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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 27, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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f emergency now a week long curfew after hours of rioting and violence. we're live in baltimore a city in crisis. >> something is missing out of the hood of this sports car. a mom says he's to blame. fox 29 investigates. ♪ right now a state of emergency in baltimore. a live look right now. you can see demonstrators still filling the streets tonight after hours of rioting. looting and violent clashes with police. take aing loo the a this video
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from a few minutes ago. flames erupting on the east side. you can see them for miles. witnesses in the area heard rioters cheering and we understand this was senior center under construction at a church. >> perhaps this image best encompasses the chaos. a police squad car attacked by rioters set on fire. to night 15 officers are hurt. two in the hospital. all of this as police nationwide are concerned about a threat to kill officers. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. since early this afternoon we have watched police in riot gear try to get a handle on this wild chaotic situation and at one point officers and protesters throwing objects back and forth. a cvs up in flames. sending clouds of smoke into the air and looters hit everything from small shops to a massive shopping mall. baltimore city schools are closed tomorrow. tonight's baltimore orioles game canceled because of concerns of safety. the national guard has been deployed and groups of protesters just wreaking havoc
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across the city. >> too many people have spent generations building up this city for it to be destroyed by thugs. >> there is a curfew in mace starting tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. and lasting one week. we have lifetime coverage. our dave schratwieser spoke to local police responding to that threat on officers lives. we start with dave kinchen live at baltimore city hall tonight. dave? >> reporter: lucy sirens are blaring all across baltimore tonight. baltimore is a city on fire. firefighters are still struggling to keep up with fires and blazes all across the city. this is a city in protest and a city rioting. (sirens blaring). >> a convoy baltimore police officers on the move in a night of chaos with the state of emergency declared in the city and the maryland national guard activated much cops guarding city hall and the police
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administration building. it follows a dave mass ray yachting with several police officers hurt attacked with rocks and sticks earlier in the day word that thee gangs bloods, the crips and black guerilla family pledge to take outlaw enforcement. >> people were throwing rock at each other. the police shot a can of tear gas toward us. >> police cars damaged hadn't towed away. private property like this car destroyed. it was set on fire and left burning for hours. >> we called the fire department like a couple of times. i even called about six times and it goes straight to like a voicemail or something. >> reporter: kill the shot. teenagers joined in on the rowdiness and several even pounced on our live truck with photojournalist brian and myself inside. >> we told them kids get down. get down. >> we looking for the parents. where the parents at? >> anger comes after the death of 25-year-old freddie gray a black man who died in police custody. his funeral today the
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investigation on going. >> those policemen should have been arrested i'm saying. now they're above the law and people are angry. >> we never get justice where it's due when someone kills a black person or kills a person in general it just pushed under the rug and it's outrageous. we're mad about it. >> for now the mayor has issued a week long 10:00 p.m. curfew starting tuesday night. with the hope of restoring peace. but pastor we talked with says it will take more than that. >> i would say less prayer, less power. more prayer, more power. greater the prayer, greater the power. it's time for baltimore to start praying. >> reporter: ball march police say at this hour people continues protesters continue to hurl rocks and bricks at officers. dozens have already been arrested. lucy? >> all right. dave these clashes started with an hours of the funeral for
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25-year-old fred day gray. he died earlier this m it's still not clear he was how hurt his but family attorney says his spinal cord was nearly severed while in police custody. gray's death has had protesters out in force in recent days culminating in the riots we are now seeing. all while his family pleads for calm. a federal investigation is now looking into exactly how gray died. isn't. baltimore police are warning departments across the country of threats made against law enforcement. fox 29's dave schratwieser continues tower team coverage tonight. dave philadelphia police are taking these threats seriously. >> reporter: iain, so serious that every police officer across the city tonight was warned about that threat at roll call before they took to the streets for their night shift. this is all the result of a gang pact to quote take outlaw enforcement in baltimore. >> this is scary stuff. i mean whenever you get an alert like that that says this is a
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credible threat. >> reporter: as police in philadelphia hit the streets monday night, they were on guard after baltimore police reported a credible threat against police and urged departments nationwide to be on the alert. >> concerned obviously for a lot of reasons for the safe toast men and women in blue, more important well push that out. we got to let them know. >> reporter: police in baltimore reporting credible intelligence information that members of three street gangs the black guerilla family and bloods and crips made a pact to take outlaw enforcement officers within minutes philadelphia police sent a citywide alert to officers in every district directing them to be on guard in the wake of the baltimore threat. >> we push it out over city while tele type. it will be ready at roll calls as well as e-mail so that everybody is aware. nobody misses it. >> reporter: deputy ross says while philadelphia has seen activity from the blood street gang in recent years in areas like southwest philadelphia, there has been little or know sign of the crips or the block
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guerilla family gang on the street here. acknowledge the presence of several strong violence and neighborhood street gangs. >> so far the threat is not -- nothing that suggests it's here, but we still got to be mindful of the fact that this stuff is hate can spread pretty wide. >> reporter: black guerilla family has been a threat in baltimore before. in january a gang member with loaded guy tried to slip by security at a local police station but was caught. the gang has been accused of of taking over a local jail in baltimore. depth pewter ross says officers here should use caution. >> in this climate you got to be aware of all that stuff. >> reporter: deputy ross says the criminal intelligence ruin and the homeland security bureau here in philadelphia will continue to monitor this situation. the fbi had no comment on this threat. iain. >> dave, thank you. let's take another live look from baltimore tonight. you can still see a lot of activity there. people running through the streets as this chaos continues. you can walk through the across
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our our website we post add slide show and videos right there on the home page. two teens now facing murder charges. police say they're the ones who shot and killed a chinese food deliveryman in northeast philadelphia. police say the 14 and 15-year-old suspects will be charged as adults. they say the teens fired at least a dozen shots at a 49-year-old deliveryman last thursday night as he made a delivery in philadelphia's kressonville neighborhood. he was hit in the shoulder and was able to drive away before losing consciousness and crashing through a fence. he died a short time later. on your way door tonight we do have a very nice day ahead. scott williams this is what we've been waiting for. >> yeah, much improved and definitely feeling more like spring come tomorrow lucy and iain but right now we're still watch fog breezy conditions as well as clouds across our area. it's cool if you're stepping outdoors late tonight as well. maybe headed to third shift. 49 degrees right now in pottstown. 54 in millville. 54 degrees right now in atlantic
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city. we still have those winds out of the north and west from 10 to 15 miles per hour. so mostly cloudy, breezy, cool, temperatures low to mid 40s for tonight. but tomorrow, it's go going to be a seasonal day. temperatures in the upper 60s. even warmer by the middle of the week but coming up new information about a potential coastal system for the latter part of this week. back to you. all right scott. thank you. traffic delays remain tonight after two trucks hit head on in montgomery county this morning. the deadly crash happened just before 6:00 on park avenue in lower providence township. that road is still closed right now. a tanker carrying raw sewage an tractor trailer hauling a powder ingredient for cosmetics sent the powder all over the road. when it burst into flames. the driver of the tanker truck was killed. crews spent all day cleaning up the wreck and they're hoping to have the road reopened by tomorrow morning rush hour. to a developing story now. how do get relief to those in desperate need in nepal and the search for survivors continues
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tonight. more than 4,000 people are now confirmed dead with more than 7,000 people injured. emergency aid as well international medical teams and equipment are now arriving daily daily. one local family dead indicator much much their lives to helping orphans in nepal. >> that mission now in jeopardy aftersaturday's earthquake. fox 29 spoke to the family to night. >> i felt first since then. first it was like a shock. >> i've been feeling sad about it and very anxious. >> worried about their children and grandchildren in in a nepal. they're devastated by what's left behind by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit over the weekend their connascent and daughter nadin live there with their spouses and children. >> they're living outside under a tarp with neighbors. neighbors have come under the tarp. the first night it poured and everybody got wet. >> the rogers have two orphanage
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orphanages in nepal scene in this pictures called the loving arms mission. the first one opened in 1999. the second 2,006. they serve 20 children. everyone is okay but the homes have some damage. >> everybody is outside because they're afraid to be inside. >> watching news coverage of the lives lost people desperately seeking medical treatment and buildings reduced to rubble. back here at home the rogers are concerned about water diseases and after shocks. >> i finally got a feeling what it must be like who with a parent who has a child in combat. you never know what's going to happen. >> reporter: rogers say they know people in nepal who have lost everything. they're concerned about how they will rebuild. >> i feel like i -- i feel just broken inside. like, you know, i feel so helpless. i want so much to be able to do something and we're powerless. >> reporter: the family is trying to raise money for its orphanages and overall relief efforts in nepal it. for more information on the
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loving arm mission go to and click on seen on tv. in hatboro shawnette wilson fox 29 news. if you'd like to donate to the victims we post add link to the red cross for you on our website just click on seen on tv. a local mom says she paid this guy thousands to fix her son's car. what did she get? a big hole where the engine is supposed to be. jeff cole tried to get answers. >> i don't have to tell you anything that happened. >> you can get the bleep out of here again off the property. >> all right. >> that's just the start. see what happens when fox 29 gets involved. >> and the fight over family vacation. they went to one of the most historic cities in our country and their school is not okay with it. the debate that has people cheesing sides tonight. >> the a* teen gets bitten on the face by a deadly snake. he'll be okay. why he could be charged with a crime. >> we continue to follow breaking news in baltimore. police in riot gear lining up to
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protect the streets the storms, the homes the people gets riots, looting and burning all over. we're back in a moment.
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♪ staying on top of break news. we have a live look at baltimore right now. protesters and riots taken to the streets. in fact baltimore pd just tweeting out, we are working side by side with our partners and the baltimore city fire department as they battle several fires in the city right now. and we understand that the rioters are cheering as these fires break out. we'll head back to dave kinchen live in baltimore straight ahead ahead. montgomery county family's
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vacation called into question by their children's school principal. >> and it's not sitting well with those parents. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us now with a story going viral. chris. >> hey guys, a question many parents of school kids struggle with. when is it appropriate to pull your kids children out of school for a family vacation? >> well, one family's decision to take a trip came with a price price. mike rossi has been training for one day. >> boston is the holy grail for runners. >> pursuing his dream of running in a boston marathon. he was so dedicateed even last minute injury and a death to his grandmother gave him extra incentive to run and have his wife and kids right by his side. >> this has been a big thing for our family and, you know, really important for me to have them there and, you know torque cross that finish line and them to be standing there when i crossed and watch me finish was priceless. >> but the excitement of getting this medal went silent after this came in the male. a stern letter from the kids
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principal at rydell elementary school. >> i didn't like the tone of it. >> according to school policy the family vacation to boston was a no-no. the days off considered unexcused absences for his two third graders although the school new about the trip, even assigned homework. >> policy stinks. in my opinion. >> so rossi posted this letter to facebook with his own biting response to the principle. it was never sent to school but it went viral online. shared thousands of times. >> it struck a cord way lot of parents. >> fox 29 spoke with the superintendent of abington schools. she tells us while we understand the value of the family trip, we follow the letter of state law. >> we love the school. we love adore our teachers. we moved to this town for the school district. >> the district website clearly says family trips will always be recorded as unexcuseed. rossi says his kids learned more in three days in boston than weeks in a classroom. >> we did the boston tea party
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and went to where the boston massacre was walked the freedom trail, visited samuel adams grave. saw the uss constitution. >> rossi hopes school cos changed the policy for trips like this, either way he says, he wouldn't change a thing. >> this was a once in a lifetime trip and i would do it again in heartbeat. >> well, too many excused absences from school could get a parent fined. it turns out that rossi was in his words called to the principal's office. he has a meeting tomorrow to talk about that policy with the principle. guys? >> all right. interesting story chris thank you. all right. let's check back with that break breaking news and take a live look back in baltimore where rye riots have been going on this since afternoon. there you can see fox news legal land vittert walk through the street with somebody. we've had fires rageing. check cashing jobs as chaos has just erupted in the streets of baltimore tonight. there's now a
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state of emergency declared by the governor and a curfew that will begin tomorrow beginning at 10:00 p.m. >> one of the most powerful images i've seen so far tonight was local protesters and demonstrators not riots sinking hymns, holding hands walk through the streets. we're understanding that some clergy members are trying to meet with gang members right now and try to instill calm back on to the streets of baltimore. we have fox 29's dave kinchen live on the street as well right now. he reports that the looting continues. that the rioters are still breaking into stores. locally owned stores. this is their city that they're breaking into and trying to burn down. and cheering as they brand new senior center under construction for a church goes up in flames. >> that's actually the smoke we're seeing. that fire is out. but it was raging look like up fern know a couple of hours ago and just a shame what's happening in the streets of baltimore tonight. they hope to try and restore
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order. we'll stay on top of this story throughout the newscast and bring you any updates as soon as they're available. establish tag delaware county school leads to a lock down. police say a former cafeteria worker at the jack barrack hee brie school went to that school this morning around 9:45 and attacked his former co-worker. he then took off and got on to trolley but police were able to arrest him a short time later. students were never in any danger schools officials say. they do admit their security procedures were not followed. the victim is in the hospital in serious condition. >> we are just five months away from the pope's visit to philadelphia. and today world meeting of families organizers shared a big announcement for those who want to lend a helping hand. >> volunteer registration for the world meeting of families philadelphia 2015 is now open. (applause). >> organizers say they'll need 10,000 volunteers. they say they'll play a crucial role in the event. you have to be 18 or older and they say no matter what your
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talent is they've got a job for you p. if you want to register to volunteer head to our scene on tv tab on our website at we'll provide a link so you can register. >> high school is devastated after a beloved teacher dies in a car crash on her way to chaperone the prom. the coincidence that has rocked this tiny community. a guy takes down a fellow passenger in the airport unfortunate just wraps him in head lock and grabs him to the ground. you have to see what start thed this whole fight. >> entire capitol building evacuated when smoke sets off the fire alarm. what someone put in the microwave that createed that lunchtime mess. >> live look from baltimore tonight. we see fires raging in the streets. we of course got a big fire that actually was is a senior center put out but you can see rioters are still causing chaos with fires in the streets. we'll continue to stay on top of this. we're back with more in just a moment. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening everybody.
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work crews out and about along 422. that stretch between stow and route 100 down to one lane. they'll be working on the turnpike all night long about four different spots between philly bensalem all the way over through willow grove. we'll see you right and early in the morning 4:00 a.m.
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♪ we continue to check in on that breaking news chaos and riots in baltimore. as you see here's live look on a
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street here protesters and demonstrators are just, you know taking to the streets and you can see they are lighting fires. there's now a state of emergency there as you see someone throw some kind of object on that fire and down the street there are police and riot gear but now a state of emergency and there will be a curfew beginning at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow as they try to restore order in the city of baltimore. >> monsignor william lynn could be headed back to prison. the state supreme court reinstateed his conviction. lynn was the first u.s. church official convicted for covering up child sex abuse complaints against priests. a jury found him guilty in 2012. he was serving his sentence when in 2013 a superior court panel throughout that conviction. prosecutors appealed and today the state supreme court ruled lynn can be held responsible for the welfare of children in the philadelphia archdiocese. his attorney now says he may appeal to the us supreme court. a judge granted lynn house arrest in 2013. philadelphia district attorney seth williams says he'll ask to
10:25 pm
have that bail revoked. a teacher in georgia on her way to the prom killed in a crash involving students. >> 33-year-old lea o'brien was headed to the dance when two teens crashed into her car. o'brien died. her eight-year-old daughter is in critical condition. the school community is now speaking out about the woman she was. >> she was a perpetual smile. she come around the corner always smiling. she was always very enthusiastic and quick to jump in and help out whenever we needed help. >> doctors treated the two students for non-life threatening injuries. here's another live look now from baltimore as we enter our tenth hour of violent protests rioting and looting. our dave kinchen was the first local reporter on the seen a live report coming up next. >> it's a hot looking ride but open the hood and you know what, ooh, something is missing. an area mom says he's to blame and she paid him big bucks. what's he got to say? >> where is the car. >> i can call the cops for bleep
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disturbing. >> you can call the cops. >> what happened when fox 29 investigators asks where is the motor? scott? >> and we've been dealing with below average temperatures for several days. it looks like we'll turn the corner tomorrow. how warm it gets later this week next. >> plus, breast milk ice cream. you heard that right. the new dessert that is actually for sale tonight.
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and just like that the snow is gone. and parkas become jackets. and sweaters go down for a long nap. and off you go. and your backyard gets a whole lot bigger. and you're running... and climbing... and your gear gets lighter and trimmer, and fitter and smarter. and now every frozen second spent willing this day to come is just a warm fading memory. ♪
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>> right now at 10:30 violent night in the city of baltimore. here's a live look from that city right now. protesters have been clashing with police since early this afternoon. buildings have been set on fire. police say they continue to have rocks and bricks thrown at them. >> the media is everywhere. the governor of maryland has issued a state of emergency 5,000 national guard troops have been deployed to assist police. fox 29's dave kinchen is live right now at city hall in baltimore and dave with the national guard and more police hitting the streets what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, right now the word of the night is fire. the police department here in baltimore just wrapped up an advisory and they're saying that they're standing with their brothers and sisters in the
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baltimore fire department because firefighters are inundated with house fires and business fires along with looting and other forms of property damage. that is the big issue right now. police also tell us at this hour continuing a trend throughout the day angry rioters and protesters are throwing rocks and bottles and throwing different things at police officers injuring them. two officers remain in the hospital at this time. 15 officers total at the latest count have been injured. let's go to video right now. it has been literally a fiery afternoon and evening in the city of baltimore. we are hearing sirens leaving city hall left and right going from the center of the city throughout the city to different neighborhoods to try to quell the unrest there. dozens of people have been arrested already. an lot of folks are saying that the anger comes from years of alleged police brutality. years of problems with police
10:31 pm
not just this case with 25-year-old freddie gray who died in police custody. he was buried today and i spoke with people who went to that funeral and they say the funeral was somber, thousands of people attended the funeral. many couldn't get in, of course, and even the people outside they say things were calm and somber but not right now. several hours later this city is a city literally on fire. firefighters having a hard time keeping up. and the police department working with the fire department to put fires out. to arrest people on the spot. the national guard called in in a state of emergency. guys? >> back to you. >> all right dave kinchen all the while freddie gray's family pleading for calm. for more photos and videos of the chaos in baltimore head to our website you'll find videos and pictures from dave kinchen's live reports from baltimore. a eight people under arrest accused of in scheme to smuggle drugs into chester county prison. one of those arrested a
10:32 pm
corrections officer. investigators say this man douglas, would take drugs from the friends of inmates and then distribute them. they say he was paid 100 bucks per delivery. the other suspects are inmates in the prison or people who allegedly provided the drugs. he has since been fired. a florida teenager whose pet venomous snake bit him on the lip could face charges. 18-year-old austin hatfield of tampa brought his dot cotton mouth snake to bed with him. cotton mouths have a reputation of aggressiveness but they really only bite when they feel threaten. the boy look at him. critically injured. but he's recovering now. officials say he did not have a permit to have the venomous snake and he captured it illegally. prosecutors however have not chargeed hatfield as of yet. all right. i used to live in orlando florida for six years. i didn't mess with snakes. i wish our weather was a little more tropical. >> it might be soon. >> i can't guarantee tropical sunshine state weather but i can
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guarantee some above average temperatures over the next couple of days. but today we were below average. a high of 60. that's 8 degrees below where we should be. but look it can get into the 90s this time of year. 93 was the record high on today's date in 1915. we were pretty much dry throughout the day. a few sprinkles off to the west as we've been watching this stubborn upper level low this trough meandering through the northern sections of new england and pinwheeling around those clouds as well as the breezy conditions and keeping temperatures below average. it's cool tonight. it's going to be cool overnight. we have upper 40s in pottstown and lancaster. 50 degrees in wilmington. 54 currently in wildwood, and 54 in atlantic city. we still have the wind direction out of the north and west. that's a chilly breeze across our area. and tomorrow that system is going to move a little farther out to sea. giving us sunshine and a seasonal day. but take a look at the moisture along the gulf coast. take a look at the swirl right
10:34 pm
now toward the northern sections of texas. that energy will eventually head into the gulf and then out to sea. by the latter part of the week and develop into a coastal system that will have to watch. so pretty quiet weather over the next couple of days and then it looks like we'll see maybe some impacts depending on the track and intensity of this system but here's thursday morning. you can see off the carolina coast. but most of the models right now keep it further to the south. still watching once again the track and intensity. however, on the northern side of this area of low pressure, we'll get a lot of singing air so that could limit the amount of rain that parts of the area will see. but temperatures they will will be chilly to start in the 40s tomorrow. mid to upper 60s for high temperatures and then as we move ahead to your wednesday morning another cool start in the 40s and then temperatures by the middle of the week take a look at this. high temperatures will top out in the mid 70s. so it's going to be pretty nice wednesday will be the pick day of the week. upper 60s tomorrow.
10:35 pm
mild and breezy. 74 for the high on wednesday. mild breezy thursday maybe high clouds moving n we'll be watching the coast potentially for some wind and rain as we move toward friday in particular and then look at that beautiful weekend. near 70 saturday. mid 70s sunday and then monday iain that's more like your weather. high temperatures near 80 degrees. >> i'll take it. thank you scott. well a guy takes down a fellow passenger in the airport just wraps him in the head lock and drags him to the ground. what he claims happened seconds before that set off this fight. >> and does your teen want to play sports? how about band or park in the school parking? the thing they now have to agree to at one school district. >> and listen, ladies discover it years ago but nuts the new trend for us to get in shape. why broga has taken off. >> another live look from baltimore streets. fires are breaking out left and right. rioters are cheering even as a
10:36 pm
new senior center burns it's a state of emergency as baltimore burns. ♪ >> one of the earth's biggest secrets might be hiding behind a new jersey strip mall. a huge pile of bones that might explain why all the dinosaurs died. >> a jurassic mystery. >> a politician that's hell on wheels. >> a politician who moon lights as a domino.
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♪ >> we continue to follow breaking news the riots in baltimore. takeing live look right now as riots continue. there's camera zooms in those fires are bunk on a street several cars have been set on fire and burn out. still protesters tout in the middle of this. we have a state of emergency in the state of maryland. we also have a curfew at 10:00 p.m. that will go effect beginning tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. officers have been injured. the chaos continues. we of course will stay on top of it and check in again in just a little bit. >> cameras everywhere these days, it's easy to get caught in a lie. that's what authorities say happened to a guy at salt lake city international airport. cops say this video shows him attack another passenger. the two had just walk off a flight. the suspect claimed he was attacked first but the surveillance video seems to tell
10:40 pm
a another story. >> police arrested the suspect who they say was drunk and he now faces multiple charges. in your money tonight big changes for abercrombie and fitch. clothing chain is ditching shirt less male models also employees in the store will no longer be referred to as models but instead as brand representatives. stores have also lowered the music and raised the lights. they're trying to boost sales profits slang more than 5% last year. so a new flavored ice cream is out called royal baby gaga makers say it celebrates breast feeding and the new royal baby on the way. care to guess the flavor. london based ice cream company breast milk player made with donateed breast milk screened in line with hospital standards and with vanillism the ice cream company says it's quote free range freshly squeezedly and totally natural per fact for any prince or princess. all proceeds go to a breast feeding charity.
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so yoga isn't just for the ladies these days. it actually never has been. >> dudes can do it too with broga. >> macho less -- it's yoga class specifically for men who crave benefits of yoga but can't imagine experience the -- sharing the experience with a room of women. there's even a dude friendly twist on the gear. someone has designed a broga matt thicker and resembles thinks wee lies geek burrito in in file with guacamole. >> all right. it's happened to all of us. have you ever burnt a lunch and then evacuated a building by so doing? how mac and cheese forked an entire state capitol building to empty out. i don't have to tell you anything that happened. >> he's an employee. >> you can get the bleep out of here again off the property. >> local mom paid this guy thousands to fix her son's car.
10:42 pm
what did they get a big hole where the engine supposed to be. see what happens when jeff cole and fox 29 get involved.
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news is it s till breaking in baltimore. right now take a look alt these flames right there. rioters driving a car through a small bon fire they set and drive through again. the fires are not dying down. in fact baltimore pd tweeting out in an act of violence and destruction a group of criminals have set yet another car on fire. it is not abating. we have crews on the scene. we'll have more. it should have been a happy time for buck county family their teenaged son was about to enter the family business so they bought him the car of his dreams. >> but now the vehicle in pieces a family is out big bucks and the cops are sniffing around. fox 29's investigates is working to find out what went so wrong. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: it's a sporty car car. a two door nissan 350z perfect thought see see for her 17-year-old about to join his dad in the family plumbing business. >> this is the car he want. >> that's the car he wanted that that. >> he really loved. >> he did. >> so you bait it for him.
10:46 pm
the baskins took out $12,000 lone and gave the car to their son brigham with the understanding that he pay the note. a great opportunity for a young man to take on a little responsibility. but bass kins says that ended with brigham met collins bow tank of van coupe auto sports a guy who didn't want to answer questions. >> where is the car. >> i can call the cops. >> you can call the cops. >> you can leave. >> we will. public place. you don't own this, right. >> you don't own the place. collins -- just tell me. >> bass kins says the trouble start the when nissan needed engine work and her son found bow tank and van coo on facebook facebook. where video was posted of cars being raced worked on and bold artwork of the van coo name can be found. the 350z was towed to the rented garage in warminster buck county last august after brigham and bow tank agreed the engine would be repaired and end hasn'ted.
10:47 pm
the family wrote two checks in august and september to van coo for a total of 6400 bucks. but september stretched into october bass kins began calling bow tank who assured her the car would be repaired in two weeks. >> at some point do you think i got trouble here. >> most definitely. yeah. i didn't want it to that be way. but, yeah. in my heart i could feel something wasn't going to right. >> reporter: finally in february suzie bass kins had had enough. she sent this letter certified mail to vanku in warminster demanding the car and the $6,400 be paid back. what did she get back? the envelope unopened. the business was couldn't. vanku had vanish. >> she call police and eventually drove to the garage where she found the nissan in terrible shape. parts had been dumped on the
10:48 pm
front seat. a window was left open to the elements and get this a cat was living inside with its newborn kittens. then she looked under the hood. >> you pulled the hood up. no engine? >> right. >> what are you thinking? >> disbelief. that's all. i don't know what else to say. i just -- i can't believe somebody would do that to somebody. >> reporter: that's right. the engine was missing. crudely cut out with a saw says a mechanic at the shop where the car now sits. so where is collins. we tracked him to the back side of this north philly warehouse to press for answers. >> she's looking for her engine. she's looking she's got a 350z, you know. and -- >> well it doesn't -- >> it's you. she knows you. she talked to you. >> she think that is maybe you cut it out or something and it's
10:49 pm
gone. >> no. the engine has been junked and nobody told the engine. >> he says the engine is at another shop but he wouldn't tell us the name or number of the place. he says bass kins has it but she says when she called the number he gave her the person on the other end said he wouldn't say or do anything without his approval. she's tried to find the number she called for that quick conversation. bow tank accused of of us having not having the folk. >> we don't have the deal tase. >> you're a middleman. >> i'm asking what happened to a woman who paid you 64 hadn't dread dollars. the left the business, left the car open and took the engine out. right. >> i got the picture. >> okay. sips you know everything why don't you ride off. why don't you tell me what happened. >> i don't have to tell you anything that happened. >> listen we do know this after initially writing a report stating the case was a civil
10:50 pm
matter, bass kins warminster police now have a renewed interest asking her for copies of checks and bank information. fox 29 investigates has learned philadelphia police working with warminster have been looking for the 30-year-old. >> philly cops stop by. >> have they come to see you yet. >> it doesn't matter. >> they're interested in you. >> great. >> there's more. a check with the city's department of license and inspections finds no record of a required business privilege license for their east erie avenue location. this man says he's the owner. van ku works for him end wanted to us leave. >> you my friend can get the bleep out of here and get off the property. >> we began to leave. but not before pressing collins bow tank again. about the money and witnessing his obscene response. >> and the 6400 bucks? she got to get that back?
10:51 pm
>> all right. he argues the queue was suzie baskin's responsibility after he left it in that lot in warminster. bass kins never told her he left it there. she believes he's committed a crime and wants him arrested. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> sure sounds like it much students in one georgia school district who want to take part in any school activity all have one thing in common. they have to agree to random drug testing sports ex curriculars even parking on school grounds. the price stag $25,000. but the superintendent says it's worth it if it prevents one student from using drugs. the iowa capitol building evacuateed today all thanks to a quick lunch quickly gone wrong. >> you can say that again. you know what happened? just after 11:00 this morning lawmakers and staff forked out of the building in desmoines because of mac and cheese. someone left it in the microwave way too long. filling a room with smoke. the culprit has not been
10:52 pm
identified. already has the nickname on social media hash tag fire guy. >> howard? >> got to have a hash tag. all right. eagles are three days a way from adding a new player to the team and the question remains who will the eagles take in the first round of the nfl draft? phil he's try to overcome more mistakes. and give cole hamels his first one of the season. that's coming up in sports.
10:53 pm
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♪ the phillies began a 10 game road trip tonight and cole hamels was trying to wip against st. louis for the first time since 2007. his first win of the season. it's also the team he could be pitching for before season's end with a possible trade since the cardinals lost their best started a dam wayne white for the season. let's go to st. louis. all right. cole hamels did a good job against could be his new team. he pitched seven innings. gave up one run. nine strikeouts. phillies were trailing one to nothing. that's the one run he gave up. seventh inning first and third nobody out. this is just stupid. cody asche has not supposed to come home unless that ball gets through with nobody out. all right. so now they don't score there. but with two outs, and two on, ben revere gets a break. it hits the foul line and turns into a double. that drives in two. phillies scored two and go on to win the game the score four-one. new york mets had a big-time win tonight miami iain i know you want to be there because they're
10:56 pm
playing golf there tomorrow. all right. this is the ninth inning after the mets went hyped one to nothing in the eighth. daniel murphy the three run homer mets go on to win it, three-one against miami. thee days eagles will be on the clock ready to make a first round pick on thursday night. it's not going to be marcus mariota. no it's not going to be marcus marriott to. no, it's not going to be marcus mariota. the 20th pick they can't get up to two. eagles have a few needs. safety needs corner needs on defense and for sure wide receiver. all right. here's some possibilityies. if they pick a 20 and everything starts to example at number two where mariota will go. before he shad per are you man out of the central florida. nelson agholor out of usc. two cornerback byron jones out of connecticut and safety landon collins from alabama and game seven of the nhl stanley cup finals washington wins game seven. they win it two-one go on to
10:57 pm
play the rangers. >> beautiful. >> remember to watch tmz up next at 11:00. >> we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". >> we'll leave you with one last look at the chaos in baltimore. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. have a great night.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> mariah carey trashed nick cannon. >> she takes a jab at his money. she says, everything you own boy, you still owe. harvey: how does she sit in the audience when she sings that song? >> you hold up your diamond chain mariah bought and go like this. that song is about me. that song is about me. >> debra drinks, former "playboy" playmate. she's known bruce and kris a long time. >> what bruce jenner is doing, i'm going to get very emotional, is huge for our society. harvey: it was amazing. >> he was like i saw the guy beat and he's fat now. oh, my god, i love that. >> justin bieber showed up in support of his friend lil za, who had


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