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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  April 30, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> hit-and-run on temple campus. car found overnight. more about the student hasn't was hit. >> it was horrific day. but she's a survivor. a professional ballroom dancer, who was at the boston marathon the day of the bombing, sharing her story, and she's here with us today. her story of hope and she is helping others straight ahead. >> what you may have on your body interfering with key futures. good morning, 7:00 on the dot. >> good morning, everybody. >> of course, also, yes, also
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draft day. ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ >> ♪ on the road to victory ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s! >> (cheers). >> i'm so pumped up, so excited and red. >> i are you ready? >> i'm just wondering, who are we going to pick? who will be a new eagle, right? you know, a lot of rumors, report just came out, saying that the eagles are doing all they can to get of course marcus maroth a.
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but he's in hey we owe right now, right? we will do what we can here on "good day". how about we have hawaiian party. >> listen, if marcus -- >> the orange one that matches my outfit. >> if he were to come to philly, we want him to fell at home. >> that's true. just doing our part here. here go, sue. >> thanks. >> so join us, for the had a we ann party. >> need some more hawaiian bling. >> i knew it would be a party this morning when i walked into 3:00 and tom lowden undoing a box of hawaiian shirts, lay's, umbrellas for our coffee. >> the story which you have heard over the last few months, marcus, hawaiian native, went to oregon, recruited by chip kelly when he was a coach, and now here in philly, now coach, gm, doing everything he can, we understand, to try to get him. >> purportedly. >> and marcus expected to go second to the tennessee
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titans, first pick jail us, going to the buccaneers. >> we're number 20, we have to see. soup, great day for lou al, isn't it? >> of course. yesterday, was better, but today, not quite a ten, but we do have a eight out of ten, oh, my l a is on my microphone. >> oh, i hate when that happens. >> oh, got laid, there it is, somebody had to say it, there is bus stop buddy shades on, an umbrella with him. welshing that's for later this afternoon, slight chance of stray shower, but we are off to awfully nice start. pretty out, there few clouds around. 50 degrees, 12-mile per hour breeze, and 74% relative humidity. watching the clouds increase, that will continue to happen throughout the day. i don't think we will see any rain from that western storm, but the southern storm might give us a few stray showers here and there. we will check the future cast in a few moment, but you need to know, high today 68 degrees. and afternoon shower, possible, a shower here and there overnight. chillier night as well with
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low of 48. that takes care of the last day of april, first weekend of may. forecast coming right up. bob kelly? >> i95, scent northbound, right near the commodore barry bridge, right there, and then of course we got sun glare coming our way rolling out the of the driveway. eastbound on the bypass, right at reese ville road. one car crash, and also dealing with some sun glare, as well. as you work your way in toward downingtown. in south jersey, folks moving to the right here. accident in the back gown on the southbound side of 42, right near route 130, northeast philadelphia, heading to work, southbound, jam up from cottman, in through girard avenue. all right, here is the deal. later this afternoon, where are you going to be at 4:30, that's the big question, and watch the clock, this demonstration set for city hall, 15th and market, right there, dilworth plaza, at 43 we will have a police presence, there will be street closures, and i'm wait to go hear from septa. i just heard from them, they
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don't know exactly the master plan yet here, but i'll tell you there will be bus detours around city hall, this after none. so, think about your appointments this afternoon, if you're in center city, police have dinner plans, into and out of the city tonight, it will play a factor in our evening rush hour. eastbound on the schuylkill, some sun glare near the curve. westbound we're heavy city up the hill into belmont avenue. and 422 already heavy collegeville, around that saint gabrielle's curve in toward king of prussia. chris, alex, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. time now 7:05, developing for you right now, 22 year old woman in critical condition after becoming the latest victim after hit-and-run, investigators have recovered the car that hit her, when hit, get to go jenny joyce live at temple hospital where we're told she's in critical condition this morning, jenny? >> yes, that's right. rachael holly, 22 year old, is a goalie for temple university's lacrosse team, but fighting for her life.
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definitely her biggest battle yet. the 22 year old is in critical condition here at temple university hospital which serious head and leg injuries. the temple senior set to graduate next week, and her dad says already had a job lined up as a washington dc police officer, now, that is not likely. police are making progress on the hit-and-run investigation, overnight, they recovered the car they say was involved, a silver mitsubishi gallant. they think they know who they are looking for but they haven't made any arrests yet. the accident happened just before 7:30 last night. at the intersection of diamond street, and park avenue, on the fringe of campus. on impact, hall was thrown roof her bike and on to the street. police say the car initially stopped but then kept going. >> the vehicle occupied by three males, appear to be three young males, and getting initial information after their vehicle stopped, possibly the passenger in the rear, in the rear seat, encouraged the driver to leave
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the scene. right now all preliminary information. all of these witnesses are being interviewed. we're not sure who had the red light at this time. or if anyone violated any traffic control devices at this time. however, if you're involved in a auto accident, do you have stay on the scene at least notify authorities, and render era cyst tans. >> this driver clearly left the scene. handling this as hit-and-run auto accident. >> according to the philadelphia police department, accident investigation division, the car was recovered in north philadelphia overnight. again they have the vehicle, just waiting for the person to hopefully dot right thing, turn themselves in, they know who they are looking for, back to you guys. >> jennifer, thank you. >> clock 07. additional arrests are expected in last week's brawl at the broad street line spring garden station. eighteen year old arrested
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saturday, early on it appeared most of the people involved in the attack were student. >> and today, pennsylvania state representative kevin boil will host the dedication event for fallen philadelphia hero, portion of verree road will be designated as the firefighter daniel sweeney memorial highway. the honor will be held at fire department engine 56, and fox chase. firefighter daniel sweeney and lieutenant killed three years ago in april when building collapsed during kensington warehouse fire. 7:08. anti-police brutality protests heating up across the country, saw some in new york city, washington, d.c., baltimore. all in connection to freddie gray's death. >> this is what the street look like, just before a second night after mandatory curfew began in baltimore. both nights ended without major disturbances despite calmer night, there were cries for justice. and today in philadelphia, activist also join baltimore in solidarity. fox 29 as steve keeley live outside philadelphia city hall with more on this for us. good morning, steve.
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>> these protests go from baltimore to the big apple to broad street. and we are seeing more violence in more cities, because the new york scenes were ugly last night. and here in philly, they are going for maximum coverage, maximum time, during the evening news, bob kelly warning you over and over, probably, causing maximum disruption for some center city drivers, bus routes, taxicabs. and the office building commute home may be rough one here, if this protest leaves dilworth park. the plan last night in new york was to gather in union square, not hit the street, that's when the protesters really clashed with police. well here yesterday on the very spot where the protest is going to be today, was the mother of somebody that the orkneys ers on the facebook page were talking about. and you can see on their facebook page, they say there are so many similarities between what's happening in baltimore, and what's going on here in philly, we stand with
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baltimore protesters, and uprising, and they say bring signs, drums, and your voices one of the voices brandon tate brown killed in confrontation with philly police on frankford avenue, mayfair, deet 15th, despite last month's ruling, from the district attorney, that the officers were justified, in shooting blanton tate brown to death, the mother says she disagrees strongly, she told us why. >> i did a lot of comments that i'm strong, i'm brave. but that's out here, you guys, because out here who cares? but when i'm home, and i am waking up to go to work 6:00 every morning, i'm crying because facing every morning that i'm going to hear on the radio a 26 year old male gunned down at 6600 frank forwards avenue. am i crying all the time, yes. do i feel bipolar because i don't know when it is coming, that's how i feel.
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i want the pain to stop. but i can't stop fighting. i have to fight for my neighbors 26 year old son. so, no matter what, i must go on. >> at this point a suit has been filed, not going took back and forth with the rhetoric and the public's eye or in the media eye. it is a lawsuit. stowe will go through the process of legal readings in court. whatever course of action, equate. >> only video of new york shot from the air, save a spot to cover the protest, because reporters on the ground got jostled around as they put it, it was a bunch of have i lent arrests because these people would not go peacefully, and that was also organized to start as a peaceful protest, to show support for baltimore, quickly dissolved into imitation of the clashes down in baltimore with police, that we saw monday. 120 arrests up in new york up
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until midnight at least so far. bottles thrown at police. one officer hit in the head and in the hospital right now. it wasn't just those plastic zip ties, need in the many of the arrests last night, so many resisted kicking, screaming, punching, that they had to be shackled and carried off by four police officers at time into police vehicles. so, the scenes in new york last night, police here in philly, hope and plan to do all they can to keep from being repeated. hopefully, the city, that sits between those two places the birth place of free speech, shows how police respect demonstrators and demonstrators here. >> let's hope so. behind you of course all of the proven renovations they made to the ground every city hall. dilworth park. hope there is no damage or anything craze that i happens hine you tonight.
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>> fox 29 crews in baltimore all week long, coming up at clock 30, speaking with reporter chris owe con. >> i give us closer look at how ability visions there are pushing forward following this week's unrest. >> well, former chris christie ally may plead guilt think week, for his involvement in the so-called bridgegate scandal. this according to bloomberg news. david wildstein, was at the port authority of new york and new jersey, prosecutors say, he ordered traffic jams, on the george washington bridge, in september of 2013. he is set to a per in federal court as early as friday, and news says he may except a plea deal. if so, that could lead to the first conviction since the investigation began. still unclear, what specific charges he might plead to goof nor which is at this denied any plan to stop traffic. >> the congressional hearing, seeking answer to how gyrocopter made it from gettysburg to the u.s. capitol without being detected. according to time line offered by us capitol police chief,
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first knowledge of the april 15th flight came 24 minute before landing. but the complex wasn't placed on lockdown until after the postal worker touched down. that's the postal worker there. congress didn't know anything about it for hours. the chief said corrections were made to the overly complicated system. doug hughes, the gyro captain or pilot, watching it from his home in florida where he is under house arrest. hughes said he made the flight to bring attention to the issue of campaign finance, and says, he has no regrets. >> rainfall records were set in miami, significant street flooding, seen here, in places such as key west, now, more rain, unfortunately expected by cool down over the week end. >> hopefully here after day like yesterday, and i know there is some mention, might be rain today.
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i hope sue doesn't mean we will be getting rain. >> not the flooding rains. looks like we will get a break with this storm system. here,. >> see the cold front extends down into south florida, where, yes, there is more rain in the forecast. some folks got two, 3 inches of rain. >> what's going to happen with the system it, will continue to move northward, also move to the east. which means it will be moving out to sea away from us, doesn't look direct hit for the philadelphia area. having said that, though, there are times between now and friday night, whether we do expect occasional showers, and i think the closer you are to the coast, the more you'll see, we can also guarantee cooler temperatures specially at the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. right near that colder water, and with that on shore flow, you will be getting those cool temperatures. right now though chilly in some places, ooh degrees on the city, 47 allentown, 46
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mount pocono, 50 in wilmington, millville, and wilmington has 52. >> we get on shore flow, means more clouds, more cooler temperatures. >> 70 degrees that we had yesterday, it was ten worthy indeed yesterday. average hi, close to 70. we got to 77, we will be back to average today, which is fine, 68 degrees, comfortable temperature, and we're not going to see much rain, but you can expect a shower or two in some places. and that's the deal for tomorrow, as well. and those cooler temperatures, in store, high only around 60 degrees. >> clouds saturday, 72 degrees, but suburb sunday in store high of 77. then, it gets even better. monday and tuesday of next week, high temperatures in the 80s, looks pretty good wednesday.
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so april showers maybe one more day. >> lot of sun glare, no complaints, let's enjoy it while we can. complaints for the gang that uses northbound lanes of route one, in bucks county there is crash here, right near route 13, again, this is on the northbound side of route one, bucks county. got the tow truck there, only that left lane squeezing on by. another accident, eastbound on the 30 bypass ring ville road, accident delays heading in toward downingtown. another accident in northeast philadelphia, talcony, aramingo, let's roll video from skyfox. over the scene of this crash, that involves a police suv. this is along talcony street between aramingo ann margaret. right in the bridesburg section of the city. no the sure whether this was the end after police chase. or whether this is just and
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accident as we see it. nonetheless, a vehicle that is police involved vehicle. so there will be an investigation underway. and then watch for midday jammos coming to the pennsylvania turnpike, they're going to be working today from 9:00 to 2:00. down to one lane here at the downingtown interchange. here is the deal on this demonstration we just heard steve talk b live from dilworth plaza, 4:30 the start time. now think about your game plan, your travel plans, for today. are you working in center city? can you maybe get out early? do you have a meeting that maybe you can either postpone until tomorrow, or move a little earlier in the day? dinner plans coming into philly. this will have an impact, at least around the city hall area. with street closures, septa bus detours, again, start time for that demonstration, 4:30 this afternoon. >> amazing story in kneepan, rescue crews pulled a man from rubble five days after the massive earthquake.
7:19 am
five days. rescue coming after spending nearly 08 hours trapped in a room with three dead bodies. meanwhile, the death toll has now topped more than 5500. officials fear that number could double. united nations, how many people. >> we know bob kelly loves his jelly donut. does he like cronuts, right? so this guy invented the cronut. now something many bakers say is impossible. think of it is as bakery on demand. wonner what that is? we'll tell you, he is prom to go serve up customized smacks in there is than two minutes. >> tell me he is in the studio. first, a lot of people complaining about the new apple watch from running too slowly to the no working at all if you have something on your body. what is causing these problems. straight tai head. >> but before we go to break, we have to get ourselves pumped up for draft night. >> that's tonight. >> eagles pep band, one more time.
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>> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ one, two, three ♪ hit em low hit em high watch the eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s!
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>> ♪ >> i have to say, i feel like after this song do you have say it is going to be a lovely day. yesterday walking down the street i was like ♪ lovely day. >> is that how you walk down the street. >> ♪ lovely day. you can't just walk when you hear this. >> if you didn't have ear bit in and were you doing that, they would think were you a little cracra. >> look at you using cra, cra.
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>> lock at this, apple watch, may not work properly if you have wrist tatoo. >> you know lauren don johnson, my co-anchor from four to 7:00 a.m., every day monday through friday, she has little tatoo here on her wrist, if she were to get one of these apple watches it might not work. this high tech watch can determine whether it is on your wrist, but sensors can be thrown off if your arm has ink. >> so lauren, do you have wrist tatoo? is this going to cause a possible for you? >> this is different lauren now. >> a different lauren, with no tattoos. so i'm good. although i am not buying an apple watch any time soon. the other lauren try to find out exactly like how dark her tatoo is. because some use remembers saying the bigger and bolder the colors, like the darker the tatoo, the more issues that they're having. so if it is really light it might not be affected. anyway seeing videos pop up on line, tatoo gate. or tatoo snafu, where the ink
7:25 am
in the tattoos affecting the infrared censors in the watch. put the watch on, automatically recognizes your wrist. if you have a tatoo, it doesn't happen, do you have put in your pass word, not measuring your heart rate. i would like to say moms out there are saying i told you so. >> oh, ya. >> lauren, different lauren, her mom so mad at hershey got there tatoo whether she was 28 she was so mad at her few years ago, now it is coming back. mother knows best, flight. >> what's at that time too of? >> of her astro logical sign on her left wrist. >> okay. >> and it is dark. i mean it, black ink. of course it is back. >> can they fix it, lauren? that's not an update? >> good point. >> good point, first edition of apple product, always issues, so maybe for the next apple watch it will be better. did you hear about the other issues for the apple watch? >> the cost.
7:26 am
>> that, that issue is never going away, no, but production problems. so apple uses two different suppliers for the engine, basically creates gentle taps you feel when you get note if i cakes or something. that engine is made in china, and made in japan. chinese supplier totally messed up, major issues, apple stopped using all of their devices. they moved that over to the japanese supplier who reportedly is so overwelmed, not getting enough of this part out. if you are waiting for apple watch might actually have to wait. >> they shipped last friday the 24th, have to see if there are delays caused by this, everything else. all right, lauren, thank you so much. >> always issues with the first one. >> same with cars. >> true. >> people marching the street of new york this time, take a
7:27 am
look at some of the rallies, and how baltimore looks this morning. >> and then of course, still getting ready for the draft. oh, you guys, you have your lays there. ready for hawaii and party. >> ready for a party. if i'm going to go anywhere, i have to to go with someone who has actually met marcus. we have a picture i think of the last time? >> we're tight. we're tight. >> okay, he is ready to go full spam. the question is is there even a 1% chance of them getting him? we'll talk about the three ways might happen. get out here, sexy, look at him. we'll be right back. who is wearing shorts, that guy. there's over two hundred thousand
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students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse, i'll take them to federal court. as mayor, i'll do what's right for them.
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>> time to get mug. say hi to the gang from sacred heart school up there in hill town, bucks county. their principal, miss margaret works like to see chris murphy after school today. >> sixteen hail mary's. >> sister stephanie there will be taking care of you. thanks to the mug, send us the mugs, keep them coming. we'll send you back one of our good day mugs in return. good day, to fill up the mug with some maybe iced coffee today? >> yes.
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>> good. i wonder if they'll have may procession tomorrow. >> may procession. >> at first my nephew just made his first holy communion. >> graduations. >> real quick, speaking of coffee, behind the scenes, here, mike jerek is here. >> yes. >> he's off today. feeling under the weather. he always buys coffee for the crew. so generous. >> daddy war bucks. >> true. good point. >> when mike is not here, and i'm filling in. bob kelly always buys for everyone. >> thanks,. >> i no problem. but i don't understand when mike is out the person that's replacing mike doesn't buy. >> true. you should be buying. >> all right. >> the negotiations continue. >> we take a look at your numbers by the the weather. instead of ten it is a eight today. pretty great. specially to start. now, you know, this bus stop buddy does have the umbrella. and the sweatshirt onment many of the suburbs, temperatures still in the upper 40's, even,
7:32 am
with all of that sunshine, so off to nice start, with 50 degrees, and 12-mile per hour breeze out of the northeast. but, there are some clouds starting to increase specially down in southern delaware, right now. >> anticipating more cloud cover because of the southern storm. maybe a shower or two this afternoon, this evening. , 68 degrees, high temperature, tonight down to 48, more stray showers in store. >> looks like a problem? >> jumbo coffee delay. 7:32, good morning, everybody, live look at the 30 bypass, coming eastbound, right near reese ville road. only one lane open. so dealing with volume, and of course some sun glare, trying to get in toward downingtown there. an accident 30 bypass, jam solid into that downingtown interchange. accident in the neighborhood, at talcony, just off margaret. let's go for a ride. skyfox over the scene, this
7:33 am
accident involved a police suv. fifteenth district officers there. not quite sure exactly what happened here. this is just an accident, end every police chase, an investigation underway, talcony at margaret, that intersection, there right on the borderline of bridesburg/frankford. and of course, talcony street, one of the main drags, to try to get you down toward i95. so, expect detours the neighborhood this morning, midday jams coming to the turnpike, one lane beginning at 9:00 at the downingtown interchange. and watch the clock, if you are going to be in center city today. demonstration and rally set for city hall, dilworth plaza, 4:30. this is going to impact our evening rush hour. so, watch your appointment for today, your dinner plans for tonight. maybe you can scoot out of work little early. expect street closures, waiting for the official word from septa as to what detours and more importantly what time
7:34 am
those detours will go into effect, and we bring it to you as soon as we get it from septa later this morning. chris, alec, back over to you. >> 7:34. the curfew in baltimore appears to be working. >> so clearing the streets from 10:00 at night until 5:00 a.m. has helped keep the peace in baltimore. >> hundreds marched to baltimore city hall yesterday chanting tell the truth. stop the lies. fred he gray didn't have to die. and it gave way to violence after the funeral, the situation since stabilized, gray died from spinal cord injuries after being taken into custody earlier this month. investigation far from over. >> sixty people arrested in new york city in baltimore, sole darr toy protest, after the demonstrations spilled out into the streets, at the square, against the police warnings. >> and duo black lives protests held in mineapolis and washington, d.c. after seized opportunity in d.c. to call foray tension to jenner equality and gender identity
7:35 am
issues. >> but back in baltimore where it all started security remains big concern. >> chris, earlier this morning, we checked in with youment and you saw strong police press end, which continues right now, looks like. >> as you were saying, guys it, was calm night. the city of baltimore emerges from the second night of a city-wide week-long curfew. application come out 10:00 o'clock sharp every night. they've been doing pretty good job. most people abiding by the curfew, only two arrests last night. we are learning this morning most of the people arrested this past week, for those riots and unrest, have already been released from jail, with no charges filed. about 250 people were arrested this week, 1201 of them let go yesterday. police say with all of the chaos of monday's unrest, it
7:36 am
was tough to properly document which officers had arrested what suspects and why. it is exactly the reason why maryland governor signed an order to keep people jailed for two days without charges, twice as long as usually allowed by maryland state law, but still, that wasn't long enough to sort out the arrests. public defenders say many of the people were illegally detained, and have already hinted they may be filing a lawsuit against the city of baltimore. now, some of those arrested including journalists, and juveniles, baltimore police do say they will continue to investigate the cases of people who have been released saying they could be charged at a later date. bring you back out here live, talk about the daily life in baltimore, nothing normal. police, we're at the inner harbor, national guard in mass, really the most popular tourist spots, no doubt, the
7:37 am
presence is keeping tourists away. i've been down to inner harbor many times. there are much more law enforcement down here, than tourists over the past few days, other things, too, businesses have had to shut down their businesses early, in order to allow their employees to get home. schools are reopen. roads are closed. so it has been just a week of kind of chaos, it is not normal, but, i can tell you, officials are very concerned about this weekend, because there are several large demonstrations planned for the sit of baltimore, and talking with police, they say, they are very concerned with the massive people expected here this weekend. but today, all calm, hopefully, starting to get back to normal, guys. >> absolutely. >> hopefully for sure. thank you, chris. >> philly of course, getting readied for the historic visit from pope francis this september. and it is no easy task. organizers are being looking for more than 10,000
7:38 am
volunteers. how can you lends a hand? we'll let you know straight ahead. living with chronic migraine
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to fuel your sweet craving. >> so, picture this. >> yes? >> bakery, on demand. >> ya. so, the kitchen is now open in new york city t offers made to order items that will be ready within a minute or two after you place your order. wow. so, first of its kind. 07% of the menu is assess bled to order. can you imagine? walk in, pick anything you want, within two minute, boom. right there. >> i think that says volumes about who we've become as american, right? we want it exactly how we want it, we want it really quickly. >> right now. makes you hungry. welshing we have to talk about draft day. >> yes. >> big thing. >> draft night is tonight. being held in chicago for first time. all eyes on hawaiian native.
7:42 am
>> are you ready for this? all roads go through cleveland. yes, we will talk about why all roads go through cleveland. and is there even a sliver, is there even hawaiian pizza slice of chance, that we will get this guy? we will talk about it with john, the cuz, and when we come right back.
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>> just about 7:45, now, 7:45 on your thursday morning, and we are checking your pollen forecast, because even though it was gorgeous yesterday, and you wanted to go outside, if you have seasonal allergies, you might be sneeze ago bit this morning. same story for today. we don't expect much in the way of showers this afternoon, we did have clouds and showers in the forecast, but high levels of may he will, oklahoma tomorrow, down to medium high still not great. same story saturday. not expecting a loft train we get any at all. this system out west of us, looks lick it is staying out there, watching the one that's down to our south. giving us possibility of rain tonight and tomorrow. see filtered sunshine here and there, especially today. tomorrow, for the spring fling, we are flinging fun, as alex wants to say. tomorrow, it will just be little chillier, we will
7:46 am
probably call it sweater weather for friday, maybe stray shower or two, but shouldn't be big deal. certainly not deluge. saturday partly sunny, high of 72, and sunday, suburb, high of 77. get better after. that will if you like it warm, because the 80s return, starting on monday, bob kelly. >> golf t time here for monday and tuesday. >> here they come, northbound lanes of route 309, approaching the pennsylvania turnpike, down to only the shoulder, here, as the crews clean up, and a accident, again, this is north 309, coming up from say flourtown, trying to get to the turnpike interchange. otherwise, delays around the board. >> so between conshy, and city line, with some sun glare starting to pop coming around the conshy curve. accident in the neighborhood, at talcony and margaret.
7:47 am
going upstairs, skyfox, over the scene of this accident. involved police suv from the 15th district there, you can see, how looks like he rammed into the back end of that, that red suv,. >> nonetheless, talcony street blocked right there between harbison avenue, ann margaret. of course, that's one of the maniac zest roads for folks from say frankford to get down onto i95. so, expect delays, through the morning rush hour. and then an accident eastbound, on the bypass, right near reese ville road. no delays at the airport, and no delays on mass transit. alec, back over to you. >> chris murphy outside with the philadelphia eagles cheerleaders. are you feeling more cheerful, christ? >> absolutely. yes. we are with nine of the 38
7:48 am
members of the eagles cheerleading squad. three of whom are few members. we will start with a veteran here. good morning, what's your name? >> my name's rene. >> and how many years have you been a cheerleader? >> my second season. >> congratulations. and you're one of the new once, your name? >> alley, and this will be my rookie season this year. >> congratulations. now, you grew up in the philly area. so you're a big fan. >> eagles fan my whole life. truly an honor. >> you get to be on the field with -- >> high, my name is lauren, my fifth season with the eagles. >> congratulations. so is this the year, we will do something this year, right? >> yes. >> we had playoffs two creaser ago, your name? >> diane. i've been with the eagles for two seasons. >> congratulations now you are the tallest and the newest member. what's your name? >> yes, i'm nicole. this is my rookie season. >> you grew up in jerry? >> yes, i did, have always been an eagles fan also. >> what about chris christie, he is a jersey guy but cowboys fan. >> ya, about that, i don't know. >> i like that. what's your name?
7:49 am
>> snow. >> and how many years? >> this will be my second season. >> very good. what's your name? >> danielle, my sixth season. >> congratulations. what's your name, one of the new ones? >> dana and i'm rook. >> i very good. >> i'm jess, my second season with the eagles. >> very good. so there you go. getting an eagles spirit tonight draft night jenn fred. we are all ready for the draft. 97.5 trying to out doo us, ticking me off little bit. good morning to you. >> hi, happy date day. >> so getting ready to surprise anthony with these ladies, by the way, little embarrass that you guys had to up stage me. >> they get marcus if they can trade sam bradford to cleveland. >> don't smile. serious talk. >> i'm holding dorito's and
7:50 am
spam. they can get marcus, think think chip kelly do whatever it takes to get him f cleveland is not agreeable to it they hold the key. they have draft pick, they can actually give for bradford, so if they can trade bradford to cleveland it opens it up for the eagles. >> they is us. >> eagles. >> eagles trade sam and some draft picks, to cleveland, we get mark us? >> trade sam bradford, and you take those draft picks and you trade them to tennessee, to get marcus maroth i. >> tennessee is another two spot. basically we have to figure outweigh to get in the two spot. your tampa bay buccaneers, two spot what all eyes are trying to get. >> you're right. >> no thank you. so, talk to me little little about about the fact guy in the room that was going to send you guys to hawaii. program director -- >> basically making me rip on
7:51 am
his boss while his boss is right there you. >> set me up. i appreciate that. thank you. if we don't -- if all of the football gods don't align, we don't get to two, who do we get? >> i hadn't considered they won't get marcus, if they stay at 20, wide receiver, and maybe an offensive lineman, cornerback, i would say wide receiver because they really need them. but i don't want to think about that right now. it is march marcus or bus. >> you have been to hawaii. >> yes. >> go for t ladies how discusting does that look? >> it looks pretty bad. >> you definitely cannot be a dancer and eat -- >> yes. >> totally. >> guys do this every morning nowadays, new routine over at 97.5. the casino of thing we can expect? >> spam every morning, we come, in i pick up the can,
7:52 am
yes. >> let me tell you something about lottery ticket earlier, i'm just calling him marcus because everyone pronounces his last name differently, i believe he knows that, you know, we care about him. he cares about this coach. he loves chip, who doesn't. i think that he will find a way to let people know he wants to come here. >> they have some type of weird chemistry, where they don't even need to speak out loud, and they know what the other one is saying. it makes too much sense, jenn fred, it makes too much sense. >> again, ladies, thank you. now, i'm off to the king of prussia to what to wear on first date. i don't think this would qualify. >> that might work. >> and poor cuz, come over here real quick. one, he doesn't know he is missing anything. he is throwing pineapples around. he doesn't know there are two hot checks ready to -- should we surprise him? go ahead. watch this. high! >> (laughing). >> oh, my goodness.
7:53 am
>> look at that. >> little performance there. oh, there we go, jen, gentleman. well, you know what, they're having a party, we're having a party, too, jen, all morning, us a trying to cheer on. >> with the hawaiian bling. >> look at you, looks good on you, we'll have little fun here too outside. all right, the city of philadelphia is getting ready for the pope's visit. this september. do you want the help but don't know where to start? how can i volunteer? how you can get involved with this historic visit.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
♪ >> beautiful look at old city, on this, what, thursday morning. >> this is a thursday, yes. >> draft night. >> all i think about is the draft. to me, today is not thursday, it is draft day. >> very good. >> yes, i'm worked up. >> all gearing up for what is sure to be a memorable visit from pope francis. >> in fact, world meeting of families organizers, they met recently to discuss the ways
7:57 am
public lend a hand more than 10,000 volunteers are needed, so lauren johnson, over at the art museum, finding out what you need to know if you need to be host family, serve as a volunteer? >> absolutely, alec, speaking of a draft, it is draft i out here. donna, it is chilly. >> so, let's talk updates, coming to philadelphia, in september. >> so exciting. >> this week you guys launch huge campaign, so far so good? >> so far so good. this is huge milestone for us. we are so excited. i finally get to answer the number one question, that i am asked every day, how can i help? and the answer is? >> volunteer. volunteer registration opened on monday, we had a lot of people knocking at the door, they were ready to come, in and they're in our system, and getting registered. >> i was reading you guys say the average time to apply for this, four and a half minutes. that's record time. >> it is incredible. you go into the system, at world meeting 2015. org. and then you click on be a
7:58 am
volunteer. then to sign to up get the background check, that's step one, it takes about four and a half minutes. and then, you should allow about 24, 48 hours for your backgrounds check to come back, then get to sign up for the event. >> i will ask you this, i know everybody at home might be wondering, backgrounds check watch goes into that? i know you're not doing it specifically, but casino whatever goes into that? >> sure. we are working in accordance with archdioces of philadelphia, policies, for the protection of children and youth. we have the standard background check, working with a company called glorified volunteers. once they have your information they'll put it through the standard state police clearance. >> one hundred different volunteer opportunities, is this for everybody, like, what are the age rages? little kids are like i want to be a part of this, can they do it, as well? >> i wish they k it is for volunteers ages 18 and up. >> okay. >> so we're registering people. catholics, non-catholics alike, we hope the people will come and register and say they want to be part of this historic event.
7:59 am
>> you already have partners in this community, air mark, of course, making fancy little uniforms, so you can identify who the volunteers are. >> yes so grateful to allari mark, you need to know, that this is a world meeting of families volunteer coming to the sit because we're going to have volunteers, people coming for the world meeting from all over the world. so we're very, very grateful. we had tremendous volunteer partners in our university. >> independence blue cross, campbell's, and comcast, we're just so excited that they are going to be part of this. >> 10,000 volunteers, you don't have the numbers just yet. do you think you'll make that goal? >> i'm very confident we will hit that goal. what i've been hearing over and over again, everybody wants to be part of this. and people are going to sign to up do the heavy lifting, and the easy fun job. we all have an opportunity incredible moment for us on
8:00 am
the international stage. people want to be part of that. >> thank you so much. so alex, chris, you can do anything from like social media posting, to greeting people at the airport, there are all sort of stuff. 10,000 people, keep signing up. lauren, thank you very much. >> good day to you, it is thursday, april 30th, 2015. >> temple university student in critical condition after being struck by hit-and-run driver. now the search is on for that driver, chris? >> another calm night on the streets of baltimore. but this city is far from being back to normal. i'm chris o'connell. how the city beginning the healing process coming up. alex? >> well, boston strong. survivor now thriving after facing the unimaginable. the incredible way she is making strides two years later. >> and she's a ballroom dancer
8:01 am
at that. >> that's true. well, good morning, okay, for the draft, we are having a party, we are red. >> i any excuse. >> soy, oh, we have our hula dancers outside. from the hula aloha dancers, woodbury heights, new jersey, trying to epp had us welcome hopefully, marcus maroth i to philly, right? we are our lays over here. we will get those in a second. and show them you can be at home here in philly. >> this answer as tweet send to us. >> marcus, from hawaii, in hawaii, watching the draft from chicago. and chip kelly, oregon, drafted him, pick him.
8:02 am
>> no, it will be eight out every ten, you know yesterday indeed ten worthy. and not quite as perfect, but, starting out great. >> you know chance of showers later on in the day, we've got 52 degrees, plenty of sunshine, 10-mile per hour wind out of the northeast, 71%, not too bad. good hair day yesterday for sure. there is your satellite radar picture, the shrine in clouds down there delaware, still see plenty of sun here, we continue to watch that southern storm, as it moves a little further northward, 75 degrees, was yesterday's high, actually, we got up to about 77, yesterday, today, 68 degrees, more in the seven day forecast, coming up. hello, bob kelly. >> hello, sue. good morning, everybody, accident northbound lanes of 476, right at route one, which
8:03 am
is the lima springfield interchange, again, northbound jam, heading up into and through delaware county. and another accident, this on the ramps from northbound 309, to the pennsylvania turnpike, and this is video, from skyfox, over the scene after crash in the neighborhood. that involved a police suv. this is actually on talcony street, right near margaret. between margaret and aramingo avenue, with a investigation underway. some local detours, and that's the main drag, you have to get down to aramingo avenue in order to gain access to nine the a. then once on 95, it is pretty much bumper to bumper from the betsy ross bridge inbound through center city. septa out bound complaints, 15 minute delay on the warm warminster regional delay. demonstration set for later today 4:30, dilworth plaza, at city hall. this is going to impact our evening rush hour. in and out of the city. street closures, septa, just
8:04 am
talked to them, they'll wait and see, see what develops, before they put any buses on a detour, do what they have to accordingly. but watch for the clock, check your appointmentment even if you have dinner plans, in the area of city hall, for later on tonight. chris, alex being back over to you. >> thank you, bob. 8:04, developing story this morning. a 22 remember old college student seriously injured following hit-and-run, yesterday, in north philadelphia. >> investigators have found the vehicle that was involved in this. fox 29's jennifer joyce now live at temple hospital, where that young woman is truly fighting for her life right now. jennifer? >> yes, chris, alex, and the victims father says that rachael hall is expected to graduate from temple university next week, criminal justice major, already secured a job as washington, d.c. police officer, now, her father says, that is probably not going to happen. twenty-two year old rachael hull is listed in critical condition, here, at temple university hospital with head and leg injuries. the temple senior, up for
8:05 am
goalie on the school's lacrosse team, last night she was hit by a car, as she was riding her bike. police recovered the car, overnight, silver mitsubishi gallant. they think they know who they are looking for, not made any arrests, accident just before 7:30 last night. at the intersection of diamond street and park avenue on the fringe of campus, on impact, hall thrown off her back on to the street. police say the car initially stopped, but then kept going. >> on police arrival, they found 22 year old female unconscious, on height way, suffering from a severe head trauma, she also had what appeared to be compound fracture to her leg. transferred to temple, in extremely critical condition, fighting for her life. homing the person of interest turns themself in. anyone with information is urged to call police.
8:06 am
chris? >> 8:06. shocking claim about the man whose death led to protests, not just in baltimore but really across the nation. the washington post says application report includes a statement from a prisoner inside the same transport van as freddie gray. un name man said he could hear him banking against the metal partition, and believes gray was purposely trying to injury himself. >> he suffered a spinal injury and died the next week. prompted baltimore to have a state of emergency. much different scene than it was just few days ago, chris? >> guys, all is calm, all is peaceful during the second night of the city-wide week-long curfew here in the city of baltimore. although, the city still
8:07 am
remains baltimore prime tourist district, inner harbor, it is swarming with maryland state police, and maryland national guard crawling law enforcement, talking this morning new developments into the death of freddie gray. baltimore police not releasing details of gray's death tomorrow, as originally thought, many of the public thought some sort of verdict will come down tomorrow, in terms every indictment, instead, police will hand their findings over to the state's attorney's office, those prosecutors will decide if indictment will be handed down on those six officers who were involved in the death of that 25 year old? april -- in april, taken into custody april 12th. meanwhile, more than 100 people so far who have been arrested over the past three days, incidents in these riot,
8:08 am
after arrested for disorderly conduct, breaking curfews, 101 of the people were release from the jail last night. that's because police couldn't come up with all of the paperwork in time to get these defendants charged within 48 hours of course they all spurned from some of the protests and mars, most of which has been peaceful judge college kids saying they want to take their city back. >> ♪ >> i am protesting for my right to exist, to be treated like an american citizen, with the full right, the full privileges, this country has given to me. >> outside of baltimore, we are not a violent city, we
8:09 am
want peace, we want justice, we want this to be right. >> all around this nation. >> they have to go. they have to be right. >> and there is talk this morning, from baltimore's mayor, stephanie roland blake, said she may be open to the idea of rescind that curfew, ten p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew early since things have been relatively peaceful overnight. >> hopefully, they don't want to rekindle what happened over the past few nights. here in baltimore, alec,
8:10 am
chris? >> amazing scenes, between the orioles and the white sox, where no one was in the stands. literally no fans. >> one planned today here in philadelphia, at 4:30. >> right at city hall. could affect your travel. bob kelly stay on top of that for you throughout the morning. meantime 8:10, guess who is on good day this morning? >> taj murphy our studio, performs for us. yes, you remember him. he is a singer now, yes, he does it all. plus we have to ask: will he have a role in the full house re aoun snap we want to see that. >> first, boston strong. this ballroom dancer is thriving two years after the bombing, why she is telling her incredible story of survival right here in our studio next.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
>> isn't this just adorable? aloha, dancers, getting us ready. welcome being marcus to philly hopefully. >> we'll move up in the draft. pick him number two in the draft. chip kelly make it happen. >> yes,. >> if you're marcus, how could you not come to philly after seeing this? >> and you chris murphy have created similar outfit, you might want to put a sweater on top there. they are moving around at least and keeping themselves warm. we have few clouds that will be entering the area this afternoon, maybe shower, it is all due to that southern storm system. chance of showers is there. jump to the seven day forecast, show you what's happening.
8:15 am
cooler, 6 degrees today. sweater weather for your spring fling on friday. 72 degrees, quite a few clouds to start the day, sunday superb, high of 77, 80s return, on monday and tuesday. where is the problem how? >> good morning, it is 8:15, northbound lanes of 476, accident, at route one, which is the lima springfield interchange. heads up for this demonstration, september for this afternoon, dilworth plaza, city hall, 4:30, we will see street closures, most likely bus detours, plan your afternoon accordingly, either move that monthment to one side or the other, keep that in mine if you have dinner plans coming into town tonight. septa regional rail line, the warminster line, 15 minute delays out bound, and an accident northeast philly, has talcony street block between margaret and aramingo avenue.
8:16 am
yeses anal, being back over to you. >> just mark two year anniversary of the boston bombing, now one of the survivors is sharing her story >> her husband also sustained injuries after countless days every fighting her fears at ban link, her strength grows each and every day. she joins us now, you're on paid tour of the country on behalf of health organization called click health, digital agency detectives hair dealt agencies, promoting their message with urines king of prussia until story. so happen have i to you here this morning. >> i'm so happy to be here. thank you for having me. >> i was reading part of your story. this quote i'm a survivor defined by how you live my life. powerful. how have you been living?
8:17 am
>> of course this impacted me in so many ways, hoping to continue down that path. >> when this happened, your husband may have saved your life by his quick thinking. >> how has he been in your recovery? >> instrumental in my recovery. thank you for asking about him by the way. he has been instrumental in my recovery. yes, did he save my life. we had a doctor on scene, he applied a tourniquet. as you said, you know, military, he just returned from afghanistan, just two weeks prior.
8:18 am
>> he carried, one day he needs it on sunday, streets of boston. >> himself injured and still goes to your aid? >> did he. >> didn't he just use belt? >> he used his own belt. we had conversation about that belt that morning. he was like i don't have to wear this belt, it bright. too orange. i said oh, no, wear it. >> really amazing. >> truly amazing. >> what are some of the -- i can't imagine, some of the stages you've gone you there, get to go this point, where you are now. >> yes, gosh, talk about mood swings. stages of recovery are real. stages of grief, you know, they're no different than stage of recovery after losing friend, friendship, job, loved
8:19 am
one. >> unlike anything else, like grieving your own death, as morbid, do you have let go of that casino of life you lived. >> the life you live was all about using your body and your legs for dancing. >> yes, absolutely. >> professional ballroom dancing. i was screaming from the moment that it went off, stayed conscious the entire time, and and screaming at the p of my lungs, i was a ballroom dancer. >> right away, did you feel like my goodness, it is lost, it is gone, never dance again? >> i saw it, it was not -- it was immediate. >> what made you decide hey i'm not going to let this stop me. ill still go out, do it, try to dance. >> i said it early on, on a heck of a lot of meds. but i i did mean t i meant it on a lot of meds. and not knowing real if i it were true or not, but i thought, you know, is if
8:20 am
somebody out there watching, i can't possibly be the only amputee that has gone into dance. >> look at the video. you danced across the finish line. talk about this movement. what was it like for you? >> just talking to shane yesterday, my partner name dance withing there. >> he put it perfectly, felt like the two of us. as soon as he stopped you heard the cheers of boston just, you know, we all heal together. it takes a village. >> listen, i'm no shane. but i've been known to dance. will you teach me? you're an instructor, and professional ballroom dancer. >> i would love to. >> will you show me moves? okay, we will put on waltz for you here. truth be told. when got married 15 years ago, for our first dance, well, i took lessons. >> yes? >> the dance instructors, they were cringing. they were trying not to laugh
8:21 am
at me. okay? >> okay. >> this could be rough. >> you had the wrong instructor. >> how do we start? >> so about the your hand on my shoulder blades. right, so you really took lessons. >> i'll get out of the way here. >> so do you like pizza? >> love pizza. >> you know pizza box is like a square box, right? >> okay. >> you are going to take your left foot, step forward with your left foot. >> toward you. >> yes. >> and then you will step side. >> okay. >> then together. >> oh, we can do this. >> then back, and then with the other foot. >> oh, this foot? >> now that will mess me up. >> i know, then sidings together. now, forward. >> okay. >> side together. >> we got this folks. >> one, two, three. >> oh, adrian, we're having some fun here on the show. two, three: >> why you guys are working on, that thank you so much for coming in. what do robert downey, junior, chris evans, and chris hemsworth all have in common? yes, they star in the new
8:22 am
adventurous movie, also on good day this morning. we're spilling secrets from the movie set. >> ♪ but first, an expensive treat over $800 for just one, yes, just one scoop of ice cream. the unusual topping that makes this dapper dessert so pricy. >> ♪
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> oh, look at them. so cute. so ready. we're having our had hawaiian party, why? maybe marcus will choose or we will choose him to come to philly. or we want him to feel at home. >> come on to philly marcus. dessert shop serving the world's most expensive ice cream. >> so where could this be? what about divine? >> everything expensive there, right? so this has black diamond dessert there is cafe. cup of ice cream will set you
8:26 am
back $817 for one scoop. it is made with madagascar valina, and crowned with italian truffles, and rare salve ron. the black diamond also has 23 karat edible gold flags, last we check, now, just two or the of this deck can't treat have been sold. so two people wasted l 17 per school? >> only two people can afford for one scoop of ice cream. speaking of pricy. after last cost of date is going up. this isn't necessarily -- >> this is good news, yes, for us women. what if we stop men from doing? >> but first, getting ready for a big weaken at the box office, the new avengers movie coming out the stars are spilling secrets from the set. that's next. people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted
8:27 am
just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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8:30 am
good mood, draft night tonight, we're hoping mark us, the quarterback to the eagles for their first superbowl win ever, sue serio. >> slice up the pineapple. i'm red. >> i and am i. >> we will dance our way to bring him here. >> all right, well, let's see what bus stop buddy is doing, waiting for the school bus, little kids going in little later. you might want little jacket on them, because waiting out for awhile, especially in the temperatures, temps upper 40's, possibility, after slur later on in the day, not a guarantee, but a possibility. eight out of ten, in your weather by the numbers today. 52 degrees our current temperature, with 10-mile per hour breezes out of the northeast, and we head to satellite radar picture, see the clouds increasing in southern delaware, we still have plenty of sunshine if philly, and our surrounding suburbs. but we watch this storm down
8:31 am
to our south also whatever is going on out west here. casino of all connected there. and all moving up toward us. but, 68 degrees, will be the high temperature, not as warm as yesterday, but very pleasant day, stray shower, possible, later on, i think you'll still guess your softball game, soccer games in this evening, 48 degrees, tonight. a little chillier than last night. that's 48 in the city. stray shower is not out of the question. so that takes care of thursday. we will look ahead in the seven day forecast, to the first weekend of may. bonn kelly? >> getting ready for the may procession, first holy communion, good morning, 83:00; live look at 676 coming up through camden, new jersey, right in front of cooper hospital here. the northbound side, only looks like two left lanes open. so this is going to impact everyone, on 676 in new jersey. between the walt whitman bridge and the ben franklin bridges. heads up for this afternoon, this demonstration set for city hall dilworth plaza,
8:32 am
4:30, check your calendar, if you're into or out of center city, maybe working downtown, maybe you can scoot out little early, or, if you plan on coming in tonight, maybe for some dunn err plans, will impact the evening rush hour some way shape or form here. there will be street closures involved, septa bus detours are possible keep an eye on there is develop for the evening rush hour, check your calendar for today. the warminster line out bound service running with 15 minute delays, otherwise, south on 95, put about 40 minute on the clock as you work your way into girard, sun glare delays on the schuylkill, coming around that curve. chris, alec being back to you. >> 8:32, huge weekend at the box office. >> have you seen anything in the in this series? >> avengers age of you will tron, expected to shatter box office records. >> my goodness, that big. >> saw it already, chatted when some of the stars.
8:33 am
>> one of the stars, yes, he talk to. >> (movie clip). >> looks good. looks intense. kevin mccarthy? >> hey, kev? >> good morning, alec, chris, good morning, guys. james spade err, right there, playing you will tron. performance for him. the movie is out today, tonight, 7:00. you can see it around country, the first one made $1.5 billion, world-wide, the box office, the third highest
8:34 am
grossing movie of all time. >> this one will be absolutely insane. i sat down with robert downey junior himself. thankfully he didn't walk out of my interview tweaking out too hard from the movie. we talked about the sequences where iron man lands, and the suit pulls off his body. how do they shoot that? check this out? >> you always have to lean into and be comforted by the fact even though i feel like a smuck right now, while i am stepping out of nothing into nothing, and walking past the camera, it is like somebody who is not a good dancer, but they're just out there just like bringing it. >> do you have sell it like it is happening, like because i get excited, as do you. >> i get nerd tears, tears in my eyes. >> that's awesome. >> so specifically, by the way, in regard to nerds here, there is a shot in this movie, or the beginning of the movie, you see all of the avengers in long continuous shot of action. i would pay $20 to see that
8:35 am
one shot on loop for hours. that's how inch said that shot s overall experience, actions incredible, my problem with the film, though, little con vaux saluted, and too much product placement, it is not as good as captain america two or guardians of the galaxy. it falls slightly below the first avengers, but still very solid action movie. >> only one right in the middle. the i max 3d is worth it even though converted. now, great scene in the film where chris members worth, chris evans plays captain america. trying to lift thorias hammer i i wanted to know how they made it appear so heavy as the actors actually couldn't lift t check it out. >> not heavy.
8:36 am
>> (laughing). >> they did nail it down. i think initially, they nailed it down, and then we lifted it and the whole table came up. they secured everything. >> i love, love, love, what you did, superbowl bet, incredible what you were able to do. >> the movie, the movie four out of five, overall experience not as good as guardians of the galaxy, but fun movie overall. good for marvel fans. again, middle of the credit, don't watch throughout the end, no extra scene at the end of the yesterday glits 4:05 start. going to break box office records? >> oh, ya. >> the first one opened to up 207 million the first three days. i would probably put this one at 215. i've seen projections, could fall little below that, but it will be insanely huge. it will be the biggest movie of the year until star wars comes out, no question. >> that's right.
8:37 am
>> thank, kevin? good week end. >> 8:36. so what are you hiding? >> what do you mean? >> if you suspect your partner of cheating, listen up. you might be looking for ned all of the wrong places, the one place that cheaters are most likely to get caught. >> and how about this? say aloha to our hawaiian dancers, we are going to make philly a very special warm homecoming for marcus on draft night. come on, man. let's draft you.
8:38 am
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>> 8:40 on the east coast, it is six hours earlier, so, 2:40 in hawaii, marcus is in hawaii waiting for big draft tonight. i'm sure he's watching us streaming, boy, what they're doing if philadelphia right now, makes me want to come join chip kelly again, and play for the eagles. what's a trip to hawaii
8:41 am
without little hula? outside with special group with girls from jerry? in fact, marcus, if you are watching right now, this is pre hawaiian welcome party. and we are here with ann, and hula aloha dancers, from the dance studio. good morning. >> aloha. >> thank you so much for coming out. >> you're quite welcome. thank you for having us. >> look at all of these beautiful hula dancers, all ages. >> yes, all ages. >> and we do all kind of dances. seep, polynesian style, tahician, what's the last one? >> mallary, okay, so a lot of people i think they hear hula, they think you do one move. but a lot more to it. >> absolutely. a lot to it. >> so what casino of basics do you teach? >> we teach them foot work. basic step, side to side, step together, step together. >> okay. >> and the other way, at the together, step together. >> and you have to make sure you mover those hips. >> okay, move the hips. >> that's it.
8:42 am
>> ladings, i have my little skirt on. join me? >> everybody, let's do it. >> on the count of three, we will say welcome, marcus, one, two, three. welcome marcus mariota. we hope, we are crossing our fingers. >> we are too. >> how can people find out about your dance studio? >> find us on line at cast a dance studio.come. or we're our phone number, lot of different ways. >> did you spend time in hawaii? >> i've been out there, unfortunately i don't get to stay too long, but because i have all of these guys to come back to. >> that's true, so true. hopefully marcus mariota will see these lovely laid whens he comes to philly. we're crossing our fingers, chris. >> absolutely, let's do it. again, okay, 8:42 is the time. then there were four. another idol hopeful loses out in her dream. what went wrong for tianah jones, she joins just just a bit. living with chronic migraine
8:43 am
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8:45 am
you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. 8: 45, on thursday morning. little hawaiian music in the background, but atlantic ocean, for a change. we are looking this morning, the other ocean. looks gorgeous, to start.
8:46 am
and we have been saying all along, the beginning of the day is just fine, few passing clouds, but very comfortable morning out, there increasing clouds during the afternoon, won't be as warm as it was yesterday. showers, possible, late today, and on friday. with this coastal storm, that we had been talking about. it is down to our south, still, you see it right there, but just expected to take a path that's off shore, so we won't get the direct hit, and a lot of rain from it, just maybe few nuisance showers, late today, and tomorrow, shouldn't cancel any plans, though, there we go with the storm kind of moving off the coast, there is fry, about 4:00 a.m. could get some rain, especially if you're south and east of philadelphia. but, for us here in the city, count on clouds, count on cooler temperatures, we will see about those showers, temperatures right now, 52 in the sit. forty-eight in mount pocono. it is 50 degrees in pottstown. head to high later on of, ready, 68 degrees.
8:47 am
60 degrees tomorrow. seventy-two on saturday. seventy-seven on your suburb sunday, broad street run, no rain for that, and the 80s return, chris murphy, for monday, getting your tea tea time together? you. >> agree? there is a media day for the shop rite classic, down the shore, and like 24 days for the lpga. but it is so early. >> oh,. >> i know you have been out of the dating game for awhile. you're married. >> fifteen years. can you believe is it. >> well, for the single gals, dating can be fun, but also stressful, because you have to figure out what are you going to wear? well, jen, you're answer that question for us at king of prussia mall. >> and tonight you might have an nfl draft party date. kerston here from glamour magazine. good morning. you will be here saturday giving great advice free
8:48 am
advice one to 5:00. that's why you are really here, but little sneak peak? >> we slutly are. >> so far, if i'm going nfl draft party, i think, you might be under dressed. >> many people are working today, get asked on date, what you might do to get drink after work. >> make good first impression specially if it is that first date. of course don't want to go in a cocktail dress head to tow in a office. so great styles here, both by thomas pink, that really address that. now, for the laid respect, like real prep bye this lap dress, but like i said, still in a silk, so it feels new, and fun and fresh and data prepare row at. for the guys, it is all about kind of still looking pulled together with polish blazer but down a notch, that's why with pair of denim, two layered shirt. so you'll look good for the office but pulled together for your date at night. >> they're both adorable. you guys look great. i have to say your a smiling and he's like i'm cool, i'm on
8:49 am
my first date, i'm cool. you guys look amazing. so i confess to you this weekend i had my own kind of fashion can un drum, right? wedding, you might get asked out on a wed to go a begged. i didn't know because it is still kind of cold but you want it look cute. >> sure. the thing is real now complete dress code. but i think now that it is starting to get warm you kind of want to break out whatever would you consider a traditional black tie look. that's what we are loving for the woman specially real beautiful light colors, lots of floral bursts in patterns, these are both from blooming dale's by the way. so it is like put that little black dress back in the closet until fall or winter of next year. >> i like that it is floral but looks formal and also she is not going to freeze because it is long. right? >> exactly. and for the guys, lighten up, as well. you know, take away the navy suit. make it light gray instead. >> awesome. you guys look great. go have fun after the wedding now. so, you know this happens, might get asked on a saturday, make walk in a park, maybe
8:50 am
little adventure, really cute outfit. >> forever 21. fun little romper. yes, great thing to wear in the park or without wearing denum, as well, so casual but still looks fun, cool, pulled. >> the she looks a girl, too. the boy asking girl out, they want them to look like a girl, okay? >> very feminine. fun touch of boho with fringe bag, too. >> so would do more do's coming up in the 9:00 hour. not convinced that these will make the do's. but i'm going try to up the game little bit. >> yes, i don't know about the skirt. >> that's a don't. >> what do you know about the do's and don't's? >> it's been 15 years. >> i can just tell. >> all right, all right. thanks, jen. hey, yo, philly. >> yo. >> yo fill. >> i philly sports fans, getting a for passing, but what do we get for our grammar? where do we land on a new list, when it comes to sports, and tweet being it?
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> traffic isn't moving in either direction here, a loft police activity on the span, your best bet, use the betsy ross, instead of the talcony, at least for right now. later on this afternoon, heads up. >> this demonstration, set for city hall, 4:30. >> this will impact our evening rush hour, some way, shape or form. expect street closures, heavy police presence, of course, and possible bus detours, again, if you're working in center city shall man scoot out little early, watch your dinner plans for later tonight. we will keep an eye on there is keep you up-to-date throughout the morning and during the evening news tonight. chris, alec being back to you. >> let's talk this draft. in chicago, a lot of fans added to the team, some should worry about the grammar.
8:55 am
everyone will be live tweeting, facebook status. >> so let's explain. here's what's going on. >> how well fans spell or use grammer for that matter. >> you ran third for fewest mistakes. redskins fans, observe getting failing grade for grammarian spelling. >> grammerly here is the thing, trying to tweak, a lot of times sometimes miss spell things, auto correct, gets them away. >> always screws me up. >> gets me all the time. >> we eagles fans, should be ranked pretty highly on there is our fight song spiels e-a-g-l-e-s, right? >> you spell it out for us. yep. maybe that's why. >> make sure to think about that, no more tweeting tonight when we hopefully get our guy. >> so, what are you hiding? what are you hiding, chris?
8:56 am
>> nothing. >> well, if you suspect your partner cheating, listen up. you might be looking for evidence in all of the wrong places. we're going to tell you the one place where cheaters are most likely to get caught. the one place. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. cause i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. if you have a question about money, ask me. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne
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when pharmacists are in pain the medicine in advil is their #1 choice for pain relief. more than the medicines in tylenol or aleve. use the medicine that pharmacists use most for themselves. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. >> look at that, so cute. oh, woodbury heights, new jersey, and we having a pre-hawaiian welcome party. because we are hoping that in just hours from now, really, we will be welcoming marcus mariota to philly. we know he is watching the draft in honolulu, that's fine, because we want him to picture philly as its own honolulu. >> one guy just message dollars me, you will be eating crow if we don't get him. >> hey, any excuse that there
9:00 am
is a lou al, i'm all for t just saying. >> you're too young to remember don hoe when his tiny bulbs was such a huge hit. >> thursday april 30th, 2015. >> all right. >> so the average cost after date, it is really going up. not necessarily a bad thing, though. experts say, this is good news, for women. what it will stop men from doing. plus who is on good day this morning? taj maury in the studio. yes, we've been hearing him, he is warming up. can he sing. >> oh, my goodness, his warm up was awesome. >> jenny? >> out door bar here at the independence beer garden, mixing up drinks, and actually, chris, alec, they'll whip me up a may tie, s


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