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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  May 4, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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we're good to go down the boulevard no problems down the schuylkill expressway coming in or out of the city. the southbound i-95 leaving yardley or bucks county levittown area, as you get close to street road we had an accident overturn vehicle. is what left over is just a couple of flares illuminate ago this left lane. lanes are opened, heading south. you are good to go. schuylkill coming into town a 14 minute trip n problems south on i-95 as well from wood have men to center city. septa using shuttle buses, right now until 5:00 o'clock, so trains kick in every morning at 5:00 on both market frankford and broad street subway. if you are heading out of the town today no problems at the moment down in philadelphia international. sue 990 forecast looking g i don't think we will have any problems at all at the airport. all of the bridges looking good as well tap. coney palmyra, walt whitman, commodore barry all delay free coming in and out of the philadelphia this morning. the chris and lauren, back over to you. new this morning police are investigating a murder in port richmond.
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the officers responded to a call around 10:45 near east atlantic streets. the once they arrived they found a man suffering from the gunshot wound. that man was taken to temple hospital where he later died. a mother and her baby are recovering this morning after allentown police say that mom threw the baby in to the river and then jumped in herself. witnesses called police sunday afternoon after seeing her toss the little one from the hamilton street bridge. officials say that the 19 year-old jumped in too falling 52 feet down in the water that was 4 feet deep. she swam to safety. the the child went down the lehigh river rescuers locate that had one year old and performed cpr. they are listed in serious condition but both are expect to survive. police are investigating this asiana tempted murder/suicide but no charges have been filed as of yet. court today for two governor christie aids accused of conspiring to jam traffic on the george washington bridge. prosecutors say mayor of fort lee was being punish for failing to back christie's
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reelection bid steve keeley is live with today's developments expected, steve. >> reporter: well, we will have have developments both here at the the state house and up in newark the at the courthouse. democratic state legislature now likely to get back to the own hearings on the bridge lane closing and way new york/new jersey bridgeport authority as most reporters normally here at the state house head backup to the state house in newark to cover arraignments of the top two former christie appointments his deputy chief of staff bridget kelly and bill barone top new jersey leader of the port authorized whose job paid more than a hundred thousand dollars above the governor's salary this guy was making 290,000 and that is one and thing some state lawmakers said should change. >> the indictment allegedes and mr. wildstein admit that he had barron and kelly executed the plan to suddenly and without warning drastically reduce number of local access lanes to the bridge, knowing full well and intend ago this this maneuver
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would grid lock fort lee. >> i never ordered or conspired with david wildstein to close or realign lanes of the bridge for any reason much less for retribution. >> nothing came out so far from the official documents now the the defense lawyer is talking like a defense lawyer and that is his prerogative and his duty. >> reporter: you didn't hear the defense lawyer what george willis referring to. david wildstein's defense lawyer who came out friday and said what he had said before that governor christie knew about the lane closings as they were happening and he said quote evidence exists that the governor knows but he didn't put forward that evidence and perhaps that will come out later. however governor christie has said that friday's federal charges against his two and appointees and david wildstein guilty plea says he knew nothing bit. george will went on to say media boredom should not be counted out eat to help
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governor christie in his presidential as preparations. wouldn't it be fun having a story with the revival christie's big national meade up before the the bridge story broke and then tearing him down after and ever since a lieutenant of stories at the play here. governor christie's presidential situation. he said he will make a decision on if he hasn't already public liz coming in this month. or in june and. then we have the case still growing up in newark. you have further cases out of the bridge lane closing investigation, involving, christie's former friend and the chairman of the port authority david samson. and then some unindicted coconspirators that were also likely top advisors to the governor. a whole lot going on, not counting what will happen at the state house when the democratic led state legislature starts looking into all of this all over again. >> and in george will might be alone in his sentiment that this might actually help christie, it would be interesting to see. all right, steve thank you. neighbors in cobbs creek
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mourn as 35 and year-old man who police say was tabbed to death by his brother this happened around 1:00 o'clock sunday morning after the family finished watching the mayweather pacquiao fight. victim identified as junior mcgriff. neighbors on the 5800 block of christian street are definitely in shock. >> you know what i mean we all get along. sure folks will have their differences but not to this extent. this is way beyond what any of us could have ever thought of. >> police say that the five two-year old suspect attacked his younger brother with a knife during a heated argument. exact charges at this point are not yet known. victim leaves behind a young son and a daughter. disturbing graffiti shows up in olde city. police are trying to figure out who did this some one spray painted cop lives don't matter on a security gate, in a building on bank street. one of the viewers e-mails us this tip. we called police. they had no idea the the graffiti was there until we called them. parents of the murdered
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pennsylvania state police trooper say they have forgiven the man accused of ambushing their son. last september corporal brian dickson and alex douglass were outside the blooming grove state police barracks when shots rang out. yesterday dickson's parents spoke at a church if the same region of the poconos mountain where accused killer eric frein spent 48 days on the run. brian and carla dixon say their faith has brought them comfort teaches them to forgive and that has helped them a avoid becoming bitter. frein has pleaded not guilty. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. many answers the call for maryland governor larry hogan for a day of peace and pray inner baltimore. large crowd of people gathered on the steps of the city hall sun take in an effort to heel their city violent and destructive protests rocked the city following the death of freddie gray while in police custody. the governor says things are looking up. >> since then i have seen incredible acts of kindness. i saw neighbors helping neighbors. i have seen a community that
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cares about each other and it is a great way to end the week. >> the cities nighttime curfew has been lifted and national guard troops started with drawing, six police officers are facing charges related to gray's death. outrage in baltimore in response to the death of freddie gray is a focus of the meeting here today in philadelphia state representative vanessa lowery brown and members of the for coalition of life equality will discuss ways to build community trust as monk the police. the meeting will be held at 10:00 o'clock this morning at the enterprise center on market street. and may is national law enforcement month. members of the law enforcement from across the state will head to harrisburg today for a special memorial service honoring lives lost in the the line of duty this ceremony near the state capitol fountain is expect to begin at noon. group supporting the increase of increased minimum wage will face philadelphia city council to day. the hope toys get low wage workers paid up to $15 an hour. during the hearing workers will testify about the devastating impact of low wages on families and
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communities. economist will present other evidence from other sit that is raised wages and seen job growth and increased economic stability. struggle to increase minimum wage has become a mass movement sparking fierce debate. so a week or two ago you got on the bike for the the bike share program in philadelphia you check it out. the expense and how it work. >> now it is just ten days thousands of people have logged not to the new philly bikes. jennifer joyce is live outside marriott downtown. jen, docking station close to us at second and market is always empty. >> that is a good sign. >> yeah. >> reporter: lauren and chris this one is nearly empty only two weeks left. this is one of 70 docking station as cross this city. the most popular is apparently in rittenhouse square but clearly they are all popular because these bikes are out in operation, only ten days, into this program. it is just proving their pop heart. more than 12,000 rides have
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been logged and 2600 people have signed up for a membership. a 15-dollar a month membership gives people access to unlimited bike sides. you can also rent a bike on the spot. so $4 per half mile. right now there are 700 bikes in the program. this time next year mayor nutter hopes to nearly triple that number to 2,000. >> we're just finished week one. in the first week we had 8,000 trips taken on the the program. the as we come in the weekend we are expecting 10,000 trip taken by philadelphians on their new bike share system. >> it is like cab verse uber on a day like this, easy to grab a bike and head downtown. >> it was great. my first ride. the bike rode really well. it has three speeds. it is comfortable. it is low not too high for someone like me 5-foot four, and the the the docks are every where. >> we are feeling great about this we love seeing people using bikes for trips. just this weekend i saw a
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little girl on her own bike and her father ride ago long together. so it is great people are using to it take family outings that they could not have taken before. >> reporter: the the city is encouraging the city to ride bikes to and from work instead of the taking a cab or driving their own car. as you heard for recreational use, leisurely bike ride along the schuylkill or something like that. definitely a nice family outing. these bikes are in operation 365 days a year it the will be interesting to go see how much use they get in the dead of winter but right now these bikes are a hot commodity, chris and lauren good with all of the bike racks behind you there that is empty that with lend to the fact that they are being used or they are somewhere else, right? so you can take from it that docking station but then take it somewhere else and leave it there. >> reporter: you can drop it off at any docking station. we talk with some people who said, we have to figure out which docking station has availability.
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so you can do that by down loading an app and you can check and see where you can drop your bikes off and where there is going to be a spot for that bike so you don't to have ride all over the place looking for a place to dock the bike. >> it sound like they are working out the kings in the program but it seems popular. >> jenny joyce thanks very much. 5:11. two gunmen are dead following a shooting outside a cartoon contest that focused on the prophet mow ham it. now investigators are trying to figure out whether the gun man were directly targeting that event. list of presidential candidates grow this is week. we will tell you who could be jumping in the race right now. how about 85 degrees,. >> i'll take it. >> summer weather. sue's full forecast is next.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education.
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teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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introducing lunch at outback every bloomin' day! hurry in for all your outback favorites. plus new aussie tacos, new savory ribeye melt and our delicious burgers. over 70 lunch combinations starting at just $6.99. it's lunch at last every day at outback. that is a young michael jackson. jackie jackson is 63 today. how interesting is this, michael jackson's mother catherine jackson also celebrating a birthday today. she turns 84. isn't that interesting. >> yeah. >> she had a baby on her birthday. >> isn't that cool. >> yes. >> and your best gift it is top to top that one. i think jackie feels it. >> i believe so.
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>> no, tito is after a jackie. we will find out, don't worry because we have, resources. >> that is right. >> your forecast today, fox forecast for a pretty good afternoon. it won't take long for temperatures to take and get warm. by 9:00 if that is your t time we have 69 degrees and we will be in the 07's during your morning round. in the afternoon look for mid 80's. feeling like summertime. probably warmest day of the year so far. we have had two days, so far this year in the 80's, both of them with a high of 81. april 18th and, yesterday. so today's forecast is for about 85 degrees. only down side as we mentioned is red flag warning in effect, fire danger heightened and also wind that will gust as many as 20 miles an an hour, maybe 25, southeasterly wind bringing in the warmer air.
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lets show you doppler and show you the the next weather system coming our way. it is a cold front entering the lake michigan area right now. extending rain down into chicago. so we don't have to war but it getting here until tomorrow afternoon. future cast shows us a dry morning tomorrow, and it starts to cloud up by lunchtime, and then the rain will move in anytime after say two or 3:00 in the afternoon. it could affect an evening game fur kids have, little league perhaps, or so keep an eye to the sky tomorrow afternoon. tonight, we will be fabulous. and, then that frontal system about tuesday night and wednesday starts to stall to our south. still unclear about where that will happen but it could be a pretty sharp line between the sunshine and the clouds by the time we will get into wednesday. so it could be much warmer to the north even though cooler air is moving in the wake of the cold front. so as we look at temperatures at the moment, they are chill any a lot of places. we're in the 40's in mount pocono and allentown. fifty-seven in the city. in the 40's in millville and atlantic city.
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upper 50's though in dover delaware. it depend on where you are and how clear it is. temperatures are one thing. wind are the other thing that effects that fire and danger and they are not too bad right now, those wind but they are expected to pick up, a little bit later on in the afternoon. we will recap the weekend with friday and that 64 cloudy degrees that kept it cool. seventy-four on saturday which was ideal. and then sunday was pretty nice too with a high of 81. we will beat that 81 today and get in the mid 80's. same for tomorrow. even with that rain in the forecast for the afternoon and, then it the is a little bit of the cool down for wednesday, so some cloud around and then lower 70's, by thursday upper 70's and then back to the 80's on friday and i could not have arranged a better mothers day weekend, both saturday and sunday. bob kelly, the the rest is up to you. >> come on you got it forecast in the 80's.
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5:17. kicking off a monday morning live look at 295 in south jersey no problems or delays at all, nice quiet start, here to our monday. we're looking live at the benny coming into downtown philadelphia, headlights up and over into center city philadelphia again no problems on any area bridges. we have an accident here in chester county southbound side of 202, right here at 252. if you leaving say the king of prussia mall area heading south down toward west chester, a little bit of the slow down as you role through 202. coming in from the the burbs, royersford collegeville, no problems there coming north on 202, look out through construction zone there. we have narrow lanes between route 30 and route 401. or wise we're in good shape on the schuylkill expressway. so far so good coming out of the northeast and bucks county on i-95. the freeway, starting to see a little will bit of volume poppas you work your way in toward bellmawr but typical for a monday morning. tacony palmyra, walt whitman, commodore barry, all of the
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bridges looking good and mass transit running with no delays. chris and lauren, back to you. the the fbi right now is involved in the shooting death of two armed men who opened fire outside of the a cartoon exhibit, depicting the prophet mow ham it. in texas this happened yesterday police say that the men drove up to a community center, and new in the suburb of garland and started shooting at a security guard. the the guard was shot in the ankle. the organizers of the event had heavy security in place already. way in advance of this in anticipation of the protest of the exhibit. >> they were close by. they saw what was going on. they engaged the two men the shot and killed them both there at the scene by their car. >> drawing of the prophet mohammad are considered offend to go many followers of islam and have sparked violence around the world. more republican candidates will announce this week that they are seeking the nomination for president in 2016. retired neurosurgeon ben carson will make a formal announcement in his hometown of detroit today.
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fumer hewlett packard ceo karlie fiorina is making an announcement on social media and planning to take questions in a live town hall this afternoon. tomorrow former arkansas governor mike huckabee will announce his campaign in his hometown of hope arkansas. president obama will relaunch my brothers keep inner insuring today. the program aims to bring more opportunity to male minorities. the president will unveil the the my brothers keeper alliance at layman college in the bronx. this is launched as a new non-profit organization. it was initially lawn inched 2014. it uses public and private partnership to help minority men and boys at risk of dropping out of the school or are unemployed among other issues. vice-president discusses race relations at naacp dinner. he delivered the keynote dress last night. biden said that the naacp understood it is not possible to have civil rights without economic rights, adding children have have promise and should not be limited by lower
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expectations. he also talked about the the need to change the the way communities view the police. >> cops have a right to go home and see their families at night, and number two, everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity or immigration status has a right to be treated with dignity and respect and the only way that happens is if we see one another. >> nearly 10,000 people attended the 60th annual naacp fight for freedom dinner that was held in detroit by the way. 5:21. man accused of shooting a new york police officer over the weekend is being held without bail following a court appearance yesterday. demeet the try blackwell is charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting of officer brian moore. moore is in critical condition, after being shot in the head sat the day night. office are moore and other officer were in an unmark car when according to the police commissioner he saw blackwell adjusting his waist band suspiciously. prosecutors say blackwell fired at least two shots after exchanging word with those
5:22 am
officers. the second officer involved in that incident was not hurt. it is a crucial piece of your financial health but many americans are in the taking care of it. coming up what you need to make sure that you know every year blank
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economist expected news on friday april's job report expected to she more jobs were created in april then march. there were 126,000 new jobs, they expect it to be in the neighborhood of 228,000 new
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jobs and predict unemployment to drop from 5.5 percent to 5.4 percent. okay. have you check your credit report lately? recent survey by financial services company bank rate say one in three americans never pulled up their credit report. >> bank rate recommend you look at your credit report at least three times a year. company says contrary toy belief checking your own credit does not negatively affect your score. with plastic, of course, more and more popular than carrying cash it is important to know where your credit stands. >> the major finding was that a big chunk of u.s. consumers are not doing their due diligence when it comes to knowing their credit standing. 35 percent have of all consumers haven't check their credit report ever. >> bank rate says that senior citizens are the people who are most likely to have never checked their credit. this is because millennials haven't really, you know had an occasion to have a ton of
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credit getting into a house is important for you, and credit reports were a lot less popular and that is the flip side. bridge gate scandal takes center stage in new jersey courtroom today just days after a handfull of indictments. we will tell you more.
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good morning in, on the fox 29 morning news police say a mother forced her baby off a bridge and then she jump in. we will tell you how he did
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this morning. colorado movie shooting trial head back to court today, we will tell you who is taking stand that has a connection to philadelphia. and lets take a live look outside. it was a perfect, warm weekend but it has been really chilly tart to the spring season. >> yeah. >> we're hoping for more of the same of the weekend right. >> yes. good day, everyone. it is may fourth. may the fourth be with you 2015. >> yes. >> bus stop buddy, he has his phillies cap on. they won yesterday, sue. >> they did they broke their losing streak, yesterday good thing there. now, he does have the sweat shirt on because, we are off to a cool start. some of our temperatures in the suburbs are in the 40's. we're in the 50's every where else. temperatures will probably take a 30-degree jump by the end of the day, so you won't need that jacket later on. if you think you can stand it waiting outside mountain school bus without the the sweater and jacket, go for it, because you will not need it later on. i'm a mom, put the jacket on,
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buddy. it is a nine out of ten today, mom, i don't want to. there is satellite radar picture. nothing to show you there there is plenty of sunshine. we are just about at sunrise time which is 5:58 officially this morning but daylight dawning. 3-mile an hour breeze. 74 percent relative humidity. we will top off at 85, sunny, warm, breezy breezes could kick up to 25 miles an hour at times this afternoon. and then tonight, wind diminish and a lose of 60 degrees. what happened after that next chance of rain you'll find out all that in the seven day forecast coming up but lets say happy first monday of may to bob kelly hello. >> right back at you sue 5:30. good morning, everybody. hopefully you had a great weekend. live look at the blue route 476 out of mid county n problems or delays through the express e-z pass lanes coming back from the poconos and a nice easy ride this morning. downtown we will go, live lot
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the at vine expressway headlights heading into philadelphia again, keep in mind we have a squeeze there between, 23rd street and broad street, again it is all part of the new project there in center city philadelphia we have a couple of situations in the the neighborhood. commerce boulevard, and oxford valley road fire fighters are pond go to a fire call there. down in christiana, delaware route 273 right at the ramps for i-95 the report of the crash, and then out here in chester county route 202 south and route 252. king of prussia heading south down toward malvern or frazier, look out for a crash there otherwise quiet. schuylkill looking good. speedometer readings in the the 50's n problems down i-95 through the work zone there was a ton of work projects over the weekend on the pennsy turnpike and the northeast extension. all of the cones are up and we're ready for a morning rush hour. so no problems there. mass transit is looking g chris and lauren back over to you. bob, thanks very much. new this morning police are investigating a murder in
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port richmond. officers responded to a call around 10:45. it was last night near east atlantic street. once they were there they found a man suffering from the gun shot wound. the the victim was taken to temple hospital and he later died. allentown police said a mother threw her baby in the river and jumped in herself. this morning they are both listed in serious condition. witnesses called police sunday afternoon after seeing her toss the one year-old from the hamilton street bridge. the 19 year-old jumped in too falling 52 feet, down into what the their was just 4 feet deep. she was able to get to land. the child went down let high river. the the rescuers located the one year-old, performed cpr, both are expected to survive. the police are investigating this asiana tempted murder suicide. right now they have not charge anyone. two of governor chris christie's former aids are due in court accused of conspiring to punish the mayor of fort lee for failing to back christie's reelection. the alleged punishment closing lanes on the george washington bridge it has become known as bridge gate.
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christie's former department chief of staff bridget ann kelly and bill bar ron are set to appear in a courtroom in newark later today. former port official david wildstein pleaded guilty to conspiracy on friday. the trio was indicted last week. the christie has maintain his innocence and has not been charged. in just ten days thousands of people have taken advantage of the new bike share program. >> ride indego has been a instant hit with people all over the city of philadelphia fox's jennifer joyce is live outside the marriott in downtown near one of those docking stations. now jen we hear they plan to expand this program. >> reporter: they are already talking about expanding it. if you have been out in the city and seen blue bikes, people riding around on the blue bikes or noticed a docking station. the this is one of 70 across the city. it is already popular. out of 18 shots here, there are only two bikes, docked at this station. that means people are riding around or bikes are docked in different stations which is a
5:34 am
cool feature. pick up a bike at this docking station and drop it off in rittenhouse square. so in ten days this has gained popularity, this inn dego bike program. 2600 people have signed up for a membership. a $15 a month membership gives people access to unlimited bike rides. you can also rent a bike on the spot for $4 per half mile. you can find the bike docking stations at more than 70 locations throughout the city. mayor nutter says that this time next year he hopes that number american doubles. >> by this time next year we hope to be well over a hundred stations and grow up to maybe 180 stations and 2,000 bikes in the city. >> it is great. i live in graduate hospital. my favorite parity is i can just use it to get where every can need to go and leave it there. >> if you are trying to get where you need to go, they are
5:35 am
comfortable, sturdy and fairly stable. >> for me it works great. i have an app to tell me where open stalls are where i can drop them off and where they have them too. it the is pretty great. >> reporter: right now there are 700 bikes in operation but this time next year they hope to have as many as 2,000 bikes. if you want some more information, is there a web site ride and you can sign up for your membership and learn more about the program, chris and lauren. >> wow, that is a hit. if they will triple the number of bikes on the streets. >> yes. >> that is impressive. >> thanks, jen? yesterday at the schuylkill river park they were all over the place. you can identified them since they are blue with little baskets on the front and back. >> yes. >> so big weekend in philadelphia 40,000 people participated in the broad street run. >> weather was just perfect . 10-mile race started at central athletic high school athletic field sunday morning and went right down broad and around city hall and down to the navy yard in south philadelphia.
5:36 am
some ran to fulfill a prom toys themselves. for others it is about preserving the memories of loved ones. >> my dad passed away of pancreatic cancer. my mommies a breast cancer survivor. this means a lot to me and my family. >> for mess of my life i said i cannot run more than a mile. i just started running last november. i have run 15, 5k's ever since. my story now is going from i can't to i will. >> runners, set. >> brad satan and chris o'connell from the fox 29 team were there among the runners. pay purview problems, cable and satellite subscribe's cross the country could not watch the match up between floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao the the problem that lasted throughout the fight. >> that is not good. >> especially if you paid a hundred bucks.
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5:38 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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good morning i'm howard eskin. houston astros won ten straight games. that is hard to believe. then we are looking in the phillies. they go into yesterday's game who lost five straight. teams that go in the opposite directions. lets go to miami. phillies and marlins. phillies down two-one. ryan howard struck out twice previously in the game. hits a triple. chase utley was zero for five now hitting .108. but ryan howard in the seventh inning, gives the phillies another run. ryan howard had two hits, two rbi, phillies beat miami the score there six-two.
5:40 am
nba playoffs, warriors and memphis to san francisco, step curry who has won the nba's mvp award for the season hits a three. golden state easily beats memphis, 101-86. gormed state may be on their way to a championship. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. and big fight saturday night. >> huge. >> pay purview customers were fighting mad. >> jim lamply even made mention of it before the fight, about some of the delays in starting the the bought because of the people last minute trying to buy it. >> yes. >> so the people who did buy a lot of it, a lot of frustration. had nothing to do with which happened in the ring. it was a boring fight i have to tell you but a lot of viewing complained of, massive cable and satellite outages for pack eye/mayweather. it was expect to be the the most watched with an estimated
5:41 am
3 million households buying the fight. at nearly a hundred dollars per house hole. then the bars, they were charged $5,100 parx casino, for instance. i talk to the head of pr there when difficult a repsyched egg event. it was chickie and pete's that would have it inside the casino. not cat seen owe floor itself with giant screen tv. because chickie and pete's bought it for 5100 bucks. that is why it was about 40 bucks to get into some of these places when you buy food and drinks. >> it became a expensive night with no income out. on a another just note aid is pouring into nepal after, the devastating earthquake and after shocks but coming up why workers say it is not enough, at this point. plus a witness there philadelphia is taking a stand in the colorado theater shooting trial. we will tell what you person will be called and what they are being called to have prove.
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welcome back. 5:44 is the time. so quiet. silence for you. >> yes. >> we're not good at being quiet. >> rory mcilroy's 26, do you know who that is. >> the golfer. >> yes. >> sue you mentioned to day's beautiful golf weather. >> yeah. >> we will have have another look in case you missed it earlier at your forecast, you
5:45 am
know, we love the puns. we love our new weather app. fox 29 weather authority app. if you haven't gotten it yet it is available on google play and however else you down load stuff on your smart phone. you know how to do it. just search, fox 29 weather authority, and you have weather information right with you, all the time. we necessity you like us to be with you all the time now your weather information will be there too. it is next best thing to having fox 29 morning news with you, all the time. all right. so that is enough of. that lets take a look at a high pressure system in control today. we will explain what is going on. high pressure moved off shore after the weekend bringing in southeasterly wind. those are the warm wind and that is why it will feel like summertime today but there is a cold front. there usually is. it is in the midwest right now bringing rain to chicago this morning. it will bring rain to us but it won't be until the afternoon we think tomorrow. and then the timing of that out in the fox future cast as we go through hour by hour.
5:46 am
by noon time tomorrow we are seeing an increase in clouds, at least to the north and then the rain moves in by two or 3:00 in the afternoon. it is spotty on and off throughout the the rest of the day. i cannot rule out a thunder storm and especially on wednesday morning when the front will stall to the south and leave delaware and new jersey shore with cloud after we get sunshine on, wednesday afternoon. then we will see how far south that stalls to see if it will trouble us for the rest of the week. i don't think so but we will keep an eye on it. red flag warning meanwhile in effect. in rain yet. once we get some this fire danger will go away but we have had low humidity out there right now which is a good hair day. but with wind gusting up to 20 or 25 miles an hour, that means any kind of a stray lit cigarette could turn into something serious. keep that in mind. now, temperatures 57 degrees in the city. fifty-three in reading. forty-eight in mount pocono. fifty in wrightstown.
5:47 am
we are only in the 40's in atlantic city and millville. i was talking about a wetter maybe for this morning outside but you will not need it this afternoon. the wind are not an issue just yet but we do expect them to pick up by the end of the day. so your seven day forecast has 85 degrees today, 84 for tomorrow, and then the rain of course, tomorrow afternoon into wednesday. we just detailed that for you. that will probably be it, for the rest of the week and then we will see that warming trend as we head into mothers day weekend with both saturday and sunday scheduled to be, in the mid 80's. so mom will not need an umbrella when you take her out to brunch. >> good hint there sue. >> 5:47. good morning everybody. curb check the schuylkill expressway conshohocken in problems or delays at all. starting to see some volume popping in the last half an hour. rush hour starting to unfold here. getting up and out on a monday. northbound i-95, heading in to northeast philadelphia look
5:48 am
out for a disabled between cottman and academy road in that construction zone there. and then long the blue route, watch out for a delay southbound. an accident reported right here near exit number 25,-- five, lima springfield, and police are responding to it, in the the less. over in south jersey, mount laurel, new jersey, mount laurel road blocked, union million million to hainesport mount laurel road. an accident with a down set of wires, so you will want to use either elbow or waiverly road to get your self, through that delay. then up in langhorne right by the mall, commerce boulevard at oxford valley road, fire location, and then down in christiana, delaware a crash on 273 along the ramps to i-95. otherwise, we're in good shape from south jersey, pecking up some volume at this hour. 5:48 is your time on this monday morning. a university of pennsylvania medical school professor is
5:49 am
expect to be called as a witness for the the defense in the colorado movie theater shooting trial. the defense is trying to prove accused shooter james holmes seen here in an earlier court appearance was not competent when the massacre happen. but legal analyst say the the defense could have a difficult time making their argument after a series of emotional testimony from survivors last week. twelve people were killed in the shooting in july of 2012. seventy others were injured. nepal's government is urging foreign rescue workers in the quake ravaged capitol to return home this morning as hundreds of people visited british shrines and monetaries to mark the birthday of buddha. >> the april 25th quake killed 7200 people flattened mountain villages destroyed buildings goes and sites. thousands are handing out. families have the the clothes they were wearing and they say they are worried with future there although aid ace arriving it may in the be enough for the recovery.
5:50 am
>> we need a huge amount of support, for the the contributions, that the british public has been making through the d.c. appeal it is abs a lieutenantly essential both for that immediate humanitarian assistance and also looking at that longer term, livelihood, recovery. >> and aid agencies are warning nepal could face another disaster if shelters are not built before the rains arrive in about a month now. an american family that survived the deadly earthquake in nepal is speaking out about their terrifying ordeal. drew and lauren timberlake of kansas city, along with their three kid were on a mission in nepal at the time of the quake. they say that they were relaxing with their kids, when the ground started to shake. >> and that is when the house next to us fell down and i started to yell for lauren and oliver to come out of the house. i thought these houses were in the built to withstand an
5:51 am
earthquake. >> lauren timberlake has been working with children who have been separated from their families during the earthquake. drew the husband, says that he believes that they were supposed to be in nepal to help. and nigeria officials say book a horam fighters killed three female captors when land mind exploded as soldiers for the to free hundreds of girls and woman. the those freed arrived to the refugee camp yesterday this group makes them about 300 of the nearly 700 women and children rescued over the past week. camp officials say some of those victims have been hospitalized suffering from injuries that they received from their kidnappers. nigerian kidnappers rescued women and children after raiding a dozen insurgent camps. protest in israel turns violence. thuses from jewish ethiopia community demonstrated against racism and police brutality yesterday. protest was mostly peaceful during the the day but at night it became violent with at least 20 officers, injured.
5:52 am
several protesters, were arrested. police say that the violence erupt when protesters started to throw roxanne bottles at officers in riot gear. 5:52. the secretary of state takes a break from diplomatic talks in kenya. he did something tourist enjoy. john kerry, went on a safari. he fed baby elephants at the the national park. kerry snapped selfies and chatted with locals before getting back to work. he will speak on counter terrorism and other on his way. how about this tiger woods and lindsey vonn are calling it quit. >> after three years. she wants an update. she gave news on the break up with her fan base. she wrote tiger and i have mutually decided to end our relationship. the reason for the split she said their incredibly busy and hectic lives kept them from spending time together. vonn and woods were together for almost three years. >> um-hmm. >> 5:52. fed up with potholes one guy getting his hand a little dirty how he is turning head,
5:53 am
and really getting them fixed.
5:54 am
5:55 am
so elton john for you. 5:55. 57 degrees. warming up to 85. it will feel like summer on this monday. sick and tired of the potholes in one man is single handily getting them fix. his method graffiti.
5:56 am
and not any graffiti either. no. this is kind of explicit yeah. within 48 hours, of the male genitals appearing, the city is covering up the drawings and then, filling up the potholes. reza shourd the potholes are safe to continue to proliferate around here since this road artist in manchester, oakland has been to work. he is a littled littled in to banksy the street artist. the his facebook fan page is going crazy with people all over asking him to please work his magic in their cities. police say the mother tossed her baby, off of a bridge and then jumped in herself. we will have more coming up. bridge gate scandal takes center stage today just days after a handful of indictments. much more straight ahead on "good day philadelphia".
5:57 am
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it is a miracle they survived. witnesses say a mother threw her baby off the bridge and jump in the water herself. how rescuers saved that baby's life. two gunmen are dead following a shoot-out in gar land, texas. the event police think they were targeting and what security officers were warned about. boy it was a beautiful weekend was it? how long will this weather last? sue serio has your forecast. good day it is monday. monday has come around again may the fourth 2015.
6:00 am
may the fourth be with you. >> be with you. >> somebody has to explain this. i'm not a star wars fan. >> you have heard the phrase may the force be with you. >> it that is simple. >> may the fourth be with you. >> may the fourth be with you. >> really. >> like pie day. the just one of those things. >> yes. >> it is not in my top ten. >> okay. >> welcome back g to have you back. >> it was a beautiful day. >> yes. >> did you like the weekend. >> yeah, too bad i could not get out. >> yes. >> through the window it looked good. >> you do what you can. >> from my bathroom the the window of my bathroom, hi. >> grateful for the little things. >> yes. >> looking at our number today. almost perfect. just about. it is a nine out of ten today. we have bus stop buddy, the cool start, we have a sweat


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