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tv   Chasing News  FOX  May 23, 2015 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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>> now on chasing news. >> another school walkout that this is the biggest one they have ever had. >> would the wants us to amy anderson they want her removed. >> the system is closing down. there are lots of people out here today that are outraged. >> they say that they dogs barking scare the birds away. >> how much more jersey can you get? >> that's all we need to start. [chanting] >> rohan you are in network and
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another student walkout to protest the condition of the schools in network. what have you got? >> hey guys, another school walkout that this is the biggest one they have ever had. 1500 students from every high school are involved. they came up and walked out down broad street to city hall saverin demonstrated for an hour. >> but what they want rohan as i understand it is tammy anderson who is governor christie's appointed person to run the newark school system, they want her removed. this is the firebrand we have talked to. who is the kid making all the noise? >> absolutely. i actually ran up to her when i saw them coming up rod street
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and we marched in together. she had a lot to say. >> what's going on? is there tension between the kids and the cops? as traffic being diverted? this is a major pain in an ad for anyone trying to get to newark today. >> what's interesting is how organized this is. the student union all of their members are wearing yellow and acting as marshals and they are directing everybody that is a police escort on a motorcycle helping everybody. they are not telling us to stop or move but they are letting everybody get off their just what they need to today. >> it is chaotic and it's organized chaos from the bottom up. we have young teenagers. all the kids of newark out of the public schools marching. >> rohan is tammy anderson there? there's a 1500 student protest
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to get rid of the head of the newark school system. >> that's the whole thing is they are saying she has taken no accountability for anything. tammy anderson shut her door and didn't respond. >> thanks, rohan. high-speed chase michael. >> memorial day is almost upon us. guess what? the u.s. coast guard will keep you little bit safer and that includes boating safety resources and they also have a number to call in case you were stranded. they will come and pick that up. >> you wouldn't believe what happened to me on the way to work this morning. there was a cow running down the highway. he was on the 295 offramp running loose 8:30 friday morning. >> there were fire tranquilizer darts to stop the cow.
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unfortunately he passed away. they have a crane lifting the cow off the highway. oh my gosh that was horrible. you are chasing a story you never who is sitting next to you at last term. what have you got? >> you never know what the universe has in store for you but in one minute your life can be flipped upside down. listen to this. a few women went more than 30 years without knowing -- taking the same writing class at columbia university. they found they had much more in common than they ever thought. >> all of a sudden a lightbulb went off and i was in awe how moments. i think i'm related to the person sitting across from me. >> that's right, they are sisters. back in the 1980s they were both born to the same mothering mother and given up for
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adoption. they led vastly different lives thousands of miles apart. one grew up in new jersey and the other grew up in iowa. >> not only were we a thousand miles away from where we began and in the most bizarre settings but on top of that iraq didn't realize this person was alive. >> i like knowing people with interesting stories and i like to think that i have one although i guess i had no idea how interesting it was going to get. >> in a highly student goes around the room saying your name and where you are from and what's interesting about you. >> her question was was your last name ever no god though? she thought maybe i was a little sisters friend. she said are you a man that?
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>> she was just like real born in florida in 1979 to woman named leslie and given up for adoption and i was like bahl. >> to this day they are building a relationship. they both have graduates from columbia. of course a very happy ending. >> that's great. >> a writing major so it's really fitting. >> was the first thing they did together. [inaudible] >> thanks diana. you are on a beach with your mom mom. hi denise, how are you? i'm doing great. you are in manasquan and this is the beach. people are up in arms because they might be closing. what have you got? >> that's right.
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she is not just my mom. she sent me this story because it upset her. what is happening is they are closing down this dog beach. i used to take my lab here and there a lot of people here that are outraged. people are coming out to get their last. the woman startrted a petition to get people to sign up to. >> they don't want dogs at the beach and i got really mad so that night i started a petition. >> they said they want people to enjoy it. >> their homeowners the box here because it's animal friendly and they don't even have dogs. >> i have been coming here for five years now and this is the only place i'm comfortable bringing my dog.
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>> denise can i ask you, i get it it's been a part of the community for a long time. it would seem that this is just unnecessary however i have got to ask why are they closing it? is it an exorbitant cost to maintain it? >> from what i understand the complaints are that the dogs get in their way and the burgers say the dogs are scaring their birds away. >> the birdwatchers are upset because the dogs are scaring the birds away? >> as far as i'm concerned. this is a rocky beach with a lot of seaweed. no human would really enjoy being on this beach going into the water. >> order they doing to physically close this beach? >> they put up signs as you can see saying no dogs as of memorial day and they will cite you. >> that is the issue.
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quite honestly no offense but the beach looks like hell. >> it would be good for going to the beach for the day but we spoke to some business owners. i went to get my dog -- the other day and i spoke to the people that own the business. they are going to lose all the people that are coming here. >> i think it will affect tourism of manasquan. we literally get people here on a daily pieces -- base is coming to see the doggy beaches. >> you just heard the other side side. what did they say? wanted monmouth counties they? >> we got a couple responses. first they said it was for the birdwatchers. they want to make it a bird sanctuary and then they said they want to turn it into a beach where people can swim and collect revenue. then i got back to her incentives because the coastline which is the inlet.
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it seems like they're very confused. >> couldn't they just implement the same beach tag policy just for dog walkers? it seems there's a really simple solution here. i love the beach tag, to user friendly and it's a good idea. >> nomar dogs thanks a lot monmouth county. >> how much more jersey can you get? the festival in the capital of jersey trenton best brand 2015 festival happening tomorrow. i don't know if you have heard that this year's there are a lot of fees because there are two festivals so it's a battle between the two. >> all right so i do want to talk about it. i was up early this morning cooking. >> you need to start the pork
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roll cheese and the roles. >> first we have derek sweany and eric we need some appropriate music. what do you think? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> actually i'm really thirsty. but drink goes with the pork roll? >> how about a pork roll bloody mary? are you into that? where can we get a pork roll bloody mary at this time of day?
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let's do it. >> let's do it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ cheers. thank you so much. ♪ but it is. >> it's really good. >> the correspondents club where everything that happens -- [inaudible] >> this is far from the first
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time that what has happened there got out of the room. >> you might remember this november video. as of right now they are not charging who slapped he
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[beeping] ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness. ♪i see you are feeling blue ♪come on over to my place ♪hey girl ♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight
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i'm really psyched subway's bringing the flavor with this new guacamole made from creamy hass avocados... people really love it. guacamole guacamole guacamole see? try it on sandwiches like the new chipotle chicken melt with guacamole. subway. eat fresh. >> i think he's a little camera shy. connecticut car dealer miller motorcars a sitting a long time client for trash talking them on line. the customer claimed that the
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dealer cheated him out of almost half a million dollars in profits. saul said he offloaded the ferrari to the dealership for $205,000. weeks later he learned the same model car with less mileage sold in florida for $684000 so the dealership denied it had any advance knowledge of the auction taking place and that information was not available at that time. >> you might remember this november video of a brawl that happened on the s train. it turns out he smacked a man in the back of the head and her still out of heels. she completed a year of therapy as well as community service. as of right now there are not charging the person who slapped her after he got hit with a shoe. they're not charging him because they say it was self-defense. check out this photo but beautiful landscaping job. it is none other than my parents
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and they lined the trim method with their all-american class ready for memorial day. >> new jersey legislative correspondents club dinners with the new jersey press corps meets. we created a video and reported on the governor. the governor got a chance to take the mic and he turned it back around on us. everything that happened on the dinner -- there was a -- of governor christie's audio. you can hear the entire audio. we won't share but that the audio because it's off the record however the content of the event is important because the fact that the governor was reported cursing some people may not understand in the context of that so we got michael simon a reporter for gennett part of the
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event we asked him to help viewers understand. >> michael thanks for being with us. you were one of the host. you had a primary role review introduced the governor. what do you think the impact will be on governor christie? he really laid into the media. >> i don't know what the impact will be long-term. the context of it is that it was a roast and insults were made and sometimes colorful language was used. >> if you have to worry about something leaking maybe should be set in the first place. most roasting these days are public. what happened here and why do you think bloomberg wed and push this out there? >> i can't speak to that but for the sake of clarity we discourage this because we have been doing the show since -- and for most of the history was off
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the record. people feel free to say things they wouldn't normally say but in since the mid-90s has technically been on the record. >> since when? >> since the mid-1990s. >> the damaging part is people are hearing what governor christie's said and since it's out of context and essentially supposed to be off the record people are getting a false impression that they are hearing what the real governors like not the public -- and i don't know if that's fair at all. >> i was not surprised. we know our governor and we know he is like that but nationwide a lot of people may not be aware aware -- >> michael hoar you feeling today about bloomberg? are there any repercussions? >> you're not going to be punished for it. it's 2015, this is far from the first time that what happened there got out of the room. >> thanks michael.
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we have derek sweany with us and tell us how did you get the band together? you are from ireland. >> county court. >> what about you? >> i came here from minnesota. i'm a war bride. i married a jersey girl. >> and the veteran yourself. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> we all know this guy, the cowboy. >> we spent the day in his briefs. ♪ ♪ ♪
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12:54 am >> i don't know it comes
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natural. >> nicole, will you marry me? [applause] >> really? >> three, you should see what i'm looking at right now. >> hold on. >> have you never used it before? >> hold on, timeout.
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>> don't waste coffee. >> a tiny dancer. >> how do we helper dance her way to the top? >> and you know this guy the cowboy. >> we spent a day in his briefs. ♪ >> ♪ this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi, everyone, i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist, scott williams. what to expect for the holiday weekend. if you're staying in the city, beautiful weather. a lot of sunshine, a cool start, though, a high on saturday of 70 degrees. 80 by sunday and memorial day look at that, 87 degrees. there could be a pop-up storm. if you're headed down the shore, the
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