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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  May 25, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> who else is off. >> enjoy your sleep lauren. we know how to it feels sometimes to sleep. i took so many naps this weekend, i felt like i was making up for 18 years in one day. there is rain to the north. it looks like there might be coming to us but no, that is not the case. high pressure will block from it getting here. we have a few clouds. that is all we will get to day but plenty of sunshine on the way. you can see how early sunrisees on this memorial day 567:89:38 is the official time. of course, we're starting to see daylight, right now. 64 degrees a 6-mile an hour breeze out of the south east and then 75 percent relative humidity. a pretty sunrise. pretty ones are ones with the a few cloud mixed in, right. sixty-one in mount pocono. pottstown 65 in reading. 59 degrees in trenton. 64 degrees in the city as we just showed you. 61 degrees in wildwood this morning. so your holiday fox cast, we
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will break it down, day part, we will have 60's in the morning. and that sunrise time, of course at 5:38 and this have afternoon we do expect high temperatures in the 80's. we will be at 82 by noon time today. sunny skies warm and humid. it will indeed feel like summertime, yesterday we were in the lower 80's. today we expect mid to upper 80's. high temperature around 87 degrees for your memorial day. is there your holiday fox cast, we will have much more, to tell you how long all this warmth and warm weather will last coming up. what are we looking at in traffic this morning? not much in the way of traffic but lets check our roadways, starting with the vine street expressway, just a couple of cars, on that roadway and we're westbound at 24th street right there. then we will go to i-95, at cottman avenue. it doesn't look like any impediments to progress, right now. >> knock impeding the flow. >> nothing impeding the flow,
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yes. >> why did that sound naughty i don't know. septa bus 204 205, 30, 312 316 are not operating today because of the holiday and make sure you check your regional rail schedules because they too are operating on a holiday schedule today chris. >> i too took about 16 naps over the the weekend. >> i'm with you so true. >> all right. 5:02 is the time. on memorial day it is important that we not forget those who for the to ensure our freedom. many did not make it back alive, of course, from the battle field. fox 29's steve keeley live at vietnam veterans in memorial in wildwood this morning. steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, chris great kudos to our produce hours you never hear or see on the air but they came up with the idea to go back to where we were five years ago and very honored to be here. we are just a a block off of the beach here in wildwood. memorial day weekend not all about boardwalk pizza and mattress sales but this is what it is really about.
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you can see the the flags flying here in the nice breeze off the ocean today. this is one of the three permanent vietnam veteran memorial walls in the country pensacola, florida washington and proudly here in wildwood. after the traveling wall came here for a stop in 2008 local vet greg massot a started the idea and fund raising for this special honorable place. it is a block off boardwalk and beach. chris will pan left and show you we are right besides or behind it the the wildwood convention center which you can make out in the darkness as sunrise is quickly coming up over the atlantic ocean. we were here for that weekend that it was dedicated in 2010 and what a special honor it was for us to be there that day. a as soon as we put this on the air hundreds of people started to show up, long before this ceremony here, and it was great to have some great guests with us. veterans especially. so it is an honor to be back
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here five years later. this memorial half of the size of the one in washington but you can bet full size in pride here, and wildwood, new jersey. for older veterans this is a spot, as well, because you can see between the two blew benches closest to us the korean war memorial in columbus park. this by vietnam veterans memorial but another special place for those great people who for the in korea. korea along in the news long after that war never really ended in a lot of ways. we honor both korea and vietnam veterans today f anyone thinks vietnam is forgotten war we are happy to remine them it is in the forgotten at all. >> 1.3 estimated killed on both side of that conflict and war. the number of dead, steve in that war is owes mated between is first .5 and and 1.3 million people.
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>> all of the 58,913 people killed, americans killed in vietnam, are on this wall a long with the date. so if you knew somebody who for the in this war as i did somebody across the street where i grew up in camden, it is always good to look up those names and pay a special tribute. >> nice they are names and not just statistics either. steve kiehlly very poignant, live from wildwood. valley forge will survey audio tour and concert from the 58 bell washington memorial national group. historians will show visitors what life was like door the revolutionary war and hold demonstration on even camp bread picking. more than 100 people held a memorial. latin american post 840 of the american legion paid special tribute to puerto rican servicemen who were congressional medal of honor recipient. the post hold memorial day service every year at freedom foundation's medal of honor grove. that grove honors every
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recipient of the nation's highest in military decoration. new this morning at 5:06. a deadly shooting in west philadelphia is under investigation. a man in his early 20's was shot multiple times, in the the head and back this was at north forty-first and aspen streets. the victim died at the hospital, just after 1:30 this morning. so far no arrests. the mathematician inspired the film a beautiful mind is being remembered this morning after being killed in a crash on the new jersey turnpike, over the the weekend. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live now in new jersey with more on this. the closer look at his amazing, and interesting life, jennifer. >> reporter: yes, chris and john nash was a presence here at princeton university, up until his last couple of days, here. he died in a crash on saturday, john nash and his wife were on their way home from the airport saturday when their cab lost control and crashed on the new jersey turnpike. he a and his wife alycia both died. they had just gotten back from
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norway where nash was awarded the able prize for matt tics. he was a reveer professor and researchers a at princeton university. he became famous when his struggle with schizophrenia was portrayed in the 2002 oscar winning movie a beautiful mine. long time friend of nash remembers his ups and his downs. >> the at the the beginning of his career when he was rising tremendously, i have seen him when he was really in very bad condition. >> he was having a lot of conversations with people i didn't see at the time, so, this is back in the 1980's. if somebody had come in, graduate student copping in saying gee i had this idea do you want to look at it this way. he would have just thrown him out. and then he made it work. >> reporter: friend say nash liked the movie portrayal of his life and mental illness. they say in recent years he seemed to have his condition under control and inspired others to persevere despite
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life's setbacks and challenges. the stars of the beautiful mind russell crowe put out a tweet stun, my heart goes out to john, alycia and family. amazing partnership. beautiful mind and beautiful hearts. crow tweeted a picture of them together. princeton university president says the community is stun saddened, nash was 86. the his wife was 82. they leave behind two sons, chris. >> very interesting film, as our first introduction for so many of us to him. jennifer thank you. doctors are able to save a man shot four times in strawberry mansion. the unidentified 34 year-old was shot in the face, chest stomach, and thigh this happened outside a home on the 2500 block of north 29th street just after 3:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon. police say it was not a random crime. shooter allegedly knew the victim. >> i just heard four gunshots. it was like pop, pop pop pop because i was putting the the baby to sleep. it woke her up. we looked out the window.
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it sucks. we are right here. it is not a safe place to writer kids out. people running around, shooting each other. >> right now the victim is listed in stable condition police are still looking for that gunman. in north philadelphia, a driver careened, a across the the lawn and slammed in the home, air conditioner just before 9:00 o'clock last night. she miss that had house by inches. police say woman behind the wheel hit the gas instead of the brake. she's in the hospital in stable condition, and no one else was hurt. and this could be a problem for some drivers in south jersey a sink hole forcing crew toss shut down the the haddon avenue knew bridge. big sign posted for drivers in berlin township. this is right at white horse pike. camden county says the the bridge should stay closed over the next several days. 5:09 is the time. at least three people dead and many homes destroyed have after weekend tornadoes and flash flood in the southwest. take a look at this video high waters damaged homes in the
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dallas area and left people stranded in their cars. up to 10 inches of rain fell in just 24 hours causing a bunch of evacuations. in clairemore, oklahoma a fire fighter died during a water rescue. a fire fighter said he was swept away while trying to save residents in the flooded area. >> water was filling in the the storm drain. we believe one of the other fire fighters attempted to help him out, of the storm drain and got taken in as well. one of the fire fighters made it out we sent him to the hospital for evaluation. he seems to be done filing. unfortunately the other fire fighter passed away. >> people living in oklahoma, and in texas are being warned to follow the curfew and to stay away from damaged areas. the clock is ticking for congress to pass an extension of the patriot accountant i terrorism law expires on june 1 and as fox's kelly wright explains the memorial day recess will put law makers in a crown to much
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resolve major differences. >> it is congress in the middle of a week long, recess but lawmakers will to have return to washington on may 31st, one day earlier then planned, and this is after the senate failed to renew the patriot act which expires june 1. >> i think ultimately some aspect of it will be extended. i think there is in question about that. number of people who want to shut the program down entirely is really very small. >> reporter: at issue is provision of the law which allows bulk collection of telephone data by the the national security agency. supporters say that the nsa program is a a useful tool and a fight against terrorism. but opponents argue it is a government intrusion on american's private lives. >> it hasn't had much value and incredibly intrusive for americans collecting everybody's phone information. the patriot went too far. certain provisions
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of it should expire. >> the house has already passed a bill that would end the nsa data collection program. instead, it would be replaced with a system that would allow the government to search data held by telephone companies on a case by case basis. some say this approach is the best way forward. >> striking a balance here is critical because we have to know where the enemy is, particularly lone wolf and we have to make sure that peoples rights are not violated in the united states of america. so there is a way to get this done. >> reporter: white house is calling on the senate to back the house bill calling it a strong bipartisan compromise. kelly wright, fox 29 news. 5:12. calm has return to the treats of cleveland after some protested a not guilty verdict for an officer accused of using excessive force but the tension between police and the community is far from over, coming up, we will take a look at similar case that he is could put cleveland back in the national spotlight. destroyed by hurricane sandy three years later this popular boardwalk is finally back opened. incredible effort to right this from the wreckage.
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we have a live look outside for you. a little bit of sun. official sunrise coming up in a half an hour. sue is back with the full check of your forecast, next.
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sound good. david lee roth is back, and they will play over there in
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camden in august. >> wow. you know, it will probably be a day that feels much like today, once august gets here, because we're seeing temperatures that are more augustish then mayish, over the next couple of days. for today at the surish, it will be in the upper 70's. we will see sub cloud southeasterly breeze, at 10 miles an hour. so 60 degrees, surf temperature, rip current risk is low and make sure you apply and reapply that sun screen because we have a high uv index of nine today. so that is your perhaps last day of the weekend at the shore, for all of us though we don't see any rain in the forecast, even though you see some to the north where we expect to it stay. as you walk out the door, it is 59 degrees in allentown. sixty-one mount pocono. sixty-four here in the city. sixty atlantic city. sixty-one wildwood. we have a sea breeze this
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morning. it should be pleasant if you want to take a morning walk on the beach. how lovely that sound right now. 6-mile an hour breeze out of the south east. that is why we have a few cloud, little bit of the on shore flow but not much going on right now. calm wind in many other places this morning. wind are not an issue. we are starting to warm up after two days in the 70's, yesterday got up to 82 degrees, the average high is about 76, 77, and, this time of the year, a and we expect to be well above average today with 87 degrees. eighty-eight tomorrow. ninety on wednesday and 86 on thursday. by the time we will get to thursday friday, saturday enough heat and humidity will be building up that we have a ever present chance of the pop up shower or then are storm each afternoon. it doesn't mean you'll necessarily get one but if you do it could be pretty loud. by sunday though finally least leave from this early heat. 80 degrees on sunday. so split is, your seven day forecast from the weather authority. we will go to traffic what little there is of it, on this
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holiday morning. we will start off with a look at schuylkill westbound at spring garden street. what do we see three cars there, one, in the information ground yeah, about three. counting cars this morning. route 42 freeway it is starting to pick up a little bit there. we have a few cars there dart down in delaware, delaware transportation authority, in the operate to go day due to the holiday. so all septa trolleys will be running on that local holiday schedule. just make sure you check the schedule before you go out for your memorial day journey this afternoon chris. >> good advice, sue, thank you. >> 5:18. hollywood mourning death of actress and comedian ann merea. she died saturday n other details provided about her death. merea's 60 year career includes performances on the ed sullivan showed and appearance necessary roada sex and the the city and king of queens. she work alongside her husband comedian jerry stiller ben
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stiller is their son. merea was 85 years old. cleveland emerged intact from the weekend after a police officer was acquitted saturday, in connection with the deadly shooting of two unarmed people. although there were 71 arrests, protests over the weekend there was nothing like that unrest seen in baltimore or ferguson, missouri where other brutality cases made headlines as you well know. on saturday cleveland officer michael brill o was found not guilty of voluntary manslaughter, brillo and 12 other officers, fired 137 shots at a car where two victims written side during a high speed chase in 2012. prosecutors say brillo fired 49 of those shots but a judge ruled it was impossible to determine if brillo was solely responsible for any of the shot that were fatal. meanwhile cleveland still has other high profile cases involving police. last november, 12 year-old tamer rice was holding a pellet gun and was shot to death in a park.
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do you remember that video? sheriff's department says an investigation in the incident is nearly finished and ready to be given to the prosecutor who will decide if the officer should in fact be charged. an investigation is also underway in the death of tannisha anderson who died in police custody in november. the mentally ill woman had been handcuffed by police, and a medical examiner ruled that she died of positional as fixation and ruled her death a homicide. 5:20 is the time. ireland's justice department said it will draft a marriage bill this week that will a allow gay couples to get married after irish citizens voted in favor of the constitutional change. the measure passed with 62 percent of the vote but parliament still has to pass the the same sex marriage bill. the the bill would permit same sex couples taking vows, in civil ceremonies to choose to be either quote husband or wife or quote spouses of each other. it will ensure that no church is required to permanent a gay marriage, with political support it should be passed by
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parliament and be signed into law in june. the vote was significant because ireland is traditionally a conservative catholic country. today marks one month since the devastating earthquake in nepal killed more than 8,000 people, philadelphia's nepal community is helping raise money for victims this memorial day. they hosted a block party in south philadelphia, that with a recent dinner fundraiser has brought in $8,000 and some of those attending lost loved ones in the quake and others lost their homes. >> house collapsed on to her. house coming down. >> unaudible. >> she has already passed. >> by the way american 2500 nepali americans currently live in the city of philadelphia. is there reason to celebrate in new york's rock away beach an area hit hard by hurricane sandy a large portion of the the newly constructed rock away boardwalk is open. it was destroyed by hurricane sand any 2012.
5:22 am
community leaders and lawmakers secured 480 million-dollar for fema to fix it and beach goers are happy to see the progress. >> it is great to see rebuild of the boardwalk because it is beginning of the really the future of rock away and future of resiliencey and coming back better and stronger. >> something tolls look forward to, second section of the new boardwalk is scheduled to open july 4th. what timing there. will you spend part of your holiday outside? you will need sun screen and a hat. it will be warm out there today what experts say you need to do to protect yourself.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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let's talk money at 5:45. analyst predict you will pay less to fill up at the pumps. current national average for regular is $2.74 a 25 cents increase over, last month but 90 cents cheaper then this time last year. triple a predicts we will pay closer to 2.50 by july or august. after labor day, listen to this, we might see gas as low a as $2.25 a gallon. i filled up in new jersey yesterday, and new jersey's great where they pump the gas for you unless everyone pulls up at once and it takes an hour longer then you could do yourself. new york times reporting that general motors may face criminal charges in connection with the faulty ignition switches. criminal charges. the company may also have to pay a fine worth more than $1.2 billion.
5:26 am
department of justice case revolves around the fact that gm failed to reveal the problems with its ignition switches. citizens are being sued for denying services to passengers, with wheelchairs and guide dogs. lawsuit claims uber and lift violated the americans with disability act by failing to make their cars handicapped accessible. uber says it can transport blind and wheelchair bound passengers. lyft is also willing to accommodate. recommending passengers with service animals call the the driver in advance. if you are hitting a beach for the holiday don't forget the sun screen but it the is important to know the brand you might be using might not be doing the job. environmental watch dog group looked at nearly 2,000spf products and it found 80 percent offered inferior sun protection or contained worrisome ingredients. it said a avoid brand that contain oxy been zone, look on the label, researchers show it
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can penetrate skin and upset your hormones. remember, there is two types of ultraviolet radiation, one that burns the the other that ages you and increases your risk of skin cancer. i will just stay inside today and go watch a movie. group's best advice, limit your exposure to the sun. coming up tom brady fighting his suspension in deflate gate and some fans are backing him? who would back this guy? and that guy for that matter.
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good morning at 5:30. mathematician who inspired a beautiful mind is remembered by the princeton community after being killed in the accident on a new jersey turnpike. we will honor our fallen heroes this memorial day how locals and those around the country stopped to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. good day everyone thanks so much for being with us on this memorial day. we hope that you remember the reasons for today and that is, of course, remembering those who lost their lives in protecting and serving this great country. sue serio of course, people used today to get outside barbecue, reconnect with family and friend. weather should be nice for it. >> lets get with what bus stop buddy is doing for the the week. he is at the shore with a lot of other people. he got a nice spot on the beach. he is there early. it is a nice morning on the beach. temperatures in the 60's, and they are in the 60's here in
5:31 am
the the city as well. so happy that bus stop buddy is enjoying his time at the shore. the suddenly he is in the ocean. let's move on and hope that we can get to the rest of our forecast for today. we've got a temperature that is in the 50's this morning. i'm stuck. here we go, thinks your weather by the numbers. i knew we would get there eventually. nine out of ten today yeah. even though it is warmer and more humid it is pretty appropriate for memorial day itself. now the rain you see up to the north in upstate new york, that is expected to stay there. that is not going to bother to us day. we have 64 degrees at the the moment. southeasterly wind at 6 miles an hour. 75 percent relative humidity. sunrise time is 5:38. just a few moments from now you see nice and light this morning. so if you wanting to out for a walk early this morning and you happen to be up anyway in the bad. 64 degrees in the the city. sixty in lancaster.
5:32 am
sixty-one in mount pocono. fifty-nine in millville. sixty-one in wildwood. the atlantic city international it is 60 degrees the at the moment. your who will daze forecast is for a warmer, more humid day for your memorial day. 87 degrees should be your high temperature, but mostly sunny skies. we have in rain in the forecast for today different story when we look at the the rest of the seven day forecast but get used to the heat and humidity, that is your hint, coming up. lets take a look at traffic on your holiday morning since it is a holiday the morning part we're not expecting a lot of traffic this morning. the lets start with the blue route, right there at germantown pike. is there one car on the road. smooth sailing there. over to the ben franklin bridge, we will be watching this later on in the afternoon and evening for much more traffic. it is clear right now. check out your regional rail schedules because they are running on the holiday schedule today and there are no reported delays a at the
5:33 am
airport this morning. anyway you wanting to, chris right now go for it. >> quiet before the storm right with traffic on this day. thanks, sue. man in his early 20's shot multiple times in the head and back overnight in west philadelphia this happened after 1:30 at north forty-first and aspen streets. rick tim died at the hospital. so far in arrests. it is often said to be one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century yes, his name john nash he shared his struggle with schizophrenia in the film a beautiful mine this film, of course from 2002. i cannot believe it has been that long this movie jennifer introduced us to this man who won a noble prize as a professor there in princeton and unfortunately a tragic death over the weekend. >> reporter: yes, chris, it happened on sat the daze and now princeton university is remembering john nash. he and his wife were on their way home from the airport saturday when their cab lost control and crashed on the new jersey turnpike.
5:34 am
nash and his wife alycia both died. they just got back from norway where he was awarded the prestigious able prize for matt tics. nash was a reveered professor and researcher here at princeton university. he became famous when his struggle with schizophrenia was portrayed in the 2002 oscar winning movie a beautiful mine. a long time friend of nash's, remembers his struggles. >> i remember him at the beginning of his career when he was rising tremendously. i have seen him when he was really in very bad condition. >> he was having a lot of conversations with people i didn't see at the time, so this is back in the 1980's. if somebody had come in, graduate student come in saying gee, i had this idea, i want to look at it that way he would have thrown him out you don't know what you are talking b then he made it work. >> friend say nash liked the movie portrayal of his life
5:35 am
and mental illness. think say in recent years he seemed to have his condition under control and inspired others to per veer, despite life's setbacks and challenges. the star of the beautiful mine russell crowe put out a tweet saying stun, my heart goes out to john, and a alycia and family. an amazing partnership. beautiful mind. beautiful hearts. crow tweeted a picture of the two of them together, princeton university's president says the community is stunned saddened. nash was 86. his wife was 82, chris. >> you know, the the case remind me, of course, of the author david, died in california in a car crash at age 73. then, of course, bob simon cbs news report shore died in a similar way in the car crash in new york. so sad that these great mind were lost to meaningless car crashes. >> reporter: yes, and this investigation preliminarily the two were not wearing seat belts in the back of the cab. obviously they are still looking into this
5:36 am
investigation. that was just within piece that they believed was playing a role in this death. >> all these great mind would know better, buckle up, we have been told that so many times. jennifer thanks very much. 5:36. local communities the georgia third week to honor our veterans, of course, many took part in the memorial day ceremony at vfw post 1270 in pennsauken. it was a day to remember those who gave their lives protecting our freedom. >> memorial day means a lot to me because we lost a lot of comrade that we were overseas with and died. it means a whole lot to recognize them. >> veterans say they hepp more people will honor contributions on this memorial day and that younger veterans will honor them at vfw to keep the tradition and comradery a alive. there will be a ceremony the field of dreams in absecon, new jersey later this morning honoring lives lost in combat this begins at 11:30 right after parade and feature honor guard and 21 gun commute.
5:37 am
the last week community put 15,433 flags to be exact in the outfield attribute to service members killed in action. in just a few hours on the camden waterfront, i should a a say 50 people will celebrate this memorial day by becoming american citizens. naturalization ceremony will be held in the historic battleship new jersey around 10:00 o'clock. u.s.c. if will administer oath of allegiance to the new patriots. the last year more than 30 citizenship candidates originated from 25 countries. congratulations to them. coming up, tom brady fighting his suspension for his role in deflate gate and some fans are backing him. we know that these fans are, yeah, they are the the great minority of football fans. i'm sure. happy sweet 116st to this late will lady, we will show you how she celebrated another year.
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at the phillies were looking for their first series win on the road this season. it was not likely against one of the hottest teams in baseball yesterday. let's get to washington. phillies were up one to nothing. caesar hernandez who started a at second base for chase utley. strict out begins gonzales, he struck out three times yesterday. fifth inning with the score tied one-one. this is escobar to center to herrera the center fielder. he has in the played that well. that led to a run. washington took a two-one
5:41 am
lead. score two-one, jake diekman comes in and puts gasoline on the fire. some day phillies will recognize that. he gave up two hits, two runs. harm single. washington wins it four-one. stanley cup eastern final tied at two games appease the tampa bay lightening up one to nothing. power play and great passing. stamkos with the score. they win two to nothing. they lead three -two. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. do you want to see a bunch of idiots, yeah, loyal patriots fans gathered outside gilette stadium for free tom brady rally. >> yeah, exactly sue. >> yuck. >> more than double that number were on facebook. for this page, intended to quote protest the unjust football a arrest of half god half man tom brady. this is what it said, to protest the unjust football
5:42 am
arrest of half god half man tom brady. you heard me right. supporters even wore jerseys and carried signs demanding that his four game suspension for his role in deflate gate be lifted. deflate my foot. >> brady is near god to us and probable is not enough. >> i'm wearing a sweat tore honor a cultural high conn. >> i'm here to respect my childhood hero tom braidy most sad parties that the adults are bringing their children and inn dock nateing them into this craziness. if you air patriots fan unfriend me on facebook and don't follow me on twitter. by the way brady is in the process of appealing his suspension. world's oldest person is celebrating her 116th birth take in michigan. geraldine tally was born, listen to this, on may 25th,
5:43 am
1899. oddly enough, tally is third woman to hold title of world's oldest person in the past month. she credits god, for her long life. keep going. isn't that great. old time fox favorite is coming back to television this week. we will show you how series will take you back to your childhood, you'll love this. if you cannot stand to tear yourself away from your cell phone now you won't to have at the beach. what is coming to some beaches near you to keep you connect tour friend on facebook and unfriend me if you are a fan of tom brady.
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it was the the go to slow dance in my day. >> yes. >> looking at sky top lodge there in the pocono mountains. there is some resorts in the pocono mountains that have frisby golf, great way to enjoy the mountain not uncovered in snow. >> i think that is very popular. >> i will google it. how is weather up there. >> it is cooler in the pocono mountains which is one reason why a lot of folks exit that had way instead of the shore when it is a holiday weekend. lots of boating lakes and frisby golf if you enjoy that. good news we don't have any rain around the at the moment and we don't have any in the forecast, as we get into the
5:47 am
future. so lets look at the fox future cast and show you what we have got for tomorrow. we will cloud up maybe by the afternoon. some rain trying to get to it, high pressure will block it, maybe not out in lancaster county but for most of us we will not see pop up showers and then are storms until later in the week. for now it looks good. fifty-nine in allentown. fifty-nine in trenton. sixty-one in pottstown and 64 degrees here in the city. wildwood had 61. everybody in the upper 50's and lower 60's this morning. a 6-mile an her breeze out of the south. 5 miles an hour in mount pocono. calm every where else. the wind not an issue. they will pick up a little bit over the the next couple days but we do expect a big rise in temperature over next several days and there it is, we have 87 degrees today, nine out of ten. little more humid tomorrow and then pop up thunderstorms possible this is unusual to be this warm this time of the
5:48 am
year. 90-degree high when normal high is 77. so we will stay in the upper 80's with a heat up decks in the 90's, through saturday with a chance of pop up thunderstorms toward end of the week the more we build up heat and humidity. take care of yourself. this is a little early to be this hot this many days in a row. we don't look like we will get relief until sunday with a high of around 80 degrees. more liming like it. that is your seven day forecast from the weather authority. lets see what is going on if anything on the roadways this morning. this is i-95 at broad street. and is there just a few cars on the road. so smooth sailing there it looks like every road we check is the same way. the this is the the roosevelt boulevard right around the schuylkill expressway, not too far from there and smooth sailing there as well. pennsylvania turnpike, north east extension southbound we have an incident, a tractor trailer there on fire, this
5:49 am
is the the southbound turnpike right there at exit number approaching lansdale. but if you are in the city and want to take the bus 204 205, 310 312, 316 not operating due to the holidays. >> the worst horror store business traffic coming from down the the shore back to philadelphia was five hours from cape may back to montgomery county. five hours. let's hope we don't that have today. same nightmare later today. beach goers won't to have worry about their cell phone batteries running out of juice thanks to new additions at some beaches in the north east. cell even if charges have been installed on the boardwalks. this is a welcomed sight for some for others time to relax and getaway trappings of technology. >> when i go to the beach i don't want to be connected to technology. i want to sit back, relax read a book. i'm so connect all week all the time i just want to
5:50 am
disconnect. >> even though they said they weren't going to use chargers they did say they were glad just in case there is an emergency. not often a show goes off and then comes back. the fans rejoyce and new and approved are you smarter than a fifth grader returns. fox's julie banderas tells us what changed and what has stayed the same. >> are you smarter than a fifth grader is come back and it is going to be better than ever. >> we went back, we watch all of the old episode and sort of had a chance to say what will we do better and what would do in 2015 that we could do before. >> reporter: for the the executive producer gary, he says keeping comedy is key he but there is lots of new onus to the show. >> kid are real fun and wants to bring out more of their personality. one of the things we have now is our fifth grader profile pages. the kid put up pictures that are funny. you learn bits of fur about them.
5:51 am
>> reporter: are you smarter host jeff foxworthy is returning and says new season focuses more on the kids and incorporating technology. >> the set is much more modern much more electronic which is age we live in. you learn about the kid. you learn who are their pets. what are their good subjects. what do they like to did when you are at home. the kid are the star of the show. it is amazing how many letters i get from teachers saying you have made it cool to be smart again. >> reporter: fifth graders this season are from all over the the country and smarter and cuter then ever before. >> we wanted them to be relatable, these are not certified geniuses, they are just really smart kid. kid have all area of expertise. one goodies in literature, others good in math and science. it is just helping them climb the ladder. >> angela and tray are two of the seasons stars. we asked them is what the the best part of the being on the show. >> my favorite parties helping contestants win money and another one of my favorite
5:52 am
parties watching them lose all of their money because they got a fifth grade question wrong. >> being on the the show and running out and seeing all these new people and make ago adults feel smarter then they really should be. >> yes. >> but it is also, definitely hilarious, growing up to help contestant and when they get to the fifth grade question and they are stuck. my favorite parties trying to save them from that. >> and helping them win money is like really cool because it is a lawyer, doctor, win 25 you this dollars. >> are you smarter than a fifth grader premiers tuesday at 8:00 p.m. right here on fox. in new york, julie banderas "fox news" i'm not smarter than those 25th graders. well spoken. 5:52. of course we stop to honor fallen heroes this memorial day but coming up we will show you how pennsylvania restaurant service honors veterans every day.
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welcome back at 5:55. 64 degrees. what a beautiful sunrise for you over the city on this memorial day and this monday.
5:56 am
we are honoring our fallen heroes for memorial day. one barbecue chain celebrates veterans every day, every day at noon, diners and staffers at mission barbecue stand, put their hand over their hearts and sing the national anthem. every branch of the military is represented on the wall, family members of the fallen appreciate these tributes. >> it is a way for her story to live on, for people to see what she lived what she stood for. >> we have all knew somebody in our lives that you know is serving right now. >> there is a a lot of ways to serve, this is the way we choose to do our part. ing somebody willing to serve for our country. >> by the way is there a mission barbecue in florida maryland, north carolina, virginia and two in pennsylvania. one in york, and one in wyomissing. the chain aid in fund raising efforts for wounded warrior
5:57 am
project, us o national fallen fire fighters foundation and honor flight network which transport american veterans to national memorials. a mathematician who inspired a film a beautiful mind is remembered in princeton after being killed in an accident on the new jersey turnpike over the weekend. much more coming up next on good day. this memorial day we are honoring all those who have served, send us your pictures of your loved ones on facebook instagram twitter all you need to use is the hash tag fox 29 good day. we will be right back with good day philadelphia
5:58 am
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get a free quote at we are live in wildwood. people are starting their summer season down the shore. how is the weather looking for the rest of the day? sue serio will let you know. we are taking time to reflect on the true meaning of memorial day. here's a live look at korean war memorial near penns landing. we will let you know about some events going on all over the delaware valley as we honor our heroes. it has been one in month since that deadly earthquake in nepal people in south philadelphia use this weekend to raise money to spend abroad, how they were affect. good day it is monday, may 25th, 2015. it is also memorial day. we want to see your pictures of the men and women in your life that has served.


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