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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 20, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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bad but this is good. plus, here's a touching moment taylor swift gets a big honor at the academy of country music award last night, she got all choked up. special moment. and what parents did after they posted about the band. >> name of the restaurant is lobster pound. >> lobster by the the pound. >> and more. >> oh, and more. >> can't forget and more part. >> drawn butter. hundreds, i mean, hundreds, i mean thousands nationally flocked target stores, that was yesterday, wasn't it? main event was yesterday. so target says its web site was deliberately slowed down by them because of the heavy traffic. they didn't want the the whole thing to crash. the it came close. people were clamoring for lily pulitzer clothing new sold at target. >> people were rushing in. customers they had long lines
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and then they had to run in and snag all of the limited collection before everything sold out, which it did in just minutes, okay. so closer to home in quakertown people lined the the store before it opened. look at this line here, this picture, hoping to get their hand on something with lily bull itser. >> what is it about these clothes that is so cool? what do you think. >> they have a lot of prints. it is very colorful pink, green, light purple and blue. summer is here. spring. it is bright and chief i. >> you know who wears a lot of bright colors, jen fred, i bet you tried to get in the target. >> of course, i went to the city line ave1. i got there at two of 8:00, so 7:58. the line down the block, right, so i walk in, just like how bad can it be. i walk in guys, it was like supermarket sweeps. thorough throwing stuff in the carts, in the looking at any of the sizes right. so that was in the women's
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dep. i went over to the kid department. i have landry. >> your size. >> and i fit in the extra large kid, yes, hello, and that was a little more -- it was the same thing who many a kidding. i was looking at sizes because i need extra large for mommy and extra small for landry. then i went back over to the women in's department just to see. there is a woman walking out guys. she has two flat carts of the towels. i'm grabbing a towel. people are grabbing towels. i grab the towels. get to the women's department. is there nothing there. there is nothing left in the women's department. mike and alex, this is what were happening. women were in the changing areas with the big carts they were trying the stuff on and then they were racks outside. there was four or five women sitting outside forecast offs, which is good. obviously, there was a great home section of stuff. i didn't get any of have that stuff. i brought home a couple things
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that i got, including those two towels. i looked at two towels they were 25 bucks each. but they weren't thick. so those are going back. other couple things i got for landry she says i'm not even trying on. what a lot of my friend are doing now because they are waiting. you have to return items within 14 days. so in the next week, next two weeks you go back to target, the stuff that people are returning will be there. some have of it was very moderately priced. >> let's bring up the when site. what are people attracted to. >> we like it because it is super fancy some women don't feel it is sophisticated. it is sobriety and prep i that some friend won't wear it saying it is unsophisticated. here's's theme on facebook and i told alex bit. there was a a lot of women. you look at lily pulitzer a sun dress is between 150, $300. these things at target were between 12 and $32.
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some fancy pants would machine on their facebook feed i'm in the buying will friday target. the it diminishes the brand. now it is accessible. exactly. give me a break. some of my cutest clothes i have a neiman marcus for target thing i got it. >> i saw you wear that. >> i get a ton of compliments and i got that at target it was black friday, it sound like with all of the madness. >> so lets check in and see what is happening in the store right now. this is south philadelphia's famous target store. that is where lauren is. >> reporter: i wanterd inside and just looking around. i looked lost. somebody said what are you looking for. i spy lily. they say no, it is a all gone out of the store. as jen said long lines, it is all gone. you have to wait for people to return the things. do you think target made everyone mad. they apologized on twitter. we know you are frustrated
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we're sorry. we appreciate your patients. as you were saying in the introduction they slowed down the web site and they got it back going and then it crash. people could not boost things. they were up all night waiting for it. you will not be that mad at target and not shop here you cannot get that stuff anymore because it is limited sale. unless jen's cast offs don't fit and she brings your stuff back but what do you do. >> you wait for the next special that target will have, they have had messoni, neiman marcus and lily pull either. >> my goodness. >> bad pr for them but no one will in the come to target right? >> yes. >> we talk about target this morning. even if you go there -- >> reporter: i have to tell you guys the the fitting room in there is a nightmare. total disaster. there are carts at a least six or seven with things piled up. it is not lily. you can tell people were just pulling stuff off of the
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shelves. this looks like a nightmare for everyone who has to clean up. >> if you make a trip to target you will want to buy something. >> i cannot leave target without buying something. >> did they not let you win, are they letting camera in. >> reporter: they let me in. camera is a different issue. we have to talk to our pr people. this rain is gross. >> it is gross. >> yes. >> okay lj. >> did i ever tell you you, that i have a granddaughter. >> i love how you start off your granddaughter store business that line. >> she will be four years old on may the third can you believe it. so guess where i took her? the police touch museum? here she could not decide what to wear in my bedroom so she threw all of her stuff out. we were behind the art new seem. never mind. so my daughter had to put together a 500 piece set and
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she got it done. i said is that an elsa carriage? teddy goes that is sin rel a. >> she didn't want to shop at the police touch grocery store she wanted to be in charge of the cashier. >> was that her first time going to the please touch museum. >> she went when she was one four years of age is the perfect age to go to that museum. >> put your hand on everything. >> like a dorky thought it closed at 6:00. we go the there at 4:30. i watch your show all the time. you know it closes in 30 minutes. >> you can just go on n we run around for 30 minutes. we go outside and teddy goes, why didn't we go in there earlier. i a had in answer for her. >> did you feel guilty. >> i said because your grandfather is an idiot. >> no, you planned that, you knew what you were doing. >> well a little bit.
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>> lets go right before closing so i don't do this all day. >> she was so hungry as w- were waeking down kelly drive. she threw a fit. she wanted chicken mcnuggets from mcdonald's. i was walking, back to uber and ran into two female philadelphia cops. they were on a bike ride. they go i need two they work in the ninth district. need a mcdonald's and i need it now. she said listen to this i know is there a mcdonald's in the please touch museum. i said two bird with one stone. >> yes. >> there is a mcdonald's in the please touch museum. we don't to have make two stops. lets go to the museum. we go in there it is a make mcdonald's. >> it is fake. >> they just have the sign. >> yes. >> it is just a fake mcdonald's this played a trick on you. >> so she's making up rubber
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pieces of cheese. >> i just want to eat. >> it is fake mcdonald's. >> she had a plastic burger. >> then we stopped at tenth and market mack mack. >> all this happened between 4:30 and 6:00. >> yes. >> exhaust continuing. >> i'm sure she enjoyed the weekend. >> i'm so sad because they have to leave to day. >> what does call i. >> poppa mike. >> i wish she could have come in. >> but my daughter guess case a saint. she put that carriage together over a two day period. >> did you buy the carriage. >> no, her poppa, her dad bought it to keep her busy. so, you bought this? you are not putting this together. so all this. >> did you help, mike. >> i can't help i cannot even see it. >> you had a great event yesterday afternoon.
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>> yes, i got to host wine, women and shoes in east norriton yesterday have afternoon. benefiting alzheimer's association delaware valley chapter. this is a second annual event. what more could you ask for wine women , shopping. >> heels, shoes. >> look who was there brandon boykin, one of the shoe guys helping to put on a event and pass out goody bags. >> he is handsome. >> that was an auction item. >> she's adorable. >> they are a gorgeous couple. >> but you have to wear purple for alzheimer's awareness. >> you look good there would men. >> thank you. >> but i like the yellow dress better. >> really. >> they convinced me to walk in the fashion show. so nervous i thought i was going to fall but i made it through. it was a great event. still waiting to get the total for how much we raised. i didn't know 23rd of americans with alzheimer's disease are women. so great to see so many women coming together for such a great cause. it was a great time. if you missed out you should
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do it. >> what did you do friday. >> i rested because i was tired. >> what did you do sat the day night. >> i rested. >> rested some more. >> i had to get ready for the event, so i had to make sure i was chilling out. >> well, is there a restaurant up in canada, they are apologizing, for banning screaming children. what do you think about that. >> this comes after backlash. chris murphy why are they backtracking now. >> it is called lobster pound in nova scotia. they are under fire after issuing that ban. parents posted one star reviews to the restaurant. it received real hate messages. the owner reconsidered the policy after such a strong response. it says effective as of right now we will in the allow small screaming children. we are an adult theme restaurant that caters to those who enjoy food and are out to enjoy themselves.
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we understand -- it has been pulled down. the the owner says richard more says first my apologize for my previous post. i chose a wrong word for message i didn't want. i have love kid and would have them if i could. i shouldn't have have used the word screaming. >> no. >> so this might be an example of what you said it is all about how you say it, right. >> if we could, kit cat kline could you put up the original message from the guy. what he could have done. >> yes. >> is not just don't use the first sentence and start with, we are an adult theme restaurant and let parents decide that sound like a place that is not for kid. >> there you go. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> having had kid and especially now that you had your grand child here for the the weekend. >> yes. >> when you go out save up your monday and you have little kid, you leave behind
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and pay 15 bucks for baby-sitter, sometimes last thing you want is a bunch of kid. >> saturday night i took teddy and her mom and dad to the garden, which is an up scale restaurant. >> put it up again. >> get rid of the first sentence, started with we are an adult theme restaurant wouldn't that be good enough. >> probably. >> you get the the message from that. >> get rid of the screaming kid. >> you should be their pr persony can live in nova scotia. >> most of the audience would. >> we are at the garden outside, it was 118 degrees, probably 11:00 o'clock at night. teddy was getting tired. she starts acting up. >> please. >> we scooped her up and getting her out of there. i was getting the looks. >> you don't enjoy yourself when you know your kiddies ruining it for everyone else. >> that is true. >> when their kid run around, and screaming in restaurants
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all around different tables. >> that is just in the right. >> thank you chris murphy. here's one sue serio. >> yes, when our daughter was little, three of us would go out to dinner but end up being a at restaurant one at a time because one was alms out taking her for a walk. lets get to the seven day forecast. we have 75 degrees. believe it or not we will have a brief period of sunshine in the middle of the day and thunderstorms later this afternoon. sunny and breezy tomorrow, nice day, nine out of the ten, 68 degrees. sixty-six on wednesday. another cold front comes through. we have temperatures only in the 50's during the the day thursday, friday, and sat day. will be good looking but cooler then it has been, keep that in mine planning out your week. good thing we weren't get this rain yesterday because it was beautiful for dash for oregon donor awareness. it is for organ and tissue donor awareness.
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we had chris murphy out there, doctor mike, jenny joyce whom you will see moments from now. chris o'connell was there bill anderson came bias well after fox 29 weekend. look at this, everybody was so happy. more than 400 teams in the walk. they also had a five. can and 10k run and a kid run. they had a little something for everybody. more people than last year. 12,000 people showed up and it was amaze to go hear stories of folks, who were living donors who donated organs. folks who received organs and those who were walking in memory of their friend and family who had donated organs as well. it was just a beautiful day. we had a great time. fox 29 media sponsor for this event. there is charlie's legacy. we met folks from that team as well. weren't they great shirts. >> yes. >> 12,000 people perfect day. great event. for this you've got to try
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this today we are joined by some of the friend from the main line and community right around the main line. it is their big restaurant week. >> not just main line, ambler as well. so everyone can go out to these restaurants. so joining us now we have michael dough minute co chef and owner of 30 restaurant. >> yes. >> hi, guys. >> where is that. >> arugul a. >> we are right in plymouth meeting. >> yes, and your place. >> thirty main berwyn, lancaster avenue. >> okay. it starts today. it is happening for lunch. >> lunch and dinner. >> until when. >> until sunday. >> full week. >> full week. >> we are offering two course lunch menu for $15, three-quarters dinner menu for $30, at both location is 15 and 30.
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>> that is correct. >> and how many restaurants are participating. >> i think there are 15. >> fifteen. >> yeah 15. >> where do you get the wrist. >> around the main >> around the main >> what group did you bring in >> today, we both italian restaurant. italian dishes here. this is orikita. >> i went to high school with her. >> it is spicy and sausage. >> okay. >> shaved parmesan and truffle oil what do you call those pastas, ears. >> ears. >> yes. >> what is that,. >> that is tomatoes and cucumber, and onion. >> what is on the topped there
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>> dried ricotta. >> what is that rice. >> no, it is who what? farrow. >> i have had farrow. >> mia. >> over here. >> i love chick peas, tell me about this dish. >> grilled pork chops and our chick pea vinaigrette with asparagus. one of our spring dishes. we let everybody try it during restaurant week. >> that is humus trio. the roasted red pepper lentil and chickpeas well along with the vegetable chips which makes a nice healthy happy hour. >> what did you do, go to every chick pea store. >> yes. >> everyone is about chick peas right now. >> big fan. >> three different flavors of hum us. >> it looks good. >> have a blast, today through sunday. >> absolutely. >> good to see you my man. >> thanks. >> come on over. >> we will there been. >> we have a touching moment.
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we will play this thing out for you. it happened last night at the academy of country music award. that taylor swift, that is her mom. do you want to hear what the mom said. >> i do. >> would you line to see them both cry. >> i don't know if i want toe them cry it is no the sad. >> touching moment. >> sure is. >> is that all we have for that tease? pretty. is that it. okay.
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all right. 9:22. we are getting reports into us now we have flooding all into the the area and in the
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surprising will you. entrance to i-95 southbound right here by market street, just down the block from our tv station here. it is almost getting too high to go through. so that is the tunnel. i-95, it is getting flooded. >> that is not good. >> it hasn't let up, at all a. so be careful. >> it is coming down. >> maybe ten minutes ago, that was shot. >> lets get back to taylor swift. >> we have word that she has accepted 50th annual milestone award. >> every time. >> fire truck. >> flashing lights. >> fire truck drove by that direction so they he could go down there to block it off at that point. that was an ambulance. yes, there was a fire truck that went by about a minute ago. >> okay. >> taylor swift, this is a serious situation out there. >> fiftieth anniversary milestone award and academy of country music asked her mother who just came out diagnosed with cans tore present the
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award to taylor. she got emotional. >> this is mom i. >> would i like to thank acm's honoring her this way but would i like to thank the entire music community for taking such good care of her. and to the fans i know, i know you love her as i love her and for that i thank you, eternally. and so, it is my pleasure, my pride, and my joy to introduce my daughter, taylor swift. >> you truly see who a person is when you give them news that you weren't expecting. when i told you made a pop album and explore other areas you showed me who you are with the grace, and you accepted that with. i will never forget it. i'm so happy i'm so happy
9:25 am
that i learned to write songs in towns like nashville. >> what a moment, um. >> yeah. >> but she also brought her father to the show. >> yeah. >> it wasn't just a momma and girl event. >> good evening, america. >> i think miranda lambert was there. >> yes. >> she won the most good four award total including female artist of the the year for a section consecutive time. luke brian co hosted won entertainer of the year. new artist went to coal. guard brooks would the crowd and applause all the way around for brooks and dunn. >> they were on our show six months ago on this great she call good day philadelphia is that what it is call. >> yes, it is good would you date a guy name coal swindle. >> i don't know. >> i don't know if i can do it. >> have you met the swindles. alex swindle. she will double cross you have
9:26 am
single will time. >> it has been a few hours. there should be another country award show around noon, right. >> there is a lot to celebrate, when it comes to country. all right. would this be bob kelly, that i'm tossing too. >> we are starting breakfast with bob. >> that starts today good let's eat. >> let's eat. what do you get when you put together a food segment and traffic guy, only one thing the trolley car diner here in germantown avenue, we will take you behind the scenes and the history of this famous diner when we come right back.
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you forgot the milk! that's lactaid®. right. 100% real milk
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just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort.
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>> breakfast, the first edition of this, right? we do it every monday. >> i think so. >> nice. >> and we are beginning now. >> he likes to interview, he likes to eat, i don't know how i keeps the weight down, but he does. what's the first stop. >> trolley car diner in mount air. >> i love this place. >> oh, it is cute. >> so bob kelly is there now for our first official, breakfast with bob. >> hey bob? >> good morning gang. our area famous for the little towns. >> every neighborhood has the one spot where it all begins every morning. folks get together for breakfast they get together for coffee. the trolley and the l drivers begin their trip here. even state reps, say hello, dwight evans here this morning, how are you buddy? >> good morning to you all. brace bob for breakfast. >> the trolley car here on germantown avenue, been here for young and whenever you go up and down germantown avenue here you see the trolley
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tracks you have to stop. little bit of tour, grown up over the years not just for breakfast, they also have the adult beverages in here now. they have the ice cream. come on, follow me along the way, they have all of the different pictures and the history behind this famous morning spot here, in mt. airy just off of chestnut hill. we come out to the front which was the original part of the dining area here, and with me the owner of the trolley car, ken, good morning. >> good morning. >> first, take a lock at the particular pure here, tell us little bit about this one leer. >> this is the site of trolley car diner in 1924. it was a quarry, they used to get out of the site. >> so you actually built the diner right on this spot here? and then talk about the trolley car. how this comes into play. check this out. >> the trolley car came to us about ten years ago derelict septa trolley car, we shipped
9:32 am
it out to pittsburgh, where it was fully restored, and put on site as our ice cream shop. >> trolley car right out front here, and you probably were packed over the weekend? oh yes it is definitely weather-related, and lot of people come in when the weather is nice. >> now philadelphia tell me, we have famous items on the menu here, i'm sure, right? what do we have for us? >> homemade corned beef hash. this is everybody's favorite here at charlie car diner with hash browns, and two sunnyside up eggs. >> and then we have our very famous milkshakes. people love this. >> now you have an adult version of the milk shake? >> oh ya there is some special liquors in the adult milk shake. >> so that's your nighttime activity then i guess right? so you have the kids next-door at the trolley car and then mommy and daddy come over here for little adult ice cream? >> you would be surprised not just nighttime. >> really? >> oh, ya.
9:33 am
>> some reporters have been here during the day -- >> not me. >> not you bob. >> oh, coffee coffee. so scrap snell. >> what i had for breakfast, breakfast burito with scrapple. >> philly famous scrap. >> i absolutely. >> how about famous folks that have come through here? >> what's funny looking at scrapple because eight years ago, senator ted kennedy came to trolley car diner to campaign for barack obama and what did he have? he had scrapple. >> wow. >> yes. >> serving up famous dishes. >> oh, ya. >> ken, thank you so much for insiting us out. again, from a famous spot in your town, or your neighborhood you would like us to visit with our breakfast with bob segment shoot us an e-mail. go to our website and we would love to come to your town and sample all of the good eason monday morning mike back to you in the studio. >> by the way the guy the country western singer, look i got to put these glasses on.
9:34 am
>> look at that, you got the bling bling. leave it on, trying to get a good look. >> now, turn to the side. turn to the front. >> look at the side. those are mike's glasses. >> came in 5:30, forgot my glasses i had to go down to 7-eleven. i think a lie. really he wanted these glasses.
9:35 am
>> oh my good knows! >> the guy up in minnesota, a mom minnesota mom sends out invitations for her daughter's tenth birthday party. guess what? nobody would go to the birthday party. >> so what do you do? go to the internet, okay? that way you get some guests to give her she was special -- >> i know! >> a day that she would never forget. >> posted to few websites, hundreds every people turned up decorations food, entertainment and presents. look at this. >> wow. the now ten year old has soto syndrome. disorder marked by enlarged skull to experienced developmental delays and speech problems, make it hard for her to socialize. but so excited she grabbed a microphone, and she addressed the crowd. listen! >> but thanks to our view, my
9:36 am
voice was heard ... >> chances are i won't say hello to everybody here today. thank you all for coming. >> but when all is said and done i cannot thank you enough for being here ... >> that's nice, man so, they put together a go fund me page in her honor. generated over $3,000, after expenses have paid, the group says the rest of the money will be used to organize parties for kids in similar situations around the country. >> way to go, mackenzie. and mom. >> and it is great to see the community come together to support her okay we'll show her. >> the mayor also got involved, too. little bitty town. trying to figure out the name of it again. let me look. >> shackapea, minnisota isn't that cooing? -- cool?
9:37 am
>> and her own day mackenzie day. >> yes darren from up in that area. >> oh okay, nice. >> 9:37. >> all right let's check in with jenny joyce. you know going to the second week of philly tech week. i think we see robots. >> yes, alex, mike, everything coming up robots here in west philadelphia at university of pennsylvania coming up we will talk about the latest and greatest robotic technology here for the philly robotic expo. we'll be right back.
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>> children of all ages are invited to attend various workshops, the expo part of philly tech week. so jeannie joyce at the expo
9:41 am
now. you will show us some robots, jenny? >> yes, alex, mike, you no zero know what i'm learning pretty fast? these high schoolers are way smarter than i and learning all about these robots here. let's take a look, one robot that was put together by lansdale catholic. and actually, we start with you. can you explain what we're taking a look at here? >> this is just -- this is robot for our game, that was for our team, and for this season's efforts we have to start as many as possible and then put it in the recycling bin, put the recycling bin on top of what we already put on the board. >> so this row both is re moth controlled? that is what we are watching take place over here? >> yes. >> how did you come up with such a concoction? >> oh we saw the game, we saw, like, how they kind of
9:42 am
demonstrated like they have rough design of the robots and we have our own rough design so let's go with the conveyor belt we use conveyor belts, that's a simple design, already works well, so, yes. >> thanks and thomas, you're actually one of the organizers of this event. and you also, go to central high school. and you are leaving tomorrow, for the world competition. >> that's very, very exciting. can you talk a little bit about that? you also said that this is bringing science and technology together? >> gentlemen, we will be leaving for world going to st. louis tomorrow, on a 17-hour bus ride, with a bunch of high schoolers and couple of adults. so that will be fun. we're excited to see st. louis, excited to visit the arts. >> and compete with all of the robots. >> and excitement today compete with all of the robots like all of the world class teams in the world. >> yes. >> so today it is open to the
9:43 am
public. people can stop in see these robots for the philadelphia robot expo. >> yes. >> and this is also the philadelphia robotics expo, it is run by the row bo lancers from central high school and u pendergress lab. and they're generous enough to provide us with the space and all of the materials we need to run this expo. so we're at the technology building if anyone wants to visit our exhibitor hall, open to the public. >> awesome. so we're here on penn's campus. these are elementary schoolers, high schoolers, have these robots throughout this building also going to be would be shops. if you want to stop in, a lot of schools will be coming here just to gather look at this technology. mike al next. >> kinds of cool. 9:42, we will come back, i'll show you my cup. >> we are going to jen. >> oh? >> with the fanatic. talking football and tim tebow. >> reporter: talking about violations you know this, mike alex that anthony has
9:44 am
his violations, would tim tebow looking so sexy are we allowed to say a guy looks hot when he is playing football? is that a violation? we'll come right back. 97.5 the phanatic, new morning show.
9:45 am
9:46 am
anthony gargano on sports radio for years, in philly, has these kings called violations. is it okay to go to the stadium, the linc, of. if tim tebow is playing, mark sanchez, guys those guys are
9:47 am
really hot. >> for a guy to say it? >> is it okay for a guy or for a gal? >> that's not the point of sports. that's why you might and violate or. >> new show, 97-point, a the phanatic. maureen is part of the show, good morning. so were you here when the cuz came up with this, right? so we have to begin with the obvious. when it is tebow time, we have to talk about. >> this the first one you say that's a definite violation, you say you can't say a player is cute. no grown man wants to hear his woman say that. >> no that's a violation. i don't want to watch oh, look how cute he is. >> come on, even when it comes to tebow. >> violation. >> even when it comes to tebow? >> i disagree. >> don't bring up nonsense ie don't nag me woman. >> i don't want to hear anything i have to do. i don't want to hear about anything. >> how about you on google, twitter, by the way so-and-so got traded. >> that's nonsense. >> violation on you guys, don't nag me. >> all right. three, don't theme it out. i agree with. >> this i don't want your
9:48 am
eagles cookies or your cupcakes. >> i had a guy tell me his girl made him eagles themed cookies for the guys, and he's been mock ever since. so you can't girl it out. >> as a lady i agree. >> i completely agree. >> we agree okay. >> cool checks right here. >> i guy with this, too don't go over boards with x and o should not have diagram with plays. >> last thing i want you to talk about is the a gap you what guys are doing no, no, no. leave that alone. >> okay but i also don't want you guys thinking you know more than chip kelly. is that fair? >> yes, actually, it is fair. >> because i don't want you telling about the chicken wing maneuver walk over home, i don't want you doing it. >> walk off homerun. >> walk off homerun. i don't want like, you know, like the hail mary or any that far prediction you're right. i agree. >> steve frederick like i think he's going to blah blah. this is hilarious no hanky panky during the game. >> no. women weak in legs you. >> mean to tell me that if i
9:49 am
like come in maybe from outside, in shorts, you're not going to -- >> no it is the game, game, eagles game. phillies game, yes. eagles game, no. >> use that back and i say i'm busy when you are coming at me because there are plenty of times -- >> how many times do you have a headache? >> that's what i am saying. i'm going use that. >> well, so you can't -- during the game then, i got to be strong. all right? so if it is football, no if it is baseball, yes. >> oh! really? >> yes. >> because there is more time in baseball? >> playoffs no. >> okay. now, i will say this: we've had fun, 97.5 the phanatic, six to 10:00 a.m. harassing the you know what of you guys out of the morning. >> thank you. >> back to you. >> is that maureen? >> that's maureen. >> hi, maureen. >> you got to go mo. >> matt why does he have to hide? you know our boss always hides? he is a hide err too. >> he's the boss of the show, and i have to say cuz he looks like stressed out for
9:50 am
five seconds then he is laughing. >> then happen. >> i then biting his nails because again it is the first day. >> he ran away. where did he go? he ran away. >> he's afraid of me. don't be afraid of me. oh there he is! >> and then there was silence. >> oh they left oh, okay. >> did you guys see in the paper today? we do have the paper mike. >> the daily news the gossip column. >> yes. >> basically. >> on friday we had down, right there. >> there go. >> we had our fox flashback friday prom. and look at those dancers chris murphy, look at mike back here. >> not sure what i am doing right there. >> so much fun. a loft people tweet being it, you sent in your prom pictures. let's do something else, okay? how can we top -- >> i know something tomorrow. sue told me it is national kindergarten day. >> that's t okay, so sends us pictures of you in kindergarten right? fox 29 goodday. >> i have an idea. >> what? >> let's turn the lake back here what we call the big
9:51 am
area in the back, into a little kindergarten we all like we're kinder garden kids. >> ya? >> we need kindergarten teacher. do you real teach kindergartner come in. >> oh, that would be great. nap time, kindergarten lunch like chicken nuggets let's do it. >> and also, i think a lot of us we're going to have pictures of just kindergarten. we have to do that. >> okay. i put this little cup out. bob's cup. about two hours ago in the pouring rain. it is about let's get it, can you get a shot of it? covered in rain water. >> we can't see it. >> there we go. >> ah, see all of the little raindrops? >> raindrops are falling on my cup ♪ ♪ >> from nina's. i thought it was over to would overflow? >> yes? >> there it is, it is about half full. >> oh? well -- >> not half full. >> all in how you look at it, mike. not half empty. it is half full. >> i'm looking straight down into it. >> i'm with you.
9:52 am
>> we haven't talked about the cards ash yan's yet fcc violation if we don't speak of them at least once a show. >> so, apparently a policemen of the cards ash yan clan keep up with bruce's big announce. high kylie jen is her keeping up with the news. his special will air this week. >> interview is the 24th. oh yes oh boy. >> starting with good day at every newscast throughout the day. we are taking over town near you. >> join us this friday in mullica hill, new jersey.
9:53 am
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>> that david beckham guy married to posh spice. >> yes victoria beck up. >> that's right. i'm shocked that their son brooklyn, i thought he was like five or six years old. he's 16 already. >> he's getting older, yep. >> answer tried to brag about
9:56 am
reaching a milestone, 100 million instagram followers. >> as a kid. >> right. >> his dad then had to set him straight. >> let's take a look. >> that's mum's birthday today. okay, i just reached a million followers. i got 52. >> that's the best part. >> sit down by your dad. >> i've got 52. >> can you imagine 52 million followers? >> no. >> following what you're posting? >> i got 14,000 on instagram. >> a lot better than me. >> what do you have? >> ten. >> not bad. >> ya getting there. >> how about you? >> 50,000 on twitter. >> 50,000 wow that's a lot. >> beckham on twitter probably has what? >> 30 million? >> probably. >> sue he wants to you google it darling, sorry sue. okay, so it should be time for
9:57 am
bruce jenner. >> i'm number one apparently. >> she has one finger up. >> okay 537,000. >> oh david? >> so we know why he's more instagram followers. people want to see pictures. >> okay so this bruce jenner being reported he's finishing his transaction to become a woman. but on line yes. >> not able to keep up with the youngest member of the cards ash yan clan. radar on line, kylie jenner has not seen her father since most recent cosmetic surgery. >> really? >> apparently embarrased by the sex change. meanwhile jenner stepdaughter courtney visited just last week. >> yes, iyes, i am area sure we'll hear more. i know you feel bad about your glasses, the fact you have these on with the studs but somebody else who has glasses kinds of like do you. >> really? >> yes, walterment look, he has bling bling on it, too. i'm not mad at you bro.
9:58 am
hashtag we bling yo. say bling bling. >> bling bling w tally. @r i% my advice for healthy looking
9:59 am
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live from new york city. it's the "wendy williams" show. it's a week of juicy hot topics. and the shocking arrest of beverly hills housen ég wildfirewives kim richards. now here's wendy. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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