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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  May 12, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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god bless america, um. nice breezy day, close to 90 degrees and some of our viewing area and boom, cold front will come through and much better tomorrow. >> and back to springtime. >> i find nothing wrong with that. >> we have a lot to get to here. i just met in the green room the cutest little boy. his name is colton and he is attached to a dad who had been seen all around the the world catching a foul ball at citizens bank park over the
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weekend. look at this cool dude. >> he makes it look so easy. >> his wife is here. the baby is here. michael himself is here. we will put him to the test. is he that good of a catch. >> plus, controversy after calling out an employee calls out of of work just to witness birth of his own child, but what was his boss's reaction. backlash surrounding a big ceo right now. >> forget ice cream truck, we have food trucks all over the delaware valley. look at that one. >> wow. it is a candy truck. >> just about every possible possible candy you can imagine and drinks as well, sold out of that candy truck. >> wow. >> and the candy truck is, pulling up in front of the station. lets see if the candy truck is here yet. she is not. >> um-hmm. >> candy girl is late. >> yes. >> candy girl. >> she needs to load up with more candy. >> yes, she did. we have block off the area.
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heck with it. she's in the here yet. she will show up. >> she will come. >> we will hear music. you know ice cream trucks have the little song playing. >> yes. >> so i wonder what sound does a candy truck make. >> i don't know. >> we will to have find out. >> we will to have listen. >> you know how i like my number stuff weird number is and stuff. i gotten gauge on 12/13/14. >> you want to get married on. >> february 20th 2020. >> yes. >> it will be february 2nd 02. >> yes anyway, look at this the team numbers in the in of may on 205. let me go over here and describe this. >> ouchy just hurt myself. >> you're excited. >> it is same backward and forward in math ther how i look at it. to you see. >> what. >> so today is the 12th. you look at it for the and
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backward it is the the same. >> yeah, five 10/15. >> what is that called. >> i don't know. >> i'm in the sure either. >> hey di in the control room what do you think it is call. >> welshing yeah, i used to know this guy name otto that is a name like that. >> either way you look at it. >> that is right. >> so smart. >> so we didn't have enough room to dot 17th, 18th and 19th but enjoy that little oddity through the 19th of this year. >> is that what you do. >> pretty much. >> i noticed that and said weird. >> it is just this week. >> well, through the 19th. >> that would be nine days, alex. >> yes. >> you know who sent that to me yesterday. >> hughe dillon. >> we love hughe. >> how can we top that. >> many of you have demanding jobs that is for sure not
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the easy jobs like we do. i put you in a position to miss some very important things in your life. now just about everybody gets permission to take time off to look at the birth of their child. >> yeah. >> but what if you had to miss it because of you had to work or is there a work function or event that you a had to be there for. >> big event to miss the birth of your child. >> one book is making claims a big time entrepreneur puts these type of demands on their employees. >> what is this? it is a book. a tell all goodentrepreneur el animus being, but a new biography about him. >> he invented pay pal. >> he is rich. >> very rich good details how he prioritizees work above everything else and that spills over to his employees. because he that is way he expects everybody to be that way as well. he scolded an unname employees who missed a work event to
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witness birth of his own child. >> i'm's in the coming into this work event because i want to see birth of my child. >> here's a clip. e-mail exchange to the employee. he says that is in excuse. i am extremely disappointed. you need to figure out where your priorities are. we're changing the world and changing history and you either commit or you don't. so on twitter once this came out, everybody was talking about it. he denied he wrote this. he said book was never independently fact check. >> if he says he didn't say it. >> he never sent that message. the guy is pretty darn savvy in the business world. how did this get rule. he said he as sabotage but does he have a point at all. are there certain things you should not take off of work to do. >> well, you know child birth is a pretty big life event but i think we have all worked for people half been such dynamic leaders like that that they work 20 hours out of every day
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and they just cannot even understand why you wouldn't do the same thing. pay pal, plus tesla plus that other thing. of course he works all the that time. it is just impossible for him to conceive. >> that is why i like working here. we're fairly lenient when it comes to -- >> look at me i saw my daughter's first day of school back when she was in kindergarten. you were here mike jerrick. people still talk about it. i didn't want to miss it. i had to work. i could not get work. i took work to my house and we did weather from my house. that was really fortunate. if i hadn't been so fortunate i would have missed her first day of school because this is time the show is on. >> i heard of, i have a friend of mine, missed work because he wanted to go to the concert the the night before. i don't think that is acceptable. >> well, here's the thing isn't it all relative. if you idolized a performer
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and only in town one night verse hey i want to see an event for one of my family members what point do you draw a line. baby is okay but don't look at your brother's event or family friend. >> there is thing, you had that job. you can put food on the table. >> you took the job you knew what the requirements are. >> yes, true. >> in this business. >> you don't to have miss some. >> there are certain months of the year we cannot take off the the year. >> february, may, maybe september, november. >> july. >> august, june, january and then is there march. >> every month of the year. >> when i was first in the the business i had to tell my parents when it comes to certain events i cannot come. they are very strict. you cannot take off work at all. >> i tell my kids thanksgiving or christmas because i have to work one of those days because i'm's on tv. >> yes. >> just get used to it. >> sue thank you for. that nice input. >> sure.
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>> 9:07. >> up scale retailers like neiman marcus neiman markup. >> and nordstroms they are trying out smart fitting room mirrors. >> i have heard about this. it is kind of a mirror that will talk back to you. >> here's how it works. they will snap a video to compare the fit and look and other clothing you have tried on in the past when you come to the store. you can make suggestions like would you like a bracelet with this? what about this necklace. they may even show you how the clothes look on you before you even get undressed. >> it the is just touch screen technology they have there. >> it might be. >> analyst say this is a way to compete with rival retailers hoping to roll roll out new rooms in the next few years you can touch it see it all and get that complete experience looking in the mirror. >> she has a red dress on, i wonder what this looks like in green or a pattern skirt. >> so cool good i have to admit, when i go in the fitting roomy hate looking in
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that mirror. the lighting is always sobriety. it feels like you see everything. it is like oh, no. i hepp with this it is maybe easier. >> i heard casinos out in vegas the mirrors on elevators make lou thinner so you feel really good about yourself, as you go into hit the craps table. >> yes. >> you can get bigger and smaller. >> it would be really cool to see really annoying when you are undressed, right. take off your clothes. wait i need another size or another color. i have to put clothes back on. you leave come get it. >> you don't go out there in the dress. >> not really, no. if is there a friend who wants to see the dress but i don't think i would. >> when did this get started when you are dating someone. where you get hey, mike hey come here see how this looks on me. you go back in the dressing room area there is women all over the place.
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what do you think. shut the door. >> is that what she does. >> yes. >> hey mike. >> i would only do that if i don't like the way it looks, but normally if my parents, if they want to see shop with me. >> in the dressing room. >> they will stand at the the entrance of the dressing room and walk out to the entrance, walk out of the little hall. >> hey hey, hey come here. >> and then somehow you have to walk in like this, you don't look at anybody else. you can't go in there and peak at anybody else. >> no. >> i'm sure you attempt to. >> appreciate stores that have couches in the dressing room area, because you can sit down. there is three or four miserable looking guys, come on. >> they only have one chair and someone is sitting in it. >> move, jerk. what time of the day okay let's just go monday through friday let's say, the workweek. >> okay. >> what day an hour of that day do you think you look that best.
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i found a survey that i just don't agree with at all. >> okay. >> you look at somebody like me. i'm always on flee k good really. >> no, i'm a mess. >> in fact i'm walking home with her yesterday, to separate homes. >> we were going for a walk. >> it was a nice day. >> and are you all right? you are a mess. >> i meant it in a best possible way. >> i was looking at him like wow you had make up on your color and shirt untalked, wrinkled will. we didn't talk about your hammer time pants. i said wow mike, i want to make sure you are good. >> i had a dude today i'm walking by dunkin' donuts at seventh and market. it is 5:00 o'clock in the market. walking around. it looked like he had been up all night. he is kind of laying on the street. he looked at me and say hey mike, what is up. any cigarettes on you. i have to work into work. he goes rough night last
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night. >> you are already dressed for work. >> it looks like you had a rough night last night. >> i dropped a f bomb on him. >> then he felt bad. no, don't forget to smile today. >> did you have a rough night. >> no, i may look weird. >> but hi lauren why are you sitting there. >> to talk about this. >> this very research. >> yes. >> i agree with you. i do not think that the time is the reason i have talk so much i have forgot the premise. machine through friday what day an hour do we think we look the the best. >> yes. >> do you want me to tell how did this research first. >> is that the state of the florida. >> no. >> no, monday. >> skin care specialist the the premiere laser clinic they polled a thousand women and they discover the exact minute women feel their best in any given week, monday at 10:06 a.m. >> monday. >> that is what i said alex
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holley, they say beauty peak for women. they want to kick off the week right. you have your hair done. women feel so confident to mingle with their co-workers. but by thursday at 4:05. >> you look like hell. >> you are having enough. you are stressed. the week has been long. you are ready for friday. >> would i like to see the whole survey and see where the days rank. machinist the the best, thursday is the worst. >> i cannot see that. >> on sunday. >> friday. >> friday was never next best. >> you are excited for weekend. >> yes. >> that seems to me when you are dressed the best too because you are like weekend i will put on my nice clothes. >> for you it is different because you get your hair done in the middle of the week. >> today. >> so wednesday you'll come back. >> don't you be looking at me all funny wednesday you are all good because your hair is all fresh. >> i think wednesday because
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then you feel like you are a two days behind you ready for weekend. 10:06 a.m. is the the time because most people come into work at eight or 9:00. you have been at your desk. the let's go talk to people. >> right after the show. >> we're done. >> that is when you kick off your shoes. >> when it comes to getting your hair done that next day i do want to dress up more, my hair is done. >> yes. >> something different with your hair. >> yes, put on a little dress. >> you look fantastic. >> i was looking for candy truck. candy girl is still not here. >> do you think she will show up. >> i know jes. i wanted to give a piece of canned toy my new little friend colton. this kid, sue thaw are about to meet may be the most famous dad in america over the last five days. he is the by that caught the ball at the ballpark. i will go out and talk to him
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right now. >> we will probably see more babies in the future named colton now that is a result of what happened. lets look at the seven day forecast and big changes we have coming up. cool changes between today and tomorrow. positively sticky and summery out there right now. we will get up to 88 degrees before a cold front comes through and drops our temperatures dramatically, we will barely make it to 70 tomorrow in the city and much cooler in the suburbs but at least for our spring brink it will feel more like spring, lots of us will walk up to temperatures in the who's and 70's in the afternoon. a warming trend as we get warm front bringing in thunderstorms for the first part of the weekend alex. >> thanks, sue. yesterday we told you about the best catch made during sunday's phillies game. it wasn't on the field. take a look conshohocken dad named mike capco made an impressive grab. look at that, one hand.
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makes it look so easy. all of the while his son was strapped to his chest. it was baby colton's first phillies game. mike just talk about colton. now family has a rare souvenir to mark this occasion. mike is outside with the capco family. >> we have the family here michael. >> yes. >> this is colton. >> how old. >> seven months. >> you are. >> elizabeth. >> you two are married. >> that is right. >> where do you live. >> conshohocken. >> hi colton do you want to take over, already. >> just like your dad real grabby with one hand. >> did you play ball as a kid. >> not really no. i played sports soccer hockey but never a baseball player. casual back yard, absolutely. >> pretty good. >> did you see the ball coming. >> i saw it coming right for us. >> exactly. >> he tried to grab it but he got it. >> i saw you on espn, footage
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has been around the the world. >> it is unbelievable. i just caught a foul ball and i'm eating breakfast and check the weather and there is a picture of my face. >> what reaction have you been getting from friend. >> my phone doesn't stop text messages, you're all over the place. you are on espn, screen shot. >> let's play it again one more time because i cannot get enough of it. describe what happened because mets player hits it in the stand. >> it happened so fast. it only takes two seconds. i followed the ball right off the bat. i knew it ways coming my way. my instincts kick in and put my hand out and just grab it. >> it is instincts. >> it was unbelievable how fast it happened. >> you knew it was coming to you. >> right off the batty knew. >> did you stay seated. >> i was seated when the ball first came out of the bat and then i grabbed it with one motion.
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>> colton is just like you yes, boom. >> this is what we will do, are you really that good, mike. >> could you do it again. >> bob kelly come over here my man. >> what do we have. >> we have a couple balls here. i don't think we should use the baby. >> can you take the the baby out of the thing. i have a stunt baby. it is a small child. >> stick the baby down in there. >> a stunt colton. >> i call it baby back pack. >> do you take him to the mall like that. >> yes. >> how good at you at throwing a baseball. >> can you go across the street. >> do you want to do across the the street. >> chris can you come back here.
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barlinda grab this cable. go right there. >> will you be okay with the sun. >> you have the cross walk. >> now this would be a lot further. >> do you want to go over the the truck. >> wait until the truckings a way. >> do you see both of them. >> okay, michael conshohocken ,. >> you have to do it. >> you have to catch it with one hand. >> up and over the traffic. >> aren't you proud. >> very proud. >> very, very proud. >> what does your husband do. >> what does your husband do. >> product manager. >> what do you do. >> i work in this building
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right here, construction company. >> i'm your neighbor. >> i had no idea. >> i will see you around the hood. >> i see you out and about all the time. >> good job man good job. >> that was good. >> how about that. >> good under pressure. >> he really is. >> tell baby colton to come by sometime. >> hi, good to see you. bye, baby. >> so cute. >> so, red carpet empire is signing guest stars foresees on two, we will give you sneak peak at a list line up, they are bringing in more stars.
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oh, candy girl showed up. you heard of the candy man the candy man, can. >> sammy davis junior. >> this is candy. this is a brand new food truck. what branch of the food tree
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is the candy. >> look at all that candy power cherry balls, gummy bears and gummy worms. >> you were talking about sour stuff you wanted. >> i love sweet tarts. >> yeah. >> fun dip. >> skittles remind me of beyonce. >> okay. are you ready foresees on two of empire. i'm so ready. hearing that song i have love you are so beautiful. >> i know. >> when jesse and yaz were here they play andre and jamal. no not that, jamal and... >> i don't know. >> jamal and my goodness, youngest one. >> malcolm warner. >> anyway. >> cosby. >> the dance, to that song you are so beautiful. >> i don't know. >> so empire is making a come back. they will have 18 episode and they have listed some of the stars that will make guest appearances. we have chris rock.
9:25 am
>> lenny cravats and alycia keys. >> lenny cravats is related to the cosby show too? why? >> lisa bonet. >> he married her. >> they had a child together. >> they are no longer together. >> lets get in the rumor mill because rapper common is rumored to becoming on the show as is oprah. >> oprah. >> here's the the good news. they have not announced official date for when it will start. that will come. we do know it will be a longer second season once it does start, 18 episode. >> eighteen. >> we will get more. >> six more episode this season. >> everyone loved the the music timberland put it all together. the producer that is here in philly did it but neo has sign on to work with timber london the music. that will be good. >> i like that neo. >> what is that song he did with rihanna? >> the the music video, they are both you think they are dating each other but they are not. they are going out with other
9:26 am
people. i hate myself because i love you. >> i hate that i love you. >> i hate so much i love you girl i just can't let you go. >> go, go. >> well, not really like that. >> they crisscross and they have different rent lovers. >> you really are in to the video. >> pretty much. i have too much time on my hand. >> i was one time down in saint martin and rented a house there. neo was in the house next to me good do you want me to satisfy it. >> because you are the number one stunner and you shine every summer. >> i got it. >> it was hakim it was hakim and jamal. >> yes, and his mother. >> hi. >> good to see you. >> forget ice cream truck, ladies and gentlemen, there is a new truck in town, baby, and it is sweet. candy girl is here. man, i want to see all different types of candy. what are those things.
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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test. candy girl did show up. they're scrambling about 500 people in that truck. isn't it a cute truck, al next. >> very cute. i love the color purple, mike. >> stickers on top of the truck. >> we've had plenty of food trucks probably hundreds of food trucks in the delaware vale. oh hi come on out here. look how colorful you are. let's do like fashion show. next up, and who is this? >> oh, hello. >> high being robin best
9:31 am
friend robin family affair. oh this young lady has a tutu on. >> hi, is that a too knew. >> yes. >> nice to have you here. who else is in there? >> who is this? >> kelly. >> look at their shoes mike missing out on the shoes here. yes we love the bright colors. >> you're all candy girls right? >> yes. >> okay, we will squeeze together be all colorful. what do you have inside this truck? just melted cannedy? >> caned, couple every nuts. >> couple of nuts? is that here? give me example. hey, chris come on over here lock at this chart. >> east are all of the things you can get? >> i have strawberry cheese cake salt water taffy. they're like quite a hit right now. and chocolate covered swedish fish. >> chock lad covered swedish fish? >> so when you roll up on the scene, do you have music and stuff. >> yes, i play candy girl. >> oh yes of course, we have to hear that. >> okay now is that pretty
9:32 am
much if i want any type of candy i can get in the store i can get it here? >> yes, you can and if i don't have it i can order it, depend on what it is. >> where do we find you around town? >> broad and spring garden, that's like my number one main spot. >> broad and spring guard glenn yes. >> or you can catch miata festival or two. >> and you even have some of the gum us? >> yes. >> let's go through some of the jars here. what do you got here? >> reese's, chick owe fix. >> oh, chick owe fix tootsy rolls, gummy colas a gummy worse, soar gum err worms flashy tash i, jolly rancher star burst fruit i bubble gull balls mike and ike ' solid watermellon cherry balls, swedish fish. >> orange slices. >> come on, baby. >> lemon heads. >> what are lemon heads? >> little lemon soar things. >> soar can i people craved
9:33 am
for back in the day. >> if i want any of those do i bring a bag you charge how much it ways? >> new york i sell them by the jar. everything has it own price and just come and like inch buldge. >> i think this is the only candy truck in town, isn't it? >> yes, the only one in the united state right now. >> really? why didn't i think of this? do you need a parter? >> ya, you want to common in. >> i would like to ride around in a candy truck all day. >> that would be fun. >> thank you congratulations. cool and i have some things for you guys. >> really, some cannedy? >> sure chocolate covered swedish fish. >> i do it. >> what would you like, al next. >> my goodness, i love reese's. >> she love the rays'. >> you got it. some stuff in here for the people in the station. >> oh, yes. >> do you like it? >> love the look at the truck. >> if you have a party call me. >> caned girl. >> sounds good. >> spring garden what's your website. >> my website is being worked on, but i am going on social media hit me at philly candy
9:34 am
girl phillycandygyrl. at twitter and instagram. >> that's enough. >> you can't miss this truck. you can't. tell us. >> all right we go to jen or commercial. i don't know which. >> we go to commercial. do one of the two. >> let's get some candy.
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>> you know the old logo with a 76 right across? put nice thick blue boards err so the top one brand new logo out about an hour now shall the one on the women there has thicker boards err around it it says philadelphia. >> as we rebuild mike we need to be bolds. >> we do need to be bold. >> in fact, we will be so bold get new uniforms, too. >> they will be coming out very soon, new unis for the team. >> in time for the draft. >> draft, get the number one pick i predict it. >> we better. >> we'll get the little ball, pick number one will go with the twin tower players i'm looking forward to the sixers actually over the next couple of years. did you hear up about this in the pocono mountains? flo rider going to be performing. >> you mean the flo riders? >> oh that's a machine? >> yes. little different. but so pretty cool, jen. >> what is it? >> yes i would like to see flo rider on the flowriders. this is pretty cool. he's running the lifeguards.
9:39 am
flo rider part of the water park. he's basically in it to win it? >> he sure is. yep, he's doing a great job. he definitely knows what he's doing. >> so we talk about this, a lot of times they'll have the set of water park cruise ship but costs extra. this is part of the whole deal here. you have a little added extra thing. could you pick private lesson on this? >> you sure can yes the flow ride is her part of the one of the attractions it is free with your ticket, but if you want to do a lesson, we do private lessons in the morning, an hour before we open hour after we close. >> i love it. and so what's really cool is that older kids obviously and adults can get it done. now he's just showing off. but, kids can learn it, relatively easily about to see two little guys, who literally just started like, ten minute ago. >> yes, absolutely, yes. i think it could go right now first time, and he's got t i mean he's got the whole foot drag thing going on, got the leaning back and forth that's the key to it, dragging your feet behind so you stay on.
9:40 am
yes, these kids are having a blast. >> what's amazing it looks so intimidating. right on, buddy. >> and the first time, super super scary literally i said to them at 9:30, do you want to warm up. already doing this well. >> loudly they're jumping on, they're killing it right now. >> you are doing so good, little buddy. >> oh, ya, look at him see the whole foot drag thing going on. >> hold you on. >> originally i was going to do this, but i wanted to battle quincy. couple weeks maybe month come up and battle quincy? >> absolutely, you guys got to come back, get a little flow rider battle going on. >> i can't mention it enough. because of my, my style. literally right there. >> it errly right there. if your kids are over there flow riding, you can sit at the bar enjoy a drink shall or sit in the water relax at the bar, it is all good. >> because you're in your bathing suit over there. look at him, kind of giving him private lesson right now. oh try it. it is the largest water park
9:41 am
in all of the northeast indoor water park. and what people can't see because we have been kind of focusing on this, you have camel beach just in the same property? >> absolutely, so part of camelback resort is camel beach. which is our outdoor water park. you get to camel beach upgrade your tickets to come to acqua po -- topia. >> oh, all right this was your first time, right? >> no? have you been doing it a long time? or your buddy's first time? >> no. >> all right so that's false advertising, i thought it was your first time. these guys are pretty good, though right? >> ya. >> you'll get there. did you great. thank you so much. so not their first time. i didn't know. but it is really fun. >> so here is the battle that i'll throw down to quincy. we do this, guys, there is a rope course in there inside. there is like all kind of craziness. so maybe a month we'll come back we'll do like three
9:42 am
stages of adventure. >> sure. >> you good with that? >> plenty of adventure to have. >> mike, if you need to come for good day fieldtrip your adventure is you can do three stages that far over there. >> over to the bar? one guy standing up. >> yes. >> morning, afternoon yes he is good right? >> from swim to go let's play some baseball now that the phillies are as of last night i believe they have the worse record in major league baseball. >> well chris in south philly at philabundance. >> he is with somebody who can maybe do something about it. hey, chris. >> exactly, the guy in the stripe shirt right here ryan sandberg have you ever heard of him? yes, manager of the phillies. came to philabundance for a good reason with his wife margaret. we'll tell you all about it after a quick break guys. we'll be right back. jim kenney is the one we trust to be a mayor for all our kids. jim kenney. he's committed to providing pre-k in philadelphia and he'll work with communities and parents to turn around poor-performing schools.
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i trust jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. he'll be a mayor for all of philadelphia. ♪ when you just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies.
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>> this is a t-shirt corner. >> they really have done nice job, putting up quickly. citizens bank, and well, citizens bank, yes and the philadelphia phillies, teaming to up help fight hunger in our city. vaux chris murphy live in south philly, with philabundance. >> hi, scott with him and his wife. >> i have ryan sandberg, his wife margaret susan with philabundance, to talk about this partnership between the phillies and citizens bank. ryan thanks so much for making time, bringing your lovely wife out here. why is this important to you
9:46 am
as a cause? you've ben involved for two years with philabundance. >> margaret and myself really, really like to help people. and hunger is a big problem. and so fill a buns dan tremendous organization that we really appreciate. and what they've provide to the delaware valley, tremendous and for us to just to create awareness and help out in that process we're proud of that. and so, to help other people is the biggest part of things. >> when ryan told you he wanted to get involved in this project few years ago what was your ring? >> i think i told ryan i wanted to get involved in philabundance actually. >> sounds like my wife. >> yes, the other way around, i am passionate about feeding people and the hunger, real a passion of our, has been for the last years and years we've always done something. >> and years and years and years ago you were such a star with the cubs, were you guys involved with similar program in chicago? >> always doing something to feed the homeless, would go to
9:47 am
the shelter to do stuff always do something, then when he got back into the game as manager we always had drives, giving back. >> we'll get to the game in just a minute. first i want to bring in susan fink with philabundance. when you have someone of ryan sandberg's stature get involved how does it help raise money and get food donations in. >> how lucky are we? you know, when you have someone like margaret and ryan standing behind up, champ owning the issue of hunger relief specially for those in the philadelphia region, we have over a million people suffering, 25% of them, are families with small children, that can't be fed properly. and so having ryan ann margaret standing beside us behind us, in front of us, being interviewed, talking about the cause, expedential effect. >> we're all wearing these pins all four of us. these pins are interested. if you by one every these pins this is on june 20th go to the magestic store at the ballpark it is a 5-dollar pin.
9:48 am
and it will provide six meals to those in need. which is great. also for that game, if go on line and buy it through, $8 of your ticket price is going to go to feed 16 people. soap that's really, really important. again, that's june 20th much more on our website as well as on this. i would be remiss if we didn't talk little bit of baseball. codey, you sent him to the minors to play some left field? >> yes. it was a decision organizational but for the about going forward with the team. and for codey to go and get some reps and get some games played in left field it is important and will help him going forward. had a discussion with him yesterday. and so he'll go and get to work and any time a player makes a position change, i think the start of the minor league level at some level is
9:49 am
important. he'll get right to it, kite rack back quit. >> you started shortstop for the eye east, first days, second base, so much we thank you for your time, what you are doing not only for the city of philadelphia, but for the hunger, and fight that cause. margaret such a pleasure meeting you. >> thank you nice to meet you, chris. >> susan, thank for your time as well. go phillies. >> they're committed specially margaret. isn't she? >> that's great to see. >> passionate. okay getting red foyer spring fling it is tomorrow. not try this week, doing it tomorrow in media delco. >> so, in the 7:00 hour we will be at court diner baltimore avenue. then we move to the coffee corner for the 8:00 hour. and in the 9:00 hour we will be live from rose tree park. but, you know, doesn't stop in the morning. in the afternoons from a positive 6:30 live from dining under the stars. >> well if it is going to get dark at 5:00? >> we pretends, mike either way dining outside, great time
9:50 am
on state street, also at pinocchio's pizza. >> you're not lying to me about that, pinocchio's pizza? >> my nose isn't growing right now, nope. hope you will join us for a loft fun. >> i'm going to go. >> you're going to go? >> i will be in media tomorrow at 5:00. >> okay. >> on state street right there, sue? what corner do you think i should go to? >> ever zero state and -- >> state and jackson is good. >> start, there then wander. >> wander. >> i'm good at wandering. >> okay. well mr. west is in the building. kanye west. >> kanye west. >> actually now we should call him doctor kanye west. >> doctor. >> college drop out. so how does he have his doctorate? >> doctorate in what? >> we'll see.
9:51 am
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>> ♪ ♪ >> i saw yesterday, she kind of paid a little tribute to tribute to the. >> cory -- >> that's it. they were date, right? >> they were. so, yesterday she wrote: i know you are serenading everyone right now. we love you cory. happy birthday. woe have turned 33 yesterday. that's the picture she posted. yes, so he was found dead in his hotel room in 2013. >> two years now. >> coroner ruled mix of drugs and alcohol distributed to his death. >> what a waste. 9:54. >> oscar winner joined the cast of upcoming mini-series american crime story, the people versus o.j. simpson. >> what? >> yes. >> cuba gooding junior, he will play o.j. simpson.
9:55 am
oh soar a paulson remember soar a paulson of american horror story yes. she is going to be marcia clark the attorney. >> okay. >> prosecutor. >> and john travolta will be in it, who will dave -- oh, robert kardashian. >> interesting. >> oh, that's selma boyer. >> she will play chris jener. >> makes sense. >> i can see that, too. >> because remember, what? chris jenner really good friends with nicole brown simpson. >> in real life. they were friends yes. i just saw a graphic. what are you supposed to be doing? what's trending? maybe this is trending. >> jordana bruiser. fast and furious. >> i have a confession, never seen the fast and furious. >> well then you need to be fired. >> just looking for an excuse to let me go. >> no not at all. i really am big fan of
9:56 am
jordans-a bruiser so attractive will play o.j. simpson's ex-wife murdered along with ronald goal man of course you know the rest of the story. i don't care to watch that. >> okay. do we even call albumns albumnsy? more? kanye west, he had this cd, called the college drop out right? >> when he first was out on the scene everybody was oh, kanye west. and now even though, and he really was a college drop out. now, we can call him a doctor. he has his doctorate. >> where did he get this? >> honorary doctorate agree from the university of chicago. art institute in chicago. spoke five minutes about being an artist, addresses his opinions publicly. now though he received his degree through a loft applause, cheering, you heard it some 15 student signed a petition against the school's decision to award him this honor. >> do we know why they were up net. >> he dropped out of chicago state university in his 20's, hey, he dropped out. he didn't want to further his education. so why do we just give him
9:57 am
one? >> would make great publicity is stunt for the art institute of chicago. and it worked. >> that's true. true. they said his speech actually was pretty good. >> was it? >> spoke for five minute, interviewed one of the student you know kanye wells, they called him esus. this is how i see it. everyone loved jesus at first not everyone loves esus. >> oh geez. >> isn't that terrible? that's terrible. kanye west apologized for being outspoken and giving opinions and stuff. >> i hear you. >> during his speech he apologized for that. >> did he. >> yes. >> how much dime we got keith? >> only 30. >> thirty minutes. >> thirty seconds. >> okay, candy girl, chocolate covered swedish fish. >> and you have your rays'. >> can we make a date here seriously? tomorrow morning we meet in media, pennsylvania, i already forgot the name of the place. 7:00. >> coffee corner. >> oh yes. >> at like 8:00 a.m.
9:58 am
>> court diner. >> oh,. >> and rose tree park park after that.
9:59 am
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