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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  May 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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humble by the coalition support that made me the democratic nominee for the mayor every city of philadelphia. >> yes, he is, that's jim kenny. wins the democratic bid for the next mayor every philadelphia. the changes he promises to make, if he wins the race in november against republican candidate. melissa murray bailey. and massive recall to tell but this morning. millions of cars are being recalled, because of defective airbags. i know we told you about this story a while ago, but millions more. we will tell if you your car could be on this list. >> 35 million cars. all right, big news last night. the balls were rolling around, nba lottery was last night. did all every those good luck charles work? the players, the sixers could end up with, after getting that third pick. who do you want to be the next sixer? >> and we are in media. springing and flinging, there is chris and there's quincy. >> we're at the cafe, drinking
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smoothies, having good time. we have the south haven silver tones. >> the silver tones. >> guess what? we have one of fox 29's greatest report he is, their son is singing. who? we will find out. >> which one of them is the son of one of our fox 29 -- >> you'll find out. jennaphr frederick, what are you doing? >> okay, i've reunited when one of my old friends, does everyone recognize andrew? wave high to everyone. hello. last time you saw him he and i were singing hard knock life at the beach. >> yes, uh-huh. >> and we will sing a song again today. can he stay to sing a song, mom? okay. by the way last time mike and alex you might remember we couldn't find his parent. i mean -- >> that's the court diner right there. i know that place. that's in media, pa, sue. >> right. i thought eating a meal or two there. >> please. that's everybody's neighborhood. >> everybody's hometown. >> everybody's hometown, media, pa. >> ya, wonderful. i'm excited.
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>> just get your face up out of bed. get outside. you should feel how great it is today. >> it does feel good today. this morning nice, cool. >> nice and cool. >> low humidity. like our sue serio, refreshing perfect, yes. >> she has low humidity. >> i know. >> even on my good days. let's take a look at the number of the day. you ready? go on. double digits, thank you. there you go. bus stop buddy though, sweatshirt is not a bad idea. standing outside waiting for the bus today, breezes have pick up, it is a little bit cooler. and don't forget your shades. you'll need them at some point today. satellite and radar picture, noggin said g here too badly just yet. 62 degrees, 8-mile per hour breeze out of the north wells. there is your relative humidity. red yesterday 89, 909%? 56% today. much, much better. so, for the spring fling, in media, the county seat of
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delaware county, in the lower 60s this morning, mid 60s by noon, and a high temperature today of 73 degrees. that's 10 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. and we will talk about the holiday weekend, coming up in just a few minute. bob kelly, how is traffic right now? >> well, we got couple every accidents on the talcony palmyra bridge. last time around, i told you, we were waiting for an opening. well, while we were waiting for the opening, since come and gone, two separate accidents, on the talcony palmyra, headed into new jersey. one cleared up, one near the philly side, second one on the jersey side. right near the toll plaza. so if you are getting ready to leave philadelphia right now, heading into new jersey, we already have a delay, your best bet, head for the betsy. here is a live look at 422, starting to see some jams in the traffic cams. royersford, in toward route 23, we throw little sun glare in there for the beginning of the morning rush hour, heading in toward amtrak's 30th street station here in center city,
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some volume, already back up, as you exit for 30th street at the top of the hill. and the rest of the major roadways like 42, coming in from new jersey, even the motorcycles are out early this morning, but the delays on the black horse pike into 295. this accident here, northbound lanes of route one, bucks county, right at hulmeville road. taking out the left lane. so we got about 20 minute trip northbound, and we're in guide shape on mass transit. trenton line, asela express, regional lines, all running with though delays this morning. delays on the schuylkill, some sun glare from conshy into belmont, south on 95 heavy through the work zone at girard avenue. mike, alex, over to you. >> jim kenney celebrating this morning after defeating his five competitors to secure the democrat side. the nomination for mayor of philadelphia. of course, on the republican side, melissa murray bailey, she was unopposed, or she won, so they'll -- i almost said battle it out. please. in november.
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philadelphia's not had a republican mayor since 1952, i believe it was, 52. >> well, let's get to steve keeley liver at city hall, thee election results, surprising. but were you saying, probably year ago, we wouldn't have expected this. >> i thought it would be closer race between mr. williams and mrs. kenney. >> that's why you're not a political analyst, mike. >> that's exactly why i am not. i don't want to be because they're boring. >> but still better political analyst than you are a predictor how soon traffic mess will be cleared up and the street will reopen. >> what's that mean? >> that road will be open in a half hour. then that guarantees it will be shutdown for the next six hours. >> true. >> long running, yes. >> closers, politics. >> yes, every time, the moment you say well that looks lick it will be wrapped up soon, it is 3:00 p.m., still shut down. anyway. >> all right, you jerk. go ahead, do your report. >> all right, look. even though you mention a very successful business woman at
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36, miss murray bailey, was going to run, this still could be two man race for mayor. why? because the news that may come out, the day after the primary election, is that we could have a big name independent entering the race for the top office here at philadelphia international airport city hall. and somebody who knows city hall well, and it is a name that philadelphians know well. they elected his dad as mayor once, bill green, they elected him as they have gem kenney six times. that large councilman, bill green on the school reform commission, so he has inside working knowledge of what jim kenney and a lot of people think is the number one issue for philadelphia voters this year. and that is education. so bill green says he'll announce real soon, and decide real soon, if he hasn't decided already, whether he'll run as an independent, which will make this november general election a will the more interesting, than yesterday's primary.
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>> strained relationship between the community and our police. >> all eyes will be on philadelphia with next year's democratic national convention. >> if i elect in november i will need this coalition to help to tackle bolt our challenges, and meet our great potential. remember, we all must work together, if we expect all of philadelphia to move forward together. >> all right, mike, you know what our viewers want to know. the only result they want to know is how did you do in this race? because april 1st wasn't that long ago. >> no. >> mike, you didn't do too good. i'll tell you why you didn't do good. >> there was 22 write in's, mike, so what do you have do, one of your many personal assistants have to do, go down to election headquarters and find out who got the write in votes. were you one of throws 22 names or more than one of the 22? >> only 22 wrote in's?
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>> yes. >> you thought, mike, you know you thought you would beat milton street, didn't you? >> i real did i. >> yes, you're not even close. so anyhow, anyhow, mike, you may have gotten .01 of the vote if you got all 22 write in's. >> all right, i'll look it up. >> we'll finds out. we'll find out. maybe that will make the newspaper. >> steve, why don't we get like other cities, get to up speed here, why do you have to have a political affiliation to vote? >> i thought that just how it is in the primary? >> like in chicago you can be anything, independent republican, democrat, not have any affiliation, still vote. >> well, how about what we talk about yesterday, possible runoff election if you don't get over 50% of the vote? jim ken i would have blown that away, too. woe have won even if we do what chicago does, how much after big win he had. i mean, he is very, very popular right now. and i wonder if it is going to even increase in popularity, the difference between him and the next person, by november. but, bill green certainly has a big following this town. so, he'll at least make it
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non-boring for us in the media business. >> true. that's your big headline this morning, bill green may get into the race as an independent. see what happens. thanks, steve. 7:09. >> for some other result, long time council members w wilson goode, jr., he had neilson, fail to hold onto their seat. >> that is kind of surprising. both at large. >> marion tasco, alan dom, condo developer. so remember you can find all of the result on our website >> so he change my last name to green. that's the way to go. you got two greens, and greenlee. >> green seems to be the way to be. >> the whole country has gone green. >> true. >> other news, it was a violent, i mean, violent night in this sit. >> i police are investigating several shootings happening
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overnight, and whether we say several, this yes happening in all different locations. >> leaving more than half dozen people wounded. >> jenny at the round house. >> total of five shootings, eight people in all, shot two men dead, several more people are fighting for their lives this morning. yesterday, around 5:30, in west philadelphia, a man and a woman were both struck by gunfire, on the 1500 block of north ren field street. the 36 year old man shot in the back was transported to the hospital, but later died. woman some in the back side in stable condition according to police. no arrest haves been made. two more shot, frandford avenue near stella street. police say 22 year old man took a bullet to the back, didn't make it, a second man in his 20's, suffered a graze wounds to his head. he's in stable condition at temple hospital. no one is in custody. >> responded to multiple
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calls, reports of gunshots, person shot on the highway, 2900 block of north frank for avenue. >> they found two victims. >> twenty-one year old shot in the head. returned to temple hospital, presently in stable condition and conscious, and talking. a second mail, 22 year old male, was unconscious, on the sidewalk. also, on the 2900 block of frankford avenue. he was shot twice. once in the neck one in the torso. police took him to temple hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> police are hoping surveillance cameras in the area can help them investigate all of these crimes, and another double shooting, just before 10:30 last night on the 5400 block of ringwood street in southwest philadelphia, dispatchers confirm that two men in their 20's, were shot in the leg, only one was transported, police say, this incident was related to a robbery, and then two additional shootings in roughly between 5:30 and 7:30 last night leaving two more men in critical condition.
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>> 7:11 this wednesday. >> two brother accused of exchanging gunfire with wilson during armed robbery at game stop in north philadelphia march 5th. wilson, who left behind two young children, was promote today sergeant after his death. >> and the hearing is taking place, the same day as fundraiser benefit the wilson family. $2 from every hoagie sold at ricci's hoagies. >> south 11 street. >> will go to his loved once, # dollars for every hog. >> i by the way the own letter join us live on good day in just a little bit. i know it is early in the morning. but get over there. they're going to open in a couple every minutes to raise some money for officer wilson's family. >> yes, good thing. >> so i know you might not want a hog think early in morning, but they have other stiff there, too. >> or buy it, get it wrapped up, eat it for lunch. >> great idea, nicely done. >> i'll buy a round of hoagies
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for everybody. >> you will? >> if they deliver. >> i'll provide the cash, you do the dash. >> or if the owner is going to be here, maybe we should call the owner. >> i'll buy. >> all right, wonderful, thanks, bob. >> i don't want you to think it will be around noontime. it is happening now. >> yes. >> ricci's hoagies. >> let's raise as much as we can. >> did i tell you spring fling again today? it is today. >> it is today. we're in media. so quincy, chris, on a tour in style. on a toll. >> i oh, that's a fixture in media. that's where chris o'connell lives actually. >> yep, it is, guys, and they call media everyone's hometown. but it is also my hometown. that's why, i want to show you, very proud of this place, take a look at state street. early this morning, the main drag in media a lot of great stores, a lot of great independent local boutiques, and one of the best parts about state street, this septa
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101 trolley. the character of the small town, we're going to take you on a ride, on the 101 brian here, i see him all the time, can i ring the bell? >> first every all, this, they call it everyone's hometown. >> yes, it is very nice, and i've been riding this for almost 22 years now. >> this line has been in existence for over 100 years. let's go down straight street. we will take a walk. we've got some passengers, good morning, lady, how are you? having fun? >> you take the trolley every morning? >> yes. >> say hi to mike jerrick. >> hey. >> hello, mike, i love you. >> and, oh, wait. hold on. go back there, mike. i want to introduce. can i use the speaker? >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us, on the
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septa trolley, 101. on board with us, quincy harris, from fox 29 and the straight haven silver tones. >> guys, this is -- guys, so, i told you, it is a reporter, right? fox 29. his son. right here. jeff cole's son. hey. hello. >> okay, jeff cole's son. i think he'll do an investigative report. and we have this. >> they'll sing for us coming up. you don't want to miss. >> this back to you in the studio. >> gentlemen, jeff cole's son, very much into theater, stuff like, that yes. >> that's what jacks you up. >> true. >> that's what jacks you up. you have to do the eyebrows. every time i see it, i have to do it. >> you know what they should say? what is that trolley song?
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clang clang with the trolley ♪ ♪ >> ♪ mimi at the fair. >> oh, darling. >> that's what. >> jack up. >> could be bad allergy day, chilly mount pocono, 49 degrees, bethlehem, 53, allentown, 56 degrees. closer to the sit, we have 62, in philadelphia. in chester, it is 56 degrees.
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in bensalem, 59 degrees. so this is a little cooler than yesterday. sixty at the shore, in atlantic city, and 65 degrees, down in cape may. so, that's where we are right now. no rain to show you on radar. not really, until tomorrow, and that's a southern storm, we may not get any rain from that, either. we'll see what happens with that, winds speed, 16 miles an hour out of the northwest up in mount pocono, 8-mile per hour breeze here in philadelphia, 12 miles an hour down in wildwood. it was mild, not wild, yesterday, because we really didn't get too much thunderstorms, just couple, here and, there we did get up to 83 degrees, it was humid, for a good periods of the day, 75 is the average hi, and we will be a lot closer to that, today. see? 73 degrees, is our high today, spring weather returns, just in time for our spring fling. lots of clouds tomorrow. and high of 66 degrees. maybe a stray shower specially if you're south of the city.
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>> we will be telling you all about the activities, this weekend, now, it is memorial day itself. when we have a chance of afternoon pop up thunderstorm. and we get back into the eight's, as well. there is your seven day forecast, here's bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning, clock 18 this wednesday morning. double accidents, on the talcony palmyra. the one that is still with us is the direction coming into philadelphia now. right at state road. as soon as you come the down side in philly, rid, there opposite one headed into new jersey, has been cleared. so the talcony palmyra little rough going here this morning, this accident here northbound lanes of route one at hulmeville road. that will jam goes all the way back to the pennsylvania turnpike. so, if you are jumping off at philly bensalem, heading north up to say toward the neshaminy, penndel, levittown interchange, be ready for back up, northeast philly here we
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go. holy family had their graduation. heavy girard, rush hour. how is your curve hike? >> looking good. >> little sun glare ready to pop up. so another ten, 15 minute, we will get that wick sun glare coming around conshy, this will cause a delay into downtown. coming in from south jersey, the freeway, little slow heading in toward 295-6789 but mass transit and the airport looking good. mike, alex being back to you. >> speaking of cars how about this gigantic auto recall? 34 million cars called back for airbags. is your car one of them? we'll tell you how you can find out. >> how does super size savings sound to you? >> what's super size savings? >> it is hard to say, that's for sure. well the trick is saving big. the next time go shopping. >> you know, there is a certain day of the week that you should shop at these big
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outlet stores. where the prices are even better. i'll tell you what day that is. >> do you have know when to go, mike.
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>> media theater behind these kids, i know who these kids are, strathaven high school silver tone. >> oh, they sound lovely. >> yes. i like the young laid how wore that big hat. >> you do like that hat. she is smart. look at that sun hitting them. >> that's jeff cole's kid over there on the right with the good hair. >> jeff cole has good hair, too. >> well. >> i'll tell you, good hair, you know what god hairdos for you? >> what? >> jacks you up. >> you got to dot eyebrow, mike. >> sorry. >> that's what jacks you up. >> i can't do the eyebrow. >> you can't do one? >> can't. >> too much botox. okay, the largest recall american automotive history now underway. japanese manufacturer of the
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airbags double the number of recalls to 34 millionaire bags. >> responsible six deaths, more than 100 injuries world-wide. oh, let's bring in lauren on this one. so they doubled it. >> doubled it, yes. >> you guys totally scared me. if i'm about to get into my car this morning, hi, guys, i'm saying oh, no, what's going to happen to my airbags? okay, this is what you want to do first. you want to head to this website safer car dot gov/recallsspotlight. nut your vin, vehicle identification number, will let you know if your car is recalled, at least ten brands being recalled, they have these airbags made by the japanese company tack cat a what we've seen in hundreds of cases don't know the exact reason, but what we've seen is something hams with the inflater in the airbag that caused it toy vent eventually erupt. when it does that, metal pieces going flying into the air. they come down, they've actually killed the driver and the passenger. so you want to know if that could happen to you.
7:25 am
how many do regulators not know the cause of this? it is strange. a, very difficult to work with takata, but b, the thinking is if you live in a hot or humid place, like florida, george, a around the golf coast there, the moisture in the air causes a chemical reaction in the airbags, which causes the erruption, anyway, they're not surement the issue is ticketing this. how do you get parts to the dealership in time? they'll prioritize the people in the south first, but definitely want it check and something to consider. >> 34 million is huge by the way. remember tylenol recalled being back in the 80s, 90s? that was 34 million bottles potential poisoning, this is 34 million cars, biggest auto recall here ever.
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>> you go to safer car come on, seriously, that long? >> look at that,. >> oh, gosh, seriously? >> they want to make it complicate in the. >> oh, oh, page not found. >> oh, great. so many people ton. >> they moved t there is a link t wasn't working earlier this morning. just go to safer >> safer >> that's easier to remember. >> a lot easier. you're multi that is king, look at her, working the computer, talking on tv. >> drinking a shake. >> wow. >> i don't know. well, i got all of my make up. late this morning, did i some make up. >> oh, so you do your own make up lauren? >> sometimes. >> she said sometimes. she got airbrushed probably 20 minute ago. >> no, i don't like air brush.
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>> i love air brush. >> really? >> oh -- >> i feel like when they're done i'm like i can't move my face. >> that's what i want. i don't want to move my face. >> i've never been airbrushed. >> oh, the best. instead of this, 30 years of this? >> let them do it. >> okay? >> one minute, over. >> air brush, own machine -- >> he's cool. >> 7:27. got to take a break here. >> we will check in with spring fling i think. >> jen is out there with bill anderson. and i see jen in the background. >> i love his shirt. >> right? you like this, right? we're representing fox 29 spring fling, of course, we're at the court diner here on baltimore pike in media. coming back to show you why jen is singing, she is putting together a band, and trying to get some twitter followers for fox 29 fan. oh, god help us. but come on out.
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>> we're flinging, spring flinging. >> we're flinging something as we do every morning, yes, 7:30, in media. >> that's the middle school band. >> i bet they sound good in we could pop the sound up. >> no, sound of silence.
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>> simon and garfunkle. >> oh, my goodness. >> it is wednesday. >> oh, wonderful, mike. >> you know, in fifth grade, sister louella tried to get me to learn to play the flute. >> really? >> she said it is like blowing into a coke bottle or pepsi. soda bottle. >> do you sometimes do that in restaurants? or places? >> rarely. >> don't do that much any more. >> how did the flute go? >> it was like one week, that was it. sue, ten today? >> yes indeed. bus stop buddy, in a jacket this morning, breezy, and don't forget your shades, you'll need them too. nothing to show you on radar. let's go right to the current temperature. 62 degrees, the breeze is out of the northwest, and the humidity is down, relative humidity, at 56%. we were at 90% yesterday.
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not a good hair day. breezes may mess you up. high temperature today, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. >> yes, 7:32, good morning, sue. on a wednesday morning, live look at the benny coming into downtown philly, starting to seat big first back up here see some sun glare, see the sun glare with shadows cast here, 476, right near route one, as you roll through delaware county. also, a live look, at i95, working your way southbound down toward the construction zone, into girard. now we had two earlier accidents, on the talcony pal my, a one causing those problems right now is the one coming into philadelphia. the betsy ross, though, looking good. northbound lanes every route one, watch for accident at hulmeville road. otherwise, all of the bridges looking good. and mass transit running with though delays. mike, alex, over to you. >> i'm honored and forever
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humble by the coalition of support that made me the democratic nominee for mayor in the city of philadelphia. >> running against five other people. >> that's right. so, there were six democrats on the ballot, former city councilman, jim kenney came out ton top, mayor of philadelphia. >> now he'll go up against in november, in the what do they call it general election, melissa murray bailey, ran unopposed, will be on the ballot in november. mark, good to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> now, give me your credentials here. >> reporter for billy penn. com. new mobile website here in philadelphia. ben around for about six, seven months. we do the news, only local news, it is all philadelphia. we have a young audience, geared towards young people. >> and you follow sports, politics, news, let's talk about politics. >> yes. >> we're talking, about a year ago, this wasn't, what do they
7:34 am
call that, what's that, fatecomeple. >> jim kenney wasn't going to win this. >> not by a very much. november, in december, it was jim kenney, still just on twitter, yelling at cowboys fan kris at the, he was known for. >> never really thought about the mayor until it was late january, after clark withdrew from the race, or decide he wouldn't run. >> what do you think happened then? where was the switch? >> i think it was darryl clark. darryl clark was sort of the union guy at that point. held funds raiser for him last year. so at that point, once he withdrew, it was jim kenney was now sort of the union favorite. >> and darryl clark walk up to the microphone and said i endorse this guy right here, jim kenney. >> i think what's did it, kenney had a lot of great backing, women's rights activists, gay rights activists, big labor union. >> differs group. there were the police, firefighters, and that's what
7:35 am
tony williams didn't v did he not have the coalition support that kenney raved about last night. and i think that's what cost him. you look at him. only worn wards in south philly, southwest philly, maybe couple, where jim kenney had almost the entire sit. >> i yes. when hardy williams kate out, get rid of commissioner ramsey -- that took a hilt? >> i think d i think he wanted to see that as a way of aoun fighting to some extent some of the voters he was looking for, but commissioner ramsey so popular. he's decreased crime. he has been part of the stop and frisk culture, which is going to go away with jim kenny so he says, but ramsey, he's just not really been identified with that stop and frisk. >> of course williams in the last couple of weeks says that he has on tape jim kenney saying that you know i might make a switch when it comes to the police commissioner, too. >> absolutely. did he kind of bring that out. that never really gained a lot
7:36 am
of traction. >> nope. and even there were some attack adds, other things kenny say when it comes to police, handling certain situations in the neighborhoods. >> i never thought i would know the word feather duster so much in a political campaign. >> true. over and over. >> i know it. and i think that williams, he put in -- he had put in million dollars for him, or packs put in $1 million for williams, just to put ads in the last couple weeks of the race. so his name continually south there. just did not resonate. >> some people are saying it is stunning that williams lost this. >> yes, i think it is. if you look at this race as a whole, again, which started in september, when the first person declared terry, who withdrew from the race quickly, but williams and lynn abraham both declared mid november, and those were the two biggest names going into this race. lynn abraham, been da for couple of decades, tony williams, state senator. they look to be the odds-on favorite. that the point. and even when kenney enters he did gain steam at first but
7:37 am
wasn't until the last really last month, month and a half that you saw that he was gaining every endorsement. he had nearly twice the endorsement that tony williams had by the time this race was over. >> discount the influence of one johnny top in south philly. good to see you. >> come back any time. >> you love billy penn. >> yes. >> billy penn. com. >> okay, so, i wanting to you to this hoagie shop down in south philly. they are looking out for family of fallen philadelphia police officer. we're live at freak i's hoagies. where they are having fundraiser, right now. it is never too early for a hoagie, right? >> never too early.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> welcome. >> oh, getting bus. >> i hello. i believe that's the court diner, isn't it, sue, court diner? >> sure is. >> out there in mode ya, pennsylvania, delco. high shall everybody. thanks for having us in. >> looks like they're having great time with jen and bill anderson. >> hey, you know, last night probably, maybe the most important night of the year
7:41 am
for the sixers. >> we've been building up to this, mike. >> i i was riveted on this thing, nba draft lottery took place last night, and the sixers made their way into the top three. >> the third pick in this year's draft, goes to ... the philadelphia 76ers. the second pick will be made by ... the los angeles lakers. and that means, that the number one pick in the 2015nba draft goes to the minnesota timberwolfs. >> here's where i was excited, actually had a chance to get three picks out of the top 11. wouldn't that have been amazing? but we only came away with one. the third pick. just have to deal with that. >> as luck would have it. so here are the top four teams. minnesota, the lakers, the sixers, and the nicks. >> and, the nicks, so the question now is who will the sixers end up picking, with that third choice in the draft
7:42 am
(. >> okay. so, if you send two big guys, carl anthony town from kentucky. >> right. >> and duke. >> yes. >> they go number one, two, that will leave sixers their choice of the top guards in the draft. >> well, who is d'angelo, russell, the next top choice. out of ohio state, knock d'angelo averaged 19 points five assist, five rebounds in a game. a lot of people really like him. this woe love to see him come and play with our big guys, right? last year the freshmen, many of the mock drafts, are already release vet the sixers targeting him d'angelo in the first rounds. so, hopefully i'll still be there, and in somebody else picks him, we'll have our -- we can get our hands on the two top picks. >> that's true. >> the dude out of duke, and ken tuck. >> i either way, just casino of in a good spot. >> i just wanted three out of 11, i'm greedy. >> who wouldn't want that? >> please. bring it on. >> all right, we go back to media.
7:43 am
>> all right. >> let's go back taught court diner what due say in media where jill and chris are standing by. >> basically taking selfies, all he doesment andrew mccarthy speaking to none other than chris o'connell's parents, with the mayor, of course, of the day that i found him abandoned on the beach. true story. he was abandoned and i found him. that's his mom. really cool the whole situation. come on back. keep selfie, that's your thing.
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7:46 am
>> great to be in media. we will be there this afternoon as well for the five p.m. and 6:00 p.m. news here on fox 29. so join us for that if you can't make it this morning. or even if you can. holiday weekend outlook. let's take a look, here looking forward to the corn on the could be, the burger on the grill, yes. well, look forward to some decent weather, as well. saturday's high, 72 degrees. seventy-eight on sunday. eighty-two and little more humid memorial day monday, with the possibility of a pop up thunderstorm in the afternoon. now, this is if you're staying in town, or in the suburbs. going down the shore, it will be a little bit cooler. highs in the 60s saturday, sunday, again chance of pop up thunderstorm being look at the ocean water temperature
7:47 am
averaging 59 chilly degrees. nothing to show you any more on ultimate doppler. watching a southern storm for tomorrow, will bring us clouds for sure, maybe some rain, i'm not sure at the jersey shore or delaware beaches, get some rain tomorrow from the storm. but it may miss us with the rain. we will get the clouds on thursday, friday, so far, so good. temperatures, 47 degrees in mount pocono. 56 degrees in allentown, 62 degrees here in the sit. sixty-three in wildwood. 59 degrees in millville. factor in the winds it, does feel chillier than yesterday. but the humidity is gone, as well. 12-mile per hour winds, in wilmington, 8 miles per hour here in the city it, miles per hour in dover, delaware. it was mile, but not wild. yesterday we didn't really have too many thunderstorms, couple of passed through, got to 83 degrees, we lose 10 degrees of that today. but it will be lovely, throughout the afternoon, breezy, cooler, 66 and cloudy tomorrow, with maybe a stray shower. and then, sunny, breezy
7:48 am
friday. high of 76. looking real good. we head into the holiday weekends specially friday, part of your weekend. plenty every sunday shine, memorial day, should get the parades in, thunderstorms if you get one won't pop up until the afternoon. that's the way we like our holiday weekends, nice and sunny, bo bob kelly? >> 7:48. good morning, live look at i-95, southbound, right near route 320. right near the blue route interchange, you see the crash here off to the shoulder, northbound, on your right, headed up toward the airport, and there is a southbound jam, working your way down toward west chester. eastbound on the schuylkill, running slow from conshy, we have the sun glare popping up and around the curve and pretty much delays all the way in to downtown. about half hour, 35 minutes or so. and that's causing a domino effect here on the boulevard, working your way southbound, on the boulevard, heading down toward the ramps, for the schuylkill expressway. and, curbside along 202, this is northbound, 202, jammed
7:49 am
into route 30, then that construction zone, up through 401, same deal for the gang coming in from royersford, little sun glare there, as you work your way in toward collegeville. mass transit, though look good. things finally settle down after the last couple of days here, the trenton regional rail line, and amtrak, running with though delays on the northeast corridor. mike, alex being back to you. >> over to media, spring fling over at the court diner. >> special guests now the mayor is there. >> oh, bill and jen. >> yes, mayor bob mcmahon here with us, we will get to jen and her superstar performance in just a second. but as we are here celebrating spring fling, mayor first every all thanks so much for welcoming us in. >> media, better than any town, media, tonight's second week every dining under the stars, weaver 22 straight wednesdays when we have it. and we have close to 5,000 diners, on the street, at one time. and people are having great time. we have music, we have entertainment. and a lot of people bring
7:50 am
their children when the summer come, of course, a lot more people, because children are out of school. >> but tonight we have our whole team coming back tonight. also spring fling continues. you say lot of great performances, do you think anything that will compare? >> gosh no. >> no, no, no, i have seen him,'s professional. >> jen's not. >> no. >> so we will see. now you have been lining something up. what do you have for us? >> first of all, everyone, good morning, everyone. >> hi, everyone. tam is he here, now, tammy, you have a request for andrew andy? >> yes. i would like to hear andrew sing hit me with your best shot. >> andrew, do you have any that far? lit me with your best shot ♪ >> go. >> why don't you hit me with your best shot ♪ >> i love it. >> all right, so i just want to remind everyone, your family reminds you all the time, we met with your momma ban donned you, on the beach. >> correct. >> i put you on tv. >> yes. >> i got in trouble for work at that. then mom immediately sent me facebook message and said we're cool. >> mom comes to save the day. >> thank you mom. who is your favorite mom? >> mom. >> that's is your mom.
7:51 am
so we performed a little song last time. we did, what, hard knock life? >> correct. >> you actually did this a lot. like you are an actual performer? we have one minute left. give a shout out to your embarrased brother? do that, again, really. look at him. are you having fun yet? >> yes. >> hold the mikement be cool. >> so you recommend, your name is andrew, andy grammar. >> ♪ ♪ >> oh, freeze it right there.
7:52 am
that's great tv. god i love that kid. we met him last summer down the shore. yes, jen knows that young man. oh, very cute. david letterman, would love him. dave, his last show is tonight. so, who is your favorite talk show host of all time? that's a good twitter question, isn't it? >> let's do. that will so feed your your answers, facebook, stain gram us, using the #fox29goodday. let's ask preston and steve. >> this is from last night's show. that's bill murray, isn't it? >> it is. >> covered in frosting. oh, my gosh. >> oh, going in for the hug. >> then back to spring fling in media. we're there all morning, and we will be there at 5:00 and 6:00 this afternoon. take at this away, kids. >> they sounds even better when you can hear them. >> if i drive out there myself, record it on the cell phone, bring it back. >> might have to do that. >> yes?
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> i can't even watch the last of the david letterman shows because i'm so depressed about it, preston and steve, did you grow up on dave? asking today on our show, who was your favorite late night talk show of all time? >> you know, man, i went back and forth, i bopped around little bit. i mean, dave was the one, he was the cool else. i i thought by far. his attitude was with the coolest, and his humor was little more i have remember rent than the other things on tv at the time. when conan and brian came around, i gravitated towards him, as well. coolest every all time, i think steve will nail t because i know whose his s and i probably would agree. >> johnny carson, was the most, and i think letterman, david letterman, in fact, has said this countless times, johnny carson was it, as mc, as holes, as someone who let his guests shine in the
7:57 am
original days of the tonight show, he was doing 90 minutes. >> that's right. >> every night. and, you know, so he was just -- co-do it all, and that was what made him so special. but, if you talk about resetting comedy, and about going into areas, and actually putting on letterman far and bay way had the mother innovative stuff going on. as interviewer distain about the perna lot of times made it funny, but just so many classic, real lost he is going off the air. >> you nailed it right there. he was doing a parody. >> of talk shows, to the days where chris elliot was on the show, and we talk about this all the time, just adult taking watermelons up to the roof and throwing them off.
7:58 am
steve al hen done that, carson had done things like. that will but letterman always had the tongue firmly in the cheek hogging it, having fun with it. >> i'm glad you brought that up, most people don't know steve allen, but he was one of my heroes, no question with it. >> jonathan winter growing up, i wanted to be those dudes, forget about steve allen, but steve allen was david letterman in the 50's. letterman go, to the people you admire, see who they were, you know, inspired by, and letterman himself said has steve allen. but the guy who was the comprehensive. >> and then, frankly, i don't think i wish there was a bigger tribute. i don't think it hasn't been what he deserves. >> i wouldn't here they'll have on tonight. i would think regis would be there. and, what about this? what about jay leno comes on? you what dow of this that? >> they had talked about this. and the original feeling was,
7:59 am
actually, letterman reached out to lenno when they went off. >> approached letterman about coming on the show and he said no, this is not you. and so is it possible? yes. i remember carson's last show internal. i wonder if letterman will do that. >> remember he start today cry. >> remember letterman with the heart issue, singles but it will be interesting to see, piece of tv history tonight. makes me sad actually. i have not been watching it, it makes me too sad. i actually was in new york, in the audience, the very first night at nbc when he went on the air. >> is that right? >> no kidding? >> yes.
8:00 am
>> basically the same show ended up on night, therefore the first nighttime episode. >> i was working fresh out of college. i was working, lucky enough to get a job in new york city, now fox5 up there, as a kid and they said go over and interview this guy named david letterman, he has late night talk show tonight. he had a green baseball hat on. >> wow. >> i still remember it, yes. >> yes going to cry. >> no kidding. >> i think we'll join you. >> thanks, guys. we'll see you. good day it is wednesday, may the 20th, 2015. >> this is "good day philadelphia". >> what you need to know before you get behind the wheel this morning, al next. >> woman's world cup is in 16 days. and, carli lloyd is in our studio this morning. how your kids can roll in her
8:01 am
soccer camp this summer. >> having so much fun, guys, media. >> oh, and we can hear them, yeah. >> my daughter went to that school. >> she sprayed the flute. >> and now off to college. >> more tears. >> before that happens, let's go to her little brother, bus stop buddy. yes, he is wearing the sweatshirt though morning, breezy, cool, wear your says, as well. weather by the number, we're just going to go with a ten for the spring fling in media day. yes. nothing to show you on radar, no precipitation. 61 degrees. little bit after breeze.
8:02 am
so sunshine, 73, with winds at times gusting up to 25 miles an hour. so, that looks like a ten to me. we'll see if we can keep it going through the holiday weekend, bob kelly. >> sounds good. 8:02, good morning, everybody, we begin our trip, south on i-95, from the airport, down toward 476. an accident that's off to the right shoulder, and that's causing a delay south, and of course you have your normal delay northbound, from that commodore barry bridge, headed up to the airport. south jersey, delays on 55, and 295, as we roll out along north on 295. all the way up near arena drive, major back up, that is stretching all the way up through i195. so if you are headed up toward trenton this morning, they want to use route 130 as the alternate. good morning to cherry hill, new jersey, live look at route 70, as you roll in toward philadelphia. not bad at all at the moment. the ben franklin bridge backed up into downtown, at eighth and vine, and mass
8:03 am
transit looking good. mike, alex, back to you. >> dewey wins, dewey wins. okay. >> former city councilman jim ken. >> i hold on second. there you go. this is not a false headline no. >> he secured the democratic nomination of the mayor of, and defeated anthony williams, former district attorney lynn abraham, former mayor john street's brother, milton street. and former utility executive, doug oliver, and former judge nelson diaz. >> secured the win, intend today win every philadelphia's vote. >> if i'm elect in the november, i will need the coalition help to tackle both our challenge and meet our great poe tension. remember, we all must work together, if we expect all of philadelphia to move forward together.
8:04 am
community schools, real living wage, and the ends, the stop and frisk. >> he goes onto face melissa bail any november. and bill green might throw his hat in the race. >> as an independent, yes. >> hasn't been republican mayor in the city of philadelphia since samuel left office in 1952. >> nickname marnie back in the day. all right. well the us federal government just announced largest consumer recall in american history. effective airbags. >> made in japan, is responsible for six deaths more than 100 injuries world-wide. >> i know, it is hard to pronounce, first mike, let me tell but the popular brands. listen to see if your carson the list, still home this morning. bmw, chrysler, ford, gm, honda, mazda, mitsubishi,
8:05 am
nissan, subaru, and toyota. lot of carson that list. japanese manufacturer, takata, recalled 34 million of these carls. the problem is not that the airbag does not work it, actually does, and it works too well. so the concern is that when it does deploy, it can happen with such force, that shards of metal can hit the driver and other passengers inside the car. one victim says she thought she went blind when she was hit by an airbag debris in a accident she had with secretary of transportation says this has been a long standing feud between the government and the japanese company that makes these airbags. monmouth task, will probably take years to get this completed to the extent that it will be completed. and, the likelihood is it will never be completed 100 percent. >> takata recall will trigger process, the concern is that no one knows he can actually why it is happening. just it is more likely to happen in warm and maybe some humid climates.
8:06 am
so for worried drivers who would like to know if their car is affected you are asked to either call your car dealer or end your vin number on safer cars. com. sometimes it can take days, several weeks for them to gather the vin numbers, so encouraged to go back and check often. i just check, mike, alex, my car is not listed on, there but just the other day in a weird, like set every events, my airbag light was flashing for like two days, then suddenly stopped. i don't know. >> did you take it in to get checked? >> i haven't. >> but checking my vin number and it is not on the list. but i'll check. >> to be safe. first they talk about this will, only certain amount, then calling in more cars. be safe. >> started with 17 million, then doubled it yesterday. >> more cars. >> sounded like every possible -- what are you driving? your cars as not on the litz? >> my car not on there. it is a lexus. >> oh. fancy. lauren johnson. >> go girl. >> i'll be darn. all right, please do this today if you gather chance, if you you are driving through
8:07 am
south philly. there is a preliminary hearing for the brothers charged in the march 5th murder of a philadelphia police officer. carlton hips and marone williams accused of gunning down robert wilson the thirds during that armed robbery attempt at a game stop. remember in the cold weather, snowing. wilson promote today sergeant after his death. officials say wilson was in the store buying a gift for one of his sons, when they came in, and the gun fight ensued. and they killed the officer. so, in south philly today, there is a fun raiser. >> yes, on the same day as this hearing, there is something positive going on for the family of robert wilson the thirds, so hoagie shop, trying to help out. so we have been talking about this all morning, ricci hoagies, if you buy a hoagie, they'll donate monday. >> i yes, exactly, $2 for every hog is he going to go to late officer wilson's family. richard, you're the owner of ricci hoagies here on 11
8:08 am
street. tell just you're doing this? >> i appreciate everything that the officers do for us. i mean, they put their lives on the line every day. and a lot of people don't appreciate what they do out there. and i appreciate what they do. my father was a police officer. and i appreciate, you know, these guys really put their lives on the line for really not real a great salary. >> and they have families. tends to forget that sometimes. just remember when the men and women in blue did for this city. you can see past fundraiser, owner of the ricci held, and unfortunately talking earlier there is may happen again sadly, you don't like to have these fundraisers but you feel it is important? >> i don't want to have them. but if it happens, i'm there for themment i can do whatever i can do. you know, i appreciate what they do. >> last time did you this, it got so bus any here you didn't even take telephone orders? >> this time we had to take no orders over the phone, and no
8:09 am
deliveries, because we did like 1200 sandwiches last time. it is only a small operation. like we'll push out 1200 sandwiches today. >> you know what? bob kelly, he wants to buy everyone at the station 1200 sandwiches, i think. so bob, we're going to take the orders here. diane making so many beautiful sandwiches back here. diane, what is your specialty here, that bob kelly should order? >> italian hoagie. >> hear that, bob. >> the italian hog. >> i i mentioned their year, can they send somebody down here? i'm buy, i tell you what, i will buy 24 hoagies for the station. twenty-four enough? >> twenty-four hoagies for bob kelly, ring the bell. >> twenty-four hoagies. >> ding ding. >> mix them up, half italian, half american, and send them down. >> half italian, half american, 48 bucks going to officer robert wilson's family right there. >> you look adorable by the way. >> thanks. >> thanks to bob kelly and everyone coming down here to
8:10 am
ricci. >> hey, chris, nice job. by the way if you want to donate, don't have time to go to get over to the hoagie place, you can write a check, i think they take credit cards, too. the police and fire federal credit union, now, there is the address. 901 arch street philadelphia, pa, 19107. i know that we will put that up quickly, if you can't remember that, we will post it. >> wonderful, okay, 8: ten, has being a mom become a full time job? >> always has been. >> well yes. but now you are getting paid for it, negotiate year end bonus from your husband. >> hold on second. like a ceo of big company, you can get yearly bone us? >> yes. >> this is from the one you're married tonight how women are getting paid from their husbands for job well done. >> pay up. >> what, a bonus?
8:11 am
>> why you should avoid the mall on saturday. >> yes, certain day, especially for these stores you are looking at right here, certain day of the week is the best bay to shop. you want to guess what it is? i know what it is. >> okay, what day is it? >> i won't tell you yet. >> okay. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to grow up without a whole lot of money. and how much it matters to save. i try to teach that to my daughter. i'm saving for a house and i don't want my money to go to bank fees. i'm sure you don't either. so ask me about one deposit checking. next time you have a question about avoiding fees, ask me.
8:12 am
sincerely, samantha parke, fellow mom and fellow citizen. juanother sneeze attack..... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs.
8:13 am
powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake.
8:14 am
get a free quote at >> thanks to massive sands replentishment project. there also want errosion much in the off season due to calm winter. good thing. meantime, us army corps of engineers is widening beaches along much of the states, 127-mile coastline, sue, i'm psychs dollars to go down the shore for the first time this summer. >> breaking news, alex holley, one. locations we'll be on friday, the fractured prune, that donut shop, that has the most unbelievable donuts, if you have ever been to ocean city, you know. >> you know what? i just found out, sue, we will also be on sixth street at gillian's peer. >> where all of the fun rides r all right, so we give you the shore forecast coming up. 61 degrees right now in philadelphia, 45 in mount pocono, we can check the temperature in atlantic city.
8:15 am
pretty close to ocean city. 62 degrees at 63 in wildwood. these temperatures are cooler than when we got here at 4:00 this morning. that cool air moving in, from the northwest, we had 15-mile per hour winds in allentown, 18 miles an hour in mount pocono. 13 miles an hour in wilmington. but, all those northwesterly winds means cooler temperatures, than what we've had for the past couple of days, monday we got to 87 degrees, it was sticky, yesterday 83, today, 73 for high temperature. back to spring-like weather just in time for our spring fling in media. stray shower on thursday, further south you go, better chance every seeing shower with southern storm. saturday back to sunshine, breezy, high of 76, 72 saturday, 78 sunday. maybe pop up storm in the afternoon on memorial day. but all-in-all, not going to be hot, bob kelly, but certainly beautiful. lots of sunshine on the holiday week end. >> beautiful.
8:16 am
got to love it. 8: 15, morning, power problems in the neighborhood. as the route 34 trolley using shuttle buses. along a stretch of the route here. near 61st street. and then, the rest of the major roadways, sun glare, up and down 476, and we got the spring fling, all day today, but later on tonight, our evening side of the spring fling, going to take us to dining under the stars. and that will have state street closed from five to 11:00 tonight. also the 101 trolley, will be using an alternate route. otherwise good shape on mass transit. the trenton regional rail line, the asela express looking good up and down the northeast corridor, delays on the turnpike, between ft. washington, and the norristown interchange, volume and some sun glare, alex, back to you. >> thank you. shoppers listen up. i know a the love times starting to see the ads cool out. memorial day sales, so excited apparently if you want to save and go shopping, keith to know when to go shop. so we bring in consumer reporter steve live in dallas, apparently, secret system
8:17 am
retailers use steve that you will let us know about? >> yes, good morning, tips this morning come from carls james rather be shopping. he will crack the code to maximize your savings, because here is the deal. always want to go shopping when the inventor say hi, and the prices are low. and believe it or not, that actually happens on particular day of the week for echoey commerce site. staples, fan of that, that means monday. take look at the video we have for you. when the company adds stock to their clearance section on line. same day to release new coupons, stack them both t makes it the best time to buy. banana republic. com beefs up their sale inventory each wednesday morning, so bus chance for good selection of sale inventor is he that day. also the same day think release coupons, some may not be valid on clearance, many on sale stuff, and if you look at some of the big coupons from banana republic they release each week, often 30, 40% so we
8:18 am
said stay away from the mall on a weaken y is that? >> too busy? >> weekend popular time to shop. that's why some of them start their sales before the weekend begins and believe it or not some of the stuff you think you should be shopping for on the weekends you should wait. talking about weekend seaning, american eagle, ann taylor, macy, sports authority, they all release coupons on thursdays to get shoppers ready for the weekend. we have some video we can play for you, also the best time to buy at home depo. haven't released coupons until benz. so won't finds any great sales. wednesday the day to strike. if you are really smart you will use their free ship to store service, which means you can order on line have, it shipped to the store. that way your products are ready by the time you are ready for your weekend project. stores like michael's, think you go saturday, get all of my
8:19 am
craft supplies, actually don't release their coupons until sunday morning, so if you have a craft project for the weekends best bet to wait until the weekends almost over. >> that's yes like to get my yarn for my knitting project. >> oh, i didn't know that you knit. >> i do a lot of -- >> i expect a scarf out of you, mike jerrick. >> oh, a muffler. >> if that is the case. >> i said i expect. >> well you keep saying today. wednesday is the day to get out shopping. >> good day toeshoe i'll tell you what, a lot to remember, as women. here is the beauty of this website. again rather be shopping. com. the things we're talking about this morning, really just tip of the iceberg, kyle has kind of unlock the code to 20 different retailers it comes to there is and because it is so much to remember, you go onto his website, let them know which stores you like to shop at, and they will e-mail you the coupons every time they come out. that will way you don't have wire about checking all the time. always got it in your arsenal by the time you head to the score. link under station. >> you are going get me in trouble. i will be shopping all the
8:20 am
time. >> i'll save you some money, though. >> true. >> burning up her credit card. >> that's me. >> i know you got great grades in high school. >> course. >> then you went do you have grade school, university of miss your. >> i actually giving me props. >> thank you. >> see, not so bad. >> i bet were you never grounded over your bad grades? >> maybe a test. >> kids, have you ever been grounded because of bad grades? i have a perfect way to get your scores up quickly. okay? i'll give it to you after the break. but are you looking at a trip to disney this summer? well, what you won't be able to bring with you, if you plan to visit the park. >> here we go again. >> what, is there banning something? >> banning something, you know i don't like. >> this that's a hint. something i love bringing around with me.
8:21 am
8:22 am
we want a spirited performance. who offers the most horsepower? lincoln mkc. we also want clever thinking in a tight spot.
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8:24 am
>> crumb lea student bridges mattress to her college graduation. columbia student and sexual violence activists have i to carry it across campus until her accused rapist was expelled. so at yesterday's graduation she marched her mattress across her graduation stage, with the help of some other students and fellow activists. covered to go various reports, her accused rapist also walked during that same is her moan. >> i oh, my friends david neff, i had dinner with him last night, he was at the graduation ceremony yesterday. it was quite a moment. my goodness. >> i bet it was. >> good for her. all right, 8:24, let me tell you about another graduation. >> actress sophia celebrates her son's graduation from emerson college. did you know she -- >> nude idea she had college age child! >> his name is menolo, grad you had with bachelor of arts, and the family party with celebrations and the empire restaurant in boss done. >> em southern there in boston. we have a loft inch terps,
8:25 am
many interns, a lot of people honed up in the television industry have gone to emerson. good school. >> let's get to disney. now i have an issue with them. >> when you say disney, you mean disney world, disney lands? >> yes, the disney park. they are now banning selfie sticks. >> why? >> yep. they say the stick poses a threat to rider safety, so i guess people are going on these roller coaster and trying to take selfie stick pictures. >> as you ride a roller coaster with a stick. >> so it last become a problem. greeters at the ride entrances will asks people hey put those away. no selfie sticks allowed. so now it is what museums, festivals, met gala, everything, everyone is banning selfie sticks r they going to become extinct. >> i'll ban selfie sticks in my apartment. >> you have -- what? >> people come over for some reason, then they have a selfie stick. >> really? >> i'm banking them now. >> okay. >> all right, i'm excited about this. i've got mean soccer. i never thought i would say that. but i have. and i think it is because of the women's team.
8:26 am
you know the women's world cup is next month, couple of weeks away. >> sixteen days. i'm counting. >> and delran don't call me lloyd is in our studio. hi, carly. >> hey, army. >> hey. >> you know what, she has a some or -- soccer camp this summer. will tell you how your kids can get involved. >> don't run. don't hurt yourself or anything. >> don't want to hurt myself. >> good to see you. >> you too.
8:27 am
8:28 am
juanother sneeze attack..... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™.
8:29 am
>> great thing all today at ricci hoagies, doing fund raiser for the family of robert wilson iii. if you buy a towing i they'll donate about $2 for every hog. >> i look, the police officers in there, too. and a line has form.
8:30 am
they're going to close it out at 3:30 this afternoon, alex. >> so let's get in there, help raise money for the family. >> bob kelly, thank you for buying 48 sandwiches. >> twenty-four. >> excuse me. twenty-four. >> hey, still good number. >> we love it. and hundred p on bob. we like that too. bus stop buddy, just starting his school day. sweatshirt, if you haven't walked outside yet it, feels completely different outside than it did yesterday. the humidity is lower. the winds have pick up. it is a lot cooler. and it is a ten out of ten. feels like it is supposed to feel on may the 20th. 61 degrees, right now, little bit of breeze out of the northwest, there is your relative humidity, 52%, it was 90% yesterday. with all of that fog and humidity. tonight down to 52, mostly cloudy skies. talk about the holiday weekend, in just a few moment, bob kelly, how is it looking
8:31 am
right snow. >> not bad, 95 south, into girard, delays on the turnpike, from willow grove over to ft. washington. going to zoom on into an accident on the boulevard, it is southbound, right at grant avenue. tonight, we see spring fling. state street in media because of the dining under the stars, and our spring fling event, they'll close state street tonight from 5:00 to 11:00. so on the way home 101 trolley will be using shuttle buses. otherwise mass transit looking good with no delays. >> ♪ >> you know him from american idol. he won. sole you will be hearing a lot of this song, called beautiful life by american idol winner nick. the official anthem of the world's world cup, only on fox. >> the women's world cup
8:32 am
begins in just 16 days. you can watch it all right here on fox. fox sports is going to do aggrate job. one of the stars of the team. >> big star. >> the number one star, in my mind, delran's own carli lloyd. of course, remember when carly scored the golds metal winning goal in the 2008 and the 2012 olympic games? she has also helped the united states us medal in the past two women's world cups. guest what -- guess what, ladies and gentlemen? that's carli lloyd, sitting right next to us. >> good to see you. >> you look great. >> thanks. >> so 16 days away. crazy, hard it believe, you spend every four years training for this exact moment to start. and looking forward to it. >> are you serious, i mean, would you train, do you ever stop training? no break? >> no. >> you never get bloated or anything and eat donuts and snuff. >> occasionally f we win gold
8:33 am
ill de that. i'll come in here with you guys. >> okay. >> that would be great. >> it would be great. >> now, you, i read an article, you said anything but first place is definitely a failure. that's a little pressure. >> pressure is good, though. i like it. i mean, it has been 16 years since we won a world cup. so we're ready to go after it. i think we got a good shop. say it again. can we win this? >> we slutly can. >> who is going to be the stiff he is competition? >> brazil, germany, france. >> the regulars. >> yes, our group's going to be really hard. we've australia first, we have sweden, and then nigeria. so it won't be east. >> i you already know who you are going to play? >> yes, absolutely. >> and the 16th, june 16th, we said? >> well, 16 days away. >> yes, our first game is june 8th. >> june 8th, okay. so, the whole tournament starts june the sixth, so you're headed there. how are you training?
8:34 am
you worked out today? do you have games before then? >> ill. we just finished up two game series, in san jose, in l.a., and now we've got one more game at red bull arena, on may 30th. >> that's up outside of new york? >> yes. >> red bull stadium. >> yes. >> so we have one more match. yep. constant training, the last push glitterly all day, from the moment you wake up, to the moment go to sleep, playing sock snore. >> it is crazy. i've been dreaming casino of this moment. >> hold on. >> to get a world cup. >> you literally dream about playing? >> yes, you got to mentally verbalize, prepare. >> while you're asleep you're playing sock nor your held? >> yes. and i'm super excited to come here this, p. >> oh,. >> carly, all right, put it in perspective if you will. couple of gold metals. >> yes. >> and good day philadelphia. >> can't be any better than
8:35 am
that. >> good day's close second. >> oh,. >> close second. >> can you play with us, would that affect your game at all? >> look at this. >> no jewelry. >> can we get side shot of this? somebody did very well here. tell me about brian, your fiancee? >> yes. it is weirds saying that now. brian and i met in high school. have been dating for real long time. >> delran high school. >> yes. he's a golf professional at trenton country club. >> did you go to the prom together? >> we did, two proms together. >> two proms. >> uh-huh. >> meant to be. >> two years younger. >> two years younger. look at you. >> cougar. >> okay. >> and whether did you gotten guage in the. >> in january. >> in january. >> how did he do it? >> yes. >> oh, come on. >> we were at peddlers village, we were just walking around, christmas lights up. >> that's it. >> he just got down on one knee. >> that's nice, nice. >> and did it.
8:36 am
>> so sweet. >> the pressure. she has gold metals for god's sake. >> that's true. >> where do you keep your gold metals? do you wear them at night? >> i don't. if you want to wear them i can let you borough them. >> that would be fantastic. >> i would love that. >> i just put them in a safe. >> i take them out when i have to, maybe, get them all together, and go do appearance, they'll come out. but i haven't taken them out for awhile. >> will you bring them to your girls soccer cam snap. >> when is that if you want to learn how to play? >> yes. soccer camp july 18th. hopefully i come back at world cup champion. i've got you know good amount of campers already signed up. so spots are filling up quickly. but they go through all of my drills, we are the mental habits, everything needed. >> sounds good. buffer go, though, you made a primes. you said for every goal you're too long eat a donut. so afterward will be come back here? we'll total it up. we will keep a scorement come back and eat donuts with us? >> yes, god to be good quality donuts. >> whatever you are willing to
8:37 am
eat. >> okay. >> we have a deal. shake on it. >> good to see you. >> best of luck to you. >> thank you. >> we will will be rooting for you. >> what if i show up like i'm there, like -- >> you should come, absolutely. >> she'll probably act like she doesn't know you. >> look at that dude. quincy, what's happening in media? >> yes. well, they are so excited to have us. this young lady right here, she says mike and alex, later tonight. okay, listen, we've been playing with the princeton lakes middle school band. we will play with them coming up next. this is a mustang right here. more good day coming up next.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> welcome to media for fox 29 spring fling. >> oh, how adorable is that woman? >> i loved her hair. >> i lover media. >> yes. owe. , we feel the heartbeat.
8:41 am
because it is everybody's hometown, right, quincey? >> yes. what's your favorite class in school? >> library. >> like to go read a book? okay, now, we also have the middle school bands right here. we have the bands leader, allen, you have been at the school for 13 years. >> thirteen years. >> how important is the kids playing instruments this young? >> so important, last month, senate just passed a law, actually, every child achieves music included in the corriveau i can almost. very important for these middle school kids, and it shows in our test scores. >> these are actually the fifth grade?
8:42 am
>> yes, fifth graders, media elementary kids, mix in the with middle school kids. yes, we get everyone involved in it. >> you guys are actually playing right now, taylor swift? >> taylor swift. >> my goodness, shaking it off here. media, having good time. >> koffee korner, we have a pack house, delicious food, own world cup soccer star, former eagle jenn fred and the king of all media. all of that and more coming up. make sure to stay tuned.
8:43 am
8:44 am
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8:45 am
>> and there is a look at great wolf's lodge in the pocono mountains. getting reds toy splash around today. it is not going to be real hot but kids don't care what the temperature is out. probably cull he of fields trims, having good time. what to expect, our weather changes over the next couple of days, headed into the holiday weekends, expect lot of sunshine today, and seasonable temperatures, breezes will be picking up as
8:46 am
well if you haven't been outside yet, it teams completely different out there than it did the past couple of days, cloudy skies tomorrow, we have a southern storm that we're watching. so the further south you are, from philadelphia, the greater the chance you have of seeing a shower, but we'll all see some clouds tomorrow. but then, for memorial day weekend, looks beautiful, until monday, when we have just few pop up storms, in the forecast cast for monday afternoon. so, as we said yesterday, alex, not going to be hot, for the unofficial start of summer. but it will be pretty good looking. all weekends long. >> ♪ >> okay, it is time to check back, in see waist going on in media for our spring fling. oh, look at that, it is howard eskin, hey, howard? >> your boyfriend. >> look at this. we've got the king of all media. we're here at the koffee korner, having great time. i just want to say hello to alex. i normally only get to see him on knocking the king on the weekend. this is your yours.
8:47 am
welcome, sir. >> i tell you, first every all, they started me off with a strawberry mohito. mike, your kinds of place big guy. and then i got the coffee. and i don't know what this is, but i will ask, i'm going to ask somebody to explain it. one of the guys that cooked this up, what am i eating now? >> you're eating our house roasted pulled pork with strawberry guacamole. >> boy that's -- that's off the charts. by the way, mike, i'll bring you back a mohito, too. >> strawberry. >> i'm glad i could help you out. all right, the people have been coming here apparently of ' been talking to them for years. and this fine gentleman, what's your name? >> i'm pete. >> pete. pete you told me this is the place. why? >> this is my cheers, without the booze, but when you came -- >> i got the booze. >> we never saw the booze until you came. >> that's right. >> you mean i was special? >> looks like it.
8:48 am
>> so if mike jerrick comes out here, he can get a strawberry mohito too? >> maybe. if you tell him too. >> okay. what is it that you like best about the food? >> well, they pile it on here. i mean, this is -- >> i can't even finish my breakfast. >> that's right. when we look at the specials, we don't understand, we can't translate them until you see them. you know? but they're great. this is great group of people here. we get all of the -- all of your news reports in here. okay? >> put a twist on it. >> thanks, pete. thanks. now, i'm walking around, and i found some interesting people here. jenn fred, who is dogging it right now because she is eating breakfast. here is the special. i already got one. >> how about this? i run into tell carli lloyd i have a teammate of hers here, but before we did in a, guy named a. j. feeley used to play quarterback. what what the heck are do you g smear. >> enjoying breakfast with my son and wife.
8:49 am
>> we didn't set up this. you just happen to be smear. >> live around the area, always come here for good food >> strawberry, pulled pork, yes. great. >> carly should know heather mitch is here. >> we just happen to come here for breakfast, we never do. actually we're lying. we new you guys were coming. so, i'll -- >> and jen, you're here for the free food, right? >> here for the free food. i've done little bit of babysitting. connor used to like me, which is cool. look, he wants the mike back. look at him grabbing the mike from you? >> you want this? >> hey, hey, you know, i new
8:50 am
your dad? i remember the interceptions, too. >> i remember, when you almost beat new england, too. they were cheating back then. all right. hey, great to see everybody, great to see everybody, it is fun out here. i have to finish breakfast and mikey promise you i'll get you a mohito. >> please, never had strawberry guacamole. >> strawberry guacamole. >> said that was on his plate. we are having a gawk moly-off. >> later in the show, a gawk moly-off. >> guac your socks off. >> didn't you wear purple to your prom? >> ii i did, my favorite color. >> say the guy taking you to the prom. pulls off in front of the house. he has this on. oh,. >> here is the thing. that's jaden smith. >> yes. >> will's kid? >> of course. >> wait until you see what he
8:51 am
wore to the prom. would you have gotten into his convertible? after you saw him? >> i have to see it first. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. cause i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best.
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just like you. if you have a question about money, ask me. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne
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8:54 am
>> six minutes before 9:00. >> hey, we continue to visit towns for the spring fling. people in those towns, in media, delaware county, there is a museum dedicate today our nation's heroes, and our veterans. >> here's more, this museum pays tribute to the men and women, average men and women, who we know every day, and what they did to preserve the heritage and freedom and traditions of this country, must honor these people, preserve what they did, because what they did allows us to live the way we do today. open to visitors, thursday, tomorrow, through sunday.
8:55 am
thursday through sunday. >> 8:54. >> challenge accepted. president obama dares the first laid toy show off her exercise skills in a new work out video. you have to see her response. amazing. well, you wouldn't want to mess with michelle. >> no, punch you out. >> ♪
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> look at the turn out here, good day, it is wednesday, it is spring fling day, and in media, pa. delco, ladies and gentlemen. >> oh, look at. that will so excited. and we're excited, too. and you'll be going out there this evening? >> i'll be there at 5:00 and 6:00. >> and scott williams, and who also is going. >> i asked chris murphy, sue serio will be there, that's where she lives. >> she will. >> in fact, quite often, just wandering the streets of media. so, tonight will be no
8:59 am
different. >> i asked chris murphy to drive me there. so i think he is going. >> okay. >> did he agree? you asked. you didn't say whether he answered. >> i forgot what said. all right, coming up on 9:00. grounded over bad grades. happens to at love kids. >> so mom, dad, you can help your child get those scores up. okay, there is one thing you need to take a way way from them while they're in school. we'll tell you what it is. >> plus, being a mom, it is a full-time job, right? so, why can't you be like a ceo after big company? and at the end of the year, get a bonus. wouldn't than great, just to get a big check? from your husband? how you can negotiate that in your life coming up. >> letterman's last night. before he says good-bye, will join us for special top ten you won't want to miss. >> yes. boy, it is sad. tonight's the last night. i don't know that i can even watch. can you boost your child's
9:00 am
test scores by simply taking away their cell phone? a new study is he yes. >> schools district throughout the country taken heat recently over smart phone bans. now researchers in london proof they might be onto something here. they looked at test scores from across four cities in england, and after the phone ban introduce food schools, teens boosted their scores, by six of%. >> well, makes total sense, sue. >> yep, it is just difficult to do with this generation, though. >> yes. >> because cell phones, smart phones, part of their anatomy. i know, there are signs where my daughter in study hall that i can text with her, but, i think that, you know, my first inning stepping is to a hey we got through school without smart phones, why can't they? but it is a difficult thing to ask, don't you think? >> oh, yes. toothpaste out of the tube, horse is out of the barn. >> the study shows test scores are better without the cell phones, maybe they n


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