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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 21, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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while she was eight in months pregnant right there. she is back with new picture her post baby body. >> oh man. >> and gray hair trend from rihanna to kylie. more and more celebrities are choosing to go gray. would you do it. i have seen a lot of people do this. the no even just celebrities. we will show you how. >> okay. >> now speaking of kylie jener she's part of the kardashian clan but bruce jenner's daughter. if you look at a picture of her from about a year ago her lips are not as big as they are today. >> they are a different look. have have you cosmetic surgery, have you done something. >> no, these are my lips good it is a big thing that she post these selfies and pictures she casing them. >> she's 17. heel turn 18 in a few weeks. she says, no i have not gone under the knife is what she
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says. she has not add myth todd having a treatment. is there a lip baum out there called venom. >> um-hmm. >> you can put it on there or put pepper on your lips to blow up your lips. >> a lot of girls are seeing perfect lips and say i want lips like that. i want to do something bit. is there a new trend that is concerning. >> to make yourself have lips. >> guess what it involves shot blows or a bottle. here's the the deal. it is a trend, dub kylie jenner challenge on line. he hairs photos of herself with her full lips. so, some teenagers are under the influence. but the painful method being used to obtain fuller lips is really questionable because it involves some people that are placing their mouth over the opening of a shot glass size cup, jar top of the water bottle. you suck in until it causes your slips to swell up and hoping you can will like kylie
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jenner's pout i lives. guys and girls are trying this here's an example before and after. >> it looks like it hurts horribly, right you stick your lips inside the bottle will. >> they are showing them actually doing it. >> so this morning doctor mike says if you you do this sometimes you can have some unwanted long term effects. listen to this it. >> it causes blood engorgement to make you look like you have larger lips. problem is if you do it repeatedly it can lead to scarring bruising and will make you ultimately less attractive and perhaps like a salmon. so don't do it. you just don't want to do this. there is no reason. >> you heard it the from the doctor. also another side effect of that with these bottles sucking air in mike anal he can, they have no where to go, sometimes it will explode the shot glass, it will explode
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and get glass shards in your face. doctors also say that negative psychological effects of why teen should not be doing this is another reason y it is concerning to them girls not fully form mentally are making an attempt to alter their appearance to look like someone else. here's the solution right here you and i know this, you take a lip liner pencil and you just go a little bit outside have our natural line and you got it. you don't need to go through all this. >> i just can't imagine. >> i was looking at videos yesterday. there is a ring around your mouth where the bottle was. >> it doesn't look good good then they cover witt lipstick so you are lining outside of your mouth where that big ring is to make your lips appear bigger. just use lip liner. >> videos are really goofy looking. >> lips are inside these the shot glasses. >> yes. >> do you believe this baby kardashian has never had any work done. she's 17, i know. >> all she said is i have never gone under my knife with
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my lips. >> she can still get injectables. >> i wonder how long when do you this with the bottle how long it last. >> three or four hours it says. >> yes trouble is, in a couple instances where it didn't go down for like a week or more so you have to be careful. >> one time i was interviewing, kit cat kline, can you put up a picture of jessicaal about a. i was interviewing her years ago. i said have you always had these full lips. she said that when she was a kid she used to take the hoover vacuum cleaner and put her lips in the vacuum and turn it on. >> oh no. >> don't ever be doing that. >> that is horrible good she said she hurt her early is one time. >> there is jessica. >> she does have nice lips. >> just naturally beautiful lips. >> you look good the way you are. don't put your face in the shot jar. >> love yourself. >> do you love this person? she kept taking picture of herself. she's a model. she got pregnant. she would document how she looked in the mirror every
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month of her pregnancy. >> we showed you this because it looks like she was like, there is barely a bump in the beginning. >> i believe that is the day before she gave birth okay where she has the green panties on. kit cat it is not working out here. it was eight months pregnant. this is just a few days before she gave birth okay. she said that she gained 25-pound. but then she had the baby, and the baby's name is james. >> the baby was 8.7-pound. >> yes. >> but then now we have a picture from after the the baby. >> that is about average the average baby in the you had of america is 7.5 pounds. >> so now we go only four days after giving birth. this is a new thing now. she has gained 28-pound. >> while she was pregnant. >> no since the baby was born. >> what? >> okay. while she was pregnant.
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>> 28-pound. >> but doctor mike says this is not a horrible thing to do. but other doctors recommend pregnant woman gain between 25 and 35-pound. that is what she did. she kept working out the entire time too. >> you know who has something to say about that. >> that would be one jen fred who has had two children. how much did you gain if you don't mine saying over your pregnancies. >> i tried to gain 25-pound and again we don't know how tall this woman is. i'm 5 feet tall. so the doctors want mood he to gain 20 and 30-pound. because old school thinking is you gain a ton. they want to you stay trim fit and moving around. with brody i gain 22-pound. with land dry like 22, 23-pound. both were 6-pound babies: when you look at numbers, images that is like wow. by the the way i'm jealous of that. when you look at numbers and realize she gained 25,
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28-pound and the baby was 8-pound, you realize this is just this woman's genetics. i can tell you that my sister in law has older children. when she was pregnant she was a personal trainer. she was a work out person . all the time she had what we saw with that model. not as severe but she had muscles on the side. her doctors say having good ab muscles is good for pregnancy because it helps you to push that baby out. i cannot believe we're really surprised she looks so amazing after the baby when we saw how banging that body was even with the baby in it. >> she didn't look pregnant at all. >> she gained what doctors say she was supposed to gain 28-pound. >> but again i'm just going to say what women are thinking. she's not the the normal. >> that is why we are showing her. >> i remember when i had brody, i was like, i'm on tv, i want to lose all this weight. brody was a july birthday.
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second i had that baby, i wanted to lose the weight. in the happy was ordering salad. the the nurse was like no, no no this will not take a day or a month. you know, you need to let go into this thing gently. it took nine months to get it, you have to take nine months to get it back. >> yes. >> you know, nursing if you are able to do that, many women can't but nursing now you know, a lot of women have c-sections so they cannot work out, every situation is unique. this lady just drew the lucky body card. >> she sure did. god bless her. >> what is pandora. >> the bracelet, charms and stuff you can put on the bracelet. >> yes good and they have celebrities do these commercials, right. >> they have a new ad. >> this celebrates the bond between moms and their children just in time for mothers day. the jewelry company shows a experiment of six mothers and their kid so lets take a
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look. >> ♪ >> you can tell, they have blindfolded the kid and they have to identify their own mother. hello mother accounts hello father. and they do. >> yes, the kid touch and hug. >> it is something burr own mother's touch. >> it is touch and also scent. >> i think that as much as i
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am pretty sure that this was all dreamed up by antissing agency to tug at our heart strings for mothers day to sell charm bracelets and i have a pandora charm bracelet, i didn't wear it today i can watch that all day long. it makes me cry. it tugs at my heart string. >> every single one matched up. >> whether it was true or not or they have engineered it for tv, i don't know but it is lovely. >> it is just beautiful to see each mother and the hugs and just like i said before, these little people they get to you fall in love with them. and that bond it starts the minute they enter the planet. and then 18 years later they leave you. >> well, they wouldn't put out the the ad if it didn't work. >> it is working. >> yes, let's line up, all my colleagues, all of the female reporters here in the building and i will try to
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see if i can figure out who is who who how is that. >> you wouldn't have a problem with me. >> all right. >> terrible. >> he just wants to touch us. >> nice try mike. >> alex, jen fred. >> he thinks he is funny. >> he is our brat. >> that is true. >> okay. >> are you ever like walking down the street sometimes and see this really good looking guy and like who is that. >> no. >> no. >> okay. there is a good looking man working up a sweat at the the art museum. >> i cannot believe you all are doing this. >> everyone has been talking bit now. >> hughe dillon took this video of this guy on the art museum steps. he put it on the blog philly chitchat. and everybody is like for get
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rocky, look at the this guy. >> when did he do this yesterday. >> he was doing stuff on his hand, going up the steps and lifting up on each step. >> this looks like a different film is hughe hiding while shooting this. >> maybe he didn't want to be spotted. >> we don't know who he is. >> we don't know hoe is. >> you want to know who he is. >> hughe said look at how he is doing that work out on the steps. >> if anyone knows this guys. >> is he all right it looks like he fell. >> yeah. >> exercise equipment. >> if anyone knows who he is, what if he is just a visitor, tourist, work out and go back to the hotel. >> will we ever get to see this man. >> this will be solved before 10:00 o'clock this morning. get on twitter is what your handle. >> it wasn't just me because alyssa ingram she brought it up, in the middle of the morning meeting. she goes oh, my gosh did you
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see what hughe dillon posted today. the phone started going around. oh, look at it. >> so we don't necessity what day this was, the sun was out. well it was raining, maybe take before yesterday. >> it could have been over the weekend. >> yes good it was sunny yesterday afternoon. >> we talk about it in the morning meeting. >> it had to be, probably over the weekend because, saturday was beautiful. >> it the must have been saturday. >> so, if you saw the dude over the weekend on the art museum steps, if you know this dude easily recognizable please tell what is alyssa's handle. >> it is a ingram. >> we should get to know our co-workersy talk to her i don't tweet her it is a ingram. hold on. >> she might be frick now. >> that is true. >> at alyssa fox 29. >> al-i s-s-a fox 29.
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>> 2s's. >> alyssa fox 29. >> hold on isn't she married. >> she is. >> yeah. >> she married a guy name frick. >> yes, that is right. >> her maiden name is fr a ck. >> i will say this but she's married but not blind. >> true. >> you can still look. >> do you want to look at ultimate doppler radar because it is looking a whole lot better then it ways. all of the rain has moved to new york city. they can have it. we cane clearly now the rain is gone. just like the song says. owe what is in the offing for rest of the the day, just some sunshine, pretty nice, it will be breezy, but, seasonal with a high of 66 degrees. mid 60's for tomorrow but chance of some midday showers and thunderstorms about even colder era arriving after that. so we will only get up to
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57 degrees on thursday mid 50's on friday, we may inch up to 60 on saturday, still cooler than average on on sunday as well we will start to get closer to the mid 60's on monday. so after 81 degrees an saturday and then the 76 degrees we got yesterday no 80's, no 70's at all in that seven take forecast mike and alex. >> did you hear about this sue big changes coming to kraft mack and cheese. company plans to dump dye and preservatives from the original version of the mack and cheese at the beginning of 2016. so now they will start to throw some spies necessary there to get color. they will use pap rick, tumoric and natural food coloring to make famous box dinner orange. you will still see orange color. >> but the flavor, the the taste is supposedly not changing. they have spent two years trying to figure this out. so early next year, the change will be made. so here's a better idea.
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>> yeah. >> go to restaurants or make the stuff yourself. that is the the best. where do you get for mack and cheese. >> homemade mack and cheese. >> thursday night you need to stuff your face over in collinswood. >> a mack and beer festival, right. dozen restaurant show off their twist on mack and cheese and then vote for your favorite. we will talk about not just any kind of mack and cheese all kind of mack and cheese. >> have you ever seen a noodle drink beer you? will thursday night good hey mark smith welcome back. good to see you. >> from the the tortilla canteena. >> where is tortilla press. >> in downtown collinswood. >> canteena. >> in merchantville. >> that is right. >> right around the corner from the cherry hill mall. >> i have been to this event. it is not your ordinary mack and cheese. you can mix anything in mack and cheese. look at what he did over there. that looks like a spring role, is that mack and cheese in it. >> this is from indy blue in collinswood. it has like an inn yan cheese
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mix with the macaroni in it and he made a really nice raisin and tomato salsa to go with it. >> we will see all these different types. how many will we see. >> probably about 13 i think. >> what do we have here. >> hold on lets a make sure there is mack and cheese in this thing. >> lets take a bite. >> is there mack and cheese in there too. >> it is a tube good that is fantastic. >> yes. >> good combination. >> what is is this. >> this is a freak one from cuisine by sophia from cherry hill and this i think has four different, four different greek cheeses plus sun dried tomatoes. >> can you find it, di, it is greek? what makes it greek. >> the cheese and he did a orzo pasta so not your typical macaroni noodle. >> i lovers owe, that is
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different good that is great. >> that is really good. >> are these mack and cheese balls. >> they are mack and beer cheese balls. >> plea plate in mulika. he light thely fried them. >> speaking of mulika we will be there for spring fling. >> we should go there and get some. >> what is the name of his place. >> blue plate. >> they look like oysters. >> these are from debartolo's bakery. it is a pasta in a marsipone cream sauce and it has a little bit of whipped cream and cinnamon and raisins in there. >> can that be called mack and cheese. >> sure. >> there is pasta and the cheese? okay. these are mack and cheese tacos. >> case deas of course and they have a southwest orzo
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bacon, jalapeno and four mexican cheeses. >> oh,al he can, you have to have one of those after this segment. >> that is great. >> what is that over here. >> thinks our chile mack and cheese it has sauce age, roasted peppers and four cheeses and a nice crunchy, topping. >> would you pass me another one. >> we will be full, my goodness. >> what time does this thing start. >> this starts a at 5:00 o'clock and runs until 9:00. >> how much are tickets. >> they are $35. it is promoting cross road, programs, which is a great charity that helps to find housing for at arrest being youth and home less youth. >> so it is a good cause and we can get bloated. >> yes. >> what is this. >> this is the pop shop in collinswood. >> i have had this. >> extra creamy mack with they
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call stand by your mack with pulled pork and fridaysled onions. >> stand by your mack. >> there is pull pork in there. >> we will pig out. >> thanks so much, chef mark smith. >> mark, we will see you thursday. >> great. >> is it really happening. >> what? >> what john stamos said about the rumors full house reunion. >> right now go to the home page of my fox and watch slide show of the pictures we are receiving for national kindergarten day. there are some surprises. we have several pictures from fox 29 personalities in this slide show, last half an hour we told to you find jenny joyce picture, that was earlier in the show. jenny is the picture in the slide show. time to the next challenge. go to the slide show and fine mike jerrick's picture. let us know which slide he is, what number and send us your response using hash tag fox 29 good day.
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b@ here's another one.
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we're talking about oh, i guess we are moving on. us weekly is reporting that ar are iana grande, you know i love her. well bang, bang there goes her heart. she's no longer with big sean. they were together almost eight months. >> they released a statement yesterday, and their representatives confirmed the split. they say they are still friendly and it happened a few weeks after realizing that their tour schedules over the next year. >> just a couple days ago. it might have been yesterday. they were on the red carpet together at an event and there is video reporter goes are you two friend. she walk over to big sean and kissed him on the cheek. >> ahh. >> that is nice. >> they are able to be friendly still. >> yes. >> ahh. >> i was kind of surprised. they were all over each other. what was it, the grammys they were all over each other. >> yeah. >> and then he got really mad at justin beiber because they were performing together. >> that is true.
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>> and beiber on stage and he was groping her and big sean said don't do that, i'll beat your butt. >> from a break up to just a break. >> miley cyrus and patrick schwartsenager have put their relationship on hold. they are taking a break from the five month romance. reportedly the relation ship was never the same. when he went to mexico and taking those pictures we got pictures with body shots at one of his girlfriend. >> in his early 20's. he was down there with his ex-girlfriend and couple other ladies they were hugging. >> and now they are taking a break. >> just a break. >> in the break up, but people say break you are just waiting dramatic pause before you say up. >> is full house getting back together the the tv she or not. >> it is returning. it is the truth. so, uncle jesse said so that is how we know. >> then i believe it. >> we wanted to give credit to the legacy.
9:26 am
we didn't want to throw it at way. netflix said let do 13 episode. it start sort of as a reunion and spins off into this like a spin off so you have candace and, and he has three boys and sort of reversal and turn the the house over to her. it is a labor of love. we have been trying for so many years to do it right. i think we have it perfect. >> he has not aged. >> he doesn't. >> what is he doing right. when was full house on in the 80's. >> we need to know his secret. >> bob sagget will be there. he was performing. >> he was in philly wasn't he. >> on south street the at tla saturday night. >> did you go good two sold out shows. >> he is filthy on stagey can't imagine that. >> yes. >> what was his character's
9:27 am
name bob sagget. it is uncle jesse. and then. >> somebody will tell us on twitter. >> eddie, billy karl. >> go through all of the names. >> we don't know. >> bob kelly. >> no firm dates the but john stamos did say. >> danny. >> thank you. >> i just blew out a noodle. >> you say noodle because you had all this mack and cheese. >> that is right. >> you are such a noodle. you are like a hockey goalie nothing gets by you. >> you know him from game of thrones. he is always name. i'm not sure we are seeing this. this is a new movie. >> age of addage. >> we like him from game have of thrones. >> new hot movie, blake lively in it. >> no one knows what it is. anyway, this will be huge. i will tell you more but i
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just don't know.
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test. test.
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>> i tell you what there is a movie that everybody in my life is talking about. age of addline. >> looks so good. >> the guy that's coming up on good day philadelphia . >> about a minute is in this thing. take a look. (movie clip). >> thank you i'll manage. >> wait. how do we get in touch? >> first time i saw you i
9:32 am
knew towed meet you. i didn't know when or how. >> (movie clip). >> oh man this looks good. >> when i first that you preview, i knew i wanted to see this. >> nice to have in you philadelphia. >> good morning guys, thank you. thanks for having me. >> now let me get this straight. are you the younger version of then the harrison ford charger? >> no, no. >> how does it work? >> i was the guy saying stuff like how do we get in touch. i am the man who finally gets the break through the walls that add a line, blake lively's character has put up around herself. >> oh. >> i'm the romantic interest for addaline. >> i like how you stay so dramatic. >> i yes.
9:33 am
>> what was it like working with blake lively? >> it was lively? >> it was pretty saw some, you know? i mean, you it is a very beautiful romantic movie. so i think so crucial that there is some sort of chemistry going on between blake and myself in portraying these roles and i felt right from the start that we had a very you know, that we had fun working together, and i thought that her way into this character that she is portraying was very remarkable, and inspiring and made it very easy for me to play the man that falls for her. >> well, it is interesting that you mention chemistry. because what kind of chemistry? when you all hit the red carpet for the premiere all a twitter was a talking. >> that's very cool, you know?
9:34 am
we're just promoting a movie. >> uh-huh. you're stuttering. >> he is kind of stumbling. >> didn't ryan renolds mention something too? >> reason renolds even acknowledged you guys kind of look nice together. >> ya, i saw i saw his response his response is something, and i thought it was pretty cool. >> we have to talk about game of thrones. >> oh you have to. >> one every us will. >> well a lot of people say when it comes to game of thrones, you always have to take off your shirt. >> well like i just kind of on a show i have two costumes one is like full armor which just takes like two hours to put on, and the other one is just nothing. so it is kind of easy. >> i guess that is easy. so i guess you don't minds it? do you finds women come up to you i love the way your comes tombs are on the show, or lack thereof? >> (laughing) no, nobody ever talks about my costumes.
9:35 am
i can i can understand that. but it is part of the show. i guess you know, part of betraying a character that's you know, like casino every like my character you know, very you know, physical, put it that way. >> yes. it is casino of -- he's naked all the time in his real life. what is the weirdest way somebody has said your real name? >> i had a plumber at some point, fixing some stuff in our house in new orleans and he called me mishkeel, like i've never heard. that will but that's a classic. >> that's good. well mishkeel, good to have you in philly. come see us sometime. >> okay i would love that, thank you so much.
9:36 am
>> thank you. can't wait to see this move. >> i is he like the perfect -- i'm man a hit over owe sexual man. he kind of has it all. he's got great body, good looking. >> and he's fun. >> i and he is funny. what a mess. >> now how do you feel right now? >> i hate myself. >> lets guess to quincy. is it nap time yet? >> yes, yes, no, not nap type, but writing in our journals, we have perfect attendance. >> wear expect attend dance here kindergarten 124. good day. good job everybody. i'll be back migrate kindergarten pets coming up.
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>> do you know who this is? come on, it is quincy, those cheeks so cute. oh my gosh. so you can see, a slide show of all of the pictures sent us to right now, but let's check back with quincy. because he is taking it back to kindergarten class. quincy are you learning something? >> yes, this is, of course this is right now they have computers, when i was in kindergarten in 1999, we had none of this stuff. of course i was in a kinder garth never 1999, but whatever. michelle now you said we have perfect attendance? >> yes. >> we had 32 kids come to school today. now, we are going to work on some words. i need to get ready. i need to learn because i know these kids can teach me. so we'll work on some of these words today? >> these are called our wild words. they are words basically like college words for kinder garden students in their reading literature so it helps build a lot of strategies and come re hen schenn skills, they try to use these words every day throughout the classroom in
9:41 am
their life. >> what words do we have? >> everybody? what word is this? >> perhaps. >> perhaps. >> maybe. >> move from one place. >> okay. >> to another. >> happy. >> wow. >> you learn. >> good very good. >> what's a pond? >> small body of water. >> what's this word? >> spurt. >> hooters. >> a whale. >> what does a whale do whether it spurts, what? >> skirts out quick. >> quickly. >> the water shoots right out, right? so what we do, we push the words around for our game i switch the words around, and i have the students kind of identify the matching of the definition in the wild words. okay? >> this is tough. >> do you guys think you can
9:42 am
do this for me? >> it is like jeopardy. >> now, do you know all the words? >> yes. >> what's your name? >> jade. >> you like her do you think she is a really good teacher? >> yes. >> this is pretty cool. >> what are the kids doing over there? >> now the kids always do response to literature so everything that we teach the skill, they do a response, they write in their journals to it, so the focus today identifying lizards camouflage. >> met a more fist of change. i'm just reading some of this stuff. jenn fred there is stuff is hard. this is hard work in kindergarten. i don't know what you're doing, but i i don't think it is as tough as this. >> listen, i own a kindergartner, i know how zero hard it is. you know what's hard, switching someone's hair from this color you're gorgeous to gray. we will talk about gray hair, why it is cool, when we come back to the salon in cherry
9:43 am
hill. >> ♪ ♪
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9:45 am
>> i want to ask why does he wrap towels around my leg? what's that? look at those socks. >> they look like your father's work out socks. >> they're huge. >> and blue shoes?
9:46 am
>> ya, toyed match now. >> what size are those shoes. >> very funny and they matched the little bo in my hair. happy national kindergarten day. >> another trend going on in the county, i go to the place called salon vanity. >> you talk about it all the time. >> melissa, when i went there was dying her hair, had her hair in a bowl. >> there she is. >> she turned it silver. she has you know, i don't even know what color her hair is now she changes it all the time. it is casino of blown out by -- but i liked the look. >> a lot of women are doing it mike. >> my mother was silver hair, by the time she was about 28 years old. naturally. is that kylie again? >> look at kylie. almost like blue continuing to it. >> yes. >> look at this one. >> i like that. >> so a lot of young women are doing this. going for the silver look. right? >> cherry hill new jersey great salon where jen has been all morning. how do you did it? how long does it take?
9:47 am
>> maura salon good morning good to see you again. all right so, this is the gray. right? she looks gorgeous yes. >> and she as already admitted to us when she came home the first time with the gray, your guy was like what the heck is that? right? >> yes. >> but this is good. but you say let's give people a reality check, it is not for people that have a limited schedule for hairdo's, it takes a long time? >> this is the highest of maintenance of all colors and she also wears extentions. >> okay. >> to cope it up. >> yes. >> so let's real quick you showed me this picture from urine is that gram, okay? so she started dark, dark brunette. >> yes. >> then what do you? >> it takes time. color correction. anything that's darker takes time. good color takes time. high maintenance color takes time. >> okay. >> so you start dark, you progressively go blonde err and then go all the way to white. in order to get this gray. you almost have to bleach it out to white in order for it
9:48 am
to look this gray. >> what you are saying is women who have seen the purple hair the green hair, this is more sophisticated way to have weird o'hare color? >> exactly. >> you know what i mean? >> unusual hair color? >> yes. >> cool hair color. >> cool hair color. downing it in a professional classy way looks beautiful. >> so she had curls in her hair, looks really pretty, and you have the kim kardashian tip that you will share with us? reluctantly? she said i don't want to give them my secrets. i said give me the recipe. >> so we do a curl. >> so do like regular curl, do it really, really, really tight like. >> this i'm doing it really fast because we don't have a ton of time. >> right. >> so say it is really curled like this. >> yes. >> so then i twist it again. >> again. >> and put the flat iron through it. >> oh it looks kind of piecey curly wavy. >> i love it. so she is wearing something else from alicia demichael boutique. did i say it right?
9:49 am
>> you're on a roll. >> beginning, over there, at the promenade in marlton. >> yes. >> and this is not a maternity dress, but you say this is something that mommy's to be can wear? >> sure. she looks beautiful in it. it is something you can take from day until night. you know, you can wear little glade rate or's with it, heals and you look beautiful. >> and she is comfy? >> very stretch i not tight or anything. >> i love it. most of the thing in your salon in your boutique, i'm in salon less than $100 except for some high end stuff? >> yes. everything is under $100, there might be couple of dresses for like a wedding to be like 120. >> yes. >> i love it. >> you look gorgeous, you look gorgeous thank you for having us. >> you'll look gorgeous all the time. >> the women here are feisty. little feisty here. >> you look gorgeous. >> that south jersey right there. >> all day here. >> different -- >> let me explain it to you there are "50 shades of grey".
9:50 am
now we have learned that over the year. >> now, what shade is that do you think? >> it is called blondes. >> no it is gray. >> is it gray? >> it is silver gray. >> it looks blondes on camera. >> oh it does? look at it next to my hair. >> it is getting grayer but compared to her shirt? i see the gray underneath. >> like under tones. >> under tones okay. >> all right thank you. >> "50 shades of grey". >> they're the stylist. they know what's gray. >> tim tebow now a member of the eagles. i can't tell you how many times the word eagles and tim tebow were said all over the country on sports talk shows famous for taking a knee and thanking god for his success on the feel, they call it tebowing, right? >> a verb. >> yes. so people over, what's it called philly pretzel factory, that's it, they're having fun. they have a pretzel in the shape of tebowing. >> oh my goodness that's how you welcome someone to fill. >> i that's right. >> of course. >> 's salt i character could you hold my tebow for a
9:51 am
second? >> sure, there we go. >> now i like mine with some mustard on it. >> nice. >> ironically tim tebow could never have any mustard on his passes. >> oh i see with a did you there. >> is john in the control boot? >> no he called out. >> john called out? so we can't get a rim shot? >> no. >> di let me know if you can find it? okay didn't deserve it, she says. that's a good one. okay and i want to thank my writer upstairs, brian wilson for that line about the mustard. >> oh how wonderful. didn't come one that yourself. >> no in case tim is watching, have you ever seen tim without his shirt on, on, whatever it is? >> you don't want to mess with that. >> you know we love us doctor ian smith right writes these shreading cook books stuff like. that will he also says he has a work out. there he is. no he says he has a work out
9:52 am
book that will allow you after you stop exercising, you'll burn calories most of the day. >> oh i need to know this. >> after the work out. >> wow. let's do it. >> ♪ ♪
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at >> so what happened? >> adorable. >> looks so innocent. >> why are we playing this song in first day of kindergarten my teacher said beat it. >> get out of here. >> one my favorite people doctor ian smith is here. i i'm eating a pretzel. she is eating mac and cheese, we need your services doctor ian smith i swear is in the studio. >> there he is. >> couple of former interns hi kids. >> yes, maria maria here. you guys hold. >> this i'm hold this.
9:56 am
>> okay. >> this is the shred 27dvd work out dvd built to nor machines in your house 27 minutes, and it is called high intensity interval training t means less time, more caloric burn. >> this is what i heard after you work out you're still burning calories, the rest of the day because of this. >> that's right. because it is called hit hiit. with this work out actually burning calories during the recovery process. after you work out your body has to recover. your calorie expenditure tends to go back, with hit exercise you continue to burn calories after you're stop burning. so short burst exercise, so the first thing outwent do, we'll do, ice skaters okay? no machine once again so down in the crouch with contractions, going this way. and this way. and do you this for 40 seconds. and then take 20 second rests do it again. >> so short burst exercises 40 seconds. we rest. >> working here.
9:57 am
>> your glutes, your quads another thing we opportunity do mountain climbers, my favorites. know alex is not a big fan. >> no. >> you get on the ground and go like there is up and switch. >> i hate these. >> they're painful. for how long? >> twenty seconds. >> forty seconds. >> everything is 40 seconds? >> everything is 40 seconds. then you rest, then another sickle. >> the lack thing we do steam engine, the military does this. it is like a standing crunch. >> okay? >> so it is hands to the side of the head, opposite elbow to opposite knee. so these groups are big muscle movement groups. it is cardio, and muscle training at the same time. pretty easy right? >> (laughing). >> this is a family show. >> so the beauty, the beauty, these ex -- no machines. it is high intensity rest. high intensity so it is burst training,. >> great.
9:58 am
>> thank you. >> have a great day! >> what are you looking at? nervous whitening will damage your teeth? introducing listerine® healthy white™. it not only safely whitens teeth... ...but also restores enamel. lose the nerves and get a healthier whiter smile that you'll love. listerine® healthy white™. power to your mouth™! trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." corey hardrict and eric hill jr. is here telling us about "brotherly love" and sandra lee is here to tell us how to make cocktails. now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> tada! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. well,


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