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tv   FOX 29 News Special  FOX  May 9, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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♪ good evening and thank you for joining us for our fox food bite special. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. tonight we're take you inside the kitchen of some of the best cooks in the area to see how they make their signature dishes ton night we start with a dish that is a favorite at any cook out. chef glenn gross of fat jacks barbecue dishes on his recipe for a corn and bean salad. >> well, barbecue and grilling season is coming up shortly. my national holiday. we'll get ready for that. we'll start with fire roasted corn and black bean salad. so we'll take corn-on-the-cob and throw it on the creek the fire roasted portion of the corn. flame up there. and give it nice even tone to the corn. so here's our beautifully grilled fire roasted corn. let me show you how to do this. it's real simple. hold your corn up right take a
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knife, and just cut the colonels off right at the middle of the corn. very simple. you'll get all that corn flavor. we'll add it to what we need. we've we've already done. you want about four cups of corn. i'll show you this is a fresh hal pinot pepper i'll show you thou core it. make sure you wear gloves. you don't want any seeds in it and make sure please it are you don't touch any part of your body because you'll burn for a long time. eyes nose, mouth. very simple. take the stem, rip it off. loosen up with your fingers and take a spoon little plastic spoon and core the seeds and get the seeds out of there. core the middle. now we'll take this jalapeno and finally dice it. we want a little bit of jalapeno you don't want corn and black bean salad to be too spicy. so about half or so of jalapeno should do it.
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we'll grab some fresh cilantro and we'll dice it up. chop it up. and i do stems and all. hmm, that smells really good. so now we'll make our salad. about three to four cups of fire roasted corn and we did show you how to fire roast it. put it in your bowl, let's grab the diced jalopenos throw them in let's grab your cilantro about a cup of tomatoes diced. we'll add about three quarters of a cup of diced red onion. we'll add about a cup of diced red peppers. by the way this is a pretty colorful salad so you guys all know that. we'll add about a cup of black beans and draining them first. just a little bit of juice in the black bean for some flavor. we'll add about three quarters of a cup of celery. if you notice the celery is sliced on the bias. we'll add about a half a cull cup of diced green peppers. we'll add the final main ingredient about a third avenue
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cup of sliceed scallions. as you can see we have a lot of spice that is have to go into this corn salad. if you want a little salt add more salt. if you want more cumen or spice make it hotter. here we go. we'll add about a half a tablespoon of granules lated garlic, half a tablespoon of began lated sugar. do a pinch of can i yen pepper. we'll add about a tablespoon of chili powder. about half a tablespoon of adoba, half a tablespoon of plaque pepper. half a tablespoon of salt, cumen. that's going to give it nice southwest flavor. last but not least a little bit of olive oil. get everything moist and wet. you want to add about a half a cup. you find it's a little too dry don't be afraid to add more. we're ready to blend it and mick it so it's all blended well. look at that. great colors, i'm telling all these flavors will really really really go together. just make sure severing blended
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well. here's a hint. do it the day before make your salad the day before because as it sits it beth gets better and better and more flare full. the reason we roast and grill the corn-on-the-cob you get much better flavor from that than do you from that. it's time to taste this bad boy. little bit of spice lots of flavor. >> that does look good. all right. feel like a little chocolate now. how we got something for you. chef robert bennett from classic cake has his unique spin on brownies. today we're making a simple brownie recipe much this is my favorite recipe to make on saturday mornings and snack on throughout the day. it's very very simple. start with one stick of butter that's 4-ounces. going to let this melt over medium high heat. you don't want to use salted butter in this recipe because we, week adding salt ourselves. you don't know how much they add. all right. all set. to the melted butter.
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add one cup of sugar that's the beauty this recipe. just ingredients two eggs, all go into the pot. one third cup cocoa. you can use any cocoa that you want. it doesn't matter. one half cup al purpose flour. one quarter teaspoon salt. quarter teaspoon of baking powder. and our one tea spoon vanilla extract. it's that simple. just going to make this nice and hoe moch us in. pretty sure it's well mixed. got a nice consistency. it's ready for the pan. very simply this is a non-stick eight by eight pan i still prep it a little bit. non-stick pan spray. little bit of flower. little flower just to coat. in goes the brownie. you can also use this little muffin tins for individuals.
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you can actually put it in to ice cream cones and bake it in them and ice it. very nice for kids parties. this is so simple. make sure get the kids involved. get them into the kitchen. we're ready for the oven. put this into a pre heated oven 350 convention al. if you have convection back the up about 25 degrees. 20, 25 minutes later depending on your oven that comes out clean. you're good to go. if you can't resist the temptation just like me, just dig right in. they're delicious fresh out of the oven. hmm. nice, moist not too cakey not too fudgy. this is my favorite brownie. hmm. how about some more sweets? coming up next just like mom used to make them the perfect chocolate chip cookies. >> but man cannot live by sweets alone. how about the perfect sandwich how to kick up that tuna saladq÷aq
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♪ if you're looking for the perfect lunch sandwich this is your next dish. chef joe frost of brittingham hams show us how to nay make annoy now. ♪
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>> hi i'm joe frost this is your fox food bite. today we'll making one of our healthy lunch. teach you thou make it a ham. nicoise ciabatta turned into a sandwich. we have a 5-ounce can of chunk light tuna in water not in olive oil. important for that if you have it in water. now to marinate our tuna we'll start with one and a half tablespoon of finely chopped shall lots. we'll add 1 tablespoon of finely chopped chives. add 1 tablespoon of finely chopped parsley. now we'll add three or 4 tablespoons of our extra virgin olive oil. we'll mix all the tuna up with the extra virgin olive oil and fresh herb that give it a nice light as spec to the sandwich. mayonnaise and extra virgin olive oil. next we'll dress our handful of mixed greens which is going to top our sandwich. add that to the mixing bowl.
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then add whatever your favorite dressing. in in house we use a white balance sal mick dressing at brittinghams. two chiabatta roles we'll open up here. the top we'll spread on some olive which we made in house by pureeing olivessing buy it in store or chop up olives and spread that on top. 1 tablespoon per sandwich. we'll put our marinated tuna down on the bottom half of the role. now we'll top our tuna with marinated plum tomatoes marinated with fresh tyme and extra virgin olive oil. add our sliced hard boiled egg. component of nicoise factor to the sandwich. top it with our dressed field greens and top it off with our role. and that is how you put together a nice healthy tuna ncios i.e. here at brittinghams or at home. >> time for dessert. we've shown you the brownies here's another dessert you'll want to advertisement chef robert ben nest classic cake
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makes us his favorite chocolate chip cookies. today we're making chocolate chip cookies. this is one of my favorite recipes to make at home with the kids. this is 10-ounces of unsalted softened butter. i prefer to use unsauled butter because it adds a fresher taste. if you want to add subtle which we are in this recipe i'll add it later on. i'm adding 8-ounces of white sugar. 10-ounces of light brown sugar. cream them together. you don't need a mixer. let the kids get involved. scrub up their hands and they can dig right in. just get them mixed together. they don't have to be fluffy. we're not making a cake batter here we're making cookies. add two eggs. just get these mixed in so its hoe moch us in. once again you don't have to incorporate air. we're not making a cake. making cookies. i want this dense. i'm going to set this aside for the dry ingredients one and a
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quarter teaspoons of baking soda. one and a half teaspoons of baking powder, one and a half tee spans of sea subtle. basically you just throw all the dry ingredients together, but what i like to do always stir your dry ingredients together with a dry whisk and then sift them. because sifting does not mix your ingredients necessarily. all it does aerate them and remove any foreign particles and now this goes into my sugar mixture. of course you can use a mixer. funner to do it by hasn't. 2 teaspoons of vanilla he can tract. mix this until the dry ingredients disappear and it becomes hoe moch us in. the best part i'm adding 20 ounce ounces of good quality chocolate chips. standard chips that we know this is 1,000 chips per pound there's
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also a smaller one which are 4,000 count. there are 10,000 counts. you can take a good quality block of chocolate chock up that yourself for some chunks. it's really your preference. you can even add nuts to this. i like to add pecans. add walnuts almonds mack damian nuts, cashews or add them all. now i'm ready to scoop. i like to use this because it's a portion scoop. it ensures all the cookies will be the same size. most importantly they will bake evenly. you can also roll this into a log put it in the freezer and just slice it off just like the cookie dough we remember buying at the store. pre heat your oven at 350 or 325 for convection. it will be about 12 to 15 minutes depending on your oven or until golden brown. all set and ready to go. ♪ >> and 12 minutes later, there
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you go. they came out nice, nice brownness. no thin -- thin cress pee edges. i like this recipe. i like to eat them right out of the oven. that's very good. of course it is. you know it's not just a meal for those cold winter nights. why you're probably going to want chili recipe for your next
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♪ with the phillies season full swing it means a lot of opportunities to tailgate before the game and this next dish sure to be a fan favorite. >> chef glenn gross of fat jacks barbecue whips up a bott of chili. we're going to make fat jacks chili the same one we make at fat jacks barbecue and start with little bit of oil in our heated pan. we're going to take about a pound and half of about half inch or so diced chuck. we're going to spread it out a little bit. listen to that sizzle. add a pinch of black pepper add a little pinch of salt. give it a quick stir.
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keep stirring. i'm actually using chuck steak and i think chuck steak makes a very flavovorrable chili. don't be afraid to leave a little bit of fat in there. there's lot of flavor in that fat. probably about six or seven minutes on the stove. while your meat is cooking slide to a different burner get your chili pot ready to go. now it's time to make our chili mix. half a cup of butter melted, about half a mott of cup of jalapenos. too cups of onion. we have our three main ingredients in right now. start giving it a little bit of a stir. onions are translucent three or four minutes should do it in the meantime don't forget your meat. got to keep stirring it. onions are cooking and you don't want to add anything else until you're onions are a little bit translucent. this is a really really really easy dish to make at home. i'm going to add four cups of diced tomatoes in juice. you want a little thicker chili use diced tow 98 toes with fury.
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three or 4 tablespoons of hot chili powder. 4 tablespoons of cumen. half a tablespoon of grant lated garlic. tea spoon of can i yen pepper. tablespoon and a half of sugar. white sugar. tablespoon of salt. and a tablespoon of black pepper pepper. give everything a quick stir. don't forget your meat. see how it's browning a little bit much there's nothing wrong with that. that's actually great. we're going to add quarter cup or so of jalapeno juice. that comes right from the jar of jalapeno peppers. stir that around a little bit. continue to stir every two minutes. you're actually going to cook the first mixture for about six or seven minutes but everything blend well together. before you add your kidney beans and your meat. now it's time to add our meat. juice and all. i don't drain it. a lot of flavor in that juice. their around a little bit. oh, that looks really really
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good. last step, three or four cups of kidney beans. you want more beans add more. three cups is more than enough i think. there we go. stir everything together. by the way for those who don't know real competition chili chili competition circuits out there real competition chili does not have beans in it. bet you didn't know that. it's all ready to go. it looks good. let it sit for 45 minutes let it zimmer on a low flame. the longer that you let it cook, the more it will cook down the better it will taste. in fact, a little tip for everybody. make your chili the day before. it sits in the fridge everything just blends together and it's much better the next day. let's dish up a nice heaping spoonful. so we add added green onions and little cheddar jack cheese. that's pretty hot. spicy flavorful meat cook just just right. >> coming next a dish everyone
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will want the recipe for. we'll show
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♪ this next dish a different spin on seafood classic. chef jim mallaby from blue plate shows how to get crabcakes to stand out. >> we'll start blue plate jumbo lump crab cake. start off with our eggs.
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we'll add two eggs to our bowl. going to add two-thirds of a tea spoon of lee perrin's whore chester sauce. 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise. 2 teaspoons of old bay seasoning. quarter cup of melted butter, we're going to add the juice of one lemon next we'll add chopped parsley and tyme. next two-thirds of a teaspoon of black pepper and a pinch of salt. next we're going to add two-thirds of a tea spoon of dry mustard. next we'll add a quarter cup of bread crumbs. once everything is in the bowl, we're going to mix it up real good to inn corp. all those flavors. today we'll use two different types of crab. jumbo lump crab meat and a -- we use two different types here at blue plate. claws for a lot of flavor and jumbo is for that virtual effect of big juicy pieces of crab meat. first we'll mix in the claw meat. mix that in. we'll take our spatula mix this
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all n get it nice and tossed in the dressing that we made. once this is made we'll add the jumbo lump crab and fold it in. you want to stir very gentle so you don't mix up break up your jumbo lump crab meat. now we'll let the mixture sit for about 10 minutes in your refrigerator. bow 10 or 15 minutes in the refrigerator we're going to start cooking that. we'll add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil to a medium to high heat pre heated pan. we'll have a nice firmly packed scoop of your crab cake mixture and then we're going to scoop the crab cake mixture right into the pan. after three to four minutes we're going to turn our crabcakes over.
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after three to four minutes on this side, and being golden brown, turn off the heat and take them off. two lovely jumbo lump crabcakes and here at the restaurant we serve these with our sauce and top them off with seasoned old bay shoestring poe at any time toes. >> we are sorely lacking samples here. that does it for your fox 29 food bite special. >> you can find more on the fox food bite on our website at just click on fox 29 w
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