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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  April 27, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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4:00 o'clock new overnight international help is now on the way to the people in nepal following will that deadly earthquake, this is as rescue workers desperately search for survivors. plus we are looking live at how local families are reacting to the news of this massive quake. back here at home charges are expected a after police say a mother of four left her children lock inside of the basement of their homes. why she left them there for more than 12 hours. take a live look outside on this monday morning, we will see mostly dry conditions today but few spotty showers possible this afternoon. all details coming up. good day it is monday april 27th, 2015 this week will close out the the month of april. >> yes. >> pretty quickly we've gotten through first four months
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here. >> yeah. >> bob kelly, good morning to you. >> how was your weekend. >> i have a little bit of the bug. at first i thought it was something i ate until i walk in the studio and found out three or four of us here all have kind of that same stomach bug. i'm feeling better. unfortunately sue arrow is feeling under weather so we will do traffic and weather together. is there your ultimate doppler not bad after a gorgeous day yesterday, we are off to a pretty good start this morning. nothing in the air. no problems at all as you roll out the front door this morning. so we have some clear skies little will chill. i wore jacket. getting ready to dress the kiddy would do the same. 48 degrees wind 6 miles an hour, sun will pop out at 6:07. here's what to expect. morning sun included will roll in after lunchtime maybe a stray shower in there if you are heading down to the phillies game later on tonight and then it will be 47 cloudy skies little windy rolling through overnight and we will
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check seven day forecast coming up the next time around. get ready to step out the the front door out of the parking spot out of the driveway we are in good shape as well except for this spot, crews working downtown on the vine street expressway, construction, they are actually changing the light bulbs on the traffic signs right here on the westbound side of the vine, between 95 and the schuylkill. how many guys does it take to go ahead, how many penndot guys does it take to take a light bulb. >> one in the bucket and five guys standing like this. i passed it. i have the blinking arrows. coming into center city just be aware of it. good morning to northeast philadelphia, no problems up and down i-95 out of the northeast. 422, we have one lane down between stowe and route 100 but otherwise good to go coming into king of prussia and mass transit running with no delays. chris and lauren back to you. more than 3200 people are
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dead, so the death toll is expect to rise from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that truck nepal. >> in the after the math, after shocks are raising fears of further hindering rescue efforts. the rescue teams now are focused honorary mote villages that they are having trouble getting to. many roads are cut off by land slides. the it destroyed many holder neighborhood in katmandu the the capitol of nepal and now you resident are without power and water and many are forced to live outside in tents. around the world people are react to go that devastation we just saw including right here at home. >> some locals with ties to nepal are watching as everything unfolds in that country. the fox 29's jennifer joyce is live with how locals are doing to help in the aftermath hi, jenny. >> good morning, guys. the family, owners of the persian grill they got word that the family is okay. they have a quick ten minute phone call to alert them everyone is safe. their home is not.
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they owned the persian grill in lay fey yet hill. they are concern about their family's well-being after the the quake but all nepal people. they have been setting up relief jar and collecting donations. they are donating a portion of the profit over the next month and they are planning a fund raising dinner on thursday and a remembrance walk. >> connecting with the government directly and all of the donation will go to the government so they can be allocated where ever they need it. >> i think there is no food, there is no water to drink. they are living outside. when i go to bed i think how can i sleep? >> reporter: this family survived the quake their home didn't. neighbors building collapsed on to their property. tell live in the katmandu where historic monuments and temples are flattened. dust from the collapsed properties are making people sick and is there a lack of
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food water general resources that people need. if you want to top by they are having a fundraiser and they have a relief jar here to stop in and donate a few bucks. lauren and chris. one of those killed is a new jersey native 29 year-old marisa eve girawong was working for a medic as a mountain company at everest base camp. she went to high school in he had on, new jersey and graduated from rutgers, university. if you would like to help the the victims you can donate to the red cross. we have put a lincoln my fox the just click on the scene on tr tab. a philadelphia mother is facing serious charges after police say she lock her kids in the basement of her home. >> four kid were lock up for more than 14 hours this weekend before they were finally rescued. fox 29's steve keeley live from the philadelphia police special victims june witt more details from this. so has the mother been charged with anything yet. >> this generation of parents
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cannot treat their kid like maybe they were treatedded and often when reporting from the special victims unit here when bad kid do real bad things a lot of criticism is aimed at parents not knowing where their kid are or what they are up to or not disciplining those kid enough beforehand. well this case may be the other ex-dream criticism and crime maybe even taking discipline just too far. angry over a daughter thought to be taking some money the i can is will mom investigated for punishing all four kid two girls and two boys between nine and 13 by locking them down in the basement saturday into sunday, two hours total until firemen climbed through a window to let them out a after oldest used his cell phone to use 911a have being left with in bathroom food or water and place that is not exactly a nice finish basement but dark, dirty basement without much ventilation and zero comforts of home upstairs. >> the firemen put a ladder up against the the house.
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they climbed up the ladder, went through the window, opened the door out and let the kid out on the basement. it seemed like they were like, they were covering their face. it seemed like they were embarrassed and scared. really honesty we're all really shock. it doesn't seem like something like she would do. >> like i started crying. i was like what type of person does this to their kids. that is not the a type of punishment you do. >> she's a single mom, going to school, work trying to support her kid. the it is very hard for a mother to do that. so i think that it just caught up with her. >> reporter: police haven't said so far where they eventually found the mother when she wasn't home at first before bringing her here to the special victims unit. not to reunite face-to-face with her kid but first, also brought here like the kid likely to face four charges of endangering, taking maybe tough parenting a bit too far here in kensington.
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>> do you think? all right, steve keeley, thank you sir. at 4:08. police are promising more arrest following a brawl inside septa station. police arrested andre bodniak that involved students from the video. eighteen year-old taking in custody sat the day morning facing charges. fight happened last tuesday at the spring garden station on the broad street line. investigators still looking at this video to identified others involved in the fight. more than months after police say teenager killed a man walking his dog the community gathered again to remember him. last night african episcopal church of saint thomas in overbrook celebrated and remembered james stohlman, three teens are charge in his death. stohlman was walking his dog when police say he was rob shot and killed just a block a away from his home. that community is standing behind his family the the best way that they can. >> let us remember james our neighbor friend and loved
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one. let's celebrate his life, mentalry, legacy, and support his family because that is who we are. we are over brook. >> prosecutors charged two, 15 years old boy both overbrook high school students, and adults for murder. third faces robbery and conspiracy charges. two women were killed in the crash in gibbstown, new jersey. sky fox over i295 off of gibbstown road and greenwich township sunday morning. just continue gonzales and keisha were ride in the gray acura that struck a guardrail and got stuck. another woman was riding in the back seat. she survived. new jersey state police are trying to determine how the white lexus they found facing the wrong direction was involved in this. >> the two people in that car were also hurt. >> just crazy. you know i don't know, if speed played a factor or not
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but just scary to think about it. >> it is just a terrible thing for sure. my condolences out to their family. >> new jersey tait police interest rude witnesses and haven't yet decided if charges should be filed in this case. a drexel university law school professor speaks out the a few weeks after mistakenly sending a pornographic e-mail to her student. >> can you imagine? she said she's mortified by her orr. professor lisa mche will roy a addressed her mcstays. she called it trivial and criticized tabloid journalist. earlier this month mcelroy sent her class an article about writing legal briefs but it contained a pornographic video. at the time drexel did investigate but acknowledge the e-mail was a mistake. u.s. supreme court set to hear argument on the controversial issue of same sex marriage. arguments and potential outcome is coming up. plus a sailing event turns tragic when a powerful storm hits number of people
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rescuers are searching for right now.
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and just like that the snow is gone. and parkas become jackets. and sweaters go down for a long nap. and off you go. and your backyard gets a whole lot bigger. and you're running... and climbing... and your gear gets lighter and trimmer, and fitter and smarter. and now every frozen second spent willing this day to come is just a warm fading memory. ♪
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listen to bob kelly i'm usually knowing the music. >> i don't know this one. i knew the song. >> but bob kelly knows it too. >> yes. mccoy, in mccoy mccoy.
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>> i'm giving you full credit. >> we're clueless. >> we would do this at the geeter dance parties. >> yes. >> where is jerry. >> wake him up. >> good morning everybody. good morning everybody. waking up. it is a chilly start. nothing on radar. we are looking good at 4:13. no cloud in the skies dancing around bedroom getting ready but chilly start this morning. here's the temperatures. wow. thirty-nine in mount pocono. chilly 40 for the gang there in pottstown. men south jersey a wildwood, waking up, look at this high 30's here in atlantic city and 48 in philadelphia getting ready to step out the front door you may not have used that jacket yesterday with all that sunshine but the kid will definitely need jack tote day. wind will be the issue as we roll through the day. right now wind are calm but that is all going to change as we roll in the later part of the this a afternoon. so the wind will play a factor and that will dip the
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temperatures down. look at the temperature dip here over last couple days. do you remember last monday 76 degrees and then a roller coaster ride where we dip down thursday, friday, even though it was sunny on saturday we only had a high of 58. yesterday popped up to about 64. so our seven day forecast kind of looks like this getting ready to step out the front door. we have sun this morning. turn to cloud by later this afternoon, high of 62. tomorrow, sun returns but you will feel the wind, and it the will get up to 69 degrees tomorrow and then wednesday looks like the the nice one chris murphy, t time on wednesday there you go, sunny and nice at 74. >> i know that is a day. >> and then thursday is wash out, rain on the way, 65 and as we look further in the weekend not bad it the looks like saturday sunday could be nice but we will play with that when we get there traffic time getting held toy step out the front door, not bad at all. we had work crews outside on
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the vine expressway schuylkill looking good looking live at montgomery drive. crew where is sweeping off the the shoulder there out along the ramps from 202 to the schuylkill expressway. a live look at 42 freeway in, problems or delays at all coming from south jersey. they have been working on the turnpike all night long crews between philly bensalem and willow grove down to one lane in spots. they are working in both directions on the main line here east/west turnpike and they are working north and south between mid county and lansdale. that closure of route 23 valley forge road still with us. all that extra volume pushed on to 422 during the the morning and evening rush hours and then coming in on the the benny yep still there only three lanes coming out of the toll plaza and head into downtown that right lane blocked with construction. the a as we go for a ride schuylkill expressway leaving south philadelphia in problems a at all as we role through center city. the mass transit looking good as well.
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4:16. this monday morning. at head of the president obama my keepers task force will atoned the funeral for freddie moore. he died from a spinal cord injury a week after being taken in police custody. the 25 year-old was in the secured in the seat belt in the police van but just what happened to him right now is very much unclear. that has sparked protests, looting and arrests. mourners urged the public to stay calm. >> we cannot and let not a minority incendiary individual exploit the the honorable intention of those trying to exercise their rights. >> we commit and i know the mayor joins me in this to a new normal: a normal where people are a arrested for just cause and follow, police follow the rules. >> last night protesters set fire to cars and some cases attacked police officers. it doesens were arrested over
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the the course of the weekend. trial starts foreman accused of killing 12 people in the crowded colorado movie theater. twenty-seven year-old james holmes entered not guilty by reason of insanity. he is accused of opening fire in the in midnight showing of the dark night rises almost three years ago. the jury was select from what may be the largest pool in u.s. history, 9,000 perspective jurors. among men and with men deciding holmes fate a survivor of the columbine massacre. debate over same sex marriage heads to the u.s. supreme court this week. >> starting tomorrow justices will consider whether same sex couples have a constitutional right to marry a and if states can define marriage between a man and a woman. fox's kelly wright has a preview. >> reporter: all eyes will be on the u.s. supreme court this week as justices take up the issue of same sex marriage. on tuesday the high court will hear extended arguments on cases from kentucky michigan ohio and tennessee. the those states had gay marriage bans upheld by a
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federal appeals court back in november. >> i think the cases out to be decided 9081 the way the decisions should be made. it send a mess a age that this country does not tolerate discrimination. >> reporter: during argument justices will consider two related issues. the first do states have the the right to define marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman. if so, do they have to recognize valid same sex marriages from elsewhere. >> i think it is a little bit unpredictable. i think they could continue to jeff deference to the states but i do think we will have to clearly recognize what happens in another state. >> reporter: number of states where same sex marriage is legal has grown rapidly over the last few years with 36 states and the district of columbia passing laws to allow it but despite this opinions still widely vary. >> we stand with millennial
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experience that the union between man and a woman sacred union of marriage is the cornerstone of society. that is where kid learn to be citizens. >> i'm confident that these people wille what the majority of americans have come to see which is when we end discrimination when we end exclusion families are helped and in one is hurt. >> reporter: supreme court is expect to issue its ruling by the end of june. kelly wright, "fox news". 4:20. coastguard is searching for five people missing in the waters off alabama after a storm capsized several sail boats competing in a regatta one person was found dead saturday. second was found sunday morning. regot the a which happened near mobile bay included more than one hundred sail boats and 200 people but authorities say not all of the missing people were participating in that regatta. secretary of state john kerry and his iranian counterpart will meet face-to-face for the first time since they laid out a framework for nuclear deal. kerry and iran's foreign
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minister will meet in new york city where they are participating in the u.n. conference on nuclear non-proliferation treaty. they tried to complete a comprehensive agreement by the end of the june. earlier iran and world powers sealed a break through agreement after months of negotiations outlining limits on iran's nuclear program to keep it from being able to produce atomic weapons. president obama welcomes japan's prime minister to the white house this week. the japan prime minister will visit washington on a official visit where he and the president are expect to discuss a wide range of topics, which include climate change and japan's world in the transpacific partnership. he will be the first japanese lead turra dress a joint session of congress. later this week the prime minister will travel to los angeles and to san francisco. 4:21 is the time. coming up a local teen has set up a new rubix cube record how long it took him to complete the puzzle. >> complete it, i can't even
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do that. >> i can't either.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. phillies have won a series. phillies took two out of three from atlanta lets go to citizens bank park and take a look first inning ryan howard for the the second time in two days hits a home run, this one a three run home rupp. phillies win the game
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five-four over atlanta ryan howard may be finding a hitting stroke but asked if he was seeing more fast balls. >> am i seeing more fast balls? man, you guys make a big deal out of everything. >> we have a lot of free time. >> unbelievable. i don't really think about that stuff. obviously you guys do. i don't really think about that too much. right now for me i just am trying to go up there and simplify things as i see it. >> that is bologne by the way. phillies may be getting lucky to trade a team for cole hamels. st. louis lost adam waynewright for the rest of the season. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. is there a new world record holder in our area and he is in high school. >> so what record did he break? solving a rubix cube faster than anyone else. take a look...
4:26 am
>> what? >> world record. >> 5.25 seconds. that is all it took for 15 year-old colin burns to solving the rubix cube. >> he is a freshman at west high school. he competed at world cuba so competition in doylestown over the weekend. colin was crowned the u.s. national champion last summer as a first mesh to hold the world record since 2006 with a time of 10.48 seconds was posted. he basically has that time unbelievable. i'm old enough to remember when the rubix cube came out in 1980 and invented in 1947 by ernest rubix an hungarian inventor. >> i never did that either. >> everyone the at school was
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all doing this stuff. i was the worst kid. i just gave up. >> you do the baseball. >> yes. >> get that over here. >> i don't know how. >> take him to the casino. >> how about that doylestown a world record. coming up bruce jenner shares his story in a powerful interview. most compelling moment we will tell what you these were. hollywood and washington mixed this weekend. we will take you to some of the night's best action including the president. really good jokes.
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the death toll in nepal continues to rise following this weekend's devastating earthquake and hitting close to home. and clinton administration acknowledges mistakes. how the organization plans to fix the problems they found. lets go live outside right the now we're expecting warmer temperatures this week. all of the details straight a head. good day everyone it is monday april 27th 2015 nice to have warmer temperatures because you had an event right there in eakins oval about 7:00 for registration and you you were freezing. >> everyone was freezing. >> yes. >> what was that for again. >> sandy rollman ovarian cancer foundation. >> that is a mouthfuly took diamond with me.
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>> yes. >> see her in the blue coat because everybody one was supposed to wear blue. she was shivering the entire morning. the it was freezing. everyone was out there lets just go run. >> you say diamond is a girl's best friend. >> hey. >> give us a moment. >> hey. >> hey. >> good morning everybody. definitely chilly even though unwas out all weekend long, so gorgeous yesterday that chillies going to remain with us over next couple of days. i'll show new a second. radar looking good no problems at all. forty-eight right now, definitely a chill in the air. make sure you grab jacket and make sure kid are bundled up as well. that light jacket, because again we're not into that summertime temperature just yet. sunrise 6:07. today 62 degrees, morning sun leading to afternoon cloud. maybe a stray shower for later on today as we roll into this
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evening down to 47 tonight. the included will stay with us. then the wind is going to play a factor big time tonight into tomorrow night. as i mentioned here's radar looking good right the now a warm up and some rain in the seven day. i'll have have details on that coming up next time around. lets check traffic conditions as we get ready to step out of the front door, no problems at all on the schuylkill expressway looking good, coming into or out of center city philadelphia. this is i-95 right here near stadium area joint was jumping with the phillies at home. we had a big lacrosse championship at ppl park. new jersey 42 light volume. off to a good start for a monday morning as we go for a fly here. thirty-nine miles an hour on the atlantic city expressway and in problems working your way in toward philadelphia a and again, we have a construction zone in bellmawr. coming from king of prussia double five's around conshohocken curve.
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no problems up and down 476 this morning. same deal working your way down to 295 and through bellmawr just watch for traffic patterns get shuffled around here working your way in the work zone. speaking of work zones they are working on the pennsy turnpike a couple spots between philadelphia bensalem and willow grove until 6:00 o'clock. otherwise mass transit looking good with no delays. chris and lauren back over to you. rescue following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and death toll continues to rise. more than 36 hub people have been confirmed dead. and, they were in the capitol of katmandu. landslide around remote villages are making it difficult to find and search for survivors. people reacting to the devastation here at home. some locals are watching as everything unfold in that country. jennifer join is live with how some people are doing and i guess waiting for word about.
4:34 am
>> reporter: yes it took a long time to get that word because power had been out. people weren't able to get their phone calls through so finally the family here, people here in lafayette hill were able to get that two minute phone call alerting them that their family was okay but death toll is rising and conditions are worsening. this family says they are concerned about not only their family's well-being after the quake but all nepal people. they have set up a relief jar, collecting donations and additionally they are toe nateing a portion of the profits over the next movement they are planning a fund raising dinner on thursday and a remembrance walk at the way to get the resources to the people who need it right now. there is a limited food and water even limited power supply. they were relieved to get the call that their family is okay. >> connecting with the government directly and all of the donations will go to the government so they can be
4:35 am
allocated where ever they need it. >> i think there is no food there is no water to drink and they are living outside. when i go to bed, how can i sleep neglect all that. >> reporter: the family survived the quake their home did not. neighboring building collapsed on to their property. they live in the capitol of katmandu where several monuments and temples are flattened. persian grill hosting a fund raising event on thursday. it has a relief jar inside. if you want to stop in and donate a few bucks that is greatly appreciated chris and lauren. >> if you would like to help victims of the earthquake donate to the red cross. we put a lincoln our web site my fox and click on seen on tr. philly city leaders will launch a new web site to make it easier for local veterans to access social services available to them. it will include 22 categories
4:36 am
and agencies providing services. leaders will talk more at city hall this morning. 4:36 is the time. the the largest catholic gathering is looking for participants when it the stops in philadelphia this september. the world meeting of families will launch volunteer registration web site later today. variety of different job opportunity will be listed on line. week long event will include a rare u.s. visit and address from the holy father pope francis. coming up, a top executive at the clinton foundation comes clean about some mistakes that the mishaps that have have come to life. plus two sisters lost in the wilderness for weeks found alive, what they were able to eat to stay alive.
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♪ >> dance party at 4:39 on this monday. >> i love that dance romance. >> time now is 4:39. as dawn just said, darren dawn johnson. after weeks of scrutiny clinton foundation admitted to mistakes and how it disclosed donors in a broad posting acting ceo defended
4:40 am
foundation's work describing the policy on donor disclose another and foreign contributions as stronger than ever. she said that the foundation is expect to refile its tax forms, following a volume will try external review because it had mistakenly combined government grants and donations. she said the foundation would remedy any errors but stressed total revenue was reported accurately. the since a announcing her run for president hillary clinton dismissed questions about financial support about her family charity. defense will present its witness in the the penalty phase face of the boston marathon bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev lawyer are trying to save him from a death sentence. they are expect to take two weeks in this face. prosecutors proving their case last week in just three days. they are pushing for execution. how about the weather they are having all through the midwest and in fact take a look at this a severe storm moved through north texas bringing damaging wind and baseball sized hail. there are reports of
4:41 am
tornadoes. fortunately no reports of injuries. shelters have been opened for those in need. at 4:40 some four hundred soldiers have arrived near chile's volcano to help clear ash from towns and roads. >> volcano has been quiet since last weeks two big eruptions but continues to release columns of ash. experts say rain in the next few days could cause dangerous mud flows. there are also urging people to keep using masks to prevent breathe nothing dust. more than 6,000 people have been evacuated and authorities are maintaining a 12-mile exclusion zone around that volcano. 4:41. coming up bruce jenner shares his story in a powerful interview. we have the most compelling moments. hollywood and washington mixed this weekend a at white house correspondents dinner. we will look at the best jokes of the night.
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i like this song thinks bob's theme song together. like traffic and weather. >> how is this. >> i don't know. >> hey it is you listes grant, the president of the united states birthday today. eddie grant. no. hi, bob. >> they were trying to tell me the name of the artist of the song was again?
4:45 am
fountains of wade. >> wayne. >> fountains of wayne like in wayne. >> i like fountains of wade better. >> let's change the name. good morning everybody. monday 4:45. waking up chilly this morning. chill any philly. forty in pottstown. up in the poconos, 39 degrees, this morning. they will slide down, 42 in wilmington. forty-two in dover. certainly cooler by a mile down the shore at 39 in atlantic city. the wind are calm at the moment as you can see right here 8 miles an hour in the poconos. six in philadelphia wind will play a big factor in the weather story later on tonight into tomorrow but lets go for a roller coaster ride. do you remember last monday? 76 degrees and then we will take the dip backup to 73. wednesday was great. then through weekend although sun was shining definitely chilly all through the weekend. yesterday we topped out at 64 degrees. your seven day forecast here's
4:46 am
the the deal. we will begin with some sun. turning cloudy. high of 62. sunny tomorrow but the wind is certainly going to play a factor there. even though we have wind, we will reach 69. wednesday is the day to golf there chris murphy. sunny and nice. high of 74. then rain rolls in on thursday. so it looks like another roller coaster ride through the the weekend as we get ready to step out the front door. lets look live at our traffic cameras this morning. not bad at all nice and quiet rolling out of the driveway. live look at 476 and mid county and schuylkill expressway, roads are dry overnight crews pick up the cones and out of there. coming from south jersey no problems looking live here at the the 42 freeway. a fuel spill sound like a tractor trailer punctured its gas tank on street road just off of route one in trevose pennsylvania at the turnpike interchange. the a as we go for a ride coming from south jersey in the bad at all atlantic city
4:47 am
expressway, 295 looking good. and rolling through 42 freeway, i came through this stretch on friday and if you are not sure of the new construction patterns it can be confusing there rolling through bellmawr. speedometers right where they blank across the board on all major roadways. no problems on the bridges and mass transit looking good. chris and lauren looking good. jokes flew on both sides of the aisle at white house correspondents association dinner. >> it is one day where they can all do this. it is kind of the roast of everyone in the room. well, 2600 people were in that room a mix of politicians, journalist and celebrities packed washington hilton. the current snl cast minute cecily strong served as the host of the event and at some point sounded really like a roast. >> i said that president president walked in and saw the the bell hops he throughout finally some decent security. that is okay i'm just kidding. the let's give it up for the
4:48 am
secret service. yeah. i don't want to be too hard on those guys. they are only law enforcement agency in the country that will get in trouble if a black man gets shot. >> you heard some boos, right. then she said were you saying true. then president obama's turn. the president brought in and anger translator to help him out. >> hold on to your lily white butt. >> in our fast training world traditions like this dinner are important. >> i mean really what is this dinner. why am i required to come to it. do we really want to do this? >> the rehearsals for that must have have been fun.
4:49 am
>> yes. >> proceeds go to a scholarships for aspiring journalist. >> some people thought 30 miles away in baltimore there is a lot of serious things going on with race relations her jokes were moth funny but they were intended to be. i don't know, it is good to have a sense of humor in all seriousness, with the orioles game in camden yard they had to postpone letting tens of thousands of fans out of the stadium because there were riots right outside the ballpark. it is a one day where the the gloves come off. >> a little bit. 4:49 is the time. olympic champion and american hero bruce jenner made a shocking reveal. >> after long time speculation the the six five-year old finally addressed rumors surrounding his sexual identity on 20/20. >> are you a woman? >> yes for all intents and purposes i am a woman. people look at me differently. they see you as a macho male
4:50 am
but my heart, soul and everything i do in life, it is part of me. >> in the two hour interview the the father of eight ace he struggled with his identity since he was a child. jenner says first person he told was wife christie crownover back in the 07's. he said his stepdaughter kim kardashian has been most supportive so far. 17 million people watched the the abc special interview. jenner's journey will be shown on a reality tv show in e starting in july. >> so many more people will watch this on line if they didn't get to see this over weekend. >> i necessity people who were before on the the fence bit saw it and got an eye opening, you know an inside look at bruce jenner and seeing him differently now. >> it might be one of those american moments, we will see, yeah. 4:50. >> it is another victory for furious seven. >> film took the top spot for the fourth week in the row this week it made another 18.3
4:51 am
million-dollar internationally it is earnings are even more impressive. it is third film ever to top the billion dollar mark. only two other films both by james cameron avatar and titanic has made more money internationally. i haven't seen it. i haven't seen any of these furious. >> not me, not my ge nre. >> is what your type. >> english patient. >> i like some type of comedy, i want to laugh my head off or a mystery that is kind of scary but not too scary, you know. i don't want all this fast and furious stuff flying and blowing up. >> gives you a headache. >> yeah just too much. criticizing the documentary about the late singer due to premiere at next month cannes film festival. >> we always botch it. we call it can. a spokesmen for the family says the movie titled amy is misleading and containing basic untruths.
4:52 am
they say the film suggest that the family, did too little toll help sing her died in 2011 at the age of 27 from alcohol poisoning. amy winehouse won five grammys for her 2006 album back to black which focused on they are battle with drugs to alcohol. you want to go to rehab, no no no. they are sure enough she passed away. still ahead is tears missing for two weeks in michigan found safe what they ate, to stay alive straight ahead.
4:53 am
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4:55 am
so chris and i are both known to pronounce a few different things. i called it the cannes film festival. >> we had to google it. >> yes lot of people miss pronounce this one. >> so here's the deal cannes what you find in the six pack, right. cannes. a cannes is city in south of france famous for film festival. >> so the cannes film festival. >> yes. >> show off at work today. >> act like you know. >> now home in houston texas the property is slowly sinking in the water. officials say years of heavy
4:56 am
rain and high wind battered the home. no trespassing signs have been posted to keep the area safe. the homeowners have of course left the house. looks like a scene from new jersey closer to home. this one is amazing. truly amazing. two sisters stranded in a remet part of michigan for nearly two weeks. they ate what they had to stay alive and it was whatever was in their car. >> five two-year old leslie roy and 56 year-old lime lee wright were found save after police spotted their suv. they were traveling to visit family when they got stuck in snow in upper peninsula. car lost power and the women did not have cell phone reception. they bundled in layers and survived in melted snow, girl scout cookies and a bag of cheese puffs. >> that is what my kid survive on every week. >> they won't eat anything but that kind of junk. >> it is amazing. >> yes good for them. 4:56. coming up septa police arrest
4:57 am
an 18 year-old in the subway brawl and more are on the way. one teen was carrying that could have turn a vicious fight in the deadly one. four kids found in the local basement who is facing serious charges this morning straight a head. the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus.
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the way to people in nepal as rescue workers desperate thely search for survivors. we are taking a look at how local families are react to go news of this massive quake. here at home charges are expect after a mother of four left her children lock inside of the basement of their home. why she left them there for more than 12 hearst. and here's a live look outside this morning. the it will be mostly dry today but a few spotty showers are possible this afternoon. all those details are coming up. good day it is monday april 27th 2015, thanks for being with us. >> you know on saturday, the highlight of my day was the 75 and older, men and with men ran their 100-meter dash at the very end. it was the most inspiring thing. you can the not be lazy after youe this race. we will she everybody ate 5:45. >> it inspired me to start work out now to have flexibility and mobility at that age. >> bob kelly it was amazing. >> we also had a barrier breaker of sorts, fi


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