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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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♪ right now at 6:00, disaster rocks our city to its core. >> crawl forward sir. keep crawling. >> hundreds of people trapped on train after it derails in a local neighborhood. >> it is an absolute disastrous mess. >> just a lot of blood and a lot of people. >> several people dead and we're only just starting to grasp the devastation. tonight the search for answers begins. >> we could be waiting for those answers for weeks even months and this is why. just look at this mangled mess.
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train cars strewn across the tracks. we now know six people died in this crash last night. another man passed away at temple university hospital a short time later. and many are still missing. >> skyfox live over the scene right now in port richmond as investigators continue to go through that wreckage right now trying to figure out how something hike this could even happen. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. here's what we know at this hour hour. seven people whom we know of died when amtrak regional 188 derailed in port richmond last night. ntsb confirming that train was traveling at more than 100 miles an hour when it hit a curve. the speed limit on that curve 50 miles an hour, half of what it was traveling at. more than 200 people ended up at area hospitals. travel in the northeast corridor it is ground to a halt. the scene it's still shows the sheer force and tragedy of what happened last night. as investigators comb through it all.
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>> we've got live team coverage for you tonight. dawn timmeney is at temple hospital where victims are being treated. >> karen hepp is in the newsroom gathering information about those kill. let's begin tonight with dave kinchen live near the scene. dave. >> reporter: ntsb just wrapped a press conference confirming what was original reported this amtrak 188 was going 106 miles per hour before this crash, that the engineer hit the brake but it was simply too late. let's go to some video that the ntsb actually released. this shows investigators on the scene, this is the closest up video we have in terms of great look at this crash site. the twisted metal. the crews looking at the tracks. looking at the train cars. looking at the braking systems. look at the signal indicators all of these thing. what they told us minutes ago was that the train was traveling 106 miles an hour and that there was a speed limit in this curve of 50 miles an hour. so clearly speed looking to be a
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factor here. this is a preliminary report that they gave us, but that's wait look like at this time. now the engineer as they say tried to hit the brake. we understand from philadelphia police sources that the engineer was questioned by east detectives and gave a blood test that's standard procedure. he was interviewed by police. not in police custody but the investigation continues. let's listen to the ntsb. >> at what point did the trip reach 106 miles per hour? our initial examination of the data we have not gone back that far because it is a very detailed analysis of reading those data. we wanted to fine out the speed so we could report those to you. we will be come asking up with a timeline. that's one of things we will do. but we don't have those exact figures at this point. >> reporter: the timeline as you heard there a critical critical part of this investigation, and part of this investigation also centers
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around the black box. now, officials tell us the black box was recovered. it is being analyzed at a facility in delaware and as you can imagine that will provide many many clues here. data information but they're also looking to do more interviews with the crew and of course many of the injured the folks who were injured once they get out of the hospital, if they haven't been released yet, they will talk to detectives and detectives will work with the ntsb and try to get all of this sorted out. back to you guys. >> dave, thank you very much. you heard dave mentioned the hospitals. they're still treating passengers that were on that train. some fortunate enough to go home today. others they're going to have to stay while longer. fox 29's dawn timmeney live outside temple university hospital tonight. dawn? >> reporter: lucy and iain chief medical officer here at temple hospital giving us an update late this afternoon. 23 patients still remain here at temple university hospital. eight of them are in critical condition after dozens were rushed here last night.
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some very shaken and severely injured. now, the rest of the people who are not in critical condition are in stable or better which is good news. about six or so are expected to be released from the hospital tonight. now, this hospital is a level one trauma center. so it trained for exactly this kind of situation. about 30 to 40 doctors treating the injured along with many others who were called in of the the doctors telling us almost everyone here who was brought here last night suffered some kind of rib injury and there were also several collapsed lungs. >> a loft the patients were stunned. you know they'd be regular folks on a train. expecting to get off at the next stop as this fellow from be in new jersey had been expecting to do and it just didn't happen. i know you folks know that it happened very fast. >> reporter: now the patient from new jersey that dr. cushing was just referring to is a
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49-year-old princeton man who died just after midnight. he suffered severe chest trauma. that is what doctors say killed him. now, all the other patients here are expected to make it which is good news. the timetable varies. they will will be trickling out in the next several days. the most critically injured may be here longer but the outlook looks about five to seven days iain and lucy for those others to be releaseed. >> all right. thank you very much, dawn. we wish them all the very best an speedy recovery. we're learning more about the accident we are learning more about the victims as well. fox 29 weekend anchor karen schep live in our newsroom with more on the victims. karen this is just devastating. >> really heartbreaking. these are families searching for the loved ones. we had dad tell us this morning saying his only child was missing. mid ship man from the naval academy. did we know anything. could we help his child. his worst fierce were confirmed we lost a great one.
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>> justin was everything you could ever hope for in a kid. he loved his country and his family. his mother covered her facebook page with his pictures now she's lost her only child who had made her so so proud. in high school he was valedictorian president of the student government and the football captain. the mid ship man was in his second year at the naval academy academy. >> this tragedy has shock us all in the worst way. and we wish to spend this time grieving with our close family and friends. at this time we ask for our privacy from the media. >> reporter: jim gaines was on his way home to new jersey. the video software designer for the associated press had been in washington for meetings. he leaves behind his wife and two children. the disappearance of rachel jacobs is front page news on many of the jewish papers around the world. the 39-year-old lives in new york with her husband and two-year-old son. friends say she teched him last night to say she'd made that train. >> he and i are the same motive let's just try to find her. >> emily foot works with rachel
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is a philly tech start up. today their offices were empty but they sent out this tweet. thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our ceo rachel jacobs. we are still looking for rachel and hope they will be with her family soon. her mother gill today jacobs is a long-time former senator from michigan who is now traveling here. right now everyone is trying to stay hopeful. >> i think we're in the just try to find her mode without thinking of the worst case scenario. >> reporter: one of the reasons hard to get an exact figure who was on that train is because a good number of passengers will use a monthly pass or a 10 pass which is what rachel did. she hadn't been scanned in so they didn't realize she was on that train but she texted her husband to say she had made it and was her way home. of course no one has heard from her. >> karen, thank you. amtrak has set up a shelter for families of victims of the train crash. it's at the marriott on the 1200 block of market street in center city. amtrak has also set up a hotline if you're still looking for
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someone traveling on amtrak regional 188 last night it's 800-523-9101. you might get a busy signal but please just keep trying. now karen talked about families who are desperate to find those still missing. as the hours tick by. you take the boy holding flyers of his dad hoping to find him. fox 29's shawnette wilson at that marriott we just mentioned in center city. shawnette, you've been talking with highboy. it's so sad. >> it's been a long agonizing night for them. bob, is the man whose family says he's hissing missing. his 13-year-old son has been passing out flyers asking for information and help finding his father. again bob guildersleeve is the man on the photo from baltimore. he's missing. his wife dropped him off at the train station yesterday. he boarded amtrak train 188 to go to new york for a business meeting. he works for a chemical company.
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his son tells me they have not heard from bob sin he left. they are worried sick. not sure if he has been hurt. if he's in a hospital or just has not been found. they drove here to philly this morning hoping to find their loved ones. bob is married and has two children. >> for me i haven't seen him since two hours before my lacrosse practice. >> that was when. >> that was yesterday eau about like 4:00, 5:00 o'clock. everyone is just frustrateed. the numbers they told us to call they supply very little information. everyone is just frustrated and worried and it's just -- it's hard to wait. it's hard to keep the patience. >> reporter: pretty watch they've been doing here. here's a picture of bob. the family is asking that you call philadelphia police or call amtrak if you know anything about him where he may be if you heard from him, seen him again they're staying here at the marriott. this is what the red cross has been using as somewhat of a shelter for families of people affected by the train derailment derailment. so again a lot of families out
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here today still looking for answers. 13-year-old boy somehow found the courage to come out today. he's desperately trying to find his father. back to you. >> we're praying shawnette, that he does. thank you very much. the derailment not just impacting to night's commute but it's going to be a tough one for days if not weeks to come. bob kelly is keeping an eye all that is going on, bob it's a lot. >> lucy, good evening everybody. here's the game plan for tomorrow. thursday service suspended on the amtrak northeast corridor. same as today between new york and philadelphia. they will will have limited service between philadelphia and washington. a modified limited service run between new york and boston but main northeast corridor new york to philly service suspended that includes the amtrak regional rails and the acela express. first of all from septa. at their press release earlier today they'll have shuttle buses in place. taking passengers from the trenton station over to the west trenton station. from there they're then going
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to have extra trains all day long on the west trenton line giving the commuter as chance to come into center stevie ya that option. or you can drive to the cornwell heights park and drive which is right off of the of 95 interchange. that big parking lot there will hold a couple hundred cars. shuttle buses will take those commuters to the frankford transportation center and then the market frankford line from there. how about some options on the new jersey side? of course, we have the river line which runs parallel to i-95. so from the jersey side, commuters can take the river line from the same trenton station down the jersey side. pick up the patco high speed line and then over the ben franklin into philadelphia. of course, anyone leaving philly and heading north you'll do both of those options and of course you'll have the reverse commute. tomorrow and friday this is going to be the game plan. today i think was a lot of folks did have the opportunity to take the day off. call in that that personal day but i think tomorrow we'll have to pack our patience and give
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yourself plenty of extra time for the morning rush hour. lucy and iain, back over to you. >> bob thank you. of course we continue to cover this amtrak derailment story all night here on fox 29. seven people confirmed dead when amtrak regional train 188 derailed in port richmond last night. we of course will continue our coverage right after this.
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♪ the search for answers continues tonight in this deadly amtrak train crash in port richmond. ntsb says preliminary report shows the train was going about 106 miles an hour into that turn. the speed limit there was only 50 miles an hour. the engineer slammed on the emergency brakes but it only slowed the train down a little bit before it lee derailed. tonight we know seven people are dead. many others are still missing and others remain in the hospital. the ntsb saying it expects to be investigating the crash in the city for at least a week. >> as the search and recovery effort continues right now as you said, iain investigators trying to figure out how something like this could have
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happened. >> as we mentioned earlier ntsb confirming the train may have hit speeds over 100 miles an hour in a reduced speed zone. jeff cole joining us live from the sight of the derailment as fox 29 investigates what went wrong jeff. >> the speed issue will be massive. we're at the 24th and 25th police district here in the city. this is interesting. it's become an area where federal investigators have gathered. they were here all day organizing their effort as they move forward to figure out what went wrong here. but here we are less than 24 hours after this horrible fatal derailment and speed has clearly emerged as a major issue in this investigation. at the 25th police district a wave of amtrak national transportation safety board federal railroad administration officials all flow into the building. >> is the engineer in there from what you know? >> they were tight lipped as they entered. gathered in an open courtroom the group could be seen listening to a speaker before
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reporters were urged to leave. >> i don't think they want you shooting pictures right now. >> reporter: paper was taped over the window. the national transportation safety board stunning report mid afternoon that the train was traveling at 100 miles per hour as it hit the curve known as frankford junction appears to be the clear direction the probe is going. speed restrictions on the big bend in the track used by septa as well as amtrak are designed to keep speeds to just 50 miles an hour. reports also indicate technology and in place on the southbound side of the tracks automatically restricts train speeds to 50 miles an hour. but similar safety measures are not installed on the northbound side where the ill fated amtrak train derailed. as for the engineer, sources say he was spoken to by police detectives earlier today and left. mayor nutter spoke about him this afternoon. >> the engineer was injured received medical care, was then interviewed by the philadelphia
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police department and made whatever statement he may have made. >> reporter: now you're now looking at the state flag that has been lowered obviously in recognition of the horrible tragedy that our city has suffered. believe me they will talk again to the engineer in this case certainly. we understand he was actually here at this district and this is where he was spoken to. another big point to look at here is the technology that apparently exists at other places along the line that would automatically, automatically slowed this train down but apparently doesn't exist here that may have led in part to this horrible tragedy. that's it from here the 24th and 25th. i'm jeff cole live. folk back to you. >> jeff, thank you with the northeast corridor shut down now this derailment will affect commuters for days if not weeks. >> bob kelly is back to help get you through all of it. bob? >> good evening everybody. think about it repairs not only to the rails but also to those overhead power lines that have to be made before trains can roll again.
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here's the game plan for tomorrow's morning rush hour. service remains suspended on amtrak between new york and philadelphia. that includes all regional rails and the acela suppress express. limited service from new york up to boston and from philadelphia down to washington but let's talk some the nats. first of all on septa. here's septa's game plan for tomorrow. from the trenton station, they will have non-stop shuttle bus service getting passengers from the trenton station over to the west trenton line. from there extra beefed up service all morning long. again this is the stretch of the northeast corridor where the accident occurred. also commuters can drive to the corn wells heights park and ride which is right there off of 95 and woodhaven road. non-stop shuttle service into the frankford transportation center. alternate for new jersey transit commuters would be the trenton line and then you can use the river line which will connect to you the ben franklin bridge and
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the patco high speed line. plan accordingly. give yourself plenty of extra time and think about carpooling or maybe getting dropped off at some of these alternates for the bus service for tomorrow morning. lucy and iain, back over to you. >> all right bob, thank you very much for that. now, let's get back to your weather. a couple of days ago we were flirting with 90. today i had to grab a coat before i took my boys to school school. >> it was a little chilly start out this morning. low this morning in philadelphia 60 degrees out outlying suburbs in the 50s. the high temperature today only 72 degrees. remember yesterday we saw a high of 88. so over the next several days, included in that tonight it will be cool, breezy, temperatures tonight into the 40s. then seasonal temperatures for tomorrow. the next best chance for scattered showers and storms will occur the upcoming weekend into early next week. iain and lucy. >> all right. thank you very much, scott. let's go now sky fox live over the scene of that amtrak crash and from the air to the ground fox 29 news has you
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covered on this crash in port richmond. new information coming in left and right. that train we now know was going twice as fast as it should have taking a curve in port richmond the search for the missing continues. we have more straight ahead.
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>> the search for answers is underway tonight in this deadly amtrak train crash in port richmond. the ntsb says that actually
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first of all let's talk about amtrak set up a family center at the marriott at 12th and mark street. there is a hotline that number to call 800-523-9101 if you have information or if you have anyone who's been on that train. that's the number to call. 800-523-9101. again the ntsb says preliminary report is showing that the train was going about 10 sick miles an hour when it went into that turn of course that speed limit is only 50 miles an hour on that curve. >> the engineer applied the full force of emergency brake but it only slowed the train by 4 miles an hour but it careened completely off the tracks. seven people who we know of confirmed dead. many are still missing. many others remain in the hospital. the ntsb expects to be at the crash scene for at least a week. of course we'll have your complete coverage tonight on fox 29 news at 10:00. and 24/7 at >> that will do it for us here at 6:00.
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