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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 22, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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the gym. >> the hype, we feel about it? working with you? >> really? >> yes. >> just honor to be here. >> it is an honor. look at you. it is an honor. >> yes honor sure. >> oh gosh. >> and you're just living this nightmare. >> listen, i found men to come in and visit with me, okay? you know that yesterday our friend huey dillon, i guess we can call him gossip guy? >> yes. >> he's sitting in the bushes over here, in front of the art museum. >> he wasn't sitting in the bushes. >> oh i think he's crawling on his bell toy get a shot here. this was remember saturday, about 09 degrees? >> o beautiful, beautiful. >> he videotapes this guy total stranger using the stems of the art museum basically, as his own personal gym. >> and then this really,
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everyone started talking about it who is this guy? we have to find out. and now we have. >> well, a lot of women apparently in the area, a lot of men know him introduced us to him. so huey you found him. nicely done. his name is jeff. he joins us right there. hi jeff? >> hi, how are you guys doing. >> welcome. >> thank you shall appreciate. >> nice to meet you. so you know that you're called now the art museum hotty. >> that's awesome. i prefer huey beat. >> so were you really in the bushes? >> no shooting the clean air council, the run and i live right nearby, and i see things on the art museum stills, i got the car remember, last year? and i got shredders then i see the beast up there at the top. i see people working out there all the time. but he is doing amazing routines and one of them was so amazing he's pushups with bear hands and then he didn't stay still.
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he jumps up to the next step. >> well we have that footage. if we play this whole thing out, you see him doing one hand pushups and then jumps all the way up the stairs. i hope -- >> what do you call those jeff? >> i call those basically elevated burden of proof burden of proof. burpees. >> it is awful. >> you make it look easy, though i have to say. >> oh whatever you call it, it is working. >> now you're running up the stairs okay. so how long do you spend like do you come here often and do that? >> i do. me and my group of friends usually will come up there. we work out for maybe about two hours. couple guys from california and i we moved here, what actually ended up happening is we decide to kind gulf to this lifestyle being outside and enjoying the sun in philadelphia because you know how long this winter was. so we're just trying to have a good time, just lots of sun. >> okay. >> did you think though, that -- obviously huey didn't say anything, did you know were you being record in the had you did you find/were you now the beast? >> so aid lot of followers on
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stain gram that actually started contacting me, sending me all of this, hey you're on this article just on philly chit chat. people from new york, from california will like, dude, you are all over. >> i'm like what? so it was really a surprise to me. but it has been great. >> all right let's got the details on this guy. let's get back to this shot of jeff if we will. by the way spelled geo? >> yes, british. >> geoff. >> okay. >> geoff. >> british and mexican. >> all right being look into this camera. give a look from all of the ladies. so camera three or something? close up? oh okay. >> and answer these questions. >> your mother is from britain? >> no. >> grandmother from britain. grandmother on the other side mexican. >> mexican. so british and mexican. >> good combo. >> all right. where did you grow up? >> grew up in ft. washington, pa so upper dublin township.
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>> high school? >> upper dublin. >> age. >> twenty-seven. >> your sign? >> libra. >> single. >> and that's the other thing looking, always looking for my single girlfriends and -- >> oh my goodness. >> so i said oh, looking for his name and see if he's single and hook him up. >> are you truly sing snell. >> i am indeed. >> yes. >> great. >> single for how long? how long have you been sing snell. >> oh you guys are doing your job. i don't know. >> so you're looking for love is that correct what you are saying? >> you know, when it comes to love you. >> said we do our job right f we find someone for you will you go out on a date with them? >> observe pushing this on me. >> pre screen? >> sure. >> ya sure. >> is there a type that you are looking snore. >> i like athletic, friendly very social people. >> straight or gay? >> straight. >> straight. >> okay. >> and where should everyone see you next? when are you working out again on the art museum steps?
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>> every saturday and sunday usually i'm there. anywhere from 9:00 to 12:00 or 1:00. >> you will you'll be mobbed. >> it will be extra crowded this week. >> so can we have three over here? apparently we don't have the footage of the one arm thing. so just real quickly. >> so you can display this so we can see it. >> you can do a one arm push up? one arm push up, sure ya. >> sure? >> what was the burpee called? >> up the stairs. so kind of staggered because you're going up, so every time you go down, you're doing a push up. up the stairs. so usually just pop back up. what i am ' doing is i'm popping to the side and up. >> i notice that. >> that's what was so amazing. anyone a lot of people do work out there but when i saw him do this, and then jump up, i've never seen that either. that's very inspirational too. i'll start working out tomorrow. >> all right let's do this. >> let's get sue serio over here. let me hold your jacket for you. >> sure. >> jacket?
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>> oh. >> just trying to get him to take off his shirt. you're terrible. >> terrible. >> shirt on? >> oh, i think that's a lint. >> pre appreciate your effort, mike. appreciate them. >> al next. >> oh don't don't put this on me. >> okay. >> so we will use this camera. >> so what you'll do usually like you'll pretend i'm going upstairs here. >> that's planning. >> just a normal position plank. so what you do is pop sideways. up the stair. >> like a frog. >> now, do a one-arm push up. >> one arm turn up. so oh, what in the world? >> ya. >> look at that. >> i don't want to show him up sue. ya that's a typical thing we'll do. a lot of burpees and we do it fast where we come from. so pop down. pop right back up. >> my gosh. >> so i go down.
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i pop sideways. >> oh my gosh. >> sure you do. get down and do a push up here. al next. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, okay. >> have you ever done this? >> probably do it. >> here we go. >> wait. okay. >> i'll hold you. >> okay go. >> oh, my gosh! >> oh, yes. oh the countdown cow bell. >> you're great. appreciate it. >> are you on twitter? >> i'm on twitter. >> do you want to put up the handle. >> instagram fears peers. >> bathroom selfie guy? >> oh, wow. >> oh ya, we did little digging. we did little digging. >> dow. >> you're good. >> good job man. good to meet you. >> nice meeting you. we'll keep you updated on the response. >> yes. >> because we're already getting lot of tweets. so yes. you're now the beast from now on. >> good luck, my man. that's the beast.
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>> inspires you don't it. >> i need to go running. >> at some point this dude is going to be on this list avenue feeling. today big reveal. i feel we are about to announce people magazine most beautiful person in the world. >> oh, okay. so the past holders include academy winners luke pio gwyneth paltrow 2013 so, lauren johnson? >> do we have an answer yet? >> we do, not jeff, the hotty sitting next to alex. it is ready get ready? >> red. >> i it is sandra bullock. >> what? >> i mean, that's great but what? >> why is everybody saying that? i think she steadier selves. -- deserves t why is -- mike? >> beautiful inside and out. >> her reaction to it was that's ridiculous. i've told no one. she tells people magazine of the modest mom. said she finds more butte any her role as mother to five year old lewis her son. she tells people real butte is
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he quiet. be a good person, be a good mom. the magazine writes about her little guy was clueless what she does, he thinks she an astronaut talks about carpools play dates deep conversations with him credit healthy living and eating for helping her stay bald and grounded. so the ooh year old oscar winner has an upcoming role as a super villain in the upcoming movie minon. for little lou us. >> most beautiful woman. >> okay. >> you know, it is a real public cyst war, too with people magazine. >> really? >> this time of year. trying to get them in, you know into the magazine, being the most beautiful. good choice. mother 50 years old that's cool. >> time magazine continues to celebrate those on their most influencial list. >> this is the hottest party one of the host it parties in new york city every year. it is the big gala that they have it was last night. this comedian, amy schumer.
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>> she suffer where. in a new movie out now too. that was the red carpet last night in new york city. so amy ends up, this is after she pretends to fall in front of kim and cam ya on the red carpet. so she takes a fall right in.of them, kim thought it was kind of funny. kanye not amused. >> ya you can see he's looking like what's going on here. but he was about to perform so maybe like in the zone, you know? >> getting ready? >> yes. >> probably focus on his performance, and there it is. kim shared that instagram picture of her husband in action. kanye is on this year's times most influencial list. he even is one of the five cover models, they put up five issues he's on the cover. one of the most influencial people in the world. >> let's go back to the red carpet. there is a lot of celebrities and public figures. >> high. >> that turned out there. so it was like a loft celebrities, media people,
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they seem tone joy mixing, so lee daniels was there oh, there is misty, on point. >> yes. >> and also a lot of people there. >> sure. >> there is the woman barefoot with her husker i like to watch her food show. >> we talk to lee daniels there. let's hear it. >> really really, really humbled. because this is not hollywood i'm more nervous than i ever have been before at any awards show ever, yes because i'm with real people. not that hollywood isn't real people but you know people that like do stuff that like you know, that i admire not that hollywood doesn't do stuffy don't admire, you know what i mean. >> trying to get him to spill the beans about season two any plot lines of course he wouldn't do that. >> of course, and there with his mother and lee from fill. >> i oh, yes. >> he lives here. nice he can take his mother to. that will how sweet. >> you know what he did say to the interview major character is going to die just like
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last season, but we don't know who it is. >> oh my gosh. well no i like all of the characters on there now. >> but didn't somebody spill the beans and say that they were going to go on, and be killed off? who was it? somebody ran into that teraji, actress, came posted oh so glad you'll be on season two at least for awhile. >> really? >> who was it in very famous actress. >> not sure. but yesterday "tmz" posted the big house they have in chicago, it is for sale, you can glue house, it is amazing. oh my god. just like $15 million. >> you feel like you're in empire. >> you can live that life. >> all right i have a question. we found this new study that says men more competitive than women, would you agree with that. >> we can be pretty competitive, though. >> researchers say men enjoy the competition and the office and see it as a casino of sport. while women they say prefer to be a member of a team, i'm
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a part of a team. they say by and large men felt a compulsion to when even when they didn't have the skills to back it up. >> so women on the other hand tends to prioritize their workload they see overall project win as a personal success. >> our ' like you better get this right. >> i want it to be right. >> ann want to win. >> ann want to win. and nothing wrong with that. >> i found a mother and she is sharing the joyce of motherhood in an instagram account. this woman is interesting to follow. my kids can't eat this. you know how kids will look at a plate of food, and if there is one little thing on it that they don't like they're
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not going to eat anything on the plate. >> no i don't want t so moms can share all of the reasons why their kids have refused to eat the food that's on their plate. here's one. mom mickey says her kid canned eat pickles because it has fork hopes in. while the new one i gave him is happen. >> i then shelly wrote in? >> kids can't eat the spaghetti because of little piece -- >> i can't eat that plate of spake it. >> i talk about picky eaters. jen, when you are cooking at home do you have these kind of problems? of course, killed are spoiled rot on. my kids eat hummus brown rise salmon we go foot new place in suburban square, guys beautiful pizza comes out, rob has this specs of basil, why is there green stuff in here. i can't eat anything with green stuff. this is my favorite.
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landry jane team daddy all day all night. i go to open her up a yoqret. i can't eat. >> this you opened t i wanted dad toy open t like that's a big one. my other favorite? with the feeling every fruit you start peeling a banana, hand it to them to get the party started i can't eat this. you started peeling it. by the way when my children say this later they'll be very upset with me. >> specially my kids, brody will eat brussels sprouts all kind of things traditionally children didn't eat. when he won't eat a pizza because it has basil on it? >> common. >> give me a break. >> you know alex is telling me when she was growing up, if it had an onion any onions on it you won't eat it? >> if they told me there were onions no, i'm not doing t sometimes they would sneak it, i would eat it up, they would say you know there were onions
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in that, and i would be like no! >> rotten rotten, alex, rotten. i remember one time we were at a restaurant brody ate a lot of fish as a little guy. he wouldn't eat this chicken. and because it had again like basil or something like real good roasted chicken. like it is just like fish, baby. it is just like fish. which of course is the opposite of everyone in america who says fish is just like chicken. here is one interest jared the guy in the truck. heist beautiful children rotten and the little guy will only eat boiled hotdogs because if it has grill marks on it, it is dirty. i can't eat this hotdog. it is dirty. >> i can't eat this hotdog. >> and if you've seen them melt down in a restaurant or even at home, it is if you handed them poison. and you're like it is just yogurt that i happened to start opening for you. or the juice boxes i can't you took the straw off. >> jen, that's great. >> had enough. >> you can tell she is really enjoying talking about this.
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>> geez go jump in the recycler. can i say this? over the weekend my granddaughter teddy was in town right? and so she was getting hungry over the please touch museum. and i was told there was a mcdonald's in there. so it was a fake mcdonald's, with plastic hamburgers. then we had to find mcdonald's action wounder here, tenth and market, never been in there. so i go in there. everybody in the place watches good day philadelphia. and they said why don't you come back, we'll take a pick. >> they put to you work? >> i said ill only do this if you have a paper hat. >> and they found one? >> but anyway the reason i bring that up. ted my granddaughter want add hamburger but don't want anything on t just the meat and the bun. then we sit down in the darn place. and she takes one bite and that's it. so you know what i found out? the only reason she wanted nothing there to get a my little pony toy. >> exactly, the toys. i used to do that with my
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grandfather all the time. i went to in mock done recalled a's lake works they ran out. tell them each time i want to go here, no grandpop, we want to go here. he thought i wanted specific things. >> no you wanted the toys. >> toys. >> we get all the way up there, they don't have the toy. they're out. >> so you have to go to the next mcdonald's. >> no my little pony. my saintly daughter jessica has a whole bag of toys with her in her bag in case she starts to fuss. so she goes, wings at me, and she handed me under the table a my little pony, then i go back into the back of mcdonald's get plastic bag, look they found one one last one. she fell for it. >> already lying to her? wasn't the first time. >> certainly not. >> okay. speaking of little characters, we have two big characters, they're very famous, sue. >> jeff tells me that he has a day job.
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what are you? >> indoor air quality product manager. so -- >> see, he is not just dependent on the acting and modeling thing right you're smart, you have job. >> dow. >> do you want to talk about air door air quality? >> sure. we will talk about the pollen count today. and it is high. it is going to be real high. get your air cleaners ready your filter will be just cluttered up. >> we can buy stuff from you? >> yes, yes that's right. >> i do not make house calls. >> here is my address. >> so today thursday, friday, high pollen all throughout the week. >> sound good. >> ya. >> now we take a look at the seven day forecast. real quick. because, we have a surprise for you jeff. did you grow up watching sesame street? >> i did. >> did you like sesame street? >> sure did. >> unbelievable. >> that's grover and elmo. from sesame street. >> childhood dream. >> now i have a show for you to go to, because you can see
9:20 am
grover elmo, all of their friends in a show called make a new friends right? right? this is a limb clip from the show it is live at the liacouras center starting today. and going through sunday. so, what happens is there is a new friend, named chunky from india. and he comes to sesame streetment and everybody learns about a different culture but they also learn, are you ready what we all have in common. so that's what the friends are for? >> seems that way. >> couldn't shall more excited so at the liacouras certain right, elmo, grover, elmo, and it starts today. you can catch a 10:30 show this morning or 10:30 tomorrow and 7:00 p.m. saturday, sunday, all kind of shows, go to get all of the details elmo, jeff and grover, i am the luckiest girl in the world.
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>> worlds are colliding sue. >> vava vroome. >> by the way courtney love who made be on empire and may kill her off. little clutter says a lot about you coming up what a messy room says about your mind. >> but first let's check back on kimberly. we'll check back on her soon. >> she is getting a make over. >> oh yes. dress for success. we are promoting this butte any bloom great thing can't wait to see the finished product.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. @r i% life's the food that brings
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us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. >> my favorite shot of the day where we snow the dirty snow. all right 9:24, at least it's not yellow. >> and at least not fresh. we don't need any more snow. >> no we don't, alex. >> you all right there. >> what's your middle name? >> elizabeth.
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>> oh, yes. >> a letter from somebody watching the show all the time. he want me, bruce gordon to go out start filling up these potholes right? so he went, put together a list of all of the potholes he wants us to take care ofment so can you widen out just little bit. >> how long is this list? >> addresses -- >> oh wow. >> then the print gets smaller and smaller street after street after pothole. >> look at this. >> how many pages is this? look at all of that on that one street. >> you better get bus. >> i just go throughout and get it done. >> thank up, sir. >> and you know, because we were filling potholes live on the show. >> i know. >> so maybe he's trying to help us out here? >> thank you for watching. and help us produce. >> it will take like ten years, and oh, my gosh. >> i'll get on it with bruce this afternoon. okay now, i get trouble all the time, in fact i won time had a news director come to me and say it is time to clean
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off your desk. because we can't see the desk. and we can't see your cubical area. >> wait a minute. when you were cleaning up your desk i asked you why are you cleaning up your desk i said i think it is time. >> no news director came over time to clean it up. this is pathetic. >> oh i should clean midge'sing. >> started to expand, people had to start walking around it. >> yes. >> well trudy not here any more. listen to there is tell the people about the stud. >> i okay. so, first you need to ask yourself are you messy? be honest with yourself. before you answer no, new study shows why being scattered isn't such a bad thing. okay? it means you're brilliant. so we have all seen the show oh! not talking about a case this bad but the idea everything doesn't need a place. they're saying people with messy desks are brilliant mike. >> and so what jim was doing was really messing with my mind. that is my cleaned up desk. >> yes. >> hum.
9:27 am
now you're not brilliant because you have cleaned? >> stupid for the last month. since i cleaned it up. >> so do you have mess it up? >> okay. >> i have some stuff on midge'sing. >> yours is pathetic, too. >> all right. well listen, did you hear bob? ya it is. listen all of those mugs you have on your desk, i know you are not talking about me. >> at least my mugs are organized. >> my desk is organized. in its own way. i know it is organized. >> clean it up, and we both can be stupid. >> okay we will be stupid together. >> i can't believe bob making comments over there. >> high, bob. >> laughing in the corner. all right. oh i will ' take a picture of ureidessing. >> we have to clean this up now. wendy williams is waiting to get on the show. >> yes, we have to talk to her. oh she will be in atlantic sit. >> i yes. >> ♪ ♪
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you know, we have loved wendy williams since she was a dj radio personality, here in philly power 99 back in the the day. do you know she was on broadway too. she has a stint she did in vegas, she will do stand up at borgata this weekend. >> coming to atlantic citiy but the highly of her week is being on "good day philadelphia" with mike and alex. >> hi, alex, hello mayor mike. >> i guess you heard, wendy. >> you will always be my mayor, mike. >> oh my goodness, my gavel is excited. i dent necessity what that means. >> terrible, just terrible. >> that outfit is great. >> dvs, vintage. >> is that a wrapped dress then. >> it is a wrapped continueick. >> listen to you cookie.
9:32 am
>> legins below. >> me too. >> so which night at the borgata. >> well okay it is in the this weekend like you guys said it is actually may ninth at the borgata in atlantic city the venue inn identify is called the music box and doors opened up at 9:00. i must tell you something, i have been push into doing comedy, because i have been told all my life that i'm some sort of funny, and the stuff that i say on tv or when i was in radio is funny but they tell me, they, that it is even funnier when i'm in my house with the wig in the drawer at the kitchen table talking real talk. so this is not, you know, i don't do stand up, i do sit down. i will be sitting down and we will have kitchen table talk, salty language, four letter word and i will go in deep,
9:33 am
deeper then you might have ever heard me because that is how we talk around the kitchen table like we will talk about bruce. i have a projector where i will show you pictures, to outline what i'm talking about during the routine. i will wear something, i'm certainly in the wearing a pencil skirt or a wrap dress. i will wear something, you know,tive rent for you and let's have some fun. may ninth borgata. >> it sound kind of like your show but unsensored totally. >> exactly. >> sign me up. >> exactly. >> that is cool. >> the person on the stage may ninth at the borgata is the same person you see in the purple chair doing daytime talk. difference is there is in fcc there. >> that is why we love the show because you are so real. i cannot imagine then the
9:34 am
realer you are on the show. >> i can get realer. >> you mentioned bruce you might want to punch up apex tour of bruce jenner. did you hear that chris never knew that bruce wanted to transition into a woman that they never talk about it. >> lies. >> i don't buy it either. >> i believe that bruce married chris i think that, you know, mike and alex, for something this drastic you have known these feelings since you were like five years old and you discussed your life and lived your life and tried to mask it with three wife's and six kid but your truth is the light and now he is living his truth and i'm really happy for bruce. i just wish he wasn't doing it on reality tv because i think this is a lot for his kid to handle. like i said he had six but youngest one is a 17 year old
9:35 am
drop out messing around with a 25 year-old rapper with a child. do you want your 17 year-old dating a 25 year-old with a child? >> no, no. >> and dropping out of high school. >> wendy can i get you to do one more hot topic before we have to let you go because the the surrogate in this situation is from the philadelphia area. i'm talking about sherry shepherd, a judge said now that she has to support the child that they had with the surrogate that she doesn't really want. >> i'm gagging. >> yeah. >> i don't know whether to cry or to just walk off the set, like really. you know it is early it is only 9:35. it is early. i haven't gotten a chance to look at the blogs. you are telling me something new so sherry shepherd has to support, according to the judge a child that she
9:36 am
doesn't want. >> because her ex-husband wants it and is caring for that child. >> and is lemar working. >> no. >> he cannot support. >> no, no. >> lemar comes off as a bum. >> it doesn't look good it looks like he manipulated this. >> and sherry, unfortunately, i think did not have her clear eyes in hooking up with this guy and then, marrying him. >> i have a plan now for may ninth and that is to see you at the borgata. >> we would love that. >> okay no, we will talk, okay. >> we will meet you there. >> wendy unsensored. >> and we will all see new 20 minutes on the wendy williams show. i love her. love her. >> she's so great. all right. is jen still recycling, shredding. >> yes she still has cars lined up, look the at that line. >> i want like when i i want
9:37 am
to wear my puffy coat that i wear on tv. >> we are at parx casino. 7:00 to 10:00. we are almost done for time. we are shredding and recycling and we will talk to one of the big shots at cat seen owe about all of their community events they are a great sponsor of fox 29. and we are dressing kimberly, and says that we will have a review pretty soon. >> there she is. >> thanks love.
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9:40 am
so we are a couple of hours in and... >> i'm reading these texts about the hot guy. women are changing, they are not going to the gym, they are
9:41 am
going to the stairs and steps. >> i bet you on saturday there will be a large crowd at the art museum. >> yes. >> can i cook, can i clean i'm good with kid. >> you know, in the background when we punch up this shot at the parx casino, people procrastinate, look at the line of the cars out of the parking lot into bensalem. >> oh, my gosh. >> real quick hot guy works out at the cross fit in south philly. i have it on good authority. seriously my friend is a trainer there she knows him. we are here with mark a big shot at parx casino chief marketing officer. we are so happy to have you as one of our sponsors. this is a great event for the community. >> we love doing it. thanks for bringing it up here today. earth day is critically important day important for people to you you know unclutter themselves and get rid of waste in an easy way. this is a great thing to do. we have space to do it to make it easy for you all.
9:42 am
>> you are interested in getting involved in big events in the city of philadelphia bike raza monk them. coming up it is derby day and you you do stuff where families can come out in the an adult only event. >> casino building is for adults. you have to be 21 and older to go in. parx racing right next door is opened to families and on kentucky derby day coming up a week from saturday may second, we will have many, many different funny familiar activity the in the picnic grove. we will have food and drinks for sale. you can bring out your own picnic basket, watch horse racing live. watch the card on churchill downs and watch carnival type things for kid to do and fans, radio stations and various stations. >> i'm in i'm sold. >> started as a race track and built into a casino, when pennsylvania approved gaming. >> look at the line, how cool. >> people from wiggins shredding have been amazing,
9:43 am
electronics people. thank you so much, parx casino. it is a glorious day. >> do you see the the even of the line or not. >> do you see that guy standing there. when we started guys there were three cars. new there is what 30. >> if you perfect in that line, they will stay and shred until the line is gone, so hang in there everybody. we have been waiting for this morning, kimberly, she's all made up. she had her make over. this is what she looked like at 8:45. when we come back we will show you kimberly dressed for success.
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i'm so excited i got a sneak peak of kimberly. we introduce you to kimberly torres. she was our dress for success recipient. she has been getting beautified by the glam squad wonderful mother of three she has gone through a ten week program with dress for success. we want to make sure she looks wonderful confident and now it is time for the the the big reveal are you ready? here she is, kimberly. my goodness. you look fabulous. how do you feel. >> wonderful good wonderful. oh, my gosh. turnaround lets take a look at this. wonderful. i love this. we have our glam squad here. please you are hair. >> yes i'm jennifer for hair. >> and i'm monica. >> and let's start with the
9:47 am
hair. you told me when i first met my hair used to be really long. they have cut it. they have decided to do a shorter cut. >> on monday he came in and kim's hair was 10 inches longer than what it is. i wanted to lift it up. she was so overpowered. i just gave her a ambler glaze to bring out her green eyes because her natural color is beautiful to start. >> do you like the hair. >> i love the hair. >> pony tails would be shorter but it looks owe good. >> let's talk make up. >> well, i did make up, natural, so i used my liner and i used the aerosol spray so it is a natural mask. i used a bronzer like. >> well, you are a natural beauty, kimberly. >> everybody talking about your eyes. you have beautiful eyes. we have to talk about the the the clothes. i love this.
9:48 am
>> this is a suit from elej ahari has put out beautiful suits this season. it is a summer suit it has venting on the side. kimberly can wear this now or into the the fall. it is a great look for work. on the weekend if she wants to pair this back to i pair of jeans she can make it casual too. >> show this jacket. i think side. >> yes, they are venting on the side. it is a little sheer. so it is really a fun piece on the suit you cannot go wrong with the pencil skirt. >> no, it fits perfectly. kimberly has a great figure underneath what she was wearing. she was easy to dress. >> can we show the before really quickly and show the of afghan so people can see kimberly before and after. >> no. >> kim wherely, either way you look gorgeous thank you.
9:49 am
>> thank you so much. we are about to show it. >> split is. >> here we go, side by side here before and after. kimberly show us your little model will walk here. all right girlfriend. >> do a turn. >> we are so happy for you this is great. thanks so much ladies. the event thinks sunday at a one hotel machine co boot any bloom. well kylie jenner speaks out she seems horrified by challenge that is sweeping social media. i had someone tweet me saying they have tried to do this lip swelling challenge, to look like, look at this, kylie jenner. what the the real hi star is saying what she want teens to know, up next.
9:50 am
a part of what standardized tests don't measure, very frankly they don't measure the diligence, the potential passion of a student. so it's really a measure of how adept you are to working out a problem quickly. but what if you're brilliant and it might take you twenty minutes, but you can figure out something if you were just given time to do it and show real brilliance. is that a real measure of ability and intelligence? what you can do in one minute on a problem? get out of here.
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on twitter people have been asking for details of mulika. >> for our spring fling. okay. so jen fred ape iain page will be at amish farmers mark, they will be going to different locations. go to the amish farmers mark and they will be moving around good they will there been by 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning on friday. >> yes we want to sees through . >> then, of course, in the evening, starting at 5:00, get there at 5:00 we will be at the blue plate restaurant. >> i know this. >> it will be you mike bob kelly and scott williams and we will start dancing in the street. we will go down main street. if you want to see everybody come to the blue plate restaurant at 47 south main treat in mulika. >> the main drag is right there outside the restaurant good if you have been seeing our other locations we are having fun. do not miss this. >> man did we have a good time at that place in lansdale, on friday.
9:54 am
>> barbecue and whiskey,. >> it went into the evening after we went off the air. >> it was great. >> on a friday afternoon. >> again, friday all day long, mulika, spring inning. >> so kylie jenner let's remine everybody what she showed yesterday. there is this thing on the internet especially young girls, teens are putting shot glasses on their lips to look like 17 year old kylie jenner. she's plumped up her lips somehow. >> you put your lips in that bottle hold split and pop it off. >> it looks painful. it does. >> doctors say it is can be dangerous so stop doing this. >> i was wondering has kylie seen it. >> she has seen it and responded. >> apparently she's saying she doesn't want anyone to copy her. i'm in the here to try tone courage people or young girls to look like me or think this is the way they should look. i want to encourage young girls like me to be herself and in the be afraid to experiment with your look.
9:55 am
experiment with your look. >> i think she's trying to down play this whole thing get the kid to stop doing it because all she need is for somebody to get hurt and it will come back on her. >> yes. >> this is a great photo probably a bad idea to invite rihanna to your wedding because no matter what the photographs look like, everybody is going to go to rihanna. >> so true. >> but her best friend, they canned her to be in the wedding, her assistant too. they are saying she upstaged her for this big day. so this was a tropical wedding on monday, and she wore a lavender, dress daytime ceremony and then she posted a pick of her walking down the aisle right making net of the day on 4/20. >> that is not the bride. they got to choose these bright colors. most of them were purplish in hugh. kit cat. >> group pictures.
9:56 am
>> do you have the the the front shot. >> there is a group picture of them on the beach, and there is a wedding party. everyone is saying rihanna is in the center. >> when you see it, bride is in the enter. >> here's the thing. >> if you want to look at it go on the internet to look at it. >> if you look closely, the bride is in white and she's in the background and if you look over to the right there is a photographer taking a single picture of her, so while they are taking a single picture they had bride made take another photo the owe just bride made. >> all eyes honorary hanna. >> true. >> nice of her to go. >> i would like to invite rihanna to my wedding. >> when is the wedding. >> i don't know. >> let me know when you figure that out. >> i will. >> royal waiting game now that prince william is on paternity leave. they are preparing for their a arrival of baby number two. >> oh. >> duke and duchess of cambridge moved back to kensington palace just a few minutes from the private saint a marry's hospital where kate
9:57 am
will give birth for a second time. william completed his first phase of pilot training. six weeks off and return to work june their. so she's due saturday so it is coming. >> this saturday this saturday. >> and thone next wednesday is couple's fourth wedding anniversary, maybe they can hold off until anniversary that would be cool. >> to have a child on your anniversary. >> yes that would be nice. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i don't know why i'm doing that. >> you are either. >> since i have clean up my desk, i'm a complete idiot. >> does that mean i can leave my desk messy. >> you will stay brilliant. >> one of us have to be brilliant. >> by the way, have you heard from jes yet. >> no good a lot of woman are tweeting about jeff and saying he is so nice looking. >> they have already pictured somebody posted a picture of the two of you together. >> my goodness. he will have his pick of the town now.
9:58 am
>> really. >> we will have to see how that goes. have a great wednesday everybody. b@ discover brookside and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before.
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