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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  May 1, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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the death of freddie gray in baltimore but it was not all peaceful. >> tennessee titans select marcus mariota. quarterback oregon. >> who? marcus mariota he is the commissioner of the nfl and he blows that name? all right. despite rumors about trade offers marcus mariota is heading to the tennessee titans not the eagles but is this a blessing in the disguise for the birds. we will take a a look. get ready for a cool start to may. it won't stay like this very long. when can we expect the taste of summer. >> wickly talented, g guy sell kaseem. >> he got the it wrong. >> i guess he was getting booed every time they came up, because they wait ten minutes in between picks. friday mayday, may 1st, 2015. >> spring fling. >> crazy cartoon characters on
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line. >> we're doing it all. >> really fun, we will get in the hash tag in a bit but we want to see who you think of who we have represented in a animated sense. >> yes good lets go to sue. we keep looking at the slide show. >> a little rain in the forecast. >> mostly south of us, but we will see cloud and cooler temperatures. best i can manage is a six. things will improve for the weekend. the here's where the rain is, it is in the process of leaving kent county and in sussex county, delaware this whole system is pulling off shore and eventually will see even of the rain. persistent cloud covers and cooler temperatures. we are at 50 degrees. we don't expect temperatures to move a whole lot even once daylight dawns that will happen at 6:02 but it starts getting light of course, earlier than that. you have friday fox cast is for a high of 63 degrees a stray shower. more likely further south and
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east of the city thanks to the coastal storm and then cloudy skies and a low of 47 degrees. we've got much warmer temperatures in the seven day forecast coming up a and a very busy first weekend of may. we have so much going on bob kelly. you were telling us it is prom time just crazy. >> prom time, first holy communion time. when can i wear my white patent leather shoes. >> may. >> lauren says never. >> why, i thought i was able -- i need to know when i can wear my favorite shoes. >> only with my leisure suit, white pants and white suit on friday. work on that for the summertime. good morning, everybody. tgif looking live downtown philadelphia vine street expressway crews have been out since last night, left lane block right here near broad street. some light volume but we're riding brakes rolling through center city here. northeast philadelphia waking
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up in problems at all here up and down i-95 schuylkill expressway looking good working your way from king of prussia in through center city n problems or delays at all at least for the moment on this early friday morning. 40 miles an hour up ape down 476. a missing manhole cover ouch big old pothole street road near davisville road. we have crews on the scene and make repairs there. i'll find missing manhole cover. we have some rain coming through right now but this weekend dover days festival will bring us extra volume and closures down there in dover. manayunk norristown regional rail line running with an adjusted schedule all weekend long. otherwise, mass transit looking good for a friday morning chris and lauren back to you. a house fire broke out the in the 5,000 block of kingsessing. crews rush to southwest philadelphia neighborhood around 2:30 a.m. films were under control in 20
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minutes. one resident was taken to the hospital after complaining of some breathing issues possibly from smoke inhalation. it is up clear at this hour how that fire started. huge crowd turned out in fail against police brutality. >> the philly is baltimore protest lasted for hours despite a few moments where they clashed with police marchers remained mostly peaceful. that was the the good news. the fox 29's jennifer joyce is live with what happened good morning. >> reporter: that is right, mostly people and there were only two arrests for disorderly conduct a according to philadelphia police. sky fox was ahead as we did see that disorderly conduct pushing and shoving in the crowd and the police as people tried to walk down to the vine street expressway but were denied access by officers. chief inspector joe sullivan got bloody in the scuffle but we are told he is okay. earlier in the day philly is baltimore protest was calm, peaceful at city hall where hundreds if not a thousand people gathered on behalf of
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freddie gray, young man in baltimore who died in custody. as the day went on protesters roamed through the city and they went around it city hall and rittenhouse square. we even found some people that were at the the protest. >> i'm a schoolteacher in the city of philadelphia for 22 years. many of my students, former students have been victims of the system. i felt like i needed to be here today to stand for them and for all of the other inn just advertise zest that are happening in our system today begins people of color. the it is wrong. we have to stand up a and do something about it. not one of my kid it is important for me that they understand a lot of people were saying a lot of things about the the protesters in baltimore. it is important for me, my students, my children, but it is important for my children to see what it is like to march for a cause.
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so maybe when they grow older if they have a cause that they really care about they know the proper way to do it. >> reporter: it did make it difficult for some people trying to leave city after work, creating grid lock for drivers cyclist and pedestrians. protest continued late into the evening went around city hall even up ben franklin parkway through rittenhouse square, chris and lauren. >> thank you very much. city officialness baltimore are preparing for more large crowd this weekend but city's police commissioner says curfew will remain in effect through the weekend. overnight curfew went into effect on tuesday and help keep streets calm following riots on monday. meanwhile public and media organizations are demanding more answers about freddie gray's death after a police report was handed over to a state attorney yesterday. >> if new evident is found we will follow it, new directions given by states attorney we will obey it. >> mr. gray's family is certainly in the looking for a rush to judgment.
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mr. gray's family wants a thorough competent investigation and they want a transparent investigation. so what they are hoping for is to he have is the results of the investigation and after we receive that results the government proceed fairly. >> police still have not said what caused the fatal spinal cord injury gray suffer in custody. things got intense as a "fox news" reporter tried to question baltimore's riots about the the riot this week. >> mayor was leaving a meeting whether he this confrontation happened. >> you don't have anything to say. nothing to say to business owners? what about to the the police that were injured. >> hey excuse me. >> why can't we ask questions. >> we can't can questions. >> "fox news" correspondent steven bitter, questioning stephanie robbins blake who received criticism after police did not stop rioters on monday as stores were
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lieutenant and burned. >> leland has beautiful hair. >> our coverage of the protest in philadelphia and baltimore does not end there get very latest on my fox it was a big night if you are a fat ball fan. eagles made selection with the 20th pick in the 2015 draft. >> steve keeley is live in pennsauken with how things are this morning. you have an eye on south philadelphia last night as link was just filled with people exited to watch, who will join the eagles. >> reporter: by the way, chris you brought up a good point why are we in pennsauken. >> i was told to effort. effort mo. which means, effort main on the street or man at wawa reaction the morning after too busy with the marchers last night to talk to fans so we did serious stuff last
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night. howard eskin handled sports at novacare. we are efforting reaction and it is still early. even they this place is 24 hours it is early but we did get something at wawa. greg, since this wawa is so nice they let him in with the camera and got daily news that was delivered. the headline on the front page no such duck. one fan said better head line were going to say we're ducked but daily news went no such duck meek we did not get marcus mariota or as nfl commissioner miss pronounced his name despite practicing it for mariota. so he did in the get it: the link was packed. nfl reported eagles tried to trade two number one pick and current two key players michael kendrick and brandon boykin. then eagles offered 21st round picks a quarterback, likely
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bradford and another player. chip kelly says, both reports, not true, at all. here is how it went down on nfl network when titans pick and you will see the fans, at the eagles party. notice two guys the left, guy with the jersey and guy with the reaction before him hoping there was a trade announcement. >> with the second pick in the 2015 nfl draft the the tennessee titans select marcus mariota quarterback of oregon. >> marcus mariota in hawaii, this will be potentially the longest private flight taken by any number two overall pick. the eagles draft party, the eagles fans, they are the ones stunned. >> we did not offer any players. we didn't get in any discussion. it was just a steep price.
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like driving in the nice neighborhood saying that is really nice. they tell you the price. you turn in. we didn't walk in the front door. we didn't take a look around. part of our plan as we said all along was we will build this team and we still think there is value in this draft and future drafts. >> reporter: here is the other thing that greg efforted, the the daily news back cover the the back sports page, smacking of maclin. if you flipped around all you heard from every sports reporter from comment taiter is how nelson agholor fast wide receiver from u.s.c. to left after his junior year is just like jeromy maclin which had me wondering then why didn't the eagles just resign maclin keep him and draft at another position of great need like offensive line or safety? again, bradford we're told has been shopping for houses. he can easily afford on the main line unlike chip kelly
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so maybe now sam can buy with confidence, since he has in the been traded and another blockbuster draft day deal. so chris and lauren, you know how i hate news speak. i despise news speech, every story is unclear i cannot stand. that efforting is off air, efforting is a stupid off air news speech thaw hear. >> have have you found anytation that is use it. >> you see one person behind you real quickly steve, i know one thing you hate is tv speak. one thing you love is history. let's think about this for a moment. you had goodell f on pa last night, is that work john robert, botching the oath of office in 2009 or for president obama when they had to redo it next day in private or travolta's streaming up of. >> reporter: greg is talking over you i didn't even hear
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greg's comment, what was your third thing. >> i said the john travolta mistake. >> reporter: i'm going with number three because more people watched oscars like 6 billion people. i will get with last night's draft announcement because more people see that then anything to do with washington. people could careless about what is going on in washington. even the president's swearing in, all right. i'm right on all this. you said real quickly nothing is ever real quickly this question and answer segment longer than my hit which went two minutes over. >> that is par for the the course. >> mike is off today yes. >> appreciate it. >> 5:13. >> real quick. >> real quick. >> still ahead a remarkable story of survival from nepal how a a 15 year old was pull from the ruble. crackdown of maternity hotels in california lead to charges against two people. we will have charges straight
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the vet's #1 choice. we're playing a fun game on friday morning mayday. wondering which cartoon character you think we look like. the last hour we decided jen fred looked like tinkerbell. this time it is iain page's turn to go under fire. let us know who iain page looks like. go to facebook, instagram twitter.
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use the hash tag fox 29 good day. you can see the full slide show if you don't want to us reveal them every hour, every half an hour. >> we are basically asking to you multi task. we'd like to you watch our show and have a computer around and go to my fox >> or if you have a tablet, it is very easy. >> make sure you use that hash tag fox 29 weekend. >> no, fox 29 good day. >> you are not on weekend anymore, girl. >> i'm so sorry. >> i'm so sorry. >> update. >> i did one for tom loudon our fearless leader executive producer. make a little side by side. >> hi i'm chris nice job on weekend, so glad i'm with you now. big fan of your work. >> thank you. >> hi sue good can you tell it is a friday. if you woke up and didn't know, what day it was, just by how punchy everybody is today. we have spring fling friday,
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first take of may and we will be hanging out this morning and this afternoon in south philadelphia at the italian market. all of those iconic south philadelphia places. there will be a lot of good feud involved. here's the thing, got to wear a sweater or jacket today. 52 degrees by 1:00 this morning. 58 degrees by lunchtime and a high temperature 63 degrees. we will get enough sunshine peeking through and cannot rule out a stray shower but doesn't look like a heavy downpour in our future either. here's where heavy downpours are, all south, maryland's eastern shore parts of the southern delaware in sussex county, some rain in the washington d.c. area this morning and other parts of the virginia as part of the coastal storm. we have seen thunderstorms but they have remain off shore which is a good thing. the mess of the heavy stuff will remain off shore. we will get on shore wind but all that will do is make us
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mostly cloudy and give us some cooler temperatures. we are at 41 degrees. forty-seven pottstown. fifty reading. forty-nine in lancaster. in philadelphia we have 50. forty-nine in atlantic city. fifty in wildwood. wind not a big issue. the just direction that they are coming from that makes the difference here because it the brings cooler air from the ocean. if your a along the shore you will see chillier temperatures today. a as far as temperatures is concern it has been an up and down kind of week but in mostly up from that really chilly 60 degrees on monday to the 07's tuesday and wednesday and even yesterday we got warmer then we thought we would with a a high of 72. in the so much today with a high of 63. we will bounce right back in the 70's tomorrow and on sun take. sunday is an excellent weather day. then we will hit 80's on monday and tuesday of next week and instant is it will feel like summertime why not a few thunder boomers through middle of the week next week.
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this should be the chilliest day we'll for quite a while, that is how it the goes. >> sweater weather 5:20. tgif and we are looking live at the schuylkill expressway in the bad at all light volume as we look live at city line avenue, in problems in or out of the city, some will folks are up and out this early friday morning curb side coming in toward philadelphia, in problems or delays working your way in toward that construction zone. crews working on the pennsylvania turnpike between connection bridge, pretty much all the way over to that willow grove interchange, one left over crew right here near philly interchange. they should be gone in the next couple minutes or owe and missing manhole cover on street road at davisville road. septa's manayunk norristown line running with add just ted schedule all weekend long. busy weekend in philadelphia looking for something to do tomorrow? plenty of events writ even house low festival, south street festival, science
5:21 am
festival down along the parkway, ms walk and with all these event will come septa bus detours in the area, and of course, sunday big one lays it up broad street run. park down here in south philadelphia, get the a free broad industry subway ride up to the starting line and then race down back into south philadelphia. buses will be on detour throughout the morning as they run up and down broad street there. dover days festival. hopefully rain gets turn off down there this morning. watch out for local detours and delays through the weekend. chris and lauren back to you. hours after american rescuers saved a 15 year old was found safe under a collapsed seven story building in nepal rescue teams found a woman in her 20's burr aid live trapped since saturday ease earthquake. video continues to emerge showing structures i should say falling and people running for their lives. the death toll has now climbed to about 6100 and counting,
5:22 am
seismologists say they have recorded more than 70 and after shocks in the himalaya a region since the weekend. ten and chinese foreigners are facing charges for their suspect involvement in maternity tourism in southern california. the the department of justice is investigate magternity hotels. they are companies that kate tore foreign pregnant with man who want to give birth in america so their babies will be automatically u.s. citizens. one and woman was arrested at a los angeles airport last week with her husband. she's believed to be a customer of this. >> so we are investigating is allegations that these companies facilitate women to commit visa fraud. >> it is not illegal to come to the u.s. to have your baby born here as a u.s. citizen but it is ill rel to lie about that during the visa application process. >> federal agents raided 20 and apartment complexions and other locations in california all suspect of playing a role
5:23 am
in this scheme. 5:22. she's working hard for money and make more why women ceo are seeing bigger paychecks then their male counterparts. it's a money maker. i mean, i just feel like our children are paying the price for these high stakes tests and their teachers are stressed out about it. so, teachers aren't benefiting. they're not getting information from these tests that are helpful for teaching. kids aren't benefiting because they don't even know what they got right or wrong. they just know that they feel really bad about it. parents aren't benefitting because i don't get any more information about my child. so the only people that could possibly be benefitting from this are corporations who are making the tests and selling the tests.
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5:25 am
women trump men when it comes to how much ceo's are making. america's biggest company ceo's are making just under, ready for this, 19 million-dollar a year. >> are any of them single.
5:26 am
>> their male count parts 13 million. >> are any of them. >> the highest paid female ceo is ceo of yahoo. >> yes she's relatively new. she has within on the job a couple years now and i believe she's in her 30's. >> she's loaded. according to a new survey from career builder 57 percent of workers feel they are overweight, a lot of them say stress on the the job lead to over eating. all those hours of work makes them too tired for the gym. >> i can understand that. >> man i'm living that. >> survey says workers in the mid of their careers appear more prone to weight gain than younger workers. much anticipated fight between floyd may weather and manny pacquiao is on saturday. >> it is truly the fight of the century. the the century is young. boxers square off saturday in las vegas. this will air sunday, in the philippines, where manny
5:27 am
pacquiao is from. energy officials fear power outages as resident tune into watch the the action, all non-essential items not just be turn off but unplugged, until this is over. he is truly a national the hero. >> he is in overload there. >> yeah yeah. >> may weather i think is the favorite in this. all eyes, well i'd love to it is like a hundred bucks for this pay purview. my wife will in the go for that. >> i can imagine. >> shattered glass covers a south jersey parking lot after two officers smash their way in the car, we will tell how was trapped inside. we are talking eagles all morning long what do you think of their first round pick.
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sorry. get a free quote at welcome to the nest. nelson agholor, we needed a good receiver and he is good. we are getting reaction to the topic. local high school track team they are beating the odds. how they keep racking up all of these wins, despite, that being their track. did you see that. >> you went to this high school and you left truly inspired. >> yes i did. i was like wow.
5:31 am
you go to the penn relays, within of those most competitive track events and you can walk away with the win and that is your home facility. >> they have facilities and great kid and great results. >> awesome coaches, leadership over there. >> overcoming odds sue serio. determination, you cannot under estimate its power. i'm looking forward to that as well. it is friday, first day of may but are we looking forward to the temperatures. here's what we have for our planner for today we expect a high of 63 degrees and a stray shower or two. they will be mostly south and east of the city but you just cannot rule one out for today. have the rain gear with you you might just need it. 47 degrees will be our low temperature, tonight with mostly cloudy skies so we will get into the the seven day forecast coming up, we
5:32 am
know there is a lot this weekend and you want to make your plans and we will also, check out, what is going to happen for broad street run and, of course, spring fling day. we will see whether you plan to join news south philadelphia later this afternoon or maybe this morning we will give you locations coming up. there is, a lot going on this weekend bob kelly. >> serving up some good weather. that time of the year folks getting up an out and heading to work, 5:32 right here near allegheny avenue. we will see volume popping. look at the the pretty sunrise occurring here over northeast philadelphia good morning, happy friday to you. in radnor king of prussia road at matsonford road nasty accident right at that intersection just outside or off of the blue route there 476. street road ape davisville road there is a missing manhole cover. somebody found out the the hard way there. we have a couple flat tires and a crew on the scene there in upper southampton.
5:33 am
royersford in problems on 422 looking good on west chester. manayunk norristown regional rail they will be running on an adjusted schedule all weekend long. grab a timetable. keep that in mine if you are using regional rails to head in the manayunk for weekend festivities. the eastbound on the schuykill, looking good no problems or delays yet. looking good from northeast into downtown and 42 freeway some pockets of volume along the way as folks wake up and a attempt to head in the city. otherwise bridges look fine and in problems on mass transit. chris and lauren back over to you. scuffles broke out during anti police brutality rally in philadelphia last night this was at broad and vine where marchers were trying to get on the the expressway but were denied by police. one officer was bloody but is okay however protesters earlier in the day around city hall were pretty peaceful. city officials in baltimore are preparing for more large crowds but police
5:34 am
commissioner says that curfew will remain in effect throughout the weekend. overnight the curfew went into effect on tuesday, and helped keep the streets calm following riots on monday. public and media demanding more answer about freddie gray's death after police report was given to the state attorney yesterday. police have not said what caused fatal spinal cord injury gray suffered in custody. our coverage of the protest in philadelphia and baltimore does not stop right the here. find much more photos videos you need to know on my fox philadelphia eagles heading in the draft with one eye on quarterback marcus mariota but after a lot of speculation the great mariota well, he went to another team. >> fox 29's steve keeley live in pennsauken with more on the eagles big decision, a guy with the hard last name to pronounce. >> reporter: you two are getting a class in man on the street interview 101. now you will necessity why wawa here on route 73 in
5:35 am
pennsauken is awesome. we just talk to great fans who like chip kelly but they have no problem on tv, calling him flat out, a big liar. the reason they think he is lying is they don't believe a thing he says he whether he he told reporters as we run video of the the quarterback chip kelly really wanted since he recruited him and had him in oregon chip kelly says no all these reports we made these package deals to tennessee or even down to tampa bay trying to move up in the draft are false. chip kelly says no, nfl network is wrong when it said eagles offered two number one picks, a third round pick and three current key players michael kendricks fletcher cox and brandon boykin. "fox sports" reported eagles offered first round pick, quarterback likely bradford and another player. chip kelly says no way that is in the true. there is no way we offered anything. we have fan reaction. do they believe chip kelly?
5:36 am
>> what did you think of the eagles pick? >> never heard of guy so i don't know how if he is. >> reporter: were you hoping for marcus mariota a. >> definitely. >> reporter: did you think they were going to try to get them. >> i was hoping they would put a good effort into getting him. >> reporter: we're efforting and you are saying they had a good effort. "fox sports" reported that they offered a couple of first rounders and a quarterback, probably broad forward and nfl network says 21st rounders, their rounders and current players. chip kelly says not true. do you believe him. >> no, not at all. every time he talks he lies. >> reporter: do you believe chip kelly that he didn't offer any players or anything. >> no, i don't believe anything chip kelly says but i do like the guy. >> reporter: you like him but here in public right here on tv calling him a liar. >> yes. >> reporter: like a lot of liars. >> yes. >> reporter: he would be good in tv news if he likes being around liars. nelson agholor even though
5:37 am
fans never heard of him until draft night they will hear of him. he have is a good dude. great scene was he was in a one bedroom apartment with his parents. this guy's family came over here when he was five years old from nigeria. he is a good player out of u.s.c. he left after his junior year. you will like his first comments. he said i have a great opportunity to continue to grow. i don't want to be a player that has and out to take i want to get better. he had a bit of sense he would get pick by eagles. i wanted to end up in a situation with truly special people and i think that is what they have over there. he said sam bradford is an amazing quarterback and can't wait to play with him and rest of the eagles. this guy is a really nice guy. i can see why chip kelly drafted him and maybe why he didn't want some of the other players he let go. he want people that are nice guys and listen to coaches and don't try to tell coach what's to do. >> we needed a a wide receiver. we lost jeremy pennsylvania
5:38 am
maclin desean jackson and riley cooper under performed last year. we much need this guy. >> reporter: it is not like we lost them like it wasn't the the eagles decision to lose them. eagles dumped those two guys. they were star players, pro bowlers but eagles didn't like them. they were mouthy players. maclin not as mutty as desean jackson but something didn't want them to keep maclin. maclin had a really good year last year. >> great year. >> they could have kept maclin and drafted somebody else. they have a lot of need. for some reason they got rid of maclin and replaced him with this young receiver some would argue why would you throw all that money at riley cooper and not save some for j mack but we can go on and on and on. a local high school track team beating the odd how they keep racking up some big wins, despite not having a place to practice. plus shattered glass where local officers rescued a baby where police say they found the little girls mom.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
penn wood absolutely smoke other teams in the penn relays making winning as addictive as any drug you can say. >> yeah penn wood panthers practice facility, second floor hallway inside a building. outdoor track through see it, in the regulation in rubber there, it is in need of sprucing up. is there the coach, writ there. they just don't have have any
5:42 am
resources. but that does president hold them back. they are a force to be reckoned with. >> i'm like home meets too. we have to go every where. we don't ever stay here. we let people come to us. we always got to go to them good check them out, last week in the pen relay in the four by four the boys, they brought home a win. >> did you see this event. >> i left right before it. you know when this was when they had 75 and older group run and i got video of the cute older guys running. i said nothing can beat that. i left. then they ran and won. >> subsequent to that you went to penn wood and visited. >> difficult for career night. >> and heard about the track team and their success at penn relays and track, and ninth graders and tenth graders they don't get to school in the same building they had a fire in the cool in 2013. >> yeah. >> so, they have been through a lot.
5:43 am
>> great to see them overcoming those odds. >> they are good students too. coming up, first round of the draft, it is over, chip kelly's pick a wide he haver from u.s. v by way of tampa. but what happened with marcus mariota. >> that is how roger goodell said it. >> we will break it down with big daddy graham coming up next.
5:44 am
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what a beautiful way to wake up, up in the poconos mountains on a friday. it would be nice to have a three day weekend. >> enough of that we have to work. >> we have cartoons on my fox we have been asking people to go to our web site. >> right my fox >> and play with us. jen fred was up first, and then we took iain. >> okay. >> here's iain page, anchor at five six and ten on fox 29. who does he resemble cartoon wise? >> reveal for us. >> there he is. >> what do you think. >> he is from princess and the frog, prince naseem. >> thank you. >> do you think that guy looks like iain? i do. we can get him a crown. >> that outfit would look so good on tv wouldn't it. >> maybe he can find one in south philadelphia because he is coming in early for
5:47 am
spring fling. >> did he work last night. >> he must have. >> all right sue serio good morning. the lets get to it because we will break it down what you expect today and tomorrow for weekend, we have increasing cloud throughout the morning and it will be cooler then it a has been, 50's to lower 60's, a few spotty showers around not the most beautiful friday we have ever had but the weekend is worth waiting for much improved with highs in the 70's and then we will jump in the 80's on monday, tuesday of next week. thunderstorm possible on wednesday, and then that gets us back down into the 70's. so this will be the coldest day we will see for a while. don't forget sweater or jacket bob kelly when we walk out the door. >> bundle up the kid in the the same way 567:89:47. radnor, king of prussia road and matsonford road an accident tying us up there. that busy intersection. septa using an adjusted schedule on the manayunk norristown line. here's the line up for
5:48 am
saturday. wow busy one. rittenhouse row festival south street festival, science festival on the park because plus ms walk. all of the events will come with the septa bus detours and biggie on sunday the broad street run. you park in south philadelphia the the stadium complex a free subway ride to the starting line. then, of course, runners will come down broad street back in south philadelphia while race is underway. watch for bus detours and closures along the route. we are in good shape. light volume on the majors. the mass transit in delays. chris and lauren back to you. may him is over, mariota, mariota. >> yes. >> quarterback is not coming to the eagles nest. >> i think a lot of people initially might have said first big daddy graham who is nelson agholor and second did we really need marcus mariota. >> i would have loved to have marcus mariota here and i'll tell you only because the intrigue that would have came
5:49 am
with the paring of chip kelly. people forget that is how this whole thing started. had eagles hired gus bradley which they were this close to doing there never would have been up letter over getting marcus mariota as it turned out to be. it was because chip kelly recruited him and because chip kelly coached him and he did win a heisman and pretty darn good football player. that is how the whole fuss started. this town granted maybe they are bummed a little bit the but this is still a chip kelly town. they were intrigued, drug myself with the paring. do i know if mariota will be, you know, some great quarterback. history says no. history say andrew luck, tom brady, payton manning pocket quarterback thaw win super bowls with. that is what history said. it would have been a lot of fun. i don't like bradford.
5:50 am
>> why not because of the past injuries. >> leaving that out i think he is just an average quarterback when he did play. i don't think he is any better than nick foles. >> oh, big daddy. >> i disagree. i think bradford has so much talent. he was rookie of the year. when he is healthy he is pinpoint. >> it has nothing to do with that you just hate nick foles admit it. >> never a fan of his. >> you can stand a guy. >> lauren i like him. but anyway, he is gone. that is why all this had happened with mariota a. i will say this though, hats off to eagles fans who flooded all night with phone calls and social media lines up and buzzing nobody took this out on nelson agholor, nobody did. i was than the flooded at all with calls saying oh, my god can you believe they took this guy. he seems to be a good pick at
5:51 am
receiver and people are fine with it. once they saw, they weren't getting mariota, and they were two hearst between the mariota pick and when eagles got to pick, you know there is not a lot this is in the like the famous ricky williams, donovan mcnabb moment. but then that news broke ian rap a port did offer that big package that tennessee turn down. >> our first round pick this year next year, and i believe any quarterback they wanted on our roster. >> it was bradford and fletcher cox and brandon boykin and michael kendrick which by the way i would have done that deal. only because it is, it would have been a lot of fun having this guy in town. i don't know what he have would have been look but would have been fun. i'm in the saying that as a host but a as a fan.
5:52 am
you like bradford. i don't. >> we have to look forward now ande what happens on the field. is there still two more round to go a lot of picks to be made today. the let see how kelly does, it is his first one but i got nothing, i don't have any problem with the pick. i never expect them to get mariota, i was intrigued, dug it happening but i never thought it was going to. >> big daddy, you have an event tell us bit. >> do i this show about my dad that people really love. i want you two to see it. you have two opportunities to see it at broadway theater in pit man on that date, june 14th media theater in media and two different times. fourteenth is 2:00 p.m. matinee. twentieth is saturday night before fathers day. it is show about my dad and people really dig it. get to big daddy to get ticket. go, sam bradford, all right yes. >> i'm going to that june 20th show that would be great.
5:53 am
>> good to see you big daddy. >> take care, take care lauren. >> see you later. two police officers smashed their car to rescue someone inside. hear from them the moment they knew something was not right.
5:54 am
5:55 am
we are taking a live look at olde city a as sunrisees on this first friday of may.
5:56 am
camden county officer rescued a baby left in the car loan. baby is okay but different story yesterday afternoon. the five month-old was spotted around noon in the parking lot of the cvs on nickel boulevard in camden. an officer say baby boy was sweating profusely windows up and doors were locked. office are used a baton to break the car's window and get that babe out. they say mother was in cvs the entire time. >> she was there for a few seconds. we are looking at an infant baby okay. we're looking at the surrounding area. you know one second, 22nd is, it the is too long for an infant. >> the mother whom police identified as diana more more of sicklerville has been charged with child endangerment, division of child protection is investigating this case. coming up philadelphia protesters clashed with police during demonstrationness support of baltimore what sparked this confrontation.
5:57 am
plus a tire on the side of the busy highway and road crew as parentally could not be bothered to pick it up before they started painting, we are asking the question what is going on, "good day philadelphia" starts in a minute.
5:58 am
5:59 am
protest in philly turn to chaos when police and
6:00 am
protesters clash. where marchers were trying to go to have officers standing in their way. temple student hit by a carries fighting for perfect life. new driver whom police say was behind the wheel turns himself in but his parents to once they saw his koran television. it was all just for pipe dream marcus mariota gets drafted by the tennessee titans so who does that leave us with? what you need to know about the eagles first round pick. so now after all of these left overlays. >> yes. >> all this hawaii stuff, the at least we did our part. we did what we could to try to bring him here. >> evidently chip kelly try to make last minute maneuvers but that is okay, we have our team, we have two more round to go there could somebody trade but now what do we do. >> tweet us, what should we do. open up a tiki bar and make some money. >> have a party. >> happy


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