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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  May 13, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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to steve keeley. steve of course the fear is they go through the wreckage right now that re may see increase in the death toll. >> there you are. >> well chris at 1:00 the last time we heard from any official. that was mayor nutter with his second update. and the key from that 1:00 update was everybody on this train we're talking 243 people total still had not totally all been accounted for. and since 1:00, and since that last official update, here we are, four and a half hours or four hours later and they are working this case, and this scene, like it had just happened. so that tells you that they still think there is people in there that need to be rescued or recovered and that is the situation right now. so looking at possible growth
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in the numbers you gave. for the people just waking how many didn't even hear about this, five dead, six critical, at 1:00 a.m. and then the numbers fluctuated hospitals because a lot of the people who called out limped out walked out on their own ended upgoing to the hospital just to get checked because you always think you're okay, and that head injury, that you just think was a bump on the head suddenly becomes dizziness and all of thisment and you realize this could be a concussion, so the numbers as high as 140 as you are saying with people scattered at a bunch of hospital. then you have people staying at hotels because most of the people were from new york or boston that were still on this train the last stop was in wilmington. and you heard patrick murphy say he got thrown into the seat that senator from delaware tom carp her just left when he got off the train, in wilmington. checking in with everyone, everywhere right now seven-car train you had the locomotive then six passenger cars and the mayor's quote of
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the day was quota absolute disastrous mess here on this train here in the middle of the port richmond neighborhood. and i pointed out good things that it happened here in this neighborhood, because this neighborhood was full of firefighters and full of police officers just seconds away, and then you have got hospital just minutes away as well. and then the people at those hospitals realize they were needed and they came in without having to be asked. so when you have a number like 25 people coming into an emergency room, or maybe there is two emergency room doctors on staff normally while you had a team of doctors in thereto handle 25. and that's why people got treatment. and we heard from doctor robert danoff, i keep mention from frankford aria. he said what happened was if they had somebody, treating somebody somebody came in worse from police van with a tourniquet bleeding bad that person took precedence. so the worse got treated
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first, then the people who weren't so bad had to wait little bit. but not too long because they had so many people who came in. we have been talking to authorities here, some of the neighbors here, who look at the trains every day a lot of people who like it watch trains they hold the speed guns just like you see the baseball game behind home plate. people like to time the pitches. well, a lot of people time the trains. they said northeast corridor amtrak trains go as fast as 135, normally over 100 even though this wasn't a sell a these trains still can build up speed, but the speed limit amtrak tells its conductors, when you go to urban settling, residential setting like we're in now the speed limit severely reduced and even though it is reduced reduced means in the train business, 55 miles an hour, which is full speed on a loft highways. you see the devestation from a car or truck accident, we show so often on our shows from cars and trucks crashing, at 55 miles an hour, that's you why see the devestation in
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it train accident, even if it was going as slow as 55 miles an hour. looking at the sky i can see the moon, see the sky dunker blue, daylight just minute away, and date light will not only help yield some help for the rescue crews help for something else, and that's the answer as to how this happened. now, mayor nutter at 1:00 said don't account -- expect another official update until 11:00 but i've been doing this for awhile, i can tell you the national transportation safety board when think arrive on the scene of something so devastating like this they know people want some casino of answer, as fast as possible. so i'm specking we will hear from the federal authorities who came up from washington and they'll give us an initial assessment of the situation not long after they get here. so i am expecting something during good day even though the mayor said don't expect anything until afterward. >> we will car at this for you live here on fox 29 i'm sure.
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sunrise as sue said, 5:48 this morning. also with all of the injured you talk about 140 people injured, as many as what five hospitalization now, accepted the injured. so as you look at that, steve had mentioned there is anywhere from 25 to 30 people. if you just do the math, to each emergency room. >> right. >> and that's exhaustive for staff in handling all of that. >> absolutely. then you can imagine some people went to sleep last night thinking loved ones were head today new york or other locations, then they wake to up this news, they don't make t so we're wondering jenny joyce live at temple university hospital. are you seeing friends and family frantically showing up asking lot of questions or wondering what's going on? >> reporter: a little bit lauren chris. really spotty. because there are several spots throughout the campus here where we've been seeing people pass through. we new there was holding area at broad and ontario for family members. we are now at the back entrance to the hospital because we were around front and there was a cab driver who
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was here to pick up some people associated with the crash. and he was told to come around back here so we've been seeing some people trickle in, trickle out. no one want to go talk to us at this point. but temple university is reporting that about 36 people were brought here in varying conditions. we also know that 26 people went to frankford aria frankford hospital, 50 went to aria torresdale, 25 patients to hahnemann. and about ten to albert einstein. dave kinchen overnight at jefferson hospital. he was reporting 26 people were treated therefore mostly minor injuries. and we were also, you know, shawnette had talked to people initially at the scene who saw some of these patients in not so great condition. definitely frazzled, we talked to some people here, who were coming to see their daughter who had broken pale advice, among other injuries, and now the reunification process begins. we talked to an emergency management official who was issuing a number, i know we've
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been giving it all morning can't hurt to give it to you again if you are trying to reconnect with some of these family members. >> starting the family re if you case process working with amtrak working with the hospital working with all of the human services agencies. so again the public is looking for someone a loved one, start that process by calling amtrak's number: (800)523-9101. again: 815-23-9101. we're working out of the city emergency operations center to match all of that information again against what we have hospital records amtrak, manifest information and again call that number and it will start the process. >> reporter: so, we've talked to couple of family members off camera, who were here trying to connect with their loved ones, also on the side of the building in the our path shall -- patient facility. we drove by. we can see patient get being
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bandage dollars up. heard they were not talking eitherment it is a frantic situation wherever one's just trying to obviously collect their thoughts collect their family members and even figure out what happened. >> as we head into what seven and a half hours since this incident? the longer you don't hear from your loved one the more you worry. all right jenny joyce. thank you so much. >> bob kelly you've been all over. >> this what's the latest from your vantage point? >> obviously this will impact travel commuters for days, for weeks possibly obviously with the northeast corridor, in shutdown mode, and two of septa's busiest regional rail lines in shutdown mode. folks waking up this morning thinking okay, how am i going to get to work? not just today but think about the rest of the week. looking at a google map here. to kind of give you idea of the rail line. talking about speed possibly, and the curve the curve here, in the frankford junction which is in the port richmond section, of the city. so i'll use the tell
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straighter here the train living 30th street station traveling on the straight away here comes the curve in question where the speed drops down to the posted 55 miles per hour. right here, it looks as if from the air the train was supposed to take the curve it did not and went into this wooded area here, which from all of the footage that we've seen from skyfox, in talking to the doctors is right adjacent to what would be the freight rail line. and you see in some of the pictures the tanker cars, which thank goodness none of the tanker cars were punctured in the accident. but, again this is your sharp curve that we're talking about. now let's go to the septa map. because this is going to impact thousands of commuters. 11,000 commuters a day use septa's trenton regional rail line. it is one of septa's busiest regional rail lines connecting trenton new
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jersey to new jersey transit system, up to new york and of course it, comes right down, kind of runs parallel to 95. through all of the neighborhoods, bucks county, levittown, makes the curve here in bridesburg, you got the corn wells park and ride a loft folks park here, and take the trenton line to avoid construction jam on i9 # a. so the 11,000 commuters impacted you have couple of options. if you still need to use mass transit, work your way over to the fox chase line, work your way over to the west trenton line not an easy work your way over, a lot of folks either take the bus system, into the rail lines or maybe get dropped off. but again there are options. the other option would be from center city, you can use the patco high-speed line into new jersey river line takes you up and connect with the trenton station. so there is your tip for the day. the patco high-speed line over to the new jersey transit
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river line and that will take you to up trenton new jersey. so the only way you will get there, the river line is going to be an active rail line this morning. not built for 11,000 commuters a day but it will be your alternate if you really must get from point a to point b. once you're up in trenton new jersey transit trains will be running in toward new york city f we can let's go to my map computer, to gave you a idea of the location of this accident in port richmond, frandford avenue, between torresdale and castor. i went to north catholic high school right, there looking out my geometry window, coy see the rail lines. i could see that large metal pedestrian bridge that crosses over what could be maybe 15 sets of tracks, counting the freight line, and then you have the four lines of the main line. so service suspended on amtrak this morning between new york and philadelphia. and again, looking from our vantage point from skyfox,
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those rales are mangled. this is not going to be a quick easy fix like an accident where we can pull everything off of the street and open up the service again. this is going to be with us, for the next couple of days, if not the entire week. as we are looking live here, up from skyfox, there is that wide long pedestrian bridge i was telling but that goes across the top. we're also dealing with overhead wires. the overhead power lines that septa uses to power their trains were pulled down in this accident scene. of course the wreckage off to the side there which is that is the curve that has been in question here, all morning long. so we will stay on top of this take a short break and we'll come right back.
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5:15 this morning, we continue with our breaking news coverage. mayor nutter predict the deadly train derailment will be impacting train service through the end of the week. >> passenger stranded at 30th street station trying to find new way home right now. fox's sabina kuriakose now live looks like you've gone outside perhaps to talk to would be passengers, sabina? >> reporter: good morning guys. well we have very, very active red cross help center here at 30th street station. right now they're helping many passengers, who were affected by this derailment in fact waiting for another busload of injured passengers to come from area hospitals we're joined now by anthony
5:16 am
with the red cross anthony long night for you guys? >> yes, we've been on the scene through the night, and in through the early part of the morning we will continue to be on site here at 30th street now earlier we were over at the elementary school on frankford avenue. helping family relocate or locate their loved ones, and reconnect. >> and how many people were you able to help here? >> we hemmed about 15 people at the elementary school, about 20 earlier, and we've had an influx of people coming in the last couple of minute. so we expect more as people come from the hospitals and come here, to amtrak, and/or 30th street station, and work with there with amtrak and the red cross to get transportation home. >> and what have you been able to do for them so far? coming to you with so many needs, some of them injured, others need to contact family? >> they know we're here to help. doing really good job with
5:17 am
spiritual and emotional cape. making sure that those that have been impacted know that they're not alone in this, we're here to help, food making sure that they're comfortable the next couple every hours so they get the transportation home and start the recovery process. >> you are telling me earlier you had volunteers who didn't wait for the call they jump what happened they saw this on the news. >> red cross volunteers are amazing, i can tell you by the time i got to the city, you know becomes an hour after everything happened initially we had at least 30, 40 volunteers dressed and ready to go from the chestnut street facility. they were not called to come responds they new they needed to be there. they new within their hearts it was the right thing to do. so our volume aoun tears are amazing been on scene all night, been here as long as those impacted need us. >> the whole city coming to the. thank you so much this morning. and as we stand out here, we can see through the window, so many volunteers assisting passengers with this derailment they have blanket, people with crutches we actually spoke to a couple who was being assisted here, they were spanish speaking couple. they told us this he were
5:18 am
actually sitting on the train. they were separate from the their children because their children were sitting at another part of the train. so after the derailment happened, these parents were just looking for their kids, but turned out their kids were looking for them, the woman the wife, she told us that suitcases flying when the derailment happened one hit her in the back. >> so good to hear happy ends to go one-story. >> the car turns over, flips on its side. >> we look at the dynamics, do you have guess speed is the issue here? >> exactly. and all indications point to speed. and again the reason why because here, from google map i want to show you here is the curve that we're all looking at. so the train leaves
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30th street station is on a straight away and right here is where the speed for the trains drop down, to posted 55 miles an hour. so some of the trains could be going 70, 80 miles an hour, along the straight away, when they hit this curve here and so when the speed is supposed to drop down to 55. looking from the air what looks like happened is that train was coming straight and then instead of making the curve actually went off the tracks and right into what would be this frankford junction, and this wooded area here the tree, grassy area, and these white lines here these are the actual freight tracks lined. this is active freight area here for the northeast section of the city here, where freight trains come in, we saw some oil tankers freight oil cars lined up on the tracksment thank goodness none of them were punctured. let's roll the map that i have
5:20 am
up for septa. because this is going to impact as we mention not just amtrak but also septa commuters. the trenton regional rail line service suspended chris and i were just talking off the air. you know, the main commuter line we're going to call it from connecticut boston, new york through trenton the same four tracks that come right through philadelphia down to washington. so you get a lot of political commuters. so folks from washington, heading up to new york and then furthering the trip up to boston all come through philadelphia and 30th street station. so septa's trenton regional rail line would be the line for the commuters. the local commuters that work their way from trenton you come across the river and then all of the stops through bucks county that park and ride the cornwells heights park and ride, folks park their car there and then continue the trip into downtown so they can avoid that 95 construction mess.
5:21 am
so we're thinking alternate today. obviously you can take the car, coming into center city. or work your way over to one of the options the west trenton, or the fox chase line will give you access into center city. if you are leaving philadelphia and you take the train north up toward new york or the trenton area, you can take the patco high-speed line will take you that's the train over the ben franklin as soon as you're on the jersey side, you pick up the new jersey transit river line. that's the light rail line runs up along the river why think call it the river line up through all of the south jersey neighborhoods you get right into trenton. then once in trenton the new jersey transit train system will be able to take you in toward new york. so that's going to be your alternate, really, for anyone who typically uses mass transit, again new jersey transit to trenton river line, patco high-speed line, back to
5:22 am
philadelphia. back to you. >> continuing coverage from last night continues right here after a quick break.
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>> amtrak train stopped at 30th street station from washington, d.c., head today new york city in the area of port rich monday. the train derailed all seven
5:25 am
cars came off the tracks there, people were describe wag was happening inside. saying they're watching netflix, or getting food in the cafe suddenly start feeling jolts jakes -- shakes, then the next thing they new loud noises people flying all over the plate the cars ended up some on their sides some had to climb out windows, do whatever they could to get out of there. people also screaming and yelling get out get out before another train could possibly come. >> such heavily traveled set of tracks. and the other component of this the people who live in this area northeast philadelphia talking about what they heard, how much screaching noise horrific loud noise that would be the crash it s you can see these trains on their sides really unreal to look at. you can see live again from skyfox investigators still on the scene as will be ntsb investigators, and they look into all kind of crashes and this one just horrific.
5:26 am
those were the words that mayor nutter used last night. he is expected to give a news conference at 11:00 this morning. and we'll see if, in fact, he gets in front after camera and microphone sooner than that. this is very much a developing story. the other component of this is all of the injuries. >> absolutely. mayor nutter told us last night, 143 people at least being treated at local hospitals, right now jenny joyce joins us live from temple university hospital. with more, hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren chris. on the back side of this emergency room. >> this was a chaotic zone last night and early this morning, with number of transports being brought here to temple hospital. we know of as at least 36 patient here in varying conditions. we've seen some family members come and go. some reporting broken bones. just pretty much rushing around trying to make contact with their family member, because they didn't have any of their belongings they had no cell phones, so difficult to reconnect with some of these victims. we also know that aria health, frandford had 26 patient torresdale had 50 hahnemann
5:27 am
hospital, 25 patient albert einstein had ten. and roughly 26 people went to jefferson, according to source who talked to our dave kinchen last night. we also have a portion after interview with a passenger who describes this crash. >> when i fin shall up the conversation suddenly the car just kind of shifted the weight and then it just -- the car started tumbling over. there was like there was dirt, chairs people tumbling i mean, it is like this no way to figure out is this going to be it. but, i mean you know, it casino of came -- i mean, just had like dirt in my mouth, and then like i mean every within was just looking around, see who was injured who was trapped. people were looking for the exits, the top of the train where tended up, we were on the side we actually had to climb up on to the roof.
5:28 am
>> reporter: number of people injured. finding themselves in a unfamiliar place we talk to couple who they were here visiting their child who came up from virginia, so it is an unfamiliar city with various injuries. so trying it reconnect we will give you the number again: (800)523-9101. >> jenny thanks so much for that update. >> well we'll take a quick break, be right back with our continuing coverage.
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>> good morning, corning this breaking news of the train derail. >> this happened last night about 9:30. this is in the frankford section of philadelphia. you can see that skyfox is over the scene of what now is the mangled mess of this derailment, 140 people have been injured as many as five people confirmed dead. we understand that six of the 140 are in critical condition the fear is that death toll five could increase later this morning. so far 140 people taken to hospital jenny joyce saying people coming out with minor injuries family members showing up, frantic asking lots of questions trying to see exactly what's going on. we go to steve keeley. he has been on the ground there and has latest for us. hi steve. >> reporter: for once in the city in recent memory, the weather is cooperating gregg
5:32 am
showing some brain ers at nearby used car lot to the right of his camera angle. and you can see, a nice jen l breeze is blowing and believe me that's making this an easier job that's a very tough job right now can you imagine the heat humidity we had the last two days this time of day as they cut through metal. using torches using saws, and that job hard enough without having to deal with the heat and humidity. says responders continue to work throughout the morning heavy equipment arriving to assist with the response here. we've seen big trucks come through, reopened frankford avenue number one to get the resident coming and going, and out of their neighborhood okay but initially to get the big cranes and anything else they need to lift, those big mangled rail cars, up and out of the way because there could be people they fear, maybe they know, trapped under the rail cars you see in our aerial shot.
5:33 am
now in our first daylight, since this accident was reported at 9:28 p.m. in the dark here in port richmond, last night. now, the emergency management offices work with all of the hospitals where the injured are reuniting passengers this morning with families he can at that time i can, to see them alive this heat humidity gone, but the septa police chief tom who has a lot of his women and men out here in uniform helping out with all of the other police agencies wanted to highlight the people of port richmond handing out bottled water to the estimated 501st responders showing up here. he said the positive support for the police and the firefighters just remarkable, in his words. let's show you some video that we wanted to highlight, as well. if you don't know this, amtrak trains run on electric power. and those big lines you see overhead 12,000 volts. and that was the first concern to shut to shut that power off in case of the any of the lines were down which they frequently are
5:34 am
in crashes like there is before they can electrocute the survivors can you imagine surviving the train wreck, being thrown outside the train and then being electrocuted outside the train or a first emergency responder in the darkness, rushing to the scene not worried about their own safety but trying to help and save lives, getting electrocuted. mayor nutter too update the latest one came at 1:00 in the morning, he was talking to everybody another sleepless night for mayor nutter, and he was the first one to give us the grim news and the grim numbers, because up until he talked to us, we had no idea that anybody had been killed in this accident. >> i reached out to both mayor de blasio in new york city, we've been in communication i also talked to mayor muriel because err in washington d.c. both colleagues, both folks i've worked with obviously mayor because err much new err than mayor de blasio. governor expects to dot same with his counterparts at the governor level.
5:35 am
in terms of where we are right now we will continue for some time out here, with any continued search. >> the mayor highlighted a lot of the passengers not philadelphians but either residents of new york city, or washington, or boston. the final destination of this very popular very highly profitable for amtrak train along the northeast corridor and that's why they run so many of these trains here every so often throughout the day. because so many people rely on this service. so lauren, chris you can see with our live helicopter shots that we will have now in the first daylight the devestation, if you thought it looked bad at night and under the spotlights, when this sunday comes up you will see how bad this is, and not only how bad this train is, if you can even make out that it was
5:36 am
a train at one point but you will see how bad those tracks are damaged, because that's why the mayor also said it will be at least a week if not longer before they ever get train service through here probably the last concern when you have people people killed out here, and again that number as you said whether critically injured or dead may grow beyond the numbers the mayor was told when he first arrived. one thing did he highlight was all of the passengers 243 people with the crew, not accounted for, at the last update at 1:00 in the morning why they are working so hard here non-stop eight hours on. >> steve keeley, thank you. >> so search and rescue continues. a lot of people waking up to the news and twitter a lot people on twitter saying thoughts and prayers go out for the passengers, their family lurks of course first responders working diligently very hard since 9:30 last night first got the news. >> and, as you can see on your screen again for friends and family 800 number to call. we will put that up for you.
5:37 am
all of the late he information of course on we continue to follow this breaking news of the train derailment claims at least five lives in northeast philadelphia after a quick break. past
5:38 am
5:39 am
judge if we have any bright spot in this, red cross philadelphia tweeting lots of people showing up offering their help and assistance, bringing water trying to aid the workers assisting
5:40 am
families between the transition of leaving the hospital and trying to go get emotional support there at 30th street station. always good to know. a lot of people using the hashtag i love philly for that reason. people are rallying around. >> the red cross as we know not only provides supplies, water, food, everything else, but, a place for people to stay. and that's the big issue right now. a lot of displaced people in a foreign city, which is philadelphia they're not from philadelphia. a lot of people on that train. >> steve keeley said either from dc or going to new york, so caught inbetween here so they set up an area there cents passenger cyst tans center at 30th street station where sabina is. so looks like a lot of people showing un, trying to help. that's always good news, when we have so much bad news this morning to talk about. but again area hospitals treating at least 140 people from that train derailment. >> let's go to jennifer joyce now at temple university hospital. temple one whatever five hospitals that received the injured overnight? >> reporter: yes, one of several hospitals chris
5:41 am
lauren. we are waiting on update from a temple university spokesperson because early this morning this was a chaotic zone. this is the emergency entrance of temple university hospital where we heard 36 people were transported here for help. we know additionally, there were several people who were taken to aria torresdale hospital frandford to jefferson to hahnemann, at least 140 people transport transported total. our shawnette wilson out on the scene talk to somebody who was trying to offer aid. somebody who happened to live in the area, see the crash see people, and just walked over and tried to help some of the frazzled passengers. >> i came home like around 11:30. i seen it on the news, like 230 people like, 238 people like that's a lot of people. i just thought like god was calling me, need to come help these people. me and my aunt were rushing out the door like we needed to help somebody. i mean the people aren't here right now like only certain amount of families were here. we seen people come
5:42 am
empty-handed like where is my family going to temple hospital and everything like. >> there were people coming here looking for their loved ones on that train. >> yes. >> describe the emotion that you saw in some of those faces in. >> shock, shock it, look like he didn't know where he was going, he wanted to know where seven different hospitals were. i mean, i couldn't imagine going what he is going through like between one and about -- running about like a child a mother grandmother. >> a man looking for loved one on the train? >> yes. >> thank goodness for people like that who just stepped to up try to offer assistance to those people. and going through this situation. we do know i talk to couple of family members here who talk off camera who toll me that their loved ones were pretty banged up. one man said he was visit hits daughter. i said how is she doing? he said she is still here. that's the bottom line. thinking that five people are confirmed dead. many people have not been accounted for at this point. chris, lauren? >> after 140 injured as we said six of them are in
5:43 am
critical condition. those are the latest numbers. again, those numbers could change and we hope to get more concrete numbers later this morning from mayor nutter who is scheduled to give a news conference at 11:00. that's several hours away. >> just saw another tweet brinking in pretty heavy equipment in that area, steve keeley life, have to peel back the layers of metal now crumble, crushed over thereto try to see what else they can fine. so search and recovery effort underway right now hoping that you know, you hear amazing stories like in nepal with the earthquake, several days later people just pinned under things, but still survived. so we are opening for the best for anyone still stuck in that wreckage out there. >> our reporter bruce gordon first on the keen when this happened about 9:30. one every his emails to staff was that death toll sadly looks like it will increase. let's hope that turns out not to be the case again five confirmed dead. >> 5:43, we'll go to break and be right back with your continuing coverage.
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5:47 am
>> a lot of people here at the red cross center, south side of 30th street station by the food court. they have it corded off. here through these windows they have many people inside, case workers a discussing injured passengers, and passengers who were still looking for loved ones, red cross tells me, that they've helped 20 people here at this center so far. also center webster elementary school closer to the scene of the derailmentment there able to help 15 people. now the philadelphia office of emergency management is also here on the scene. they are trying to help the red cross connect passengers, with their loved ones, and we also spoke with passengers on other trains on amtrak, affected by the derailment, stranded overnight her at 30th street station trying to find another way home. >> here they are describing the confusion that happened after the derailment. >> i mean, we just have to be
5:48 am
patient. so i mean, there was a lot of people here earlier who are very confused and a little upset. so they were like crowding the people who had all of the information, and so they had to like get the police to like calm the people down. >> no options to get home. coming from gettysburg college. so it took already like two hours prior to even get to philly. and it was just -- i never even been to philly. so ... >> just a really shocking experience, all right. you can see there they have blankets, camped out with their luggage those folks just trying to get home. did i go in, back into 30th street, just few minutes ago. didn't see those guys, looks like they were able to get home in fact looks like that situation itself with these
5:49 am
passengers stranded overnight was well management, and those folks out on their way. now, what we're seeing her at the red cross center, seeing blanket, seeing people with crutches, people in wheelchairs, people with ace bandages, saw one woman her arm was in a sling. all here being assisted at the red cross. also, waiting for another busload of people, we're told, that another bus is going to come in from the hospitals treating the injured passengers and they're going to bring some of the injured passengers here for help to be assisted by the case workers here at the red cross. again they are getting food, they are getting blanket, help getting with the loved ones, and so waiting for more injured pass inning tears arrive at 30th street station at the red cross center here, guys, back to you. >> of course people waking up at 5:49. waking up to the news, have no idea this happened cents 9:30 last night. traffic of course so many people commute between here and new york city.
5:50 am
>> on the amtrak website right now. interesting, if not daunting statistics. for the nec the northeast corridor that 2200 trains each and every day go between washington dc and boston, of course right through philadelphia, and right through that stretch of tracks which is now of course not going to be up and running for at least a week. >> that's right. the commercial break we were talking, you're right the tracks that we're looking at here where this accident occurred is the main line connection between boston all the way down to washington. so here is the situation. right now service suspended on amtrak between new york and philadelphia. the local trains and the asela express trains, service suspended, new york to philadelphia. you can go south of philadelphia obviously there will be some service disruptions along the way because these trains will not be able to run straight through. as far as the regional rail service, septa's trenton
5:51 am
regional rail line service suspended indefinately. some good news here, they have reinstated service on the chestnut hill west line, that is however running with some delays. amtrak with no service new jersey transit is going to cross honor all of the amtrak tickets today. the philadelphia atlantic city rail line, that service suspended, and they are using shuttle buses from philadelphia over to cherry hill. and then from cherry hill you are able to use the new jersey transit system. your best alternate right now, as you get ready to head out the front door patco high-speed line, will put new new jersey, from there you can take the river line. the new jersey transit river line will keg you to trends at any, the main hub which will get you up toward new york the to the septa map. we went to the septa website
5:52 am
the trenton regional rail line service suspends. this line one of septa's busiest carries 11,000 commuters a day. so 11,000 folks today have to find a different way of getting to work or school. you have a couple of options. work your way over to any of the other lines. you can use the west trenton line you can use the fox chase line, even the market frankford line from northeast philly can get you into center city. or the option would be, again from trenton, you can use the rail line down and come over the ben franklin bridge and the patco the two best alternates for commuting not just today but most likely for the rest of the week. more whether we come right back.
5:53 am
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>> recap: five people dead, if you have questions: (800)523-9101. it is there on the bottom of your screen. getting bert images now that the sun's rising, sue serio. >> yes, summer official at
5:56 am
5:48 this morning basically as we speak the sun is rising, 62 degrees and steve mentioned this earlier you will definitely notice the difference, as you walk out the door this morning because the west northwest winds blowing at 10 miles an hour, took away the humidity, and the heat from yesterday. even though we're still on the mild side this morning. relative humidity down to 41% now. we have west northwest breeze at 10 miles an hour. so what we expect today, instead of yesterday's 88 degrees high temperature we have 70 for a high today. the breezes will be with us, maybe gusting about 20, 25 miles an hour today. mix of sun and cloud. tonight be prepared for much chillier night. maybe put that blanket back on the bed because we'll have overnight low of 48 degrees. our continuing coverage of the amtrak train derailment will continue in just a few moments, here on fox 29.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> i've never seen anything so devastating. >> it is an absolute disastrous mess. >> then it was just dark, and just dusty and just a lot of blood. >> huge suitcase came flying at me. our train was actually on its side. >> the human tragedy the devestation i can't imagine.
6:00 am
>> this is a nightmare. it can't be happening. >> a disastrous mess as the mayor said. he said it very aptly i think, horrific crash on amtrak last night at 9:27 in our city in port river monday. it is wednesday may the 13th, 2015. >> philadelphia mayor michael nutter said he has been in touch with city off initials new york and dc after amtrak train headed washington to new york city derailed in port richmond. we know at this point at least five people dead, as many as 140 people injured when the train tipped off the tracks, six people are in critical condition right now. >> half the people on that train were taken to the hospital. so, we have jenny joyce at temple hospital. sabina at 30th street station. let's first start with steve who has been at the scene for hours now. steve, what are you seeing? >> reporter: mike, we are far from the scene. even though we do have daylight we can't show you any vantage point from here. that's why it is great we have skyfox


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