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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 27, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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see it. >> with the furious franchise they are making a eighth fast and furious because it was numb one for fourth week in the row furious seven. >> it is all about the the money mike. >> it is all about the benjamins. >> a lot of people are asking people to tweet me. alex, did you have a rough birthday weekend. you are not wearing lipstick. i guess you cannot tell. >> you can bureau some of mine. >> yes. >> i honestly do have have somebody's lip gloss on my desk. >> maybe i will use that. >> caitlins. >> i had a great birthday over the weekend. >> so much fun friday night. >> i feel blessed. >> friday night here are pictures from friday. this is a cake. thanks to sweet tes bake shop. i calling it for falling for philly cake. my first birthday in philly here. >> love hearts. >> happy birthday. >> great for them to make that cake good what does that have have to do with anything. >> because i'm classy. i like jewelry.
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>> my parents, they have been in town. my mom and dad are probably watching right now. we had happy hour at uban at 13th. >> yes. >> and 13th and -- >> look at mike in deep in conversation. >> i'm discussing things getting my point across. >> don't they look lovely. >> they were sweet enough to come down. >> and this is happy hour i had. >> you have good looking friend. >> these are my co-workers. the kit cat kline abby our producer tom loudon caitlin ross of course. >> and alyssa ingram. >> who is that boy in the back. >> tom loudon our executive producer. >> of course we could not end it up there. >> oh, god. >> what did i sleep in that shirt. >> then we went to the car yoke i bar and we had a private room there. we could go all out. >> yes good that is jared. >> that is nina. >> from power 99, she came.
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she we had philly pr car. >> there is my friend charisma. >> great time. jared the photographer look at him in the back. >> i mentioned kit cat kline, who is doing this hour. she was the would the man on the right there, letter little face, that is kit cat kline. >> she had a great time seeing justin timberlake. >> great celebration. i feel blessed. i'm loving philly. i'm loving being here. meet a lot of people who came in and out and came through for the the party. >> who all came. >> it was a lot of fun. >> really, any famous people famous philadelphians or ex-philadelphians. >> is there someone you would like to say, mike. >> a lot of people showed up. >> it was a lot of fun. >> there were a number of male humans in the city that find you attractive. >> yes. >> and why wouldn't they. >> should i show you a text, from 3:24 in the morning. maybe not. >> should you? it is not from me. >> it wasn't from me. >> no it wasn't from me.
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>> somebody in that picture. >> what did it say. >> where are you. >> is i am at home. >> mike was there. then we're singing and dancing and he is gone. >> where did mike go. >> he ran out. >> have have you ever been at a party and say and your inner voice says i've got to go. i mean, right now i've got to go. >> he texted me the the next morning, hade to leave. i had a got to go moment. >> you say oh, boy. >> you are like that all the time. >> what is that. >> no. >> i'm sorry, i went outside and got in the cab. >> didn't say bye to you. >> i could not figure out uber. >> not everyone was like that. >> everyone was having that moment. >> yes. >> yes, i was blurry. i was having a good time. it was great. really nice party.
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a man can see sing. >> i cannot sing at all. >> but we had a blast, too man. everybody is also talking about bruce jenner this morning. >> yeah. >> it aired on friday. people have been watching it over the the weekend. >> i did yesterday. >> 17 million tune into watch it on friday. some people have said he did this for public. they just think about the show keeping up with the kardashian and he is just doing more of that. >> i thought he had a good answer to that. >> he a says that is not the case. he a addressed it in the interest view. >> we've done 425 episodes i think. over almost eight years now. the the entire runny kept thinking to myself oh my god, this whole thing, the one
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real true story in the family was the one i was hiding and nobody knew bit. the one thing that could really make a difference in peoples lives was right here in my soul and i could not tell that story. >> that is what he was saying i had the story the whole time. i was reading an article because i wanted peoples opinions. they said if you watch keeping up with the kardashian people thought he was side kick. he would come in and say one or two things. >> he took the brunt of the jokes. >> they would always in make fun of him. >> oh, bruce. now we know he was conflict. >> when we talk about his latest wife, chris, he says he used to past tense i loved her. >> that is right, he did that. >> lets get to lauren johnson. a a lot of people says once he saw it, what did the kardashians have have to say. >> they said a lot just moment after. some of the most intriguing
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information was hearing how family members knew about bruce jenner's tea sir but didn't even talk bit. he says his stepdaughter kim kardashian has been the most supportive by far. >> you know, you know what really turn me around, on thinking about this, and i said, what? she goes, kanye. >> and, they were talking bit. >> and and and i'm nothing, if i can't really be true to myself. and, from kanye um. >> yeah, yeah. >> and since then kimberly has been by far the the most
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excepting and easiest to talk to about it. >> wow. >> i'm sure that surprised a lot of people. bruce struggled with his sexual identity since childhood. he recalled moments when kim kylie and kendell all caught him dressed in women's clothes. the whole clan is behind their father. here's some tweets. kim kardashian writes on her instagram love is courage to live the the most true best version of yourself. bruce's love. i love you bruce hash dag proud daughter. chloe kardashian says just finish watching the the bruce jenner interview with the family. i'm so proud of you. dads really are heroes. kylie jenner acknowledges needing time understandably. this has been are hard for me but you'll hear what i have to say when i'm ready to but this isn't about me i's so proud of you, dad. you are so brave my beautiful hero. not all of the reaction was positive.
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chris humphreys, now the ex-husband of kim card dash an a. he tweet had one sentence, he writes man i'm glad i got out when i did hash tag got to do you. so then he woke up the next morning mike and alex and retract that comment by saying i have and always will support bruce. the got to do you. now recognize i was too vague and a apologize for the the way this came across n his final tweet says fully support bruce. i don't know. jenner does say a first person he told was his then wife christie crownover in the 1970's. after that he married wendy thompson. she now says in an op ed piece that she would have never married him had she men but of course, she found out after the marriage. >> interesting. >> linda thompson linda thompson wasn't she married to, come on. >> i don't know. >> i think the other
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interesting parties the the fact that chloe people see chloe a as more outing one, crazy, full of life, she was having the hardest time dealing with it. >> i think people were surprised it was kim and kanye most understanding, most receptive, most easiest to talk to about all this. >> great quote from kanye. he kind of put it a all into perspective. >> when i heard that chloe was dealing with it the worst. she went on twitter. i can't believe you chloe. he said i'm taking it the the hardest. you may want to rewatch. i'm 100 percent supportive. people were surprised about chloe. >> isn't she the the one who says you might as well go get a va ajayjay. >> so chloe kardashian. >> yes. >> thank you lauren johnson. 9:09. >> someone tweeted and said will you show this picture. >> yes, we will show this picture. >> everybody is talking bit.
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sometimes, it is tough for men, at a nice event, you have to do the look. i know you do the look, mike. >> well this women is one of the best looking humans on earth, john legend's wife. >> so they were down at this, correspondent dinner where hollywood meet up with d.c. this is a picture where they call it stand and deliver. >> yes. >> and so they is head coach of the patriots bill belichick rarely see him dressed up like that. he appears to be looking at model will christie tegan's behind. >> yes. >> her h ind quarters. >> john legend her husband, he says he is not jealous type. he understands. he poked fun saying spy gate, you know, belichick is always accused of spying on other football teams. spy gate a leading to the deflate gate. spy gate had nothing to do with deflate gate.
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spy gate was they were videotaping other teams practices years ago. >> okay. >> he was busted. >> there are cameras every where. >> i have always wanted to know when men are doing that. how are you discrete. if you are trying to check out someone. >> what? >> what is that. >> this is what you do, it is so rude but. >> will we act this up. >> probably better get up. let's move the chairs out of the way. you are walking down the street. i'm walking over there you stan over there. so we're walking. >> we're walking. >> hey, good to see you. >> then you cannot turn around right away. >> what if i turnaround. >> i might see you. >> you bust me. you have to go down and look off over here and pretend you are looking for something. >> i may be gone by then. >> standing and talking with my friends then. >> you cannot immediately. >> do the look back i missed it.
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>> don't turn around immediately. you have to pretend you are looking at other stuff. you know, and then boom. >> lean down. >> that is too obvious. >> pretty much. >> it is rude and i shouldn't be doing it. >> i had some people tell me a lot of men do it. even out on dates and stuff. >> yeah. >> it is terrible. >> problem is if you get caught and he got caught. >> it is hard on a date walking along with somebody. >> look at that building. you are like this. oh. >> is that what you do. >> you you are telling me so many secrets. >> it is just not right. i'm not proud of it, at all. >> you are not proud of it but you did show this side of you. >> ladies have been wearing purses do you wear a purse? you carry a purse. i guess you can wear a purse. so i remember back in the late 80's, 90's guys started
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wearing basically purses. a man bag. >> yes. >> they are back. >> they are back. >> yes. >> so it is not a briefcase no not a briefcase. what do they call it on seinfeld a european something. >> on friends they called it the man bag. >> yes. >> just look good but it is practical too check it out. >> but it is for all have of your stuff, wallet, keys, your address book, and make up. >> what are you doing with the bag, your audition is president in until tomorrow. >> joey turnout the man bag in the 90's on friends. so, according to euro man bags account for a fifth of the luxury handbag market up now in 2015 and that number is expected to keep on rising to $8 billion worth of malling dation sold by 2018. this trendies, back. i used to carry a man bag all
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the time. >> really. >> yes christmas one already. >> look at that, that is big. >> yes. >> you mean my bag. >> yes he got caught, wearing or having make up in his bag. >> ladies and gentlemen can i say something. >> hold that up. >> that is truly his make up bag. >> chris murphy carries that. >> hello, my stuff. >> my stuff. >> where did you get that, did you get that from your wife. here's the the deal, every time we go out, right. i'd have my wallet my keys sunglasses hat sun block, what else not the makeup, but she got sick of me throwing tonight to her purse where ever we get somewhere. i didn't want it in my pocket. so she implored me to get this man bag and here it is. this is my fossil. highly recommend it.
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>> yes. >> different compartments for a guy the on the go. >> don't say anything. >> you are proud to wear it. >> it is comfortable. i have it all in one place. i kept losing my sunglasses and keys almost daily it is a manly looking bag. it looks like a western saddle bag. >> it is a difference between briefcase lap top bag and man bag. >> i luckily found this in marshals four months ago, guys. just last month check this out, i found the wallet at marshals to match also by fossil. >> wow. >> look at that, so happy. >> there you go guys. >> a little glimpse into my domestic life. >> you call it a man bag or do you have another name for it. >> i call it a man bag not a myourse. >> you had me cracking up in here when you talk about looking at girls down the sidewalk. >> do you look, chris.
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>> i'm a guy. >> i dot the same thing, you have to walk full black and some dude gets right in the view of your vantage point and then you are doing this down the sidewalk. >> what do you do when she turns around. >> i'm glad you missed that. mike, have you ever been caught. >> oh, yeah. >> but by would the man who is turning around to look at you good that never happens. >> i don't know. >> i'm sure it has. >> how does it the look, alex. >> do you really want me to do this. >> i don't know how to do this. >> oh my god. >> in all of your glory look at that man. >> i wouldn't just peak at you. >> just stare at it. >> my goodness. >> look back at it. >> is this a lighting or is mike actually blushing for ones. >> i think he is blushing a little bit. >> they were talking, remember, it was a couple months ago we talk about the 32nd rule. my friend told me about the
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32nd rule. >> what is that. >> trying to get a guy's attention you look at i him for three seconds. >> we did this, mike was off i was on the set when we did this. three seconds felt like an eternity. >> i'm down here at the the end of the bar. >> do it to mike. >> you won't believe it. >> this is her friend who has a 32nd rule. >> her name is lauren. >> i'm here at the even on have the bar. >> and then let's say i'm talking with people and i'm noticing you. i want him to come over. what i do is i need to get your attention, look at you for three seconds and you should necessity to come over here. >> 1,001 1,002, 1,000 you and three. >> oh are lord. >> come here. >> i mean after three seconds it is on. >> yes to we are sit helping here with the bright lights and if you are in the a bar and got a game. >> my friend juliett does the 32nd rule. >> but she throws it, a second
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and a half in she will look down. >> does that count. >> because that is the one and a half second rule. >> and then you go. >> you nor for sure. >> because i looked down right back a at you. >> yes. >> dang. >> let's talk about this. >> did you watch this show on friday thank you, if you did. >> thank you. >> we had an athlete who was going to perform the the 100-meter. >> perform you mean run. >> he was going to run a hundred meters at penn relays. there he is. >> scottie. >> george scottie scott. >> of course, he says he started running at age 88. so he is like my age has nothing to do with this. he is 94 now he competed in 100-meter dash at penn relays. this is his training video getting ready for the race. >> he does a a lot of rocky stuff, like training. so he trains every day, but he eats raw eggs, plays
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basketball. >> punching a bag of meet, right. >> like a little sandwich bag of liver. >> lifting weights. >> he told us he loves ballroom dancing, he can do different dancing. >> he has a girl friend, helen. >> we sent a camera over to franklin field penn relays, video tape his event 100 meters little over a hundred yard. >> 100 meters. >> yes. >> it is like the the straight away of the track. >> you have got your oval there. it is just the straight away. >> just the straight the away. >> that is an olympic event too. >> what was the age group, 75 and up. >> um-hmm. >> he is 94. he is the at the high end of the category. >> then when he said i have this race but after the race, i have to go dancing with helen. we have a dance competition, he would do. >> is that his girlfriend. >> yes. >> anyway this is what we call
9:20 am
in the tv business stretching because we don't have the proper tape qued up. >> we are trying to talk until they have time to get it together but i don't think we will get it. >> thinks stretching lasting longer then his race. >> he said his goal was to do it in 25 seconds. >> that was the goal. >> we will show it afterward. >> we have found the tape we will play it after the break i promise seriously. also we want to take to you morgan's pier they opened up thursday. i love that place. look at the food. morgan's pier down on columbus boulevard we will take you there next. we just had the best family vacation. really?
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there were fights breaking out in the street, angry mobs the whole place was like a war zone. it was fantastic! what about the kids? we shackled them to a post in the middle of town. i don't know what they loved more the shackling or the pool. my money's on the shackling. with so much to do stay where the action is. book one of our hotels at
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well, it weather is starting to warm up which means it is time for reopening of morgan's pier this year the chef and residents of the top chef winner and owner of the incredibly popular restaurant laurel. mike got a pre view of
9:24 am
morgan's pier backyard barbecue menu and he says you've got to try this. >> loath me set the scene. we have got the the beautiful white trees. they are blossoming. they are blossoming on the big beautiful bridge. we have the marina. you've got the water. okay, you know where i am morgan's pier. the fourth season they will open up thursday, first time this year. this is how they do it. they get a famous featured chef, every summer and spring, and we get to enjoy that chef's food, all season long here at more again's pier. this year it is. >> it is me. >> it is you. it is nick. >> you thought i was talking to someone else. >> i hope not. >> you know him from many different restaurants around the area but rave reviews over a at laurel your restaurant on
9:25 am
east passyunk. >> yes. >> shrimp, you have to have it. >> a shrimp cock pale poached in orange juice, and cocktail sauce. >> this is a trout dip. fresh herbs. and these bagel chips. >> can you pop up one of these things. >> what is inside one of those jars. >> smoked trout dip. >> yes. >> with eggs on it. >> fish eggs. >> yes. >> never heard of that. >> yes. >> that is really good. >> yes. >> what is in there. >> it is clams, large belly clams, and tarter sauce smoked clams. spicy smoke ham. >> what is that. >> it is just the the style. >> spicy and cooking. >> what is weird is it is
9:26 am
light. >> yeah. >> but green mustard, purple mustard is made from the left over leaves from when they dress wine. they take left over grapes and it has it. >> i never heard of that either. >> wings. >> wings. >> black garlic barbecue sauce, rice pearls and we make our own barbecue sauce. >> what are rice pearls. >> they are little pieces of rice that are fried and gluten free and they add a crunch to the flavor. >> this is veradda, mozerella a, with some fennell. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> you have got to try this. >> yes. >> there is bruce jenner. we will talk more about bruce jenner this morning
9:27 am
and his transition what the kardashian tell tmz.
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test. test. test.
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i used to be able to have students come in and we do a social studies project and it was connected to language arts and it was connected to math. we educated in such an interdisciplinary way that educated the whole child. the testing shouldn't be in the driver's seat. i should be in the driver's seat. i should be directing my students in a way that's helping them make connections
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not just for an assessment but for life. man a lot of people watch that bruce jenner interview on friday night. >> a lot of people wanted to know how the family was reacting. we saw the jenner family, salt down, we support you. when it came to the cards ash yan, some released statements. >> i know somebody who has his finger on the pullets of what the kardashian's say the jenner's say that's zach. hey. >> good morning,. >> who is talking? >> well a lot of them are talking, i don't foe if you are watching social media on friday night while the hole interview was going on, but a
9:31 am
lot of the children were saying very positive things, all very supportive of their father kendall kylie i saw chloe, i saw kim. i mean, they were all tweeting about this, and i'm telling you it, seems like they're very supportive family. i know that he watched the interview with the most of his immediate family, sitting thereby his side, supporting him he watched both the east coast and west coast feed with family members. sounds like all of them obviously quite i think a transition for the family, too, i mean, they're all trying to get used to what's going on, but at the same time it seems like hey you know, they are therefore him and at the end of the day it is still bad. and they still want to make this all work out for them. we just put up story about how brandon and brody and kim they are all saying you know, they felt like he won over the heart of millions of people out there. you know, people felt like he was just so real and honest that they got a kind of glimpse what bruce jenner is
9:32 am
really like, and thought it was a positive interview for him, but don't do reality tv dad, with this docku series, afraid it will kind of derail everything that he got started with this diane sawyer interview, might be too much, too quickly and might be berrading. >> i think a lot of people are wondering why didn't the cardiac and's sit down and be part of the interview then, have their own tv show to do all that? >> maybe there is something behind this we don't know b maybe they are not allowed tonight i have no clue. i was surprised when i didn't see more of their quotes pop up on the screen. you know, when they were talking to the ex-wives, but chris didn't say anything. i don't know. maybe it is just they needed to see where this was going you know, i'm not really sure to be honest with you but seems like at this point they are all there for them. >> there is that gossip dude, perez hilton. and i was surprised by this too they said in the interview that diane sawyer interview, they say they asked
9:33 am
chris, are they divorced yet? >> yes, they are divorced. >> what is your comment she said i have no comment. so perez hilton i think sent out tweet saying no, you always talk, chris non-stop talking. why don't you make a comment here. she snapped back at him, dropped f bomb in her response to him. saying i'm sitting right here on the couch with him watching the darn interview. >> maybe they just didn't know how this was all going to turn out, they were concerned about his image concerned about what he was going it through so maybe that's why they didn't comment. i don't know, but i'm telling you at this point it seems like they're all there for them. that's all that matter. >> that's true. >> i thousand the most interesting part of the interview when bruce said oh, kanye was the one that got kim to open up her mind about the transition. i was like wow awesome good for him. >> hey where is your studio? are you in venice beach? >> no, we are not in venice
9:34 am
beach. >> i see a sign back there venice beach sometimes. >> oh you know, because there is whole beach theme, so part of la and the one wall says venice beach. that's why. >> are you in burbank? >> no. we're down -- i don't want to give you exact location but we're near a beach. how about that? >> listen what is it for the knocks down there? you what are you afraid of? thanks. >> we have lots of things to be afraid of. >> i bet. >> they're hiding from a lot of celebrities. thank you. okay so we got the videotape now of the george scotty scott. >> oh here we go. >> ninety-four years old, running at the penn relays. >> oh, look at him! >> you know, he ran faster than i thought he was going to run. one hundred meeter. >> wonderful. >> seventy-five and older. >> so he came in what -- >> i think that dude is 98. >> yes. >> the guy with the glasses
9:35 am
on. >> he came in second to last, my gosh. >> that's okay. he is 94 years old. >> that's what i am saying, ya. >> look at him. >> that is something! >> and he's such a great personal if i. so sweet. then after that he went and did a dance competition. no big deal. >> what did i do? nothing. >> what did you do saturday? >> nothing. >> if you live in mayfair run over to the mayfair diner right now. bob will be there until 9:15, 10:15 or so. >> good morning shall everybody, coming to you live from northeast philadelphia the spot that's been serving up coffee for well over 80 years, it is breakfast time, say hello to the gang from the mayfair diner. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ go out and get it ♪
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>> time for breakfast with bob. so he's having breakfast in mayfair this morning at the dine their. >> nay fair diner. >> yes, hey bob? >> hey, gang. good morning 1932, it opened its doors, come on out here they got the little wall of fame here. hold on, pal. this is what it look like, when they opened up its doors in 1932 here on frankford avenue. and since then, all tons of celebrities have come through. even president obama fast eddie rendell has been here mayor michael nutter pace the trip you are here, the most popular spot for all of the politicians, as they're running for office. i used to come here to the mayfair diner back in the day, after the movie at the mayfair movie theater, across the street, the devon up the street, concord roller skating rink. >> this was the spot even after any of the proms come on back here. >> how often do you come here? >> every day. >> every day? >> love it here. >> this is your spot?
9:40 am
>> like family. >> come on back here, there is also two ladies i would like to say hi to. what's your name? >> christine. >> and -- >> olga. >> now, you come here every day, every week? >> every monday, we meet here every monday for breakfast. >> like little date for the two of you? >> every monday. >> what's the best thing on the menu that you like? >> hot turkey sandwich. >> oh with the cranberry and the stuffing? >> i love it. my favorite. >> there you go, my favorite, too. stuffing and cranberry even on a monday morning. i want to say hi, though to this lovely lady. your name? >> bet. >> i betty how long have you been here at the mayor mayfair? >> since 1971. >> over 40 years? >> yes. >> in one spot here, at the mayfair diner. i guarantee that you everybody that comes in here, knows your face knows your name. >> probably. >> and they also know some of the great dishes. kind of describe it for me? >> creamed dried beef, fried potatoes hungry man omlet most people can't fin wish hash browns, mayfair wrap with house cut potatoes and our
9:41 am
special fried chicken waffles. >> fried chicken and waffles for breakfast. >> wow. >> and lunch. >> big old -- >> fresh squeezed orange juice. >> oh my goodness. forty years i can't believe it. come on down here, say hi to this gang. these two guys have been hanging out herement look at the big breakfast they've been doing. what's your name, where are you from? >> jean i live up here in northeast. >> from mt. airy, treating your breakfast to some breakfast? >> yes. >> how was it. >> good good can't complain. >> good man starting the day off with a breakfast. >> come on back here, obviously i said the spot where we came after the prom. we came after the movies. we came after the roller skating, okay? but how about coming here after a wedding? what is your name? >> i'm adam. >> adam. introduce this lady next to me. >> my beautiful wife caitlin. >> you say beautiful wife because she just became your wife when? >> saturday. >> saturday, so you're on your way what the airport for the honeymoon. >> yes. >> where are you going.
9:42 am
>> lehigh count. >> i lehigh county okay for how long? >> until friday. >> how is the wedding good? >> awesome. >> awesome. good time? >> terrific. >> what are you going do with all of the time after all of the planning? >> we can't really tell that you here. >> exactly. you enjoy the honeymoon. and back here, next boot, this fellow here, budd fry holmesburg bakery, buddy, you kind of tipped me off here. tell me what you supply? >> lots of strawberry short cake carrot cake, chocolate cake danish donuts you name it. >> all of the non-fat goodies. this is your dad. >> i'm george. >> george do you a great job here. is this your favorite spot, you like coming here in the mornings? >> i've been delivering here since oh, about 50 years. >> fifty years? he's been delivering 50 years. now, you know, what a good spot. you make a differently. you got have some breakfast here right? we've been having fun here all morning. come on by, we'll have come off owe come eggs, some home fries, we got some waffles we got the chicken all of the good stuff the mayfair diner
9:43 am
80 years strong here, in northeast philadelphia. we will toss it back out to jen now. >> hey, bob. okay i've been saying this all morning that he is a world champion. he's a world champion. so the thing is, how does your booty feel a little bit better in the south? he is going to tell us how to make the booty feel better for ladies just get the perfect fit. because bike ride something fun. we'll be right back. break away bikes this morning.
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>> there is another way to get away. you could ride your bike. >> hold on a second. i want to roll this footage here. now, playing this little game today. you know, we walk by stuff every day, really don't notice our environment right? where is that? that's on the side after building. so we ask that couple of people guested it. >> i guested it, too. >> you real did i alex you jumped right on it, that's on seventh street between chestnut and market. >> philly cam. >> little place where you can learn thousand do it. >> v, videotape things, and stuff, and edit. it is called philly cam. seventh street inbetween chestnut and market. >> i saw for the very first
9:47 am
time. >> what? >> i won't tell you. >> we have to guess. >> i'll reveal it tomorrow. >> tomorrow. so back to the biking then? >> yes. >> yes. >> love riding a bike, right? but, some women, they hate traditional road bikes because there are all kinds better off. >> means problem with biking, your butt hurts. >> true. >> really? >> you have to get a good seat. >> yes i have to have a slit in the seat. here's jen. >> i know it is your birthday, but you got to ride the bike, okay? so we're here at break away bikes, you understand there is you get men's bodies, women's bodies butt hurt something big turnoff. >> comfort is paramount. because if you're not comfortable on the bike you won't ride t so a lot of people think oh, i get the bike off the floor and this is how it has to be, and it doesn't. you can change your bike seats seats for different sizes we can choose one that will fit
9:48 am
you perfectly, it will be comfortable for men and women. >> okay however we were talking about this one where our knucklehead dollars photographers molly, you think the seat is a part of it but getting the right shorts is also good? >> absolutely. no seats going to really be totally comfortable unless you have a good pair of shorts. so send tiff area. >> what month to have cute work out stuff. >> this put all of our stuff in there like cool shirt for cycling biking, but put your stuff in the back? >> store smacks have extra supplies, hold your phone you can really keep as much as you want and then even has nights reflective touches on it, too so safe annie effective. >> love it more like cap relent? >> absolutely this will come below the knees. >> my wife loved this one, it doesn't cut into her thigh. right? comes down below the knees she lovers wearing this. >> when i came in today i brought my helmet, still in the car. i said my helmet doesn't really fit. you get that, as well.
9:49 am
women in particular. >> doesn't have a lot of holes in it, doesn't puff the hair. so when you take this off your hair still looks good. >> i love you are a world champion but care about our hair. >> this one easier to fix as well? >> gives you ventilation. going to work out like want helmet with ventilation just cooling yourself down. come in great colors, they look like, i'm just going to say it, granny bikes? but, they are performance performance? >> talk about comfort these things are very comfortable the county, the pink one you road number one bike, selling bike in america. not only style but great riding bike. >> i love it. we wrap it up. if you are a novice, rookie, beginner you guys every first saturday of the month what do you do? >> we do bike ride. partner with the shake shack
9:50 am
we start here, break away. we do a 30-mile ride, we finish at the shake shack around the corner, first round on the shake shack. >> beer? >> beer or milk shake. >> okay let me tell you something now he's got me. now, men happy birthday to you, cheryle good luck in the olympics. >> thank you. >> mike this is what you should be doing. you should be riding bikes. >> i know t will you answer the phone? and ask them can't you tell we're on tv? >> they are calling because they like the idea of having beauty specific seat. >> i like t people calling in. they want it. >> sound comfortable. >> that would be a booty call. >> real quickly talking about my birthday? >> i mention sweet tee in haddonfield?
9:51 am
>> for mike. >> thank you for putting one me. >> look at this thing. >> oh so good. >> what is it? >> great because actually having big cake competition today here in the city. and. >> doesn't it melt in your mouth? isn't that good? >> so thank you mike. >> fantastic. >> for helping me throw things together. >> this is probably made of wheat? >> you're going on a diet. >> wheel bell -- wheat belly die. >> the well, you were eating wheat earlier. >> wonderful. thank you, sweet pea bake shop. >> thank you alex. >> okay so now we can talk about 50 shades fans. listen up, getting our first look at the sequel already. >> oh, puke. >> yes, calling this 50 shades darker. >> oh no. >> you have to see. we'll show it to you.
9:52 am
9:53 am
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>> ♪ ♪ >> wow mike. >> the treat you gave me is now gone. >> i thought would you favor it a little bit more. >> couldn't. >> seriously tomorrow i'm starting the wheat bell. >> i also want to mention lauren johnson was also, there we can get a picture. >> where? where was she? >> at my birthday party right. >> quincy was there. >> yes. >> ubonn, i'll say it right. >> i guess it is ubonn? >> you're questioning me? you don't know? >> connect today brew basically,. >> go downstairs like a german subway go down there it is really nice. >> okay. >> so let's see this. oh my goodness. >> oh goodness. >> this is my hair. >> oh no. >> what is with your hair? look at me oh my gosh. >> what's weird is that was early in the evening. >> yes, could you only imagine. >> oh my goodness. >> there was a ton of fun.
9:56 am
>> okay. so if our ' a fan of the "50 shades of grey" film get ready for the sequel, right? so we finally got the promo picture yes 50 shades darker. >> so stupid? really comes out in february. >> hello, i'm sorrow. >> 2017. not even next year. >> oh wait two years? >> a look at zoro. >> excuse me. >> hey, do you want something to drink? >> no i have some maple down my throat, or carmel. it is good. >> it is good. >> so let's talk about -- this man right here. >> so bieber, did you hear about this? >> what's he doing now. >> he crashes a prom, there were a loft tears and screams, right, and of course the teens, they all had it on their cell phones there. >> he goes into some somebody's prom? >> right. supposed to be going to a studio in southern california. >> what happens there? >> look at that. that is -- look people all falling over eacher. >> it would be pretty big
9:57 am
shocker. >> but my gosh. >> so that's chatsworth in southern california. >> charter high school. >> yes. >> so he didn't stay long, how could you i mean shall everybody -- >> what did he -- >> do you think he went to his own prom? he became a star at such a young age probably didn't get to go to prom. >> oh, i feel bad for him. >> do you really? >> oh the daytime emmies are over the weekend. did we win any? >> i guess not. we would know. >> we're not up for them. i can't believe general hospital beat out bold and the beautiful. the young and the restless. >> they won three emmies, the top ones. >> those two. really? >> what's the show you watch all the time? >> bold and beautiful. >> okay. well ellen degeneres got best talk show. >> best game show, jeopardy. any other game shows on besides jeopardy? >> family feud. >> i love that show.
9:58 am
>> there are others. >> price is right. >> all right, well, have a wonderful day everyone. happy monday.
9:59 am
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