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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  April 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> is a man posting as a police officer he struck both inside and outside the city. >> let's take live look youth side this morning. tracking another rounds of storms. it is chilly. you can't tell by looking at this picture. sue serio will explain her full forecast. >> well, at least yesterday felt like spring, flight. >> felt really good. >> today is april 22nd, 2015. it is earl date -- earth day, the first earth day in 1970. >> so, in honor of earth day we're having a shreading event. >> shreading event. we will be at parx casino in bensalem bucks county jenn
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fred and i will be there from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. so bring papers, documents things that you want shredded. now this is not for businesses this is for individuals, and electronics, as well you. >> be careful. i know you're little high strung. watch your fingers nails right, sue serio? >> yes, don't stick your hands in those machines chris murphy. >> hey. >> do not operate equipment while intoxicate in the. >> right. >> exactly. but i think this is a perfect time. we've just finished tax season. so get rid of some documents that maybe you don't need to hang onto any more. all right here's the number of the day. we will go with a six. we've got some thunderstorms firing up possibly, later on this afternoon you may get one, you may not. but we also had little bit of sunshine on the way and eventually chillier temperatures. now, i've been saying not much in the way of showers well one happened to be falling right on our reporter jenny joyce. sore bye. that will but we just had these light showers around it, looks like, montgomery, bucks
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county and little bit of chester county, going out to the west, there is really not much happening either. so for most of us, it should be a rain-free morning. there we zoom in to some of the showers around upper providence around warminster, right now it is 50 degrees in philadelphia, with a 3-mile per hour winds but don't think that's going to last. winds will be picking up throughout the day today. 6:14 your sunrise time here's your planner little bit of sunshine, around lunchtime. and the early high temperature of around 67 degrees, but then with the winds picking up scattered thunderstorms, i would say any time after 3:00 p.m., start keeping an eye on the sky for those. after today, we should be rain-free for awhile, but there is a trade off. it will be quite chilly. talk about that coming up in just a few minutes. bob kelly? >> sue, good morning everybody, 5:02 this wednesday hump day. live look at the i-95 construction zone between girard and cottman avenue. move the barriers up and over
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the concrete, move the signs to the other side of the concrete barriers, so we have three lanes open for our morning rush hour. looking live, 95, coming up from delaware county, no problems to report. and looking good on the schuylkill, and the blue route, but going into northeast philadelphia just got update from the police, again, nasty accident on the roosevelt boulevard. it is at ryan avenue. that's right where ryan and bore beck come together. right at barber a there on the boulevard. it is just north of cottman avenue. it is in the inner drive. society inner drive closed, in both directions if you are headed north that inner drive shuts down at tyson avenue to push everybody to that outer drive. so again expect delays on the boulevard through the earl my morning rush. north on northeast extension accident at the quakertown interchange. and lays them up! the penn relays begin today at franklin field. the men's de cat long today kicks off at 10:00ment bigger races, and more of the races
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actually really kicks into gear thursday friday, and saturday, but beginning today, we will start to see that extra volume trying to get into franklin field. and of course, using the university ave. off ramp from the schuylkill expressway. and then, only three lanes available on the ben franklin bridge beginning this morning. emergency construction just past the toll plaza to the upside of the bridge. so we usually fun fell what seven lanes through the tolls into four, we will funnel into three beginning this morning and then once you make to mid-span it opens back up to four. bottom line, we will see an earlier and bigger jam on the ben franklin beginning this morning. route 23, valley forge road, closed over pickering creek. all of that traffic diverted onto route 422. and they just pick up the cones on the pennsylvania turnpike at willow grove. mass transit looking good, chris, lauren back to you. >> we want to up date you on developing story. house fire in bucks county,
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has claimed the life of one man. >> firefighters on the scene for hours. fox 29's jennifer joyce now live with what officials are saying this morning. jennifer good morning to you. good morning chris lauren this fire was called in around 7:45 last night. it was placed under control within an hour, but it took until after midnight to find the victim's body because fire officials say there was so much stuff inside the home. our skyfox, was over the scene last night on the 6600 block of point pleasant pike. the fire was called in, with heavy smoke and fire, shooting out of the back of the home. fire crews battled the fire for about an hour, and later discovered the body of 58 year old man on the first floor of the home. the point pleasant fire company chief says there was a lot of debris inside the home. it took a while to find and get to the victim. took quite a bit every time to find them. the conditions deteriorated rather quickly we had collapse in the back. so about two hours ago, probably about midnight or so, we found it. >> it is believed the 58 year
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old victim was the phone person -- the only person home at the time of the fire. unclear if there were smoke detectors, why the man couldn't get out of the how many, at this point, it is unclear how the fire started. chris, lauren? >> jennifer joyce live for just bucks county, thank you. all right 5:06 this morning. a row home fire broke out overnight, 4800 block of 13th street. crews respond the to the second floor blaze around 11:30 p.m. and have the heavy flames under control in about 15 minutes, no one was hurt, in the house fire, and no word on what caused it. four kids lucky to be alive this morning. >> they were hit by a vehicle in gloucester county, new jersey skyfox over the 400 block of chestnut avenue in woodbury height just after 8:00 last night. you can see, a badly damaged bike at the scene. the driver did stop and is cooperating in the investigation. the kids luckily not seriously hurt. the. >> the mother of accused of leaving her quadriplegic son in cobbs creek park could be
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back in philadelphia as early as today. nia parlor waived extradition facing attempted murder charges. man walking through the park found her 21 year old son under a blanket in a wooded area next to his wheelchair. he had nothing with him but basically a bible. police say his mom left him there all alone. doctors at chop treated that man. >> philadelphia police want to find a man they say is impersonating a police officer. >> in this latest incident the man duped a woman walking near 52nd and cedar by flashing fake badge. he asked her to put her purse down. then he just takes off with t similar incidents happened three times last week, and some cases he even knows and uses his victim's name. >> we're concerned in all three cases victims describing this person as really knowing police procedures very confident very believable, as to to being a police offerser. >> police looking for two suspects in a get-away car dark colored new err nissan
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altima. if you're not sure if someone is a officer always ask for identification. >> two burlington county families seriously worried their homes could topple into the delaware river. this gaping hole growing by the day straddles two properties in florence township. it drops down 70 feet. the errosion has been ongoing problem for two years now. it is believed an old township storm water pipe that runs underground between the two homes broke making a bad situation even more critical. >> it to has been difficult to feel comfortable here, you know lynn's not sleeping well at all you know, any time it rains you just don't know what's going to happen. >> as the ground continues to give way chris o-del's family may have to lever soon. also been told insurance will not cover any repairs. but the responsibility might be on florence township. the township has scheduled geo logical engineers to come out to inspect that big problem. >> 5:08. happening today a big step
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forward in the multi million i should say multi billion plan to expand philadelphia international airport. mayor michael nutter will be on hand along with officials from tinicum township delaware county and interboro school district to sign an agreement. now it took time to work out due to disputes over taxes and lands ac which significance, we will learn more about this plan at noon today. meantime 50 young vote letters boorda bus to harrisburg later this morning to push law makers to adopt fair education funding formula. they are scheduled to leave the united way building on ben franklin parkway at 8:00 this morning. they plan to meet with dozens every state representatives and senators to stress the importance of a bald school budget before holding a rally in the rotunda. from south philadelphia to fishtown center city is grown so much it, now ranks second only to mid town manhattan when it comes to population. >> center city district report a tribute growth to influx of young professionals and empty nest ers coming back to the
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city. a survey of 2700 people the pole showed 88% said they thought center city was headed in the right direction. >> 5:10 the time. coming up: dollars featural government now opening a vehicles into that police custody death after man in baltimore, we'll explain what they're looking for. >> plus nearly one week after aaron hernandez found guilty of murdering owed end lloyd still calls for justice. the big announcement expected today from lloyd's family.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> snoring? >> john campbell a legend, also 79 years olds today. >> happy birthday. >> hi, sue serio. >> oh my turn? >> ya. >> he had a show back in the day called the glen campbell good time hour. i remember that. some of you may too. all right we've got a cold front, i want to show you what's happening. our high pressure system moved off shore. reinforcing cold front. very chilly air behind it. get ready for a chill rest of
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the your work week. and when this comes through later on this afternoon we could see it fire up a few thunderstorms. so some of the rain from it is in the western part of the state. a little bit of the rain ahead of it has moved into our area. it is very spotty. these showers. we see a few in berks county, we see a few in montgomery and bucks county. and plumbstead, where jenny joyce has been all morning we had couple of showers roll through there. it is nothing extreme. the extreme could come later on this afternoon first we get to early hi around noon of about 66, 67 degrees. that is seasonable for this time of year. here comes the cold front, 3:00 4:00. starts firing up some of the thunderstorms, this afternoon. few will have some hail and gusty winds we may see few watches coming up, severe thunderstorm watches later on in the day. then we have temperatures in the 50's it, should dry out in time for some of your evening activities and for the phillies game, maybe just a stray shower here and there.
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and then, overnight, we get really cold temperatures by 6:00 in the morning at 39 degrees here in the city. 36 degrees in allentown and below freezing in the higher elevations. so this is where we have a frost concern. pocono mountains, now around here if you are already planted stuff outside i think you'll be okay, because we're going to be upper 30's tonight. just have to watch those temperatures for friday morning, as well. here are your current temperatures ooh degrees in the sit, 41 mount pocono chilly enough there now. 46 degrees in pottstown. 44 degrees in atlantic city, at the shore. >> only 3-mile per hour winds at the moment. we will keep an eye on these wind speeds throughout the rest of the morning. we are here until 10:00. and we should see them pick up before the end of the morning. it was seasonable tuesday with 66 degrees. right where we're supposed to be. and we will be around that today, then chilly, chilly, chilly for thursday, and friday. but it will be dry. at least we don't have to worry about showers or thunderstorms. and we're talking about
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moderating temperatures over the weekend does look like nice weekend just little on the cool side. that is your seven day forecast what are they doing? >> i don't know what they're doing over there. >> sure not listening to us, for sure. >> not listening to us. we need to roll video here in the studio. good morning everybody. >> no respect! >> live look at the schuylkill expressway looking good there at gulph mills. no problems coming in on the freeway, if you are getting ready to head out the front door. little slow go, north on 202 as you work your way up through the construction zone, updating big traffic problem right now the roosevelt boulevard, an accident right at ryan avenue. that's right there by gary barbera, the auto land there, just above cottman avenue. so the inner drive is blocked in both directions at ryan avenue. when you are headed north they're pushing everybody off at tyson when coming southbound pushed offer into that outer drive there at that cross-over, which i believe is welsh rd. we got crew on the way it
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sounds nasty and this could be with us for the bulk of the morning rush hour. accident northbound on the extension, at quakertown. fire location, where jenny joyce is set up, up here bucks county point pleasant pike blocked right near toll gate road. and expect a jumbo jam coming in on the ben franklin bridge, beginning this morning emergency construction set up in the right lane as soon as you come through the toll plaza so leaving jersey, come through the toll plaza you are all going to fun kneel only three lanes instead of the normal four, and that's going to continue for the upside of the bridge, once you make it to about mid-span it opens back up to four. but that's indefinately, doing some repair work to that pedestrian walkway. this just popped up last night. they had the septa cones up. this came out of no where. and it is going to hit us like a stale bagel coming in from south jersey this morning you may want to use the walt whitman bridge, or give yourself some extra time coming through the benny toll
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plaids plaza valley forge road closed phoenixville, day three of this six month project where they'll replace the bridge over pickering creek all of the extra volume pushed onto 422. and we sign chris up for the de cat long today. >> that will do it. >> okay? 10:00 a.m., on your mark, get set, you got your black high tops? >> they're white actually. >> white, the white high tops. 10:00 a.m. franklin field we welcome to town everybody that's here in philly for the penn relays, little traffic jam exiting at university. >> oh yes. >> chris, lauren? >> all over the country really. you ran track? >> yes. >> that's a big deal. >> yes. >> you will attends? you will see some events? >> i am. this weekend so excited. >> which events will you try to check out? >> all of the sprinting 100 200. >> that's what did you? >> yes. >> very good. 5:18. turn to this, justice department opening an investigation into the death after man who died at baltimore police custody. >> meanwhile, protesters expected to hit the streets
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again today demanding accountability in that case. freddie gray's family, among the hundreds to protest last night in baltimore the 25 year old died sunday, one week after sustaining spinal injuries. while in police custody. the police department has suspended six officers, who were involved. >> we had no evidence physical or video or statement of any use of force. he did suffer a very tragic injury to his spinal cord which resulted in his death. what we don't know and what we need to get to is how that injury occurred. >> baltimore police say they plan to finish their investigation into gray's death by may first. the state attorney's offers will then decide whether charges should be filed. oklahoma volunteer sheriff deputy plans to vacation in the bahamas while facing second degree manslaughter charges. robert bates pleaded not guilty during court appearance yesterday. the 73 year old says he shot
5:20 am
eric harris earlier this month after confusing his taser with his handgun. the terms of bates bail does in the affect his travel and the vacation was planned for months now. but the they are criticizing this decision, saying it sends a message of happen apathy regarding the shooting and harris' life. >> you think? 5:20 the time. senate confirmation both on long stalled nominee for attorney general could commas early as tomorrow. lore eight lynch's confirmation has been held up now for more than five months. that is because the senate has not been able to agree on an anti-sex trafficking bill, because of abortion funding dispute. but the senate is expected to vote today on that bill. lynch will become the country's first african-american female attorney general. >> week after being grilled by lawmakers on capitol hill, the head of the drug enforcement administration says she plans to retire next month. michelle lineheart has been
5:21 am
with the dea for three decades, criticized for lawmakers of her handling every misconduct allegations against agents, report found some agents attended sex parties, with prostitutes, in a foreign country. >> sentencing phase in the bombing trial continues today. yet the jury shown pictures of four people, who died in that bombing. tsarnaev dzhokhar giving the finger to the security camera inside his jail sell? prosecutors called tsarnaev america's worse nightmare. the picture shows he remains un moved by his actions. he was convicted of all 30 charges against him earlier this month. now, the same jurors must reach unanimous decision if tsarnaev is to receive the death penalty. sentencing could take about a month. >> family is filing civil suit seeking monetary damages from hernandez his former team the new england patriots and craft enterprizes he was found guilty nearly week ago of
5:22 am
killing odom lloyd had been dating his fiancee sister serving life in prison for the 2013 hooting death. >> the king dove saudi arabia says the mill year on second tifs have been achieved in yes, ma'am glenn us back operation, calling suspicious, leaders say political deal has almost been reached. us not taking any chances and keeping close eye on iranian ships at this point. there are concerns iranians will supply weapons to the rebellion in yemen. 5:22 till ahead finding the perfect summer job for your kids, might be easier than you think. what a new report says about the summer outlook for young employees. put those kids to work.
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>> you. >> bell pulled products, because listeria was found the bacteria can cause fatal infections, now working with federal officials on their investigation, and also expanding its cleansing and sanitation system. good news if you're a teenager looking for a job and you're a parents who wants their kid to work. >> get out of the house and start earning some money. >> right. >> new report, by a chicago employment firm, says the summer job outlook is good. specially for young workers. it says nearly 80% of
5:26 am
employers expect summer hiring to go up, or stay about the same as last year. but just because the jobs are out there doesn't mean your teenager will look for one. teen work force has been dropping since the 70s. what's that say snow there is a lot of foiled brats out there -- spoiled brats? >> we had the great recession right, of 2009? >> yes. >> and the economy is recovering. certainly the numbers have shown that. but still there could be some let argue i out there. >> come on, get to work. >> the site that sells everything from toilet paper to toys, can now send you romantic get away. amazon expanding its travel service on line dubbed amazon destinations the latest effort by the e commerce site to bolster its service. the travel service office deals on hotels, get awaits, in three metro areas. they are: los angeles new york and seattle and you
5:27 am
know surrounding regions of those major metropolitan hubs. >> is that a romantic get away see at snell. >> it is beautiful there when the sun's out. it is absolutely stunning there in the puget sound area. still ahead two men jump on subway tract. they try to help a nan wheelchair who had fallen over the edge. this truly incredible rescue, you have to see coming up. >> has to be dc. look how clean it is. >> exactly the best metro system.
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>> why the risk every getting the death east is widespread across pennsylvania, good day it is wednesday april 22 2015. hump day and earth day. >> it is earth day sue serio important to teach the kids about recycling and other such things. >> not wasting. >> no. >> our resource. >> he can actually right. speaking every kids? >> yes, bus stop buddy i'm sure he'll have some green lessons in school today. he'll also be bringing the umbrella for later on whether we get some thunderstorms. there are few stray showers around this morning we're giving you a six out of ten today in your weather by the
5:31 am
numbers, and here's the radar picture we are talking about really light showers bucks county z berks county, you'll be getting wed. breezes picking up be prepared for windy afternoon. 6:14 is your sunrise time. and, here's your foxcast for today, high temperature of around 67 degrees there will be some sunshine, in the middle of the day probably around lunchtime, before those thunderstorms fire up. and then, 39 degrees tonight so chilling out big time and we will talk about the chilly temperatures for the rest of the work week coming up in just a few minutes. bob kelly what are you going to start with? >> 53:00; yes we have the accident on the roosevelt boulevard. that's causing a major problem, in northeast philly right now, though, leaving chester county looking good along the pennsylvania turnpike little slow through the work zone there along 202. but an accident, nasty crash
5:32 am
on the roosevelt boulevard, the inner drive closed, in both directions right at ryan avenue. that's right there at gary barbera on the boulevard. so with the boulevard inner drive closed, traffic diverted to those outer drives. so basically the boulevard instead of six lanes we're down to three in both directions. steve keeley on the way we will take you there the minute he arrives otherwise leaving northeast philadelphia we're good to go through the construction zones, the overnight work picked up, and all of the lanes are open at cottman and at girard avenue. an accident northbound on the northeast extension right at quakertown in bucks county, jenny joyce up here with this fire location. point pleasant pike, right near toll gate road. and expect back up on the benny today, only three lanes coming out of the toll plaza heading toward philadelphia. this all went down last night emergency construction in that far right lane. so as you come through the toll plaza all seven lanes will funnel into three coming into philadelphia. once you hit the mid-span, we
5:33 am
go back to four, but this is going to be a problem for our morning rush hour. so either give yourself extra time and go with the benny or head for the walt whitman bridge to connect with i-95 this morning. and route 23, phoenixville, valley forge road, the bridge over pickering creek again that closure went into effect on monday. and it has made things tight for the rush hours because part of the detour route puts all traffic onto 422 where there is already jammed for morning rush hour, chris lauren back to you. >> we continue to follow developing story out of bucks count. >> i firefighters discover man's body inside a burning house, fox 29's jennifer joyce now live at the scene jennifer good morning. >> good morning chris lawyer edge live here at the fire company which is just block from this scene. now, fire officials tell us they don't know how this fire started. and they also don't know why this 58 year old man wasn't able to make it out of his home after the fire and the smoke cleared. that's when fire officials did find his body, skyfox over the
5:34 am
scene last night point pleasant pike, plumbstead township the call was brought in with heavy smoke and fire shooting out of the back of the home. fire crews battled the fire for about an hour, but they say, they didn't discover the man's body until after midnight because there was so much stuff inside the home. the 58 year old was eventually found on the first floor in addition to personal belongings the back of the home also collapsed making it difficult for firefighters navigate the property. >> a loft difficulty. a lot of material inside the house, and a lot of things in the house so, the fire also had a tremendous head start so we had to work aggressively to get ahead of the fire. it is believed the 58 year old victim was the only person home at the time of the fire. the fire remains under investigation, and at this point it is unclear how it all started. lauren, chris? >> all right jenny joyce thanks for the update.
5:35 am
>> 5:34 the time. row home fire broke out overnight 4800 block every 13th street. crews responded to the second floor fire armed 11:30 and had the heavy flames under control, in just about 15 minutes. >> investigating how first grade student brought heroin into a fair hills school tuesday. william cramp elementary school officials say the child was showing off the drugs to other kids, four children were taken to the hospital for evaluation. >> call made to parent making them aware of what happened. school plans to send out detailed letters to parents as well. deer ticks are in every county. >> environmental resources now say the first time the ticks have been found in all 67 counties. the ticks are the primary carrier of lyme disease which can cause fever fatigue headache and joint pain.
5:36 am
pennsylvania has reported the most cases of lyme disease in the nation. >> parents check your kids for particulars also here is the best idea bring your kids inside give them shower, will help prevent transmission of lyme disease. >> scary stuff 5:36. coming up this local girl only in first grade but she is not letting her young age stop her from helping people in need. how she pull off a huge coagulation. >> so cute, so sweet right? plus we'll break down the eagles schedule that was just released and we'll tell you about the unusual dilemma that went into making this decision. here is a hint. lots to do with the pope.
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when we take these tests we don't actually do anything. we use the tutorials. one of the tutorials showed things like
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how to change the background color in an online test environment and it takes time away from learning math and science and english and all the things that i really enjoy learning. they can't do as much because they have to administer this test on the computer. and that's really one of the worst parts of the test. ha, you better have a jet pack under there turtle. tortoise, actually. on your marks, get set...go!
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later road kill. huh, huh. on your left, coming thru! hmm. plot twist. woo hoo! who's your turtle? (huh?) introducing the hair-raising power and performance of the mercedes-amg gt. it's no fairytale. judge the eagles open on the road on monday night in week one. september 14th that's the eagles first game of the season. they play the falcons and their quarterback matt ryan. now, highlights of the schedule five prime time
5:40 am
games, in detroit on thanksgiving. demarco murray faces his former team when the eagles play dallas, in week two. and three of the eagles last four games are at home, all right, the if the aisle hess win, scored son some runs, to the ballpark, freddie gives the phillies lead in the second inning. a two-run homerun. phillies blew that lead, however. and they blew it on error by ryan howard, to the down three-two, ryan howard first homerun of the year. >> that's sports in a minute, and i'm howard eskin. >> the nfl heist the schedule for all of the teams. >> making the eagles schedule? >> yes. >> one person got in the way of it. so they had to change things up. >> not just any old person. no it is all about the pope. because on sunday
5:41 am
september 27th of course the pope will be here to give the papal mass right there along the ben franklin parkway millions are expected to attend the papal mass. soap what would you do if in center city, basically right you had the pope then april cross town tens every thousands every people trying to watch a football game. a mess, right? too much on city services so the eagles are honoring a request from the archdioces to have their game played away that weaken, birds will be in new york, to play the jets. >> aren't you glad you don't have to make a decision on what do we show, who shows what how long do we show in, the game the mass, what do we do? >> oh will be a big issue. still ahead college student dice after taking diet pills. she button line. hear from medical experts about the dangers associated with them. >> plus incredible rescue in the dc metro. how good samaritans were able to save a man in a wheelchair after he falls on to the
5:42 am
tracks. we knew it was dc. look how clean. >> ya. we are bringing in road trip starting with good day and at every newscast throughout the day taking over a town near you. join us this friday in mullica hill new jersey.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> chris murphy going to shreading event. keeps telling to forget people at the parx casino 7:00 to 10:00. bring heavy box he is a strong man, he can handle it. keep your fink he is out of that machine. 7:00 to 10:00. sue. >> electronics, as well for a what you can recycle go to our website >> like big old huge tv's? >> not everything, though. >> what will you do, carry them to big truck oring? why are you going? are you doing the heavy lifting? >> i will find out this morning. 7:00 to 10:00 this morning. >> one week ago finished our taxes, maybe old old things, old records lying around, you don't want the information to get out. but you want to get rid of them. perfect. what do we have coming up later on today? another cold front chillier air behind it. and, yes could fire up few thunderstorms, later on in the day. if you look out to the west of us you see that it is chilly enough in western new york, and northwestern pennsylvania,
5:46 am
to cause little bit of frozen precipitation. don't worry about that here. our concern after 3:00 p.m. is for the possibility of thunderstorms, we just see tiny bit of rain up there in bucks county, this morning. that is about all we can find at the moment. i think it won't be an issue much for the rest of the morning. but now seeing this cold front march across the state. and by about 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon, it starts potentially firing up some thunderstorms, just depends on where you are when those thunderstorms happen. could you get one or maybe not, that's what we call isolated thunderstorms, then you see early tomorrow morning, the possibility of snow again northwestern pennsylvania western new york but it is april 22nd. so normally, we aren't talking about snow. but it just will be chilly, to start the day tomorrow, and friday, and then won't get out of the 50's either day. so enjoy the 66, 67 degrees that we will get today while it is here. 41 degrees mount pocono, 42
5:47 am
allentown, 50 in the city. >> kinds colds now we expect wendy day the other thing you need to know, whip i even when we don't have the thunderstorms, but specially when we do we have the issues with some rain, some thunderstorms this afternoon. and then, that should be it for awhilement looks like nice stretch of dry weather but will also be much cooler than average especially, tomorrow and friday. cool weekend but you should see sunshine both days, bob kelly this is what we call sweater weather. >> sweater weather yes, 5:47. good morning ton a wednesday live look at the ben franklin bridge new construction pattern went into play. >> come out of the toll plaza out of philadelphia, only three lanes open some
5:48 am
emergency work that went into effect. indefinately now leaving south jersey we have quick traffic jam, all nine lanes that far toll plaza going into only three, and then once you make it up to the upside mid-span it opens back up, so give yourself extra time coming into philly. big back up on the benny beginning today. updating situation on the roosevelt boulevard, nasty accident now confirmed, it is a fatal crash upper drive closed northeast philadelphia. going outside to our steve keeley, who has made it to the scene of this accident. steve, what can you tell us? i see the crash right behind you there. >> you mean the rest of the northeast philadelphia seeing horrific crashes on this boulevard, this car the worse car i've ever seen. you can easily understand, why this is a fatal crash. soap what you are looking at
5:49 am
that wheel that's the gas cap above the wheel. so the back of the car is gone and the front of the car, i don't even know where the engine is right now but that's the drivers door, and as bad as the rest of the car is the drivers side and seat probably the only thing left somewhat intact and the driver killed. now, we're going to pan to the right. you'll see chevy up there with two people standing outside. i just talked to those folks and she says the passenger told me this guy in this car she said it was a guy passed them flew by them and tried to cut them off. and these people were nice enough to stay here, and be witnesses and cooperate with police. so the police are going to talk to them, get their side of the story. i'll go up and maybe get them on video if they don't mind being on camera. she said this guy driving irradically there is guy paid the price for being road rage err with his life, she said. so the inner bound loops of both directions of the boulevard are shutdown and probably will be for the rush
5:50 am
hour because they have to investigate this fatal crash the accident investigation team has to come here and so here is one of the witnesses now walking by here this guy nice enough to stay here, and explain to the officers what happened when the road and we'll try to find out from him what happened just beforehand. but you have a story here, when it comes to that incident and then you have the traffic story that bob kelly will be following all day, chris lauren because whenever the boulevard is shutdown at least half of it you have got one two three lanes, and each direction so six lanes the inner lanes of the boulevard cross over lanes all shutdown. it will be a traffic headache out here for sure. that pairs in comparison with loss of life. look at the car. you can tell why this was fatal crash. >> yes, absolutely, steve. correct me if i'm wrong that stretch where you're standing right now inner bound lanes or the lanes where you can really pick up some speed. winding road, curve road, i said it is like a highway to cemetery out here.
5:51 am
there are so many roadside memorials for people either getting killed while walking or driving and a lot of times you have people under the influence, and too soon to tell if that's the case. but people just drive too fast here and mike, now the lieutenant governor out here with us when we did story on the boulevard. and he was the one person with a idea to put speed cameras out here, not to generate ticket revenue, but just to do something to try and get people to slow down. because, no matter what police do out here, run radar write tickets, people continue to speed at all hours of the day and this right at the height of the morning rush hour, somebody speeding in the dark. and losing control you can see, you lose control you got treason both side of you and the trees don't move. you can see little bit of bar came off the tree. look at that car it, looks like cruel bled piece of continue foil. >> yes it does, when there is not a lot of traffic volume, i don't even like to drive for that reason. people just crazy on it. steve, thank you. all right officials warn
5:52 am
about the dangers of buying diet pills on line after the death after college student from glands. >> she reportedly died just hours after taking them. >> died april 12th after taking eight diet pills it had explosion i have substance, same explosive as tnt, banned in 1938. the girl's heart broken mother said her daughter was literally burning up from within. doctors say the effect of dmp are devastating. >> i think any parent, any teen should be aware of this, not a drug to ever be tried in any fashion in any sense. >> even as the fda works to regulate in store sales, they say it is virtually impossible to ban their sale on line. officials say there are no benefits to such pills even minimal side effect, such as sweating anxiety difficulty sleeping can all disrupt the bod. >> i 5:52 the time. two men being called heroes by transit officials after they rescued a man who fell off the subway platform. >> yesterday afternoon, man in a wheelchair, unexpectedly
5:53 am
veering off train platforms in washington, two men quickly jump many on to the tracks to help the man. dc metro officials say there were no trans nearby, but the men were dangerously close to the electrified third rail. the man in the wheelchair suffered minor facial injuries. and the other two good samaritans well their injuries are unknown. >> coming up: a local first grader giving back to her community in a big way. the huge donation she is making to those in need.
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>> we will reminds you about shreading event from 7:00 in the 10:00. parx casino come out bring all of your paper that you need to be trashed, safely. local little girl making a big difference, and many people's lives in our area, and only in first grade. six year old mattie made it her new years resolution to raise 20,000 pounds of food. this little girl got inspired to help other after she and her mom volunteered at philabundance last year. so far they've helped donate 15,000 pounds of food in the philadelphia area. mattie even donates her allowance, and portion of her birthday money to help buy some of the food. such big heart for such little girl. still ahead two backyards sliding into the delaware river. now the people living in those homes, may have to move
5:57 am
out. we will tell you more about that plus a fire overnight at home in bucks county, turned deadly. why it took firefighters so long to find the victim. mining alex coming up next.
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this is "good day philadelphia". oh man what a mess, serious accident on the boulevard already bob we will tell you thousand get around this thing. look at that.
6:00 am
that's a live shot. and new this morning bucks county fire crews discover man's body inside burned out home. why it took so long to get inside that house. and a show-and-tell hell. a first grader bridges 14 bags of heroin to school. look at this, kids. four kids ends up in the hospital. how teachers found out what was going on, at that school. also the big news this morning ... the eagles scheduled out. >> should we take road trip on thanksgiving to detroit? >> ya. >> second year in a row for thanksgiving day. >> i think we have the first one this time. >> yes. >> early one. >> so eat dinner after ward. >> before it was early thanksgiving. >> didn't know what to do. >> now we know. >> today's also earth day. >> it is watch are we doing on earth day? >> having shred event. so jenn fred, chris murphy, at parx casino in bensalem. so they'll be there from 7:00 to 10:00. so bring all of your personal information, electronics talking about paper we'll


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