furthest point north on campus that is patrolled. so this area technically is not patrolled this side street is north of sus question hand a it is right on the fringe but we do know that police patrol right along susquehanna avenue and this is where police say that the a attempted robbery happened. so they are still investigating but what we are hearing right now is the the student was not hurt, chris and lauren. jennifer, i know you are an alum at temple were you aware of this kind of thing around the campus perimeter when you were going here. >> reporter: it has been a problem for decade. but the difference is that now so many more students are living i mean, we were hearing about this expanded coverage zone because 13,000 students living honor near campus and that is a lot more then when i went here ten years ago at graduation. so more students living out in
4:35 am
the neighborhood, so there is you know, always a chance for something to happen and that is why police have have been pro active expanding their zone but still, you know, the the problems persist. >> good perspective. jennifer joyce live for us, thank you. police continue continue on investigate two shooting that happened at delaware state university. three people were shot during a university sanctioned student greek life cook out on saturday. the the victims who are not students are expect to be okay. a second shooting happened in a their by apartment complex. fortunate thely in one was injury. university officials a say classes are in session as scheduled. two teenage girls are hit in the the northeast but police say it was in the a hit and run. this happened just after 10:00 o'clock last night at the tyson and the boulevard. the driver reportedly went around the block and then return to the scene to talk to police. they were not seriously hurt, thank goodness. still to come at 4:35, severe storm leaves a path of destruction across the the south east, we will take a look at some of that damage.
4:36 am
pilot the who landed a gyro copper on the lawn of the u.s. capitol speaks out what he hopes to accomplish and how his wife feels about his stunt. side even ham. side ham.
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you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kill fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, preventing a new infestation. its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is the #1 choice of vets for their pets and yours. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. the vet's #1 choice. we're going to have some more rain today. talk about rain in georgia. georgia is down south right.
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>> yes, where i'm from. >> people across the the south east, so they are assessing the damage following a series of really strong storms that moved through the region over the weekend they had high wind, heavy rain, tornadoes causing widespread problems in alabama aforementioned georgia and florida among all kind of other states in that region. >> fox's kelly wright looks at that destruction. >> i have seen trees falling over but i never would have have thought it would happen to me. >> reporter: clean up and recovery is underway after severe storms sweep across the the south east, strong weather system causing damage in several states. in alabama a confirmed category ef1 tornado touching down. destroying homes, and up rooting trees rural area east of birmingham. one home owner says while he is upset about the the damage to his house he is glad no one was seriously hurt. >> my next step is putting everybody back together, rebuilding as long as my family is okay, this is
4:40 am
material stick things we can always rebuild. >> reporter: florida panhandle is getting hit with strong wind, heavy rain, lightening in the town of east milton lightening striking a home setting a a fire and forcing residents out. family will to have find someplace else to live while damage is being repair. >> i guess it was 8:15 i want to say and boom, i mean kaboom, and so that is how our sunday morning started. >> reporter: in georgia rain leading to slippery conditions on the road, a as well as flash flooding and in some neighborhoods. >> i went outside and notice there had was a lake in the background. >> reporter: while widespread power outage where is reported north of atlanta a. >> i heard two big booms, one transformer going out and then next one. >> reporter: south east isn't out of the woods yet more severe storms are possible there monday while mid-atlantic and east coast are also expecting heavy rain. kelly wright, "fox news". 4:40 is the time.
4:41 am
house arrest for postal worker who landed his gyro copper on the lawn of the u.s. capitol begins today. doug hughes will stay in his home in florida until his next hearing over the weekend. he spoke out about his stunt. he said, his goal was to draw attention to the need for campaign finance reform. well mission accomplished. while a lot have of folks are wondering how he made it owe far into restricted a space, hughes says he landed exactly where he wanted to. >> washington monument is quite a beacon from the air. with that to look at and i knew exactly where i had to turn to make a pass up washington mall and make one inning will will pass up the the mall and took it right up where i inn ten todd land. >> yeah, someone married this man. that with man says that she's proud of her husband and that he acted out of patriotism. coming up bobby brown surprises a crowd with news about his daughter, three
4:42 am
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you're looking the at lauren dawn johnson family. >> i'm just positioned off, and you went up there honoring your uncle. >> my parents met me there. there they are. you see my contacted looks like hugh. >> harry bellefonte. >> he is a stud right. >> your mom has a little glitz. >> sass. >> yes look a at that expression. >> you talk about how i'm always leaving town. >> the best part, sue that she showed me on her phonies in the the still picture, but it is the video of trish, lauren's mom getting down. >> yes. >> never before seen video. >> people will kill me if i show that. >> maybe i'll post it on our social media page. >> that way she will never see it. >> no, she's going to see it. >> i don't want my mother see
4:46 am
something i just put it on social media. she's not into that. anyway, ultimate doppler, tells the the tail of the first round of rain that is coming through as we speak. it is all part of the warm front, you can see, it the gets dry as you go down into virginia, central virginia. we have a few more hours of this, and it will time out just perfectly for the morning rush. we don't see this getting out of here, until about 10:00 o'clock this morning. so heavier rain still down in delaware county new castle county delaware and, southern new jersey, looks like cape may county, wildwood, stone harbor, cape may getting heavy downpours right now which means some ponding and hydroplaning on the roads yuck. to the north and west of us, still lighter rain but do you see all this orange heavy rain moving through. rest of the morning 6:00 o'clock, 7:00 o'clock, we cannot even rule out a then are storm as mike jerrick always says. 8:00 o'clock still raining.
4:47 am
the is there 10:00 o'clock and you see it, head willing toward new york. we will getty break in the afternoon. touring that break we will see daytime heating. could get well in the 70's. the warmer it gets, when cold front comes through later in the evening the the better chance we have of firing up some thunderstorms, some could be strong to severe maybe seven or 8:00 o'clock tonight. it could be a close call for some of those little league games softball games or sock are games that will be happening this evening. we will finally get rid of all of it by 3:00 in the morning so when we're together again for our program the the fox 29 morning news it should be try tomorrow. how much rain? by ten we're already at an inch of rain in philadelphia a more than that to the south of us and when all is said and done we will end up with an inch and a half of rain out of this event, coming in two parts today. 52 degrees right now. forty mount pocono. forty-nine in reading. fifty-seven in dover. 55 degrees in millville. look at our wind, they are at
4:48 am
20 miles an hour. wind coming out of the east, all that moisture off the ocean accompanying the warm front so we have got wind driven rain which makes it, even more nasty. we did have, a wonderful saturday exceeded our expectations, our first 80-degree day of 2015, in fact, we got to 81 but we only made it to 67 yesterday. we will warm up briefly today before that cold front comes through. we're at 68 degrees on tuesday. mid 60's on wednesday. another cold front comes through and we will really cool down for the the rest of the week and the weekend with temperatures in the upper 50's so starting on thursday and going through friday, saturday and sunday. so, phillies have a day off today and then they will start up with a home stand on tuesday. the should be dry tomorrow. as nasty as today is bob kelly is how nice tomorrow looks. >> through go a little pain before the gain. >> um-hmm. >> 4:48.
4:49 am
good morning everybody. wet behind the ears. this is going to be ayuky morning rush hour. looking live at downtown philadelphia a live look at market street from our studios here at fourth and market everything is wet, and fit gets heavy moving through the day and thunder boom their could hit us later, puddle jumping and tough to see the lane markers through construction zones like i-95 between cottman and girard they have those traffic patterns shovels a along the the way. the rain itself is is naturally going to slow us down for a morning rush hour so give yourself some extra time if you can as you step out the front door. buses trains, trolleys, septa still using buses on both subway and market frankford line here on market street until 5:00 o'clock. the there is a crew working on the northeast extension between quakertown and lansdale and with the weather that is on the way today we're more likely going to see delays at philly
4:50 am
international. if you have a flight schedule in or out of philadelphia or dropping someone off or picking them up, i will check on the airline because i'll bet you a two jelly doughnut delay most likely a at philly international later today. chris and lauren, back to you. some 5 million devices cars, refrigerators, watches are hook up to the internet right now ape most of them have serious security flaws. >> fox business network lauren simonetti says a strong pass ward can your best protection. >> reporter: this is first time you have been seeing this device to get your pass word called a crack box. a security expert that trust wave showed it exclusively to us. >> it is average hardware you can buy off the the shelf. >> reporter: i put gary to the test up gave him two old pass word that i used to use, blue 132 and summer capitol s2014 exclamation point. i thought they were good. how licensing dit take to you crack them.
4:51 am
>> under five seconds. >> yes you ran my two real pass word through crack box and seconds later there they are,. >> sure. >> i pass word that is probably over ten characters in length has a good combination of letters, numbers, these are all pass word that we're crack right here real time. >> you can crack a six character pass word in 62nd and four additional character ten characters takes you five and a half years. >> yes. should we be rethinking or bio metric pass words. my fingerprint is my pass word isn't that a good thing. >> it is a good thing, however, it is mow difficult to adopt because a pass word you don't need special hardware for it. >> as you have been working with companies, josh, you have found time and time again that individual pass word is key to the security to the entire organization. >> that is right, a third of the occasions we are brought the in to investigate sign are crime it is one pass word that
4:52 am
allowed to us break into the the whole company. >> whole company. >> reporter: that one worker had a poor pass war. >> yes. >> reporter: you are a a hacker you know what these bad guys are doing and how they do it. >> we see them break nothing to business all the time. we find it very easy to get in an organization and take owner ship of their data a you should take it up a inch when you think about critical infrastructure. can i shut down power grid in the northern you had. it makes you worry when you see these new card with wifi on board where you can have wireless connection on the board. can the car next to you connect tour car walking around with the pacemaker or something that helps control electronicness your brain because you have an illness f someone can throw that off they might make your heart pop or make you faint or really they might be able to kill you. >> lauren simonetti reporting there. 4:52. still ahead. three months after bobby christine brown was found unresponsive her father is sharing good news about her condition. what he told fans over the
4:53 am
week bend her recovery.
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:55 on this monday. it is soggy, wet, nasty and
4:56 am
guess what there is more to come. >> heavy rain speculate tore day. sue will that have in a minute. first at 4:55 nearly three months after bobbi kristina brown was found face down in the bathtub her father bobby brown, told a crowd at a concert that she is now awake. >> in the video from a saturday concert in texas brown also says that bobbi kristina is watching me, bobbi kristina is currently at an undisclosed location after she was released from an atlanta hospital last month. further details about her current condition are unclear at this time. bobbi kristina was found unresponsive back on january 31st that would be a miraculous recovery. we will cross our fingers of course. coming up, dramatic scene caught on police dash cam camera, why the officers who made this rescue had seconds to spare. thousands are taking to the streets for boston for today's marathon just two years after that deadly blast. how officials plan to keep everyone safe.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
we're fog a developing story a student robbed at gunpoint overnight near temple university campus. we are live as police search for the the attacker. plus chip kelly makes another bold move how about tim tebow time and fans have strong opinions about this we will talk to big daddy graham at this hour. grab your umbrella today
5:00 am
we are getting serious april showers. it could make for a tough morning commute. >> rainy days and monday always get the me done on this monday april 20th 2015, thanks for being with us. >> it is monday and i feel like it is monday. >> a little case of the monday blues sue serio. >> the weather will not help you today. we will not a assist you at all as a matter of fact. you may be motivate todd stay in bed with this two out of ten in your weather by the numbers. ultimate doppler really tells the tail of dark green and the yellow and then red where we have, the the heavier rain, in lancaster county chester county, salem, cumberland counties, all of delaware and new we will see darker green moving in the city. you saw, out our camera right outside our door that the rain is not only getting heavier but it is kind of, sideways rain because of the wind. so yeah, it is wind driven rain, just nasty hold on to
5:01 am
the steer


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