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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ breaking news at 6:00. new video showing philadelphia police locked in a violent struggle. this phone video just into the fox 29 newsroom shows moment a car sped off in the olney neighborhood. police say officers trying to help a driver who had crashed and seemed out of it fought them
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then sped off hitting four cops in the process. it all ended when police say they shot the driver who's now is in critical condition. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. we have live team coverage for you tonight. dave stratt wise is is near where this all ended. shawnette wilson is gathering information where the struggle began. >> let's check in with dawn timmeney at einstein where the officers are being treated. how are they doing report roar those officers are very very lucky. it could have been so much worse. it all started this afternoon about 2:20 when several 35th district police officers responded to reports of a driver crashing into a wall. this was at ninth and olney. officers then tried to help the driver out of his vehicle. but the driver appeared to be inn company hernia and that's when the zig really escalateed and turned extremely volatile. a fight broke out with those officers and then according to investigators, that driver
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essentially used this vehicle it was a maroon sedan used his vehicle as a weapon and ran over three of the officers. he then drove to ogontz and stenton where he injures another officer. amazingly the officers did not suffer life threatening injuries injuries. >> i've seen all four police officers. i've talked to all four police officers. they're pretty banked up but in good spirits. >> you got back injuries, you got leg injuries, saw some arms that were bleeding. >> unfortunately an indication of some of the dangers that philadelphia police officers encounter out on the streets of our city trying to do their job trying to make sure the city is safe. >> reporter: there was a very chaotic scene. three different locations involved and police say that the driver hit several other vehicles in the course of this whole ordeal even a fire truck. they say it's amazing that no
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one else was hurt with reports of pedestrians iain and lucy jumping out of the way to avoid this driver. back to you guys in the studio. >> incredible, dawn, thank you in the end it was gunfire that helped stop this chase. >> suspect shot twice by police they say before he could hurt anybody else. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at west oak lane tonight where another officer and several police vehicles were in fact hit. dave? >> reporter: lucy, i'm at ogontz and stenton where the shooting took place after the first encounter now here was the second encounter with two more 35th district officers. two vehicles seriously banged you can see right here now. police tow trucks here now on the scene together a police suv an police cruiser behind it both which struck the door of the suv was almost ripped off. this is the second scene where the suspect fled here. he then left this scene, two gunshots were fired by police during this encounter. he went about a block. we'll show you some ground video. after the scene here at ogontz and stenton he went down the
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block to the 1900 block of colonial street where he parked his car parallel park his car which was badly damaged on both sides. and then struggled across the street and collapsed on the front steps of a home where police apprehended him. this all took place at a very busy intersection here ogontz and stenton is a daycare facility here. there's a church across the way. we also spoke to a witness an employee at a local store right here on the corner about what he saw and her. >> i seen the red car. the police stop the red car and the guy he left and the police they shoot him i think two times. that's it because i was busy inside. >> what did you think when that was going on? what was going through your mind? >> i don't -- >> scared. >> no, i'm okay. no. for what i'm scared?
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>> reporter: this is a daycare center which was literally right on the scene where police encountered the man the second time and where the gunshots were fired. no one inside was injured. in fact parents have been coming and going from the rear of the daycare this afternoon picking up their children. we did speak to couple of parents and they told us while they were scared when they first pulled up as soon as they walked inside saw that their children were okay. they felt a lot better. one more thing if we can about the suspect. the 47-year-old suspect shot once in the chest. he's in critical condition. i am told by philadelphia police that he has had some medical issues in the past. he has a medical history. his license may have been suspended not suspended but taken away from him for short period of time and reinstateed but again they're trying to get to the bottom of what touched this off earlier today around 2:20 this afternoon. we'll have much more for you tonight the coming up at 10. guys? >> all right, dave, thanks for that information. philadelphia police are still at that scene where this whole incident began. >> they are trying to figure out what set off that man as dave alluded to. fox 29's shawnette wilson live
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in roll feature shawnette what are you hearing from police? >> reporter: this is where it started, lucy, and things almost instantly went wrong. first we want to do show you cell phone video that we showed you at the top of the newscast. it shows dramatic even tense moments cell phone video of suspect taking off in his car dragging police officers as he sped off. now this details commissioner's point that the suspect was using his car as a weapon when several police officers were hurt in several different scenes. this happened just after the suspect crashed into a wall along the ball fields of olney avenue near ninth street. witnesses say he had been driving crazy that is how they described it police responded to help but say the suspect became combative and backed up the car and sped off hitting several police cars. then at seventh and chew not too far from here, a man says he saw the suspect when he turned on to dead end street and hit a police car before making a u-turn and speeding off from that scene too. you can see the police car banked up on the driver's side with paint on it likely from the suspect's car.
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the witness who does not want to be identified says he and another neighbor helped the officer out of the car. they say he couldn't stand up and was laying on the ground. >> we helped him got him a chair pouring water on his head. he was spitting up. he was shaking. i think he was more shocked than anything. >> reporter: that witness also says the suspect hit his car which gold colored suv that you see before the suspect took off. you can see a dent in the driver's side mere hanging off of the witness' car as well. now, back here again on the scene where initially started on olney avenue between nine andth and tenth for some reason crime scene units are back here on the scene. the scene actually cleared almost three hours ago but again came seen investigator tiff units back on the scene when this whole thing started. we're waiting to hear exactly why that suspect crashed into the wall here. witnesses on the scene seemed to think he was having a seizure. that part not confirmed though
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by police as of yet. back to you . >> you're listening to all of this play out. again a very intense day for philadelphia police. in is phone video just into the fox 29 newsroom showing the moment the car sped off in the olney neighborhood. started with philadelphia police called out to crash at ninth and olney. they say that's where the man who had crashed fought with officers drove away hitting three officers right there. four officers were hit at two locations. police ended up shooting the man critically injuring him. four others are in stable condition tonight. their injuries are not life-threatening. we are of course following this breaking story on there we'll have the very latest and the cell phone video of the violent confrontation. right now the investigation
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ramping up into a terrifying home invasion overnight robbers targeted this home in newark, delaware. inside a family at the mercy of five armed men. >> this was no ordinary smash and grab job. police say these guys took their time and did a lot more than just intimidate the victims. >> fox 29's dave kinchen spoke with a father in an interview you'll see only on fox. he is in new castle county. dave? >> reporter: lucy very scary situation. the victim we spoke with says five masked men held him at gun point beat him and almost set him on fire. >> i was like sleeping. i was comfortable too. and they come out of nowhere. >> reporter: five men in dark clothes wearing ski mask carrying guns they woke this newark delaware, man up in his garden lane house giving hip the scare of his life. >> these guys came in. they put guns to my head. where is the money? i was like what money? they kept asking me. they hit me right here. and they like stepped oh and my
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leg. and then they brought me here where my little sister was. and they were like you want me to kill your little you know b word sister because you won't give me the money? >> they got in by wacking the front door with a sledgehammer and ransacked the kitchen and rip apart his disable' father's room attacking his father, too. >> my dad, he can't walk and they're like get out the bed. he's like, i can't. then they just through him to the floor and then they dragged him to the living room and they hit him in the face with a -- the back of the shotgun. >> reporter: and they weren't done. victim who we are not identifying also says the bad guys trashed his room and then took him to another part of the house and almost set him on fire fire. >> i thought he was pouring gasoline on me but he poured like pine sol. >> reporter: he believes they were also pretending to be cops. >> they had um, vest that is said police on it and they were like um, we're here to arrest you and all of that.
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>> reporter: police dusted the family cars for prints after the suspects got away in the family family's hummer taking jewelry watches an grand in cash in the process. >> my dad raised me to be tough but -- >> it still shook you up a little bit. >> yeah a little bit report roar his family has been robbed twice before over the years but he's not sure if it's the same men still on the loose tonight. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. scary stuff. meantime we got another early dose of summer in our fox 29 weather authority. pennypack creek looking like a postcard today with plenty of sun and temperatures in the upper 80s. it's not going to be quiet so comfortable when you step outside tomorrow. chief meteorologist scott williams live in old city tonight with a look ahead. scott? >> that's right, iain. high temperature today made it up to 88 degrees. we're looking at about a 20-degree temperature drop for high temperatures come this time tomorrow. let's talk about the high. you can see close to that record high of 91 degrees but certainly the warmest day so far this year across our area.
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still pretty warm. we have 87 atlantic city. low 80s north and west. but take a look at the temperatures in pittsburgh. 60s, 50s in detroit. and that cooler air is headed in our direction due to the winds of change. it is a little breezy right now if you're stepping outdoors. but warm. the humidity levels will continue to drop along with those temperatures. we'll talk much more about the pollen problems and if we'll see rainfall when i come indoors with that seven day forecast. >> all right see you in a little bit scott. clear surveillance video right now burglar at a local restaurant. so police say he did not come in through a door, a window or the ceiling. how? he got incredibly creative creative. howard, what you got. >> cody ash sheer explains his feelings on being sent down to the minor leagues by the phils. and ted wells the investigator of deflate-gate got tired of hearing the complaints and comes back on why he was found tom
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>> we are following breaking news for you at 6:00 tonight. new individual showing philadelphia police locked in violent struggle struggle. >> this cell phone video just into the fox 29 newsroom shows the car speeding off and olney neighborhood. police say officers trying to help a driver who had crashed and seemed out of it fought them and then took off hitting four police officers in the process. it all ended when the cops shot the driver who was now in critical condition. those four police officers are in stable condition tonight. their injuries are not life threatening. >> burglar goes to great lengths to break into a business overnight. police say this guy actually tunneled through a brick wall.
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how? that is an excellent question. i'm guessing not with spoons. he had gotten into the chinese restaurant on chestnut street. he tried to break into the cash register while throwing back a few drinks from behind the bar. the restaurant' owner came back while all of this was playing out. and the guy took off. so police are hoping this very good surveillance video will help catch catch him. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. be nice to catch a raindrops just because we need it. >> we definitely do. >> i don't think we have a good chance of it though. >> the next best chance for rain is not going to come until overnight friday into the first part of the up coming weekend but even then it doesn't look like a whole lot. let's talk about the breezy conditions right now. cold front is moving through. winds of change lowering that humidity. dropping temperatures so spring is making a come back tomorrow but it stays dry and the high pollen levels will be with us for the remainder of the week. so just keep that in mind tree pollen is pretty high along with some of grasses out there right now. but look at the temperatures.
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you can see still in the mid to upper 80s. 87 dover. 87 degrees in atlantic city at the airport. 84 wilmington low 80s north and west. 70s in the pocono mountains but you can see off to the west we're looking at some cooler conditions. 60s in pittsburgh. 50's detroit. 40 there is in traverse city. some of that cooler air will continue to head in our direction behind that front. it's pretty breezy right now. these are sustained winds out of the west so more of that land breeze that allow for temperatures pretty warm all the way down the shore. we'll see winds out of the northwest tomorrow and that will mean some dry conditions, low humidity gusty winds. so a fire weather watch has been posted for the entire state of new jersey. so keep that in mind that the slightest spark could ignite some wildfires due to the tinder dry conditions that pretty much the entire area has been seeing about an inch or so below average in philadelphia for the month. higher amounts than that in several locations. so what we have going right now
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warm air out ahead of that front on the other side of that front we're looking at cooler conditions. high pressure will start to settle in during the day tomorrow. so it's going to feel more like spring but it is going to be noticeably cooler with high temperatures only in the upper 60s across the area. but we are expecting a lot of sunshine out there across the area. so turning cooler. the humidity drops temperatures in the 50s for tonight. then breezy, much cooler. look at this. high temperatures tomorrow only around 69 and the high today was 88 degrees. the warmest day so far this year. don't forget about hash tag fox 29 spring fling. come on out to media. we are going to be out there. i think howard is going to be out there. howard are you coming coming out there. >> that is correct. >> howard eskin will be out there. come out there and tell him you have had it. okay? we're looking at those temperatures into the 60s. the seven day forecast i don't know if we can go back to that. but we are looking at temperatures into the 70s over the next several days and then by the upcoming weekend we have
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that chance for some rainfall. >> i think howard probably needs a hug. if you're in media and out tomorrow give howard a hug. >> you guys are buying me breakfast, right. >> of course. >> i won't be there. >> what time will you be out. >> put it on my tab. >> 8:00 o'clock. >> put it on iain's tab. >> i'm sure he'll take care of breakfast. >> all right. cody a sheer has a little change in his career. that was not something he planned. ash she explains what being sent to the minor leagues means to his career the investigator that termed that tom brady and patriots were cheating and guilty in breaking the rules speaks out on why he decided that brady was found in violation of rules coming up in sports.
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♪ yes it was a clear violation of nfl rules it's clear anybody with half brain realizes that tom brady intentionally broke nf nfl rules and clear attack on the integrity of nfl and the game that is the most popular in america. the agent for tom brady has unleashed an attack on the findings and the investigator's facts in the report it stated in the rules teams get every year. the level of findings that is needed to be reached and wells clearly met those -- that -- those findings nfl wants. tom brady chose not to cooperate and the investigator ted wells today defended his report.
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>> he came to the interview. he answered every question he was totally cooperative. at the same time he refused to permit us to review electronic data from his telephone or other instruments most of the key evidence in this case as in most cases come from people's cell phones. >> tom brady is a dope for using his text messages in a situation like that. the phillies made move last night that i mentioned was likely to happen weeks ago. phillies third baseman cody asche struggled defensive at third this season last night after the game they sent him to the minor league at lehigh valley to learn how to play left field. >> i never stop believing that i'm a big league baseball player. so, um, 100% i think whatever
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challenge comes my way i'll handle it fine. i'll be back in this uniform soon. >> all right. tonight former phillie aj burnett the starting pitcher for the pirates pitching again because the way things ended last year with the season when he lost 18 games. >> nobody wants to go out that way. some guys in there, you know when you come out here and the guys treat you the way they treat you um, makes me feel good. makes me realize what kind of individual i am that stuff matters in the game, but, you know it really, it's not who i am. it's just what i do. >> i guarantee you won't lose 18 games with the pirates this year. >> that will not happen. >> they're a lot better. >> by the way 10 million is not hard to take either. >> right. >> not at all. >> i'd settle for a lot less than that. >> i know exactly. >> that does it for us here. >> thanks for watching. have a great night. we'll see you back here at 10:00. inside edition is up next. ♪♪
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the most hated mother in america. casey anthony out of hiding on a mother's day run. >> i was like oh, my gosh. >> then, food network star sandra lee in tears. >> my doctor called and told me i had breast cancer. >> her shocking revelation. >> and outright rip off. >> here is what you will be drawing today. >> it's saturday night's life steal this skit. >> this looks oddly familiar. >> plus, did he do it again? tiger woods's big breakup with lindsey vonn. >> the shocking report that he was cheating on her. >> exclusive. natalee halloway, 10 years later. a new witness come forward. >> what did you see the night natalee halloway went missing?


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