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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  May 13, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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following breaking news after amtrak train head from the washington, d.c. to new york. derailed last night right here in philadelphia in the port richmond neighborhood, philadelphia mayor michael nutter says all seven cars of the train tipped off the tracks, he's confirmed at least five people are dead. dozens of others have now been taken to area hospitals. as many as 130 people have been taken to the hospital. mayor nutter also says not that 243 people aboard the train are accounted for at
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this point. that's the scary part. thousands of amtrak commuters will have to find another way as trains between new york and philadelphia have been canceled at this point new jersey transit will honor amtrak tickets today. >> we continue our story store this morning with steve keeley on the grounds therefore about an hour now. hype steve. >> well for those people just waking up right now and having the trouble digesting this news, this has been going on since that first 911 call came in at 9:28 p.m. and it was about two hours and 15 minute after that first call that we got the first words from philadelphia's mayor michael nutter, and it was the first indication that this already bad train accident was a deadly accident. >> fire department is in command on the scene 120 fire fighting personnel and ems.
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at its height, probably 200 police officers. department of homeland security on the scene as well as other first responders. state police on the scene septa personnel on the scene and amtrak personnel on the scene. our best estimate at the moment again continues to be preliminary information. everything we tell you will be preliminary information. we believe approximately 243 personnel on the train. five of whom are amtrak employees. >> well if you do the math as the mayor was talking here and you don't have to do the math i'll do it for you. he mentioned total of about 500 local philadelphia officials from the philadelphia fire department, police department, and all of those other police departments, septa amtrak, homeland security, everybody all hand on deck, total team effort. they needed everybody that they could get.
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and you talk about the local hospitals, the closest ones, all of those nurses and all every those doctors that were home watching it. v, and seeing this accident new they would be needed, they got there getting the first patient in. we heard just the horrific stories from the doctors themselves, who were probably the first people tonight view the survivors and they all had the same similar tail allowed screach, a loud bang, slamming noise then a lot of them blacked out got knocked out. you look at patrick murphy's pictures from the cafe car those are the tables you see at mcdonald's the ones bolted down to the floor. up notice the first think i saw when i saw his tweets is that blood and then i said no, probably coffee grounds and everything else that would be in a dining car spilled on the roof, on the sealing all over the place, and i was happen that i it didn't look like blood. and it didn't look as damaged as those other cars did and
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that looked pretty bad. live aerial pictures from skyfox now with the construction spotlights light lighting up the scene you are getting a sense of the maze of railroad tracks out here too many to counseled a curve, speed limit for conductors, 55 miles an hour. look northeast corridor trains for those every you ride it know, asela goes as fast as 135. this was not an asela but other amtrak trains go 120 at stretches along 95, when you are driving up bucks county, and the tracks run close to 95 those trains out run your kareem when going 65 miles an hour they blow by you. so speed for sure, even if it was not a factor in the cause, it was definitely a factor in the damage, because that's how you have the horrific mangled metal that you see when things are going fast the damage and the wreckage always worse. the one car you can't even
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make out f somebody said what's this a picture of, would you not guess it is a railroad car. so there was people in that car. so when we give these numbers, and as you heard the mayor say key word preliminary, it is at least five people dead. i'm talking to the police officials that i normally talk to and daily basis out here, and they're telling me they are finding bodies. eastern is the question, are the people already dead, went onto help the people that were injured, and they new they couldn't help the dead people. and these are the original five. are they in addition to those five that's what we will wait for when we get another update. and nothing told to us any time soon, maybe 11:00 as the national transportation safety board team coming from washington with experts in every angle of any kind of possible cause for this from the tracks, human factors to the locomotive, to the conditions out here, they'll
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look at everything. and they have an expert in every kind of field possible. plus again those kind of recordings devices on the train itself, they'll find those on the locomotive which looks pretty much intact, even though it was the first car not as bad as those two rail cars right behind the locomotive that went off the tracks locomotives are built a lot heavier even when you are a kid you have train set the locomotive train, four times as heavy as the rest of the trains, and even in your train set and that's how it is in real life, as women. that's why that locomotive seems pretty much intact. they'll likely talk to the conductor, likely test the conductor, and likely get the recording devices out of that. lauren, chris? >> all right steve. and steve bridges up an interesting point, as you look at the wreckage, they go through and hopefully don't find any more bodies, and add to the death toll. something as violent as this crash must have been, as
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evidenced by this mangled wreckage, people are just tossed around. >> crest because cars toppled on the side, people trying to climb up through the windows just to get out were afraid another train could come, or they didn't foe if there would be any electricity that was going to spark, start a fire in the area, so people frantic. one person told the ap she was college student headed home from york washington university, almost asleep when she suddenly felt the train fall off the track. now comfort zone sort of. not at the wheel. you are kind of relaxed sitting back wait to go get to your destination many people watching netflix. >> that's why people take the train, to relax. >> in the cafe cars, eating, drinking finishing up paperwork or business, and people started feeling a shake, then suddenly heard loud noises, and this happened. >> and associated press manager, evidently on the train, and said he was watching netflix when, quote the train start today decelerate like someone had
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slammed the brake. >> right. >> then suddenly could you see everything start today shake. so all kind of accounts from passengers now coming out. of course ntsb will take that information as they put together exactly what happened. >> 243 people were on the train, at least a hundred 40 have been transport today local hospitalization. >> let's go to jennifer joyce now, at temple hospital. jennifer, good morning. >> rue recapping horrifying moments, also, thankful for all of the first responders as steve mentioned as many as 500, and all of the doctors and nurses we are live here at temple university hospital, where at least 36 patients are being treated. we're live at broad and ontario, told family members being brought to a particular building here, to be briefed and updated on family member's conditions. there was a man who drove by the short time ago. i asked him why he was here, if he new someone who was on that train he said yes my
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daughter. i said how is she? he said she is still here. and that's the way to look at it hearing the death toll is at least five, so many people are in not so great condition here. again, 36 people here at temple university hospital. we also noah number of people taken to aria health frankford, 26 patient torresdale got 50, hahnemann seen at least 25 patients, albert einstein got ten. earlier, our dave kinchen was at jefferson hospital where he reported 26 people were treated therefore mostly minor injuries. according to a source and our shawnette wilson talk to someone who lives near the scene, and she explained how she was trying to help a man frazzled after the accident. >> i came home around like 11:30. i seen it on the news, i was just like 230 people, like, 238 people, like that's a lot of people. i just felt like god was calling me, you need to come help these people. me and my aunt were rushing out the door like we need to help somebody. i mean the people aren't here right now only certain amount
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of families were here, we seen people come empty-handed like where is my family, going to temple hospital and everything. >> there were people coming here looking for their loved ones who were on that train. describe the emotion that you saw in some of those faces in. >> shock, shock it, looked like he didn't know where he was going. he wanted to know where seven different hospitals were. i mean, i couldn't imagine going what he is going through like between one running about like a child or a mother, a grandmother like -- >> a man looking for a loved one who was on the train? >> yes. >> just horrifying. and earlier this morning we did talk to couple that they had driven up here from virginia and they said that they had their daughter here at temple, and their son-in-law with broken bones. they don't have cell phone. all of these people lost everything. so they're in a strange city. they don't know where to go. they don't know how to get help. now family members are trying to be reunited. so we know that there are number of efforts in the works right now. we talked to emergency management officials again if you are looking to be
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reunited when someone who is on train 188 we will give that you number again: (800)523-9101. again: (800)523-9101. chris, lauren? >> all right jennifer joyce thank you so many. checking twitter chris seeing some images from 30th street station where sabina is. red cross in full effect, there trying to help, family, friends people rushing to try to find out where their loved ones are going to 30th street station, there is a guy we can see on crutches, couple of passengers, student on the train in wheelchairs, kind of survived there is but still need some assistance. so again that number is very important. we have it there at the bottom of your screen, so many people probably waking up thinking where is my love one? what is happening? what hospital? so many in the sit. the best number to call if you are looking for someone. >> much more straight ahead from fox 29. we'll fake a quick break and be right back.
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>> we just, you know, i was stationed south going northbound i was facing southbound cafe car like the table area, and i felt like we went that way then the other way, then once we went side flipped over, then it was just dark and just dusty, and just a lot of blood. >> you just heard from former congressman patrick murphy. who was among those on board at this point we know five on
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board this amtrak train have been killed in this. in a thumb -- number sadly may rise. on the scene since 93:00 last night, and so at this point here are the numbers. that we have been gathering for you that number of injured, we understand, now is up to 140? >> at least at least 140 people have been transport today different hospital around the area, terrible temple university say they've gotten 36, aria health in frankford, 26, ooh taken to torresdale hospital. hahnemann university hospital, said they've seen about 25 patient, and albert einstein said they treated about ten. >> not getting insight on the severity of the injuries. you can expect lot every bruised up, banged up injuries people trying to climb out. we have to wait and see how severe these injuries are. seeing pictures where sabina
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is at 30th street station. i see a lot of people on twitter, sack even, a on crutches wheelchairs. is that what you are seeing? >> reporter: those people, we haven't seen them here, but we know red cross is assisting passengers on the train who were not injured. now, there are two scenes here. here behind me, you can see, about handful of people, about half dozen people stranded to up five hours here at 30th street station. in philadelphia and new york, but the second scene, as we mentioned you can't see, the red cross assistance center for passengers and their families so around the corner behind corded off. the red cross said this is about 15 people so far who have been dealing with this derailment. had families driving in from out of town to pick up their loved ones. but, again the people who are stranded here not sure how they're getting home just yet there. were buses here earlier but, some of the people who were left hearsay that they didn't
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fit. hoping new bus is coming soon. now, listen as we talk to some of the people. they describe the confusion that followed immediately after everybody found out about the derailment. >> i mean, we just have to be patient. there were a loft people here earlier very confused little upset. so they were like crowding the people who had all of the information, and so they had to like get the police to like calm the people down. >> my girlfriend had to rent a car. she just came out of work. it cost about almost $200. don't have any other options to get home. i'm coming from gettysburg college. so it took already like probably too two hours prior to even get to philly. and it was just totally shocking. i never even been to philly. so getting stuck here i was tonightly lost. >> you can see young college
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students camped out surrounded by their luggage here all night making arrangements to try to make their way home to new york and to new jersey. of course again no amtrak service in philadelphia and new york. that's the latest update that we've got friend amtrak, again, new jersey transit will honor amtrak tickets from trenton, to new york. that again is the latest update that we've gotten from amtrak and the red cross guys back to you. >> at 4:19, tip he cannily very quai net there. is there a lot of confusion at this point? a lot of people asking questions? is it different than it normally would be at this early hour? >> reporter: guys it, has died down from what you heard the passengers stranded describe initially there was so much confusion, people just looking for any information that they could get. the people who we spoke with left say still making arrangement actually standing there saw an officer go up to one of the passengers speaking with try to make sure they had a way homement looks like right now people are being
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helped. it has died down little bit. as you can see there are still people here. stranded not really sure what their next step is. >> all right sack even a thank you. >> 4:20 we head over to bob in the traffic wormed a lot of people stranded here in philadelphia for the next few hours, maybe days? >> stranded and trying to figure out how to get to work, thousand travel today. i wanted to pull up on a map here to gave you a idea of the area we're speaking of here. you can see the train tracks, this is the port richmond section of the city, the area known as wayne junction. and i'm going to use the color coding here, the train traveling, leaving philadelphia 30th street station here's the curve that steve keeley mentioned. the speed goes down to 55 miles an hour. so, from the picture we see it looks as if the train landed right here in this grassy
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area. now i spoke to doctor rob who is one of the physicians at aria health. he said that the patient he was treating said it didn't seem like the train was going faster than normal. but they heard a giant screach, which was obviously the brakes being hit and that a bang, and the next thing they know, they were wake up either upside down in darkness with dirt and dust, and panic. so here's the wheat chief lane railroad bridge. see that in the chopper shot that i'm going to show you near just a moment. and here is a live look, from skyfox over the scene again this is in the port richmond section where again the rales have just been totally mangled, and you can see the rail cars either on their side some of them up site down -- upside down, that is steel girder would hold the overhead power lines for both amtrak and for septa's regional rail cars. so again with service
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suspended on both septa and on amtrak this morning this is going to be a commuter nightmare, for folks not just today but as you can see, from the air that, you know, we haven't even seen sunrise yet, just the devestation in the neighborhood. this is a populated area. this is port richmond. somebody was tweeting saying that there is an elementary school. not that far from here, want to go know if the school watts open -- was open. all too early to tell at this point. and the first responders that arrived on the scene, not only seeing the devestation also the concern the overhead power lines, which obviously were energized, were charged they needed to make sure they shut off the power to the overhead lines. look how that one rail car look like it snapped in half. they continue to search the wreckage this morning, very active scene as we saw from steve there along frankford
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avenue torresdale avenue, the neighborhood pretty much seeing all of the emergency responders trying to get into that scene there. torresdale and castor main drag frandford avenue number of septa bus routes also use that stretch there i believe it is the eight and the 29 bus. septa said on a detour. you can go to for the exact detour route septa suspended on northeast corridor trains and the asela service between new york and philadelphia. for any commuters that are traveling between washington and new york, new jersey transit says they'll cross honor and allow the amtrak passes to be used on new jersey transit this morning service suspended on septa's trenton regional rail line, 11,000 commuters that use the
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trenton line per day on that stretch. an option would be either the west trenton line or the fox chase line. you will have to drive over to one of those stations to be able to gain access into center city, chestnut hill west line, also, service suspended this morning. we will continue our coverage this morning here on fox 29 stay there, coming right back.
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>> what's going on with the weather, clouds around this morning, cold front has cleared, and the tropical, former tropical storm has cleared. now, left with very dry air mass and there is a red flag warning for fire danger, if the entire state of new jersey. so that's affecting a loft us if there is a wild fire, it could spread very very quickly, because of the wind and the dry air. so we have a 29-mile per hour wind gust, that was recorded this hour, in philadelphia. it has gotten very windy it is still on the mild side this morning with 63 degrees, but winds are sustained out of the northwest at 17 miles an hour. and the relative humidity has dropped quite a bit to 38%. so keep that in mind. in your travels today. our sunrise time nice and early, a 48:00 this morning with the long days. more temperatures throughout the region, only in the 40's mount pocono, 56 degrees in pottstown, 64 degrees, in wildwood. if you are walking out the door right now. expect a high only around 70 degrees, we got to 88,
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yesterday. but those warm temperatures are a thing of the past for awhile. and it will be breezy all day long. much more of the fox 29 morning news coming up right after this.
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>> good morning, 4:30, we continue to follow breaking news after an amtrak train headed from washington, d.c., to new york, derailed last night, in port richmond, at 9:30, at least five people are confirmed dead, dozens of
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others have been taken to area hospitals mostly being treated for minor injuries. >> let's continue our coverage this morning with steve keeley who is live on the scene. steve, i know, you're not getting any more information. are you seeing anything new or different at this hour? >> we are pinned in on frankford, what you can see maybe if gregg shows to the right. >> just heard horning honking there, trying to get the people who live around here, some assemblance of normal life as these people who probably haven't slept now have to figure out how to get their kids to school and how to get themselves to work. because we are right in the middle of a neighborhood here, in fact, most of the media from out of town just thought they could just park anywhere, and block everybody in. and they got the bad news, if they had to move their cars out of the way. i hate even having to talk about this goofy stuff with the media when we have such a
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serious story at hand. >> seeing lots of spots spotlights things you heard most the overhead wires. 12,000-volt of electricity that's what powers the amtrak trains that run through here. they're shutdown but lit up right now with those spotlight, that make it look like daylight out here in the middle of the night. that's because they have a rescue effort, not going to -- calling it a recovery effort as much as rescue effort. they don't know if somebody is alive and bleeding and needing help in that wreckage. because it was so dark out here they needed all of the lights they k they had construction teams helping them out as women. among the people that rush here pennsylvania's practically brand new governor tom wolf. he just said i'm coming here to give you any help you guys need from the state.
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>> if there is anything, i think, you know, that you can count on the commonwealth. >> the most important thing right now is that the incident has been placed under control. starting the family note any case process, working with amtrak working with our hospitalization, working with all of our human services agencies so again if the public is looking for someone, a loved one start that process by calling amtrak's number that's (800)523-9101. >> it is an advantage that this accident happened right here in the heart of port richmond. because that's why so many philadelphia firefighters and so many police officers, could get here so quick just blocks away, you have hospitals, just blocks away, too. so as bad as this is it could
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have been much worse the help could have been much further away. we've seen amtrak derailments practically in the middle move where whether it is a bridge caving in, or drain going -- training going off the tracks in the middle of farmland where it is miles from the closest doctor or hospital or even nurse that can help on scene. you had doctors and nurses coming here, you had them going to all of the hospitalization, and so these people got help within minutes, and that's one of the plus cents of this happening here in port richmond, a thriving philadelphia neighborhood, and a bunch of residents even showing up, not to gawk but to see what they could do to help out or at least direct the firefighters and the police officers, where help is needed most, because a lot of these resident like david hernandez who we talked to said they heard it and then they saw the aftermath.
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>> they made the first 91 call 28 minute past 9:00 to get the firefighters here. when the first fire fight he is got here, they new instantly they had what they call in their business a mass casualty event. which sound like a plane crash, that's what this almost feels like. judge still working now going on seven hours hopefully getting. >> trying to get the dead and severely injured numbers as low as possible. this because popular train service here along the northeast corridor going through, and around and to the biggest cities in this country, a lot of politicians and powerful people on it. one of the people that we have had on the show for years the roots questions love tweeted the phillie base hip hop producer allworld, on train he said he's shook up but okay. then you had the washington
4:36 am
national opera violinist kim on as well took a lot of heat because she was complaining she couldn't get her violin complaining about derailment, hey, could you get my violin back please on the second car. and when you are asking about something material, when people are dead and severely injured, not too wise in this day and age. lauren, chris? >> where are the priorities. >> steve keeley, thanks so much. so we want to of course as steve was just giving us a accounts from on board the train, we continue to see reports and hear stories every people describing it, this quote from another passenger to the associated press: i think the fact that i walk off the train kind of made it even more surreal because a lot of people didn't walk off. i walked off as if like i was in a my. people standing around, people with bloody faces people, chairs, tables mangled in the compartment, power cables all buckled down, as you stepped off the train. chris and i continue to look at images on twitter and it is just hard to imagine the work of the rescuers there. first responders, if they have
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to kind of dig through the mangled mess to try to search for people as search and recovery efforts are underway. >> un enviable task, their job as steve keeley said, right when they arrived on scene they new this was a mass casualty incident, as you can see from this wreckage, as many as five confirmed dead, the fear is that number will go up. we'll take quick break and be right back.
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4:39. we continue our coverage of this amtrak accident crash
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last night. here is a live look, actually look from google maps, just to gave you a idea of the area here. here is the train the tracks, left 30th street station we keep hearing about the curve. here's the curve right here at wayne/frankford junction depending what side of the neighborhood you live in here, either called wayne francs, frandford junction in the frankford neighborhood. here are the rail yards. here is the curve speed said goes from 70 down to 55. if we look from the skyfox footage it, looks as if right here is where the trans left the track, this is the wooded area you'll see from some of the chopper footage and here is the actual fehlinger yard, where from our footage you will be able to see some of the tanker cars which thankfully were not punctured
4:41 am
going to the screen here there is will cause commuter nightmare for folks. this is the septa map on the septa website. so the trenton regional rail line uses the same tracks. it is the main line between trenton and philadelphia that line service suspended indefinately. so any of the commute that's would typically get on at croyden, the cornwells heights park and ride, even up here in trenton, you can work your way over to the language hoard station -- langhorne station, or the warminster or doylestown line as alternate to the trenton line this morning. obviously not easy commute for the 11,000 commuters that use septa's trenton line, each and every day between not only trenton new jersey but of course that comes down the entire main line and heads into center city. so the trenton chestnut hill west lines, service suspended
4:42 am
this morning as well as amtrak service suspended on the northeast corridor. however, new jersey transit they're cross honoring all amtrak passes this morning. our continuing coverage of this fatal amtrak accident more when we come right back.
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>> no seconder, under which there would be any service through philadelphia on this amtrak line, important the rest of this week. i mean, i'm not an engineer, but common sense says, i mean, you have got cars. you have got track i mean it is completely wiped out. >> 4:45 this morning that was mayor michael nutter describing a scene at deadly train derailment, at least five people dead, dozens more injuries. >> as many as 140 people are in the hospital right now as many as five different hospital received the injured off that amtrak train which crashed last night at that frankford curve port richmond neighborhood around 9:28 p.m. and bob as you look at this crash, it looks as if it goes offer the track there at the curve, is speed the issue here at this point? trajectory of the first car? it lou looks that way looks as the train was going on the
4:46 am
straight away, the track curved and the train didn't. right offer the tracks, right into what would be the freight rail yard here which in the neighborhood growing up we new it as wayne junction, frandford junction, was another title for it, again kind of where all of the neighborhoods came together here port richmond, and frankford. one of the stories we are reading them all on social media, doctor rob who treated some of the injured at aria healthcare, said one of the patient he treated said they tried to get a ticket last night and the business class train, which was the first car, that car sold out. >> she said she could not get into business class put in the fourth car. very thankful this morning that she was in the fourth car, because he said to me that it seemed the most serious injuries came in cars
4:47 am
one, two and three. so seeing it right herement not sure what car numbers along the way sounds like from the emergency personnel, cars one two and three have the most serious injuries that's just one of the stories from our first responders there on the scene. we heard mayor nutter mention inconceivable we'll have any rail time any time soon on this busy stretch what we call the nor east corridor however it runs right through the neighborhoods. so frandford avenue, is at staging area there closed between torresdale and castor, right behind northeast catholic high school, my alma matter. from the window and class could you see the freight yard could you see that pedestrian long pedestrian silver metal bridge, that went overall of the tracks there so in the neighborhood, obviously, some local detours
4:48 am
with all of the fire responders. >> amtrak, service suspended indefinately between new york and philadelphia on it regular rail lines trains as well as the express service. new jersey transit is cross honoring four commuters that would like to use their amtrak tickets on new jersey transit. service suspended this morning, on the trenton regional rail line the same train, the same line, that is used by the amtrak trains, goes from trenton, through bucks county all the way through bridesburg, croyden port richmond, headed down into the junction there, where again the freight yards come into play. so 11,000 commuters use the trenton line on daily basis need to find an alternate. work your way over to east the west trenton regional rail line or maybe the lansdale-doylestown line. keep in mind, if you are going to drive to work this morning,
4:49 am
your alternate is that 95 construction zone that's why a lot of folks have been using the trenton line, because of the construction. chestnut hill west regional service line suspended there as well. here is the trenton septa's map from their website. see the trenton line here; what suspended. if you work your way over to the west trenton or maybe the doylestown line, as an alternate, this morning. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> you mentioned growing up in the area, it is much before your time, but evidently in 1943 one of the deadliest train crashes in us history happened right at that curve. where 79 people died in that train crash. >> so congressional limited again, that train back in 1943 was going from washington, to new york. >> let's continue our coverage with steve keeley who has been on the grounds there. hi steve. >> lauren, i heard you say we
4:50 am
weren't getting insight into the injuries. i detailed some injuries because like bob kelly i got them from doctor he called him doctor rob like we call doctor mike, a friend of bob's robert danoff a doctor who, again at home and didn't need to be called, in the kind of doctor you want in this country in the philadelphia, and they should be proud of them. he returned in with a lot of the colleagues and nurses, and they new their hospital was closest to the scene and they new they would be needed. as soon as they heard about this crash. and he talked a the low of the people that were brought in, he treated a lot of the people. so we do have great insight into the injuries. here's what he said, the worse the trauma it, came in the car, directly behind the locomotive. and he said a lot of internal bleeding abdominal injuries concussions a lot of trauma in the first car and the second car as well. one of those injured and without of people he talked to was conductor who works for amtrak. not working on this train but
4:51 am
riding on this train to go to new york it pick up his other train that he was going to be working on. >> i would have some idea what happened and why it happened. >> he told doctor rob he heard allowed screach then allowed slamming noise. that's the last thing he remembers before waking up outside the train. >> what we heard you know those tracks, you got the railroad tries sit on the black cold dirt, and these people got face full of it, and so they have a face full of dirt, and that was the next thing they remembered. so we're wondering whether these numbers are going to guy, five killed six critical and again you get those numbers ranging from 65 to 140 people injured. they know they have how many, 243 aboard, they're trying to
4:52 am
add up all of the numbers at all of the hospitals, some people at a hotels, other got home. they all walked out some limped out, so they have to figure out where all every those passengers were, and see that they're all accounted for and that's how they'll know that nobody's left somehow pinned in this wreckage somewhere underneath all of that. you see that one train in our aerial view with the wheels up pointing at our helicopter shot in the sky. that tells you how devastating and traumatic this accident was. how a lot of people on board describe it. hearing these accounts of what happened on board, chris when people are watching netflix finishing work, trying to get food or drink before they get to their destination. you have no idea anything like this is going to happen. >> they don't talk about safety measures, oxygen masks
4:53 am
long routes, reading bike, or as you said, have your laptop out. the other part of this is people are walking off and lauren you mention looking at pictures from twitter people first on scene. again, last night around 9:30. they have to be literally in shock and still are and then you have got basically post-traumatic stress from not only going through it yourself but then sadly seeing people on the same car as you who have died. >> having to walk over, you know some of the devestation get out of there, try to help save or rescue who ever you can at the last minute. okay we go to break we'll be right back with our continuing coverage.
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>> back to the coverage of train derailment, 49 degrees in mount pocono, we still have temperatures that are on the mild side. but the wind are making a difference. that's why there is fire weather danger, a red flag warning for the entire state of new jersey, we have 17-mile an hour winds in philadelphia, and wind gusts that are even higher today. so the breezes will be quite a factor in your weather today. almost sweater weather as we've been saying this week so after 88 degrees yesterday today it is 70 degrees for high temperature. and 72 tomorrow, as the breezes calm down a little bit. and then, as we get into the end of the work week, see increasing clouds on friday and saturday and sunday looks like the weather will be a bit unsettled with a stalled
4:57 am
frontal system, by monday and tuesday of next week. we're back to the 80s monday. but still chance of showers. we will be back with more of the fox 29 morning news after this.
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4:59 am
4:59 this morning, following some breaking news from more than seven hours, crews have been on the scene in port richmond after amtrak train headed from dc to new york, derailed last night in port richmond. at least five people are dead, dozens more are injured. >> let's go to steve keeley.
5:00 am
steve of course the fear is they go through the wreckage right now that re may see increase in the death toll. >> there you are. >> well chris at 1:00 the last time we heard from any official. that was mayor nutter with his second update. and the key from that 1:00 update was everybody on this train we're talking 243 people total still had not totally all been accounted for. and since 1:00, and since that last official update, here we are, four and a half hours or four hours later and they are working this case, and this scene, like it had just happened. so that tells you that they still think there is people in there that need to be rescued or recovered and that is the situation right now.


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