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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  April 28, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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too many people have spent generations, building up this city for it to be destroyed by thugs. >> that is mayor of baltimore talking after the the city attack by rioters city under a state of emergency and facing a week long curfew. police are on alert after warning from baltimore against threats against law enforce amount cross the the country. threats of the deadly tractor trailer accident extending into this morning. we will have a live report for you straight ahead. good day it is tuesday april 28th 2016. >> sleepless night for so many in the baltimore area. plus we will have are latest on that. >> hard to watch that. >> yes absolutely. >> bob kelly in for sue serio who is recovering at home.
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feels better though. >> she's feeling better, our best wishes to sue hopefully we will have her back tomorrow. stuck with me again this morning and we're looking good on the radar some light showers, kind of rolling across our area waking up in southern delaware, south jersey heading down toward the shore just enough to leave wet spots on the whipped shield. current temperatures right now mount pocono checking in at 42. milder then this time yesterday. tonight 50 in allentown. we will slide on down, 52 here at our studio at fourth and market. for folks down the shore 52 in wildwood. fifty-one in ac. the wind will play a factor today. almost double what we had this time yesterday. 15 miles an hour in mount pocono. nine in pottstown. ten here in philadelphia sustain for that matter. 12 miles an hour the at dover. for folks down the shore we will get that 12-mile an hour wind in atlantic city. phillies cap for the big win.
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cool start. pennsylvania make sure kid have a a jacket on sending them out of the front door. here's what we are looking at today. 68 degrees. the mostly sunny and breezy and later tonight we will dip down to 50-degree temperature light breeze, i'll have the complete seven day forecast you will love tomorrow we will run that by you next time around. the lets get ready to check the jam cams this morning as we get ready to step outside the front door. no problems on the the schuylkill expressway double five's coming in from king of prussia looking good up a and down the i-95 corridor. we have that closure where we will tell you her about that in a second from yesterday's accident but just remember the accident is a a along the tea tore route for the the arcola road bridge. that threw that extra volume in the neighborhood yesterday. volume that was already on a detour. so as it stand right now south park avenue remains closed between egypt and ridge. same alternate is a as
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yesterday. egypt road, sunnyside avenue. they run parallel. of course school buses had delays yesterday. hopefully we can get this opened up by the beginning of our the height of the the rush hour but for right now we will go on the detour taking a ride into downtown, nifty 50 on the schuylkill expressway no problems up and over bridges. the mass transit is looking good with no delays. a state of emergency in baltimore where complete chaos erupted for hours, all over the the death of the freddie gray. businesses cars were burned, todayses of looting. it was hard for police to get a handle on the violent reactions. many of those involved are defending their reaction. >> freddie gray was true that broke the cammal's back, and everybody out here that is looting, that is have their own story to tell themselves about what will happen to them. >> national guard has been called out to help, local and
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state police. city officials and others are strongly condemning the violent turn off events after 15 police officers were injured, two toss even people arrested freddie gray's family pleading for calm. >> you know, we're heard but i do not want y'all out here. i want to you get justice for my son but don't do it like this. don't tear up the the whole city. it is wrong. >> do you think there is anybody else that would be willing to talk. >> reporter: family want real justice for freddie gray meaning a responsible investigation that is thorough and completely unby a assed. >> just hearst before the violent riot in baltimore broke out thousands attend aid funeral of freddie gray. the those in a attendance including stephanie rawlins blake and reverend jesse jackson. gray died a week ago have
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days after suffering a spinal injury while in custody. meanwhile a warning from baltimore police to law enforcement the agencies all across the country. >> baltimore police department says gangs are threatening to attack officers. fox 29's steve keeley is live at police headquarters to explain what the warning means for local police steve. >> reporter: warning well beyond baltimore 100 miles away. here at police headquarters the warning went out to every police officer who went out on duty last night and overnight. gangs are ganging up and making threats against all law enforcement. so that means all police every where in this country are on high alert. we have even past situations where there have been local problems, and then riotness other cities a addressing the problems in another city. here in philadelphia a the the police have been asked for help to assist down in baltimore, and they are also worried about the baltimore problems coming up this way as well. >> put out calls to washington d.c., philadelphia a, we have to go through the
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state to get those numbers up, but we're getting numbers coming. we are looking forward to that support. from what i know we had black gorilla families, bloods and crips had a meeting yesterday, validated and verified where they said at the the conclusion of mr. gray's funeral today, each group was intend to go kill and take out a police officer. >> we push it out city wide so it will be ready role calls as he will well as e-mails so nobody misses it. >> so far the threat is nothing that suggest it is here but we still got to be mine full of the fact that this hate can spread pretty wide. >> reporter: it is not just philadelphia police going down to i-95 to baltimore. even before yesterday's riots some of the protesters were from philadelphia as well. lauren and chris a among at rest on unday before yesterday's group a guy from here in philadelphia. all right, steve thank you. 4:06. new this morning police
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searching for clues to the early morning shooting in west philadelphia investigators responded to a call for a shooting at vine street and 62nd street area. this is around 1:00 this is morning. police later located aid victim they say had been shot in the foot. road are still closed after two hit head on in montgomerymont county that happened on park avenue. fox 29's jenny joyce is live in lower providence township with the are latest on that, hi jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and chris. as you can see from the ground park avenue is still closed. bob kelly just mention that had from the traffic report. it could be 8:00 o'clock tonight before we see this segment of park avenue between joan road and eagle willville road reopened, after a head on collision between a tractor trailer and a tanker truck that burst into flames. the the tractor trailer was carrying a powdery substance used in cosmetics that spilled all over the the roadway.
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tanker truck was hauling sewage. the driver of the tanker didn't make it. the tractor trail are driver is okay. eat advertise of either driver involved has in the been released. >> first arriving police officer found that two tractor trailer had collided in a head on fashion, in the 700 block of south park avenue. the one tractor trailer was a box-type trailer and it was carrying a powdered substance. the the officer observed that the powder on the roadway had ignitedded and it was on fire. >> the house shook. i was actually in the shower. i saw a huge fireball through the kitchen and bathroom window. my husband jumped out of the bed and called 911. he was directly behind it. he ran over. the the neighbor's yard was on fire. thank god it was not his
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house. >> reporter: according to fire police on the scene it that is powdery substance on the road that is preventing this road from reopening. it is a very slippery substance. officials are bringing in a detergent to do so. so again for the time being this section of the park avenue will be closed through rush hour and beyond, lauren and chris. >> jennifer thank you. people living in kensington are responding to the the arrest of their neighbor charged with endangering the welfare of her children. >> twenty-nine year-old chernay lee lock her four kid in the home in the 1900 block of east atlantic street for four hours. they say children two boys and two girls ranging from 20914 had no heat, water or access to a bathroom. rescuers freed them on sunday after one got a hold of the phone and called 911. investigators say the mother was disciplining them. neighbors just can't believe the accusations. >> it was bizarre. i don't understand. every time i see the kid they are well taken care of.
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they are well groom. i never see them off the the porch. >> lee now seen them facing numerous charges including false imprisonment. two teens face murder charges in connection with the the chinese foot food delivery man in northeast philadelphia police say the the 14 and 15 year-old suspects will be charged as adults. they say the teens fired at least a dozen shots at the 49 year-old victim last thursday as he a maid a night deliver any philadelphia's crescentville neighborhood. he was hit in the shoulder and was able to drive away before losing consciousness and driving through a fence. he died a short time later. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane engaged in the cover up and was not truthful about her role in the unlawful leak have of the a 2009 investigation. report released becomes three months after it came public that the grand jury rum that prosecutors charge kane with perjury obstruction and other
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offenses. the the the montgomery county district attorney is reviewing those recommendations. grand jury was investigating actionness connection with the story in the philadelphia daily news last year about a 2009 grand jury investigation. kane spokesmen says kane continues to maintain she did not the release grand jury material and was truthful in her testimony. pennsylvania's top court reinstated conviction of the monsignor william lynn. lynn you may recall was first u.s. church official convict for handling of the child sex abuse complaints against priest under his supervision. he was fund guilty in 2012 served part of his sentence and then his conviction was then out by the state supreme court court in 2013. yesterday the the state supreme court ruled that lynn can be held responsible for welfare of children in the philadelphia a archdiocese. his attorney says he may appeal to the u.s. supreme court lynn was granted bail and has been on house arrest, since 2013. philadelphia d.a. seth williams says that he will ask to have that bail revoke.
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4:11. death toll keeps rising from that massive earthquake in nepal. a a local family is diagnosis for help for their loved ones affected by the disaster. also ahead the colorado movie theater shooting case and trial is now underway. coming up why some survivors say that the outcome of the trial, will have have little effect on them. and lets take another live look outside, bob will be back with another look at your forecast in just a minute. char in a. >> testing. blank
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and just like that the snow is gone. and parkas become jackets. and sweaters go down for a long nap. and off you go. and your backyard gets a whole lot bigger. and you're running... and climbing... and your gear gets lighter and trimmer, and fitter and smarter. and now every frozen second spent willing this day to come is just a warm fading memory. ♪
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good morning, welcome back at 4:15 on this tuesday. live at philadelphia international airport. beautiful day. live clear skies. >> bob says today is nice but just wait until tomorrow. >> we're looking at a ten for tomorrow. >> i think so. >> we're jumping ahead because wire's so excited. >> we have to make our t time because you only get one -- did you get the pennsylvania pass tomorrow. >> no. >> it didn't go well. >> no. >> listen man don't jam me up. my wife is sleeping right now. >> good morning. you're right. good morning. great day to fly. 52 degrees outside. wind will play a factor 10 miles an hour stepping out of the front door this morning. we have great visibility. we are good to go in the air for flights out of the philly international. sunrise coming in at 6:05. here are current temperatures. warmer then yesterday. mount pocono has 42.
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ten more than then we had waking up yesterday. fifty-two in downtown philadelphia we have got sprinkles coming through our way like southern delaware, south jersey and that is all part of the coast willal storm that is going to stay way to our north. not bothering us at all because we have high pressure acting as a storm blocker. that sound like a promo right there, storm blocker, bringing in the high pressure. we will be in good shape, and temperatures, again bringing us some more warmer temperatures here. that will all move north tomorrow. so that is why tomorrow, is going to be the best day of the week. check this out 68 right now. going up to 68 today. sunny, and breezy. tomorrow is better. 73 degrees tomorrow. a perfect ten. then we are looking at some rain coming our way on thursday and friday, but check out that travel and calendar for tomorrow and see what type of outdoor chores we
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can get chris murphy. lets check the jam cams right now. we have been working downtown on the vine street expressway for the night. this is live look at penndot coming over schuylkill expressway heading in to center city philadelphia one lane traffic pattern all part of the overnight construction. it is light volume. we're okay. otherwise double five's on the schuylkill expressway. looking good up and down the roosevelt boulevard. construction crews are still out on a portion of three or four different spots here of the pennsylvania turnpike between philly bensalem over toward willow grove interchange. up and down northeast extension. same deal will two different spots between mid county and lansdale interchange and as we just heard from jen out there south park avenue closed at the scene of that accident. the two big intersections between egypt and ridge, that is where we will easily be able to pick up the the alternate, egypt road ape sunnyside ave.
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if you go up to joeb avenue where the the accident happened it will be difficult to get on the detour. they are allowing access up to that closure point mainly for school buses and for folks to get in and out of the neighborhood but you really want to break a away at egypt and ridge depending upon what direction you go here and hook up with the detour and give yourself extra time. i talk to the fellow last night who lived around the corner from the accident and he said it took him about an hour just to get out of the neighborhood because of the closure last night. mass transit is looking good with no delays. chris and lauren back to you. friday's magnitude 7.8 earthquake in nepal is being blamed for more than 4400 deaths. at least four americans are among the dead. 8,000 others were injured and tens of thousands are homeless. u.n. is releasing 15 million-dollar to aid victims. two u.s. army green barrett teams in nepal are aiding in the search and recovery efforts with other first
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responders. u.s. cargo plane is on site and another is due to arrive today. secretary of state john kerry says u.s. will provide ten million-dollar worth of support. hatboro couple children living and work in nepal are asking for public's help. >> they are raising money to rebill orphanage, their children ran and then valerie rodgers said their son and daughter opened up two orphanages calling loving arms mission. their family member and the children they served made it out a alive thankfully but their facilities were heavily damage leaving them to sleep outside underneath a tarp. >> i feel like what it the must be like to have a child in combat, you know you never know what will happen. >> i feel just broken inside. i feel so helpless. i want so much to be able to do something and we're power less. >> if you'd like to help go to my fox and click on
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the scene on tv tab. marriage equality cases are scheduled today at u.s. supreme court as justices prepared to take up issue. long lines outside the high court yesterday. today justices will hear from michigan tennessee, ohio and kentucky where gay marriage bans have been upheld. they will also consider two related issues, first do states have a right to define marriage soully as a union between man and woman. if so do they have to recognize valid same sex marriage from elsewhere ie where it is legal. the the decision is expect in june. survivors of the deadly 2012 colorado movie shooting are expected to take the the stan. james holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecutors say two mental healthy valuations found him to be sane. if convicted he could face death penalty life in prison or in a institution for criminal willly insane.
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some survivors say no matter what the outcome it won't heel the the pain that he has caused. >> i don't believe there is anything that is involved i would love to see him get life in prison and move on with our lives. that is easy for me to say because i have my daughter right now good 12 people were killed in the shooting rampage and more than 70 others wounded. loretta lynch is the u.s. attorney general. she's first a african-american woman to serve as nation's top law enforcement officer. lynch waited five months. she says her confirmation as attorney general proves that we can company anything. lynch is confident that the tensions between police and the communities that they serve can be resolved. >> we can view our criminal just advertise system with both strength and fairness for protection of the needs of the victims and the rights of all. we cannery store trust and faith both in our laws and in those of us who enforce them.
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>> lynch replaces eric holder who was a federal prosecutor in new york. on her first day of the job lynch taking on big issues with those baltimore riots. she said she would send justice department officials to the city in the coming days. what a first day on the job. all eyes are on baltimore, right. 4:22. the phillies try to avoid more mistakes and give cole hamels his first win of the season, coming up next in sports.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. phillies opening up a ten game road trip. cole hamels trying to win for first time since 2007. first time this season in st. louis. phillies town one to nothing. two outs. the bend been reveer on and two on. he hits a double off foul line. phillies win it four-one. los angeles angels traded their big free agent signing of two years ago josh hamilton in the playing new because of a relapse with his drug addiction. he has had problem since early 2,000. he gets traded back to the rangers for cash or a player to be name later. angels are picking up most of the 80 million local still owed on his contract. stanley cup game seven to washington, caps they got the to win this game. they are at home. they are in the red. the with the score tied
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one-one, seven minutes left in the the game, how about the the caps, they score. but the islanders win, the the series and they go on to play new york rangers. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. riots in camden yard, prompted officials to postpone baltimore orioles game with the chicago white socks. decision was made 40 minutes before game time. a thousand fans were already inside and told to go home. >> no make up date has been a announced. >> baseball commissioner says if conditions don't improve in baltimore tonight's game could be moved possibly to the nationals park in washington d.c. law enforcement agencies are on alert because of the riots in baltimore and coming up what warning baltimore is giving other departments.
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many in baltimore say baltimore is at the a breaking point, state of emergency a now a week long curfew after hours have rioting. >> police are on alert after warning from baltimore about threats begins law enforcement across the country. so very good news weather-wise. the let look live outside for you right the now it will actually feel like springtime. it has finally sprung. good day it the is tuesday, april 28th 2015. it is about time in late april to have decent weather. >> just complaining this morning win is still blowing, chilly.
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it is may this weekend. >> well yesterday i believe was 10 degrees cooler then normal bob kelly. >> it was. it is warmer this morning. i think you'll like it. we're moving in the right direction let's say that. ultimate doppler in the looking bad in our area. we have sprinkles down below here across southern delaware and new jersey, right now it feels good. forty-two in mount pocono. fifty in allentown. pottstown checking in at 48. still chilly but warmer then it was this time yesterday. fifty-two here downtown at fourth and market and good morning to wildwood, new jersey. nifty 50 down there along the the boardwalk. here's the line up for today. 48 degrees by 9:00. up to 64 for lunchtime outside with a little breeze then in there as well and 68 by the the time we head home for dinner later this evening. which one do you think will be today. >> seven. >> look at you on the money.
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>> jelly doughnut for lauren dawn johnson. >> hey. >> but hey, guess what allergies are in rare form. look at this, high today high tomorrow i'm already sneezing. di our floor director is having trouble with her allergies but it will calm down on thursday and friday because some rain is on the way. i'll tell you more about that in the seven day. the lets go outside and look live at our jam cams right now. downtown, working on the vine street expressway all night long down to only one lane here but it is light role for the the moment. things are okay. these guys are good. they are out of there by 6:00 o'clock as we get ready to start our morning rush hour. no problems coming in on the 42 freeway, 295 looking good. here's the latest on this closure. i know jenny joyce is coming to us live from out there in lower providence. south park avenue remains closed. the official closure point is between jobe and eagle will
4:32 am
view road. you don't wanting to up to that closure point. that is there to give folks in the neighborhood a chance to access out the on to egypt road or sunnyside avenue. is there your two main alternate. i talk to someone last night they lived around the corner. it was grid lock throughout the neighborhood. give yourself extra time. even school buses have to go on the detour. remember that detour also is taking all of the traffic that is push off because of the arcola road bridge construction project out in that area. coming into new jersey there is three lanes opened on the bennie rolling through the the tolls that right lane is block with construction. outside on the pennsylvania turnpike a couple different work spots between philly, bensalem and willow grove but mass transit off to a good start with no delays. chris and lauren, back to you. baltimore is in crisis, after, violent behavior in the city in response to the freddie gray case. >> more than a dozen police officers have been hurt at last count. city officials are promised to
4:33 am
go restore order. fox's kelly wright has the very latest. >> reporter: state of emergency now in effect in baltimore following hours of violent and rioting in the street. chaotic scene coming same day as funeral for 25 year-old freddie gray who died after being injured while in police custody. in addition to the the emergency declaration the the national guard is also being activated in an effort to stop the the violence. >> national guard, they are on the ground now here within our city. what we're going to use them for is holding structure and fixed posts. >> reporter: rioters causing widespread destruction with looters seen break nothing to businesses, destroying police cars and setting large fires across the county and at a least 15 police officers were hurt in confrontations with rioters. >> too many people have spent generations, building up this city for it to be destroyed
4:34 am
by thursday. >> there are indications that the riots may have been triggered by gangs police source tells "fox news" several gangs have have quote entered into a partnership to take outlaw enforcement officers. >> 99 percent of these people don't know freddie gray and could not the pick him out of the three people. this is an opportunity to october out disappointment in their own life. >> reporter: new u.s. attorney general lor receipt lynch is condemning the the the violent reactions. those who commit violent actions do a difficulties service to his family to his loved ones and legitimate peaceful protesters. beginning tuesday and a an overnight curfew will go in effect and baltimore public schools will be closed. kelly wright, "fox news". baltimore police issued a warning to law enforcement officers all across the nation. >> they have become aware of the credible threat by gangs to now attack police officers. fox 29's steve keeley at police headquarters in
4:35 am
philadelphia looking into this for us steve good morning. >> reporter: no curfew here but that curfew down in baltimore another half an hour to go and that means despite no curfew here that does not mean no high alert here. philadelphia police are on extra a alert. every officer told about that credible threat against all law enforcement not just in baltimore but in other major cities in this country. so every philadelphia police officer going out on duty from every district told at every roll call by e-mail and texas well to make sure that everybody, gets the the message to be on the look out and take everything seriously. now, while philadelphia police are busy here baltimore's police commissioner has asked philadelphia for some help, south on i-95 a hundred miles away saying baltimore need more officers because they were out numbered and overwhelmed by rioters, some likely from other cities like philadelphia. >> i'm extremely disappointed in what has happened in this beautiful city tonight. i'm disappointed in the fact
4:36 am
that the damage has been done to these communities. i'm disappoint that had we cannot be more responsive an embarrassment that we have nationwide in our community. this is not protesting. this is not your first amendment right. this is criminal acts doing damage to a community that is challenge in some ways that do not need this and do not need to be harmed in on ways like this today. lie forward for more support around the region. i put out calls to washington d.c. philadelphia a, we have to go through the the the state to get those numbers up but we're getting numbers coming so we are looking forward to that support. >> this is scary stuff. whenever you get an alert like that, that this is a credible threat you have to be careful with that information. >> of course, you have to take it seriously. that curfew will be lifted in 25 minutes, from right now at 5:00a m and reinstated at 10:00 p.m. tonight for about a week is what the mayor of baltimore is calling for. let's move to this now and
4:37 am
speaking of politics of sorts, monthly ask the governor segment governor chris christie, he is taking or talking i should say money but hear why he says the $700,000 income doesn't make his family wealthy, or rich. >> okay. washington getting ready for vip, we will tell but preparations for tonight's big state dinner.
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good morning. kill come back on this tuesday morning at 4:40. a preliminary hearing is scheduled later this morning in that hostage situation last no in cheltenham. paul jordan held members of the lamott firehouse at gunpoint back on march 31st. officials say jordan was recently terminated from that fire company and was upset about being let go. luckily no one was hurt. septa is looking for public's input on the new capitol budget and programs. septa riders are invited to ask questions and submit comments about the authority's proposed capitol budget for 2016 fiscal year and capital program. they are today at 11:30 in the morning and at 5:00 p.m. in the board room at septa headquarters right downtown. now septa says the the 500 million-dollar budget will help rebuild and replace aging
4:41 am
structures and extend rider capacity. wilmington delaware resident are encouraged to take part in the town hall meeting. mayor dennis williams will host meeting at pulaski elementary school. mayor and staff will be addressing public safety issues education and upcoming city projects. today's meeting starts at 7:30. today, the school is located at 1300 seeder street. governor chris christie still has in the made a decision about running for president in 2016. in his monthly radio show he said he expects to know in may or june. how many times have we heard that. >> a lot. >> his wife quit her lucrative wall street job prompting speculation that the republican will join the race. speaking of money he answered he doesn't feel wealthy at all when asked about his 2013 tax form saying he nearly earned 700 you this dollars. >> what does it take then to
4:42 am
be wealthy. >> who knows maybe you have to hit the the million-dollar mark. white house gearing up for a state dinner tonight. >> obama's will welcome the leader of japan. the chef mere mote owe is behind the menu which includes smoke sal machine and it is all about the cherry blossoms. they are in full bloom in tc right now. this is a blum, wouldn't you say with our late spring. the white house says, they are simple friendship between u.s. and japan of course as they line the river. so beautiful to see that. we went there last year to take the kid and we missed it by the day. the wind came through and blew all of the petals off a the trees. we saw what was the bloom because it looked like snow all over the the the walkway around the river. >> it is nice to see. >> why he. >> we will take a quick break we will be right back.
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what is that instrument. >> a little rock music comes on, we all listen give us the scoop and the details, the artist what year, what album who is playing the guitar, the drummer, and we just sit there and listen so relax. >> wow. >> first of all. >> man. >> first of all can you name who that artist enis.
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>> don't worry about that. >> you can't. >> she's in rare form to take. >> i'll tell you. >> you take it away while i handle chris murphy. >> good morning everybody. 4:46. waking up to 52 degrees on the temperature reading outside. feels great this morning. the wind will play a factor though. it is warmer then it really feels because of the wind rolling in here at 10 miles an hour. temperature right now warmer this morning then it was this time yesterday. check helping in 43 in mount pocono. fifty-two at the the front door. forty-seven in lancaster. watching us down the shore as they say we're in the 50's down there in wildwood, new jersey. take a look at the 24 hour temperature change. the it feels warmer about five to 10 degrees warmer then this time yesterday. warmer up there in mount pocono. warmer here in philadelphia really warm in south jersey. 12 degrees warmer this morning in atlantic city then it was this time yesterday.
4:47 am
however the wind will play a factor throughout the day. 15 miles an hour here in mount pocono, 8 miles an hour out of reading. 10 miles an hour here in philadelphia. hold on to your a hat in wilmington. 16 miles an hour. the wind really will play a factor in our morning and midday commute and the showers as you can see here ultimate doppler kind of being pushed out of the area and that is all because of we got this coastal storm. but it will stay well to our north. it will not impact us but it will keep things breezy and thanks to high pressure we have got the storm blocker that is set up here over the next couple of days and that will make things nice and warm warmer temperatures will move our way and we are going to love it. take a look the a the line up for today. sunny, little breezy. tomorrow, sunshine. 73 degrees tomorrow. but then thursday and friday we will see rain. we will welcome that rain because your allergies will be
4:48 am
driving you crazy by this time tomorrow. lets go outside and check out the jam cams this morning as we get ready on this tuesday morning live look at i-95 out of the northeast philadelphia in problems or delays. light volume out of the north east through the construction zone. they have pick up the cones and we are opened for business downtown on the vine street expressway n problems coming in or out of the city. leaving say the the suburbs malvern, west chester a little bit of the slow down rolling through 202 and then the construction zone. rolling through phoenixville keep in mind route 23 still closed and detoured over that pickering bridge creek construction, a all that extra volume push on to 422 the morning and afternoon rush hours are tighter then normal because of the that extra volume on 422. coming from south jersey in problems a at all heading up and over the bridges. mass transit looking good. chris and lauren back over to you. former delaware county school employee attempt to commit a murder charge this morning. the ex-cafeteria worker at
4:49 am
hebrew store school will in radnor entered the school at 9:45 and attack a former co-worker. more more fled the scene but police caught up to him a short time later on a septa train. school was put on lock down. school officials a student were never in danger but they admit the their security procedures were not followed. the rick tim was hospitalized in serious condition. prosecutors say toxicology results show off-duty new jersey police officer involved in the deadly wrong way crash was drunk and very trunk. tests conduct have after the march 20th crash reportedly show that officer pedro's blood alcohol content was .24 that is nearly three times the legal limit. this picture is from his instagram page showing him taking part in the funeral of fallen philadelphia a police officer robert wilson. authorities say he crash head on into tractor trailer killing linden officer frank and fran joe rodriguez. abad and another officer were badly hurt.
4:50 am
in word yet on charges. at 4:49. the chester county correctional officer and seven others arrested after after being accused in a scheme to smuggle drugs into prison. investigators say douglass keck would take drugs from the friend of the inmate and then distribute them. they say he was paid 100 bucks per delivery. the other suspects are inmates in that prison or people who allegedly provided the drugs. keck says he has been since fired. of course. new audit says pennsylvania system of 14 state own universities should do a better job of tracking crime and sex discrimination. auditor general reports points to administrative flaws in the university's compliance with the federal laws that could result in costs and penalties. auditor general says victims failed to it is up uniform procedures for handling grievances under a federal law that bars sex discrimination and federally funded educational programs. two military veterans take
4:51 am
the plunge coming up, we will show you their special vegas wedding.
4:52 am
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♪ >> feeling is mutual. >> tell us about your day yesterday. >> i went to travis mani the on foundation for basically military families. he was killed in the line of duty in his second tour in 2006. we raised a a lot of money yesterday. >> golf tournament. >> it was a golf tournament. >> how did you golf. >> actually i played pretty well for the first time ever. >> nice. >> do you know why? >> why. >> because my wife texted me in the middle of the round and said have a great the day. >> instead of when are you coming home. >> it helped me relax. >> no stress. >> in. >> good for you. >> yes. >> how was your day. >> good. >> do you want to talk about love some right now. >> yes and two american heroes, tied the k thenot in the special ceremony in las vegas as we segway through this. >> in 2010 christopher aguilara was the the only survivor when a grenade took down his aircraft in
4:55 am
afghanistan. when he met jennifer flannigan they oned over their experiences serving our country. the once the couple got engaged they submitted an application to wish upon a wedding and they got accepted. >> i thought love before and i looked back and love was just a word before. now that i have met her and i have got something i can base it off of now i know what true love is. the it is when you fine somebody that you have an instant connection. you may have known them a short while it feels leak you have known them forever. >> that will make you cry right. flannigan is a u.s. navy veteran, aguilara spent 22 years in our air force. >> they look like they are so in love. look at that. >> ♪ >> all right. 4:55 is the time on this tuesday morning. coming up the the effects from a deadly tractor trailer accident extending into this morning. we will have a live report straight ahead. lets look outside. >> yeah. >> talking about love, speaking of love. >> look at you.
4:56 am
>> bob kelly will have more for new just a bit. >> we will play some rock and roll. >> oh really. you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kill fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, preventing a new infestation. its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is the #1 choice of vets for their pets and yours. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. the vet's #1 choice.
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testing city of baltimore under a state of emergency after riot ago cross the city. how officials plan to regain control there. one rioter ran into a familiar face on the the
4:59 am
streets of baltimore. hi mom. >> she was not happen bye that. >> drivers in montgomery county dealing with this a deadly tractor trailer accident from yesterday, could impact your morning commute what officials think this road will finally reopen. bobbies on top of that. good day on this tuesday, thanks so much for being with us coming up right at 5:00 in the morning. the this is when they are lifting the curfew in baltimore which has been in place since 10:00 p.m. last night. mayor there saying that curfew will be in place for at least a week. >> it should be because after all we saw urging parents out in the street to get their kid bring them back home. >> what a night good it was tough. >> actually, let's talk about the weather, sue is feeling under the weather yet again today but bob pinch hitting for her. we should have her back. >> at least i can do all the time she did traffic and weather for me over vacations and before i came on game.
5:00 am
5:00 o'clock. we are waking up to a nice tuesday morning. 43 degrees in mount pocono. forty-eight in pottstown. definitely warmer then this time yesterday. fifty-two in philadelphia. forty-nine in dover. for folks down the shore 50 in wildwood, new jersey. but the wind, it is going to be the factor in making it feel a little bit cooler this morning. 15 degrees, 15 miles april hour wind out of the mount pocono. 8 miles an hour wind out of pottstown. two here in philadelphia even down the shore we will see abe feel that bay breeze 13 miles an hour there in atlantic city. look the the at the future wind gusts as we roll through the rest of the day. 24 miles an hour in mount pocono by later tonight. 20 miles an hour here in philadelphia. with these wind could also come delays at some of the airports. so if you are planning on traveling in the air today keep that in mine. down the shore not as bad but with only 3 miles an hour wind. bus stop buddy has


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