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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  May 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. more than a dozen shots rang out overnight in west philadelphia leaving one man dead what police are hoping will help them with their investigation this morning. voters heading to the poles in philadelphia for mayoral primary what the the election could mean for politics in the future. police are investigating a a string of break ins in south philadelphia why business owners are frustrated, the suspect is not off the streets just yet. >> that is the big concern. >> good day with that said this tuesday may 19th 2015 is what you are waking up to, fog, wet roads. >> you know what i have decided.
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>> just now. >> i can't wait for this. >> the next mayor of philadelphia should get everyone who first moves here, a handbook on how to pronounce, pre announce. >> pronounce. >> the the weirdest name. >> like champlost. >> champlost. >> conestoga. >> schuylkill. >> it is just too much when you move here, it is overwhelming. >> how about there is all kind of have road we cap talk about out there. there is towns neighborhoods. >> sue, you know how it is, when you look at that map and say what. >> what it looks like isn't necessarily what we say it. >> the hardest thing for me to get down when i said that was tredyffrin. >> that is a tough one. >> juniata. >> passyunk. >> moyamensing. >> do you say passyunk or passyunk. >> how about chalfont. >> you just said it. >> how but you say cheltenham.
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>> cheltenham. >> anyway, i went with a seven. i might go back to the six. it the is wet out there this morning and are foggy but i don't think balance of the the day will be quite as stormy as what we had yesterday. having said that we have storms in the the forecast for this afternoon. an area of rain moving through berks, lancaster county at the moment. some rain, mostly in new jersey and delaware right new to the south of us, here in philadelphia just a stray rain drop here or there. and then in the southern two counties of delaware and headed toward jersey shore another area of rain. 61 degrees with a mere 7-mile an hour win. but that will help with the fog. 93 percent relative humidity at 5:43 sun rise time. visibility in the so good in wildwood millville philadelphia, we're not even great with the visibility, two and a half miles. reduced visibility in lancaster, fog any pottstown
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and higher elevations of mount pocono as well as trenton. pretty much where ever you travel this morning you will run into fog in your journey. 83 degrees today warm, humid with scattered thunderstorms after this round of rain is over. we will get a break and then evening thunderstorms will finally dissipate and we will get some clearing with the low of 59 degrees. we will tell you what happens after that in the seven day forecast which will take us through bob kelly the entire holiday weekend. >> 5:03. that fog will slow us down, road are wet the from the rain on the overnight beginning your trip in south jersey here some fog along 42 and 55, but a shut down right now on the new jersey turnpike. here's the deal an accident following two tractor trailers one of which caught fire a bus and a passenger vehicle all north bound approaching exit number two. so all of the northbound lanes are block right now, i just talk to the turnpike and they say they could be with us for
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most of the morning and they have to hand off load the portions office tractor trailer. all traffic heading north bound or coming over that delaware memorial bridge forced to use i295. so at least we have a good alternate here this morning but if you use 295 to begin with we'll some extra volume ride ago long side of you heading north bound up in to north jersey. traffic light out in the busy intersection, boulevard and bustleton where levick and robbins all that comes together. you want to use harbison or devereaux to gain access and cross the boulevard through the neighborhoods this morning. that could be a while. we have to get crew to hit that reset button. day number two of travel between philadelphia and trenton. yesterday was a rough one i think things will be smoother this morning. trenton, and the acela express on amtrak running on time with the full schedule, this
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morning. and we will probably see fog delays at philly international. do check with the airline and give yourself some extra time if you tend to fly today, chris and lauren, back to you. philadelphia police say that they are hospitalized after being piss top whipped during a robbery last night this happened on champlost street around 11:45 last night. medics took the victim, who was hit on the head, to the hospital in stable condition. an investigators are trying to figure out identity of the victim murdered just before midnight in west philadelphia they say a 20 something year-old man was shot 18 times on the 1300 block of conestoga. police say they found a semiautomatic gun in an unlock buick suv park right near the man's body. because the victim was not the carrying id police are not sure hoe is. today is the day the people of philadelphia will choose their new mayoral candidate. >> fox 29's steve keeley live at ate polling location in mt. airy where the lines are really long, right steve.
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>> reporter: we did have an election already for you viewers just joining us a half an hour ago we had a one man one vote election and chris movie any a landslide elect for me never to wear a rain coat again, even though this fog is more like a rain out here. i can see rain drops between me and the camera. can you make that out at home or in the studio. >> that is the old gully washer there downpour. >> reporter: making sure that is there for to you wear. >> was it bright white it was brightest white i have ever seen. >> reporter: it is white, it is not memorial day. sue serio gave me a pass thaw can wear white. i had matching white hughes but decided they wouldn't work good with the black shoes on election day. >> color blocking if you did that. >> this is what we do, two hearst before the polling opens, folks, if you are watching and wondering what
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we're talking about. yeah, long lines here, this is reminiscent of the seven's when springsteen would a announce ticket sales at the spectrum. similar scene. long lines shoving pushing. you can probably not see it all completely through the fog but believe me there is screaming, cursing and all kind of shoving and elbowing as people jockey for position number one as soon as the doors opened here in mt. airy a at this polling place today. that is what we will talk about as we joke about turnout, it is going to turnout that only 10 percent of the people will vote. 10 percent of this city will elect the leader of this city for the next four years. people wonder is that right? david thornberg the great governor of the committee of 70 talk about how turnout is so low and how maybe we should start thinking about doing what other cities like chicago just did earlier this year and if in of these six candidates get an overwhelming majority usually 50 percent
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plus one if nobody gets half of the hundred thousand votes maybe we should have a second run off election almost like a match race and see eerie lex where we can see two people going head to head and then really, see the the issues around them. here's mr. thornberg talking about that possibility. >> i'm intrigued and i think it deserves much further exploration of various kind of run offs that we see around the the country. chicago has had one for 16 years where you have a primary, it is a non-partisan primary too. it doesn't matter when are republican or democrat you just vote for the candidates and if the winning candidate doesn't get at least 50 percent, doesn't have to go to run off which is what happened this past spring with marry manual. there are other sit that is have run offs there. i think what we have to realize is there is lots the of different ways to make choices like this and given the situation we're in now the
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numbers that we talk about i think that tea serves a good look. >> reporter: by the way some great viewer watching who will go nameless sent me a poll after they heard me say last week when they current candidates were fighting whether to keep commissioner ramsey. these guys should be luck that i commissioner ram i is didn't run for election because based on what i sianni hear in the community and talk to the real people that do vote, mr. ramsey, one of my favorite people in the world i make no apologies for that. he is a a great guy. people in philly are lucky to have him. he would win in a landslide. polls show he is mess popular person of everybody. 78 percent favor built rating. nobody else is enclose. he blows away ed rendell current mayor nutter, school superintendent and all of these candidates combined and high regard from white men and black women the most. so he is a cross section of respect in this city. so commissioner ramsey ever want to be mayor he said the word, and he is looking at a landslide win. the people don't think he
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should be the police commissioner are elect are lucky he is in the running begins them today good here's an idea continue on crease voter turnout, you serio my collogue here, had this idea, why not let people who pay the city wage tax and live out identify the sit have a chance to vote. we pay the tax in the city of philadelphia, what do you think of that steve. >> reporter: they pay a parking tax and city wage tax if you buy something city sales tax a lieutenant of suburban people, even folks from philadelphia and delaware pay taxes here in the city of philadelphia if they voted we would have a higher turnout for sure. >> thanks, steve. switching gears at 5:10. today marks one week since the deadly amtrak derailment that killed eight people in port richmond. ntsb is unsure if something hit that train moments before the crash but they are in the ruling anything out this say the the transportation agency officials that projectiles are a big problem and common one
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at that for trains. fox 29's jennifer joyce looking into that from port richmond, good morning to you jen. >> reporter: good morning. biggest question right now why is did that train speed up in the final 60 seconds prior to the derailment and it could take a year to find out what happened there. ntsb is looking into other factors that came into play. fbi ruled out gunfire hitting windshield of the train but federal investigators are trying to figure out whether a septa being throwing incident on amtrak's own track moments earlier had anything to do with the derailment. the the ntsb says windshield of train 188 may have been struck, in the just once but twice. people who lived by the tracks say they see kid throwing rocks at trains despite fencing, chris o'connell found open access to the track broken fences, gaping holes or no fence at all. septa chief tom nestle addressed the security issues
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yesterday. >> are fences going to be deif thed, or our method going to be defeat todd keep a met evacuated person from going in there. yes, they will. is there a persist tell? no. is septa committed and always working and insuring that the fence line is in place and secure? yes. if people see a fence line that isn't we'd like to know bit. >> i see kid playing every day around on this place throwing rocks to trains. >> when we get the calls from the engineer there is an a active event occurring by the time we get there and philadelphia police or amtrak get there the kid are gone. they throw roxanne they leave. it is difficult to get a handle on it. >> reporter: automatic train controls were installed on the tracks prior to service resuming yesterday. that system will ensure that trains go the proper speed limit around the curve. additionally is there talk about installing cars. five years ago federal accident investigating required video cameras to record and engineer's action but that didn't happen.
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investigating this crash they have the black box recording but that only shows what the controls did not what the operator did leading up to the crash, chris and lauren. >> a lot of questions remain unanswered jennifer, thank you. as our average continues right new on line at my fox we will have the latest information and images right there on the home page. 5:13. police arrested a man for kidnapping and rape of the woman in fishtown. >> twenty-four year-old an manual centron was arrested yesterday. investigators say he assaulted a 22-year old woman earlier this month as she was walking in the 2200 block of east york street. they say he pointed a gun at her, forced her into a reek will and then sexually assaulted her. right now police looking for a burglar who targeted business in south philadelphia a police say in ten days the same guy robbed a cell phone store, pizza a shop and bakery and made off with cash, goods and caused damage busting into those businesses. if you have any information you are asked to call police.
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coming up, are more gang members, headed to texas? why police are worried it could get ugly in waco after that deadly shoot-out between biker gangs.
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has anyone ever called you short. >> i'm 6 feet two 202-pound. >> um-hmm. >> i look like a little child next to john runyan, of course former eagles lineman. we had so much fun riding around in the cart. he is a good driver, of the
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cart. my driving is very consistent. >> runyan, doesn't stretch. >> lets see what you are made of right now. >> i am i'm getting more knocked needed as i age. >> do you know where that went. >> where. >> left in the trees good we had so much fun. we raise add lot of money for alzheimer's research at the trump national golf course in pine hill. that is one of the gentlemen we played with. >> good thing did you this yesterday because today is a little icy outside. >> it was humid hot sunny and then by the the afternoon it got kind of foggy and cool. >> right, we had a couple of systems that we're dealing with. so what you had yesterday was this cold front and now we have a warm front making its way through right now. we will stay on the warm side even though it was cooler this morning then it was yesterday
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at this time soon to be filled bay a cold front. little complicated right new but that is what is going on. out to the west we thought we would show so snow. no matter how bad it gets you don't to have deal with the snow they have in colorado. for us, it is rain around. not everybody is getting it the right new but it is damp out there and it is foggy just about every where. we have downpours between border of lancaster, berks county reading getting some rain at the moment. really light showers around philadelphia area across the river in salem county and gloucester county we do have a few stray showers, and there is some rain, from delaware that is starting to move into the southern tip of cape may county. cape may wildwood, we are seeing light rain at the moment as well. all that continues through about 6:00, 6:30 and then we will get a break in the action. brief one. because anytime after one or 2:00 in the afternoon, cold front comes through and that could touch off a few pop up then are storms, probably not
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as many as yesterday but keep an eye on the sky. probably around six or 7:00 o'clock you can get your games in tonight with the kid and it will be cooler tomorrow. noticeably cooler. foggy in wildwood, in millville, philadelphia, two and a half mile visibility at the a airport. same in lancaster. only a quarter mile up in mount pocono. foggy in trenton as well. temperatures in the 50's, and then in the suburbs. sixty-one in the the the city. sixty-two in wilmington. sixty-four in dover and wildwood and these are temperatures that are as much as 10 degrees cooler then they were yesterday at this time. definitely bring a rain coat, jacket you can elect whether to wear it or in the but you will have it with you. eighty-seven was our high temperature yesterday. today we're expecting a temperature in the 80's again. we're thinking 83 degrees today and big difference tomorrow, a high of only 71. it will be breezy. we will have wind gusts of
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around 25 miles an hour tomorrow but that will not mar our enthusiasm for spring fling in media for all day on wednesday, morning and evening. 68 degrees is all we will manage on thursday and then warming up for the holiday weekend. fur getaway day is friday, it would be fine. 76 degrees. cooler on saturday. seventy-three. seventy-seven on sunday. mid to upper 70's on monday with a chance of the pop up then are storm. so all and all the weekend forecast is good but not looking real good out there right now bob kelly on our road. >> tough to see out there. >> 5:20. live look at bennie coming into philadelphia an example mid span very visit. we have patco high speed line train making its first trip across the river into philadelphia. owe again be ready, leave extra wiggle room where that poor visibility comes up on you fast like out here in chester county. the whole 202 corridor from west chester all the way up through king of prussia socked in with some fog. we're closed on the new jersey
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turnpike all northbound lanes are blocked between exits number one and two about 4:00 he clock this morning. nasty accident involving two tractor trailer a bus and vehicle. one caught fire. the closer to exit number two they allowed the stuck traffic to squeeze through and right now anyone that comes over the delaware memorial bridge you are forced to go north on 295. the only good thing about all this is there is an easy alternate and it is 295 to get you up toward bellmawr and that 42 freeway. northeast philadelphia, traffic lights are out boulevard at bustleton. there is no cross traffic so to get from one side of the neighborhood to the other or gain access to the boulevard you want to use harbison or devereaux, this morning. just talked to septa all things are a go on the trenton line. they are making stops at all stations, that included north philadelphia, brideberg and tacony station. all trains all stops this morning and so far no delays
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on either the trenton line or, on amtrak on the northeast corridor. fog delays expect this morning, at philly international, so check with the airline and bring your patient as long with you as you head down to philly international, chris and lauren back over to you. detectives investigating a a hoot on you in texas plan to finish collecting evidence this morning. violence happened sunday afternoon when two separate biker gangs opened fire on each other in the restaurant parking lot killing nine people injuring 18 others. about 170 members of the rival motorcycle gangs are facing organized crime-related charges. >> there is a i few inside almost every club, and they live outside the bound of the law and unfortunately sometimes they make headlines. >> all of the bikers arrested and charged are in custody each held on one million-dollar bond. meanwhile police are on high alert after the threats that gangs could retaliate. coming up, have you book a summer getaway yet?
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if not you may want to hurry. we will expect a record number of travelers this year.
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we are hearing 104 deaths are being blamed on faulty ignition switches. the auto maker recalled two and a half million cars last year but acknowledged it knew about switch problems for more than a decade. victim families are being
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offered at least a million. gm also plans to compensation, 191 others injured in crashes linked to those faulty switches. and ann taylor and other stores are being sold for $2 billion. buyer is the the retail group which already own lane bryant, dress barn and within of chris's favorite stores. >> that is right. >> what is it. >> it is casey. >> the buy out was approved by the board of both of those companies. do you drink star bucks. >> do i not drink coffee. >> well, you have to listen to this do you like music. >> i love music. >> star bucks and spotify will team up that will give star bucks loyalty customers unique access to the streaming device. customers will be able to influence and specially inn store music on spotify. tar bucks has the the best pr machine in the world getting tuesday run their stories on the news. they will have access to play list on the stores after leading them through star bucks and spoti if.
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y apps. they will earn star bucks reward points if you like star bucks. if you have not booked your summer vacation, you may want to hurry and get this trip book. >> u.s. airlines are bracing for a record number of pass edgers from june 1 to august 31st, industry research group airlines for america says 222 million travelers will fly this summer travel season. that is up by almost 5 percent, over last year. >> i don't want to see an airport for a week now. >> it is a sign that the economy is heating up, people have discretionary fund to spend. >> to go on vacation. >> parts of the the utah experiencing the mess wet may honoraries event record but is it enough to combat that drought out there. >> devastating land slide leaves dozens dead in columbia, what triggered the avalanche of mud and debris straight ahead.
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at we will tell what you police found the at the scene. one week after the deadly train derailment, investigators releasing more information about that derailment. is there anyway to make our trains safer. and voters head to the polls this morning in philadelphia for the mayoral primary. what today's election could mean for politics in the future. good day everybody it is tuesday, may 19th 2015. quick moving sue serio behind
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us, moving to the weather walk. >> the walk of shame. >> the phillies quickly moved out of the cellar with six straight wins. >> while i was putting the phillies cap on buddy, i decided to give him a rain coat because there are showers around this morning and areas of fog. having said that for the future we will see a few peaks of sunshine this afternoon. so basically get ready for anything today, there will be a mix of sun and included but we have showers around right now, seven, out of ten is your weather by the numbers. here's an area of showers berks county, lancaster county. in fact a few heavier downpours there heading in to western chester and montgomery counties. and then widely scattered showers to the south of us, nothing going on here in the city right now. we have some damp roadways and plenty of fog out there but to the south of us there is some showers as well. so we have 61 degrees. relative humidity at 93 percent. 5:43 is your sunrise time.
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we have fog in wildwood, millville, philadelphia and lancaster have reduced visibility. only a mile in pottstown. trenton is foggy. so is mount pocono. plenty of areas that may slow you down with fog this morning. 83 degrees today. it will be warm, humid with scattered thunderstorms returning this afternoon. probably early this afternoon with lightening and thunder some just showers. lasting through the evening. clearing close to midnight and lows dipping down in the 50's once again and then we will get ready for a cooler change. we will have details on that coming up in just a few minutes. right now time to take a look at traffic and we have already had our share of issues this morning, bob kelly. >> we have issues with the fog and with the closure of the new jersey turnpike, all north bound lanes are block this morning between exits number one and two. here's the deal around 4:00 this morning an accident involving two tractor trailers. one of which caught fire. a bus and a vehicle.
5:33 am
so all four vehicles here together approaching exit number two right here on the northbound lanes. so all northbound traffic right new push off here at exit number one. so anyone coming over the delaware memorial bridge you can see sensors change to go yellow right there. that is the first sign of the slow down, traffic forced to go north on 295 up in toward bellmawr. that is the only good thing about all this is there is an easy alternate. turnpike officials say it could be a while combination of the the clean up, and hand off load the cargo from the what is damaged tractor trailer. so coming over delaware memorial all traffic heading north on 295. otherwise, traffic light are out at boulevard and bustleton, no cross traffic here in northeast philadelphia that will put extra volume in harbison and devereaux avenue. sue mentioned we are socked with the fog here's a live look at i295 in south jersey, curious to see whether or not fog played a factor in that accident this morning down
5:34 am
there near exit number two of the new jersey turnpike. here's a live look at route 202 working your way up between west chester and the king of prussia interchange. good news for mass transit uses. this is day number two. traffic rolling between new york and philadelphia septa says trenton line in, delays out of the gate making all stops this morning. that is good news especially for north philadelphia bridesberg and tacony users. no problems on amtrak, acela express, on time this morning at least so far chris and lauren, back over to you. philadelphia police investigating two violent crimes happening overnight just minutes apart. >> in olney around 11:45 last night police say a man was hospitalized after being pistol whipped during a robbery this happened near a chinese restaurant on the 300 block of champlost street. medics took the victim hit on the head to the hospital in stable condition investigators have no other information at this point when they to we will pass ate
5:35 am
long. 5:34. investigators trying to figure out identity of the rick tim murdered just before midnight in west philadelphia a police say a 20 something year-old man was shot 18 times on the 1300 block of conn stowing a police said they found semiautomatic gun in the unlock buick suv park near the man's body. because the the victim was not carrying id, police are unsure who he is. philadelphia residents will have a chance to pick a political fund runner during the mayoral primary election. polling locations across the city will be opened from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. anyone in line at 8:00 p.m. will be a allowed to vote. voters will nominate candidates for mayor city council, and state people court. one week after the deadly amtrak derailment, they are unsure whether the train was hit by something before the the accident but they are in the ruling that out. transportation agency say projectiles are a common problem for moving trains, a and that includes a danger of kid, throwing rocks at trains.
5:36 am
before the am train derailment last week, a septa train was hit by a projectile on those same tracks. septa police say this ising on dangerous that must stops. >> we want folks to understand the the danger of throwing rocks at trains. it is not a fun activity. it can cause injuries. it can cause damage. it can cause injuries to the person throwing the rock. >> septa says patrolling more than 200 miles of its own track is really challenging but asking the public to help identified security risk such as broken or unlocked gates that allow people to get too close to those trains. still ahead thieves using a flatbed truck to slam their way through a brick wall, you won't believe what they were trying to get from inside that store. but first we will introduce you to the flyers new head coach in his last name which sound anotherly i am lar to the gm's last name.
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phillies have have won six straight herrera broke a tie in the sixth inning last night with the two run double. phillies four-three win over the rockies in denver colorado. the six game winning streak is the phillies longest since the seven game streak in 2012. so tonight they may tie that streak. >> for the rest of the night in sports here's mr. eskin. >> this is fox 29 sport in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. flyers new head coach never
5:40 am
coached one second of hockey that includes minor league. the his name is dave hakstol he was head coach of the university of north dakota for 11 years. he went to seven hockey final four's. he has never coached or played professional hockey, that is professional too. last time a coach came to the nhl with in pro experience was back in 1982 with bob johnson. this is different than college. pro players make millions. so i asked hakstol how he deals with that. >> players want to be coached. i think as a coach you have to be very well prepared. you have to have a good plan and you have to be detailed. players at any level, you know, are players. they want to be successful. >> you take all of the information, you process it, and it was a process and you weed through it and you make a decision with your gut. this is a gut decision and i feel extremely comfortable with it. >> that is sports in a minute.
5:41 am
i'm howard eskin. >> hextall hires a had hakstol, by the way, two different spellings, two different names. coming up an emergency landing and an unusual spot where the plane was forced to land after mechanical problems. plus a huge truck firehouse down a highway what caused it to burst into flames, that is rid yes we saw and were wondering.
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some fog. >> yes. >> and it looks like a scary movie, don't it. >> donald pleaseance starred in the movie call the fog. >> that almost looked like london. >> london fog it is really pollution: the fact that the industrial age when london became known for its fog. >> yes, i lived in l.a., it wasn't fog but it was smog. >> they just didn't seem to call it that back then. fun to give you a preview of the weekend down the shore for the holiday. do not expect a hot weekend at the shore. we will have a sea breeze to deal w saturday and sunday we may not see temperatures in the 70's, not ideal at the beach but you'll still be away. that is the important thing. ocean water temperature is only 59 degrees. by memorial day we will inch in the 70's. this is the shore forecast. but we could get a pop up then
5:45 am
are storm or two. that is an early call on your holiday weekend down the shore. we are looking at ultimate doppler radar showing you a little bit of snow in colorado. whatever you get here you won't feel quite as bad about. we are dealing with fog. we have a few showers an area that is moving through berks county this morning heading mostly into montgomery and chester county in a few moments. then widely scattered really light showers moving down the ac expressway toward atlantic city and at the jersey shore let's say cape may and wildwood we are getting a few areas of rain with lewis delaware, bethenny beach. so after this is all out of here we have a few more hours to deal with that this morning. the it will be mostly cloudy, a few, peaks of sunshine here and there abe then one or 2:00 in the afternoon we will see more pop up showers maybe a thunderstorm or two as a cold front comes through. new that cold front is key to the cooler temperatures that we will get startling tomorrow. so by six or 7:00 we are
5:46 am
thinking that cold front has push off shore. at least most of it. we will get readied for skies to clear. you can see that happens at 11:00 o'clock tonight. we will get chillier in the morning tomorrow and then cooler in the afternoon then we will be today. mile and a half visibility in wildwood, even less in millville, lots of areas of fog. we have been seeing them all morning on bob kelly's traffic cameras. we have pottstown with reduced visibility allentown mount pocono sock in with some fog at the moment. it is 61 degrees in philadelphia 62 lancaster. fifty-seven allentown, mount pocono pottstown. sixty-two in atlantic city. 64 degrees in wildwood. these temperatures are cooler then yesterday but we still get into the 80's before that cold front comes through. maybe not this warm like yesterday where we zoomed up, with our temperatures, topping off at 87 degrees at philly international yesterday. probably about 83 today and look at how much cooler
5:47 am
tomorrow high of 71, and with gusty breezes it will feel cooler then that but it will be refreshing after all this humidity from the weekend and beyond we are looking forward to seeing you in media either in the morning or in the evening, or both for our spring fling tomorrow and we just showed thaw shore forecast for the weekend, it looks like we will be in the 70's saturday, sunday and monday around these parts with a decent amount of sunshine all three days, bob kelly. >> great for those memorial day parade as well. 5:47. here's an update on the closure of the new jersey turnpike. the massty accident. it happened around 4:00 right when we went on the air here. two tractor trailers, a bus and vehicle. now one of those tractor trailers caught fire and there is some debris, clean up, and obviously they have to hand off load one of those tractor trailers. bottom line it happened right here on approaching exit number two on the north bound side. they clean it up, all of the
5:48 am
stuck traffic and right now anyone coming over delaware memorial bridge forced to go north on 295. so it is closed, between exit number one and two on the north bound side, and southbound there is a a lot of emergency equipment tend to go that accident, but there is the right shoulder getting on by on that southbound side. 295, is best alternate otherwise, in problems up and down the northeast extension but we do have have some fog delays as sue mentioned. here's a live look at route 309, just a above the pennsylvania turnpike and it is thick. comes up on you fast at times. hit and miss. here's a live look look benjamin franklin bridge. an example of what you deal with as you step out the front door this morning n northeast philadelphia roosevelt boulevard at bustleton avenue traffic light are out. so police there are with in cross traffic. we have to go either north to harbison or a little further south down to devereaux maybe
5:49 am
pick up oxford circle there nerd to get across from the boulevard from one side to the other. first couple of flights getting out without a delay but with the poor visibility i think the if you go will play a factor in our air travel this morning. be prepared for that heading down to the airport and pack your patients. no problems yet. fingers crossed on the northeast corridor. everything back on a normal schedule i might add. trenton, the trenton line, they are topping at all stops including north philadelphia. no delays on the trenton line this morning. so far so good on amtrak on the northeast corridor. chris and lauer than, back over to you. two-year old girl hit by a broken chunk of the window sill in manhattan has died. she was standing on the sidewalk with the grand matter sunday when a a piece of decoration eight stories up felon top of them. the building had been inn expect in 2011 in accordance with the decade old measure requiring buildings taller than six stories be evaluated every five years.
5:50 am
police in washington d.c. want to talk to the person of interest in the slaying of the family and their housekeeper. police are searching for this man possibly involved in the murders of four people, found dead inside of a burning maryland home. fire fighters found the man, his wife and two others believed to be the couple's son and housekeeper on thursday. police say someone set the house on fire after the murder. a airplane returns safely to los angeles after reporting a mechanical problem. shortly after take off officials say a light in the cockpit, indicating potential problem, came on, pilot return as a precaution and circled off the california coast burned off fuel before landing. the plane had 290 passengers and ten crew members on board. a plane in kentucky forced to make an emergency landing yesterday on a highway. pilot noticed a mechanical problem midair and was able to land successfully on that roadway, and in one in the plane or on the roadway was hurt. a fiery crash caught on wisconsin interstate forced a road to close near milwaukee.
5:51 am
six black plumes of smoke seen on a traffic cam. officials believe a semi flipped on to its side, caught fire, both side of the interstate were closed for a while after that crash. luckily police say no one was injured during the wreck and cause of the crash is under investigation. trains are out of service in one part of the illinois after a construction project weakened land underneath the tracks and embankment collapsed. crews were digging a new trench. not sure when the train will be able to run again those trains take riders from the suburbs to chicago. >> it is a construction project not a destruction project. record rainfall in utah this month still is not enough to combat the drought. it is most wet may in recent memory but you still not nearly enough to make up for inch and a half they are used to getting from melting mounting snow. it means reservoir relief in the a licensing term solution though. >> rescuers rushed to the site of the deadly land slight fearful a second lied would
5:52 am
claim even more lives. heavy rain triggered flash flood that swallowed homes and created a mud slide, 58 people are known dead but officials fear that number could rise as they locate those currently on the missing list. the president said those affected will be given food and shelter promising their homes will be rebuilt. prosecutors are in mexico saying a group of kid tortured and killed a six year-old. >> investigators say kid considered what they were doing as playing although it was down ride sinister. okay. here are the details. five kid allegedly involved in this boy's death range from 11 to 15. police say the boy was tied up that he was choke and then stoned and stabbed. this is hard to listen to his body was buried in the shallow grave. boys body was discovered two days after the attack. coming up, some thieves will do anything to break into a store even slam a flatbed truck through a brick wall what police say they were trying to get their hand on.
5:53 am
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on this tuesday morning 5:55, the the weather story is all that fog in center city or olde city for that matter. caught on camera, thieves using a flatbed to break in the wicker store this detroit. take a look, this is early saturday morning a masked man with a mining light then goes in looking for a safe, but
5:56 am
settles for a few bottles of vodka and cigarettes. her partner follows, also taking alcohol the damage in the tens of thousands of dollars. with a flatbed tow truck making damage i have never seen such a thing. >> get this, this is not the first time either, police say they have reports of the same scenario at four different liquor stores in detroit each time they getaway. police looking for a gunman in the overnight shooting, that left one man dead what police found that could track him down. it the is primary day all eyes are on the race for mayor of fill arc we will talk about the big issues voters are thinking about heading to the polls straight ahead on good day philadelphia
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
we will start waterrible accident on the new jersey turnpike, two tractor trailers, and a bus and a car have slammed together. north bound lanes at exit number one and two shut down. bobbies on it, of course. >> man tries to rob a bank but runs into trouble before the police even get there. the good samaritan that took him down. and it is election day, ladies and gentlemen. the polls will open up in one hour. there they are at the debate. those are just the democrats. who is on the republican ticket. >> what is her name. it is a woman.
6:00 am
yes. a quiz. good day everybody. we will get to the hi everybody. >> it happened at 4:00 o'clock as we went on the the air this morning. north bound lanes of the new jersey turnpike, approaching exit number two, two tractor trailers, a bus and a passenger vehicle all collided here. one of the tractor trailers caught fire. right now all north bound lanes are blocked between exit number one and two. the accident happened, a approaching exit number two and in the southbound side of the turnpike. there is a lot of emergency crews on that left shoulder. bottom line anyone heading north will have to use 29 56789 traffic over delaware memorial bridge forced to use 295 as well. that is only good thing we have an easy alternate here in 295 heading up through swedesboro and up toward bellmawr. so, keep in mind allow some extra time heading northbound, this morning.


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