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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  April 29, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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it is 4:00 in the morning and right now, the streets of baltimore are calm. this is a scene last night at the curfew took effect. police trying to disperse protesters using tear gas steve keeley live there this morning. >> sending most experienced state tropate ers to baltimore, and how long they're expected to be there. >> the weather will be spectacular today on a much different note. we are tracking big changes for you what to expect for the rest of the week, however. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, april 29, 2015. we want to get right out to the stop story protests in baltimore. >> steve keeley is live in baltimore for thus morning steve what's the very latest? >> reporter: well, it is relative calm right now. since we've got here about 40 minutes ago we've witnessed
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seven arrests right out the doors of our live truck. these people, the four latest sitting there with their hands, gregg walks behind them cuffed in the plastic zip tie handicuffs police wondering what they are doing don't they know about the curfew. these people walked into heavy presence of national guard troops and baltimore police. and we are right next to the cvs that you saw the famous shot whatever was on fire, the initial night of the rioting on monday. so that gives you a sense of where we are where these people walked into. you are going to walk into trouble if you dare come down the street. the one thing i was surprised about, there are no checkpoints for anybody driving around. they are saying if you can come and go to work, you're allowed to go as you please. so nobody's checking drivers as they come down the street, not shut off even though the first thing you notice are dozens of humvee's from the national guard parked on diagonal on many of the streets right where the riot something happening.
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streets relatively clean all through baltimore way cleaner than you'll see if philadelphia when you arrive. the only trash you see at the scene of the rioting. a lot of the trash swept into neat piles. so a loft soldiers, a lot of police and a lot of calm right now. and no trouble with these arrests. the first three i witnessed the people were wondering why are you bothering us, why are you harassing us. violating the curfew is why people are being checked and sometimes as you see right here arrested now here just after 4:00 a.m. >> stevie know you say you just arrived here, were these people rioting protesting, being belligerent or -- >> no just walking by our live truck and i didn't tell them about a curfew, and i said they are walk willing right into trouble. so they were being nice, and trying to be polite as possible to the police but the problem is you are into in violation of the curfew if you look at the clock until 5:00 a.m. you are not allowed to be out here so these people weren't doing anything wrong but just
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walking on the street and violating the curfew. soap, that is your answer right there. >> and they had to have known by now that the curfew was in effect. i know you just arrived perhaps haven't had a chance to talk to them, we don't even know if the police are giving you access to talk to them, but were they basically scoff laws forget this curfew, let's just walk around, make our presence known? >> reporter: no sense speculating, and i am and they're not going to put a microphone in somebody's face, so i'll talk to them once we go off the air and get awe answer when i see you next. >> steve keeley, great hustle, getting down to baltimore for us and have this covered. appreciate. >> dozens of new jersey state troopers and personnel being health to baltimore for the riot response. >> that request made after maryland's governor, jennifer joyce now live at state police barracks in hamilton this morning, we'll get to her evidently in just a moment, but some back and forth between the governor and the
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mayor of baltimore at this point. >> absolutely. >> about the timing of this, and the calling in of the state national guard there in baltimore. >> she is under fire for the last two days since she had her first press conference, many people upset called some of the looters going into the cvs, bringing things out she called them thugs people upset about that upset about her timing and decision-making, it is tough to be an itsy leader. >> jennifer we understand you are ready now. question about the delay of possibly three hours and getting the national guard troops in there into baltimore? >> reporter: yes well, i was just following their twitter page. they've lived. if you take a look at their twitter site you can see pictures of them on the ground getting there and fox 29 was here yesterday as they were loading up the buses to head down to baltimore. maryland governor hogan asked chris christie for this assistance, cameras were there as 150 new jersey state troopers and staff members loaded buses and prepared for the trip. new jersey state police
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representatives say the troopers heading to maryland are those skilled to handle urban communities the goal is to keep peace and protect the community from any further violence. >> they're going down thereto protect life, tune protect property and to make sure that the good people of baltimore can keep their community intact. the troopers that are being deployed most of them, are used to working in urban areas, from trenton from camden, from newark they work asbury park, so that's the compliment of troop that's we went to. those who have experience, working on the street in those communities. >> the plan is to stay maximum of 72 hours in baltimore however, they can extend that if necessary. the pennsylvania state police has also offered assistance, and they'll be ready to go down to baltimore if that's necessary chris lauren. >> let's hope it is not jennifer thank you. >> our coverage of the crisis in baltimore continues all morning long. you can find the latest information pictures, video at our website
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>> time now 4:00 # five. let's getting two sue serio. welcome back. >> thanks. >> good to have you here. and you came back on a great day. >> yep, well i wasn't going to miss a ten real at this will be one of those days, and once you look at this forecast you want to make plans to get outside if you can. we will look at the next weather system headed our way. this is not until tomorrow. southern storm going to make it way here tomorrow. but not today. we are starting out pretty pleasant, 57 degrees, west-northwest mere 5 miles an hour. and a 10-mile visibility so no fog issues sunset time is 7:53 this evening. in our weather by the numbers there it is, double digits for today. >> really is going to be beautiful. want to know what the high will be? we are thinking about 75 degrees. couple of gusty breezes here and there. plenty of sunshine. can't really ask for more than
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that. 55 degrees tonight with increasing clouds. so that takes care of your wednesday. we'll take a look at the seven day forecast, and few ups and downs coming up in just a few minutes, let's say thanks, bob kelly. >> welcome back, sue serio. good to see sue serio back in the building this morning. i can eat my jelly donuts. i haven't had a jelly donut since monday. jelly donut and coffee for everybody. live look downtown 4:07. vine expressway, crews still working here coming off the schuylkill one lane pattern coming into center city philadelphia. and they're also working on the schuylkill expressway. what a difference. working on the overnight, here eastbound schuylkill down to one lane, no delay at all. they were doing the same thing yesterday but during the midday, one-hour delay leaving center city all the way out to gulph mills. we should definitely have that construction on the overnight instead of the midday hours. ninety-five northbound, work
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your way up toward cottman avenue off ramp still block until about 6:00 again all part of the overnight reconstruction they are working on the turnpike, couple of different spots between willow grove over to philly bensalem. mainly centered around willow grove. they got down to one lane both directions here as you roll through the willow grove interchange. also working up and down the northeast extension between mid-county all the way up to q town again until about 6:00 this many morning. coming in from the suburbs royersford, collegeville, 422 little slow working your way in toward that stowe interchange, again down to one lane. but the bridges and mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, over to you. >> day after filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of philadelphia, grieving mother calls noon press conference outside city hall. >> she says officers plant add gun in her son's car after he was fatally wounded. brandon tate brown shot following car stop in northeast mayfair section back in december da declined to
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file charges saying surveillance video cube rate dollars the officer's stories brown's mother says the video shows he was fleeing police, and wants it made public. large crowd gathered outside hospital following double shooting in wilmington last night. two women shot around 8:00 on the 600 block of west sixth street. both victims taken to the hospital for treatment of course. we don't know details about what trying third shooting or the conditions of the victims. >> passengers scrambled to get off their plane after an emergency landing at philadelphia international airport yesterday afternoon. the flight was in route from raleigh durham north carolina. 4882 shot this video as 75 passengers evacuated the united express plane after the engine caught on fire. shaken up passengers say the flights crew remained calm. >> you see it, in through the events of the engine, on the side and it was you know, it is hard to know how big of a
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flyer it is. >> i think i said -- we came down pretty smooth really. >> everyone was evacuated without incident, the aircraft was sprayed with foam to put the fire out. airport officials say one passenger complaining of chest pains was taken to a hospital. later in the evening buses arrived to usher passengers to newark airport. federal judge says pennsylvania mental anguish law is unconstitutional, and is throwing it out. the law was quickly enacted last year after convicted cop killer new plea an abu-jamal gave a commencement speech, to keep offenders from causing further pain. but the judge said violates free speech. abu-jamal one of five plaintiffs in the case. he is serving life sentence for the 1981 murder. >> one manna cured in the violent abduction of woman from center city jewelry store is back here in philadelphia. us marshals brought back 31 year old carry gay yesterday from south carolina. now, he later appeared in
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federal court. gay is from philly. both officials say he went to south carolina after the crime. police say he's one of at least three men who kidnapped a woman robbed her and assaulted her before dropping her off in darby. they are still looking for those other men. hundreds of teachers and their supporters making their voices heard in garnet valley last night. teachers in the district say they've been working without contract now since last june. they say they've been trying since january of 2014 to come it an agreement with district officials. the district superintendent tells us that they continue to negotiate with those teachers that don't have a contract the next bargaining session is may eighth. coming up, the death pole in nepal struggle to help those affected by the earthquake. what's now causing even more devestation. >> and the u.s. supreme court considers the future of same sex marriage. we'll explain what's next for this issue.
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good morning welcome back 4:14, a supreme court decision on gay marriage is expected in late june. yesterday's arguments over the first public indication of where each justice stands on the issue. justice anthony kennedy whose vote could decide the issue talk about the dignity and concern for children in same sex households that drove his earlier opinions. he also worried about changing the definition of marriage. for months, bernie sanders will run for president he is expected to announce his plans
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today will hold major kick off in his home state in the coming weeks evidently. the 73 year old is currently an independent but democratic pom nation will become the second major democrat in the race joining former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> officials say more than 5,000 people are dead following the earthquake in nepal saturday. a new mud slide hit yesterday causing move devestation. it hit in part of nepal's national park, which is popular among tourists. now, 250 people there are missing, according to officials. the united nations estimates 8 million people have been affected by the deadly earthquake. 1.4 million people are in need of food, and assistance. >> and an in africa, nigerian troops rescued nearly 300 girls and women tuesday from boca haran militants. nigerian army says they're interviewing the abducted girls and women for information however officials say none every those rescued included any of the school girls that were kidnapped back in april of last year.
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the obama's get glam in washington again last night. they welcomed japan for state dinner. >> so this glamerous event comes few days after the white house core spore dense dinner. brought out more stars russell wilson, singer sierra, rumored to be dating by the way. see, at least russell wilson went there to the white house -- >> yes. he had a previous engagement. >> right. sorry. meanwhile mrs. obama stunned in a purple gown by japanese born designer soji during the dinner u a toast g at a jab at japanese poetry, listen to this. >> in celebration of the progress we've achieved today i'll tempt ahaku. >> green and friendship, united state and japan naika neat which means harmoneous
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feelings. >> well there go. the japanese prime minister in return quoted aretha franklin's ain't no mountain high enough in his toast. i don't know if he sang it. >> nice that's funny though. >> respect for one another. >> music in a universal language. >> sue serio welcome back. feeling better. >> yes. little episode. >> but you all good. >> yes, all good. on the mend. and just in time for a ten. you want to make plans to get outside. i heard scott williams say last night take a comp day. go ahead if you got one. this is coming tomorrow. probably not until the afternoon, but it is an area of rain, shaping up to be a coastal low once it sort of slides off that carolina coast there. gets a little more organized. now, if this was wintertime, we would be having snow forecast. but don't want to say the word
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out loud yet. hasn't been since winter, but expecting rain if we get any at all t depends on the track of the storm. so right now walking out the door we've got about 57 degrees. it is 47 in mount pocono. 45 degrees in allentown reading has 48, so does write town 52 degrees in trenton, 52 in wildwood as well, as wilmington delaware. so pretty comfortable start. not bad at all. on the cool side, but that's fine. 5-mile per hour wind. it is coming out of the northwest. so it is on the cool side to start, we do expect decent warm up today. look past couple days see where we were, chilly times since last week, with the 50's on thursday, friday, saturday inch up to 64 degrees sunday, only made it to 60 on monday, but we had 71 degrees yesterday, that was preview of coming attractions because now we will be in the mid 70s today, sunny, breezy,
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76 of course that's a ten. 68 degrees tomorrow we see those increasing clouds. possible showers late in the day, specially south and east of philadelphia because this is a coastal storm that could be bringing the rain, but we get a lot of cloud cover out of it at the very least. then chilly day on friday. back down into the 50's. a lot of cloud cover, we recover saturday little milder, close to 07 degrees, mid 70s sunday, and how about this bob kelly monday and tuesday of next week, it is back to the 80s. >> oh, look at that northeast philadelphia live look at i95 up near cottman avenue. crews still out there got the big spotlights on, they've been working all night until about 6:00. all part of the reconstruction of the cottman avenue interchange. looking live downtown, vine expressway again as you work your way off the schuylkill,
4:20 am
come into center city, one lane traffic pattern it is safety awareness day aboard the rales septa hold willing their annual respect the train safety awareness day throughout the day at over 100 stations, you're going to see all of the employees handing out pamphlets getting the message out obeying the crossing and the signals no trespassing across the tracks. one of the examples they gave me folks standing on the platforms nowadays. texting, you can get too close to those tracks to trains are so quiet nowadays you don't even hear them coming. so they are trying to get the message out there to respect the trains, so grab one of those pamphlet from the employees that are out there today getting the message out, aboard, not only just septa, but patco will be out there, as well. north on 202 no problems coming up from west chester looking good along 422 and the schuylkill expressway. inbound on the schuylkill, work crew right at gulph mills, they are blocking the
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right lane, but it is okay because they are working on the overnight. we love it. when they do the overnight bridge inspections there is only one lane open, but it is nice and quiet with light volume at the moment. they are still working on the turnpike in the area of willow grove. same deal up and down the northeast extension couple of different spots between mid-county and quakertown. mass transit though, looking good. lauren back to you. >> 4:21 coming up situation in baltimore affecting the sport world. we'll explain the orioles unprecedented kel link change.
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phillies on the fold last night in st. louis, pitcher gonzalez making his major league debut for the phils. and he gave up seven runs, first big league start. eleven-five. for more on the phils here's howard eskin. >> this is fox 29's sport in one minute. good morning i'm howard eskin. the phillies sent a player to the minor leagues yesterday but it was not a shock. you will not see outfielder dominick brown on the big league club. brown was optioned to triple a lehigh valley. he's been in the minor lesion rehab assignment for achilles tendonitis hitting all of 189 in the minor leagues as far as i'm concerned think lever him there. another player i think
4:25 am
phillies over valued. houston trying to close out their series against the mavs. here another great game. this is the wrap up game for houston james harden hilt the three right there he had 28 points 28. this guy can play. houston wins the series four games to one over the mavs. they advance. they win it 103 to 94. and the draft oh it is a day away. and we're getting ready. and the phillies play again tonight in st. louis. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> on a serious sports note the rioting in baltimore also having effect on major league sports. >> yes, the orioles and the white sox, will play today at camden yard's but there will be no fans. so what you see there that's how it will look. the gate will be closed to the public only the players will be in the stadium it is believed to be a first in baseball's 145-year history. the team's manager said the decision is what's best for the city, and the safety of
4:26 am
players, and fans. unbelievable. >> that's going to be weird. >> it will be. >> as an athlete you know you need the fans to pump you up. >> absolutely but with what's going on in baltimore, it is hard to have a a bunch of fun inside the stadium and cheer for homerun when you know what's going on just a few hundred feet away from you. >> right. >> yes. >> all right speaking of baltimore, the ravens have also canceled an nfl draft party for fans tomorrow night. the team said the decision was made out of respect for the city's curfew. >> one of the team's most famous players retired linebacker ray lewis speaking out about those riots. take a look at this. >> no way no way no way this can happen in our city, no, young kids, you got to understand something. get off the street. violence is not the answer. violence has never been the answer. freddie gray -- >> remaining at home in maryland rather than work the draft in chicago for espn.
4:27 am
he said in a statement he to does not feel right leaving the city at this time. >> i commend him for. that will sometimes you need star power to casino of get the attention of the younger generation. good move. >> you can tell right there with his demeanor, he is trying get inside the heads of a lot of those young kids. >> very passionate. >> coming up: emotional testimony at the trial of colorado shooting suspect james holmes. here from some of the survivors who took the stand. >> plus we return to our top stories. those protests in baltimore we check in with steve keeley live outside the cvs we've seen there. he'll be there in just a moment.
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things calm in baltimore, last night different story as that curfew took effect at 10:00. police were met with a lot of resistance. live in baltimore with the very latest from steve keel. >> i plus president obama weighing in on the protest. why he says the rioters should be treated as criminals. and you definitely want to get outside today sue says it will be a ten. big changes however after today. her full forecast straight ahead. good day to you. it is wednesday april 29th, 2015. >> so today i get to go to a career day. >> oh, yes? changing carreers on me? >> no. >> i just started loving you. >> i'm going to go tell everybody about waking up in the middle of the night and sitting next to you for two hours. >> oh my goodness. >> high school kids. >> that should and pretty quick conversation, by the
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way. >> i don't know, i think she has lots to tell because i am here too. and i hear what's what goes on. >> well, we're glad you're back. >> and i am happy to say i'm feeling little better and couldn't feel better about this forecast, at least for today. nothing to show you in our area at all on ultimate doppler so we go down and show you the next system that's headed our way. but this one won't start to affect us, until tomorrow and for many of us it, may just be clouds but if you're near the coast, you may get some rain. now there is will turn into a coastal storm in the wintertime it, means something completely different than it does any other time of the year. luckily if we get anything at all, just rain, 57 degrees right now 5-mile per hour wind out of the west northwest and your weather by the numbers, it doesn't get any better, at least we top it off at a ten tan really will be with high temperature today of 75 degrees. few gusty breezes early maybe gust to go about 20 miles per
4:32 am
hour but that's fine. clouds on the increase tonight, down to 55 degrees overnight, as we get ready for the approach of the coastal storm, we will track that for you, coming up in just a few moments bring you the seven day forecast, which of course, includes the weekend. hey, bob kelly? >> great to see you back, welcome back, 4:32, it is hump day. live look downtown philadelphia where the crews have been humming all night long here, they got the cones down on the vine street expressway between the schuylkill and broad street. >> live look from the camden toll plaza coming through the plaza, as you head in toward philly again the right lane block, which typically cause as delay as you work your way in toward philly. otherwise nice and quiet good start no problems coming up through the 202 construction zone.
4:33 am
that right lane ask taken out they are doing the bridge inspections got big bright spotlight there maybe another half hour or so, same deal here, on the turnpike, willow grove. scheduled to be out until 6:00 working in both directions they're working on the northeast extension so with this great weather, bridges out all of the construction crews. so just be aware that far if you are getting ready to leave the house this early wednesday morning. otherwise, mass transit looking good. chris lauren back to you. >> good news, bob. curfew in baltimore fires in less than half hour. goes back no effect at 10:00 tonight, every night this week. >> yes, enacted after protest turned violent monday, giving way to looting fires as you well know, hundreds of arrests, so steve keeley said get me to baltimore. i opportunity see what it is like when we common the air at 4:00 in the morning. steve, you found some people that were in handicuffs earlier, zip ties behind their back? >> yes, national guard, baltimore police, out near big numbers, hoping what we watched, seven arrests since we got here, hopefully the
4:34 am
last arrest on night one of the curfew. they didn't have the curfew two night ago like everybody thought. it took a full day for it to go in effect. we're in the final minutes of night one and told by police, rough estimate, about 250 arrests. you are looking at what they hope will be the final four, and we did get an answer of what these four kids were up to because we're told they're under age and they had no idea they are claiming that there was a curfew. they said they're out of towners, and just looking for their cars. so they came to town to take part in the protest and obviously not following the news if they didn't know there was a curfew, because it seems to be in every headline on every newspaper story or any website or any tv story. but perhaps they're out not watching it. v, no access to the web on their phones, is what they are claiming and so instead of finding their car they found a jail cell. they were just taken off to baltimore police lock up to be
4:35 am
processed and fined. it is a misdemeanor like traffic ticket. but it casino of can ruin your night. it is definitely a record of arrest in your young life for these four people who were taken away, in the last hour of the curfew. as we come back to the live picture, you can see why there are not many people violating the curfew, because you have to be really dumb to do it because as soon as you come to the epi-center area of where we saw the rioting monday that to the right of us right now is the burned out cvs not yet boards dollars up but certainly guarded up pretty good to the left of the front door entrance, you see couple of national guard humvee's and to the left of the humvees you see baltimore police caring their sticks, not needing them, because night number two of relative calm night compared to the original night monday night when that rioting broke out. so they'll try to get schools back in and get life back to normal here in baltimore today, outside that far baseball game which will be crazy abnormal with nobody inside.
4:36 am
everybody wondering will it and public address system, a lot of people that game may be the most popular game of the season for sure because that's why everybody is talking about wondering how are they going to pull it o had public address announcers, scoreboard operators? still on tv and you have to wonder if the tv station airing it will have fake sound effect kind of like a laugh track that you saw on i love lucy even though those weren't done before live audiences. soap it will be another interesting day here in baltimore, but for sure probably a very calm day and that's a good thing for everybody who lives here, works here, or is even visiting here and wants to take part in peaceful -- >> we agree up bay baseball fans it will be odd to see a huge stadium and silent. that will silence will speak volumes. >> well, what it reminds dollars me of is i started my career as sue serio it, i spent most of my 20's in baltimore, i mean, in buffalo. and that is where they film
4:37 am
the movie the natural. before that stadium that old baseball stadium was torn down what they had out there for that movie and you probably don't know it, do you have watch it roll close they stenciled in fake fans in the outfield because they couldn't get enough extras, and that's what came to my thought right away here, maybe they could stencil in some fake fans at the orioles stadium today for the game today. >> good movie. starring robert redford steve keeley thank you interesting. 4:37 how about this? >> president obama spoke yesterday condemning the violence but says it sheds the spotlight on slow rolling crisis with the police officers who don't do the right thing. >> there are problems, and challenges when it comes to how policing and our laws are applied in certain noon communities, and we have to pay attention to it. >> the president says those in baltimore who stole from businesses and burned buildings and cars are nothing more than criminals and should get treated that way.
4:38 am
>> our coverage of the crisis in baltimore continues all morning long. you can also find the latest information, pictures video at our website >> 4:38 the time. coming up survivors of the colorado movie theater shooting take the stand and face this man again the trial of james holmes. hear the dramatic testimony next.
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>> think of this, for the first time in person took the stand, fox's alicia has the details from the courthouse. prosecutors calling their first witnesses at the james holmes trial. survivors describing the 2012 shooting rampage inside aurora movie these their left 12 dead 07 injured. >> i just remember my terror. i was terrified. i was like i just remember screams everywhere. >> saw him sitting upright nine months pregnant gave birth to healthy son few days later at the same hospital. >> i grabbed caleb's hand and he actually squeezed my hand, and i told him i loved him and that i would take care of our baby if he didn't make it. >> caleb medically still can't walk and has trouble speaking the jury also heard a frantic 911 call from one
4:42 am
eyewitness. >> one of the guys who came is dead. oh my gosh. >> another witness described the terrible moments after his good friends was shot. >> laying there i was yelling his name, and i shook him and i tried to pick him up. i could not pick him up. >> james holmes says he was the gunman, but not guilty by reason of insanity. the prosecution was saying he deserves to be executed. alicia fox news. 4:42 the time. coming up the protests in baltimore are reminding some people in philadelphia of the race riots that happened here more than 50 years ago. hear from residents about how those riots tore their communities apart.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> what albumn is this? >> sucking the 70s. i kid you not. >> of course you know the artwork on the front. >> you know? there is probably a segway in there that i just shouldn't
4:46 am
say. >> no. >> please don't. >> here we go. with a look at ultimate doppler radar nothing to look at here. let's move little further south. oh yes this low pressure system in georgia south carolina another in southern florida. they'll merge and become a coastal storm. it looks like, from the projections of most of our computer models, that the storm, over the next couple of days, will stay off shore. but it will throw back some clouds for us, and it will give some of us some showers all the more reason to get out and enjoy today. we are off to cool start in a lot of places. kids waiting for the bus stop, especially early it will be in the four's in the suburb, 45 allentown 44 lancaster 47 in mount pocono. here in the city we have 57 degrees so already off to a pretty comfortable start. we have 52 in wildwood and wilmington 50 degrees in dover, delaware. wind are not at issue but they could be picking up little bit around sunrise, only 5 miles an hour, in philadelphia right now.
4:47 am
but as that storm get little closer they may pick up, we could have, gusts as high as 20 miles an hour, not extreme wind but just few breezes really nothing to mar the beauty of this day. looking past couple of days, we see after the 50's over the first half of the weekend 64 degrees yesterday 60 all we managed on chilly monday. seventy-one was our high yesterday. and we're going to beat that today with 76 and yes, it is a ten, now with the increasing clouds and the possible showers, we will go down to eight. because i don't think everybody will see the showers tomorrow. there is a better chance on friday when things cool down, a lot highs only in the 50's, on friday, but we recover in time for the weekend upper 60s on saturday and mid 70s by sunday, then we top that with 80s on monday, and tuesday, so, i would casino of call that a warming trend bob kelly. >> you're look the dj over there greatest hits of the 60s 70s 80s coming up.
4:48 am
>> good morning, everybody, 4:47. waking up curbside on the 42 freeway. headlights in toward the city, in toward downtown on the schuylkill expressway, no problems at all here, as you work your way off the schuylkill into the vine street expressway. >> a water main break in bryn mawr just popped up, be interesting to see how this will work out for the day. water pressure little low in villanova, that's (new golf road at morris avenue. watch for work crew on the scene there. and safety awareness day aboard rales for both septa and patco. the message this year respect the trains. the trains are all brand new and they're so quiet now a days folks are not paying attention, they have the ear plugs in maybe standing on the platform, texting you can get so close to the edge, that
4:49 am
train, it is so quiet you don't even hear it come up on you. so that's just one of the many messages they're trying to get out there today staying off the tracks, obeying the crossings, and the signals, if you are in the car. so they'll have 100 train stations manned today by all of the septa employees, handing out the information grab a pamphlet from them, give you toking read on the train ride into center city today. no problems though on the schuylkill expressway working your way in toward downtown and the 30th street station interchange, and good day to fly, as we bank left here, coming in for landing booking loot at philadelphia international airport. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob thank you. 4:49 the time. and the violence and looting in baltimore put the generational divide into the spotlight. >> philadelphia saw ray rice the, and our brother gone on went to north philly where many residents will never forget what happened. >> i believe in my community
4:50 am
that's why i am here. sixty-seven year old harold mccoy, life-long philadelphia and, whose auto repair shop sits near 23rd and cecil b. moore, former columbia avenue. ground zero for the race riots that tore his community apart 51 summers ago. >> after the riot, everything changed. we had nothing in the community but blight, anger frustration and it was a horrible time. >> more than 300 people were injured, and twice that number arrested, in three days of have i lens, and looting over accusations of police brutality. more than 200 stores in what had been bustling commercial district were damaged or destroyed. mccoy 17 years old that fateful summer of 64. >> people who owned the stores, who brought businesses to our community who provided us with needs and wants they left. they left empty buildings, never to return.
4:51 am
>> nighted recall in the baltimore riot, high school age vandals philadelphia's mayor blasted their behavior, suggested they had done nothing but hurt their own community. michael nutter was a young boy at the time of the philly riotous. >> first of all if i was outside, my mother would have beat my butt. but i don't advocate that. but that's a different point in time. >> mccoy says he understands the community's frustration over police behavior, as a long time business owner he says he feels it himself. >> they're not involved in my community, they're here to get a paycheck. they're here to buy badges and guns and everything that goes with it. >> but mccoy watches teenagers running amuck and wore business this generation every young people and how times have changed. >> they have no respect. they have no love. they're angry about something. maybe something at home. but they're angry. >> and they explode. >> and they explode. >> by the way the philly riot technically began at 23rd and
4:52 am
columbia avenue the street name was changed knack 1987 to cecil b. moore in part to reflect the civil rights leaders actions to yell the violence of those riots. in the news room, bruce gordon "fox 29 news". interesting perspective there, historically. that said, mayor nutter who you just saw, will be on good day philadelphia later this morning. we will talk to him about his perspective what's going on in baltimore about the conference happening today right here in philadelphia. >> that conference the city's united conference, was started by mayor nutter back in 2011 with the mayor of new orleans, national partnership to eliminate violence related death of african-american men. so very timely. >> absolutely we'll keep an eye what's going on in baltimore meantime, coming up new slogan on some bud light bottles is backfiring, and badly. >> yes what's some people are accusing the brand of promoting with their new label.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> bud light is having to back pedal, being blasted over new slogan. some say the wording
4:56 am
uncomfortably invokes alcohol invoked rape culture. >> the label reads the perfect beer for removing no from your vocabulary for the night. seriously? >> right. >> american brewing company quickly apologized, as concerned comments, about the label spread on line. but, bud light says it intended to have the slogan be fun, adding, it is ongoing up for whatever advertising campaign is all part of this, evidently, as the backdrop. >> sometimes you have to won when he things like this happen how many different channels does it go through before it makes it to the explain. >> every time we talk about this. >> right. because who at some point thinks that's fun that's fun that's funny, go ahead. right? >> well i think in corporate culture oftentimes the underlings are afraid to tell the big boss that they think their idea things it is a potentially bad one afraid to get in trouble. >> probably true. tense moments for passengers when their plane made an emergency landing at philadelphia international airport. what they felt as one of the engines caught fire.
4:57 am
>> and we head back to baltimore, where steve keeley is following live the second night of protests. the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs.
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from the makers of frontline plus.
4:59 am
>> the scene last night as curfew took effect, police trying to disperse big crowds of protesters using tear gas. steve keeley live this morning. >> plus the state of new jersey is responding to
5:00 am
emergency request for help from the state of maryland by some sending the most experienced state troopers to baltimore from new jersey. how long it will take for them to be there. >> and, get ready. it is going to be a gorgeous day. but we're tracking some big changes. what to expect for the rest of the week. >> well that's not good. if today's perfect we'll get to sue's number in a minute. we don't want less than perfect, right? we've third perfect day weather wise with the winner we -- winter we just went through. >> seems still going through sometimes you wake up still night a coat it is april. >> sue, we've been in spring now for a few weeks right? >> march 21. >> yes, so more than a month. we had like two spring days. >> well this will be one of them, actually, it is a day when we will see temperatures that will be above average. so that is going to be a ten out of ten. looking forward to the weather of today. specially, because we'll probably see increase in clouds tomorrow, at the very least, and maybe some showers. this southern storm will casino of


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